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My final project released

Hope you enjoy it 😊

In this material world, pets are replaced because of people’s vanity and trends in societies. We created a 2D animation with a warm and touching story to present the relationship between people and pets. The animation describes how the main character gets rid of the material thought, how he realized that pets are not consumables and knows how to cherish life.


Business/Background/Animation assistant:Az
Color Design/Merchandise/Typesetting:Telis
BGM/Sound Effect:Black cat

Daydreams and Would-Be stars (new thread)

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Maui smiled up at her, eyes warm and loving. He gently stroked her waist, not wanting to leave her tonight. When they parted he couldn’t help but to feel a bit of emptiness as they did. But he knew it would be worse when he left.
“We’ll have to do this again, or else i’ll go insane.” His heart wanted to leap out at her when he pulled her closer. Maui planted soft kisses along her neck.


“Well we can’t have that!” She joked, giggling and mewling softly at the kisses to her neck. Eventually she wriggled free from his grasp and rolled back onto the bed, getting comfy amongst the pillows. She glanced down at him and smiled, even being topless, she felt more comfortable with him here.
“So… I bet you’re wondering why I have all those um… corsets and stuff huh?…”

orange is such an underrated color: it’s watching sunsets and sunrises from your car with your best friend. it’s tangy, sweet fruit like tangerines, peaches, and melon. it’s friends sitting around a campfire under the stars, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. it’s warm pumpkin pie and spending time with family at thanksgiving and fall leaves that dance across the street when a cool wind blows. it’s marigolds and lilies that bloom during the spring. it’s warm and fun and loving, exuding energy and ambition with every shade.   

Never hug someone you have feelings for. You will never forget the feeling of their arms around your waist and your head in the crook of their neck. The butterflys already wreaking havoc in your stomach will riot. And you’ll break your own heart before they ever have the chance to.
—  L.A.L. || A Heartbreaker’s Guide to Never Being Heartbroken #2
I’m always looking for my person. In crowded bowling allies, in quiet coffee shops and empty train stations. With all of the stories about accidental meetings and moments tied up in fate, I’m constantly hoping that the Universe will take a chance on me.
—  L.A.L.
Things you can always expect from the signs

Aries: a clear-headed comment that will help you make decisions

Taurus: jokes that will ease your tension and fears

Gemini: a calm aura that will instill you with confidence

Cancer: a heartfelt hug to let you know that you’re cared of

Leo: a compliment that will make you feel warm for the rest of the day

Virgo: a funny story that will make you laugh until you tear up

Libra: a quite sense of strength that lets you know you aren’t alone

Scorpio: a sense of determination and drive to get what you want

Sagittarius: a frank conversation that will give you perspective

Capricorn: constructive criticism to lead you to your self improvement

Aquarius: a depth of feeling in every conversation

Pisces: a sense of connection during matters of the heart

every single day green day manages to make me fall in love with them even more. whether it’s billie joe armstrong draping himself in a bisexual pride flag in front of 12,000 people, tré cool doing a signed drumstick scavenger hunt at every single show simply because he wants to, or mike dirnt taking group pictures with fans and posting them on his own instagram with captions saying how much he loves us. honestly bless this band.

Comeback D-1..BTS, New Song Contains ‘Comfort + Hope’ 

The reveal of group BTS’ ‘WINGS Supplementary Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ has come a day closer.

‘WINGS Supplementary Story,’ an album that delivers messages of warm comfort and hope for this generation’s suffering youth, will have a total of 18 tracks including their four new songs, ‘Spring Day,’ ‘Not Today,’ ‘Outro: Wings,’ and ‘A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone.’

Their title song, ‘Spring Day,’ is a song that allows us to discover another side of BTS who has continued to keep up with worldwide trends and show their growth in music. It combines feelings of British Rock and electronic sound to create an alternative hip-hop song. Their leader, Rap Monster composed the song’s main melody. 

This BTS album is receiving a hot response (from the public) even before it’s release with pre-sales of over 700,000 copies. Through their 2nd full album ‘WINGS’ which was released last year, they set the highest record for a Korean artist at 26th on the U.S. ‘Billboard 200,’ were the first Korean artist to enter the UK album chart at 62nd place, and have received much love worldwide. Therefore, there is much interest in which records BTS will set through this album.  

Through the Naver V APP, BTS will have their BTS ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ Preview SHOW tonight (12th) at 10:40PM.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Mayaaaaa why is everyone talking about Harry & Louis break up? and like Harry is with Xander, Louis is going to be a father! I simply cannot believe, not that im i denial phase but it just the way they look at each other, the fonding, the serenading, if indeed they broke up we would have known, dont you think so? But anyway, please reassure me!!!

Anon, I don’t normally do this, but I’m really annoyed by this recent wave of break up talks, and this is an actual thing I’ve been told just this afternoon and that coincidentally fits your description perfectly:
“Both Harry and Louis are so lovely to talk to, really kind, polite individuals, but when they get together they just level up. They might be in a room full of people, but they always seem to sense the exact moment the other enter that same room, they turn to each other and simply light up. The conversations I’ve seen going down between the two of them without speaking a single word are endless and still some of my most emotional couple experience.”

The key to any relationship is not to hold someone so tightly that they can never leave. It is to love them so well that they never want to.
—  L.A.L.

Okay so my theory is that Elena and Damon both died at the same time, like in The Notebook. They’re walking into this peace world together, and then I think Elena finds peace, which is why Damon disappeared, and very soon after (maybe at the same time again) Damon finds peace. When Damon found peace, he found himself at the Salvatore boarding house to see Stefan. I think that it’s all connected. I like to believe that they all get to see each other.

Elena and Damon don’t separate even in the afterlife. I imagine that Damon, Stefan, Lexi, Elena, Miranda, Jenna, Grayson, and John all sit together and talk about their lives and adventures. At first I think Grayson might be hesitant about Damon, Stefan, and Lexi considering they were vampires, but after learning that Elena became a vampire, and their adventures and how the Salvatore brothers helped her, he becomes more open and inviting to his son-in-law and his brother and his brother’s best friend. Even John who didn’t like Damon very much warms up to him.

I think they sit around, eat, tell stories, and do everything that should’ve happened if Grayson, Miranda, John, Jenna, Stefan, and Lexi didn’t die. Just be a family. I like to think that Damon and Elena tells stories about their kids. They had 2 kids: one boy, and one girl. They named them Stefan and Miranda.


Much of the world watched as the events in Standing Rock, ND unfolded. Many posted in protest of the pipeline drilled through sacred treaty protected land belonging to the Natives, some even gave their physical presence to the cause, subjecting themselves to the frigid cold, mistreatment from police officers; tear gas, rubber bullets, and imprisonment. One beautiful thing about Standing Rock was the community there, if dapl had a bright side, it’s that it brought more like-minded people together to connect over a common cause. I met a guy on my flight to ND who had actually been adopted into a Lakota family, Standing Rock gave him more than just friends, he felt at home on the reservation like he never had before. When I first arrived, it was the beginning of the end of this community. There seemed to be this confusion combined with sadness, many seemed to have found a home at Standing Rock like my friend Jahnny, but what now? Regardless of it being the end of the line for many here, I was still invited in without hesitation, given food and drink, asked my purpose for coming to Standing Rock. Everyone that showed up here, had a reason for being here, and everyone took care of everyone. At one point during the evacuation, I was running from police over Lake Oahe, I fell through ice and got completely drenched head to toe in ice cold water. In a state of shock, not fully realizing the urgency of my situation, someone grabbed me and said, “we need to get you to the med tent, NOW!” A few people stripped off my clothes, gave me a space blanket and threw me on a quad that sped me to a warm tent where I was given tea and warm clothes. I felt safe and a part of this family just for showing up and standing up for what I believed was right.