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2. You may send in requests, no guarantee I’ll get to all of them or feel comfortable with all of them. Despite the premise of the blog, I am still a relatively vanilla and innocent individual

3. Again, no judging me

One month(!) down on The New Job. I’m exhausted. Things have been going well enough, along the lines of what I expected, but it’s still pretty tiring. I’ve had some days of frustrations, largely due to an overworked lead who’d been henpecking me in weird ways (don’t give me a complex task that involves a subsystem I’m new to and expect it finished in an hour and a half… and then say you need it four hours after that ?!!?!?). But I’ve dealt with all kinds of people in this industry and it’s a relatively benign (if stressing) quirk, in the scheme of things. Just annoying. This week ended well at least, I got the thing done and published and apparently impressed them. I mean, they have to learn what I can do, too. Maybe that’ll help.

Today we had a department meeting, and among the stuff talked about was four new people coming in in the next couple of weeks. I know three of them. ;P