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woooooooow quality went way down, wtf does the artist think she’s doing?? I don’t know honestly guys I’m literally making this up as I go and i threw this together at like almost  in the morning. I’ll try to do it better but no promises. I just want you guys to know I have not totally given up on this even though it seems like I have. 

raymondpalmersass  asked:

Everyone about the SG cast drama: why aren't you talking about this?!? Me: listen. I am tired. I'm putting down my torch and pitchfork. I acknowledge that what they did was bad, but I'm tired of vilifying people just because they're famous. I'm so exceedingly tired of this. I just want to enjoy things. I just want peace. Nobody or thing is/will be ideologically pure and you'll suck all the fun and yourself dry trying to find that.

lmaooo. honestly the SG cast has been messy from the start and it’s just now people are hopping on this so?? do i care the most? no. did it happen? yeah. but i’m not really in it.