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Guess who watched Popee the performer. XD
Ah, ok. So, I’ve been seeing the show around a lot lately and some of the artists I follow on other social media have been drawing fanart for it. I wanted to see what all the commotion was about it. Sat and watched all 39 episodes all this past week, and honestly, I find the show pretty funny. Kinda got a Tom and Jerry feel to it, just more gore. The ending was sad though.
Anyway, I drew Kedamono~
Gotta love the wolf bab X3


aggressive   /   callous   /   cannibal   /   careless   /   compulsive   /   cowardly   /   domineering   /   envious   /   greedy   /   hypocritical   /   impatient   /   impolite   /   incompetent   /   kidnapper   /   lazy   /   liar   /   materialistic   /   murderer   /   obsessive   /   overcritical   /   overemotional   /   patronizing   /   sarcastic   /   self - indulgent   /   serial  killer   /   torturer   /   touchy   /   traitorous   /   unclean   /  unpredictable   /   untidy   /   vain   /   vengeful

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A: You are late! We were suppose to be at the cinema at 5, Papá!

L: Lo siento, cariño. I had to present my essay to my teacher, the dude wouldn’t let me go unt— hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?

K: ehh…  *internal screaming*

A self-indulged au in which Lance is a single father that with all his studies and his job he barely has time to spend with his daughter (that he loves dearly), of course Math teacher Keith doesn’t like the fact that one of his favorite students seems to be neglected by her father since he has never seen him at school and she always tells him that his father is busy to even go pick her up from school.

Things changes when he sees him for the very first time, though ;3