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Hi! Can I request Hux headcannons? What would he do when you try to celebrate his birthday? (Cupcakes, presents, the whole deal)

A/N~ Shout out to Fae for helping me transform these from a mess into something more composed!  ♡

  •  Armitage’s hostile childhood didn’t come with any festivities regarding his birth. It was treated more as a stain on his father’s name then a cause to celebrate. For this reason Hux had completely forgotten the significance surrounding the day.
  •  It had been years since he’d last acknowledged it, but you weren’t about to follow that example. You counted down each day in anticipation.
  • When the time actually came you had everything planned out to the smallest detail. From the placement of candles on the cake to the tiny party hat you’d placed on Millicent’s head (despite her mewling protests)
  • It had been a long day in the command center for Hux. He intended the rest of the evening to play out as always did but that ideology was shattered the moment he walked through the door of your shared quarters.
  • Seconds after entering he was covered in a shower of homemade confetti followed by your own rendition of the happy birthday song. Needless to say he was definitely surprised and a little startled.
  • As you sang happy birthday to him Armitage shifted awkwardly. What was one supposed to do under these circumstances? His military academy training didn’t cover this.
  • You lit the candles on the cake after and requested he make a wish, which he thought was silly. How was a candle supposed to grant wishes?
  • He did it anyway.
  • Next came his gift, a new hat you’d had custom made just for him. There was even a gift from Millicent; a new set of gloves that she took the liberty of covering in her fiery orange fur.
  • It was a simple party for just the two– three of you. All in all it was a bit overwhelming but it spoke volumes to him. For the first time in Hux’s existence someone remembered and honored his birth.
  • After your little party you asked what he’d like to do next, It was his birthday after all, and his response was nothing more than a sweet kiss to your lips. “Thank you.” he whispered against your skin. It was thank’s not only for the party, but for showing him what real love felt like.

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Annoyed Angel

(BTS Suga Shorts) PART 1

Genre: Semi smut, Comedy-Romance (inspired by Jin and Yoongi, Best Roommate)

Author: tedryse

Summary: Despite being rich and being an only child that both her parents spoil, Y/N is just a lonely girl ever since she was a little girl. She doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, she avoids them at any cause.

Each night, she will talk to a bright star, wishing that it was actually a real person who likes listening to her and would love to be friends with her. Until her wish came true. But… it was completely opposite to what she asked for.

Tags: Make-out session, heated session, inappropriate touching, dirty thoughts (from an angel) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi! Karasuno first years favorite place to kiss and to be kissed?? Or like any hc about kissing are fine. Thanks & good luck! :D

Thank you, nonnie! ❤ Here you go~

Hinata Shōyō

Just as him, Hinata kisses are as warm as the sun. They fill you with such love and happiness and energy is impossible not to get addicted. You can always count on them to make you feel better.

Favorite place to kiss: All the face! Don’t make him choose. He loooves to kiss his s/o but gets easily flustered, so he tries to keep it down with the smooches. But of course this is Hinata we’re talking about, so most of his kisses end up being thanks to an adrenaline or happiness rush. And there’s not a part of his partner face that doesn’t get a kiss.

Favorite place to be kissed: Anywhere. This boy isn’t picky at all. Any kiss is a good kiss if is from his s/o. But if he had to pick one, the classic kiss on the cheek makes him all tingly. He just thinks his s/o looks so cute doing it. Good luck kisses before a match are a must.

Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama’s kisses are like a thunderstorm. They’re intense and leave you kind of stunned. He always kisses you like it’s the last time he’ll ever see you.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. Hands down. He’s not much of a PDA boy, but for him forehead kisses feel like protection (??). Even if he doesn’t say it to much, he wants his s/o to feel loved and protected and for him forehead kisses are perfect for that. —Also, that way his partner can’t see his flustered face. Help him—.

Favorite place to be kissed: Fingertips and lips. Okay, on the fingertips not in a kinky way—well, he also loves it in a kinky way, he can’t trick no one—, but kisses on his fingertips make him really happy and like someone’s taking care of him. And on the lips, well he just loves it. No reason for that.

Tsukishima Kei

His walls don’t come down easily, but once they do his kisses are like discovering a treasure. They’re like trying to touch the bottom of the sea: there’s always more. Once you kiss Tsukishima, you’ll find the hiding passion running through his blood.

Favorite place to kiss: Temple. Yep, temple. But… Good luck getting a kiss from this jerk. Most of the time he’ll make you beg for it. But when he doesn’t, light and sweet kisses on your temple are his favorite. They’re almost so feather like you can barely feel them. But you always get what his saying: ’ Thank you for bearing with me. ’

Favorite place to be kissed: Neck and shoulders. Of course he’d never tell you, but he’s so tall he isn’t used to having his neck touched. So, when he feels your warm breath and soft lips against his skin he goes all weak. It’s always a pleasure watch you struggling to get a kiss on the lips tho.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Yamaguchi’s kisses are warm and healing. They’re full of devotion and tell you everything his words can’t. Yamaguchi will never kiss you out of obligation, his kisses always have a meaning. And he treasures each and every one of them.

Favorite place to kiss: Forehead. It’s romantic and sweet and innocent enough that he can kiss you in public. Don’t let him trick you, he wants to kiss you most of the time, but he worries too much about what other people will say, so is a perfect option. He loves taking your face between his hands and lean down to kiss you.

Favorite place to be kissed: Freckles! This boy needs so much love and reassurance. He doesn’t have a preference, and just as Hinata he will welcome any kiss you give him. But when you kiss his freckles and tell him how much you love him and that he shouldn’t worry about his looks… Well, he just feels so blessed. ALSO, SKIMO KISSES ALL THE WAY.

Yachi Hitoka

Sweet pure child. Someone help her. She gets so flustered and nervous. Every kiss with her feels like the first one.

Favorite place to kiss: Lips. Plain and simple butterfly kisses. They’re quick but sweet and they’re easier to recover from. Also, I picture her as the kind to always ask before kissing. It doesn’t matter for how long you’ve been together, she’ll always ask for your permission.

Favorite place to be kissed: Forehead and nose. She isn’t picky neither, so anywhere is fine. Surprise kisses are aways welcome, tho. She wishes she could be that bold.

What it's like to be Transgender?

Throughout coming out and starting my transition I have been asked this question multiple times; What is it like to be Transgender? So I have finally taken the time to sit down and really think about it. I can’t obviously speak for the majority because every person experiences and feels things in a multitude of ways and how I feel is most certainly not the same as any others. I am merely a small aspect of a large community, so please do not take what I’m about to say as if this is how everyone thinks/feels and this is to help lift a weight off of my shoulders. 

Firstly, it is hard- It isn’t easy and it most certainly isn’t a choice. It is every morning waking up and the first realisation is that you’re not ‘right’. No matter how great you’re feeling just walking down the street and feeling these awkward lumps of flesh moving on your chest as each footstep arises can tear you right back down to earth. It is self mutilation with those fucked up contraptions also known as binders, it is being in physical pain to see yourself flat and to feel that confidence that you struggle to have without, rather than your own physical health. 

It’s dysphoria, the most heartbreaking and soul destroying emotion known to us. It feels almost like being a mind trapped in this body that you don’t want, It is something I could never and would never wish onto someone, not even my worse enemy. It’s something that can strike at any time, it’s fear and damn right draining. 

Sometimes you can feel 110% from just simple words from people passing by such as; man/buddy/mate. But the flip side to that, you then can plummet back down by words spitting at you like; her/she/lady/madam. It feels terrifying and it puts you on edge, because not only are you trying so hard to be yourself inside, you’re having to prove yourself to everyone else in the world too. That’s not to mention the people who purposely bring you down by transphobic remarks and telling you that you will never be a ‘real’ man. 

Being Transgender is staring at yourself in the mirror analysing every feminine part of yourself, its holding a flashlight to your upper lip to hopelessly search for those few strands of hairs on your lip. It’s knowing your angles to make yourself look more masculine and broader, because it makes you feel better to be perceived in a certain way even if that isn’t completely authentic. It’s automatically trying to turn invisible in confrontational situations when people can’t determine your gender and make it obvious. 

It’s not being able to open yourself up to the people you love, physically or sexually because its just easier to not have to explain yourself and what makes you feel good. It’s feeling like a complete fucking burden and completely unlovable, because no one should have to put up with someone who hates themselves and their existence this much. It’s uncertainty of if it will actually get better or if this is it, will I even survive. 

It’s patience and perseverance, thats all you have. Because although it may be months, or years or maybe your whole fucking life, one day you will look down and see the person you have always known and your body will be a perfect reflection of that and although it could be a long way away, its there and that is something to wake up for each day, if theres nothing else, at least there is that. 

Most days I wake up and I feel all of these things and probably a hundred more, and I consider whether this is all worth it. Is an injection every 3 week (that is quite painful) and proving myself to everybody every day worth it? I still don’t know, I still don’t have that answer but I KNOW I would rather live one day as Charlie than a lifetime of something I’m not, and that in itself keeps me going.

The Last Light: Chapter 5

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

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You waited. The noises of his wrath tormented you for minutes as he destroyed the other room and lots of stormtroopers came to check on the situation. The first group immediately ran off when they noticed it was their commander. After that, no other stormtrooper appeared until Ren was over.  

The knight approached you again, followed by stormtroopers. He stopped right in front of you, silent. You waited, your nerves getting the best of you and the shields around your mind started to crumble. You felt him shift, aware of the change. He pushed in, passing through your now feeble mental walls.  

He searched slowly, careful. His presence was soft and calm, the monster didn’t intend to hurt you. Ren gently looked at your recent memories, your meetings, dinners with Hux, the entire incident with FN-2187… And Bucked. When the image of your friend popped on your mind, you felt Ren’s presence flinch. He had done something to Bucked.  

Fed by anger, your mind snapped back at him, throwing Ren’s mental energy away as you entered his head. His shields were down, he weren’t expecting defiance. He thought that, like him, you wouldn’t use full strength. The monster was wrong. You went on him with all the boiling anger you kept deep down, being messier than necessary just to cause him more pain.  

Ren groaned, he tried to chase your presence rather then to shove it away. You stumbled across memories of him destroying things, killing stormtroopers and technicians… Joy. In the middle of all that anger, you felt joy. You searched for the source of it and found a rather dark memory.  

It was an interrogation room. Cold and uncomfortable; the smell of sweat and blood just made it worst. You were seeing the entire scene by Ren’s eyes. He was pacing back and forth, feeling happy, but conflicted. He didn’t know what to do. He turned to look at the interrogation table, the  mutilated body of Bucked laid there, immobile. Dead. Ren called a trooper and ordered something. Incinerator.  

The shock and grief made you fall on your knees, abandoning the monster’s mind and vomiting your breakfast at his feet. You couldn’t take it. Not again. After what happened at the temple, you promised to protect the ones you held dear. You had failed again. You were angry, but not at yourself. It was all his fault. Ren’s. The evil creature. The monster.  

“How could you?!” You yelled at him, hitting his chest repeatedly. He didn’t react at first, shocked by your little outburst.  

“Ayn…” He said with the characteristic robotic voice, holding you still with a strong grip on your arms.

“Don’t call me that!” You hissed and fought Ren’s iron grip, kicking violently. “Let me go!”

“The sedative, now.” The knight growled at the troopers.

You yelled louder, kicking those who tried to approach you. Unfortunately, Ren held you firmly and you weren’t able to avoid the needle much longer. It touched your neck and you felt dizzy, weak. As your vision started to darken, Ren whispered something to you. Calming words. You felt like a padawan again. A padawan mad in love for her master, falling asleep on his arms.  

You woke up on a smooth surface. The strong smell of cleaning products would give you a headache later, but at least they helped you to locate yourself. The med bay. You tried to move your hands, but they were locked at the bed. The sound made by the chains called the nurses attention. They made weird scared sounds and run to call the doctor in charge of you. When he came, the monster came with him. They stopped by your side and you heard a clicking noise you couldn’t identify.

“As you see, commander.” The doctor said. “She does not react to the light, she’s completely blind.”

It was one of those small lanterns, then.  

“Is there any way for her to be able to see again?” He asks, no emotion on his voice.  

“We could buy artificial eyes.” The doctor said calmly. “The Old Republic used them on their clonetroopers during the clone wars.”  

“Can you do the surgery, then?” Ren’s hand touched your arm.  

“We can’t, sir.” For the first time, the doctor was nervous. “The budget team ranked artificial eyes an non necessary expense.” He made a brief pause. “We have none on board and none of our sources are specialized on manufacturing them.”

You wondered what happened to the stormtroopers who came back blind from the battles. They were probably terminated, you were sure of it.  

“When the sedative wears off completely, send her to my quarters.” The monster comes closer to you, its mask touching your cheek. “I have to go on a mission, I’ll be back soon.”

“I hope you die.” You whispered as he walked away.

When he left the med bay, you asked the doctor if he was going to do any more exams. You received no response. Asshole. You closed your eyes, deciding that sleeping would be the best option.  

Until someone decided to storm into the med bay with at least ten stormtroopers.  

I bet it’s Hux.

“Well, resistance scum!” It was Hux. “It seems like you have fooled me, Anahita.” He says with disgust. “Is that even your real name?”

“No.” You murmured.  

He hissed, but said nothing. The stormtroopers surrounded you and pulled you out of the bed violently. You did not react when they put the electric collar around your neck, just remained emotionless, ready to accept what Hux planned to throw at you.  

“Won’t you say anything?” The general spet.  

“I have nothing to say.” You answer, your face turned to him. “Just like your soldiers here, I was doing my job.”

“Your job.” He hissed. “Take her to the detention center, lock her up away from her friend.”

Oh. Mara was alive. You held back your tears. No crying. No weakness. You had to stay calm.  

You needed to rest if you wished to save Mara.  

The cell you were in was rather clean. You had an awful bed, a toilet and a simple table for you to eat. You remained there for hours until someone came to give you food: Rice, peas and water. At least it wasn’t just bread. You ate quietly, not stopping to use the Force even once; you wanted to know everything everyone was thinking.  

None of the First Order workers had any type of protection around their minds, so it was an easy ordeal to listen to them all day long. You found out that Mara was going to be interrogated soon by general Hux himself by listening to the trooper’s gossip. That’s why you had decided to act as soon as possible.  

You were now at the second day of your confinement, waiting for the stormtrooper who bought you food. You had a plan and you hoped it worked, because you could get yourself and Mara killed if it didn’t work, but it was worth trying.  

The door opened and you turned your head towards the sound of it. The trooper was scared of you, the blind Force user who tried to kick Commander Ren to death. The trooper placed the plate of food at the table and you made your move.

“You will remove my collar.” You said, your voice heavy with the Force.

“I will remove your collar.” No defiance, good.

“You will take me to Mara and set her free.” You continue as  he removes the collar.  

“I will take you to Mara and set her free.” He answers obediently and opens the door, rushing you through the right path.  

Since you were being escorted, no one on the corridors dared to say something, allowing you and the trooper a rather calm trip to Mara’s cell. Apparently, Hux ordered her to be locked up as far away as possible from you. The trooper stopped and inserted the password, oppening the door.

“My lady!” Mara said loudly. “I thought you were-”

You used the Force to shut her mouth.  

“We must be silent now.” You whispered and pointed up. “We most flee using the air system.”

“I need a weapon.” She comes closer. “If we find any trouble.”

“Take the trooper’s.” You use the Force to open the vent. “We most be quick.” You jump into the air system, holding your hand down to Mara.

“Fucking Jedi jumps.” She murmurs as you pull her up. “I wished I could do it.”

You smile.  

“Let’s go…” You carefully crawl. “I will follow the pilot’s thought until we reach the landing area.”

“You are coming too, right?” She followed you.

“No.” You whispered, knowing that she wouldn’t like it. “If I go, they will follow us and I want you to be free and far away from these people fuckery.”


“Shh!” You stop and so does Mara, someone was walking right below you.  

“Take the handmaiden to the interrogation room, I will talk with the Force user myself.” It was Hux.

“Yes sir.” The trooper answered.

“Fuck.” You hissed as they walked away. “Hurry.”

Mara remained silent even after the sirens went of, warning the entire base that you two escaped. It became easier to move with all that noise and you didn’t need to stop moving even once. You stopped moving at one point, unaware of where you were, exactly.  

“Mara…” You whisper to her. “Do you know where we are?”  

She moves before answering.

“I see the starfighters.” She whispers back. “But there’s too many people…”

“Shoot something that will most likely explode if you do so.”  

“What?” She kind of yelled and whispered at the same time. “It will cause a commotion.”  

“Exactly.” You smile at her.

“If you’re saying so…” She stays silent for a few seconds. You hear de blaster, followed by the explosion. “Just wait a minute, everyone is still running.”

You waited, listening to the despair bellow you.

“We can go.” Mara says and opens the vent, jumping down. “Come on, I’ll guide you.”

You fall graciously, making almost no noise.  

“Lead the way.” You whisper.

“The closest starfighter is this way.” She holds your hand as you both try to reach the Starfighter without being seem.  

“They have trackers.” You remember suddenly. “Mitaka told me all First Order ships have trackers in case they are stolen, you’ll have to remove it before you leave.”

“Shit.” She cursers under her breath. “It will take a while…” She stops walking. “Since you don’t want to come with me, stay here and distract them when I am ready to go.” Mara hugs you. “I’ll miss you.

"I’ll miss you too.” You hug her back. “Now go, and don’t forget the tracker.”

She hesitates, but runs towards the starfighter as fast as lightening. You know she’s already inside of it as you can feel her frustration while searching for the tracker. You hear footsteps approaching and you mentally rush Mara, afraid she wouldn’t make it.  

But of course she did.

The sound of the starfighter being turned on was music to your ears.  

“They are trying to escape!” Someone screams. “Shoot it down!”

You use the Force to throw the man away, drawing everyone’s attention to you. Good. You quickly hide behind boxes as the stormtroopers start shooting at you, but one of the blaster shots hits you leg. You yell in pain, grabbing your injured leg with one hand and using the other to throw things at the troopers using the Force. You were loosing blood, which was no good.

“Hold your fire!” Hux voice cut the air and the blasters were put to rest. Ren will have your heads if you kill her!“ His footsteps were the only sound. "Ayn, isn’t it?” He asks you from afar. “Surrender, we have no desire to kill you.”

“My. Name. Is. Not. Ayn!” *You practically bark at him. “And you will kill Mara.”

“Your friend has gone into hyperspace, we can’t find her now.” He comes a little bit closer. “Just surrender, Ren has already been warned of your adventure and is on his way back.”  

“Like that is going to convince me to follow you!” You yell full of sarcasm.

“If he finds you here, he will lash out at the troopers.” You felt the soldiers fear rising at those words. “Is that what you wish?”

No, it wasn’t. You chewed on your bottom lip.

“They shot my leg.” You cry out. “I can’t walk like this.

"We shall carry you, then.” He answers and two troopers go near you, rising you to your feet.  

I can’t give up now. You think to yourself. If I look back, I am lost.

R.I.P Bucked.

I took the “if i look back, i am lost” from game of thrones(i remember something like this from the books, but i don’t know if that’s how it was in english because i red them in portuguese. 

Let me know if you would like to be tagged.

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Fallen Archangel - Imagine request

Request:  Hey so today has been really shitty and I was wondering is you can make a fluffy Michael one-shot for me?

Characters: Michael x reader, Castiel (mentioned)

Word count:1,478

Warnings: Extra fluffy.

A/N: Sorry it took so long, today was an extra-busy day, but I hope its what you expected. Also, I didn’t know which MIchael’s vessel you wanted, to I left that quite unclear. Enjoy!

Originally posted by graciegra

Another rough day of being underestimated, another rough day of feeling like crap, another day of wishing for a better life… Would it ever change?

She left her bag fall to the floor as soon as she stepped in your small apartment, shutting the door loudly. A huff left her lips as you walked over to the kitchen, taking the bottle of wine out of the cabinet along with a cup. Then, she filled it past the usual limit and chugged on it as it were a shot of tequila.

“I need a miracle.” She muttered to yourself. Her eyes found the little altar she had managed to set at one of the corners of the living room. A golden figure rose from above the candles; it was an archangel, her favourite, Michael. “I wish you could come and save me.”

It wasn’t the first time her prayers got ignored, and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last. However, the simple thought of “having” someone to talk to when times get harsh, was more than enough for her to keep on going.

Little did she know that her prayers were listened. Michael would ignore every other’s just to hear hers, punishing himself for not being able to help. Not like he couldn’t, or didn’t want to, but because he knew that if he did, he’d eventually show himself to her and maybe even would end up breaking some of the most important rules in Heaven: Do NOT fall for humans.

He had fought with his brother Castiel many years ago for that same reason, and now, after everything he had been through, he understood his brother. But his pride was bigger, he wasn’t just an angel, he was a weapon and he couldn’t give in to some human’s charm.

“I just need someone to hold me… Please.” The girl begged, kneeling down in front of the golden statue. She needed him, she had needed him for the longest time. Aren’t angels supposed to care for humanity? Would he really break the rule if he just held her?

A knock on the door made her jump from the floor, drying the few tears that had escaped her eyes. She fixed her hair and opened the wooden door, revealing one of the most handsome men she had ever seen.

“Hi, may I help you?” She smiled, getting lost at the man’s eyes. There was something about him, something that made her immediately trust him.

“May I help you?” The man replied. He was nervous – hell! If he could sweat, he would be a pool.

“You’re the one that knocked on my door.” The girl giggled, tilting her head.

“But you’re the one that called me.” The man replied, showing off the most similar thing to a smile he could.

“I’m afraid I didn’t.” The girl furrowed.

“(Y/N), I’ve listened to your prayers… You called me.”  He tried to touch her shoulder, but the girl stepped back.

“Are you some kind of stalker? I’m calling the cops.” She threatened. The man simply sighed, shaking his head.

“My name is Michael, and I’m and Archangel.” He stated, “You are (Y/N) (Y/L/N), you keep an altar at the left corner of your living room, you hate your job and every night you get home, drink a whole glass of wine, pray to me and then drink more until you fall asleep. Last night, you fell asleep on the floor, which produced a severe pain at the low of your back, as well as the back of your right shoulder.”

“That’s it, I’m calling the cops.” The girl tried to shut the door, but before she could do anything, Michael got inside the apartment. “Get out!” She commanded.

“Let me show you.” He begged, and before she could do anything else, the silhouettes of a pair of wings became visible at the wall behind the man. His eyes shined blue and a feeling of peace invaded the room. “I won’t harm you; I’m here to answer to your prayers.”

The girl trembled. A part of her (her brain) begged her to call the police, but the rest of her body trusted the man. He had heard her, after many nights of crying in front of the altar, he had heard her and he had come to help her.

“Tell me what do you need, and I’ll do it.” He spoke, “Anything you want, and I’ll give it to you.”

“I’ve prayed to you every single day for the past five years, why answer now?” She asked, walking closer to him. She was careful on her steps.

“I’ve wanted to come and help you, but there are rules that must be followed… In fact, I might be breaking several of them right now.”  The blue eyed man confessed.

“Why me? You’re breaking rules because of this, why don’t you break them with someone else?” The archangel sighed, looking down at the floor for a response.

“I’m afraid that’s the biggest broken rule of them all.” He mumbled, “Falling for a human is… It’s not right.”

“You fell for me?” The girl asked dumbfounded, and the archangel nodded, “How? There are far better humans out there.”

“I’ve heard your prayer and acknowledged your pain. I’ve met your soul long before I met you, and I’ve taken care of you almost every day.” The angel explained, “I know everything about you, and even if it’s hard to believe, I think you’re the most amazing human Father ever created.”

“I’m an alcoholic, and I’ve done many things I’m pretty sure are sins…” The angel walked closer to her, cupping her cheek with his hand.

“Things in Heaven aren’t as portrayed by Church… At least not everything.” He spoke softly, “Besides, I happen to know angels who have fallen for even worse humans… You are kind and caring, you’re always willing to help the other and you are so humble… How could I not fall for you?”

The girl replied with a smile. Her cheeks blushed uncontrollably but she didn’t even shy away; after all, he knew everything about her; there was no use in hiding her true feelings.

“I must admit its weird hearing that from an… an…”

“An Archangel?” He smiled, “It’s even weirder for me.”

The girl nodded. All kinds of questions invaded her mind, and she wasn’t sure which one to ask first. “Is this how you really look?” She asked, holding his face with a trembling hand.

“This is just a vessel…” He explained, “If I showed my true form, your eyes would burn.”

“Awesome.” She replied, although her whole body said otherwise.

“There’s no need to be afraid,” He calmed her down, “I would never ever dare to harm you.”

The angel grabbed her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers and guiding her to the small couch at the living room. They both sat down, their eyes connected.

“Tell me what do you want, and I’ll be sure to give it to you.” The angel repeated, “I can show you all kinds of wonders, grant you all kinds of wishes… For you, I would do anything.”

“That’s lovely but…” She breathed in, “I just want someone to hold me when I’m falling apart.”

“Falling apart? Do you… How do you reconstruct yourself?” The angel was extremely confused about her statement. “And about holding you, how? Should I put your pieces at an specific place or just hold them with my hands?”

“It’s not literal, Michael.” She giggled, “It mean when one feels like… Like nothing is right, and that nothing is going according to plan.”

“I know that feel.” Michael huffed, remembering all kinds of trouble his younger brothers gave him. But then again, angel couldn’t feel literally.

“… And by holding me, I just mean someone to be by my side when things go wrong; someone to tell me that everything will be all right.” She continued to explain. Michael sat in silence, absorbing her words and translating them into concepts that he could easily understand.

“I can be that someone, if you let me.” He spoke after a few minutes of silence.

“If anyone had told me that the Archangel Michael would ever suggest to ‘hold me’, I would’ve thought that person was insane.” She joked.

“Is that a yes?” Michael furrowed.


Michael leaned back on the couch, allowing the girl to rest her head over his chest. She hesitated a bit, but the peace she felt by being on his arms soon made effect, allowing her to slowly drift to sleep.

“Anything you ask for… Whatever it is… I will do anything for you.” Michael spoke as his hands stroked his hair. Was that what Castiel felt? If so, it would explain a lot about his sudden rebellion. “I will always take care of you.”


“I promise.”

I wish I were a person who knows who she is. I have friends who are on the path of becoming the person who they are meant to be, yet I feel like time is just standing still for me as I wonder and feel like a lost soul who can’t seem to find where she wants to be.

I wish I were a person who can make up her damn mind; I always become bored easily so I am constantly changing. I always seem to be swinging back and forth between emotions, thoughts and opinions. Maybe if I can make up my mind, I can find out who I want to be and finally move on and make something of myself.

I wish I were someone who had ambition to live because for a long while now, I have been on the grey. I cannot say I am living, just floating from day to day. I’m not suicidal but I don’t mind if I did die. Most of the days, I feel like an old soul who is just not in the wrong place. I am just tired of the simple things like waking up, brushing my teeth, putting on my shoes, etc.

I wish I weren’t who I am right now. But since I’m not a person who can make up her damn mind and am constantly changing, I wonder if I will ever like me.

—  kishji 
Kitten - Ashton Irwin Smut

A/N: It’s Halloween month mother fuckers

Warnings: smut, daddy kink

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p.s I’ll proof read it later 

Eager party goers formed a mass of sweaty bodies in the center of the room: grinding, kissing, drinking, just a bunch of teens having a bloody good time on Halloween. 

Ashton stood near the back of the crowd, sipping on his cup of whiskey. He scanned the crowd of scantily clad females, searching for a suitable hookup. He dismissed each girl that caught his eye. None of them had what he wanted, hell, even he didn’t know what he wanted. Sighing, he brings the red solo cup to his lips, the strong liquid burning his throat. He crushes the now empty plastic cup and tosses it in a nearby garbage. He wasn’t going to let this fine, October night go to waste.

After another drink was in his hand, he dove into the crowd, scoping out a girl he would want to take home. In a matter of minutes  his hands are gripping the hips of a cute girl in a barely there devil costume. Her tiny bum rubbed back and forth against his crotch. Sadly, the motion didn’t seem to have any affect on him. It didn’t make him feel good but it wasn’t necessarily bad so he allowed the little devil to continue grinding on him. Well, until he saw her. 

His eyes practically bulged out of his sockets and he was sure he was drooling. She was truly a sight to see. Her tight, Cat Women suit clung to her body like a second skin, hugging her pert bum and while her perky breasts were on the bridge of popping out of her suit, a perfect amount of cleavage on display. Her long hair was in a high ponytail and all he could think of was pulling on it while she was on her knees in front of him. He quickly dismissed his unholy thoughts and put on a smile. Pulling away from the devil, he gave her an apologetic smirk and walked towards the goddess-like girl. 

She stared at him as he walked over to her, her eyes darting up and down his body. He didn’t go overboard with his costume. He opted for a plain white tee, a leather jacket and battered up jeans with his hair slicked back. His first choice wasn’t to dress up as a greaser, it was more of a last minute decision. 

“Hello.” She says, revealing a set of blinding white teeth, a sharp contrast to the bright red lipstick she had on.

“I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let you get away from me.”

“I’m pretty sure you could live without someone you don’t know.”

“Hmm, not someone like you.”

“Someone like me?” She asks, her perfectly plucked eyebrow lifts up.

“Addictive. I caught a glimpse of you and I wanted more. I just have to get a taste.”

She bites down onto her bottom lip and Ashton is positive he can feel the blood flood to his crotch. How one simple action had such a strong effect on him was unbelievable. She leans into him, her hot breath fanning across his neck. “You just may get your wish, later,” She smirks, “Right now, I just want to get drunk. Care to join me?”

“I’d be honoured. What did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t.”

“Were you planning on telling me?”

“Maybe later. Why don’t you be a good boy and go get me a beer?”


Her hands ran up and down his bare torso feverishly. She had him pinned to the bed, her legs on either side of his body. While he was half naked, she was still dressed in her skin-tight cat costume. Ashton was normally dominant in bed, he liked to take control, not be controlled, but he made an exception for her, she who was still unnamed.

She reached down to palm the prominent bulge in his skinny jeans enticing a throaty groan to fall from his lips. “You sound so sexy when you moan.” She sighs, relentlessly rubbing at his clothed cock. 

“I’m sure you’d sound sexier, kitten.” He groans out, desperately wanting to flip her over and strip her bare. She mewls at the pet name, slightly rocking her hips against his thigh as she dealt with him.

“You like being called, kitten, baby girl?” She nods her head, swiveling her hips at a faster pace, soft, quiet moans tumbling out of her mouth. “You like riding my thigh? You like riding daddy’s thigh?” Ashton smirks, his dominant side finally making an appearance. 

“Mmm, daddy.” She moans, her eyes closed with her head thrown back. The sight of her getting herself off was enough to make Ashton snap, he effortlessly flipped her over, his body now hovering over hers. She groans at the loss of contact and he smiles.

“Don’t worry, kitten. You’ll get what you need, but we need to get this off first,” He states, tugging on the material of her catsuit. “Can you do that for me? Can you strip for me, kitten?” She nods her head quickly and Ashton helps her to her feet. She turns so her back is facing him.

“Unzip me, daddy?” Ashton’s large hands pull down the zipper and she turns towards him. She carefully shimmy’s out of her costume, sliding the material down her arms and legs, leaving her in a black lace bra and matching thong. Ashton’s gulps loudly. 

“Take it off, kitten. I want to see you." 

She slides her bra straps down her tan arms, reaching back to unclasp the fabric, it falls at her feet. Her tits were perkier than he imagined, they were perfect. She turns around once again and tugs her thong down her long legs, bending over slightly while doing so.

"You’re so pretty, kitten,” He was positive he saw her blush, but he decided against calling her out on it. “Come’re, kitten, come ride daddy’s thigh.” He pats his thighs, gesturing for her to come to him. She sways her hips as she walks, surely in an attempt to tease Ashton. 

She lowers herself onto his thigh and Ashton immediately reaches out to grip her hips. She sways against Ashton’s thigh, moving in small circles against the rough denim. “Fuck.” She moans, tossing her back.

“Faster, kitten, go faster.” She obliges, moving her hips in rapid circles. A series of moans and profanities fill the room, a sound that could make any man cum in his pants.

His hands move up to her breasts, cupping her round globes in his warm hands. He tweaks at her nipples, tugging and pulling at the erect nubs. “Such perfect tits. Has someone ever told you that you have perfect tits, kitten?”

“O-once or twice.” She squeaks out. The pleasure coursing through her body making it difficult to speak.

“Well, they truly are perfect. You’ve got the nicest tits I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks, daddy,” Her arms reach out for Ashton’s neck and she buries her face in the crook of his neck, her hips moving in quick circles. “Can I cum, daddy?”

“Mmmh, cum for me, kitten.” Her first orgasm of the night tears through her body. She digs her nails into my shoulder, her cries were so loud that I think the neighbours heard them. It was glorious.

“Oh, fuck.” She pants, lifting her head to look up at me, her eyes wide and full of lust. “May I take off your jeans, daddy?”

“Please do, kitten.”

She sinks down to her knees and begins to pop the buttons of Ashton’s skinny jeans. “I think these are tighter than my costume, damn.” She groans as she struggles to pull the pants down. 

“Lemme help you.” He says, reaching out to grab her hands. He replaces her hands with his and pulls down his jeans with ease, sending her a wink. 

“Damn,” She practically moans, her eyes locked on his cock that was still confided by the flimsy material of his boxers. The head was protruding from the side, flush and bright red, begging for attention. “Let’s get these off, eh?” She suggests, tearing the boxers off of his body, freeing his erection.

She places her hands on his thighs and musters up the most innocent expression possible. “Can I suck your dick, daddy?”

“Oh, God, please.” Ashton mumbles, the cool breeze against his aching member was too much to bare. He knew that he would blow the minute she touched him, he wasn’t going to last long. 

She peppers kisses along his pubic bone, teasing him. “Please, kitten.” He moans, desperate to be touched. 

She brings her lips to his tip, pressing a soft kiss to the spongy head. “More.” She takes the tip in her mouth, licking and sucking at it like it was a lollipop. She takes her time, savoring the taste of him. She focuses on the first inch or so for a few minutes; giving the head the proper attention it needed. She slowly forces her head further down, her mouth wrapping around his cock like a warm blanket. “Oh, fuck, babe. C-can you take more of it, kitten?” She mumbles back a response and hollows out her cheeks, fitting more of him into her mouth until her nose was level with pubic bone.

“There we go,” He groans, grabbing onto her ponytail and tugging slightly. “You like my cock, kitten?” She moans in response, the sound muffled by his dick. She bobs her head faster, her tongue swirling around every inch of him. “Stop, kitten. I don’t want to cum like this.” He says, feeling his orgasm fast approaching.

She doesn’t stop, in fact, she begins to suck harder. Right before he cums, she pulls away from him, her tiny hand replacing her warm mouth. She jacks him off as fast as she possibly could.  "Paint me with your cum, daddy.“ Her words set him off and he cums in several long spurts, the sticky, white substance coating her mouth and chest. He breathes heavily as he comes down from his orgasm.

"You look so pretty,” He says, eyeing her chest. He reaches for her, pulling her up onto his lap. His pointer finger swipes some of his cum off of her tits. He brings the digit to her lips, “Open up, kitten.” He forces his finger into her mouth and he can feel her tongue swirl around the digit. 

“Taste’s so good, daddy.”

“Taste,” He repeats. “I didn’t get to taste you. Lie down on the bed, kitten. We have time to kill before I can fuck you properly so I’m going to eat you. Can you handle cumming two more times?”

“Yes,” She situates her self on the bed, spreading her legs. “Eat me, daddy.” Ashton lowers himself to her soaking pussy, the scent of her driving him mad. He kitten licks at her clit; flicking and toying with the tiny bundle of nerves. He brings two fingers to her heat and plunges them deep inside of her while his tongue continues to lick at her clit. “Yes, daddy. Feels so good.” She moans, her hands combing through Ashton’s hair. He adds another finger to the mix and she moans. His fingers make a squelching noise as they go in and out of her dripping hole.

“Such a nice pussy. Can’t wait to fuck it.” He groans against her, sending vibrations throughout her body. 

“I’m gonna cum, daddy.”

“Cum for me, kitten. Lemme have a proper taste.” Her second orgasm hits her harder than the first, her muscles contract and her toes curl as she comes down from her high. The sight of her was enough to awaken Ashton’s member once more.

“You okay, kitten?”

“Mmmhh.” She mutters lazily.

“Do you want to be fucked?”

“I’m tired.”

“You want to go to sleep?” He asks, noting her droopy eyes.

“A bit.”

“Go to sleep kitten. Round two can wait till’ the morning.”

“Are you sure?”


“By the way, the name’s Y/N.”


“Nice to meet you, Ashton.”


softtummytaehyung  asked:

Could I request a soulmate au where Oikawa's soulmate finds out before he does and starts to hide the tattoo on her wrist that matches his because she's afraid of him and his fangirls. Oikawa finds out she's been hiding it but she really hesitant.

Oikawa Soulmate AU (female pronouns used!!)

Love- it’s meant to be something perfect. The desire to find your soulmate is overwhelming.

Now imagine hiding from your soulmate.

All she could do is watch as her soulmate continued his daily life, the tattoo on his wrist likewise to hers- a scar. She could’ve confessed, showed him the tattoo which was etched onto her wrist like a curse but the curse from Oikawa’s fangirls was bigger. Like minions, they followed him around everywhere, begging for his love.

Pathetic really, considering they all had their own soulmates. Yet, they were chasing someone else’s. Her hatred for the tattoo had harbored each day as she wished she could just tell him but it was impossible if she didn’t want a stake in her heart.

Maybe that would be for the best- a simple end to this madness.

Everytime she walked by, he would greet her “Hello (y/n)-chan!”. She’d just mumble, pulling down her sleeve to hide the tattoo. Nobody could find out her and Oikawa were soulmates.

That’s when it changed. 

Rumors were spread after one of the girls in her fitness class has spotted her tattoo, noticing it was the same as Oikawa’s and the news spread like wildfire.

“I can’t believe you’re Oikawa’s soulmate, he deserves better.” Those were the daily taunts that followed her with every step.

Then, he found out.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Oikawa inquired as his orbs scanned the tattoo on her wrist, his heart thumping in his chest.

“I didn’t want to risk death by your fangirls.”

This earned a sigh from a male, he pulled her close and whispered in her ear: “They don’t matter now - we’re soulmates.”


Gallavich Week, Day 3 - Jealousy


She didn’t expect anyone to be home at this time in the afternoon, so when Fiona walked into the kitchen to see Ian at their beaten-down table, she smiled in surprise. Her grin quickly faded when she saw her brother’s head bent into his hands, quiet snuffles indicating the boy had been crying.

“Ian?” Fiona greeted hesitantly, and the boy looked up, brushing his hand across his face to wipe underneath his eyes. 

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Rumor Has It pt. 5

We’re on the fifth chapter now! Thank you so much to everyone who read the previous chapter. And to the new followers too, Hello~!

so let’s get on with the next installment…

Summary: After transferring into Fairy Academy, Lucy Heartfilia quickly befriends with her seatmate Natsu Dragneel. She also becomes the center of attention as “Lucky Lucy”, having given the beauty, brains and money everyone wanted. But maybe she isn’t that lucky after all, as wherever she goes, rumors are sure to follow her! But Natsu won’t have any of that.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Part V.

Natsu didn’t have to wait until Monday to punch Gray. His friend showed up on Sunday morning in his room and went straight to set up his Wii.

“What are you doing?” he asked Gray.

“Mario Kart.” Gray answered simply.

“I should punch you.” Natsu stated as he sat beside Gray and reached for the second controller.

“Nah, you don’t.” He wiggled a finger at Natsu. “It’s just Sunday. You said you’re gonna punch me on Monday.”

“I should punch you.” Natsu insisted, fingers already fiddling on the controller buttons. “Let me punch you.”

Gray turned to his friend. “Natsu?”

Natsu heaved a heavy sigh, shoulders sagging. He brushed a hand over his face and left it over his mouth. “I like her,” he mumbled against his hand.

“What?” Gray scratched his head, weirded out by his friend. “In English, man.”

Natsu glared at him and dropped the hand that was previously on his mouth into a fist. He let it fly, fast and swift, aiming for Gray’s face. But Gray was quick to guard and his fist slapped against his open palm.

“What the hell?” Gray, too, punched retaliation but Natsu simply deflected it. They continued parrying each other’s punches, not one fist landing on its target.

Natsu growled, frustration written all over his face. “Just let me punch you!”

“No!” answered Gray as he stopped both of Natsu’s wrist. “What the heck is your problem?!”

Natsu hung his head, huffing. He tried to push Gray but the ravenhead got a good footing on the laminated wood. “I said I like her.”


“I like her.” Natsu repeated, louder this time. “I like Lucy.”

“Oh.” A smirk quickly formed on Gray’s lips. “That’s why you want to punch me?”

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Surprised to see that many fans are of the vein that Kara was insensitive to the fact that Alex needs her, but I’m kind of like… of course she doesn’t know she needs her.

Alex doesn’t tell her. The closest she comes is when she brings up that she was supposed to help in finding her father. Hell, that’s a loss that, within the conversation, she blames Kara for. (Not exactly the best way to go about telling someone that you want them to stick around- telling them that they are the reason for the bad parts of your life.)

The only time that Alex conveys that Kara isn’t a burden, that she’s needed, is when she’s going to lose her to the Black Mercy. But Kara lost her planet again and then her aunt. I don’t think that that revelation, that Alex might be better off with her around, was gonna stick after all that. Of course, she reassured everyone that the only reason her perfect dream was of Krypton was because she’d been feeling down in her current life. That she would choose Earth, something that I don’t think anyone could reasonably ask her to do.

Someone on here said that they didn’t buy that Kara doesn’t think Alex is better off without her, that it was an excuse so she could fly off with Clark. But look at what Kara thought some of her last words were going to be:

“I want you to have a good life. I want you to find love and be happy. I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.”

Kara really truly believes that she’s keeping Alex from having a good life. And Alex kinda sorta regularly reaffirms this belief.

I think the issue is that some people are reading Kara as selfish for not picking up on Alex’s needs, but Kara’s face-value nature, inability to tell when Alex is lying, and hero worship that views Alex as too strong to need anything, blinds her to Alex’s more closed-off nature. (Also, we all should know Kara has only one selfish bone in her body and that’s reserved for food hogging.)

Ultimately, I think that the search for Alex’s father is a cover for Alex, so she doesn’t have to admit that she needs Kara for emotional reasons and not practical ones. Alex is likely unaccustomed to asking for things, forced into a caretaker role, so it’s a lot easier to list off the things she’s sacrificed for Kara to guilt her into staying than to ask Kara to stay because she wants her to.

It feels kind of like a co-dependent relationship, where one person needs the other and the other needs to be needed. But Kara thinks she’s the only one who benefits, and Alex isn’t emotionally aware enough to know that she likes being needed. (Still workshopping this idea…)

In the end I don’t think either of them is the bad guy, but I also think Alex said some hurtful and not fully truthful things to avoid being fully vulnerable. For instance, as we saw in the flash backs, Alex didn’t become a DEO agent because of Kara, she became one because she was drowning in her current lifestyle. This is the path she chose. When Supergirl came on, her job entailed protecting her, but she likely performed the same job for her fellow agents. As Alex said before, “protecting you isn’t my actual job”. Also, having Kara help her find her father doesn’t feel quite accurate, because when Alex disappeared in season one to find him, she was fully prepared (and even seemed to want) to do it without Kara.

I don’t think Alex really intended to hurt Kara, but she certainly played dirty, implying that she blames her for her father’s disappearance, that she’s sacrificed everything good in her life for her, and bringing up that, conversely, Clark abandoned her. The last was something that Kara should probably know, and I’m so happy Alex said it, but I wish it wasn’t used to manipulate Kara into staying with Alex. (I don’t mean the word ‘manipulate’ in some villainous abusive way, but the way we all utilize from time to time. More like convincing someone of something by using what you know to your advantage. Not quite clean, but not innately bad.) I wish it was “He didn’t treat you right,” without the addendum, “but I did.” I don’t think the words were meant to be malicious at all, but I do think they hurt Kara.

And finally, if Kara knew that Alex would wanted her to stick around, she wouldn’t have even brought the idea up. This is evidenced by the simple fact that as soon as Alex conveyed that she didn’t want her to leave, she didn’t leave.

tl;dr Kara does think that Alex would be better off without her, but Alex can’t properly express when she needs things, so she won’t really tell Kara that she’s wrong. She, instead, pretty much guilted her into staying by saying that Kara owes her for everything that she has sacrificed. It did the trick for now, but I think their relationship has some major things to work out (and I have full faith that these things will be explored).

Not Quite Free (Part 1/?)

(Hello and welcome to my ghost/soul!reader x Bucky fic! This has been a stubborn piece of work, but I’m pretty happy with it, and it passed @beccathevampyreslayer​ ‘s approval. It does start out kinda dark, but I promise it gets better and more fun. Feedback, comments, and squees are welcome and appreciated! This may turn into a series at a later time if people are interested, so let me know! Master List)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 7,046

Blood, so much blood. Why was there so much blood? Was it the series of four inch gashes in your left leg that had repeatedly severed the muscles in your thigh? Or was it the bar of metal from one of the crashing helicopters that had pierced you like a javelin in your abdomen? Perhaps it was the shrapnel that had burrowed its way into the back of your skull. You thought you might have been shot at one point, but the Hydra gas canisters had already blinded you and begun to damage your nerves.

You hadn’t felt true terror until your field of vision had receded and the last flickers of the outside world had faded as your damaged orbs succumbed. The darkness combined with the decreasing sensitivity of your limbs was suffocating and your eventual paralysis had left you sagged on the floor in a random corner of the Hydra base, looking like an abandoned puppet with its strings cut. You couldn’t even scream as your lungs began to pool with blood. You were literally drowning in yourself.

As horrible as that all seemed, there was something much worse: you were completely alone. There was no one by your side and all you were physically capable of was rolling your clouded eyes around and listening to the distant gunshots and indistinct yelling.

A large explosion rumbled through the concrete walls, masking someone’s quiet footsteps, though not their sharp gasp and the subsequent clicks as they rapidly flipped the safety on their assault rifle and shouldered it. You couldn’t feel their hands on you but you were aware of your body getting shifted into a sitting position as they sharply called out your name.

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anonymous asked:

Jennifer saying "At least I'm not a hermaphrodite!" is very troubling and disappointing. Is she saying a person who is a hermaphrodite is the lowest form of a human being? Does she not realize it completely insults a whole group of people who are hermaphrodites? And for those fans defending her saying it's just a joke, they need to step back and fully understand why this coming from Jen's mouth is unacceptable.

I’m sure that’s NOT was she was saying when she made the comment. In her mind, it was a hilarious thing to say. Because she doesn’t know any better. Jennifer, when it comes to a lot (a lot, a lot) of social issues (especially those on sexuality and gender), is ignorant. It’s that simple. 

That doesn’t excuse the behavior, of course. I 100% agree and support people that wish to call her out on these type of comments. Is she a horrible person for saying them? No. She’s not. What WOULD make her a horrible person would be if someone confronted her about the comments and she chose the unapologetic ‘it was only a joke!’ route many people choose to take. If she chose NOT to be open and understanding to the rightful criticisms people place on her. From what little we know of Jennifer Lawrence, from a fan perspective, I do feel like she’d be willing to learn from her mistakes rather than cover them up and laugh them off like she did nothing wrong.

The people blindly defending her do need to take off their rose-tinted glasses and understand why a big name celeb like Jen making this comments is an issue. Why those of us calling her out are doing so because we care about her as fans, not because we’re hating on her. I don’t hate Jennifer Lawrence. I am still a fan of hers. But lately, this type of ignorance is starting to wear thin. Especially because I believe a lot of it is self-inflicted - she is very vocal about how she likes to hide away from the world. She’s constantly saying how her publicist is telling her to think before she speaks. The problem with her keeping herself so isolated is she prevents herself from growing and learning as a person. I mentioned last week that the advent of social media is exposing a lot of us to more open, thoughtful, considerate ways of thinking. It’s opening our eyes to the problems in society that have been hidden behind a veil of ignorance for a loooong time. Jennifer is actively denying herself this out of fear of what people say about her. I think it’s a mistake, honestly. I’m not expecting her to come out and start tweeting and all that stuff. But girl, come on? Holing yourself up in your house and watching reality tv all day? It can be detrimental. 

It Should Have Been Me | Closed


      Stiles was never really the party kind. He enjoyed the simple things; quiet nights in with the pack, movie night with Malia, the simple things. This was not his cup of tea, but he came for Malia. Her and Kira have become close recently, it was quite nice to see them bond, he always felt like Malia was a bit left out. 

      Stiles made his way over the the drinks table and poured himself a drink, Malia had gone off already to dance, Stiles wasn’t too sure where about in the crowd she was, Stiles just wished someone he knew would come over because watching a bunch of people from school that he’s barely seen before was a bit boring. Half the people here were literally here to drink. Stiles eventually found his way to an empty room, sat down on the bed and had a swig of his drink, relieved that the had found some peace and quiet.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcannon where Mc is a princess from a planet and came to earth for help and the kbtbb guys find out and react to? Sorry if it to much

So I wasn’t really sure who to go about the other planet thing, so I did it so she was from another country. I hope this is okay!

Soryu Oh

Kira sat down on the couch next to Soryu who was watching one of his detective movies. “Soryu,” she said, turning in her seat to face him. “Do you… do you know why I chose you in the first place?”

Soryu picked up the remote and pressed the pause button. “No, you never told me.”

Reaching out, Kira took his large hand in hers, staring down at the lines of his palm. “I had picked you because I felt like you could protect me. And that was what I needed at the time: to be protected.” She peeked up to see him giving her a questioning look.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not just a maid or ordinary girl – I’m not an ordinary girl in any sense. I’m… a princess.”

Soryu was confused by what she said. The words sounded like a joke, but her face and tone were serious. If she was a real princess, then why hadn’t she told him before?

“I doubt you believe me, I don’t really blame you. It sounds silly.” Kira gave a small laugh. “When I’m able to, I’ll prove it to you.”

“Why are you here?”

“For my own safety, more or less. Though being sold at a black market auction doesn’t seem very safe. My country hasn’t been safe for my family in quite some time. There’s a lot of civil unrest there. My parents thought it would be best if I was sent somewhere safe.” Kira laced her fingers through Soryu’s. “Will you continue to look out for me?”

He squeezed her hand. “I’ll never stop.”

Mamoru Kishi

They had been out on a date, walking through the crowded streets when Kira’s eyes widened and the blood drained from her face. “No,” she said, suddenly grabbing hold of Mamoru’s arm. “No.”

She pulled him into the closest ally, away from the crowd and placed her forehead against his shoulder. “Woah, Kid, what’s all this about?”

“Please shut up for a moment, Mamo, I need to think.” She could feel her head spin and her heart about to burst. What was he doing here? It could be that he was on holiday or had business, but for him to be in the same area as her seemed like more than a coincidence. A minute passed and then another. Kira lifted her head and looked up at her boyfriend’s confused face. “Sorry.”

“Are you okay, Kid? You look sorta pale.”

“I saw someone who would make my life horrible if they saw me,” Kira briefly explained as she looked around him to the mouth of the ally.

“An ex?” Mamoru asked with a scoff.

“I wish it was that simple… I suppose it’s about time I told you the truth. I come from a very important family. Everything was wonderful for us until two years ago when another family quickly gained a large amount of political power. They really don’t like us and want to see my family’s downfall. That blonde man who was walking towards us is their eldest son.”

“I get the feelin’ you’re not tellin’ me everything.”

“I’m not doing justice. But once we get back home, I’ll explain in full detail. Just promise me you won’t freak out.”

Eisuke Ichinomiya

As she walked into the living room, Kira’s eyes fell on the newspaper Eisuke held in his hands. “Why are you reading that?”

The paper wasn’t a local one, not even one from Japan. No, it happened to be the newspaper of her country’s capital.

“An associate allowed me to borrow it when he told me there was something I might find interesting in it. I thought I would show you.” Eisuke spread the newspaper out on the coffee table and pointed at the page. “Would you care to explain this to me?”

Kira made her way over and looked down at the paper. In the middle of the page was a picture of her and Eisuke, his arm around her waist, at a party they had attended the week before. Underneath was a blurb.

What has caught the attention of our nation is the recent news of our very own Crown Princess. She has been spotted at various functions on the arm of Eisuke Ichinomiya, owner of one of Japan’s top corporations.

“Oh, this isn’t good.” Kira bit her lip.

“No, this isn’t. Tell me why their using ‘Crown Princess’.”

Kira looked down at her hands, not wanting to look at her boyfriend’s face. “B-because I am one. My father is King and my mother is Queen. That makes me the Crown Princess. Um, are you mad at me?”

“Mad? No. I’m annoyed that you didn’t inform me of this. Now sit down and tell me everything from the beginning.”

Mitsunari Baba

“Your Highness, I have finally found you!”

Kira spun around at the familiar voice, her stomach dropping. A short man, only an inch or so taller than her, was scurrying towards her, a large smile on his face.

“Yoshiro, what are you doing here?” she asked, completely flabbergasted.
“You haven’t heard the news? Things have calmed down a great deal and it seems as though the ordeal was put to an end. It is safe to come home now!”

Kira felt a hand touch her arm and looked at Baba who was looking at the little man. “Kira, who is this?” he asked. “And what did he mean by ‘Your Highness’?”

“Ah,” the other man said, sizing up the thief. “You must be the beau. Yes, I was informed that her Highness had one. I just cannot believe that you have not been told. This is Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Kira and I am Yoshiro, the high butler of the royal household.”

Baba looked bewildered as he turned to Kira. “Are you telling me that you really are a princess?”

She gave a light laugh and shrugged. “Something like that.”

Ota Kisaki

When being photographed by the press, Ota would at times try to get Kira into the photos. Why shouldn’t everyone see his lovely muse? But she always refused him, sometimes with force behind her words.

“Why won’t you let them photograph you?” he asked one night after one of his shows.

“Because they would be put out to the public and I can’t risk that. It’s a big enough risk being in a relationship with someone as famous as you!” Kira snapped. “My parents don’t have a spare! If something happens to the heir, what would they do?” Upon realizing the words that came from her lips, Kira slapped a hand over her mouth.

Ota narrowed his eyes and cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean by that, Koro?”

“I – there’s really no reason to hide it from you any more, I suppose.” Kira sighed. “I come from a country that is close to war. If certain people were to find out where I am, I would probably be dead within a day. It’s one of the bigger burdens of being part of the royal family.”

“Royal family…?”

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