such a shitty move on my part


A friend told me she was going to LA, but not to see comedy or go hiking or anything particularly fun. She’s helping a friend move.

Which led to us joking about how LA is the city of moving, and how she hopes LA lives up to all the moving hype. So then I opened up Photoshop and made a bunch of quick, shitty fake promotional images for Los Angeles as a city where people are always moving.

Making hyper-specific goofs for one person feels great, because when you send something like this, I’m sure part of them is thinking, “No way he actually put effort into this throwaway joke.”

But that very process has led to some of my favorite goofs! I rewrote a Duolingo email because I overheard two friends talking about how they woke up to that guilt-trippy email from Duolingo. I made that joke thinking about how I wanted those two specific people to laugh and not much else, and I think that one tweet has been passed around on the internet enough to where it’s been seen over a million times now.

I think my point is, making something is more fun if you think of it as a gift more than a piece of work.

Telling Shitty

It’s a Thursday night. Jack is just back from a roadie, loose-limbed and happy with himself. Bitty is in his kitchen, making omelettes for a late supper, wearing one of Jack’s shirts.

Moments like this make Jack think things, fierce possessive things like I want this all the time, though they’re not quite there yet. Maybe next year, when Bitty knows what he’s doing after college. I can see there from here.

The phone call is an intrusion, but it’s Shitty, and Jack has been feeling bad about him, so he takes it.

“Hey, Shits.”

Bitty turns and smiles over his shoulder, and that’s distracting enough that it takes a few moments for Jack to realise that Shitty is a bit drunk, and a lot apologetic.

“…Seriously, brah, it was not cool of me to call you out like that in front of everyone, I know you like your privacy, it was a dick move on my part…”

“Shitty,” Jack says steadily. He feels sort of light-headed, but they’ve talked about this, he and Bitty, they have a plan for when he feels ready, but maybe he will never feel 100% ready, not until until he actually jumps of the cliff.

Impulse decisions have worked out pretty well for him lately. 

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the worst part of joining the navy was being fingerprinted

let me explain

so when my family moved back from south dakota (sans my father) we lived in this shitty apartment in ayer MA.  I was 10 years old.  So my mother’s not home, I’m pretty sure we were being babysat by John (who appears in a few other of my stories).  I don’t remember why I did this, but I went into my mom’s room and found the family pictures she kept in this shoebox.  I look through them, pick one of my mother and father and rip it in half, placing each one on a pillow, as if they’re laying in bed together.  

I have literally always been a melodramatic piece of shit.

I guess I accidentally deleted the messages on her answering machine (this was 2001 people, we used them) Mom comes home and asks if anyone was in her room.  I have plausible deniability because john had my back (he didn’t think I went in there, but he also didn’t have eyes on me the whole time, but like, i was 10, it wasn’t exactly like leaving a toddler like my brother alone). She freaks out and calls the cops, they take her statement that she thinks my father broke into our apartment during the day, ripped the pictures and deleted the messages. Now, we get to the fingerprints.  The pictures were taken as evidence, so being a kid, I didn’t realize they’d probably rule me out, considering I lived in the house. but since that day I was petrified my mother would find out it was me.  even my siblings have no idea.  

I had to get fingerprinted to join the military and I thought i was going to pop up in the system for breaking and entering in 2001 at the age of 10

Zimbits Airport AU Epilogue

Ao3 | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue

“A toast!” Tater declares, holding up his beer. It’s difficult to move much with this many of them stuffed into one booth— Bitty, Jack, Tater, Snowy, Marty, Chowder, and Lardo. Dex is sick so he and Nursey aren’t coming, and Shitty’s held up at his law practice, but they’ve still got plenty of people. Even though Marty’s been retired for years, he jumps right back into his conversations with his old teammates like he just left the Falcs yesterday.

“To Zimmboni!” Tater continues.

“Who finally got his head out of his ass,” Snowy says before Tater can figure out what he’s going to say next. “Took you long enough.”

Jack, arm wrapped around Bitty’s shoulder, hardly even reacts to the chirping, just laughing a little and gesturing for Tater to keep going, but Lardo jumps in instead.

“Who, after a long, long time of all of us wondering if it was ever going to happen, finally proposed—”

“But I lost the bet because he didn’t propose on the ice,” Chowder adds, sounding put out.

“Regardless,” Lardo continues determinedly, “even though I haven’t known you for that long, I know how happy you and Bitty make each other, and even though I’m really happy for you, this is still worth, like, two hundred bucks in the Sin Bin.” Chowder nods enthusiastically, and Bitty wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out the Portable Sin Bin and insisted that they pay up then and there. Never mind that all of them have graduated.

“It’s more for the Falconers,” Marty tells her. “Let’s say two fifty? I got fined two fifty when I proposed to my wife, so it’s only fair. Public proposals are always worth more than a couple hundred bucks.”

Jack sighs. “How about I just buy another round of drinks and we’ll call it even?”

“Hm,” Tater says. “Yes, acceptable.”

“That’s a lot less than two fifty,” Bitty whispers to Jack, hopefully quietly enough that Lardo doesn’t catch it.

“I’ll pay the two fifty if I have to,” Jack whispers back. “I’ll pay whatever they fine me for being engaged to you. It’ll be worth it.”

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I Missed You

Title: I Missed You

Pairing: Josh/Reader

Rating: Mature

Warning: Vanilla Sex, but hey, it’s still sex.

A/N: This is the first time I have ever written smut, so Lord, beer me strength.  I have no followers so I’m not expecting to get much of a response to this.  Basically, I love Josh Dun and I really wanted to get into some more corrupt stuff but figured I’d better start out with baby steps so have some vanilla sex with fluff at the end. PLEASE send me requests so I can have some kind of prompt besides my shitty imagination.

Josh was slumped on the couch when you came home, his hands tucked under his face.  He breathed deeply, sometimes emitting small snores from his slightly parted lips.  You move closer to him, grabbing a blanket off of the back of the couch as you go, and tuck it around his shoulders, sweeping his hair back.  His lips move and he shifts, catching your hand as you turn away. 

“Baby,” he mumbles, squeezing your hand.

You chuckle to yourself, allowing him to pull you down with him under the blanket.  Josh shifts so that his back is resting against the arm of the couch, and you lie in between his legs, your head leaning on his chest.  You start to nod off, but feel his hands move up your stomach, and you realize his intentions are quite different than your own.  

“I missed you,” He mutters, voice raspy, still full of sleep.  

“I can tell” you say, looking coyly over your shoulder as you press up against his evident hard-on.  He inhales sharply, looking at you with a warning stare.  You press against him again, rolling your hips, belligerently looking him dead in the eye. His eyes go dark, his breathing coming more quickly now.  His grip on your waist tightens.  Then, without warning, he pushes you forward, and you reach out stopping yourself with a thud on the opposite end of the couch.  

You look over your shoulder, prepared to fire off a smart comment, but before you could say anything, Josh launches himself upwards, rearranging you again, and plops you (rather unceremoniously) onto the couch in a seated position. “Josh you sho-“  you stop when he abruptly yanks down on the waistband of your jeans and crushes his lips to yours.  You return the kiss hungrily, almost desperately.  Tangling your fingers into his hair, roughly pulling him closer to you.  He rests his hands on your thighs, bent over at the waist returning your kiss with equal fervor.  

He kisses down your neck, leaving no part of your skin untouched.  You moan softly, fingers still working through his hair.  He works lower, pulling your shirt over your head, sliding the straps off of your shoulders, and releasing the clasp of your bra.  Then, stepping back, he took in the view as you sat before him in nothing but your underwear.  He drags his eyes away from you body, raking his hands through his hair.  As he pulls his shirt over his head, he huffs in appreciation and kneels between your legs.  Looking up to you, he offers a small smile as he peppers kisses on your inner thighs.  Working your underwear down and off your legs, pressing his face to your core he kisses you, humming in appreciation at the ample slickness between your thighs.  

“Oh my God baby, you’re so wet for me.” He murmurs, slipping his finger into you.

When he adds a second, you let out a gasp as he curls his fingers inside of you.  He finds your g-spot, hitting it relentlessly every time, and your legs begin to tremble.  It was as if he felt your insides quicken, because he immediately pulls his fingers out of you, leaving you breathless and quaking.  You look down at him, pouting, but soon lost your disappointment as an idea pops into your head.  

You move onto the floor with Josh, putting your hands on his chest and toppling him to the floor.  Before he could move, you straddle him pushing his hips down onto the floor.  Josh looks up at you incredulously, obviously turned on by your mischievous behavior.  You grind down on him, pressing your clit against the denim of his pants, your eyes fluttering shut at the feeling, soft moans falling from your lips.

“You keep doing that, and I’m not going to last much longer.” He says, his voice strained.  

He brought his hands up to your hips, helping you grind down on him harder.  His head rolls back, mouth forming an ‘o’, quick short breaths falling from his mouth.  As you moved closer to your release for a second time, Josh began to twitch underneath you.  

“Fuck baby, you gotta stop.” he hisses.

He rolls you over, holding you down while he pulls his erection free of his jeans, not bothering to discard them.  He lines himself up with your entrance, pausing to make eye contact with you before pushing into you up to the hilt.  He grunts, as his breathing becomes staggered and drops onto his elbows.  He moves into you slowly, making each thrust deliberate, groaning your name.  He quickens his movements, burying his face in your neck, nipping at the spot on he knows will make you moan his name.  It works of course, and you dig your nails into his back 

“Fuck me harder, Josh”

You can feel him smiling against your neck as he pounds into you at a vicious pace.  For the third time, your legs start to shake, and you pull him closer to you, hooking your legs around his back. 

“C’mon baby I want you to come… I can feel your tight little pussy squeezing around me” He breathed.

Your eyes screw shut as he pushes into you faster, until suddenly, with no warning, you come apart.  Your orgasm rips through you, and you quake underneath him.  Josh mutters words of encouragement to you until he finds his release as well, biting down on your shoulder through strangled grunts and moans.  He collapses on top of you, still feeling the effects of his climax.  As he shifts off of you, you look over cupping his cheek and loving the feel of his stubble in your hand.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to living without you.  Every time you leave, you take a piece of my heart with you, and in order for me ever to be whole again, you have to be here, next to me.” you breathe.
He smiled, looking at you with happiness in his eyes, still soaking in the afterglow.  “I love you so much.  More than you know.”


I drafted the Broncere Moment Realm, and I learned how to use Unity’s Directional Specular Lightmaps, which means the shiny part of light that reflects off of walls, moves in 3d space like in real life. I was just about to ask Unity to add “Baked Specular-Only Lights” but this feature already exists and works great smoothly in VR. Now if we can just get planar reflections like Unreal has, Image quality will be perfect – assuming the level is made well.

I am low-key excited that my interactive VR scenes can now look as good as my shitty cgi artwork from 2004.

how I lift my video games

Alright decided to make this post cause I get a lot of asks about how I lift my games and movies and whatnot. I’m going to only really talk about video games because all the same rules apply for the most part. Here we go.

ok so the thing with the video games is I can’t tell you how to obtain the newer games that are locked up in a display or the ones locked up in individual cases. kinda shitty cause you don’t really get the hugest selection but whatever moving on.


All the video games I’ve gotten have been from the discount displays at various Walmarts. I’m 99% sure every Walmart would have one if yours doesn’t then you got a sub par Walmart. The displays usually in front of the electronics department, there’s big cube looking displays that have DVDs and stuff too they’re huge and hard to miss. None of these games are locked up in any way because they’re all games that are basically past their prime and have had they’re prices reduced.

I usually check the displays everytime I go to Walmart go lift because they add new stuff to the display more often than you would think. Like a lot of the games are like Lego games for Xbox but I’ve lifted the last of us, yoshis new island, dragon age inquisition, a final fantasy game, and dark souls 2, you just have to catch it at the right time sometimes when they have a few rare goodies.

It wouldn’t hurt to check other stores like Walmart too to see if they have displays like this, but I only really have Walmart so that’s why this post is all about games from Walmart.


Now for the fun part. Pick out whatever games you like, I usually only take 2 at a time, because it seems the smartest and will help later to only have a couple, plus I usually only find a couple at a time that I want since the displays can get picked over really fast. The times I’ve lifted games I’ve had a cart each time and have just set them under other items in my cart so it’s easier to conceal and not have anyone watching cameras think anything suspicious, cause they won’t know you concealed it if they can’t see it when you actually do have it. Once I’ve concealed I either leave my cart visibly outside the rear bathroom so they see I didn’t take anything in, and I detag in there. Otherwise I buy my other stuff first then detag in the front bathroom. Only use a cart if you’re actually going to buy something before you leave other wise it’s super sus to put stuff in a cart then leave and not get anything. You’d just need to be a bit more careful concealing.


Detagging is super important obviously but how you detag is also super important. Game cases can be extremely loud to unwrap and open in an empty bathroom. I lifted a mini sewing kit thing specifically because of this, it came with tiny scissors that make the wrapper removing process a lot easier and quiet. So first get all the wrappers off the game, whether with scissors or quietly (and slowly) ripping away at the wrapper. The next part should be done very quickly and is another reason only getting a couple games is ideal. You’re going to need to open the case in order to check for tags, this can be incredibly loud and isn’t a noise easily excusable if someone hears you and gets suspicious. What I do is get myself prepared to open the cases, having them in my hands placed in a way that I’ll be able to open them both ASAP. When I’m ready to open them I flush the toilet, there’s usually just enough time to crack the cases open before the loud noise from the toilet stops. With multiple games this would be harder because obviously you can’t just keep flushing the toilet. I only ever flush once like a normal person lmao. So now that your cases are open check for tags. Make sure to look behind booklets in the case, and behind the disk. I’ve only found that a small percentage are actually tagged, but 1 it could be different in your store, and 2 it’s just smart to always check. So please don’t skip this step just cause the chance is small. ALWAYS CHECK FOR TAGS that doesn’t even just apply here and I shouldn’t have to say that but I will just so I can be held accountable to that if someone gets caught cause they beeped using my tips. Anyways moving on from the obvious, now you’re basically done. I never close my cases back up, because I don’t need to, and it’s just extra noise. So then just put the games back in your bag again and you’re home free.


I wrote this really quick so it’s super badly written probably but whatever ya know, lemme know if there’s anything I should change and feel free to add tips of you have any.

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Part 2: I don't even want appreciation I just hate it when she makes out that I don't do anything + I'm selfish and wallahi sometimes it really gets to me + I feel like such a shitty person and I hate being in that state of mind. I just want a healthy loving relationship. My dad isn't involved in my life and I just need the support of at least one parent and if i try to express myself she takes it personally. All I think about is just moving out and I know that won't solve my problems.

Trust me Hun, we ALL are going through the exact same. The problem is, that in most of our families, we don’t or can’t see each other as individuals. As people, with their own set of problems and worries and anxieties. I feel you. Honestly, so much.

It hurts. Especially, if like me, you are quite sensitive to your mothers words, it can be very horrible.

But as angry as you may be and as unfair as it may feel, don’t ever become so far away from your mum that you can’t come back from it.

I’m not sure how to advise you. I think we are all learning and working our way through the same things. Believe me. And when both your parents are at home, it can get twice as difficult. But these are some things I find help:

1 - Be patient, firstly. Control your tongue, especially when your mum is going off. Sometimes I am/have been silent for days on end, because I never want to say anything to hurt my mum.

2 - Be kind. Even sometimes, when you don’t feel like it. Do whatever small things you can. Whenever you can.

3 - Plan your days ahead and add time to do a little around the house. Most days I don’t leave the house unless I’ve cleaned some and made lunch for the family. Often, I don’t eat the lunch, but I do it, because it makes my mums life a little easier. But I start my days a little earlier, so I can do something to help.

4 - Create some space. When you have work to do; assignments or anything, go out of the house and complete that work elsewhere. So that you have space and time to breathe and get the things done that you need doing.

5 - Understand that sometimes it’s not even about you not doing things. Often, I find my mum goes off, when other people let her down. And often, as her most stable and present person, I bear the brunt of it. Remember that she is going through a lot. And has been through a lot. More than you will ever understand.

I’ve been an advocate for youtube ever since I could remember turning on a computer. It’s helped me through so much and it’s been huge part of my life and I’m endlessly thankful for that. Having said that, youtube has screwed up so much over the years but nothing as monumental as this. Not only is youtube fucking with their amazing LGBTQ+ content creators, but this move is just so shitty for young views, who like me, would be going to youtube as a source for LGBTQ+ content that can barley be found in main steam media. Youtube is trying to make it seem like it’s not a big deal because such a small user base use the restricted mode but that’s no excuse. Of that small amount could be youth who are trying their hardest to find a meaning to their identity and without being able to access the information they want in a truthful and entertaining way could be harmful to their development aahhhHHH
Sorry this just really shitted me off, rant over

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Omg, you summed up my feelings so perfectly. F*ck that whole episode. They screwed over Maul and Ezra just to get in that ridiculous Obi-Wan fanservice. Obi-Wan shouldn't even be on this show. This whole episode felt like it was part of a different TV show. The plot/character derailment was mind boggling. And it was so pointless even in-universe. Neither Ezra nor Maul learned a damn thing! I hate how they brought Maul back solely to die painfully without growing as a person.

*nods* It was a shitty move. Now I’m not sure I can defend this show anymore. I just hope the remaining two episodes give us something that’d take our minds off of this colossal disappointment. I’m not going to hold my breath on that though.

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Betrayal II. Steve Rogers #3

Part I

I owe you explanation. Some of you are not happy because of cheating Pietro. But I had to use him as a cheater, even if I don’t like thought about Pietro cheating on his girlfriend. I needed someone I’m attached to, so that description of emotions(especially it this part) will be credible. I thought about random cheating guy, who you could equate with your ex-boyfriend, but I think it wouldn’t be trustworthy. Please forgive me this choice, because it broke my heart.

There’s smut in this part, but it’s short and shitty, because this post is so long :o

Oh my God, this one is very dramatic.

I dedicate it for Nonny, who sent me lot of nice messages <3 

Hope you all will like it.


When you woke up you couldn’t remember why you weren’t in your room. But the truth hit you with all its power quickly. Despite tears in your eyes you noticed that someone had to move you from couch on the bed. Steve’s room was empty and you felt awful that he had to sleep somewhere else. You looked around and saw sandwiches, glass of water and a piece of paper on bedside table.


I thought that you wouldn’t like to go and see others so I prepared breakfast for you. I had to go out, but if you will need something, call me. I will try to come back as soon sa possible.


You smiled at Steve’s motion. He was always so kind and caring. And he always knew what you needed the most.

You took one sandwich and bit it. You were wondering what you should do right now. You didn’t want to leave Steve’s safe room, but you couldn’t spend here all your life. Seeing Maximoff and Romanoff was unavoidable and you should prepare for it. But you just didn’t know how. You loved him so much and you were sure he loved you too. And now you couldn’t even say his name.

One thing couldn’t leave you.

Maximoff, don’t stop. You know what I like the most.

That meant it didn’t happen once or even twice. It was regular. And it was the worst. You would probably forgive them if it’d happened for the first time. You could understand, emotions are sometimes pernicious. But they were doing it regulary. Since when?

You cried out when Steve entered room.

“Y/N” he whispered and came to you. He pulled you firmly to his chest.“Don’t cry, please. It’s broking my heart”

“I-I’m so sorry, Steve” you sobbed.“I don’t want to bother you”

“You never bother me, Y/N. But you have to be strong. I know it’s strong, but you must show them that they can’t broke you”

“But they already did” you siniffled and crumpled Steve’s shirt.“I need to know when it started, before I’ll kill him”

“Maybe it was the only time it happened” he suggested.

“No, Steve. She said ‘Maximoff, don’t stop. You know what I like the most’. It happened many times” you claimed hardly.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m so sorry” he pulled you closer.“I didn’t knew. Nobody knew”

“Where’s Clint? I supposed that he’ll like to spend some time with me right now” you changed subject.

“He’s probably doing something stupid. Like killing one bleach-blonde guy or something” he said playfully with gentle smile on his face.

“I don’t think it’s stupid” you smiled back, but your smile was sad.

“I’ll tell him he has your agreement”

You spent all day in Steve’s room. Clint, Wanda, Tony and Bruce came to visit you and they tried to comfort you. Tony caused you to laugh and Wanda devised the most offensive abused for her brother. She thought it’ll help you, but all you wanted was to forget about him.

Next morning when you woke up, Steve was already gone, and he didn’t leave you anything to eat, so you was forced to left his room and go to kitchen. You didn’t have any clean clothes, so you put on your shorts and you let yourself took one of Cap’s t-shirts.

You headed to kitched. You didn’t meet anyone, and you were glad because of that. Kitchen was empty too, so you opened the fridge and took tomato and cucumber. You were preparing your breakfast, as you heard this familiar voice.
“Y/N?” you turned back and saw Pietro. He had dark purple bruise on his eye.
“Was it Clint?” you asked gesturing at his face.

“Yes…And Stark a little” he grimaced.

“You deserved all of that” you shrugged and turned back to him.

“Y?N, I’m so so sorry. I love you” he zoomed to you and took your arm.

“Don’t touch me!” you growled.“How can I forgive you?! You cheated on me. Not once. Not twice. You were cheating on me for a long time. With my friend, Maximoff. I can’t forgive you. I hate you.”

“I’m really sorry. I was an asshole. A fool, but I love you, Y/N” he cried and looked at you.

“When had it started?” you asked quietly.

“It’s not important…Y/N..”

“When?!” you shouted and waved with knife around his face.

“The day before I proposed to you” he whispered and looked at his shoes.

You cried out and dropped a knife.

“What’s going on?” Steve walked into the kitchen and saw you in tears and Pietro trying to catch your hand. “Leave her alone, Maximoff. You have already hurt her enough”

“It’s not your buisness, Rogers” Pietro growled at him with rage in eyes.“You were always jealous, weren’t you? When she chose me, not you. You wanted to be me, didn’t you? And now you hope you’ll have her. You took her to your room and gave your clothes. You have hope, that she’ll choose you ”

“Don’t treat Y/N like a thing. You wasted your chance. You had such a great girl and you have been cheating on her? You’re not a man. You’re a coward” you have never seen Steve like this. He looked powerful and his eyes shooted lighting. He came to Quicksilver and threw him out of the kitchen.

You slumped on the floor and cried.

“Hey, Y/N. It’s alright, I’m here” Steve took you in his arms and carried you upstairs.“Tony have a new room for you. You can go there anytime you want”

“Thanks. And sorry for bothering you. I’ll take my stuff and moved out from your room”

“No, no, Y/N. I didn’t want it to seem like that. I’m glad that you stayed with me. Honestly… It was nice not being alone as always” he whispered trying not to look at you. You blushed and didn’t know what to say.

The same day you moved into your new room. It was in other corridor, near Wanda’s and Bruce’s rooms. You used a chance to take your stuff from old room, when most of team was on mission. Steve joined you.

“Ok, so these things are mine, these are Maximoff’s and this dress is Widow’s” you gestured and three piles. “They are gone right now, so I’m going to put it in their rooms”

“I’ll help you. I’ll take Maximoff’s thing to him” Steve offered.

“Thanks, Cap” you smiled to him.

After an hour your new room was decorated. Your books were in showcases, clothes in wardrobe and cosmetics in bathroom.

“You know, I have to make housewarming” you grinned at Steve, when you hang new curtains.“Or rather roomwarming”

“That’s good idea. Tony’ll be in seven heaven” Steve nodded and laid on your new sheets.

“I’m going to text him so that he’ll remember about alcohol” you claimed and took your cell.

“You’re going to do this party right now?” Cap raised an eyebrow in suprise.

“Yes, why not?” you frowned at him.“All we need is good company and alcohol. We’re in Avenger’s base so good company is assured, and Tony will take care of rest”

“Ok, so I’ll go change my clothes” he giggled. He was wearing sweatpants and tight t-shirt and he was looking sexy.

“Of course. You should find your best tux” you rolled your eyes with smile.“Come on, Stev. It’s spontaneous party. I’m not going to change my clothes. I hope everyone will have their home outfit”

Roomwarming now. Take good company and alcohol. Dress code: sweatpants and t-shirts.

You texted Tony. After five minutes he entered your room without knocking with Bruce, Wanda, Clint, Vision and Falcon. They all had old baggy clothes.

“Thor has a date, but he wish us good fun” claimed Tony and sat on your bed.“Nice design”

“Thanks. What took you so much time?” you giggled.

“Finding alcohol. Believe me or not, but someone has found almost all my secret stashes” he complained and opened stood bottle of whiskey, vodka and rum on the floor.

“It was probably Pietro” frowned Bruce.“When I came next to him few hours ago he smelt like a distillery.”

“We had a luck we didn’t meet him or Romanoff. It let us avoid awkwar questions, like where are you going? Why can’t we go with you?” Tony tried to joke, but nobody laughed.

“Guys, I invited you for a party, not for a funeral meal” you finally said and Tony grinned.

“Perfect! But we don’t have glasses so we are forced to drink from bottles”

He opened bottles and you turned on music. Everyone started chatting. You talked with Wanda, but you knew she’d rather spent some time with Vision, so you sipped last time from her bottle and left her. You sat on the floor next to Steve who was strangely silent.

“Something wrong, Steve?”  you asked him pinking his arm with yours.

“No…I just pondered” he sighed.

“I see. You had better mood earlier” you noticed and stroked his arm.“Tell me what’s going on”

“Can we go out? It’s too loud in here and I can’t take all my thoughts together” he sighed and rippled hair on the back of his head.

“Sure” you answered and stood up. Steve looked at you, miffed.

“I could help you” he stood up too. You rolled your eyes.

“Come on. We can take the air on the terrace” you left the room without attracting attention.

You headed to the patio in silence. As you sat on the bench, Steve started to talk.

“It’s all because of him. This son of a bitch. I should’ve kill him. How he could do someting like that? He is…he is…” Steve embraced his head in palms.
“Steve, who are you talking about” you asked and your eyes widened, but you have already knew.

“This little bastard, Maximoff” he looked at you and you noticed that he is probably quite tipsy.

“I think Clint took care of him. You saw his face” you didn’t know what to say at Steve’s confession.

“That’s not enough” he gainsaid.“ Can I ask you something?”


“No offence, but you don’t look really…worried or something about this…incident."he claimed."So I want to ask is everything okey? It’s not good to hide emotions inside, because they can… blow”

“Oh” you sighed.“I try to to think about all of it. Like today, when we were dectorating. I had such a great time. And I don’t want to cry all the time. I grew up in screwed up family and I cried a lot. Clint taught me how to be strong person. I went through worse things in my life. I loved him and he hurt me in the worst possible way, so I’m not going to waste my tears on him. I was devastated at the beginning and I don’t wat to feel like this anymore.”

“You are very strong, Y/N” Steve whispered looking at you with admiration in eyes.

“Sometimes I feel so weak, Steve” you suddenly cried and nestled in his arm.

“Like all of us, babe”

“Steve, he said earlier something about you, do you remember? In the kitchen” you asked Cap after few moments.

“Yes..I do” he sighed. “I thought you don’t remember”

“What did he mean?” you whispered looking at his strong jaw.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you that, but keeping it exhausting” Steve wriggled awkwardly an the bench. “When I saw you for the first time I thought you’re beautiful. I wanted to know you better, to talk to you, that’s why I offered my help with bags. But of course, Maximoff was faster. I spoke with you only few minutes and I decided to spend time with you the next day, but you’ve already with him. So I gave up. He knew that he anticipated me, he’s not stupid”

“But after that you were almost rude to me, sometimes. You’ve been always avoiding me. When I entered room you’ve always left it. I was wondering what did I do to you”

“It’s stupid, but I couldn’t stand that I lost you. During our trainings, I noticed that you’re not only beautiful, but also smart and kind. I-I… hated myslef that I couldn’t talk even few minutes with you”

“Steve, I don’t know what to say” you breathed.

“You don’t have to say anything. I just need you to know that I had to said that. Otherwise I’d explode, Y/N. I can’t hid it anymore” Steve hid his face in hands. You were shocked. You’ve always thought he was rude for you, because he didn’t like you. His confession suprised you so much.


“Shh” he leant on you and dabbed your lips with his. He stroked your cheek slightly and you blushed under his touch. He slid with his thumb along your bottom lip. You were froze. His touch made you shiver and you couldn’t look away from his blue eyes. He dabbed your mouth again and you parted your lips with sigh of pleasure.

Steve pressed his lips to yours and kissed you firmly wrapping arms around your waist. You armed his neck and poked hand in his hair.

You were hit with thought that it was cheating on Pietro, but you realised that he ended your relationship. You owe him nothig. You were free woman, who could kiss anyone you wanted.

Steve moaned quietly as you bit his lip. Your hand roamed at his muscular chest, stroking his biceps and torso.

“I was right, huh?” you heard Sokovian accent nearby. You jumped back and saw Pietro leaning against terrace’s fence. “You’ve been only waiting for opportunity to get her”

You knew he was drunk. He had blurred gaze and he spoke unclearly.

“You don’t deserve her” Steve growled standing up. You tried to stop him, but he didn’t see that. “You were cheating on her and now you’re treating her like a thing. Someone should give you a lesson”

Steve rolled up his sleeves and headed to Pietro.

“Steve, please. Stop!” you cried hauled off and hit Pietro in stomach. And then in face.

“Why? Why should I stop, Y/N?” Steve growled looking at you. And when he saw your face he understood and approache you. “God, Y/N. I’m so sorry”

You cringed as he wanted to hug you. You saw pain in his eyes.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that…Oh my God, your parents…Did they really hit you?” he wrapped arms around you and cradled you. Pietro disappeard.

“We should go back” you finally claimed and stood up.

Next to your room’s doors he caught your wrist and pulled you to the wall and kissed lovingly. You weren’t sure if you should do it, but you knew that he’d do anything for you. He protected you. And he suffered a lot, so you kissed him back.

As you entered your room you noticed that everyone were drunk.

“Oh! Finally! We are playing truth or dare. Sit down!” Tony gibbered and patted piece of floor next to him. You sat there and Cap sat between Clint and Wanda. “Fantastic. So it’s my turn now. I choose…Capsicle! Truth or dare?”

“Truth” Steve sighed disclaimerly.

“Ok, so who is the last person you kissed?” Tony had big grin on his face, and you hoped nobody would saw your flush. Steve looked at you and you shrugged.

“Y/N” he said quietly and everyone froze.

“Oh… I thought it’ll be fun, because he’s an old man and his last kiss took place seventy years ago, but now…It’s just awkward” Tony was shocked. His gaze ambulated from you to Steve. “When was that?”

“Three minutes ago” you snorted with laughter.

“That was…Unexpected” Clint looked at you curiously.“Maximoff is going to go mad”

“He already did” Steve frowned.“He saw us”

“Oh” Wanda covered her mouth with hand and stood up. She smiled to you apologetically “Sorry, Y/N. I know he’s an asshole, but he’s still my brother”

“Sure” you shrugged. “We don’t want him to to anything stupid”

“He already did something stupid” interrupted Tony.“Ok, kids. It’s late and some of us have responsibilities. Goodnight everyone”

Tony, Vision, Bruce, Wanda and Clint drifted away.

“Steve” you whispered very shy, suddenly.

“Yes, love?” he stroked your face gently.

“Could you stay with me? I-I’m afraid of nightmares” you looked at your feet.

“Of course” he cuddled you and nestled you into his chest. “I’m not going to leave you. Never”

He went to the bathroom first. When you left shower you saw him sitting on your bed only in boxers. You wore your favourite pyjamas with blue tshirt and red shorts.

“I like those colours” he smiled nervously. You laid on the bed so that Steve could be bigger spoon. He put one arm beneath you head and the other and gripped yours and you fell asleep.

The next day you and Steve started dating. It was differend relationship than with Pietro. Your days with Steve were routine. Everyday trainings, watching films on the couch together and sometimes dates in fancy restaurants. But you weren’t bored. Life with Pietro was full of suprises and you liked it, but his last…suprise put you on the edge of mental breakdown, so you were thankful for your routine.

Steve was cute. He often gave you flowers or small presents, which imaged his feelings for you. He slept with you and treated like a lady. You felt special by his side. He always made you feel special. He kissed you tenderly when he met you in common room or kitchen and you loved it.

But you also tried to avoid Pietro. You couldn’t look at him, but you also didn’t want him to see you with Cap. Even if Maximoff hurt you, you didn’t want to hurt him too. You knew that he suffered.

You had serious talk with Clint, who thought that you were with Steve only to upset Pietro, but you explained him that he’s wrong.

You even talked with Nat. She apologized you and you forgive her, but you both knew she couldn’t be your friend anymore.

That day was your and Steve’s free day. You were spending evening laying on your bed and reading books. Suddenly, Steve leant on you and started kissing your neck. You shivered and looked at him curiously, because he’ve never done anything like this before. He only kissed you and mouth or cheek and his kisses were cute. And this one made your skin burn.


“Shh” he whispered and you turned to him. He sat you on his lap and kissed you passionatelly pressing your body against his.

You stopped withstanding and kissed him back with this same passion.  His arm slipped under your tshirt and started stroking your back. You put you hand in Steve’s hair, because you knew he loved it. And you weren’t wrong. Steve moaned against your lips and laid you on the bed.

His hand roamed at your front and started massagging your breast which made you whimpig Steve’s name in pleasure. You stripped Cap’s tight shirt and kissed his muscled shoulder. Steve too off your shirt too and kissed yiur ear, cheek, chin, neck and roamed down kissing you slowly. When he approached you waistband the took of your jeans. You reached to his trousers, so he took of them too. You used your chance and overturned him, so you could sat at his body.

You smirked and rubbed your crotch against his.

“Y/N” he moaned and you kissed him slowly scratching his chest. Steve unclipped your bra and used his strenght to laid you on your back again. He reached between you legs and started to massaged you through fabric to made a friction which felt so good so you needed more. You moved your hips in this same rythm so his hand.

“So, you are dominate, Steve?” you whispered into his ear licking it and bitting. He didn’t answear, but kissed your stomach and ripped off your panties. Steve was kissing your inner thights and his warm breath on your sensitive skin turned you on. He finally embraced your legs and kissed your softest part of body. His tounge slipped inside you and you moaned slowly feeling his warm lips and tounge. His cheek stroked your inner thingt what drove you crazy in need and desire. You grabbed your sheets and moaned loudly his name. Through your head went a thought that someone heard you, but you didn’t care feeling Steve’s kisses and fingers on your entrance and legs.

When you were close to you climax and your voice became higher Steve pulled away and ripped of his boxers.

“You’re sure, sweetheart?” he asked, but you just wrapped arms around his neck and kissed him with all your desire and lust. He smiled and adjusted against your entrance. You wrapped one leg around his waist and he thrusted kissing you deeply.

You moaned against his lips and he started to thrust faster and harder.

“Steve!"you whimped loudly which made him move faster and faster so you felt you climax coming again. You were repeating his name and cursing sometimes in pleasure. And then you felt your world collapsed around you. Your inner walls tightened around Steves member and you yelled his name last time. He thrusted one more time and came with you kissing your neck.

"I love you, Y/N” he sighed lying next to you. His chest was covered with sweat and it looked pretty damn sexy.

“I love you too, Steve” you said and kissed him gently before falling asleep.

The next day Tony held a party. You put on your favourite blue dress and high-heels. Steve wore black trousers and blue elegant shirt. You walked into full of people common room together.

You danced together almost an hour, before Steve headed to Sam to chat about a mission and you headed to bar. You ordered a fourth glass of tequilla when Pietro sat next to you. You ignored him. You took your glass and went out on the balcony. You popped pack of cigarettes from your purse. You lighted one and puffed deeply.

“I didn’t know that you smoke” you heard Pietro’s voice. You turned to him.

“Because I started when we stopped talking to each other” you smirked and sipped from your glass. “What do you want?”

“I heard you yesterday. I was in Wanda’s room when…” he messed up his hair and you grimaced.

“Sorry, I didn’t think…”

“No, you don’t have to be sorry, Y/N” he sighed. “It’s all my fault and I know it. I fucked up. But I need to know if there is any chance that you’ll forgive me”

“Pietro… You did to me the worst thing you could do. I loved you and you were cheating on me with my friend… How can I forgive you?” your eyes welled up with tears. You have barely unscrambled your life and now he was going to ruin it again.“You were everything to me!” you yelled.

“Y/N, I know…” he whimped, but you interrupted him.

“No. You don’t know. You were happily fucking my friend, when I was choosing my wedding dress, Pietro.” you were drunk and furious. You knew that whole party heard your yells, but you didn’t care. “And when I finally managed I forgot about you, you had to ruin it! I hate you, Maximoff and I want you to stop apologizing”

He was looking at you with fear in eyes. He never saw you in mood like this before. You saw Steve in balcony’s doors. His gaze wasn’t scared, but caring. He approached you and hugged.

“Steve, I want to be alone right now” you whispered and you knew that it hurt him, but he let you go. You slipped between Tony’s guests and went to your room. You found bottle of whiskey, which Tony gave you as birthday gift and you took a deep sip from it. You sat on the floor and cried.

You hated yourself. You still cared about this little prick and you hurt person who helped you walk through mess in your life. You pushed away Steve, who always was with you even in worst days.

You took another sip. All your life was a mess and he was the only person who cared about you and you hurt him. You were fucked up.

Tears fell down your face, smudging your make-up. You stood up. You were mad at yourself. You accidentally looked in the mirror and hated face you saw. All covered in eyeliner and tears. You threw bottle in your reflection and that gave you a relief you needed. You started to devastate your room. You dismembered all your books, toppled shelves and shatter ornaments.

After all of this you slumped on your knees and sat in the middle of this mess. You wiped your face with your forearm and you noticed it’s covered in blood. You cut your arm with one of glass pieces. You felt very weak.

“Y/N? What the fuck?” you heard Wanda’s scared voice. You looked at her and she yelled. You knew how you looked like. All in blood tears and mascara. Picture of disaster.

“Wanda… Where’s Steve?” you cried and she sat next to you.

“He’s probably punching Pietro. I heard your thoughts. I’ll contact Pietro. Helen Cho is on this party, so she can stitch your forearm in infirmary. We need to clean your face” she took tissues from her black handbag and started to wipe you. You were still sobbing when Steve, Helen and Pietro entered your room.

“Oh, God. Darling” Steve kneeled next to you and took your cut arm.

“Steve, can you carry her to infirmary? I need stitches” Helen watched your wound precisely.

“Sure” he claimed and took you in his arms.

“I could do it faster” offered Pietro concerned tone.

“You are not going to touch her” Steve growled at him and left the room.

the fuck is wrong with me
for unloading all my sins
on the girl who barely got to be
here a weekend, shit my skin’s
been eager to show
a decade or more
but no one can know
the pity whore
i am at heart,
weakness i hide behind shitty art
and vain poems about how i’m
deep cause i can rhyme,
shit close the fucking thesaurus
for once and get the rust
off your mind,
i said i was the kind
to stay up all night
so i can write
something to prove
i can love but my fingers move
when my life can’t
cause pretty lines plant
this idea that i’m an artist
but the hardest
part is being one
when my fingers are done,
when i keep talking as the pages end
because there’s so much forgotten i haven’t penned
but i keep trying and digging
into all the sins i’m living,
all the awful shit i do
and know i’ll continue to,
things i can’t say
and keep putting off to write about another day -
like the simple truth is strange
and i’m afraid things would change
if you knew
i love you

anonymous asked:

This is so stupid but my ex kept hitting on my best friend at my birthday party last week, he was drunk and it was borderline harassment. I fucking hate him and I want him to pay and make him feel as shitty as I feel

I found with those that hurt me, the best way to get ‘pay back’ is just to show him how happier you are without him. My last ex made me so miserable and he was toxic and manipulative. Being happy without him made him so angry and then finding someone who treats me better has drove him crazy. But the best part of all of this is I don’t care about my ex no more and he knows that. Just move on from him (easier said than done) but he’s your ex for a reason, I hope this helps! Chin up sweet pea x

**Sorry forgot to write about this in the last post. Family again**

Like I don’t even want to come out to them. I feel like they don’t deserve to know those parts of me and they aren’t going to make an effort I think. So why should I burden myself with trying to teach them, expose myself to more hurtful abuse, and all that to have them be shitty? I just want to move out, live my life and not fill them in on who I am. Maybe at some point I might but if I do I just want to be like “Oh by the way I’m trans and non-binary. This is my name and pronouns. I’m not your daughter I’m your kid and I’m not your sister I’m your sibling” and just leave it at that. Leave them in the confusion and have them try to educate themselves if they bother to. And I’m not going to say anything about my sexuality because it’s none of their business. When I am with someone and it’s at that place where they should know then they will. As far as I’m concerned you don’t deserve to know me and my life doesn’t concern you. You put me in this position to be completely closed off and don’t feel bad that you don’t even fucking know me. I don’t want you to if it’s going to be the same treatment as I’m dealing with now.

TG: hey
TG: how are you doing the ass feeling any better

Had an rp with this guy about a catholic schoolstuck kinda thing so i drew a shit
they get in trouble a lot

Calm Down --- Liam Dunbar Story

Requested by: NO ONE BITCHES

warnings: swearing I think

Sorry I’ve been shit at posting, even though I have a bunch of requests to get through, I lost my mojo to write them AND ON TOP OF THAT I’m having trouble writing the next part of His New Anchor which is pretty shitty too. But here’s something I have been working on for a bit. This is just a part so tell me if you want more. 



I’m Adelaide Knight. Everyone calls me Addie though. It’s easier. I’m 15 years old and I just moved in with my cousin and my aunt. I was having a lot of trouble back home with school and stress and I was talking to Lydia one day and she said that I should come here. She said that it’d be easier for me to start fresh here.

I put on a loose maroon tank top, a black patterned skirt pulled up to my waist, a long gray thick knit cardigan that reaches the end of my skirt, sheer black tights and black combat boots. It’s nothing special, but then again…neither am I. My dark brown hair is pulled into a messy bun and I have minimal makeup on. 

“Time to go, Addie.” Lydia says as she stands in my doorway. I nod and grab my phone and bag. I don’t think I’m actually ready for this…

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