such a shitty move on my part

Take my mail? I'll help the state take your kid.

This is what I thought to be somewhat pro revenge but correct me if I’m wrong. Also this is long so tl;dr is at the bottom.

It all started about 4 months ago while I was living in a shitty duplex, in the shitty part of the city where I used to live. I had been living in this duplex for about a year and a half and even though it wasn’t in a good part of the city, no one really bothered us and our neighbors were pretty normal so I didn’t really mind it. At least not until my old neighbors moved out and Satan’s minions moved in.

I knew from the moment I first met them that there was going to be an issue. There were 5 of them all together(three guys, one baby, and one girl), and these were only 1 bedroom places. I tried my best not to judge, so I went over while they were moving to say hello and welcome them to the area. I walked over and said “Hi! How’s it going? I guess you guys are my new neighbors huh?” all 5 of them at the exact same time stopped what they were doing and stared at me. The oldest of the bunch was a guy, and I extended my hand out to shake his, and he just looked at my hand, and then looked up at me and said “What do you want kid?” I replied “Just to welcome you guys to the area. Sorry to bother you.” He just stared at me, so I started to walk off and as I did I looked back and said “Lift with your knees not your back!” just to be an ass. That was the only contact I had with them for the next two weeks.

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A friend told me she was going to LA, but not to see comedy or go hiking or anything particularly fun. She’s helping a friend move.

Which led to us joking about how LA is the city of moving, and how she hopes LA lives up to all the moving hype. So then I opened up Photoshop and made a bunch of quick, shitty fake promotional images for Los Angeles as a city where people are always moving.

Making hyper-specific goofs for one person feels great, because when you send something like this, I’m sure part of them is thinking, “No way he actually put effort into this throwaway joke.”

But that very process has led to some of my favorite goofs! I rewrote a Duolingo email because I overheard two friends talking about how they woke up to that guilt-trippy email from Duolingo. I made that joke thinking about how I wanted those two specific people to laugh and not much else, and I think that one tweet has been passed around on the internet enough to where it’s been seen over a million times now.

I think my point is, making something is more fun if you think of it as a gift more than a piece of work.

It’s not about hating Sidney Crosby. It’s about hating the NHL’s bias toward him and other big named players like him. It’s about the danger that comes along with protecting the NHL’s golden boys. In the eyes of the Refs, players like him can’t do any wrong, and because of that, players like Methot get seriously injured. This isn’t necessarily Sid’s fault. He didn’t ask the NHL to protect him unnecessarily, but he needs to be held accountable for his shitty actions. He got away with two dangerous moves, two games in a row.

If you think that it’s okay for someone to take part of someone else’s finger off with no repercussions, just because “Well, he’s just really good at hockey,” then you’re part of the problem.

Oswald and Ed are both guilty *shoves Barnes aside* in the wrong. Oswald should not have killed Ed’s girlfriend out of jealousy and lied to his face about it. Ed should not have abused Oswald’s memory of his father or shot him while he was begging for Ed to recognize how much he loved him. Both are villains and both have done really terrible things to each other. However, it is clear that Oswald still loves Ed. And I’ve been convinced from the start that Ed loved him back, but never wanted to admit/accept it. (Great post about that here.) 

Now we have ice cube Eddie. It’d be great if Oswald is the one who eventually thaws him out, maybe he needs him for a scheme. I don’t think Ed’s going to be defrosted and ask Oswald for forgiveness. He is probably going to be mad, but I also think he’s fascinated that Oswald outsmarted him so flawlessly. In the finale he realized Oswald really is the only one who sees him. I think he’s going to be upset that he still doesn’t know who he is since he built this persona on a lie, that’s going to be something he needs to work through.

Oswald hopefully is going to spend some time with frozen Ed and realize that he played a big part in the destruction of their friendship. He has never apologized for killing that plant Isabella. 

 What I would like for them is an actual conversation where they apologize for being so shitty to each other so they can move forward. I feel like this kind of conversation could lead to them reminiscing about their past and maybe finally an admission of love from Ed.    

Anyways, my hope is for them to realize how powerful they are together. However Ed gets out of his ice prison, I hope they move back towards friendship. These two need a real heart-to-heart conversation, it should be emotional, there is still so much unresolved between them. 

And THEN they are ready to become the murder husbands they’ve always been destined to be.

Gotham Writers, we survived “love is weakness. Now give us “love is power.” 

Recovery: Part 2

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Warning: contains (light) spoilers for BNHA Chapter 146. Cut for length, not for content.

It’s a familiar brand of yelling.

“Get the fuck out of my way! I’ll fucking kill you!”

The kind of yelling that belongs to only one person.

“Listen, kid, I know you’re raw about all this, but –”

“You don’t fucking know me! I’ll blow your shitty face off if you don’t fucking move!”

And it’s those tell-tale crackles of sparks that make Kirishima sit up even in spite of his injuries, trying to swallow down how the small exertion turns his stomach. The room is spinning around blond-haired blobs of two different sizes. “Bakugou…”

“Ey!” Fatgum is the other figure, it seems, left behind as Bakugou bodily shoves past. The pro hero looks different, but Kirishima recognizes his voice. Hands are on his shoulders, firmly but gently pushing him back into the pillow under his head. Where is he? Back at school? What happened to…?

Kirishima squeezes his eyes shut under another uneasy roll of his innards. Please, whatever gods are listening, don’t let him get sick. Not in front of Bakugou.

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Don't stand so, don't stand so close to me.

This happened years ago, my family was on a Disney vacation and we were in the Epcot park. My younger brother (“Brian”) and I had split away from the group and were waiting in lines/going on rides by ourselves. We were in the line for the Maelstrom ride in “Norway” at the time, and we were among the first in line. Right as we had gotten inside the building, we turned right and settled into our place in line. We’re used to waiting, so it wasn’t a big deal. The line inside the building begins with a small section of “hallway” where there are two solid walls with a railing on one wall, before the room opens up into the more familiar line-maze of theme parks. That “hallway” is where this happened.

Eventually, more people joined the line behind us, and soon, the short kid directly in back of us was yelling and complaining. Parents ignore him. If you’ve never been to this particular part of Disney, it’s very dark and quiet, and it was first thing in the morning, so the kid was being really, really abrasive. It didn’t help that the line wasn’t moving yet. But hey, it’s Disney, there are always things like this. Still, a shitty way to start the day for all the poor people nearby. We tuned him out and talked about other things.

The kid eventually settled with his head against the railing, walking along it, shouting, and sliding his head back and forth over the metal(wood?) bar. Soon, my brother (who was behind me, with his hip resting on the railing to keep the kid from passing us and getting separated from his inattentive parents) nudged me in the dark and whispered to look behind him. He was trying not to laugh. I looked, and the kid had reached Brian’s butt blockade of the railing, but hadn’t stopped. His face was burrowed into Brian’s ass. The kid had a baseball cap on, and it was being pushed back off his head because he was so close. The opportunity was too good to resist.

“You should fart.” I said. “Right in his face.”
“I’m trying.” he replied, already ahead of me.

I wish you could have seen the following events. It was f*cking glorious. I didn’t hear the fart, but I could tell when it happened because the kid stumbled backwards, turned left, and ran full speed into the opposite wall. He just hit the wall, BAM! with his arms out to his sides and everything, and fell over right onto his back. His parents finally started paying attention to him and picked him up. Everyone else in the line saw what happened, but was clueless about what had really gone on.

Oh god my sides.

TL;DR: My little brother weaponized a fart and took out an annoying child.

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Drunk Call - Daniel Seavey

Summary: Y/N is drunk at a party and calls Daniel for help.

Pov: 3rd

Warnings: Cussing, drinking, kinda sad 

Word Count: 1489

A/N: If you really want to cry listen to the stripped version of Moondust by Jaymes Young while reading.

“Alright I won’t drink that much tonight I promise.”

In the back of her mind she remembered muttering those words to her best friend but it was a lot harder for her to care now that she was drunk dancing against the first guy she grabbed. Vaguely, she remembers recognizing him yet she couldn’t remember who was behind her.

“Damn babe.” A gruff voice mumbled, his words all came out as one incoherent mess. She could feel his hands on her hips and she tried to convince herself they were Daniel and not his. But she knew all too well that Daniel wouldn’t be holding her anymore, but with her ass pressed against some guy it was all too easy for her to forget reality and imagine her ex instead.

“Y/N come on that’s enough.” Jess told her while attempting to pull her best friend away from him.

“You’re no fun.” She giggled as she tried to pull her arm out of her friend’s grasp, but she was already being pulled past the dancers and into the front yard. Every time she fell into someone or tripped over her own feet she would giggle softly and Jess’ agitation was only growing.

“Y/N seriously you told me you wouldn’t drink, and we’re supposed to be friends I don’t care if you’re drunk I can’t believe you’d grind on my fucking ex. I’m tired of babysitting you.” She rambled and her tone was getting harsher the more she spoke. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her drunk friend could tell that wasn’t a good sign but she just couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Then don’t. I don’t need you here, I just wanna have fun.” Y/N said simply with a shrug, she barely even noticed how her words were slurring together.

“Ever since you and Daniel broke up you’ve been acting like a real bitch,” Jess stated plainly before walking away and getting in her car, “find your own way home. I’m done.”

Instead of going back to the party, she collapsed onto the bench in front of the house and watched Jess drive away, leaving her stranded. It took a few moments for her to register the tears rolling down her cheeks and all she could think about was the fact that alcohol was supposed to make you forget. It was supposed to make her carefree, it was supposed to make everything go away. But all of the pain was still there. She was bound to get alcohol poisoning before she would ever forget about how much she missed Daniel. Pulling her knees to her chest and burying her face in them, she let the tears fall.

Jess was supposed to be her best friend and she wished that she could just open her eyes and Jess would be next to her comforting her but she knew she fucked up. Just like she fucked up with Daniel. This wasn’t how things were supposed to happen. Your teen years are supposed to be fun, not filled with crying at a party because you ruined everything with the two people you care about most. She knew it was a terrible idea, but she pulled out her phone and hovered over the all too familiar number before she pushed away her thoughts and called it.

“Y/N, what’s wrong, are you okay?” His voice rang through the phone. Desperately she tried to conjure up any words but all she could think of was how much she missed his voice. She could tell he woke up just to answer her because his voice was slightly raspy and it reminded her of how they used to be. He used to put her ringtone as the loudest one in his phone so that when she called him after a nightmare he could respond.

“Not really. I’m messing things up like always.” She mumbled with a dry chuckle. With a sniffle, she wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and silently wished that everything would just go back to how it used to be. All she wanted was for this to be just a regular Friday night call where she asked him if he wanted to go to McDonalds even though it was three in the morning. She missed those nights so much.

“Where are you?” He asked her with that same gentle tone she always knew him to have. She could hear him moving around in the background and it was all too familiar.

“Jack Avery’s party. I kinda lost my ride can you pick me up?” She asked as she clutched the phone to her ear as if it were some magic lamp that would make everything okay.

“Of course. I’m on my way. How much did you drink? Have you been drinking water?” He interrogated and she could practically hear the concern laced in his voice. Of course, Daniel would be the type to worry about if you drank enough water. Part of her wished he wasn’t such a good guy because it made it even harder to get over him.

“Shitty beer has some water in it right?” She asked humorlessly as she heard him moving around and his car starting.

“I have some water in my car. Just stay on the phone with me I’ll be there soon,” he paused, “do you wanna talk about what happened?”

“Oh, you mean me being an idiot and hurting my best friend? Not really.” Even she was annoyed with how her words slurred together; all it did was remind her of all the stupid decisions she had made that night.

“Jess loves you. Nothing will tear you two apart. People make mistakes, she may be hurt now but she’ll forgive you because that’s the kind of person she is.” He told her. She envied how he always knew exactly what to say.

“God, I hate how you’re so good at cheering me up. It makes it a lot harder for me to not do stupid things like this.” She muttered into the phone wishing her words would be drowned out by the music coming from the house behind her.

“It’s not stupid. Even if we aren’t together anymore we’re still friends and I want you to still be able to call me when things like this happen.” He told her and she buried her head in her hands. Why did he have to be such a nice guy?

“But this happened because of you! Well not because of you like it’s not your fault but I’m at a party I hate, drinking stuff I can’t stand and dancing with guys I don’t even like because I miss you and my dumbass self can’t get over you. Daniel, you were the best thing I ever had and I fucking lost you.” She let all of her thoughts flow out of her mouth and she knew she definitely shouldn’t be talking at all but she didn’t even care anymore. It was so easy for her to pretend she wasn’t telling him any of this because she didn’t have to see his face; she didn’t have to face the truth.

She thought his silence meant he was done talking but she realized he got quiet because his car had pulled up to the curb across from her. And there he was looking at her like she was his world, that look in his eyes crushed her. Without a word, she hung up and scrambled into his car with a hatred towards herself when she realized how difficult it was to walk without tripping.

“I miss you too. I love you more than anything Y/N, I’m tired of pretending like I don’t. I thought you didn’t care anymore, you were the one who left me.” He admitted his voice quivering, she could see the pain in his eyes and she hated knowing she was the one that caused it.

“Because you’re the golden boy Daniel. You’re this perfect guy, this caring person who just wants to make everyone happy. Not to mention you are fucking gorgeous, I don’t deserve a guy like that. You deserve to be with someone so much better than me.” She told him adverting her eyes. If she looked at him that crushed look in his eyes would kill her.

“That’s why you left me? You are the most beautiful, kind, hilarious girl I’ve ever met. I don’t want anyone else, I just want to be with you. Y/N I love you.” He said making her turn back to him.

She let everything go and decided making good decision was overrated so she leaned forward and captured his lips with hers. Immediately, her arms wrapped around his neck in attempt to get as close to him as possible. Like usual, she could taste the faint flavor of watermelon. He pulled away and leaned his forehead on hers.

“Please be mine again.”


How I got rid of the mental block 101- Halloween ghibli crossover
I’m screaming and my art confuses me BUT I’m gettin in the working mood now so

Cyne as Sophie and Llyr as Howl >:U HOLYFUCK

professormeme  asked:

who is penny milliken and why do you hate her? i know all the problems with HER right now, i've just never heard specific people mentioned yet

Hoo boy. Let me begin, and I will try my best to make this as factual as possible, even though I hate her.

Penny Milliken is HER Interactive’s current CEO, as of September 2014. This means that the only full game produced under her “leadership” was Sea of Darkness, which was likely in production before she took over.

Sea of Darkness was, by all accounts, a generally well-liked and well-enjoyed game. Especially favored by many of us here was the small but important inclusion that Dagny is a lesbian and had a wife, whom she separated with. This, of course, has nothing to do with Penny herself, because it was almost certainly not her idea. Katie Chironis, whose brief but impactful tenure as a lead writer for SEA and MID was widely praised by many fans, was likely the person responsible for the move towards inclusivity (correct me if I am wrong, as I have always been under the impression that story piece was Katie’s doing). And this is where our troubles began, because not long after SEA’s release (and the intense hype for MID, which seemed to deliver a dark, edgy, girl-focused story that we had been clamoring for) Katie left HER after only 9 months at the company. At first, we were very concerned that her departure was related specifically to the inclusion of a gay character, but the situation was murky at best. I think she left of her own accord, especially because of the huge amount of layoffs the company was undergoing.

Layoffs which wiped out nearly all of HER’s staff, it should be mentioned. Layoffs that came right on the heels of the successful release of a game. Their Glassdoor reviews (which I don’t have screenshots of, unfortunately; worth noting, too, that the company only has “1-50 employees” which is a pretty broad way of saying ten people work there, lol) cited how the company had shifted after Penny’s supposed ascension to the throne, and how the company was basically a revolving door of employees–benefits and security were very unstable and uncertain, causing a lot of long-time employees to leave (per my understanding). And the biggest blow, the one most baffling and most upsetting, was HER’s decision to fire Lani Minella very shortly after Penny took office. It bears repeating that Lani was firedshe did not leave of her own volition–and this decision was Penny’s (see Reddit thread comments where Lani cites the “HER admin” being behind the move). It became clear that HER was on their way towards a rebrand, but it was unclear exactly what that would be.

That rebrand turned out to be Codes and Clues, an app released to help girls learn how to code with Nancy Drew. Necessary and cool? Sure. But at a time when the company inexplicably delayed Midnight in Salem (see this thread for the timing of C&C) for reasons related to “developer issues”, it became unclear how a company could produce an entire app yet have no idea what was going on with Midnight in Salem. See my post here for why it is a shitty, money-grabbing move that will not make the impact Penny hopes it would (i.e. creating a lasting fanbase that will continue to purchase their products).

The other part of this rebranding was the shift to the Unity platform. I’ve played a couple of Unity platform games, most notably The Wolf Among Us and the Strong Bad games (lol) made through Telltale Games. And I guess I can see why the shift was “necessary” to Penny, as Unity is a commonly used platform, but to me, walk simulator games (similar to Unity platform games) are fun, but they make me super sick unless I can get finely detailed controls over how the camera moves and works. And frankly, I don’t need to be able to look up at the ceiling or turn in a full circle when I’m playing Nancy Drew. That’s not why I play. But in terms of keeping up with the market, the shift sort of makes sense.

But why, then, hand this huge developer-related shift to an outsourced group of developers, rather than the, I don’t know, former in-house developing staff? LJ’s post here sort of addresses this, saying that many aspects of past ND games have been outsourced. But there is a huge, huge difference between “outsourcing” voice acting (which is not the same; recording from different locations than where the developers/producers/etc are located is very common) and handing the literal creation of the game itself to a completely unrelated team. LJ makes reference to HER hiring their own animators and artists after ICE…so then why fire them if that type of in-house work is truly as uncommon as she claims? This thread here has a great discussion of the bizarreness of this move and how it seems uncharacteristically greedy and is a very hypocritical move to make. I want to stress, again, that Penny Milliken has been the person in charge while these sudden and abrupt changes occurred; there is really no other source to pinpoint.

What else has been weird? Well, HER used Katie Chironis’s unedited story pitch for MID (would appreciate if someone had links to Katie’s original tweets about this) as an actual descriptor of the game/way to market the game, rather than, y’know, the actual story that was written, without Katie’s knowledge or consent. Katie is bound by NDA to not say anything about MID, but the game seems to have disappeared into the ether, as far as former and current employees are concerned. 

I don’t have as many sources for this, but LJ has made repeated references to the fact that the team is basically doing nothing right now…..yet claims that they’re working on stuff at the same time. This thread is particularly illuminating.

Additionally, HER makes really shitty marketing decisions on Facebook, such as running sales on games that fans already own. As far as I know, this content isn’t really being promoted to anyone who DOESN’T own the games. It’s silly to run sales on something that people….already own? If Steam ran a sale on Life is Strange, it wouldn’t tell me because I already own the game. Why would I buy it again? it’s a pretty obvious “clear our inventory because we are desperate for money” sale, which is very sad. I could go into a whole diatribe about the horrible marketing itself, but that’s more of a “PR is really bad at their job” thing than a “Penny Milliken is like Satan” thing. That being said, the fact that their marketing is this bad and Penny is fine with it (or is encouraging it) is really embarrassing.

And then we come to the comments on these posts. First of all, HER took down an advert they put up today that SEA was “the best adventure game of 2017.” I feel like I’m living under a (second) fascist regime, because that is such a blatant and deliberate manipulation of facts presented not only as truth, but as a way to “make money” (??? even though who would buy the game in the fanbase that DOESN’T own it). The reviews calling it that don’t exist. No one is saying that it’s a great game of 2017, because it was released two years ago. It’s like the “Bowling Greene Massacre”–a fake event is used to create hype for something supposedly coming in the future (although to very different ends for HI, obviously). Comments on the post calling this out were deleted, and then the post itself was deleted. It just seems absurdly, absurdly stupid to make such obvious and glaring lies the focal point of a marketing scheme to a fanbase devoted to solving mysteries.

Why does this matter, and what does this have to do with Penny? Well, many of us who have been involved with the HER fandom for years can tell you honestly that HER has always come across as a very open and accessible company that produced something near and dear to our childhood. I may never get to meet JK Rowling and thank her for Harry Potter, but up until Penny’s tenure as CEO, HER Interactive was very kind and engaging to fans who loved and supported their games so much. And it is remarkable that this game series has existed for nearly twenty years and still has the exact same people playing it! Emailing HER with questions about unanswered game plots and interviewing staff members (the interview of Kevin Manthei by thegoldengardenia I think, for example) was easy and fun. It was a mutual relationship that all parties benefited from–by having such clear, transparent access to the company that literally produced our childhoods, HER Interactive was able to maintain a steady, devoted fanbase in an otherwise dwindling market.

But now that Penny has taken the reins, all that has changed. Deleting Facebook comments, bizarre marketing moves like the “Odyssey” thing (explained here), and the seemingly intractable gulf that is information about MID (information about which is always contradictory; “we’re still working on it but we have no idea what’s happening on it” basically???) has led to an era of confusion and shunting a loyal fanbase. I would wait for MID for however many years it takes to make it if they had made it transparent and clear why it was the game had to be delayed, like many Kickstarter game startups have done in the past. I would donate money, too, if that was the problem. But by shutting fans out (especially by making an app clearly designed to shut most of the fanbase out through its intended demographic), HER has lost loyal fans, many of whom are my friends who I met through the games–friends I never thought would stop playing. Penny has single-handedly driven loyalty, respect, and trust in the company to the ground. It will be nothing short of a miracle if MID even recoups whatever it cost to make it, considering the only real market for the games (long-time fans, let’s just be real with ourselves here) has already been lost.

Anyway. I hate her, because she ruined something I respected that produced things important to me. She changed it in a way that was clearly not for the better, and she makes decisions that hurt good people–at a larger company this would be expected, but not for this tiny, tiny company. Nancy Drew has been an important part of my life for literally more than half of my life, and to see this company so clearly being run into the ground while fans’ protests are shut down is so painful. It hurts to watch something you love get ruined while you can do nothing about it, really.

So I hope that all was clear and useful! If you want to read more, I suggest this article!


After learning some of you can’t access the masterpost of all my fics, I thought i’d spend time making an actual masterpost so y’all can finally see ‘em.



Jack’s Post Was His Own Downfall - Mark sees Jack’s post about being ticklish and of course has to investigate.

Mark The Loving Tormentor - Mark and Jack decide to do something a bit more… intense. Cute feet tickles.

Ticklish Bellybutton -  Jack has a crazy adorably ticklish belly button and when Mark finds out, he exploits it to the fullest.

Tickle Me - Jack’s acting like a little shit for Mark’s attention.

Cute Little Leprechaun - Mark loves teasing his easily-embarrassed boyfriend, Jack, especially when he finds out he’s ticklish.

Great Boyfriend - Jack’s teasing Mark about a septiplier tumblr post they found and Mark cannot have that.

Agent Jack And Warfstache -  SecretAgent!Jack finds himself tied up after being knocked out by some villain named Warfstache, he apparently wants the codes, and has ways of getting them.

- Pt. 2 - Agent Jack And Darkiplier -  Sequel to Agent Jack And Warfstache; Another personality joins the fray! I wonder who it could be…

- Pt. 3 - Agent Jack And Anti -  Jack’s escape from the alternates’ dungeon. He meets a new alternate… one who looks very familiar…

- Pt. 4 - Agent Jack And Agent Mark - Jack returns to the agency with a very interesting story to inform a new coworker about.

-Pt. 5 - How Did We Become So Soft? - Dark and Anti tickle fight!

-pt. 6 - Dan And Phil; Punk And Pastel - Dan And Phil and their alternates have a movie night.

-pt. 7 - I Want You To Scream - Dark comes back to find Jack gone and uses Anti to take out some of his frustration.

-pt. 8 - Agents Septiplier - Jack And Mark are now partners?

-pt. 9 - Mark and The Three Alternates - Mark’s turn

Softie -  Jack, Mark’s big, strong, punk boyfriend thinks he’s so tough, but Mark’s gonna show him how cute Jack can really be.

Sick Jackaboy - Jack is sick and Mark takes care of him.

Where isn’t Jack ticklish?! - Jack is super ticklish everywhere.

Duct Tape Challenge - Mark, Jack, and Felix do the duct tape challenge. Jack is slow escaping. So Mark and Felix have some fun while he’s helpless to stop them.

-The Bet - Sequel to the duct tape challenge, Felix and Mark make a bet on who can get Jack to blush the hardest.

Payback - Jack gets revenge on Mark!

Tickle Challenge - Mark and Jack do the “tickle challenge”

Voodoo Doll - Mark gets a mysterious gift in the fan mail.

Septiplier vs Egobang Tickle Fight - A tiny tickle war between Dan+Arin from the Game Grumps and Jack+Mark from… Jacksepticeye and Markiplier.

Jack’s Biceps - Jack won’t stop bragging about his muscles so Mark dares him to do a handstand against the wall for five minutes  exposing Jack’s ticklish tummy and feet.

Homesick Jack - Jack’s homesick so Mark tells the guys a way he usually cheers him up.

A Drunk Mark Is A Tickly Mark - Mark gets tickly when he’s drunk.

GreenieLeeEye - Jack runs a tickle fanfic blog and Mark gets curious.

Goofy Lil Eyeball - Jack’s a tad stressed over vids so Sam tries to cheer him up!

Home With A Tickle Monster - Jack’s homesick so Mark dons the persona of “tickle Monster” to cheer him up.

Tickle Collar - Mark wants to do a shock collar challenge, Jack does not. So Mark finds a loophole and has a little fun with Jack.

How Mark And Jack Edit - Jack finishes recording and decides to have some fun with Mark.

Oddest Episode Ever - Jack and Mark wake up in a dark room where a new show is being shot… with Pewdiepie playing the torturer, and Jack and Mark are the victims.

Oddest behind the scenes ever - Jack and Mark get some well-deserved revenge.

Sappy Ler - Sequel to GreenieLeeEye, Mark reminisces about a few times where his new knowledge comes in handy

Can We Keep It? - Mark brings home a tickle monster.

-Pt. 2 - The Lee-off - Mark gets jealous of all the attention Cootly’s giving to Jack.

-Cootly’s Alternate - Dark and Anti get a new alternate companion (not canon to A&A)

- Cootly Drabbles

  - #1 - Cootly likes Jack’s belly button and Mark’s a little shit.

  - #2 - Cootly’s perspective of the games they play

  - #3 - Felix has to feed Cootly while Jack and Mark are gone.

Monster In The House - There’s a monster in the house… Mark is terrified…

The Halloween Costume - Jack gets stuck in his costume. Mark comes to “help” him.

The Pro’s Of Being Ticklish - Jack’s abs are sore and Mark massages them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it tickles like hell.

Truth Or Dare? - Mark, Jack, Bob, and Wade play Truth Or Dare.

Jack’s Love Of Tickling - Jack loves being tickled but is embarrassed about it. Mark figures it out.

Tickle Tube - Jack gets stuck in a slide. Mark “helps” him out.

Morning Giggles - Cute Septiplier Morning Tickles!

The Pro’s Of Being Ticklish - Jack’s abs are sore and Mark massages them.

Tickling Saved Us? - Anti and Dark get out.

Stop Being So Adorable - Random fluff drabble

Too Early - Cute ticklish!Mark drabble

You’re Ticklish THERE!?! - Mark’s ticklish butt.Jack will never let him live this down.

Role Switch - Lee!Mark and ler!jack

Teasing - Sequel to GreenieLeeEye and Sappy Ler; Mark teases Jack every chance he get, and he’s really good at it.

Jack’s Little Space - Jack goes into Little Space

Obstacle Course - Mark and Jack get mischevious during the obstacle course challenge.

Ask and You Shall Receive - Jack’s in a serious lee mood and needs Mark’s tickles.

Jack’s Little Space Confession - MOAR LITTLE JACK TICKLES

Squealing Santa 2k16: Scooch - Person A is lying on their stomach on the couch (taking up the whole space), distracted by their phone/book/etc and refusing to move, so Person B sits on their legs and tickles their knees and feet until they apologize…and then a little extra, just to teach them a lesson.

Ticklish Footsies - Random Shitty Drabble

Start Off The New Year With Laughter - NEW YEARS EVE WITH JACK AND MARK

Evil Chica - Mark’s in a ler mood and Chica helps him out.

Take My Mind Off Of It - Mark’s been playing too much FNAF

Cake? - Punk!Mark nerd!Jack

The Tickle-lympics (Septiplier) Part 1 - TFB Bloggers Jack & Mark have a big competition of tickle-based events.

Two Gay Princes - Mark comes across a funny comment in their coming out vid and jack and mark have a bit of fun.

Kiss it All Better - Little!Jack gets hurt.

Anti’s Cheer Up Idea - Mark, Dark, Anti & Jack are friends and live together. Jack and Mark come home hurt and it’s up to the alternates to cheer em up!

After The Big Game - Highschool AU. Mark plays basketball and keeps his relationship with Jack a secret form the team.

Our First Tickle Fight - Jack and Mark are members of the TFB community, lee and ler, and meet in person for the first time

Happy Valentine’s Day - It’s Valentine’s Day and Jack is insecure about his gift. Mark cheers him up.

Drunken Giggles - Jack gets hammered and spills all his tickly secrets to Mark.

You Just Need To Unwind - Mark’s Stressed from FNAF:SL’s 10/20 mode and Jack calms him down.

Scary Stories - Jack and Mark as little kids telling scary stories… Mark tells the terrifying tale of the tickle monster. [Kind of an homage to my first fic ever, the big bad tickle monster]

Is Jack Ticklish? - Mark is looking for RYC questions and one asks about Jack being ticklish. Mark investigates.

Raspberries - Jack is just a lee in need of tickles from his ler, Mark. Specifically raspberries.

The Tickle Monster And His Leprechaun - Just a cute one-sided tickle fight between Jack & Mark, ler!mark of course.

Help Voice Acting - Jack needs to laugh convincingly for a line as a VA but can’t. Mark steps in to help.

Ticklish Makeup - Mark has to get his makeup done for a random encounters vid but this makeup needs to be done all over his neck and ears. Poor Mark’s a bit too ticklish for that and Jack’s there to tease him.

Pokemon Tickle Games - Pokemon trainer Jack takes on Pokemon trainer Mark and afterwards discuss bonding with their Pokemon. Jack reveals a rather odd game he plays with his Torracat.

Anniversary Night - It’s Jack and Mark’s anniversary. Everything is perfect until Jack won’t stop squirming during a make out session.

I Don’t Blush - Jack claims that he never blushes in the middle of a livestream. Mark is going to prove him wrong.

Don’t Move -  Jack uses a little game to decide in an argument with Mark, and Jack loves the game too much to stop.


Google’s Dial - G has a dial on his chest that controls his sensitivity

Halloween Night with Anti and Chase - Chase is scared of a horror movie and Anti distracts him with a different monster

Not a Word - Marvin sees Anti begging for mercy in a tickle fight and Anti keeps him quiet. 

A Bashful and Ticklish Doctor - Schneep has been making check ups specifically ticklish for anti, he finds out and gets payback

Teensy Darkstache Drabble - like 200 words of Dark makin will blush for cash

Another Teensy Darkstache Drabble - Just a thing 

Chase’s Secret Spot - Angeliceye is molting, leaving tickly feathers everywhere for Chase’s ticklish bare soles to step on 

Wake up! - Anti won’t wake up for a movie, Chase GETS him up. 


Cheer Up, Kid! - Cool Patrol cheering up Jack.

All Better - Jack comes home after a beating and Danny cheers him up.


Ethan & Tyler As A Ler Tag Team - Mark’s punishment from getting a 7 on the mental age test

- Revenge On Jack - Mark seeks revenge on his boyfriend.

- Revenge On Ethan - Mark seeks revenge on Ethan.

“I’M SORRY!!”’s Unseen Ending - Watch this video, this is a made up after event to the vid.

Accept Your Punishment - Alternate events for this video where Ethan must be punished but doesn’t want to so Mark, like a big brother, tickles him into submission.

The Monsters From The Closet - Ethan’s an insomniac in a dead end job. One night two creatures enter his room and need his laughter. Think a monsters inc type AU.

The T-Room -  Ethan is a hacker for a strict corporation. If you screw up, you’re sent to the infamous ’T-Room’. Everyone who goes in comes out different. Quiet, obedient. Changed. No one knows what happens in there…and today, Ethan makes a huge mistake.


Stuck - Ethan gets stuck trying to prank Tyler and Tyler teaches him a lesson while he’s helpless.

Sanders Sides

Prinxiety Tickle Fight - Exactly what it sounds like. Prince & Anxiety get into a tickle fight.

Lay Off, Anxiety - Anxiety’s being a pain to poor Thomas and Prince puts a stop to it.

Don’t Hide Your Laughter - Anxiety doesn’t let himself show laughter or smiling. But Prince is gonna hear his lover’s laughter one way or another.

I Don’t Laugh - Anxiety claims that he never laughs.

Prince’s New Friend - Thomas & his sides Meets Cootly.

Slay The Dragon - Prince walks in on Anx in a dragon onesie and has a bit of fun.

Dan and Phil

100% Happiness - Dan’s having another existential crisis… It’s up to Phil to cheer him up!

Not Until You Learned Your Lesson - Dan’s bragging about his streak in Dan vs. Phil again and Phil won’t stand for it.

Smol Cinnamon Roll - Phil doesnt believe Dan when he calls Phil a smol cinnamon roll.

We’re Okay, Bear - Punk!Phil & Pastel!Dan. Dan’s getting bullied andPhil comes to defend him and cheer him up!

Dan’s Weak Spot - Phil’s feeling mischievous during movie night and decides to attack his boyfriend’s number one weak spot.

Dan’s Little Space - Dan goes into little space

Game Grumps

Random Egobang Drabble - Dan laughs at Arin’s rage during Mario Maker. Arin is not happy and needs revenge.


Steph’s Ticklish - Mat finds out Steph’s ticklish.


Aarmau Tickle Fight - Aaron and Aphmau being cute



Big Bad Tickle Monster -  Frisk and Asriel telling scary stories in their room.

- Pt. 2 - Big Bad Tickle Monster’s Back - Asriel wakes up with a craving for revenge. Tickle fight ensues.

- Pt. 3 - Big Bad Tickle War - Frisk and Asriel try to tickle Sans. Emphasis on ‘try’. Sans goes to get back at them and it ends up in a chase which leads to a huge tickle war between Frisk, Asriel, Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne.

Tickle Temmies - Frisk finds their way into Temmie village, home to the Temmies, creatures that love cute humans. But what’s cuter than a human? A ticklish human!

Tell Me What Happened -  Papyrus comes home from school after being bullied. Sans needs to take care of him and cheer him up, and he knows the best way to make Papyrus laugh. Although, Sans forgets that Papyrus never goes down without a fight.

It’s A Surprise! -  Alphyne cuteness Drabble! Undyne tries to get Alphys to tell her what she’s been working on down in the lab.

Pay Attention To Me! - Frisk is studying and Chara wants her attention. Take a wild guess as to what happens next.

Surprise Drawing - Frisk has a surprise and Sans wants to get a sneak peek.

Mischievous Muffet - Frisk brings Asriel to see an old friend.

Two Bony Tickle Monsters - Frisk has a nightmare and two skeletons try to cheer them up.

Fucking Blasters! - Sans gets stuck in the laundry chute… He summons his blasters to help him but instead they nuzzle, lick and tickle him all over… all night…

LittleTale Tickles - Sans finds out Tori’s ticklish.

Dad - W.D. Gaster tickling his toddler sons.

Candy Puns - Puns about Candy. Soriel. Littletale.

Not Another Reset - Sans can’t take another reset, so Papyrus swoops in to cheer up his brother.


Tears - Gold finds Marion crying in his room.

Freddy’s hat - Bonnie is being playful and took Freddy’s hat and hid it. Freddy won’t stand for it.

Stardew Valley

There’s That Smile - Just a cute tickle fight between my two fav. Stardew Valley characters!



Poketickles: The Eeveelutions Family - Eevee’s getting a bit too much pressure on what they should evolve into, so Sylveon comes to cheer them up!

May’s Cheering Up - May cheers Wally up after a loss in battle.


Thinking Back On Old Times -  Charlie tries to get the boys to decorate with no such luck, so she has them reminisce on good memories, Dean remembers something that catches Charlie’s attention though.

Sam’s Ticklish Tummy - Weechesters, Sam has a ticklish belly and Dean takes advantage.

Lil Sis and Big Bro Tickle Fight - Just a lil tickle fight between Dean ad his lil sis. Not actually siblings BUT THEY ARE PRACTICALLY BROTHER AND SISTER AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Gravity Falls

Tickle Spell - Mabel finds a tickle spell in one of the journals and uses it on her brother.


The Twin’s Tickle Fight - OHSHC Twins have a tickle fight

Steven Universe

Amedot Tickle Fight - Just as the title says; human college AU

BOY THAT TOOK A WHILE TO MAKE! So this is a post of every single fic I’ve ever written (Well… tickle fic. :) ) Hope this helps y’all out! Thanks for everything!

Edit: I’ll be reblogging this whenever i update it, if you see it again its probably cause i added new fics.

Piano Man

Originally posted by xehunted

Pairing: Taeil x reader
Genre: smut 
Warnings: language
Word count: 4,296

You breathed through your nostrils furiously as you scrolled down the page on the hundredth site for houses for rent you had checked that day. Nothing lived up to your expectations. Well, actually, if you were honest with yourself a lot of them lived up to your expectations, exceeding them in a lot of cases. However, even the shoddiest rooftop room seemed to be way too pricey for a college student that was trying to be independent just like you. Which also translated to “I will not be asking my parents for help” as much as it was needed in situations like this. 

You did find an apartment that was at a somewhat reasonable price, but it still being more than you could afford with the low wage of your shitty part time job. Moving out of the college dormitories was not going to be easy and you knew that, but all your plans came crumbling down as reality hit you. Neither of your three best friends could be your roommates because two of them already had one and the third one shared an apartment with their partner. Writing down the needed information about the apartment, you closed the tab and opened another one, typing in the website of your college. A lot of students could post various stuff on the home page, so it was time you typed in a post looking for a roommate. 

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dreamfar628  asked:

Could you please do an edit for Nobuyuki wet? Glasses/shirt not needed. ;]

@dreamfar628 hi, i failed. enjoy :’)

does anyone read tags LOL

Rumors and Truths (Royal AU Heechul)

Originally posted by heecorner

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Hiii. I want to request kim heechul royal au pleaseee.

You never thought about the royal family as anything more than just a drama filled family. You were the daughter of the man who seemed to keep the palace in one piece while your mother worked as a maid. You weren’t even technically an employee but you helped with the plants on the grounds and things like that, things to keep you occupied while you were there. You often left to explore town and what not. You grew up on the grounds of the palace but never really stepped foot into the palace much less saw the prince. You did see him up close once though, when you were 16 he went to go swimming and you were reading under a tree. You looked up when you heard a splash and you linked eyes with the prince who was looking at you from his spot in the pool. Your eyes went wide as you rushed getting up leaving your books there but you remember to bow instead of all things.

Heechul found it rather cute, he knew who you were by your mother who he found easier to talk to than his own. He had seen things from your baby pictures to your high school ones. He found you adorable but since you were still a student and well not royal, he knew better. But found a prime opportunity to help you out after your mother talked about how kids were mean to you because you refused to bring them back to the palace with you. You were graduating high school soon who better to show up for your graduation that the prince of the country?


“Oh my gosh” one of the girls in your class says as you look up from your book. “The prince is here” she squealed as everyone rushed to the window but you. “I wonder if he read my letters” she squealed as you rolled your book bringing it closer to your face as you got out of your seat and quietly left the room.


It was very clear right away where the prince was within the gymnasium, everyone was taking pictures of their children or him. Parents and their extras cheered their children as they walked a crossed stage. You were expecting your parents to be the only ones who clapped for you but once they called your name, you realized that Heechul had clapped for you making everyone else cheer extra loud to impress him. You had a very soft smile because the first time in your high school career you felt rather cool. The rest of the ceremony was quiet compared to your cheering as the other students seemed jealous of you. You eyes were on your diploma and awards for high grades and such not wanting to meet the eyes of anyone.


“So sad the only reason people clapped for you was because you had the prince here for you. Why would he come here for you though? You’re a loser and not just any loser. Literally top loser” one of the popular girls teased as you were valedictorian. “She has the most successful future” they hear a male voice say as they turned to the prince as they instantly began to have a freak out. “Congratulations Y/N” he spoke as he moved passed them “your mother mentioned you enjoyed mysteries” he spoke holding nicely bundled books as your eyes widened. “These are first editions of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” you said in shock as he nodded.

“These are so expensive” you whispered as you looked at him “I’m a prince Y/N, money isn’t a problem” he spoke as the girls took pictures of the scene in front of them. In the heat of the moment your arms went around him as you hugged him. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around your back. You pulled back quickly as you realized your actions and gave him a simple bow as he handed you your gifts. “Come your family can ride back with me” he offered as he guided you away.


‘Prince Shacking Up With Minor?’, ‘The Reason Why The Prince Still Isn’t Married?’, ‘33 Year Old Prince. 19 Year Old Commoner. What Is He Thinking?’ Heechul’s eyes were wrde as he was shown the articles by his mother. “I promise you I haven’t been” he spoke in a panic. “She gets bullied for living here” he continues “that doesn’t matter. She’s lower than you Heechul, you’re supposed to ‘care’ for your people but not have them hug you or anything along those lines” his mother spoke as he looked down. “She’s a commoner Heechul and do not think she could ever be on your level. Make sure you’re ready for tonight, you have a princess coming over” his mother told him as she walked off.


“The queen asked you to serve” your mother told you as you gave her a confused look. “This is wonderful. You know how to hold a tray right?” she asked as she took you quickly to her room as she grabbed a black skirt and white button up. “Change” she ordered as you weren’t even sure what to think.


“Come pour princess Seonu Yoohwa” the queen ordered as you nodded. The young girl gave you a smile as she seemed a lot like Heechul people from rude overly jerky parents. “What kind of tea is this?” Yoohwa asked as you smiled “mint tea. It is to speed up the many good fortunes your family will have” you tell her lightly. “Please pour me a cup as well” Heechul spoke as you nodded heading over to him. He gave you a light smile as you gave him one back pouring him tea. “Come pour me some” the queen ordered as you nodded coming over to her. Unlike the other two she left the cup on the table. You began pour as she flicked the cup sending the hot liquid onto your legs.

“Oh clumsy me” she said casually as you, your head stayed down for a moment as you held in a scream and hiss. “I’m sorry” you whisper as you peaked your head up to her amazement you poured her another cup and bowed before walking back to the kitchen. Once there you sat the pot down as the workers saw your legs before you sank to the ground trying to keep yourself from crying as your mother rushed over to you.


“That was a bit much mother” Heechul comments as he glares at her “what?” she asked as she gave him an innocent look. Heechul smiled lightly before he got up “I’m sorry for my mother’s shitty behavior” he told the guests who looked at him wide eyed. “Heechul” his mother called “scarring a girl for just being part of a rumor is more horrid than I thought” he spoke as he walked away from table. He walked into the kitchen, everyone looked up and bowed as he picked you up and sat you onto the counter as you looked at him “I’m sorry about my mother” he whispers as he felt a cold rag by your mother as he lightly pressed it to your legs as his hand moved to far upwards you caught it as it had gone under your skirt “sorry” he blushed as he noticed your mother had placed a bowl beside you as he simply dipped the rag into the water and began doing the same to the other leg. “I won’t let her do anything so stupid to you again” he told you as you gave him a smile. 


Heechul laid back on the beach chair by the pool. His eyes were covered by sunglasses for two reasons. To keep his eyes from being blinded by the sun’s rays and to see when you were coming out to check on the plants. He was too proud to admit his crush on you, you were just too adorable to him not to like. He was a very grown man while you were just blooming into a woman but his parents had been nagging about finding someone. He smiled as soon as he saw you walk out “Y/N!” he calls out making you jump “yes my prince?” you ask as you bow to him. “Come here please” he says as you make your way over. “I was wondering if you would help me with my sunscreen” he spoke grabbing the bottle “I want to sunbathe on both sides so” he says as you nervously take the bottle from him. 

He unbuttons his shirt slowly as he pulled it off you looked away. He laughed as he scooted up “climb behind me” he told as you quickly did. You squeezed some into your hand as you began rubbing the cold lotion onto his skin. His eyes closed as he felt your hands run along him “this is nice” he spoke as you moved down to awkwardly put some onto his lower back. He jumped slightly making you squeeze the bottle and lotion went everywhere. “Ah making a mess” he teased as he turned around seeing the chair was covered. He scooped some up and instantly rubbed it onto your skin “can’t waste” he told you as you nodded as he touched your face. “You’re cute you know” he told you as he squeezed your fave “thank you my prince” you tell him “call me Heechul please” he spoke. “Heechul” you say giving him a small shy smile. 

Shattered Dreams (Task Force X x Reader)

Originally posted by dcuniversepresents

You were walking down the road close to the apartment you shared with your partner, your hands full with bags from the grocery.

It was just another normal day, the sun was shining bright and the sunshine warmed your skin, giving you a cozy feeling. You got in your block of flats and waited for the elevator, singing.

You finally got in your apartment. “Honey, I am home!” you said and went to the kitchen to leave the bags.

You went to the living room only to see your partner in the floor, photographs, and stuff from your old life scattered around them and a disappointed look on their face.

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Coach Bitty, Part 4

Now we’re getting somewhere.

To start from the beginning, go to Part 1.

Part 4

Jack was relieved when Bittle was on the ice with a couple of kids on Friday. He made sure not to approach the ice until 3:55, and even then he tried to not scowl when Bittle saw him. Bittle just told the skaters their time was up, nodded at Jack and went to get the Zamboni out.

On Saturday, Bittle was there with the most kids Jack had seen at once. There were four of them, but they weren’t working. They looked like they were playing tag, something no coach of Jack’s had allowed since when? U10? U8?

These kids weren’t much older than that. They seemed younger than the skaters Bittle usually worked with.

Jack watched through the lobby doors long enough to realize that it wasn’t traditional tag, where one person was trying to catch everyone else. No, in this case, all the kids were trying to catch Bittle. And failing.

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the worst part of joining the navy was being fingerprinted

let me explain

so when my family moved back from south dakota (sans my father) we lived in this shitty apartment in ayer MA.  I was 10 years old.  So my mother’s not home, I’m pretty sure we were being babysat by John (who appears in a few other of my stories).  I don’t remember why I did this, but I went into my mom’s room and found the family pictures she kept in this shoebox.  I look through them, pick one of my mother and father and rip it in half, placing each one on a pillow, as if they’re laying in bed together.  

I have literally always been a melodramatic piece of shit.

I guess I accidentally deleted the messages on her answering machine (this was 2001 people, we used them) Mom comes home and asks if anyone was in her room.  I have plausible deniability because john had my back (he didn’t think I went in there, but he also didn’t have eyes on me the whole time, but like, i was 10, it wasn’t exactly like leaving a toddler like my brother alone). She freaks out and calls the cops, they take her statement that she thinks my father broke into our apartment during the day, ripped the pictures and deleted the messages. Now, we get to the fingerprints.  The pictures were taken as evidence, so being a kid, I didn’t realize they’d probably rule me out, considering I lived in the house. but since that day I was petrified my mother would find out it was me.  even my siblings have no idea.  

I had to get fingerprinted to join the military and I thought i was going to pop up in the system for breaking and entering in 2001 at the age of 10


guys I’m so sorry I’m a lame scrub and it’s taken me so long to get this up. I also am not very proud of it and it isn’t really the way I wanted this to end but I ran out of ideas so… love you guys tho thank you so much for the support.

Warnings: SMUT

I couldn’t thank Calum enough for being there for me. It meant a lot and I never would have found out about the feelings Luke had otherwise.

I had all of the dinner with my parents to decide what I would do with the information. By the end of the dinner I had build up the nerve to go talk to him.

I went into the bathroom of the expensive restaurant my parents took me too. Making sure most of my makeup was rubbed off and not lining my eyes.

If I wanted to stay confident I had to do this now. I say goodbye to my parents and make my way to Luke’s. I have no idea if he is home but I was willing to wait.

When I arrive at his apartments, sitting in my car for minutes trying to regain the amount of faith I had at the restaurant.

My hands are shaking once I finally get out of the car. The sun is setting, a chill washes over my body as goosebumps settle over my bare legs.

His door is unlocked when I twist the knob, walking into a warm living room.

I step deeper into the house,he standing in the kitchen.

“Hey what? Too good to reply to my texts.” Luke says when he sees me.

I watch his eyes travel down my body, his eyes make my skin burn.

“I was busy.” I say, the slightest tone of annoyance laced my words.

His eyebrows etch together in confusion before remembering.

“Oh shit!” He curses. “Oh shit!” He says louder, running his hands roughly through his hair.

His eyes close and when they open his eyes are an icy blue generating all sorts of emotions.

“Your art reveal. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I forgot.” He groans to himself.

I shake my head, that’s the last thing on my mind anymore. I want to know do what calum said was really true.

Have all the feelings I’ve felt for Luke been regenerated by him. Does he wish I was more than a friend?

“Luke, it’s okay. Really.” I say. I step forward, placing a hand in the cool granite of the counter.

“No. It’s not, I’m such a shitty person. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He mutters over and over again.

I reach and touch his arm with my other hand. He finally goes quiet from his rambling and just looks at me.

His eyes moving once again down my body before settling on my face.

I look up at him, smiling at his guilt and how content he is after my touch.

“Luke.” I take a step closer to him.

I can hear his breathing accelerate as my lips part. I want to ask him how his dinner was and if she was still here.

My brain seems to not be able to form any thoughts but the one about the proximity of how close Luke is to me and the words calum said.

I have no idea what to say.

“In broke up with Arzaylea tonight. I just wants to tell you that because I haven’t been completely honest with you. She was taking away from time with my friend and well you and I-” He starts his obsessive rambling.

One of the only things I actually heard him say is that he broke up with Arzaylea. He broke up with her!

Overwhelmed with all the emotions tonight I just wanted to feel something that is real. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to me. His lips meet mine in such a delicate way.

Such a different feeling from anything I’ve ever experienced but I know it’s real.

He kisses me back, his hand moving up to rest on my hip. My hand slides from the back of his neck into his blond curls.

His pink lips mold to mine, his soft tongue requesting entrance in my mouth. For once things were actually working out between us and nothing has ever felt so good.

When we finally pull away the room is filled with silence. The kind that makes you wonder what the other person is thinking.

His eyes continue to burn into me. I want tell him so many things but talking will simply ruin the moment.

Instead I show him my affection by reaching my hand up and stroking his face. His leans into my hand, his eye fluttering closed.

Electricity shoots through my body. Excitement and relief flood my body. I can’t believe Luke and I didn’t talk sooner. We felt the same way the whole time and fear is what stopped us from ever realizing it.

“I’m so sorry.” He apologizes again.

“Luke really, I told you it’s okay.” I say.

He opens his eyes, the blueness of them never ceases to amaze me.

“No. For everything, for not speaking up about how I feel sooner. For staying with Arzaylea for so long. I just didn’t know how to handle it. I was so scared that it would ruin our friendship if I said anything. So I think I was just distracting myself with Arzaylea because don’t know what I would do without you.” Luke says.

I smile, my cheeks heating. “I don’t know what I would do without you either.”

My brain is filled with thoughts of Luke and I as children. We giggled as we innocently shared our first kiss in the trees house we practically lived in.

I always found myself wanted to go back to the time but now that Luke and I have finally come clean I’m happy to be living in the moment.
‘Come and find me.’ I text Luke.

It’s been a couple weeks since my art show. So far it’s gotten really good reviews and it’s even been featured in Sydney’s newspapers.

Because of the publicity I’ve been contacted by other artists who want to see more of my work and asked to teach an art class.

We are at my parents for a dinner party. With all the family and friends over Luke and I have barely been able to talk to each other.

I giggle when I see his response.

‘Easy. I always win this game:)’

It’s true, even as kids no matter how good I thought my hiding spot was Luke always found me almost right away.

From outside I can hear my back for open. Feet crunch the fallen leaves and soon enough the door to the tree house swings open.

“Told you.” He grins.

He stocks oven to me, bending down so he doesn’t hit his head. This treehouse was built for us as kids and isn’t quite tall enough to support the 6 foot boy has become.

My face gets red as he sits next to me. He leans over, kissing me.

No matter how many times that’s happened in the past couple weeks I can’t get myself to get use to it. My whole body reacts to him, my mind fuzzy.

I lay back and he comes with me, laying between my legs. He already knows the things that drive me crazy for him.

His hips hesitantly drive forward making me moan involuntarily.

He plays with my tongue, biting my lip as he pulls away.

His eyes glance down at my body, my shirt curving along my breasts. Luke looks up at me with his wild cobalt as asking for permission.

I nod eagerly, I’ve been craving his touch. His long fingers tugging my shirt down to reveal my braless chest.

I hear him suck in a quick breath as he takes in my body.

The cold air bites at my nipple, making it harden. My skin feels hot against his. He dips his head down again, his lips connecting with my neck leaving wet kisses.

I can feel his hand slide down my body, I shudder when he brushes over the front of my pants.

I spread my legs a little wider, giving him consent. He struggles to unzip my pants with one hand as the other one cups my bare chest.

I help him, sliding my pants to my ankles.

We use to play in this tree house as kids. Now we are all grown up doing more… adult things.

All the memories I have in this tree house, this will be one I’m happy to keep.

His fingers rub circles on my clit. The sensitive bundle of nerves sending shock waves through my body.

My hand grips his upper arms roughly, I moan into his mouth.

His long blond hair tickles my forehead. His swollen lips attacking mine gently.

He moves to my neck, leaving marks.

I scold him, saying my parents could see. His lip moves to my ear, biting the lobe.

I moan his name, trying to clamp my legs together as I come close. His skilled hands still touching me.

“I love you.” He whispers his confession into my ear.

That along with other factors make me come undone.

All the while he whispers sweet words into my ear like the way we use to tell secrets as kids.

I don’t know if he meant as more than friends but when I said it back it felt right both ways.

a/n: so that is all the parts I was planning on doing for this story. If I think of anything else or if you guys REALLY want me to I MIGHT update again but idk. Again, love you.

You Were Mine (Part One)

Requested: Yes by the lovely @stydia-4-ever

Hey 61,62,64 & 81 please lots of angst and a happy ending or whatever you feel like doing thank you. Oh and I forgot, for Bucky.

Warnings: Cursing, Depressing themes, Angst. Mentions of cheating -kinda-

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Fem! Reader

Summary: The news of Bucky’s death caused you to spiral into a world of misery until one night in your apartment with the news on you see him and vow to do anything to prove he is alive. Through all kinds of twists and turns, you feel your life becoming more complex than ever before. Is Bucky really dead? Had he just left you? How much more screwed up could life get? The answer is much, much more. 

Prompt 61- “You broke up with me! Remember?”

Prompt 62- “I’m so over you.”

Prompt 64- “I love you! You dick!”

Prompt 81- “It’s me. Everything will be okay.”

Authors Note: Thanks for your request! Hope you like it! Sorry, it took so long! My brain likes to take it’s sweet as time. I literally rewrote this three times. (this part is kinda shitty but I’m building up to the good stuff!)

I had multiple drafts of this but finally came up with an idea I could be proud of. However, in order to execute it how I wanted, I need to make multiple parts. 


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 Months passed, and soon it had been a year since you lost Bucky. People moved on, lived their lives as if nothing in the world was wrong when in reality it was. While people had moved on you hadn’t. That night, Steve’s words ran through your mind on a constant loop and you had found it hard to even accomplish little tasks like taking a shower, but you pushed yourself to do them. 

You went to work, did your job, and came home only to fall into the bed and stay put until you had to relive the process the next day. It was like you weren’t even human anymore. Just a robot made to carry out all that’s needed to survive. You didn’t laugh, didn’t smile, and didn’t love.

You felt broken, hell you were broken.

The apartment that was once shared with the love of your life, the apartment littered with pictures of you two was now empty and stripped of any reminder of him. The ring that he had proposed with was now hidden in the back of your dresser drawer. It was like he never existed. Some people say remembering is good, but for you, it’s just painful.

You didn’t want to hear his voice or his laugh. You didn’t want to think about his stupid sense of humor or the life you were supposed to have. You didn’t want to see pictures of you smiling in Bucky’s arms. You didn’t want to remember how happy you had been because remembering that only reminded you, that you would never feel that way again.

You couldn’t even think about being with anyone else but Bucky. If him not being there now wasn’t something that would completely break you then trying to move on would be what did. You remember the night Bucky had proposed to you. Even though you wish you couldn’t remember at all. 

It was a cold morning, the light from the dark rainy day poured in through the slightly opened white curtains. You and Bucky were wrapped in each other’s arms, foreheads were touching and his flesh arm was draped over your waist. Your bare legs were intertwined with his and your own hands were brought up to your chest trying to provide yourself more heat. 

Bucky snored softly and your reached one of your hands up to brush his long hair out of his face. The sudden movement and uncovering of your arm from the comforter caused a breeze to run over your body and you shivered.

Bucky woke up at your sudden movement. His heavy eyelids opened softly to reveal his tired blue eyes. A soft yawn escaped his lips followed by his raspy morning voice. 

“What time is it?”

You turned your head slightly to glance at your alarm clock.

“Five o’ two.”

You said your voice just as strained as his, adjusting to the new day. Bucky chuckled lightly before moving his hand off your waist and up to brush a strand of hair from your face. 

“Your so beautiful doll.”

You smiled lovingly at him and took his hand intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Hmmm, and you’re hot as hell.”

You smirked as Bucky let out a chuckle and pulled you close to him. 

“Your freezing (y/n)!”

“I’m fully aware of that Barnes. I’ve been up for a while because of it.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

You shifted your head to look up into his blue eyes.

“Because that was one of the first nights you slept without a nightmare.”

Bucky stopped for a moment his gaze moving up at the ceiling as he got lost in thought. A grin stretched across his features as he realized you were in fact right. For once he didn’t see the winter soldier, he didn’t see HYDRA, but most importantly he didn’t see images of your hurt body. The ones that he often dreamed about, fearing that one day he would hurt you. 

“I didn’t have a nightmare.”

Bucky repeated the words and looked in your eyes, you could practically see the happiness radiate through him. He looked relieved and so thankful. He couldn’t have been happier. 

Bucky kissed your forehead lightly before rolling over and grabbing something from his nightstand. You couldn’t see what it was and your curiousness was spiking.


“Yes, Bucky.”

“So today is Thanksgiving and I  realized if I have anything to be thankful for it’s you. You keep me grounded, show me all the good things in life. Even when I was at my worse you stayed with me. Through the night terrors and all my episodes, you stayed. Your kind, gorgeous and I love every single thing about you.”

Bucky pushed himself up from the bed and rounded it so he was on your side. He dropped down to one knee and pulled a small black box from his pant pocket. You sat up quickly when you realized what was happening, the cold suddenly wasn’t a problem anymore as he opened the box to revile a diamond ring. 

“Will you marry me?”

You couldn’t describe what your feeling. In that moment it was like all the bad in the world was washed away and replaced with love. He was your life and now he was asking you to be his. 

“Yes! James, yes!”

He slid the ring on your finger and leaned in to kiss you. You pulled him back onto the bed with you and kissed him deeply. Bucky pulled away slightly to speak.

“You know we have to be at the tower soon and you take forever to get ready. Steve will have a panic attack if we are late.”

You glanced back at the alarm clock and smirked at Bucky.

“We have time.”

With that, he pressed his lips to yours again and you where whole…

Now you sat on your couch stuck in your mind. The news was on but you hadn’t really been paying attention. With a beer situated in your hand, you just stared at the screen until a knock sounded on your door. Setting the beer down on your coffee table you stood and opened the door to revile a smiling Steve holding take out in his hands. You pushed open the door to let him in and closed it behind him. Steve walked and set the bags down on your kitchen island and began to pull food containers out. 

“What’s this?”

“It’s called food (y/n).”

“No shit. Why are you here Steve?”

“Well, it occurred to me you barely take care of yourself anymore so the only way to make sure you eat is to feed you. Also, watch your language.”

With a roll of your eyes, you walked to the kitchen and sat on the stool across from where he stood.

“It’s your favorite.”

He said in a sing-song voice and pushed a takeout box full of food in front of you. You grabbed a fork out of the bag and took a small bit, you couldn’t deny that it was the best thing you had eaten in forever. Steve opened his own box and started eating while still standing across from you 


You mumbled to him.

Steve smiled brightly and looked at you, then his smile vanished when he saw the beer bottle on the coffee table.

“(y/n). You said you would stop drinking. 

“It’s one beer, Steve.”

“Still. You need to take better care of yourself.”


Your voice was so careless, and you continued to eat your food as if nothing was wrong. It was killing Steve to see you like this. He was broken too, but he hid it to be strong for you.

“Because he would have wanted you to move on and live your life.”

“Well, he isn’t here!”

You glared at Steve and smacked the counter, knocking over the drink he had gotten out, letting out a sigh you stood and got paper towels cleaning up the mess you had provided. 

“I’m sorry Steve.”

 He bent down next to you and helped clean up the spilled drink.

“It’s okay.”

 You dropped the towel and sat and leaned against the island and put your hand over your face.

“It’s not okay. He’s gone.”

Steve sat beside you and pulled you into a hug and kissed your head. Steve had become your protector, your brother. He could understand your pain and him being him always wanted to take care of you.

“I miss him too.”

“It’s not fair. He was good and finally had his life together and now he’s just gone?”

“I know sweetheart. I know.”

Tears started to flow out of your eyes and sobs shook your body. His large arms made you feel so small, but they provided comfort. No matter how much you cried the pain never left. Nothing you did made you happy anymore. 

You stayed in Steve’s arms for a while and calmed down a bit before getting up and cleaning the kitchen. After it was clean you walked towards the living room and picked up the tv remote ready to turn it off.

“You can sleep on the couch if you want. I’m exhausted and think I’m going to head to bed.”

Steve nodded and sat on the couch, you turned your attention back to the news that was playing. As you were about to turn it off your eyes spotted familiar brown hair in the background of a news reporter. You dropped the remote with a gasp and almost fell from surprise. You would have if it wasn’t for Steve standing and steadying you. Suprise ran through your bones and your heart was racing a million miles an hour, you couldn’t breathe properly, you couldn’t even think straight. 

“(y/n) what’s wrong?” 

“B-Bucky. I saw him.”

 Steve frowned and looked at you in disbelief.

“Steve I’m serious look.”

You pointed to the tv but he was gone. Steve took the remote turning off the tv and walking you to your room.

“You’re tired and stressed (y/n). Your mind was playing tricks on you.”

 Steve kissed your head before exiting the room. You sat on your bed still in shock. Maybe Steve was right, but you had a gut feeling that you were too. 

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