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really want to evolve my growlithe already but not for the sake of more power or anything like that i just like the fact that arcanine looks like a growlithe but Floofed. like a ghibli character feeling some sort of strong emotion. fluffed. floofed

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What do you think about the possibility that the reason you find it possible to empathize with men more easily than some feminists is that you are, in fact, a trans dude?

I have given the question of whether I am trans due consideration! Arguments (dubiously, with the caveat that nothing but wanting to transition ‘proves you’re trans’) in favor: I have more close male friends and do tend to find them easier to understand. I occasionally throw violent upsetting internal tantrums the content of which is ‘I’m not a girl girls suck!’ I have a medium-strong preference to play male characters in RPGs and so forth. I am generally a guy in sexual fantasies but this is plausibly just because I had my introduction to sexuality on When invited to parties for women I sulk and if they’re for women and nonbinaries I still sulk. 

Arguments against: I like how I look, usually, and have never wished I looked like a boy except maybe a boy Elf. I do not object to people parsing me as a member of the ‘girl’ category unless they indicate that my gender is highly salient, and distress at that is easily explained as “I don’t like being assumed to be a central member of this category” rather than “I don’t belong in this category.” I think I’d be distressed if I woke up a man, though this is probably out of an acute sense that it is hard to be a man and that it’d be much harder to be a man with my personality than a woman with my personality. I am very content in super-gendered Orthodox Jewish spaces because they are at least clear about the strict gender roles and the messages are sufficiently orthogonal to the ones everywhere else to be nonthreatening and mine is the one that doesn’t oblige all the praying. I probably just have more close male friends because I hang out in male-dominated communities.

I’ve said ‘cis but dysphoric’ and I think I’m sticking with that, though if it were reversible I’d definitely go on testosterone just in case it suddenly improved my mood or something.

(I think I empathize with a lot of men easily because attraction to women and self-questioning/self-loathing over same, and difficulty navigating cultural messages about that, are a salient part of my experience. Also lots of people criticize men for things that I think lots of humans in general do, or for things I think are gendered but are value-neutral, or for things I think are good, and I am exposed to many such criticisms because I hang out and talk social justice with people a lot.)

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What are your thoughts on writing female characters?

Magical when done right, disasters when done wrong. But that’s any character ever, to be honest - men, women, and everyone in between - so this “magical when done right” thing is neither here nor there.

On a more serious note, I will say that I prefer writing female characters, and I prefer reading about them. Not only because I can relate to them, and representation is important (this is fairly obvious, and I’d be a fool not to point it out), but because I have a bone to pick with the depiction of women I see in mainstream media (and the reaction to them by fans).

To be clear: I don’t take issue with women being portrayed in traditionally feminine roles, or women who don’t necessarily conform to the standards that we think of when we hear the words “strong female character.” All women’s narratives are equally important, and they all deserve to have their time in the sun. I also don’t think it’s all bad per say, and better things are on the horizon. Media is getting more adept at their depiction of women all the time. While there’s still slip ups, it’s nowhere near the level we were seeing even ten years ago, and this is great. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

What I do take issue with is the literal number of roles available to women, both in literature and film and video games. I take issue with the lack of complexity and nuance they’re allowed to display due to backlash by fandom (see: male characters can get away with a lot more than female characters, and still be loved), and how female characters are forced into very restrictive archetypes. Yes, a female character can be an archetypal “mother.” Yes, she can play the role of a “virgin” or a “whore” or “saint” but she can be more than one thing at once. Women are just as complex as men, and can have multiple intersectional identities, but they aren’t allowed to display this complexity in the creative world (at least not to the level that male characters are).

It’s this part of the media landscape that I aim to change; that I hope to make better, along with other authors. It’s for this reason that I want to write female characters (who display this complexity), and I want to do it in such a way that they’re not only enjoyable to read, but it forces readers to come to terms with some ingrained biases that maybe they weren’t aware they had. But at this point in time, all of this is a dream-in-the-making. I’m still working towards it.

As much as I respect all of the Pidge gender headcanons, truthfully the canon is my fave. I LOVE to see hella dorky short little tomboy girls fitting in with “the guys” and holding their own and being respected even though she isn’t one of “the guys.” Shes a girl and she can be proud of that even though she isn’t “girly.” But she can also be as gross and dorky and stupid as she wants without being judged for it or feeling the need to change herself because of it. I absolutely love pidge because I relate to her on such an intense level. I was always that super dorky tomboy that wore boys clothes and stayed up tinkering or on my laptop all night. Don’t get me wrong, I adore tough female characters but its refreshing to see some venerability in one. She isn’t tough, shes strong. I feel like theres so much room for character development and it makes me really excited. I just thought it needed to be said: dorky Tomboy Pidge is a gem and I absolutely adore her and the rest of team Voltron. 

remember that time Lagertha clearly stated that she respected Aslaug and her bravery and Katheryn Winnick said that Lagertha doesn’t hate Aslaug and blames Ragnar for his shitty actions 

and then how in season 4B Lagertha says she will never forgive Aslaug for “taking away my husband and my world” and attacks Kattegat 

god i fucking hate vikings’ writers

Fingolfin Standing on the Beach

This still has to be one my favorite lines about Fingolfin. It has nothing to do with Feanor, nothing to do with the betrayal at Losgar, nothing to do with even the ships, but Fingolfin himself. 

I just love this line so much. Maybe because it shows such a very strong development of his character? A growth that’s so contrasting that you don’t really see a character’s growth this extreme in the Silm save for a select few other people (Feanor included). Though Fingolfin had his pride (proudest of the Noldor, remember?) and undoubtedly didn’t help the problem plenty of times between him and Feanor over the Ages, Fingolfin still always yielded to Feanor when it always mattered. 

When Feanor put a sword to his throat, Fingolfin didn’t act on his pride or the anger and hurt he was surely feeling, didn’t even say a word. Didn’t react. He walked away. When the Valar were mistakenly declaring judgment and exiling Feanor, Fingolfin stepped forward with words of forgiveness, urging it even, in the middle of the Mahanaxar. When the Valar rightfully but still mistakenly sought a reconciliation between the two at the feast (seriously, just stop, Valar! I love you, but stop!), Fingolfin was the first one to make a move and again emphasized his loyalty to Feanor without hesitation. And then, of course, he followed up on his word and agreed to follow him to Beleriand. Always he yielded to Feanor when it mattered. Not that yielding to Feanor as his older brother was a bad thing to do (heck no. That’s another thing that made me love Fingolfin so much and one of the greater parts of his character, imo, but that’s another story).

But in this scene, that very moment on the beach where Fingolfin was probably just staring across the sea at the barely visible smoke, probably not uttering a single word, not so much as moving a muscle….In that split moment, he undergoes such a drastic change of heart that it must be one of the most extreme developments of character in the book. In that split moment, I can just see the shock and hurt on his face at the “sight” of Feanor’s betrayal just melting away into a mask of pure, silent wrath and “filled with bitterness”. In that split moment, I can hear the exclamations of shock and anger and probably despair of his Host behind him while Fingolfin just stands still and disturbingly quiet on the shore as he was filled with desire “as never before to come by some way to Middle-earth, and meet Feanor again.” It was for Feanor that he willingly defied the Valar and then it was Feanor himself that hardened his resolve as nothing else could to somehow get to Beleriand. 

To think that it was Feanor that drove him across the Helcaraxe. To think that it was Feanor that didn’t make him think twice about going forward regardless (whereas the Helcaraxe most assuredly made many people cower and wonder if the shame of turning back was the better course). I can just see Fingolfin marching across that Ice, fueled on by his fury and bitterness (both of which only grow the further onto the Ice they get, possibly even develop into hatred), preparing the long speech he’s going to greet Feanor with…only to find he’s dead when he gets there. Only to find that there’s no one to vent all the rage he had gladly let build up. Only to deflate in defeat when he learns that the primary reason he trekked that damnable Ice was gone.

I’m not saying that Fingolfin was motivated only by Feanor to go across the Ice, or even to defy the Valar. That’d be an injustice to his character to reduce him to such simplicity or to say he didn’t do what he did for other reasons. Nor am I trivializing his relationship with Feanor, which had to be so complex and riddled with feelings of every kind on the emotion spectrum. I don’t think Fingolfin simply just disliked him all the time or whatever archetype you have (Tolkien doesn’t know how to do something as easy as that).

I imagine that come the time Fingolfin finally came to Hithlum and learned that Feanor was dead, he must have been a complete mess in his thoughts towards his older brother.

I love this line. Not in the sense of “Finally, he’s going against the bad guy!” (that trivialization is one of the worst, imo, to both of them.) I love this line because that split moment on the beach is something that every reader could relate to. Bitterness taking hold at a wrong done to you. This time, Fingolfin wasn’t forgiving. This time, Fingolfin wasn’t yielding. This was the final straw for the Elf.

Bitterness isn’t a good thing to have and isn’t a good thing to cling on to because all it will do is curdle inside you and rot you from within, given enough time. Am I sad that bitterness is what drove Fingolfin across the most perilous journey of his life? Yes. But it’s something that everyone can relate to and I think any reader was able to truly understand Fingolfin as a real being and not just a name in that moment, if they hadn’t already. I love this line because Fingolfin undergoes such a drastic transformation of being an Elf who practically exemplified forgiveness into an Elf driven on solely by bitterness and the desire to tell his brother just what he thinks of him to his face. I love this line because of how much it brings Fingolfin to life. And lastly, I love this line because of how it adds more precious fuel to the fire of one of the most complex and explosive relationships in the lore.

Because it was at this moment, I think, that the Fingolfin-Feanor dynamic just evolved into something epic. It’s a moment like this where I doubly wish Feanor hadn’t died, just to see how that reunion would’ve gone down.

Hey, Angel - Park Chanyeol ( Pt. 1 )

Genre: Fluff, Angst, a little bit of everything?

Summary: After a unknown object, well person.. falls from the sky your life turns upside down as you try to figure him out and help him get back home

A/N: Fallen Angel Chanyeol~ Yay! This was just something I have thought about doing for a while, this is only the first part but if you want me to continue it let me know~


11:08 pm on a Saturday night and here I was sitting alone in my apartment watching reruns of Supernatural. I watch in fascination at the season finale; the angles being casted down in a fiery ball slamming into Earth’s surface. “I knew it! Don’t trust Metatron! He’s nothing but trouble!” I shout to my screen as if the characters could here me. A strong vibration next to me brought me back to my senses and away from the television.

‘Sehun’ flashes across the screen making a smile appear on my face as I reach for the small device hitting answer. “Y/N! Where are you~” His voice rings out before I can utter out a ‘hello’. I hear distinct rock music and shouting in the background and know exactly where he is. “As far away from where you are as I can get.” I reply back making him groan loudly into my ear. “Come on can’t you just swing by? You know Tao’s here right?” He says a slight suggestive tone to his voice. I roll my eyes about to reply to him when a blinding bright light flashes outside followed by an ear splitting crash that sets off several car alarms.

“What was that crash?” Sehun asked as I quickly make my way to my sliding door. Outside is a long string of smoke trailing into the forest close to my apartment building. “No way.” I mumble a small smile on my lips. “What? What is it!?” Sehun keeps asking annoyance laced in his words as I didn’t reply. “I think a meteor just landed near me.” I say excitedly as I run to my front door, sliding my shoes on as I go. “Wait, what!?” I shake my head mumbling a ‘I’ll call you later.’ before tossing my phone in my back pocket and make my way outside following the smoke trail. Surprise hits me as I see literally no one outside. Didn’t anyone hear the crash? Didn’t anyone see the blinding light? I shake the thought and pick up my speed heading straight into the heart of the forest.

A few minutes later and I find where the meteor hit. There sitting in the middle of a, use to be, beautiful meadow was a large gaping hole smoke lightly raising from it. I quickly reach the hole excited as I fall to my knees peering inside. A gasp leaves my lips as I see, not a meteor, but a person. An actual human being was laying at the bottom of the hole, most likely dead. Then a thought came to me. He was the meteor… is he an alien? Where did he come from?

I quickly slide down the few feet into the hole and crouch down to his frame. He’s laying on his stomach his bare back facing me. It’s filthy, covered with dark splotches of dirt but I can make out a dark red scar; what looks like an upside down ‘V’ trails down most of his back. I slowly reach out to touch it as he shuffles making me let out a small scream backing up. They quickly rise, their face meeting mine. There’s no way. He… He should be dead! I stay stunned as my eyes scan across his face. His crescents eyes are a dark chocolate brown, complimenting his dark red hair that flowed nicely over his face. His face itself was like his back, covered in dirt, splotches here and there.

“Uhh.. Are you okay?” I ask mentally cursing myself. Of course this guy isn’t okay, he just fell how many feet and is somehow alive? I shake my head a small laugh falling from my lips. “No I… umm I meant uh.. what’s your name?” Nice, Y/N, nice. He looks over my face not saying a word making me think maybe he didn’t know how to speak? I mean I didn’t know where he was from, he could be an alien from outer space but finally he says strongly “I have a lot of names, but you can call me 'Chanyeol’.“ His voice was deep surprising me as I nod. “Chanyeol. okay. Umm Chanyeol can I ask you a question?” He nods once and I hesitate but finally ask “What exactly are you?”

He looks to me tilting his head as he thinks before saying. “What’s your name?” He totally ignored my question. I raise my eyebrows and crouch down to his level again. “You didn’t answer my question.” I say and he smiles lightly the dirt hiding his lips. “You didn’t answer mine either.” I laugh shaking my head before saying my name making him nod slowly. “Now answer mine.” He stands making me look up still avoiding my question. “Y/N? Do you live around here?” He asked and I nod once. “Your residence, can we go there?” He talked so proper it kinda made my head spin.

He wanted to go to my apartment? He must of noticed my hesitance as he motioned to him body. “It’s just that I’m a little grimy and would like to get cleaned, if that is okay.”

“Oh! Yeah, uhh its this way.” I say as I stand and climb the short distance from the hole. His figure easily follows after me as we make our way to my apartment. The whole neighborhood is still completely silent as we walk up the steps to my door. Pushing open the door I step inside and motion for him to come in. He bows slightly before entering and looking around. I slip off my shoes and walk a few feet before opening the door to the bathroom. He looks around but follows stopping next to me at the bathroom door. “Thank you, Y/N.” He goes to make his way to the bathroom before I shut it and stand in front of it. His eyebrows raise and I let out a breath of air before saying “You’re an alien right?” Again.. nice Y/N.

He looks at me a small smile on his lips before it grows and soon he’s laughing. So I guess I was wrong. “You think I’m an alien?” He asks and I shrug before nodding. “You’re very funny, Y/N.” I stand straighter before clearing my throat. “So if you’re not an alien, what are you?” I ask and he lets out a small sigh before ruffling his dark crimsion hair. “I’m not suppose to tell humans, what I am that is.” I scoot closer hanging on to every word as I say “I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” He looks skeptical but nods once. “Okay, I shall tell you.” He lets out a small breath before saying, “I am an angel, well that’s not entirely true. I guess you could say that I’m a Fallen Angel.” My eyes widen as I look at Chanyeol. An actual angel was standing in front of me? There’s no way.. I mean of course I believed in all that but having it be an actual thing in front of me left me unsure.

“You don’t believe me?” He asked and I shake my head quickly. “No, no I do. it’s just.. Weird? Unexpected?” He nods understanding a small smile on his lips. “So.. um if you’re a fallen angel. What exactly did you…” I say as his eyes fall to the carpet. “Something bad.” He whispers and I almost don’t catch it. “So you’re stuck here forever?” I ask and his eyes land back to me as he lightly smiles shaking his head. “No, not forever.” I raise an eyebrow curious. “For me to earn my wings back I must do something.” I perk up and smile. “Then you can go back?” I ask and he nods.

“Okay great! I’ll help you! What do you need to do?” I ask and he shakes his head a smile still on his plump lips. “I’m afraid it’s not that easy, Y/N.” I cross my arms and shrug. “come on it can’t be that hard? What is it?” I see his face turn a light pink under his dirt filled face as he says “I have to get a human to fall in love with me.”


Famitsu posted an interview with top Japanese BlazBlue Central Fiction players, Fumi and Fenrich.

Fenrich, who plays Jin, is currently the number-one-ranked player in the arcades. The interview (translated by HiagoXYZ) talks about how Fenrich got started in BlazBlue and what his thoughts are on one of the new mechanics, Active Flow. Fenrich also talks about playing against his brother’s Ragna, the aspects of his gameplay that he’s working on, how to improve in BBCF, and his thoughts on which characters are strong.

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: I’m incredibly frustrated that everyone keeps misgendering Pidge by using pronouns other than she/her because not only has there been no proof of Pidge uses other pronouns (the comic ‘they’ was proven to be referring to the whole group and there is no solid evidence for the con) she identified as a girl and was identified by the creators of Voltron as a girl and by gendering her differently people are not only sending a negative message about not respecting gender identity they are also missing the entire point of it: female empowerment and the diversification of projection of women in the media, proving not all women have to be curvy and stereotypically feminine to be strong and important characters.

Throne of Glass // Sarah J. Maas // ★★★☆☆

I really wanted to love this, I really wanted to and I tried hard. I mean I mostly liked the story and the characters themselves but I had a few problems with it.

The names. I spent the majority of this book when thinking of characters struggling to remember their strange and difficult to pronounce names. Of course I recognised them when reading them, but even now I’m damned if I can remember the protagonist’s name. This would probably become less of an issue the more you read of the series as you get used to it. I don’t mind peculiar names in fantasy but this was a bit far.

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I loved (let me look it up) Celaena, she was such a strong character and so badass. I also appreciated that her moral compass was quite grey, it makes a change from such righteous protagonists. There wasn’t much romance in this book, I assume it’ll come later. I have reservations about the prince, the captain of the guards was more my cup of tea. He seemed a better fit, but the hinting in this book also insinuates that’s to come later as well.

I think I’ll return to this series and read the rest, but it’s not at the top of my priorities. This would be good for any fantasy fan, who wants a strong female lead.

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YIEEE!!! CHapter 228 - Journey IS OUT! Credits to Mangafast for giving a fast translation!

Gosh Last Chapter Next Week >_< I’m kind of Expecting them to get Married! If that happens I’ll junp out of Joy!!! 

At first I thought of not reading this after so many girls appeared but thankfully progress is seen in every character and the Main Boy has a strong answer for every girl unlike other Harem manga.

The Jerk

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AU: He has a rule about sleeping with the same woman more than once. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that she’s no ordinary woman.

Words: 4308, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English

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What are your thoughts on the AHS6 teasers?

to sum it up in 3 words I would say: confused and suspicious

to expand- I’m intrigued that it appears to be that kind of middle of nowhere horror where fucked up hilbillies fuck you up because fuck! That’s what that sub-genre of horror is right? It looks terrifying though I’ll say that. I’m not sure how it’ll play out, what the horror creatures at play are or the roles that the huge cast will play in it.

I am concerned that if t takes place in a lot of open space it’ll lose its impact. Murder House, Asylum and Hotel are all so strong because they feel suffocating and claustrophobic at times- particularly asylum with its use of fish eye lens and dark lighting. Coven is still a strong fan favourite because it was character driven and while it rarely actually scared you, it had that element of camp horror that endures. Whereas Freakshow felt like it strayed from where it took place, too many stories were disjointed and didn’t add up or pay off and characters weren’t as well developed as they needed to be- but props to the cast for still acting their toned asses off in it. So, I am worried it’ll lose its focus if it doesn’t try to suffocate us. But if it’s out in the open divorced from any kind of civilisation that will feel terrifying like no matter how far you run you’re not out of the woods.

I’m also pumped af to see Gaga play the opposite of the countess- which I think she’ll do because following Jessica Lange, Constance and Sister Jude were massively different characters with similar characteristics. The Countess was amazing because she was luxury, sex appeal, wanton rampant evil and it worked because she nailed that. She can’t really be that again especially in the middle of nowhere. Unless they do what I lowkey want and build her as the main character then kill her off relatively early (not that I don’t love her, I just love shock and panic too)

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“The hive was one of the scariest parts of Alien Isolation to me, along with the hospital and escaping habitation when the power goes out. I remember the motion tracker being unusable because of all the signals it was picking up. I loved the OST too!
Amanda Ripley is a strong, determined character that has become one of my favourite Alien series humans. And man did she go through a lot throughout this terrifying game. I tried to keep her likeness while still drawing her in my manga type style, even her eye bags lol. I’m going to do tons more realistic characters like this in the future, because I enjoyed the hell out of this one.
Next up I’m moving on to the exact opposite of horror, and doing some more warm hearted work of female characters.”

Weyland-Yutani - Building Better Worlds