such a special child ;;

Dear Lt. Col. Maes Hughes,

Heh…wow!  Special child you have there.  She is cute!

I’ve got one of those myself, so I know how it is trying to keep from gushing about them.  She’s adopted, but she looks a lot like her parents too.  She takes after me quite a bit when it comes to brains, though.

And if you think protecting a three-year-old from boys is tough…  Huh, boy…

-Phoenix Wright


Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe (VERY IMPORTANT) and have fun~ <3

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

like. they live together now. again. apparently raising a child together. if there was a special or a new season two years from now it could happen easily. but why was there all this build up to THIS EPISODE. why. why the talk of insane wish fulfillment. what

• I could write about this every week but it’s worth mentioning. The time and effort Crosby puts in to reach out to children — especially those who are dealing with health ailments — is pretty special.

In almost every road city, there is a sick child who wishes to meet hockey’s greatest player. Crosby never, ever fails to accommodate them. I saw it in Montreal following Wednesday’s game. Crosby almost always speaks with reporters following games, but given that he didn’t have much of an impact in this game, he bowed out. So, did he hit the showers early? Did he get an early start to a fun night in Montreal?

Nah. He was talking, at length, with a boy in his wheelchair and the boy’s family. He had already presented them with gifts from the team. Long after the locker room had cleared out, he was still talking with the boy and his family. I see it in every city and it never gets old. The best hockey player in the world is an even better human being. In this age where athletes sometimes act in peculiar ways and have a horrible habit of drawing attention to themselves, Crosby quietly goes about his business of treating people well without demanding any fanfare.

—  Josh Yohe