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In the early days Genji surely must have had a breakdown once in a while. And while Gabe is maybe not the hug-type can he at least provide some feel-good-movies. 


lavi for best wingman 


u kno they dead


“Isn’t it pretty?” // “Yeah…”

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I originally planned to do a mini comic of the festival scene but then I got carried away. go figure.

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Kanan Jarrus | Star Wars Rebels

I’ve been sitting on so many finale/Kanan feels so I finally arted a thing. 

(more SWR fanart)

So I don’t know if people already commented on this, but when Sam meets Dean in the diner at the beginning of 12x11, and Dean shows him his busted phone, Sam says the following:

SAM: Well I’ll text mom and make sure she knows to get a hold of me in case of an emergency, and Cas in case he tracks down Kelly.

It made me realise that both Cas and Mary have a tendency to contact Dean first. So much so that Sam actually has to go and tell them to contact HIM instead of Dean with any info or in case of an emergency.

Let’s say Cas or Mary get in trouble and they only have time to fire off one text or make a quick phone call - Sam is so convinced they’d try Dean first, that he wants to make absolutely sure that they wouldn’t get hurt by trying to reach a phone that doesn’t work. So he texts them to let them know to contact him instead.

A quick retread through this season’s episodes to check which brother gets contacted first:

In 12x05 They have a convo with Aaron, but it’s unsure who calls whom. Either way, they’re using Dean’s phone to make the call.

In 12x07 Dean’s playing Scrabble with Mary and Cas calls Dean.

In 12x08 Crowley calls Dean with info about Lucifer’s newest vessel, causing Dean to power down the wards in the bunker.

In 12x09, Alicia Banes was calling Dean for help on a case.

I seem to remember reading meta about this before, about how it tends to be Dean that people (other hunters / friends / acquaintances) - discounting random witness n°5 for the MotW here - contact first (though not always, of course). I have no idea how far back it goes (here’s where my friends with near-encyclopaedic knowledge of the show @postmodernmulticoloredcloak@mittensmorgul​ and @elizabethrobertajones (among others) can probably help me) but it is something I’ve noticed myself.

Though of course Cas contacting Dean first is not all that remarkable, since - even setting aside any shippy explanation - the show itself has recognised their stronger bond multiple times. Also, it tends to be Dean instead of Sam contacting Cas, too, so it runs both ways. In 12x04, it was also Dean reaching out to Mary first with a text, which may be the reason why Sam would think that Mary would call Dean first.

I don’t even remember if there was a point to this post :) Just wanted to highlight this little tidbit of almost throwaway conversation - really it was just an easy way to explain why Mary and Cas aren’t in the ep - because it just stuck with me.