such a silly mess i am

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I can't stop thinking about Cinnamon Roll Goofball™ Melissa Benoist and Goth Nerd Goofball™ Katie McGrath giggling and messing together on set and how silly they'd be together and how they must make eachother laugh a lot when filming especially considering their easy-going nature and their relatively light-hearted scenes and-
Were we all really that silly?

Tonight I feel silly and stupid. For being sucked into this mess. For caring about strangers. The people in the bottom pictures are so distant to me now…. the realization has stung me tonight that we never really knew them at all. The people in the top picture are still beautiful and I am sure charming… but have lost their magic. I am sad. 

Vampire AU Starter Sentences
  • “Can I touch them?”
  • “Is that a coffin?”
  • “It’s your coffin now.”
  • “I think my fangs are stuck.”
  • “How do I control my fangs?”
  • “You’ll become accustomed to things quickly.”
  • “Am I just your child? Or am I something more?”
  • “So do you have a castle?”
  • “I have to sleep in dirt?”
  • “No that’s just superstition.”
  • “Can I meet Dracula?”
  • “I like the whole vampire aesthetic you have going. That Bela Lugosi picture just ties the whole room together.”
  • “I like that rug. That’s a nice rug. How old is it?”
  • “How old are you?”
  • “Do I lose my fangs like sharks?”
  • “Can I turn into a bat?”
  • “Please don’t ever leave me.”
  • “You are blood of my blood and all of that silly Bram Stoker mess.”
  • “Y-you’re a vampire.”
  • “Did the fangs give it away?”
  • “Are you hungry?”
  • “I’m hungry for something, but not food.”
  • “I heard that vampires can have sex for days without stopping.”
  • “Can I touch a Cross without it burning?”
  • “You killed me!!”
  • “I turned you! I gave you a new life!”
  • “Why is it that I want you all the time?”
  • “Bite me. Please.”
  • “You are my maker, I do as you say, don’t I?”
  • “As your maker, don’t ever do that again. Ever.”

My Bullet Journal Set Up

So some of you have asked me about my bullet journal (I’m looking at you, @munirastudies (and some anons - hi anons!)). Here it is: my set-up!

I previously did a post on my bullet journal at the very beginning of this studyblr, which can be found here. It’s just changed so much since then that I decided I’d post a new one!

- 1 - I’ve got a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a really dark blue - which fits because I’m Ravenclaw. I was actually planning on painting the house crest on the front cover, but I never got to do it… but I think I’ll do it soon haha.

- 2 - When you look at my bullet journal you’ll see that I have some bright tags there. They really help me find stuff quicker (but they aren’t sticky enough so they often get loose.. I should change that). You can see my tag list in picture

- 3 - and it’s at the very end of the notebook. For those of you who don’t know this system yet, it’s really simple! You just decide how you want to tag that page, for example “books” as I did in mine, and go to the back of your notebook to write it down there. Then you choose a colour and put a strip of washi tape (or I use post it flags) on that page in the back and also on the page you want to tag so that the colours are in one line and you can see them from the outside (god I’m bad at explaining this but I can’t find the page that explained it to me, sorry!).

- 4 - On the first three pages there’s an index, and I use the first page for years and months, then the second page (which you can see in the picture) I use for anything else.

- 5 - Then there’s my key. I have a colour coding system, but I use some colours twice (which is really bad, I know) because there just weren’t enough colours! I have one colour for each subject, then also for other parts of my life like work, family and friends, uni in general and health (which is anything really: when I eat, doctor’s appointments, when I clean my flat etc). There’s also a key for my expenses which I rarely use anymore, and one for how long it took me to do a task which I also don’t use anymore.

- 6 - In this picture, and also the one before, you can see my yearly overview (which I am still so proud of because I thinks it’s really pretty). I only write down really important stuff in there, and things I’m looking forward to.

- 7 - Now we come to the more important stuff in my bullet journal. In this picture you can see my monthly overview. Here I write down everything that happens that particular month, like when I have to work, exams, family and friends stuff, and birthdays etc. I also have space for goals that I want to achieve that month, and an expenses table. This really helps me because often times I would just go shopping for books and stuff and spend so much money (which you can see hasn’t really improved much {{I spent 70€ on books last month?!}}). Now I can see how much I spend and what I should do better next month (like, I should definitely buy less books {{I actually spent more money on books this month and it’s not even halfway through but shush}}). On the next page there’s an example of a weekly overview. This one looks pretty much the same every week (at least the layout). Here are some more examples:

There’s always space for my weekly goals, then a food table where I write down everything I eat (which should make me more aware of what I eat and change my habits of eating - but it kind of doesn’t), underneath that there’s my habit tracker (and you can see I’m not very good at that either), and then there’s some kind of time tracker…? I don’t know what it’s called, I just thought I needed to know how I spend my time each day, like if there’s a lot of pink I’ve been doing a lot for myself (reading, watching movies, listening to music), if there’s lots of yellow I did a lot with friends and family, then there’s days where I was very creative and a lot of the time is purple - or if there’s lots of green (history) and red (English) I did a lot for uni. I really like this one (and I think I came up with it myself, but if someone has already claimed credit I give it all to you haha).

- 8 - Let’s just ignore the fact that this was one of my most unproductive weeks of all time (like, do you see how often I migrated tasks here?!). Just like my weekly overviews, my daily overviews look pretty much the same every week - at least the basic layout. I get bored of a certain layout about halfway through the week, so I try to come up with a new one every week. See how I got an arrow based layout in the orange overview, and kind of tree/nature based in the green one? What I always include is how much water I drink. I try to drink 12 glasses of water, which in my case is about 2,5 litres. Then there’s the basic to do list thing that bullet journals have. I include my colour code here as well, it just makes it easier for me to see what kind of things I have to do each day. Some more examples:

- 9 - I also have pages in my bullet journal that I use for lists, uni stuff, recs, organisation and personal stuff. In this picture you can see my “books to read” list. On the first example picture of the daily pages you can also see my wish list (which only has “money” on it - figures) and a pro/contra list about the two options I have for my stay abroad. Here are some more examples:

My saving goals page (which isn’t really done yet) and my schedule for this semester(which doesn’t have the hours on it):

and a “movies to watch” list (some spelling mistakes included):

- 10 - This last picture is my current spread. I saw this on tumblr and wanted to try it, but my colour code kind of destroys it. Maybe I’ll try it again some time without my colour code… Here’s another picture of the weekly overview:

Wow. This got a little out of hand! I hope you enjoy this :)

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hullo yas cen I habe a lebel 12 zekroom fo cinim?

…. I’m i supposed to make anything of that mess???

dancingpenguins  asked:

I don't want to take you away from your other projects but if you ever have time I would love to see an extra about Yuuri's tattoos and him acquiring them. I feel a bit silly because you keep mentioning how everyone knows what they mean and here I sit with no real idea of their meaning at all really. XD I assume its something like "I am really powerful and could squish you like a bug so don't mess with me" Is there more too it than that? (I Love your writing by the way. <3)

I think I can answer most of this already! I answered another ask about it and was going to link that too, but I can’t find it sorry.

That’s the meta about Yuuri’s tattoos and what they mean, his back and arms were finally finished when he was 19, just a few weeks before he first met Victor, so he would have started getting them a lot earlier than that.

I head canon that at that point when Yuuri first started getting them only those in the upper circle of the family(and the tattooist) who knew Yuuri’s identity and what was in store for him (his eventual inheritance of the family as I talked about it chapter 8) would have known the extent of how much ink he was going to end up with. Obviously Yuuri would have known too XD

I hope this can answer your question for now :)


Ok so this is most likely a temporary post.
I made this video in response to my ASL class partner’s. She asked to see some of Alan’s art and I also tell her how we met, so I thought I coud share it here too, as I’d love to find some more people to practice ASL with!
Obviously my favorite partner isn’t available to me right now. I feel I am eventually getting somewhere with my signing, but my grammar is a mess. I’m hearing but I have a slight degree of hearing loss that could get worse so it’s actually important to me. Hit me up if you know American Sign Language and want to help me get better!
Otherwise, I guess, enjoy my struggle, my silly face, and ignore my black eye.

I can’t promise you that I will never fight on silly things because I do have terrible out of the blue mood swings. I can’t promise you that I will make you proud in everything I do because I am not flawless. I can’t promise you that I’ll be the perfect girl for you because I know I am impulsive and I’ll surely mess up things. But I can surely promise you that no matter how many times I mess up I’ll try my best to resolve everything. I promise to be loyal to you and give my 100 percent to our relationship. I promise no matter what we go through in our life I won’t give up on us. I promise to love you from the depths of my heart and soul.

Silly redraw of some panels from Part 11 of @figmentforms’s comic A Tale of Two Rulers.

This is an AU where everyone is happy and no one gets hurt.

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Title: Excuse Me?

Summary: The events after Shawn and Katy’s wedding

Pairing: Rilaya 

Rating: T

After Shawn and Katy had left to go pack their bags for Fiji, and Topanga had finally dragged Cory to bed (he was a sobbing mess after Shawn left) Riley, Maya, Auggie and Ava were all left, sitting silently in Riley’s room.

“I’m really happy for you, Maya.” Riley smiled, wrapping her arms tightly around Maya’s shoulders.

She rested her head against Riley’s, “Yeah, I am too.”

“So Riley,” Ava jumped off Riley’s bed with a smirk, going to sit beside the two girls by the bay window, Auggie following suit, “When are you and Maya gonna get married?”

Maya’s eyes almost popped right out of their sockets.

“Don’t be silly, Ava,” Auggie spoke up, “They’re already married.” He held up Riley’s hand, “Look, they’ve got rings.”

“Uh…” Riley blinked a couple times, “We’re not married.”

“Sure ya are.” Ava corrected, “You’re always saying those romantic things to each other, kinda like my mommy and daddy used to when they were married…” 

“We’re best friends.” Riley told them, noticing that Maya was completely frozen in place.

“Mhm.” Ava muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the two. 

“Really. Maya and I are friends, sisters even.” Riley looked between the two kids, seeing the look of disbelief on their faces, “…I have a boyfriend.”

“Then how come Maya always looks like she wants to kiss you?” Auggie questioned, “The way daddy looks at mommy.”

“What?” Riley rose a brow, noticing how Maya’s cheeks went kind of red.

“She’s always staring at your lips.” Ava commented.

And then Maya was standing up, “Alrighty then, maybe its time for you two to go to bed.”

“But I’m not tired!” Ava argued as Maya began to shoo them both out.

“Yea, you are.” And she shut the door after them, going back to sit beside Riley, but keeping her gaze directed at the floor.

A few moments of silence later and Riley found herself fidgeting with the rim of her dress, “So…” 

Maya didn’t say a word and so, Riley kept awkwardly talking, “We gonna talk about it?”

“I’d prefer if we didn’t.” 

Riley nodded, understanding her point and keeping quite for a second or two before mumbling a faint, “You stare at my lips?” She glanced at Maya, who still wasn’t looking up.

Her cheeks became even more red, “No…”

They both knew that wasn’t true.

“We’re…Just friends, right?” Riley wouldn’t stop staring at her and it was starting to make Maya feel uncomfortable.

She gulped, looking back at the brunette, “Right.”

“Good.” Riley nodded.

“Uhu.” Maya agreed, directing her gaze away from the younger girl. She was pretty sure her face would just stay red forever after that embarrassing moment.

Neither one of them said a word for a couple seconds, and the silence was starting to become just plain awkward.

“…Wanna go to bed?”

Maya responded almost immediately, “Yea, good idea.” 

After changing into their PJ’s, brushing their teeth and climbing into bed, they found themselves lying a little too close to one another…with their arms wrapped around each other…and their legs tangled together…and their faces still flushed.

“We’re not just friends are we…”

“Not even in the slightest.”

of bridges, horse bits & spaceships

I’ve been watching and analyzing Gilmore Girls for so many years it’s hard to even imagine, but one thing that always struck me is that this show has more in common with SciFi shows I love like Farscape or BSG than it does normal family dramas. Maybe that sounds silly, but the world ASP created has overarching themes that play out over & over again, characters that fit into specific archetypes & roles that serve specific purposes rather than just fumbling through life. ASP uses parallels, circular stories and other devices to tell these stories over and over again, to write herself into messes and then back out again. But while she writes about the same themes over and over again, she never quite tells the same story twice.

What am I trying to say? Well, that the revival story of Rory & Logan fits very nicely into the overarching themes that ASP has been mining since she introduced Logan in 2004. Rory wasn’t ruined, honestly, her hairbrained ideas about things remaining hers long after she should be considering other people’s feelings is a character trait that dates back to s3 & Shane. Once she decides something is hers it always is. Once she realized she still loved Logan she doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. It might not be the greatest character trait and might make you scratch your head wondering why she doesn’t just go for it again with Logan when she clearly still loves him…well that ties to something I’ll talk about in a few.

Rory’s story has always been one about leaving Stars Hollow, being a bridge between Lorelai-Richard & Emily, both literally and figuratively. She’s not supposed to be one or the other, but all three, not a carbon copy of Lorelai ever. Which is why the thing I found most disturbing during the revival is not her being pregnant or them cheating on two characters I have zero investment in, but her landing back in the Hollow professionally. It’s where she started, not where she belongs or where she’s supposed to end up. It’s her launching pad.

But I’ve also long said that the way Lorelai brought up Rory made her codependent. Rory needs a partner in life. Someone with a stronger personality - Lorelai/Logan - to push her to be the person she can be. To be her sounding board and cheerleader. Otherwise she tends to flounder. Or if that person is floundering, she does too. Her greatest moments come when linked with a partner - FNAFF which directly leads to her getting the editorship of YDN or the activities of YJIJJ which are related to Logan. Then her getting into Chiton - Lorelai pushes this and it leads to Yale and the opportunities Yale represents. Rory is at her most lost and unhappy when she doesn’t have a partner, look at S4.

That’s not to say Rory’s not a strong person, she is. But she’s got a quieter strength than Lorelai or even Logan, who both are openly stubborn and revel in defying expectations. Rory is more of a pleaser. Also, she learned her lesson the hard way about defying Lorelai’s wishes in S6 - Lorelai cutting her out of her life when Rory was at her lowest & not getting back in her good graces till Rory was back on the Lorelai approved Yale track. My personal feelings have always been that Rory never really fully recovers from that shunning and decisions she makes subsequently and that she’s still making are influenced by what happened then. To anyone that thinks I’m being too hard on Lorelai - she was the parent, the adult and she was not the one that was having the massive crisis of confidence. That was Rory.

Also, while Jess might’ve given her the idea for the book, it’s Logan’s support to defy Lorelai’s not wanting her to write it that ultimately pushes her to begin writing - at Richard & Emily’s home. Lorelai’s prison once again becoming Rory’s refuge. It also ties into the ‘lucky dress’ which comes up again & again. It’s what she was wearing when she meets Logan in Hamburg - for what’s implied is the first time in probably years. Logan is tied to her being ‘lucky.’ He gives her confidence to do things she would otherwise not believe she could do - hasn’t he always?

Logan’s story has always been a good look into the life Lorelai would’ve had had she not left Hartford. Expectation, obligation, and a horrible home life married to someone you don’t love. That’s still his life when we meet him again. If you don’t believe me, rewatch their first phone call in Summer & final convo in Fall. They are him either begging Rory to change things or a redo of their couch convo in Partings - him asking her to not let him go into his predestined life and her not stopping him. In Partings I loved it. Here, I think she’s so self doubtful - perhaps thinking she has nothing to truly offer him - that she can’t make a leap with him again. We’re dealing with a late S5, early s6 self doubting Rory in the revival, IMO.

Finn, Colin & Robert aren’t just irresponsible friends of Logan’s he needs to grow up and leave behind - they’re a physical manifestation of his rebellion to his predestined life. They show the audience that while he might be working for Mitchum & might be planning on marrying the new Fallon - his Huntzberger approved wife - Mitchum’s bit still does not quite fit. Mitchum’s long glance at Rory in his one scene tells me he knows this & he knows as long as Rory’s part of Logan’s life, Mitchum’s not won this game yet. He knows Rory’s a threat - that Logan’s only true out is Rory, who Logan practically begs to push the escape hatch button for him. [This is one area that ASP does need to further explain what she took from S7 & what she didn’t. Because why IS Logan back with HPG to being with? Did he ever even leave?]

Where does Lorelai fit in all this? Well, they’re all named Lorelai for a reason. She may be the Reigning Lorelai, but here she plays the role of Lorelai I disapproving of Richard’s choice of Emily, championing the fiancée he chose to leave behind for the woman he loved and the life he chose. Rory turned Logan down not just because she didn’t want to get married so young. To have a wide open future. She also turned Logan down because she didn’t want to disappoint Lorelai - go back to the schism. Lorelai didn’t have to expressly voice her disapproval of Logan - she’d been doing it for three years already and Rory had heard her many sermons on similar subjects since infancy. Harvard, not Yale, Rory doesn’t make the final decision to go to Yale though it’s obvious that’s what she wants & the blue/grey/white theme has been around since the pilot, till Lorelai lets her know it’s okay, she’s okay with it. At some point Lorelai has to stop telling Rory she’s going to find someone who she’ll be happy with and realize - Rory already has.

Does a baby solve anything? No, not really. What it does is make everyone take another look at what they’ve done & the choices they’ve made. Why is the girl that had a CHOICE poster on her wall in college keeping this baby? Is a 34 year old man going to make the same choices as a 16 year old boy? Does an adult Logan who keeps trying to choose Rory over and over again really have the lack of commitment that a 16 year old Christopher had? What I do know is that ASP has talked about there being more story to tell since she started talking about the revival. Rory’s journey to happiness is that final piece of the puzzle and I have no doubt that it won’t be the same as Lorelai’s. Lorelai’s experience with bringing up Rory as a single mom is where we start, not necessarily where we end.

What this portion of the revival did was fit into themes that tie back to the pilot and weave throughout the show - as Rory and logan’s story always has. It’s about more than two people that have loved one another for 12 years having an affair. It’s even about more than the fact that they clearly adore one another and are one another’s best friends and touchstones - they know EVERYTHING going on in the others lives and he’s the one she can’t quit subconsciously calling when things are starting to get out of sorts with Lorelai. Those are the things that the Sophie since 2004 in me loved, but the fan of the show that’s been analyzing it for 16 years also sees the themes revisited, the through lines of their story that’s been part of them since WITS and especially YJIJJ. This all fits within those stories that have been told before or calls back to them, waiting for their twist and turn to make the outcome uniquely theirs.

To me Gilmore Girls has ultimately been not about Rory being Lorelai or not being Lorelai or Emily approving of or understanding Lorelai’s choices or not. It’s about these people ultimately accepting that they’re not just carbon copies of one another - Trix again - and being okay with the choices they each make for their own happiness. Emily has done that with Lorelai, it’s now Lorelai’s turn to do that for Rory. That’s the true completion of the circle and a story I’m eager to see.

cambetaut  asked:

What's your writing process like?

Oh man, I think it’s best described as what the kids these days are calling a ‘hot mess’, haha. 

To begin with, I am terrible at using outlines in that I do not, in fact, use outlines, which I friggin’ should because my stuff always winds up getting totally out of control as I tend to go in with a couple scenes in mind and then see what happens. Come Bay at the Moon is a CLASSIC example of this since it was supposed to be a silly non-sensical one shot, but then had the nerve to go and develop *feelings*.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Basically, I come up with a vague idea (soulmate bond, werewolf pack, caught by warrant officer, etc) and see a couple of scenes for said idea really clearly. I tend to start there and after I’ve written them I’ll sit back and think, okay, so a) what do I need to show to get the story to this point and b) what do I need to show to have this story come to a reasonable conclusion? 

 Sometimes figuring out the one will lead to figuring out the other. As an example, when I did You Push, I Push Back, the explosion scene and all the feelings within it was the very first thing I wrote. That necessitated my having to sit down and think about what level of fuckery had to occur between the two of them to make the relationship such a mess. Once I had that in place, I couldn’t just end it with Faraday waking up in the infirmary and everything being hunky dory because there was too much baggage already. Hence why the end had a bit more kick to it than it might have otherwise.

I realize that all this makes my writing process look like that shrug emoji given physical form, but that’s kind of accurate? Haha, I hope this answers your question even a little and thanks for asking!

My lovely fellow hot mess trash can @aliceofalonso is taking the bar in less than a week!!! So in a paltry effort to cheer her on (and cheer her up) I have written a very silly little lifeguard au. 

(Sorry not sorry for the title, Mere. I am puntastic trash. It is known.)

Bae Watch

Sansa slips from her perch on the high-platformed lifeguard chair, her sandals slapping against the pool deck. Wylla Manderly takes her place, climbing the ladder rungs on stiff legs.

Wylla’s expression is mostly hidden by a large pair of aviators perched low on her nose, but Sansa can’t help noticing her face is almost the color of her hair, the white blonde strands tinged slightly green from too much exposure to the chlorine they dump in the pool.

“Rough night?” Sansa teases. Wylla runs with the same crowd as Theon and the Tallhart boys. Sansa’s heard enough to know last night’s party most likely ended only a handful of hours ago.

Wylla grumbles a reply, settling in to watch over the handful of swimmers doing laps in the deep end.

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You saved me. You don’t know how much thankful I am that you came to rescue me. You’re the one you lifted me up when I was drowning. You’re with me to guide me when I don’t know what to do anymore. You enlightened me, you stayed with me while I was fighting with darkness. I don’t know what to do before, you know? But you happened, and I’m glad that you came. I know, I am stubborn for doing such silly things you’re always warning me about and even if I am being a pain in your ass, you’re there, fixing the mess that I made. I’m really grateful for knowing you, your existence is such a blessing. I would love to do the same thing for you and if you needed someone to lean on, you can run to me and I’ll try to heal the wounds and I’ll help you ease the pain as much as I can. I won’t let you down. You’re supposed to be on top because you’re such a great person. You’re supposed to be loved, you deserve everything in this world that you wanted and needed. I will always be here for you and I will always be ready to save you even if it means losing my life. I will pay what you gave away and I will stay even if you push me away.
I am slowly DYING as I wait for the moment

when Marinette- Marinette Dupain-Cheng herself- makes Adrien the most incoherent lovestruck mess we’ve ever seen. No masks. 

I adore the love square, I really do. But gosh if I don’t see Adrien become even worse around this girl than Mari ever was around him it’ll be a shame. I want the roles to reverse SO BAD. At least for a little while. Adrien is a huge goofball at heart and I feel like once he sees the expressive, sassy, silly side that Marinette has shown around others he won’t stand a chance. And it’s not Ladybug sass either, Mari has her own style of witty and I live for it. 


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I can’t wait to see her get more and more comfortable around Adrien and start speaking freely and being less flustered and suddenly she’s talking to him like she talks to Alya and making funny jokes and snarky comments and they start mirroring the way they talk as LB and Chat without realizing it and WHEW BOY 

And I want her to be just as oblivious to the effect she has on him as Adrien is right now when it comes to Mari’s crush. #MakeHimStutter2k16 

Jak and Daxter {Sentence Starters}
  • "You know what? Do it your way and I'll do it mine."
  • "That looks like it hurt. Should I call for backup?"
  • "Tell you the truth, I'm probably dead already."
  • "You look like a reasonably smart man."
  • "You've finally come to rescue me! Do you know how long I've been in here?"
  • "I want information! Where the hell am I?"
  • "Are you gonna keep yappin', or are you gonna help me outta this mess?"
  • "Don't say it. Don't even chuckle."
  • "We have been given a beauty beyond anything you could understand."
  • "Whew! Being a big hero sure makes ya thirsty!"
  • "I'm through saving the world."
  • "You did that on purpose, right?"
  • "We'll save the world! But do it quickly before I change my mind!"
  • "I was right behind you! Really. I was."
  • "You're willing to go down there? Without a fuss this time?"
  • "While you're down there, will you rub my feet?"
  • "You have a habit of leaving people to die, don't you?"
  • "I thought you said a smart warrior never takes his opponent head on."
  • "Where did they go? Why did they build this crap?"
  • "I'd like to go on record right here that I'm firmly and officially against dying."
  • "You know, I was having a good day until you showed up!"
  • "The important thing is, we won. And we're alive."
  • "You can't protect me forever! Someday, I'll show you."
  • "Don't worry, I'll avenge you!...Not."