such a wee one

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the mako's also a pretty freakin' tough little tank! you could survive getting shot at by freakin' colossi! the hammerhead? all it takes is one wee little geth trooper to set the goddamn thing on fire.

the hammerhead: *exists*

the mako: you are like little baby, watch this *RUNS OVER 40 COLOSSUS*

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I just had this image of the LDB and Miraak being all competitive, and after clearing out a bandit fort, Miraak asks the LDB how many bandits they killed. LDB doesn't remember because who keeps track? So they say they don't remember. Miraak gets all smug and says he killed like 11, which sparks the LDB's competitiveness, so they say "Oh, then, I killed 19." (Hoo wee that's one big bandit fort)

So Miraak and the LDB are Legolas and Gimli?

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 sibling secrets


bonus daytime because I like to imagine Amanda yelling down Sarek because please would you let her damn babies play in her rose garden with their space ships already




lookit them and their wee elbow fighting

!!tiny turians!!

Mordin ;AAAAA; (and class!)

This is just super pretty and tiny lil asari’s =O face is also precious



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You should have an animated show where the character (Thomas) has magic he can't control and turns into these other characters. So when his friends are in trouble he turns into the dad character. When he has a crush on someone he turns in the singing prince, etc. Hijinks ensue of course

You actually just described a very similar idea I have had since I was a wee one in elementary school haha. It wasn’t with these characters, but with completely different ones inspired by childhood heroes! I was thinking of turning it into a comic for my Instagram!


TV/Film versions of 19th Century Fictional Male Characters I Would Bang Into The 20th Century (In No Particular Order)

#5 Abraham Van Helsing [Dracula, Bram Stoker] - Peter Cushing edition (Hammer Films, 1958 onwards)

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I know Steve gets in a lot of dumb fights now, but what was the stupidest fight he got into pre-serum?

we grew up mostly during the prohibition, when alcohol was illegal. i mean, it was still pretty easy to get your hands on some, because people like alcohol, but most of it tasted awful, because it was home-brewed to be as strong as possible.
anyway, stevie and i got a bit of some really terrible hooch and squirreled ourselves away to get drunk. it took steve about four drinks to be totally wasted, and it turns out steve is a pretty entertaining drunk, with crazy fast mood swings and a tendency to want to touch things, just to see how they felt. he was wandering around the apartment trying to figure out if dark colors or light colors felt better, and he wanted to see if my hair–a nice dark color, versus his light blonde–felt nice. so i let him run his hand over the top of my head, and i was teasing him because he had all the fine motor control of a baby, so he’d made a mess of my hair. i think i said something like ‘my hair’s terrible now, stevie, and now nobodys gonna respect me’ and steve went ‘NO!! you have nice hair bucky your hair is GREAT it is SO GREAT.’ which was nice of him, because my hair really was a mess.

 and then he punched me.

he punched me several times. 

drunk steve is not much of a brawler so he didnt do much damage before i tipped him over and sat on him. it wasnt much of a fight. but if youre looking for stupid, attacking me to defend my own hair is probably one for the history books.

sometimes i miss wee steve, because big steve thinks my hair is ridiculous. i bet if tiny drunk steve were around, hed try and fight captain america to defend my hair’s honor. now that’d be a fight worth watching