such a sweet little moment i cry

I wish harry got to know more about the marauders era so we can find out more too. imagine remus, sirius, and harry just sitting by the fireplace eating treacle tart and talking about anything but the war   

  • maybe talk about the pranks they used to pull at hogwarts 
  • and how they kept track of the amount detentions they got
  • james and sirius would always be neck-to-neck trying to get more detentions than the other 
  • and how sirius colored mcgonagall’s robes neon colors for an entire week 
  • and talk about how lily became like a sister to them 
  • she also joined in on their pranking 
  • and helped peter with his essay 
  • and how the five of them would sit around the common room laughing and talking till someone complained to mcgonagall and she came in at 2 in the morning with her hair in a messy bun wearing a neon pink robe looking like she’s about to murder them, and they just laugh even more until they’re crying 
  • telling harry the little sweet moments between james and lily 
  • and even better, getting a pensieve and showing harry all the moments the five used to have
  • so harry can know more about his parents than just the fact he looks like them
His Sweet Little Sobs

A/N: I finally managed to make a one shot without making it to long! BEWARE OF THE FLUFF



Archie x Reader

Summary: Archie comes over sobbing his heart out and you comfort him…

Warnings: Fluff?

Word Count: Do you really care?



Ugh you groaned into your pillow. Who in world full of sane people would text me in the middle of the night. This was one of the perks lonely loners have, we can sleep in peace. But the world says screw it, let’s disturb Y/N while she’s sleeping! I picked up my phone to see who dared to text me. It was from Archie, it was a simple text, so simple it could mean anything. Was he in trouble? Hurt? It read:

Can I come over?

I quickly typed:


I leaned my head back trying to think of a reason why Archie would want to come over. A few moments later I hear light taps on my window, a dark figure stood ajar. I gave the window all my might, trying to force it open. When I finally managed, it revealed a crying Archie. I held onto his elbows, to help him in. He collapsed into my arms. He burried his face in the crook of my neck, his sweet little sobs filled my bedroom. I whispered sweet nothing’s to comfort him.

“Hey, I got you. It’s going to be okay.” I patted him on the back, rocking him back and forth here and there. I didn’t try to ask him what had happened, there is still a tomorrow to ask all about it. He pulled away, I got a glimpse of his swollen eyes in the darkness.

“Can I stay here tonight?” He said in a whisper.

“Of course.” I smiled at him, while gesturing to my bed.

I went underneath the covers, Archie joining me on the right. I cuddled up beside him, and whispered…

“Everything’s going to be alright.” He noded and at that we fell asleep in each others company.


A/N: OMG the fluff! Please send feedback if you liked it :)


You didn’t want us. That’s not true. I remember when Mom first walked through the door with the two of you. You ran right over to me and you leapt into my arms. You bonded with me instantly, and it made me a little uncomfortable. Oh, so you just didn’t want me? No. It made me uncomfortable because my own mother was never very affectionate with me. Grandma? She softened up over the years, but she just wasn’t nurturing in that way.  And when I looked at you, I saw me as that little girl who yearned for her mom to hold her and comfort her. And I guess it scared me a little, and it made me sad. And then one night, you had a bad dream. You woke up crying, and I came into this room and I held you and my heart broke right open. I felt so much love for you and so much compassion. And I realized, in that moment that this sweet, sweet little girl was sent to me. She was sent to me to heal my little girl inside.


Bill: Sure
Dipper: Lier.
Bill: We could be the main characters of the gay version of Fifty shades of grey, what do you think Sugar Pine?
Dipper: Bill shut up. 
Bill: You can call me daddy if you want!
Dipper: Never.

Dipper: No one.
Bill: Pine Tree!! ( ^▽^)
Dipper: I-It was just a moment of weakness okk!?! I hate you dumb triangle.
Bill: i love you too Sugar Pine!

Dipper: I-It wasn’t bad……..
Bill: You find yourself crying tears of happiness after i kissed you, i think it was a little more that “not bad”

Dipper: I…….
Bill: Oh come on he fall in love with me b-
Dipper: I fall in love with Bill every day. He is really charming, handsome, powerful, brave, sweet…. I really appreciate all the things he do for me…

Bill: Dipper you’re really cute
Dipper: And he is annoying too.

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what if the missus started crying during sexy times because she felt so loved and cared for? what would harry do?

He would definitely firstly stop what he’s doing, rein himself in and check in with her to make sure it wasn’t a ‘I’m uncomfortable and/or in pain or discomfort’ kind of cry, and then  I think he would be really sweetly affectionate. Really slow down and be in the moment. Little nudges of his nose or lips or cheeks against her face, feathery kisses and whispers of comfort, a hand skimming along her cheek. If they aren’t already, he maneuvers them into a position that allows him to hold her close. Reassuring her of how much he loves her and how loved and cared for he feels by her, and that: “I’ll always take care a’ yuh. Promise.” It would be so tender and sweet. xx.


03/02/2017 Visiting my son’s family

Well, finally I able to write down about our last visit to Fernando and Gemma’s house. I know, I know we live in the same city, but they have their own family and everyday routine so we can’t really meet too often. But yesterday was that day when we all can finally get together and have some home fun! 

It’s almost 2 months since Faye was adopted by Gemma and Fernando. I have to say that this girl is super cute and communicative! At the first time she was as active, cause it was adaptational period and and it took a while to get used to the new environment and people. She calls Gemma ‘mama’ and Fernnado ‘dada’ since her first day in their house. And it can’t not buy over! She’s so sweet and girly. She likes hugs and attention. She quickly found a common language with Debora and they played almost all the time we spent there. 

Elio is doing well too. I’m so gald to see the extension of my son in him. I see many common moments with little Fernando. Of course it’s 50% of Gemma in him and there’s visible too, cause Elio is not a copy of dad, she’s mix of both parents. He’s still very calm and don’t cry too much. This sweet boy amazes me everytime I see him. Now he’s almost 8 months and he crawling almost everywhere! He tries to stand near the furniture, but not for so long yet. He loves to throw his toys and play hide and seek with blanket :) 

As for my role to Faye, she didn’t understand yet who I am and who is Debora. It’s still difficult to 1year and 4 months child to correlate people’s roles in her life. I guess for her I still “ an aunt” that cames somtimes to visit her family and talk to parents and play with her and Elio. She tries to call me ‘grandma’, but for now it’s like ‘grama’ :D 

I’ll made the second post with some other photos, that can’t be pasted here, so hope you’ll enjoy them :)

Hope you all have a great day :)

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May I request headcanons/scenario with daddy Tsukushima and a character of your choice where their son/daughter give them a present with a super sweet birthday card? How would they react? Thanks and have a nice day!😊

I turned this into headcanons, I think they suit better here. I love the idea.



  • “Best daddy in the world” is written on the card, although “daddy” and “world” are spelled wrong.
  • It is a cute pink one from his daughter with lots of stickers on it and you can clearly see how much love she put in that.
  • When you open it, it shows a sweet picture of Kei and his daughter, he is giving her a piggy back ride and both of them are smiling from the bottom of their hearts.
  • In the moment he received the card, he started crying a little bit, but he played it cool.
  • He picked her up immediately and waved her around like a plane
  • After that he got a big hug from the little girl and lots of little kisses
  • As soon as they finished the cuddling, they went to fetch some ice cream together.


  • On his card is written “you are my hero” and it’s decorated with stickers of spiderman, batman and superman.
  • It’s a blue card from his son.
  • When you open it, there are many small sentences, which say things like “You are so strong!” or “When I grow up, I want to be like you!”
  • Bokuto didn’t even tried to play it cool, he cried, a lot, seriously it was a waterfall.
  • He picked the little boy up, threw him in the air and caught him. He did that for at least 10 times.
  • After they finished, Bokuto and his son played a little bit volleyball.
Pack Mom 2

Pairings: Derek Hale X Y/n (romantic) Liam Dunbar X Y/n (mother/son)

Warnings: Cussing and arguing



It’s been a couple days since the night we (as in Derek and I) took in Liam. He has just been gold. He uses his manners, cleans up after himself, and controls his anger very nicely.

The reason Derek and I jumped at the opportunity to take him in was because I can’t have children. It was hard knowing we can’t conceive our own children. So, when I gained a mother-son relationship with Liam, I knew I had to take him in as my own. The best part is; it was mostly Derek’s idea.


Derek, Liam and I were watching a movie in the living room when my phone started to ring.

“Hey Scott!…yeah, we’ll come over… okay, I’ll get them ready in no time. I’ll see you later,” I hung up the phone.

“Scott wants us to come to the mall for a pack shopping day thingy,” I announce and move my arms in a quirky movement. “Do we have to go Y/n?” Derek asked in a whiny tone. “Of course we do! It’s for the pack, you lazy ass,” I responded cheerfully.

“Y/n…” Liam said quietly but loud enough for me to hear. “Yes sweetie?” I turn to him. “I-I-I umm… I uh, don’t have any clean or new clothes,” He stuttered out quietly with his head down. I walked over to him and brought him in a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll put your stuff in the wash and Derek will let you borrow a t-shirt and you can wear the jeans you wore yesterday. They can’t be that dirty. And then when we get to the mall, we’ll most definitely getting you new clothes, yeah?” I pulled away to look at Derek for agreement which he reciprocated.

When all of that was said and done, we headed out of the loft and drove to the mall.

~skip car drive~

We met the pack in the food court and then split our separate ways. The first thing I did was drag Liam and Derek to a clothing store. I made Liam try on a whole bunch of clothes in which he liked many of. Except for the turtle neck that he looked so scrumptious in, I don’t understand why he didn’t like it. The world may never know.

We ended up walking out the store with a whole bunch of clothes but he still didn’t have shoes, so I bought him a pair or three.

“You really did not have to buy me all of this, Y/n,” Liam said very appreciative of what I have given him. “Oh, but I wanted to sweetie. You’re like a son to me and I’d do anything for my children,” I start to tear up knowing I can’t have any without adopting. There is nothing wrong with adopting, it’s just I want to feel what it’s like to go through the pregnancy process. “Y/n… why are you crying?” Liam asked with a look of concern. “I’m fine sweet cheeks. Where’s Derek?” I exclaimed to him so I don’t have to tell him in public. “I’m right here babe,” Derek announced his presence and hugged me.

Our moment was cut off by Liam’s whimpers. “Liam, sweetie, are you okay?” I asked but all he could do was point towards the two most awful people I have met.

“Well if it isn’t the little anger management case and two dumbest people I’ve ever met. I mean like, why would you take him in? He just brings problems, he worthless,” Liam’s “mom” told us with so much venom and evil coming out of her mouth. She had her husband behind her and he was hyping her up.

I got angry, real angry. “YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT MY SWEET LIAM LIKE THAT! HE IS AMAZING, HE DOES NOT BRING PROBLEMS, AND HE MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT WORTHLESS! BUT YOU- You are a worthless, trashy, abusive, manipulative, and hateful BITCH!” I yell at that witch, but calmed down towards the end to yell again. Derek had to hold me back, Liam was super upset and I hated seeing him like that. Once Derek got me under control, he turned to the horrific couple.

“If you even talk to, look at or even breathe the same way as MY family, I will personally rip your throats out with my teeth. Got it?” Derek growled at them making sure not to lose his control but he was close. He turned back to us and we left the mall not caring that we left the pack behind. We got in the car but I sat in the back with Liam to comfort him seeing as he had started crying. Once he calmed down, he was knocked out just like a light.

I looked at my gorgeous boys, perfectly content with my family and ready to take on any future problem as long as I have them with me.


Part 3??

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Five Words

Warnings: suicide thoughts, car crash, ANGST?

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader, John Winchester (mentioned)

Summary/Request: Hi!!! I don’t know if this is the right place to request imagines but I’m just gonna assume so lol. Anyways, could you write an a little sister imagine where the reader tells Dean secret that’s really important to her (whatever you want it to be) and then later on he uses it against her in an argument? And then just some fluff at the end. Thank you! And btw, your writing is AMAZING!!! 

Word Count: 953

Y/N: your name

The words swiftly fell from your mouth like the tears that slipped from your eyes. Five words that was all you said to your eldest brother Dean. Five words that can change it all -“I want to kill myself”.  It was one of those nights that you would wake up crying from a terrible nightmare and Dean would come and save the day like always to comfort you. You trusted Dean, Dean never lied - not to you at least. Dean never left you either, well not that much. Either way you loved him and trusted him enough to tell him that, but you now know you shouldn’t have.

You and Dean were discussing- or more like fighting over being able to go on a solo hunt. You’ve been fighting for almost over an hour now and it was starting to get annoying. It was a simple case of vampires over in Alabama yet, he didn’t want let you. You were already 18, you should be able to do it.

“I said no Y/N, so stop asking.” Dean said with a calm but angry tone, it made your stomach churn cold. It reminded you so much of your dad when he was angry. But, you weren’t gonna give in because of fear so you just kept on going.

“But why? And no is not an answer.” You answered back your eyes drilling holes into his head with pure rage. This was unfair, this was a matter of saving people it wasn’t like you were asking to do drugs.

“I said no. Besides why do you want to go if you don’t even want to live.” He said giving his back to you. You gasped, feeling as though everything inside of you was pulled out.

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Alone Again

A/N: So I cried the whole time I was writing this. It’s super sad. I’m sorry. Such a great request though. At first I imagined it from your POV, but then I thought it might be nice to read it from Sherlock’s. Hope you like it! xoxo -Sarah

Request: I’ve recently been thinking about how it would be to break up with Sherlock (him breaking up with you as well as you breaking up with him or agreeing to break up?) - I’d love to see your thoughts on this!

Sherlock was angry and it wasn’t something he was accustomed to. Irritation, sure, that was more his speed. That could range from mild to moderate to severe, but it rarely entered into the realm of anger. He normally practiced far too much self-control to allow himself to anger. But here he was, angry.

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FIGHTER (Part 4)

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“Please be okay..please, please be okay.” 

The man’s voice was distant but you detected sadness and worry in his tone. Not able to open your eyes yet, you concentrated on the feeling of fingers running through your hair and the heavy aching feeling in your body. You recognized his voice at least; Wonho, the gorgeous guy you met not so long ago. The last thing you could remember was running with Wonho down a tunnel, hearing loud gun shots and feeling terrified for your life. 

‘Am I dead?’ 

You thought to yourself before trying to open your eyes. The first thing you noticed was that you had absolutely no clue where you were. It was a plain camel brown room with a few pictures of himself and what could have been his friends on the walls, a floor length mirror, a simple wooden dressing table and some book shelves. Laying on an unfamiliar bed, you were feeling groggy; hoping to god you weren’t being held captive. 

“Oh thank god you’re awake!” 

Wonho cried in relief. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with red rimmed eyes  like he’d been crying. As you opened your mouth to speak, you noticed the lack of moisture in your mouth, making your throat feel like a desert. 

“I need some water.” 

You croaked, slowly sitting up on the bed. Instantly, Wonho jumped up and ran to get you some. Shortly, he returned with a pint glass of water in his hand and a sorry expression on his face. The cold water felt like heaven as it trickled down your throat, helping you get your voice back. 

“What happened?” 

You asked, needing an explanation to stop you from feeling like you were going insane. Wonho sighed deeply, his head falling in to his hands in a sense of despair. 

“You fainted when we were running away. I picked you up and carried you here, to my place. We’re on the other side of the wall now…” 

Nodding your head slowly, it all seemed to be coming back to you. Suddenly, he grabbed your hands, his puppy dog eyes tearing up before droplets began to fall from his eyes. 

“I’m so sorry (Y/N). I should have fucking left you alone. I’ve put you in so much danger and now you can’t go back home because they’re waiting for us to try and sneak back in and I can’t let you get hurt, I just can’t!” 

Wonho balled, feeling immensely guilty for the situation he had put you in but for some reason, you didn’t really care about not being able to go home, all you cared about was making Wonho happy again. It felt like a stab to your heart to see him cry. Although you didn’t know what your status was like with Wonho, you couldn’t resist throwing your arms around him. 

“Hey now, don’t be upset. It’s okay, honestly, it’s okay.” 

You uttered softly, running your hand up and down his back to try and calm him. 

“I’ll figure out a way to get you home I promise! I won’t let you get hurt!” 

You let out a little smile with the way he was so insistent on not letting you get hurt. 

“I know, I know. Please don’t cry Wonho. I have nothing waiting for me at home anyway.” 

Wonho wiped away his tears with his sleeve and nodded his head. 

“Sorry. I just feel…protective over you. When you fainted…I could have had a heart attack. Damn, if anything happened to you I don’t know what I’d do.” 

After a few sweet moments of hugging him, he finally put on a brave face, looking at you with such warmth and care. You noticed how you might be starting to smell in the clothes you’d been wearing for almost two days, your hands trying to smooth out the creases of your shirt so you didn’t look ugly to him. 

“Oh yeah, we’ll probably need to get you some more clothes and some essentials. I’ve never lived alone before, I only have one tooth brush.” 

Wonho smiled widely, his eyes twinkling. You hadn’t thought of it as living together but you certainly didn’t dislike the idea. Being cute and attentive, he wrote down your clothes size and all the things you’d need to stay with him. Bringing up feminine hygiene products definitely wasn’t easy. Both of your cheeks blushed bright red and they blushed even more when he had to ask for your bra size. When he left to go to the store, you fell back on the soft bed, sprawling out and stretching your limbs, thinking about the idea of living with a guy; it wasn’t something you were used to either. Although you were worried and scared about how or if you were ever going to return home, the prospect of living with Wonho was exciting, new and fresh. Through the danger, you hoped there were great times to come.

That evening, you were sitting downstairs with Wonho, watching a comedy on the small TV that he had. Wonho didn’t have a lot but you noticed that what he did have, he didn’t mind sharing with you at all. The clothes he had bought you were basic and all neutral colours like grey, black and nude. He explained that he was afraid to buy you colourful things in case it brought more attention to you. However, he did buy you something colourful which you were confused about. It was a blonde wig with a hot pink ombre. 

“Wear this if you ever need to go outside. A lot of people have different hair colours here. It’s the only way we can really express ourselves.” 

He instructed. It explained the colourful hair he rocked so well. Suddenly, Wonho’s front door swung open and you heard loud, enthusiastic voices. You grabbed on to Wonho’s arm, expecting the worst when he chuckled at you. 

“Relax, they’re my friends.” 

He eased your worry and soon enough, Jooheon, Minhyuk, I.M, Hyungwon, Kihyun and Shownu were introducing themselves to you and shaking your hand. The guys were so fun and bursting with energy, it was infectious. You couldn’t help but giggle around them; you understood why Wonho liked them so much. 

“Damn boy, you said she was beautiful but you didn’t say she was this beautiful!” 

Jooheon said to Wonho, making Wonho playfully hit him in the stomach.

“Yah! Don’t embarrass me, you’re supposed to be my friend!” 

Wonho replied, pouting with his plump, soft lips. 

‘Does Wonho really think I’m beautiful?’ 

You thought, hoping it was true. The way Wonho seemed so embarrassed hinted that he really did tell his friends you were beautiful. Wonho’s friends visiting really did seem to cheer him up. His smile and the sound of his laughter gave you a great sense of relief and it calmed you from the stressful couple of days you’d had. 

“But Wonho! I’m not tired!” 

You whined as he set up an air mattress on the floor in his room to sleep in, giving the bed to you. He told you that he wanted to be near you at all times in case something happened during the night. 

“But I’m very tired so go to sleep. You need to rest.” 

He replied. You could see the sleepiness in his eyes. He looked so cute when he was tired. 

“But Wonho! Can’t we stay awake for just a…” 

You were stopped by Wonho placing his finger softly upon your lips. Though he was tired, he still gazed so deep in to your eyes with the same sparkle he always had. Your heart began to race, adrenaline pumping through your body as his lips started to move closer to yours. Parting your lips, you prepared them for the kiss you thought you were going to get. You wanted to throw your arms around him and his him so hard your lips would get sore but as his lips got closer and his gaze got more seductive, he changed his mind and placed a sweet, long kiss on your forehead. 

“Sleep jagiya.” 


You didn’t want us. I remember when mom first walked through the door with the two of you. You ran right over to me and you leapt into my arms. You bonded with me instantly. And it made me a little uncomfortable. Oh so you just didn’t want me. No. It made me uncomfortable because my own mother wasn’t very affectionate with me. Grandma? Yeah, she softened up over the years but she just wasn’t nurturing in that way and when I looked at you, I saw me as that little girl. Who yearned for her mom to hold her and comfort her. And I guess it scared me a little. And it made me sad. And then one night you had a bad dream. And then you woke up crying. And I came into this room and I held you. And my heart broke wide open. I felt so much love for you and so much compassion. And I realized, in that moment that this sweet sweet little girl was sent to me - she was sent to me to heal my little girl inside.  

Wanna Be Yours

Hey Hun. If possible could you please write an imagine where Daryl is really shy as he hasn’t really been in a proper relationship before. But, he really wants it to work.

Your relationship with Daryl was quite the adventure. When you first met, he was a real hot-head. But you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. It turned out that the feeling was mutual but you hadn’t sought out that information. It hadn’t been the most romantic conversation in the world. You two had been alone in the woods hunting together when he randomly asked if you liked him. The question had caught you off guard but you said you did. Next thing you knew, he was holding your hand and you took that as him basically declaring you were in a relationship now.

Daryl wasn’t much of a conversationalist anyway. You didn’t mind it at first but now it seemed like you were the one making all the effort. But at the same time, you knew these things were hard for him. Grabbing your hand that day must’ve been the scariest thing in the world to him. You just had to give him time.

But you had your needs too. Once you’d arrived in Hershel Greene’s farm, Daryl had reluctantly agreed to let you stay in his tent with him. It’s not like you expected to have sex with him but he wasn’t comfortable with even cuddling. All he’d ever done was hold your hand. This was starting to feel like a middle school romance. You were trying to be understanding but you started to wonder if he really felt anything at all for you. Maybe this was all you. Did he have second thoughts about you? Were you just absolutely horrible to be around? Was he just staying with you to protect your feelings? What?

You were shocked to see that Daryl was willing to cuddle with you last night before you went to sleep. And you were even more shocked to wake up still in his arms. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. He was normally so tense and riled up all the time it was nice to see him so relaxed. You leaned in, waking him with a kiss on the cheek.

“Morning,” you mumbled against his skin, “Sleep okay?”

Daryl fidgeted underneath you before you got the hint and scooted away from him. He sighed as he sat up and he shrugged, “Slept fine. You?”

You kept yourself propped up on your elbows, “Fine. So, what’s on the agenda today?”

Daryl glanced at you lying next to him but quickly turned away the moment your eyes met, “I dunno. Wanna go huntin’ with me?”

You smiled, “Sure. Sure, I’d like that. Give us some alone time.”

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, opening up his tent to crawl out of it, “I’ll leave you to get changed then. I’ll see you later.”

“Daryl, wait,” you said, grabbing his wrist, “You don’t have to rush out of the tent every morning ya know. Don’t you wanna stay?”

“I just…I gotta take a piss,” Daryl muttered, wiggling his wrist from your grip. You groaned, falling back onto your pillow as Daryl disappeared. Maybe this just wasn’t going to work. You were trying your very hardest but it seemed he didn’t want to try. Did he just want to say he had a girlfriend? Was he using you to hide something? What the hell was it? You realized then that you didn’t know much about him. And you weren’t sure if you could stick around much longer to dig deeper into the mystery that was Daryl Dixon.

After changing clothes and eating some breakfast, you and Daryl were off to try and find something to eat for dinner tonight. Honestly, anything would be better than another can of beans. You had been surprisingly silent the entire trip. Daryl picked up on it, knowing that you couldn’t keep your mouth shut longer than ten minutes. But as usual, he said nothing, asked nothing, and kept moving.

“Daryl,” you finally broke the silence, stopping dead in your tracks. You were dreading this moment. Daryl stopped but didn’t turn around. You ran your finger up and down the handle of your knife, “Can we talk?”

“About what?” Daryl said.

“Do you like me?” you inquired.

“What do you mean?” Daryl replied, “Yeah…I guess-I guess I like you. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t think I can do this anymore,” you blurted out, “I don’t think…we can work out.”

This made Daryl actually turn around, eyes wide with panic, “What?”

“I just feel like this relationship is so…one-sided,” you continued, “I feel like you don’t even like me. You won’t even kiss me. I’m not asking you to put out for me or anything but…I feel like you don’t even wanna be with me.”

“That ain’t true,” Daryl muttered, “Not at all.”

“Then why?” you said with a whimper, “Why is this not working, Daryl? I’ve tried everything.”

“I know you have,” Daryl said, “I just…I ain’t good at this, Y/N. Never have been. I got as far as…shit, I never even asked you to be with me. I just didn’t know what to do after that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing, Y/N,” Daryl said, “The shit I feel for you…it’s…brand new. I don’t…I don’t get it and I don’t know what to do with it.”

You suddenly felt weighed down by guilt. He wasn’t being a jerk. He’d just never been in a relationship before. How could you have been so cold to him? You hung your head, crossing your arms, “I guess…I should’ve asked you what was going on before ending things.”

“Does it have to be over?” Daryl murmured, sounding almost like a child. For someone so rough and high strung, there was something so innocent about him.

Still, you weren’t sure you were ready to take this on. And you were certain that you were a terrible person because of that. But it was possible that Daryl simply wasn’t ready for something like this. You might end up pushing him too far.

But, could you give him up? You cared about him, you liked him so much it made your heart hurt sometimes. He had his moments of being sweet. He was protective and loyal. He made you feel safe. You didn’t want to give him up but you didn’t know which feeling was stronger. Your love or your doubt?

“I think…we both have a lot to think about,” you finally said, “Maybe…we should do a little soul searching. Ya know, figure out what we really want.”

Daryl slowly nodded but you could see the hurt in his eyes. You couldn’t take it anymore. You turned away to keep Daryl from seeing you cry, “We’ll talk about it more later okay?”

“Yeah,” Daryl mumbled, storming off and disappearing once more. He always ran off like that. Just another thing you weren’t sure you could deal with.

“So, it’s okay if I share your tent with you?” you asked Andrea later in the evening. Daryl hadn’t returned from hunting yet but you figured he would stay away. You were trying not to focus on him too much, “It won’t be any trouble?”

“Of course not,” Andrea said, “But, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened with you and Daryl?”

“Nothing,” you said, “Just need some space. We can’t see each other all the time. So, I’ll just go and get my stuff then.”

“Sounds good,” Andrea said and the two of you parted ways. As you started for Daryl’s camp, he burst from the trees a few feet away from you, a bunch of dead squirrels over his shoulder. He was filthy and covered in blood. You didn’t see any bloody wounds or bite marks so it was safe to assume he was alright.

“What the hell happened to you?” you asked, “You run into trouble?”

“Just fought off a few walkers,” Daryl muttered, “We gotta talk, Y/N. Come with me.”

“Sure,” you replied as he grabbed your hand and dragged you towards his camp. He came to a halt when he saw your things packed up outside his tent. You looked down at the ground nervously, “I uh, I thought it was better if I switched tents.”

“Why?” Daryl said.

“I would think we needed space to do our soul searching,” you explained, “Right?”

“No!” Daryl exclaimed, dropping his crossbow to the ground, “I’ve done all the thinking I’m gonna do! I’ve done too much thinking and not enough action!”

“What’re you…” before you could finish your sentence, Daryl had a hold of you and he smashed his lips against yours. It was the first time he’d kissed you ever and you couldn’t get enough of it. He pulled away to catch his breath but he didn’t let go of you.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I still don’t have a fuckin’ clue what I’m doing but goddammit I ain’t gonna just…let you slip away ‘cause-‘cause I like you. I really do. There, I said it.”

“Daryl,” you said, stroking his cheek, “You are so, so sweet. I like you too. We’re gonna figure this out together. I should’ve been more understanding.”

“So, you still wanna be mine?” Daryl said.

“I really, really do,” you replied, “As long as you kiss me again.”

Daryl smirked as he leaned in for another kiss, this one more tender and sweet than the last. Your relationship with Daryl would always be a complicated adventure. But now, at least you knew where you stood. Daryl did like you and he did want to try. And he never wanted to let you go.

Pause: Oak x Reader

Request: Oak x reader nyu student at a coffee shop near the theater

Word Count: 1017

Requester: Anon

Warnings: None

A/N: Fluff !!! Fluff !!!

You were in a hurry, to say the least. Your quick trip to the coffee shop would be the only break you would get all day, and you knew that. So, as you ordered your coffee, you quickly flipped through instagram to try to clear your mind. You even allowed yourself to sit down at a table and enjoy it for a moment.

You were a senior at New York University in Manhattan, and your life was non-stop, to say the least. At the moment, you were on the complete other side of the city picking something up for the Winter Showcase that the director just ‘absolutely’ needed. The only good thing about it was just that it happened to be in the theater district. Sometimes you needed a reminder that you were working toward doing what you loved.

However, today you were under a lot of stress. People had been yelling and it seemed like you had a million things to do.  After your second sip of coffee, you picked up a phone call where you were screamed at yet again.

You hung up the phone and immediately began to cry. It didn’t matter that you were in public. You weren’t that loud. You just couldn’t hold back your tears any longer. Everything just kept crashing down and you couldn’t stop it.

A man in line that was wearing a really cute beanie noticed you crying and put on the lid to his coffee before walking over to you. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked.

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semi-nude ;; tana mongeau smut

“Hey, bitch!” Tana greets me, looking up from her magazine. The blonde’s hair was up in a bun, only clad in a pair of white booty shorts. The two of us were close enough to feel comfortable in our own bodies, lounging around with no tops on. Besides, it was a particularly scorching day. I peeled my own crop top off, my tits escaping from their fabricated prison. 

“Holaaaaaa.” I reply, shimmying my shoulders as I tossed my top on the couch, plopping down beside her; bringing my knees up to my chest and resting my chin on them. 

“How’s your day been, hoe?” She asks, setting aside her shit so we could converse easily. I chuckle, tossing my hair over a bare shoulder. 

“Great, actually. I was at the boardwalk a few blocks away, you know that place?” I pause for her to nod. “And I met this really cute guy. Like, really cute. Like I wanted him to fuck me in the bathroom of the Cold Stone he took me to.” Tana smiles in an interested manner, leaning forward. 

“And did you guys do anything then? Obviously not fuck.” She questions, and I shake my head. Much to my dismay, he had been a bit of a prude; didn’t want to do anything until a proper first date, or whatever. 

“I wish. He left me fuckin’ horny, though.” I groan out, rolling my eyes. “Seriously, you should’ve seen the arms on the guy. He was fine as hell.” I see a light flicker in Tana’s eyes, and she jumps up, sprinting to her room and returning with a toy in her hand. 

“My favorite roommate, you and I have known each other a long time. Through ups and downs, through one night stands heard through walls..” She dramatically begins, stepping closer to me. “Through that one drunken makeout… Let me introduce you to my favorite ever dildo in the world. He’s reliable, he’s sensational… And he will help you out.” 

My eyes widen at her, brows raising in question. “Seriously?” I question. 

“Seriously.” She nods her head solemnly. “I can even help.” She bends over the couch, her chin now resting on my shoulder. Holding the dildo in front of my face, turning it on to its lowest setting. Dips it down, runs it along a nipple until it hardens and repeats the action with my other. 

I turn my head, and our lips meet. That’s that. It was no hesitation on my part or hers, apparently. I adjust my body so I’m on my knees and our chests are touching, only the couch as a barrier between us. I could feel myself growing unmistakably wet, my thighs pressing together in sheer want. Her teeth sink into my bottom lip, gently biting before pulling away, a line of spit connecting the two of us before it disappears. 

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She chuckles, moving across the couch so she’s in front of me. Lightly pushing me back, I land onto the couch while she straddles me, her hips grinding into me. The feeling of my shorts against my clit bringing waves of sensation over me. Our lips meet once more, tongues tangling together as we made out, moans falling from the both of us. 

“Shit…. Tan, I need you…” I murmur out, tangling my hands in her hair. She briefly breaks the connection between our lips and lifts her hips to unbutton my shorts, pulling them alongside my thong down my legs; in a matter of seconds, I was completely bare with Tana dipped between my thighs, the toy in her hand, a look of power on her face. 

She runs the object around my folds, teasing me. It vibrated on them, and I could feel my wetness only growing by the minute. She looks at me through her lashes, a smile on her face. 

“Look how wet you are, babe. Just dying for me to…” She speaks her actions as she does them. “Dip the tip in.” I feel it barely entering me, and a long moan escapes. It wasn’t enough, but it was something. Bucking my hips up to try and slip more inside my quivering cunt, I whine. 

“Don’t be a tease. Fuck me with your cock, Tan, please.” I practically beg, and she only chuckles, removing the tip and pushing it in me once more, this time a little further before pulling it out completely. She repeats this action until it’s fully inside me, turning up the vibration. I can remember the first time I had a real cock, how it filled me up just like this toy was, stretched out my walls. 

She began to steadily fuck me with it, the toy buzzing inside me, bringing a pleasure that I know no real man could, but I couldn’t help but imagine that this was the guy from earlier’s cock, pumping in and out of me so terribly nicely. My fingers find my clit, rubbing the little bundle of nerves while her pace quickened. 

Soon, I’m a writing mess, long strings of moans and cuss words yelled out so loudly I’m sure the neighbors hear. Actually, now that I think about it, the doors to our balcony were glass, and the blinds were far from closed, and if I could focus enough, I could see the man in the building next door staring. 

Tana increases the setting of vibration to its highest settings, and I can see she’s slipped her shorts down to her knees so she could fuck herself while she fucked me as well, her plastic cock pounding into me. At a certain moment, she hits my sweet spot, and I cry out. 

“Fuck, right there, baby, it feels so fucking good. Your cock is filling my pussy so well.” I moan, grinding my hips into it. Tana continues to hit the spot, and I arch my back as my orgasm rushes over me, my cum squirting all over our couch. I can hear her moans getting higher and higher as she fingers herself into orgasm, a little gasp escaping as she hits it, riding out her high while my hands found her tits, playing with them. 

When we both finished, we laughed it off, cleaned up and changed, and went on with the day like it never happened. 

A/N: Hope y’all like it! She’s pretty funny, I like her videos, so I enjoyed writing this. Also, I’m kinda proud that I wrote two smuts in a few days, because as we all know, I usually take a week or two to write just one, so I feel like it’s pretty active of me, lol. Hope you’re all as happy about my activity as I am! x

Power Rangers Movie Trailer Review

“Trailer #2″ - They Stand For Nothing, They’re Lifeless And Cold. Anything They Say Will Never Break Our Hearts Of Gold (PHOTO RECAP)

Well, it’s finally here. After months of waiting, and eons of fan complaining the second and even more fantastic trailer for the Power Rangers Movie is here. Where the first trailer was character based and touching, this one is action based. They double down on the humor, heart, and sophistication this movie is going to go down in the books for. It’s beautiful. It’s everything the show hasn’t been since RPM. It’s Power Rangers, and yet something more, something new, something greater than anything in the past. Let’s take a closer look.

The trailer begins with various shots of the Rangers, before they acquired their Power Coins. One in particular I wanted to point out is of Billy, clearly after being tormented by someone in school. I know this look, because I’ve had this look a million times over throughout my life. This movie, in just brief shots in two trailers has established characters with souls, consciousnesses, and familiarities that resonate deeply with me. They laugh through their pain, they cry, and they scream. They are real people. Real teenagers. The show has never fully grasped that. RPM was the closest, but this feels like a step up even from that. This trailer came just a day after a Ninja Steel preview clip and it was night and day, quite literally. That clip featured four caricatures and their sentai footage explainers bumbling around, doing one note actions based on their one caricature trait. I don’t even classify them as characters, just like the Dino Charge Rangers were. They are caricatures. If the characters in this movie were a cartoon, it would be The Legend of Korra. The show in it’s current state is Go Diego Go, trying to recapture the magic of Dora the Explorer. It’s only saved each year by toys. This movie in these brief trailers has given us characters, with emotions, in real settings, surrounded by real threats. The show doesn’t feel like that anymore. This trailer tried, because toys won’t get us a sequel. Characters will. People in seats will. A new Fandom born from it will. It’s trying to reach everyone, and boy oh boy is it succeeding. 

Next we see some more shots of the Rangers after they find their coins, all leading to a new moment. Two I’d like to point out here are of Trini, obviously upset, as Kim calls the entire team “screw ups.” It really upsets her. Personally from my experiences, some words and people are triggering, and you can see the physical and emotional shift on her face in an instant. That’s something I have only seen from Olivia Tennet as Doctor K in the show, and I see little things like that from everyone. The other shot is a new one of the Rangers finding their coins, one of many, but in this one you can clearly see a female Ranger’s helmet carved into the mountainside by Billy’s face. There are so many little nods and glimpses at things to come, the setting up of a greater universe, the likes of which we haven’t ever reached the level of in Power Rangers history. To me, it looks like a new version of Jen’s helmet from Time Force, or Emma’s from Megaforce, or it could be Rita Repulsa’s former Green Ranger suit carved into the stone to ward off ancient Earthlings who could unleash her. We’ll get to that later.

Next we had a beautiful sequence, or one of the million in this trailer and will be in the movie where the Rangers jump into the water that’s the entrance to the Command Center, that’s straight out of Zeo premiere. In the show you need the  Zeo Crystal or a Power Coin to enter the Command Center or Power Chamber, which means Rita could show up there eventually. The Rangers jump into the water, and before they break through the bottom, as seen in the first trailer, see that their coins have made them glow, being in proximity to the Command Center’s entry field. They joke about how cool it looks, and that it sure did, and  Zack jokes about how “he’s black.” It killed me, and I immediately started to giggle when Billy replied, and took the joke where it needed to go. Growing up a lifelong fan I’ve heard “the black ranger was black, the yellow ranger was yellow” a MILLION times. This was a great way to show the diversity of the show and joke at how innocently they cast the original series. People always took that too seriously, and I gag every time I hear it, and this turned that right around. The fact that we have the ONLY Asian, Indian, and female Latinx American superheroes on the big screen right now, and this was a great way to really show the world how great, yet how scary that is. 

Next we see some new shots of the Rangers discovering their abilities.  Zack wiping out into the trash KILLED me. I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Next we see the Rangers enter the Command Center for the first time, and Billy was having NONE of it. He’s like a mini Diggle with his humor and reactions, and every single one makes me choke up from laughing. He is ready to bolt at every turn and I AM GONNA LAUGH TYPING THIS. He’s the best. The Rangers then confront Zordon, and he was so excited to see them. I thought he would be more cold, and I am so happy I was wrong. He and Alpha are both sweet and inviting, and perfectly cast. You can tell that they want the Rangers to be safe and succeed. It’s so nice. They are almost completely unchanged as characters in the best of ways. I can’t wait to see more of them. Everything Zordon says gives me giant chills. 

The next morning Trini is ready to tell her mom, Elizabeth Banks all about her night in a spaceship, and she is having NONE of it…

You can tell Trini has tried a drug or two in her day, and her mom who totally isn’t the future vessel of Rita Repulsa’s alien spirit trapped in the Green Power Coin has had about enough. It was probably something she’s given up, but parents are parents for a reason. You can see both sides. Trini was so upset, but IT WAS SO FUNNY. My parents watched with me, and this joke was as big of a hit with them as the train sequence in the second Ant-Man trailer. It sold them in an instant. 

Next it’s training day, and the Rangers are ready to take on whatever they have to, obviously being informed of their mission by this point. Zordon informs them next of the Putties, and prepares them to take them on. Zack thinks they are holograms, but they are physical battle simulations, straight out of In Space. He gets cocky, then gets knocked off his feet. Billy once again nails a perfect one liner, with “THAT’S A STRONG ASS HOLOGRAM” and I was on the floor. It killed me. Trini’s perfect innocent laugh made it even funnier. You can feel the pain inside her. Becky and RJ especially are killing it. 

Now the bedroom sequence makes so much sense. Rita is awakened and possesses Trini’s mom. After that we see her rob a bank with a Putty, awaken her army, and take the Rangers down, after forming her costume, Venom style, and it’s amazing. Bring on more and more of this version of Rita. SHE IS TERRIFYING. 

Next, as Kanye blares over everything, perfectly chosen by the way, we see so many fantastic shots of the Rangers together, apart, and doing everything Rangers do. Kicking stuff, walking badassily (yeah I made up a word), and saying those iconic words that have felt dead for six years, and gave them life again…

Next we have the sequence that hit me like a ton of bricks that have been turned into a sentient alien grunt, where Jason helps his father, Roy from The Office out of a car involved in a horrific accident, which mirrors the truck crash I’m sure killed Jason’s little sister in the first trailer. It has no words, and doesn’t need to, because Bryan Cranston’s sweet sweet vocal chords tell us that “this is your destiny.” I began to cry the first time I watched the trailer. It crushed my heart in the best of ways. These last six years have crushed it in the wrong way, and this moment is wholly representative of what Power Rangers had felt like up to that point. It felt safe. It felt like home. Power Rangers was a family member, and it still is, but feels like the redneck cousin who screams at you if you dare mention President Obama and his beautiful family around them, aka my whole extended family. They’re all the redneck cousin. The show used to get me through everything, with an open hand to lift me up. Hell, even during Samurai and Megaforce it had moments of that, be it a littler amount, but still there. Power Rangers has been there for me every day when I came home bullied, covered in blood and bruises, every time someone I thought was a friend ran away, and most importantly when I was assaulted by classmates on graduation night. I used to be able to turn off the world with it, like my shadow, my greatest ally, and the one person who has gone through everything with me, in some ways even greater than my parents and sister. I could always go to it and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. The show in its current form has no trace of that whatsoever, and it hurts me every day. I feel like my lifelong shadow, friend, and ally has turned away, and it crushes me. In this moment in the trailer, all that came rushing back. In five seconds there is more emotion, love, and a message that the show has forgotten. That message is of humanity. That anyone can lift the people around them up. We all have the power to embrace, accept, and fight through darkness and hard times. That is what Power Rangers is about to me.

As the trailer finishes, we see all the toys that look nothing like the toys, BECAUSE YOU DON’T SHOW TOYS FIRST. I had no words. I screamed like a kid. It was fantastic. This trailer was perfect and it was the perfect ending. That’s a lot of perfect. I cannot wait for March 24th. 

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Don’t drink yourself to death after you watch it.

Most everyone knows I am a nurse! A NICU Nurse. Many people think this means feeding and rocking babies, which occasionally I get the privilege to do :)…But my job entails so much more.

I take care of babies born months too early to live without modern medicine…Placed on ventilators with central lines and life saving medications.
I assess them, care for them, draw labs, start IVs, and give medications.
I teach a new dad how to change his fragile baby’s diaper for the first time.
I place this baby on their moms chest (often with many tubes and wires attached) after she has not yet been able to hold them for days sometimes weeks.
I comfort that momma as she watches her tiny fragile baby go through more pokes, prods, and procedures than most of us will ever even know.
I celebrate with parents every milestone: every good blood gas, gram gained, tube removed.
I rejoice in the day parents get to bring their baby home after spending months inside the walls of the NICU.
I witness miracles. I get to see little lives come back and beat insurmountable odds. But sometimes I don’t…
I help to resuscitate babies when their hearts stop and little bodies simply can’t take any more.
I beat myself up trying to think what we could have done better or different when all medical options have been exhausted.
I hand those sweet little lives to their parents as they take their last breaths when science and medicine is no longer enough.
I give them medication to make them comfortable in their last moments here on earth.
I help make molds and keepsakes that their family will cherish forever.
I share memories with the family and we laugh and cry in the midst of it all. The NICU becomes their home.
I hug their family members as they walk away from their baby’s room for the last time, hoping my words brought them some comfort.
I sometimes cry in the car on my way home, in the shower or as I try to fall asleep before going into work to take care of other little lives.
I lean on my coworkers. Those other NICU nurses I’m so blessed to work besides. I look to them for knowledge, wisdom, and support.
Yes, my “job” is a NICU Nurse. But it proves time and time again to be so much more.

—  Original post by Brittany Denise, shared via Facebook
aninkyaffair replied to your post “You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now" for Sirius x Reyes?”

Oh man, when is she going to find out that he’s the Charlatan and it was one of his people that tortured her like that? I need the angst

I have … two more prompts for Sirius and Reyes to write, but I think I’ll probably save that particular angsty moment for Sweet Little Lies.

I was running through dialogue today in my car when I was driving and I made myself cry. Hopefully that’s a good sign!

handcuffs — rihanna.

The handcuffs shut with a click, leaving me chained to the bed. 

Rihanna looks at me from her standing position at the edge of the bed, a stern look in her eyes. I tugged lightly at my handcuffs, but they don’t budge. I can see both the lust and anger in her eyes. 

“What did Mommy say about touching yourself without her permission?” She growls, her hands roaming over my bare skin. I shuddered, my back arching to get more. My thighs pressed together momentarily to get friction, but she yanks them back apart. 

“Not to..” I mutter in reply, avoiding eye contact while I bit my lip. “I’m sorry, Mommy, I was just so horny. I needed to touch my princess parts.” I whine. She shakes her head, moving to straddle me. Her mouth engulfs my nipple, running her tongue along the already hardened nub. Rihanna was a boob woman, and she relished in my large tits. 

“Only I get to fuck you.” She mutters, sucking on the flesh of my boobs for a moment before switching over. I nod my head, a small moan escaping. That receives a slap on the side of my ass. 

Getting off the bed, Rihanna goes over to the drawer and pulls out a strap on, big and thick; easily able to stretch out my tight little cunt. She sheds herself off her jersey and jeans as well as her undergarments, leaving her completely bare. As I see her naked figure in its full glory, I press my thighs together again, whimpering. 

She climbs back on the bed, her hands pushing my legs apart. Her fingers run along my slit, collecting my juices on her finger. She moves forward until her plastic cock is resting between my parted lips, and I open my mouth further to let her slide it in. She’s relentless in her patience, letting it fully hit the back of my throat within seconds.

“That’s right, you’re gonna choke on my cock. Nothin’ you can do about it, sweetheart, you’re all cuffed up.” She teases, and I whine, tugging at my restraints once more. Once she’s decided the strap on is nice and wet, she takes it out of my mouth and instead lines it up with my entrance, pushing into me with a harsh thrust. I let out a loud cry, my back instantly arching at the feeling of the cock filling up my tight little hole. 

“Fuck, Mommy!” I moan out, my eyes shutting in pleasure as she began to pound into my dripping cunt, her hands finding my hips and gripping onto them roughly; bound to leave bruises. 

“That’s right, you naughty slut, take my fucking cock.” She growls, the strap on fully sliding inside of me before completely pulling out and repeating. Every time it filled me, I let out a wild cry. Rihanna grabbed my tits in her hands, playing with the nipples before letting them go again, watching them bounce with every rough thrust of hers. 

“Look at those slutty titties of yours. They move with every little thrust of mine. I’d love to shove my cock between them.” She moans out, her head thrown back as she changes up the angle the slightest. She hits my sweet spot, her fingers playing with my clit while I arched my back in pleasure. My eyes were practically rolling to the back of my head, yet I couldn’t do anything since I was handcuffed. 

“Mommy, I’m coming, I’m coming.” I cry through broken moans, squirting all over her cock and the sheets. Ri continues to pound me through this, a wide grin on her face. I don’t even get a moment to rest, as a second orgasm rushes through me as soon as the first one ends, my legs quivering and my eyes squeezed shut. When she finally pulls out, she finds the key to the handcuffs and unlocks me. 

“My pussy. Mine.”