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PSA to some of the people reblogging my Do Not Pirate post:

A game being subjectively “bad” in your opinion does not mean you get to pirate it. A game being sexist in your opinion does not mean you get to pirate it. A game having a “weak” protagonist does not mean you get to pirate it.

You are not entitled to the game. Period.

Some Sci-Fi for Mad Max: Fury Road Fans

Ah, yes, the MM:FR confession post I’ve read nothing but Max Max fanfiction for two months. I feel that, and how. Thank you, fic writers, I love you all forever.

I also have some sci-fi recommendations for my fellow Mad Max: Fury Road fans. These feature desert settings, feminist sci-fi, and intense working partnerships (platonic or not).

Wetwired: The Jenny Casey Trilogy by Elizabeth Bear – Like Furiosa? You’ll appreciate butch Jenny Casey, her mechanical arm, and her dynamics with women younger and older as they try to save their dystopic near-future with science and artificial intelligence.

Sauerkraut Station - This all-ages/YA sci-fi novella is available for free online. Strong platonic character bonds, girl protagonist Lizzie, and the space station is a bit of a space Citadel.

Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks – David Mitchell – I spent my summer last year fangirling these with one of my best friends. She came for the edgy university politics, I came for the post-apocalyptic visions, and we both loved the books as a whole. The Bone Clocks has Australian settings and characters at times, with the Noongar lady Esther Little intertwined with the protagonist.

Ursula Le Guin – Surely the grande dame of feminist science fiction needs no introduction? My MM:FR fan picks: The Birthday of the World (short stories, Solitude particularly recommended), The Left Hand of Darkness for gender complexities and the interaction between the two protagonists, and the postapocalyptic/feminist/pacifist Always Coming Home.

J.G. Ballard – Something about Ballard’s consistent, respectful awe of women reminds me of Max Rockatansky. Ballard frankly adored the Max Max movies when he was alive. My MM:FR fan picks: Vermilion Sands (a group of short stories set in a luxurious, strange desert town). The Drought (post-apocalypse set in, no surprise, a drought). Empire of the Sun (WWII internment with nuclear overtones). If you like your apocalyptic fic seriously dark and crazy, High Rise. I’m not a fan of Crash but it will inform your mechanophilia.

Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey – Okay, this isn’t science fiction, it’s a roman a clef/memoir. Get in tune with the cruel beauty of the desert, and the wierdos who inhabit it, in Edward Abbey’s memoir of working as a ranger at a Utah national park in the late 1950s. Disclosure: Edward Abbey had problematic moments as an author (-cough- sexism) but Desert Solitaire, fortunately, wasn’t one of them.

se shipping opinions

someone asked me what the good ships in soul eater are so i wasted about a full hour writing up my thoughts on every ship i could think of in order to bring you the conclusive guide to soul eater shippings

keep in mind that this is all subjective, and also i’m petty and judgmental and my opinions on some of these things have been heavily shaped by their respective fandoms

without further ado, here it is, david’s guide to soul eater ships

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You know what I like ? chubby characters

Chubby aph Belgium loving her body and her wurve even if her cirve are not necessarely proportionate (exemple, thin arm, chubby tigh)

Chubby aph France not caring about people making fun of him and still wearuing the clothes he likes

Chubby aph Finland with a chubby belly

Chubby aph Seychelles loving herself and not listening to other people critics and countinuing to eat whatever she wants 

Chubby aph America still being strong and lovely

Chubby characters being happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~

I love Casca to death, and I feel like, for all the effort that seems to have been put into making her a strong female character despite her traumatic past and the issues she faces due to her gender, there’s still a lot of sexism in the way that plots related to her are written. Guts and Casca both have pasts involving sexual abuse, yet Casca was the one who was raped. They were both traumatized by the Eclipse, but Casca gets to be an insane willowy waif while Guts gets his proper revenge story junk. Maybe I’m just reading too deeply into it, but it seems so unfair.

are people seriously getting mad that lydia had less screen time this season and complaining that it’s all revolved around parrish? 

like. that is literally all people seem to do with lydia and stiles. oh lydia is crying? well stiles is there. lydia almost died twice with the whole jackson thing? well stiles would’ve been devastated. lydia showed up where stiles was? must be a sign. 

plus the ‘oh no theo hit lydia, stiles is going to be pissed’. seriously?? you don’t care about her but you care about stiles’s feelings about it?? when he’s got so much other shit to worry about?? i thought she was such a strong character and didn’t revolve around a dude?? 

every single time lydia or stiles show up on screen i see people complaining that they weren’t together in that scene, or that they did certain things with the other in their mind. 

stop being hypocrites. yes, the ladies are being degraded and having less screen time but we still got 5b to hope for. I hate that they are on screen less, but we still have to get to the lydia being in the eichen house. all we needed is jordan’s story and lydia and him are both harbingers of death so they have a connection, the writers confirmed that. stop using some crappy writing ideas on telling stories as a way to say that marrish is bad. do we forget that season 1 had pretty much just lydia revolving around stiles? everything was about her and stiles’s obsession with her in season 1 except for the peter part at the very end of the season. but of course that’s different right

The Steven Universe fandom is Upsettingly Stupid and Embarrassing: Round 4

Except this time instead of harassing artists and calling grown lesbian women pedophiles for drawing porn of adult characters for other adults, having mental breakdowns over the possibility of an Equestria Daily-esque site for Steven Universe and crying over a “brogem” boogeyman, sending death threats to white cosplayers dressing as “black coded” characters (i.e. Garnet) or skinny cosplayers cosplaying as “fat” characters (i.e. Amethyst), destroying an artist’s reputation over the fact that he drew Garnet’s skin a few shades too light despite the fact that he’s a Japanese native with limited English and has zero understanding of America and its issues with race or begging for a “well developed and flawed but strong and believable character” but calling her PROBLEMATIC AND EVIL every time she’s portrayed three dimensional (Pearl), today the SU fandom is losing its shit over the most obvious troll I’ve ever seen.

Steven-Universe-Edits (and a few alternates here and on instagram, I think) basically takes the show’s art/screencaps and fanart, lightening their skin and eyes and making them skinnier.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the Steven Universe fandom is so fucking dense, sensitive and hyper-reactionary all in one that they’re making posts en masse that are all like “STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON!!! REPORT THEM FOR RACISM!!!”. Are you guys serious? Just how long have you been on the internet? Are you really not aware that this person and anyone supporting them isn’t genuine in the slightest? Are you all just way too young and sheltered to know what trolling is? And by the way, you can’t get someone banned for “racism” for color swap edits, you’re wasting your time. (Hell, you can’t get someone banned on this site for actual legitimate racism – just look at all the neo nazi blogs that continue to exist despite reporting.)

Worst fandom hands down.

The problem with the whole “strong female character” thing as a response to sexism in entertainment is that it fails to address what is essentially an existential problem. It offers a new stereotype in place of the old one. But it lacks what’s really needed: female characters that fully embody real personhood. Why is that so hard?

40 Days of Positivity (Day 12)

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Okay, so this might not be exactly what this nonnie had in mind (or maybe it is) but let me first talk about this awesome example of strong female characters and conflict between women as I enjoy it on the show.

In the pilot it looks for a second like Emma and Regina could be friends and then WHAM! Regina goes all Evil Queen and red flags pop up for Emma’s worry about Henry and thus begins the major conflict of the first season (and then some).

What I’ve really enjoyed about their relationship is that Emma and Regina do night have conflict over petty things. Women are often pitted against each other in some really insulting ways on television but not on Once. All the conflict between these two feels very real. They are both deeply damaged women that don’t see eye to eye and they are both mothers to a boy that always sees the good in everyone. They’re also both Alphas which makes their conflict so much more intriguing. They have so much in common that when they do see eye to eye it makes sense that they feel like the other understand them.

Now, I don’t ship Swan Queen romantically in canon and here’s why: I wasn’t in the fandom until after the season three finale. I never saw romantic chemistry between them and by the time I even knew that people did I was so far gone on CS that shipping Emma with anyone else just wasn’t going to happen. Maybe if it had been brought to my attention sooner things would have been different but I guess that will just always be a mystery!

But as a romantic ship that people enjoy I think the SQ fandom is pretty awesome. (Ignore the bad apples, people … every fandom has them and most of us are embarrassed by them - they are NOT a representation of any fandom) The thing I love about the SQ fandom is how much hope it has given to so many people. You see, I think we become superfans because something about our show of choice speaks to us on a deeper level. If the chance that Emma and Regina could be each other’s HEA gives hope to fans then that is amazing. If just the possibility of it inspires someone to create something beautiful and makes them happy that’s incredible, too.

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“When I read it, I was like ‘why have I never seen this play before?’. It’s probably simply because it’s four women. If it was four men, it would be done constantly. It’s fantastic and they’re all strong characters and they all change and meld and you can see their brains working, they’re intelligent women, they’ve made choices about how to be or how to act simply for their own survival”

you want to know what i absolutely adore? angst threads or just angst in general.  ( mostlyonescenteredaroundtorturebcimahorriblemun ). they give the writer a chance to explore those times where a person it like ‘ ohhh id definitely do this! ‘ because no, you wouldnt. it doesnt take one moment to decide. it takes a lot of guts, or if your muse is a coward, than properly a lot of self hate if they do whats wrong. and if your character is vry strong?? and goes through something RLY BAD??? man it takes one hell of a writer to make it so the char doesnt turn into complete turmoil, but at the same time has logically effections from what happened. like when jason todd died. bruce still was batman, but the fact that the writers didnt make the death just a thing that happened?? that they made bruce contemplate just giving up? that they showed OMG! SOMETHING! HAPPENED! is really really great to me. which is part of the reason i cant stannnnd some parts of frank miller’s Dark Knight Returns because it just goes against everything he’s learned and you would THINK those morals were held even stronger with his age ? like did he not get wiser ? did he forget everything because fuck it we need a surprising moment of gun using and joker killing ? no. no, absolutely not. 

basically what im saying is. want angst? come to me. is your character a villain who loves to get their way ? get on over here. your character is having a rough time ???? 

sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯  i say so 💯  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit


Who can hate her??? Malia is a strong female character who deserves no hate on her character or any hate on Shelley Hennig.