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I love seeing people gush over why they love Destiel, so may I ask, why do you love Destiel?

Well - for the long version, I invite you to read my fics, because that’s where I put everything that I love about both Dean and Cas and also the way they are together and all those things that make my heart go weeeeeeee, and as for the short version -

Narratively speaking, I love how unhurriedly and organically that love between them grew, because most of the time, TV and movie romances are forced and they never give you any explanation as to why those two characters would fall for each other, exactly, and you’re just left with this impression that, duh, hot people will automatically pair up and love itself is just about, I don’t know, dropping half a muffin on someone while wearing a darling dress and your hair’s not combed but you still look dropdead gorgeous ‘cause you’re Emma Stone or some shit (but of course, you don’t know you’re cute, that’s what matters) and the guy brushes off the crumbs and he’s rude about it but you can’t stop thinking about him all day ‘cause of course, he’s Ryan bloody Gosling and BAM, that’s how the magic happens. And that’s mostly why I don’t like and don’t watch romance stuff - because in my experience, that’s not how love happens, and I consider that way of looking at the world more dangerous than gore and horror (hashtag why are Tarantino movies age-restricted and yet we keep pushing Sparks novels on kids). So, well, I wasn’t expecting a love story in Supernatural at all and I love the fact we didn’t have to suffer though what usually happens and how Dean and Cas just - did it all on their own, in a way, in open rebellion of who they are and the orders they were given and the unforgiving world they live in.

And as for the story itself - it just works, doesn’t it? Even if it wasn’t planned, it’s plain perfect, because Dean - Dean is someone who has (had) no faith, and no self-love at all, and Cas was literally put on his path to invite him to believe and tell him he was special (I think I wrote somewhere that based on that, it doesn’t even matter if Cas looks like Misha Collins - he could have been a green goat and Dean would still have fallen for him). And as for Cas - Dean is what Cas’ longed for his whole life - a way out, and a way towards a deeper part of himself Cas knows is there, but is not sure what to do with. A man afraid of flying and an angel afraid of falling meet in the middle, as the famous tagline goes. And I love how they circled around each other at first, how they learned to trust each other and understand each other and finally love each other - and, most of all, how soft they are with each other - Dean’s been taught never to do that, never to open up, never to be vulnerable, and Cas’ a soldier, he was literally bred for battle, and yet - they look at each other and treat each other with such profound care, it’s heartbreaking to watch. 

And at this point, of course, the problem is sex - not only for the writers and the producers and the money people, because what happens if we make it truly gay, but also for the characters themselves - that’s all there is to it - and that makes it interesting, because sex is never an obstacle in ‘traditional’ stories - no, there it’s mostly falling into bed together and there’s never any problem and they both come right, left and centre, but here - here’s definitely where you see how deeply Christian Supernatural is at its core, because Dean and Cas know they love each other now, that’s textual, and I’m convinced Dean thinks Cas simply doesn’t want him, not like that, and Cas is not sure if he should even offer, because he doesn’t understand sexuality very well, so there’s this tension and shame and uncertainty there which - and this is important, this changes everything - is not the usual American teen comedy nonsense like ‘he’ll think I’m a slut’ and ‘abortions kill your spleen and then you die’ and ‘I respect her too much to put my he-stick inside her’ - nope - this is more similar to those stories Supernatural was modeled on, medieval chansons de geste where sex in not a sin in itself, it’s you having a sense of self that’s the problem, and that’s beautiful and tragic and choke-full of that I’m not good enough for you mud we all wade through, every day, our whole lives, so that’s the other thing I love about Destiel - that it uses the timeless trope of the love story between a human and an immortal being in the best possible way - to reflect upon our humanity, to wonder if we deserve to be saved - a question which despite everything, still resonates with us, because that’s who we still are - a breed of apes who randomly became something more and basically spent its entire time span on this Earth prodding in awe and terror at the question why me.

Are We Okay? - Harry Styles Imagine

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Your boyfriend was the famous Harry Styles. Of course you wouldn’t change anything about him but his famous life has becoming a hassle. You and Harry text and FaceTime everyday but you and him know it’s not the same. You miss his touch, You miss him waking you up in the mornings with peppered kisses and a fresh cup of coffee already prepared by him. You miss his touch, his touch was something that always got you weak in the knees. When he would be clingy while you were cooking and stay behind you touching your waist, arms, anything from your body in sight.
Today, you missed him the most it was your 10 month anniversary, you and Harry celebrated every month him always saying every time mark we hit together was special. Sadly, he was in London for an interview then traveling to London to perform a little gig with the guys while you were al the way in LA. Even though you weren’t together you scheduled a FaceTime call, it was about that time so you got your MacBook ready and imagining he was getting his.
You hit your boyfriends name and hit FaceTime, you didn’t expect to be as nervous as you were.
When his cute lop sided smile appeared on the screen you instantly got happy. “Hey baby!”
“Hello gorgeous, I’ve been waiting for you to call me. I miss you so much” Harry said back, you look this time to examine his appearance. He was beautiful as always, his mess of curls push back into a little man bun that he loves, he was wearing a white t-shirt and his eyes were the prettiest shade of green, you could believe this masterpiece was yours.

“Um, Y/N? You okay baby?”

“Oh, yeah.”  You whispered, “I’m perfect”

“So, how was your day? I want to hear every detail. Mine was pretty boring so love tell me about you.” He said.

You began to tell him about your day and began to discuss how you almost got hit by a car crossing the road to the nail salon you went to earlier.

“You’ve got to be more careful, my love” Harry then smirked, “But I have a joke, why did Adele cross the road?”

“No, Hazza please d-”

“To say Hello from the other side!” Harry burst into laughter, like it was the funniest thing in the world. His laugh is so adorable. When he saw you weren’t laughing he paused. “Oh C’mon Y/N that was gold!”

You just shook your head and smiled at your dork of a boyfriend. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Harry turned to you confused and yelled a “Come in!”
Someone completely unexpected walked and your whole demeanor changed. “Hey Harry” Kendall Jenner said as she gave him a peck on the cheek, then looked at his computer and noticed your very unhappy face on the screen. “Oh, I’m sorry did I interrupt something?”
“Oh, um. Kendall can you wait in the hallway for a minute?” Harry bit his lip, something he does when he’s nervous.

She then nodded her head and left and immediately Harry started to ramble.

‘I’m so sorry baby, it slipped my mind to tell you I was going to the movies with Kendall. Only as friends though! I promise nothing’s going on with her and I, it’s just dinner and I was meaning to tell you but the time went so fast I completely forgot don’t be ma-”

“Harry, stop. It’s okay, enjoy your movie. I’m alright.” You gave a sly smile.

“Are you sure? I really don’t want you to be mad at me baby.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I trust you, but I don’t trust her one bit. But, did you really have to do it on our anniversary?”

“I know, I know I’m sorry but I have to go.” Harry then ended the call and you stared in disbelief.

Yes, you trusted Harry. But did he have to go the movies with Kendall, his ex. Out of all the friends Harry has, Kendall was the last person you’d expect.
You heard your phone buzz and saw a text message from the one and only:

Harry: I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to hang up like that but I promise nothing will happen tonight or ever. Call you later? x

You replied with a quick ‘okay.’ and waited for that call from Harry.

You felt your eyes becoming heavy and decided you should get some rest.

You jolted awake, you noticed the time on the clock and it read 11pm, must’ve been more tired than you thought.

You groaned and decided to go take a shower and brush your teeth, dealing with a worried Harry later.

In the shower you thought of how Harry and Kendall’s date must’ve went, you wondered what they talked about, if they went out after, if they hugged goodbye. You couldn’t help the aching feeling in your chest from the thought of her trying something on him.
You stepped out your hot shower and literally as your second leg hit the floor you heard commotion downstairs.

You got scared, thinking it was an intruder. You quickly grabbed Harry’s bat he put next to the bed in case of emergencies and walked downstairs.
You found a person bending over in your fridge and ran up behind them and almost swung the bat when you recognized the ugly boots on the ‘intruders’ feet.
“Harry?” You whispered instantly dropping the bat at your feet.


He then scooped you into his arms and smashed his lips against yours. This made your whole body relax and instantly move your lips against his. He seemed tense but he groaned when he realized your reaction wasn’t pushing him off. “I’m so sorry” He said after he pulled apart slightly.
“I should’ve never went out with Kendall, especially on our anniversary. It was a dick move, something I’ll never do again. I thought you were mad at me reason why I’m here. Fuck the interviews and shows, you’re what matters most”

“No, Harry it’s just, she’s so beautiful, her family is famous, she’s a model, she gets invited to award shows, parties, I’m just a small town girl that just so happened to get lucky. I don’t deserve you” You dropped your head in shame finally letting out what you’ve been feeling ever since she walked into the room.

“Baby,” He lifted your head up, he had a tear that you could tell he was holding back. “No, you’re not a model, your family isn’t famous, you’re not sitting on a pile of cash. But that’s what I love most about you, you keep me grounded, you truly make me happy every time I see you I get butterflies. You truly have no idea the affect you have on me. And I wouldn’t change anything about you for the world. I love you”

“I love you too.” You said smiling at everything that just came out of his pink lips, he truly was your rock.

“So, are we okay?”

“More than okay.”

“That’s great because,” He then pulled at your towel making it fall to the ground. “I’ve been away from so long, and I’m dying to get a taste”
Here's a full list of Harvey Weinstein's accusers and their allegations
By Nardine Saad

Heather Graham

The “Boogie Nights” star’s alleged encounter took place in the early 2000s, when Weinstein summoned her to his office and said he wanted to put her in one of his films, she told Variety.

“Later in the conversation, he mentioned that he had an agreement with his wife. He could sleep with whomever he wanted when he was out of town. I walked out of the meeting feeling uneasy. There was no explicit mention that to star in one of those films I had to sleep with him, but the subtext was there,” she said.

Graham said she later declined a follow-up meeting at his hotel because she didn’t want to be alone in a hotel room with him.

Angelina Jolie

The Oscar winner said the producer made advances in a hotel room during the release of her film “Playing by Heart” in the ’90s.

“I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did,” Jolie told the New York Times. “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

Rosanna Arquette

The “Pulp Fiction” actress told the New Yorker that she went to the Beverly Hills Hotel in the early 1990s to get a script from Weinstein. According to her, he showed up at the door in a bathrobe and asked for a massage, then placed her hand on his erect penis. She says her career suffered after she rejected him.

Ashley Judd

Judd, whose personal account was a key part of the New York Times investigation, told the newspaper that while she was working on the 1997 thriller “Kiss the Girls,” Weinstein invited her to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what she thought would be a breakfast meeting. 

Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, the newspaper said.

“I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” Judd said. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”

The outspoken actress was applauded by her colleagues for coming forward and also said that “women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.”

Rose McGowan

The “Charmed” alum, who appeared in the Weinstein Co.’s “Scream” franchise, reportedly reached a six-figure settlement with the producer in 1997 for an alleged incident in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival.

The settlement, however, was “not to be construed as an admission” by Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to legal documents obtained by the New York Times.

McGowan has been a vocal on Twitter about Weinstein and has publicly condemned him, his brother and the Weinstein Co. board, along with actors such as Ben Affleck who claim they were unaware of Weinstein’s behavior.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Weinstein was credited with launching Paltrow’s career, aiding in her Oscar win for 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love” and turning her into the “first lady of Miramax.”

Before that, though, Paltrow claimed that the film producer assaulted her when she was 22 after he summoned her to his hotel suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for a work meeting about 1996’s “Emma.” There, according to Paltrow, he placed his hands on her and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages.

“I was a kid. I was signed up; I was petrified,” she told the New York Times.

Paltrow said she confided in her boyfriend at the time, actor Brad Pitt, who later confronted the producer. But she said Weinstein threatened to fire her if she talked about it again. The two managed to carry on with a professional relationship.

Mira Sorvino

The actress told the New Yorker that Weinstein tried to give her a massage and “chas[ed] her around” a hotel room at the Toronto Film Festival in 1995, and later showed up at her New York apartment in the middle of the night. She believes her rebuff of his advances damaged her career.

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Talented Tomato

The one where you are a singer and are in a relationship with Henry — and gets very shy when talking about him.

NOTE: Someone requested a imagine where Henry dates a singer and this is what crossed my mind. Hope you like It! (I was thinking maybe I could do a piece of angst… but I think I wrote too much drama.) Anyway, lemme know what you think! :)

The makeup artists were just finishing some tiny detail from your look and you were checking some notifications on your phone when a producer enters the room to say you had 5 minutes left.

“Ready to face the crowd, rockstar?” Henry said sat on the couch a few steps away from you.

“Eh, you know… it’s not like it’s my first time but it’s different. New album, new single. I haven’t seen the real feedback yet.” You stand up, giving yourself a last look on the mirror and fixing your jumpsuit on your body.

“You look amazing.” He approaches, wrapping his big and strong arms around your waist. “And they’re going to love it. Don’t you worry.” He kisses your cheek.

“Okay way-too-cute-to-be-real-couple, I hate to do that, but now it’s time for Y/N to go.” Your manager said, making Henry letting you go.

“And now, signing live for the first time ever, (Y/N) and her single "Addicted to Love!” Ellen DeGeneres said, introducing you.

You sang your single and the she invited you to sit in front of her.

It wasn’t your first time at her show. You were kinda used to it but you couldn’t deny you were a little bit nervous. The last time you went there, Ellen took a few words out of your mouth.

2 years ago.

It was your second time standing there on the stage. You and Ellen was talking about your last album and your recent video clip when she suddenly changed the subject.

“So, it’s summer right now here in America. Do you like summer? Are you a summer person?” she asks.

You look confusing to the crowd and hesitate before answering. “Yes, I guess…?”

“No, are you, really?” she says with a smirk on her face.

“Yes, I’m a summer person.” You admit. “I’m afraid, Ellen.” You let a laugh slip out of your mouth.

“Do you prefer the American summer or the Brit summer?”

“Why are you asking me this?” You laugh, nervously.

“No… it’s just that you’ve been caught several times in London recently. Is that because of the super amazing weather?”

“I like London. Great place.” now your can feel your cheeks burning.

You knew exactly where she was trying to go. It was something new. You and Henry were seeing each other for not much than 3 months. You used to do your best so you don’t get caught, but lately there was some rumours flying by ever since there was some pictures on the media. Nothing that revealed much, just you hugging or sitting next to one another with a bunch of other people around.


You two met on a concert of yours. He went there with a friend - and it was impossible not to notice a man at his size looking at you while you sang one of your ballads on the stage. He wasn’t very close, but it’s not like he is someone you can not look to.

At the end of the setlist he was waiting in backstage. You were all sweaty, with hair a little unkempt and adrenaline taking over your body. It wasn’t one of your finest moments, but he was extremely kind and nice.

You, your friends and part of your band decided to have a night out so you could meet a little bit more of London as Henry offered himself to be the tour guide.

It hadn’t much to visit since it was late night but you went through a few bars — and had at least one drink in every one of them.

Y'all were very drunk when you decided to finally get some rest. Henry took you to the hotel and offered himself to get you to your room just “to be sure you don’t hurt yourself on the way”. You deny at first, but you weren’t so sure if you were able to get safely to you room as well. He walks with you untill you’re by the door of your room. You rely your body on the door, trying to stand up firmly and to pass the card so you could unlock the door. Henry smiles with his eyes barely opened.

“Who knew you were so cool?” He said, holding your free hand and playing with your fingers.

“You thought I was boring?” you put the other hand on your mouth, looking at him a little bit shook. The card almost fall from your hand, so you finally opens the door. “Don’t even think about It. I’m drunk, a little bit horny, cuz, c'mon, look at you… — you raise your shoulders — But I’m not letting you in. I’m the coolest chick around.”

“Never said you were boring. Just never crossed my mind that you could be cool as much as you are beautiful.” He says, letting his face get closer to yours until your foreheads and noses are one against each other. “And talented, I may add.”

You laugh and feel one of his hands starting to pull your body closer to him.

“You’re a nice guy as well. A super man. You’re huge.” You joke and take a step back removing his hand of your back. “But that’s not happening. I don’t date famous people. That’s my rule.” You say with a smile on your face. Henry is smiling as well. A devilish smile on his mouth.

“I’m a good man. Breaking rules in secret is my hobby, just so you know.”

“Goodnight, Henry.” You finally say before giving him a friendly slapping on his shoulder.


“Are you a fan of hero movies?” Ellen asked. “Cuz I am and I’m gonna tell you… The last superman movie, Man of Steel, it was amazing. Tell Henry he was amazing on that.”

You could tell him yourself.” You say.

“Nah, I’m sure you see him way more than me. Next time you fly to London, make sure he knows I love him. Not as you do, of course. I can’t fight you.”

“Oh, no worries. Zero jealous here, even though I consider you a threat.” You wink and laugh, not realising that people understood a little bit more than what you said.

Now, after talking about your single, you were just talking about your album. It was brand new, not much than 3 weeks since the releasing. It made you very happy how receptive people were being with this project — opposite from the other albums, this one was a little bit more r&b than the pop you were used to do. It was more mature, more deep and a little bit more sexy as well.

“It’s very different from your previous songs. And you’ve written most of the songs! How’s that?”

“It comes naturally. This album just happened, actually. I was writing here and there, went to studio a couple times and when I realized I had 13 songs ready and well-produced. So I just thought ‘Yeah, okay… this sounds like an album. Let’s release it!”

“Looks like you’ve been being very inspired, lately. And it has some pretty steamy lyrics as well… does this all have something to do with your super hot boyfriend? How does he help you? Besides the way we can imagine by listening to the songs.” she laughs and so does the crowd.

“Oh…” You laugh, you face burning in shame. “He’s a nice guy. But yeah, he inspires me very much.”

“We can wonder.” She says, making everyone laugh. “Why are you red?”

You were hiding your face with your hands. You look at the corner of the stage and Henry is looking at you tenderly, smiling, with his arms crossed.

“Are you shy? Look at her, she’s shy! But that’s okay, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about when he is going to put a ring on it!”

You stand up and hide behind the sofa.

“I’m not leaving here until the subject is done.” you say a little bit louder, with only your eyes showing.

You were about to explode. Looking again to the corner of the stage, you see the image of Henry as red as you were — only for laughing. You shake your head as a sign of disapproval.

“It’s okay, t’s okay now. We’re done. But your boyfriend is loving it as much as we are.”

It took a few moments until you recover your normal color. The show goes on and you talk some more about music and stuff untill you finally left the stage.

By the time you get to your room, Henry is sitting on the same sofa he was early on.

“What were you doing, H?” you say as he stands up and hold you tight.

“I love you, do you know that, don’t you?” He says with his face leaning on your neck.

“Hm.” You hugs him briefly.

“It’s just that I love seeing how cute you look all red like that. My talented tomato.” He laughs and kisses you. “But, tell me… are all these steamy lyrics about me?” He looks at you with the same devilish smile he did 2 years ago by the door of your hotel room.

“I would make you this revelation… But this talented tomato here don’t feel like you deserve it.” you grab his butt and falls on the couch with him.

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I'm so frustrated with all the DEH tony noms and I feel like your the only other person talking about it I just feel like there were other shows that were just as groundbreaking while also being pretty diverse (i.e. Denee from great comet or Phillipa from Amelie) like I know the same thing happened with Hamilton but at least the cast was diverse

(disclaimers: for all the shit I may give it I do like deh. I think in terms of how groundbreaking it is people have without a doubt overestimated it. When I first saw the show I predicted they would sweep the awards season, keeping in mind this was in the winter and pre come from away which I believe should be their biggest competition this season. Also I’m on my phone so rip there may be spelling errors)

I definitely agree with you on Denee, but unfortunately her problem isn’t DEH it’s Bette Midler in the establishment revival of the season. To me, Midler was set to win from day one and it’s so damn annoying because…it’s a revival of a classic musical. It’s not groundbreaking. The source material isn’t very groundbreaking. And a white, famous, established actress winning that award is not groundbreaking. Benton is talented, and would have this in the bag without Hello Dolly.

Now I haven’t seen Amelie, but I think it is challenging to receive a lot of recognition for a musical based on a movie without a super talented writing team. (ie one of the writers of Groundhog Day helped write Matilda which is a great musical. The writers of Amelie…not as many previous solid shows unless you’re one of those people who were bending over backwards for Tuck last year) It’s sad that Philippa couldn’t carry the show through the season with her post Hamilton hype but it’s a competitive season this year, and I’m not very surprised she didn’t get a nom. That being said she was one of the few Asian actresses on broadway this season that wasn’t being stereotyped and degraded in Miss Saigon. It’s a shame Allegiance didn’t get the credit it deserved because the lack of Asian representation on Broadway is appalling.

The bottom line is it’s almost shameful that last year #TonysSoDiverse was trending and now we’re prioritizing the least diverse show of the season…by far. Based on my personal predictions and more professional predictions it looks like this season is setting up to produce white actors in all four categories. Yes, Ben, Andrew and Jenn are gay but that’s not the representation we need and need to support on broadway right now. Great Comet has a black female lead! Come From Away deals with islamophobia! Countless other musicals were groundbreaking this season, and it truly is a shame they’re not getting recognition. If you haven’t yet I would strongly advise you to appreciate all musicals this season. Sure DEH is good and deals with mental illness but there’s so much more broadway has to offer this season.

(OH ALSO bways last mental illness musical won the Pulitzer suck it Pasek and Paul)

ze:a ♡ a guide for starters:

ze:a (acronym for children of empire) is star empire’s 9 member boyband. they debuted in 2010 with the song mazeltov. ze:a is composed of junyoung, kevin, siwan, minwoo, heechul, taehun, kwanghee, dongjun and hyungsik. they were once divided as ze:a five (dongjun, minwoo, kevin, hyungsik and siwan) and ze:a 4u (kwanghee, taehun, heechul and junyoung). the fandom name is called “ze:a’s” (short for ze:a styles)

ze:a: mazeltov, level up, watch out, heart for 2, here i am, aftermath, phoenix, the ghost of wind
ze:a five: she’s gone, the day we broke up
ze:a 4u: nothing. you can listen to their title track here tho. (shame on u star empire)

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10 british shows you probably don’t watch (but you should)

so, i, though i’m british, could name you the smallest, most indie american shows. but i’ve been thinking recently about how there are so many british shows people outside of the uk/europe might not have seen and what a shame that is.

it’s a shame bc, well, these shows are iconic in britain and they are some of the best shows i have ever seen. and whilst everyone else was raving about downton, or doctor who, these well known, renowned shows got missed out. so, here. here’s a list. go watch them. go love them. then talk to me about them. happy watching! (EDIT: posts two, three and four , five and six  and seven  and eight  and nine

1. Life on mars / Ashes to ashes

remember john simm as the master in doctor who? well we also know him as Sam Tyler in life on mars - a modern day police officer who, after a car accident, wakes up in the seventies. yep. A CRIME SHOW ABOUT TIME TRAVEL. the show is continued in ashes to ashes where a modern day police officer, after she’s shot, wakes up in the eighties. they are both forced to work with the iconic Gene Hunt, who is exactly what you would expect from a hard af 70′s northener. are they in a coma? are they back in time? you’ll just have to watch it. plus, they are named after david bowie songs, so

2. silk

silk stars the incomparable Maxine Peake as Martha Costello, a defense laywer. a real, front line look into the british legal system with one of the most charismatic female leads. clever, classy and heartbreaking. Maxine Peake steals every single scene. also it has rupert penry jones doing stuff, so that’s always good.

3. silent witness

this is iconic because it’s been going on for 20 years - but don’t worry, it’s small seasons. but god do they pack a lot in. it focuses on a team of forensic pathologists who use their skills to help the police. smart, dark at times, this is classic british high brow drama. it’s famous. but you don’t have to watch it from s1 if you don’t want - you could skip to s8 where we meet the arguably more well known team of leo, harry and nikki - nikki is played by emilia fox, who is of course, a queen among mortals.

4. last tango in halifax

this is set in the yorkshire town of halifax and centers around two families that are brought together when celia and alan reunite and fall in love after sixty years. this is realistic, emotional, funny well done family drama. there is one scene in s1 that brought me out of a dark mood for like 3 days because the writing is just so real. it’s also set not far from where i live, so you get to see what northen england actually looks like now as opposed to in a medieval world…

5. hustle

oh my god, this show. somtimes cheesy, sometimes so cool - always and forever a favourite. this centers around a rag tag group of con men. but don’t worry, they have a code. they only con the people that deserve it. fun, slick, it did the pausing and talking to the camera thing way before house of lies. found family vibes all round, you will love these characters. one of which is played by jaimie murray, before she played a villain in every american sci fi show.

6.  luther

ok, so you probably know about this one. the beautiful, majestic, “mountain of a man” that is idris elba, solving crimes. but this one is different - he’t not just another maverick who’s just a bit annoying, or rude (side eyes every wannabe sherlock on tv) oh no. Luther pulls doors of their hinges with his bare hands, he lets killers fall from buildings. he has various goings on with a beautiful serial killer, you know, romantic stylez. and she’s brilliant too. 

7. the fixer

an ex army sniper was sent to prison for killing the people that abused his sister - only he’s let out early to become, you guessed it, a fixer, or in other words, an assassin - for a secret group working with the police to take down crime. dark and gritty but it also comes with humour, found family vibes and of course, a little bit of romance.

8. strike back

richard armitage and rhona mitra being sweaty and attractive in the desert, need i say more? oh, really? fine. an elite group of ex military and special forces operatives working out of mi6. dealing with diplomatic situations overseas. basically a non stop action movie with quite good looking people in it.

9. peaky blinders

AMAZING OH MY GOD, the pretty much true story about the shelby family. one of the largest crime families in 1930′s birmingham. cillian murphy dealing with violence, ptsd, crime, women, spies. it’s breathtaking. also, helen mcrory bossing it up. MUST WATCH. addictive and gritty and clever.

10. being human

last but not least the have the original being human. yes they remade it, but can anything compare to the original? before he was running around in new zeland, and before they named his american counterpart after him (which we all thought was weird ok) aiden turner was playing a vampire in being human, who lived with a ghost and a werewolf. poignant, dark, hilarious and tragic. one of my favourite shows. somehow a supernatural show manages to capture something of what it means to be out of place, to be human more than half the ‘real life’ shows on right now. despite the cast change half way through, imo it remains just as good till the end. also they never excuse any of the vampire’s quite frankly shitty behavior, the way other shows will (side eyes tvd). examines the way we deal with addiction, violence and impulse control and what we can forgive.

anonymous asked:

What is your proof that Jane Parker was innocent?

I can’t prove Jane Parker’s innocence completely but I can cast some serious doubt onto her supposed guilt by debunking alot of so called “evidence” put against her. I can then bring up some things that Jane did (not to mention her particular standing with Henry and events involving her leading up to this point) that can be used to build up a case that she did not in fact turn against her husband maliciously, and if she turned against them at all it was more likely out of fear or pragmatism.

*But I want to disclaimer this first. I don’t think Jane Parker was 100 percent innocent. I’m not going to say that. Jane Parker was a woman of amazing resilience, ambition, and talent, but she was no martyr. She gave evidence, it’s safe to say. And perhaps she was a little disgruntled with the Boleyns. What I’m saying is that it’s doubtful she is the character we often see today in shows, plays, movies and books both fiction and non. Jane Parker was a person just like everyone else, and not just that she was a person of her time. We often look at her with 21st century morals but we can’t do that. It’s no more fair to do that to Jane as it is to do that to Anne Boleyn or Catherine of Aragon or Thomas More or anyone living during those times.  

Firstly let’s look at the evidence often cited when laying a case against Jane. 

1. The writings of Cavendish- George Cavendish (for those of you who don’t already know) was a man in the service of Cardinal Wolsey. He was deeply devoted to Wolsey and is most famous for his biography of him (Thomas Wolsey, Late Cardinall, his Lyffe and Death). The biography while deeply biased and most likely twisted a little (or a lot) to make the Cardinal look as Saintly as possible, is a good primary source to read for anyone who wants to know about Cardinal Wolsey, life in the 1520s and of course the divorce proceedings (its from this biography that we get most of our information on Anne’s relationship with Percy and Henry and Wolsey’s reaction to it). However Cavendish also wrote a poem called Metrical Visions (here is a link to both the biography and the poem). This poem took several tragic figures (such as Lady Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, and George Boleyn) and had them speak to the reader, often as if they were giving an execution speech. Jane Parker is one of the many people he used in this poem, and his lines dedicated to her are highly unflattering. It starts off by stating her proud parentage but condemns her for ruining their good name: 

Brought up at court all my young age

without bridle of honest measure 

following my lust and filthy pleasure 

right off we get how this is gonna go right? And it only gets worse from then on out, as Jane is painted as a woman deserving of her death. Many people use this poem and it’s nasty description of Jane as proof, since Cavendish would have known Jane, perhaps not personally but at least by reputation. 

Strangely enough though Cavendish doesn’t seem to blame Jane for her husband’s downfall at all. Her alleged crimes, for which she is saying she is rightly dying for, is assisting Katherine and Culpepper for carrying out their “filthy” adultery. In fact at the very, very beginning of Jane’s verses he calls her a widow woebegone and dressed in black (suggesting she was in mourning). 

One should also keep in mind that Cavendish was writing with hindsight, and also, more often than not, projecting his own morality onto his subject, ascribing vices to them that they very well may have not had. It is also from his poem, and his poem alone, that we get the common belief that George was a notorious philanderer. No one else in George’s lifetime seemed to think he was particularly promiscuous, not even his enemies.

In the biography (that was published officially in 1810 with foot notes) it is very nicely noted for the readers that

It seems doubtful whether Lady Rochford suffered for any real crime; her alleged offence was a participation in the supposed guilt of the queen, by introducing Culpeper into her chamber and remaining with him there for three hours one night. Catherine was hardly lost to all sense of shame as to require a witness of her amours….In the absence of more direct proof of criminal conduct after marriage, it will only be charitable as Dr. Lingard suggests, to surmise that Catherine and Lady Rochford were sacrificed to the manes of Anne Boleyne…

Cavendish certainly didn’t have a high opinion of Jane, but then again he didn’t have a high opinion of any of he Boleyns that met their ends on the scaffold. However no where in his poem did he explicitly name Jane as having a big role in her husband and sister-in-law’s downfall. 

2. John Fox’s Book Actes and Monuments- John Fox was a prototype historian during the reign of Elizabeth, Anne’s daughter. He was dedicated to tracing the origins and growth of the Reformation. He actually published several versions of his book, and in the first edition Jane didn’t feature at all. However during his 1576 version he made a marginal note of her

 It is reported of some that this Lady Rochford forged a false letter against her husband and Queen Anne her sister, by the which they were both cast away. Which if it be so, the judgement of God is here to be marked.

Note how here John Fox didn’t actually state this as a known fact. He didn’t say “It’s well known that…” nor does he speak of her at all in his section on Anne Boleyn. He just makes a casual side note that it was possible and that some people were reporting that this was what Jane did. He speaks of a letter that Jane forged for Cromwell, but we have absolutely no evidence that this letter existed. We do have a vague mention to a “letter” being used by Cromwell, based on the “memorial” of George Constantine, a servant of Henry Norris. Supposedly when Constantine fell out of favor with Cromwell he wrote a “memorial” as a response. In it he writes of George Boleyn’s trial

“I heard say, he had escaped had it not been for a letter”

HOWEVER there is and always has been serious doubt thrown onto the legitimacy of this letter. Amyot, who published this “memorial” in 1830 got it from John Payne Collier, who was a journalist, theater critic, literary reviewer, essayist, and subeditor at the Morning Chronicle. It’s known that he regularly invented sources. It’s also noted that even if this is legitimate, Constantine never named Jane as the author of the letter, or even of being involved at all. 

3. George Wyatt- As I’ve said before, George Wyatt wrote a gushing biography of Anne Boleyn, to be used as a rebuttal for the malicious stories being spread about her by many of the Queen’s enemies. George calls Jane a “wicked wife” who sought out her husband’s death more simply because she wanted to be rid of George than because of any real belief in their guilt. However George, as I’ve stated, was writing with a very clear bias, and not being alive during Anne or Jane’s lifetime, was using stories from his family (that were probably exaggerated for affect)  to construct his narrative. He gives Jane no clear motive for hating her husband, and worse yet he contradicts himself by saying later that the only reason George was condemned was due to some statute. His true grasp on what happened at the trials seems shaky at best. 

4. Secondary Sources- there are a good deal of these, most surfacing in Victorian era. I speak in great length about them in my historiography of Jane. All that I will say on these is that they are secondary sources, and many of them simply cite other secondary sources (or in some cases invented sources) as proof of Jane’s supposed malicious involvement. Interestingly here is when we finally start to get a motive for Jane’s betrayal. They range according to author, which actually weakens their argument since it means there was no clear motive at all and people had to draw shaky conclusions. 

5. Anthony Anthony’s Lost Diary- It was once stated by some that Anthony Anthony’s Diary specifically named Jane as being the chief instrument of her husband’s downfall. Seeing as he was a witness to the trial, if he indeed state this it would lend credence to the theory. However no one who has seen Anthony Anthony’s Diary (which is sadly lost to us now) could give us specifically where this statement cropped up. While some historians who say they did get their stories from Anthony Anthony did point fingers at Jane, none of them actually cited him when talking about her guilt. It was assumed by later historians that they were using him. A goof up that is more common than people realize. 

6. Jane’s Execution Speech- We only have one true account of Jane’s execution speech, one that was written by an Otwell Johnson. In a letter to his brother he praises both the Queen and Jane for their good and Christian behavior at the block, leading him to believe they were most definitely in heaven. He makes no note of Jane admitting any guilt for her husband’s execution. Nor for that fact did Chapuys or the French Ambassador who noted that Jane made a “long discourse” (though he gave no specifics). Jane admitting that she had lied would have caused a big scandal, people would have talked about it more. No one did. The reports of Jane (and Katherine’s) deaths were largely sympathetic really. There was one supposed transcription of her speech that would surface later but it has been proven a forgery. 

All this to say, we have nothing solid to stand on when accusing Jane’s guilt, just a bunch of hearsay and gossip that was repeated over the years till it became assumed as fact. We do have plenty of resources to look at when talking about Anne and George’s trials, but none of what we have seem to speak much of Jane, especially in her connection to the incest charges. Sir John Spelman wrote that the incriminating evidence against Anne came from Lady Wingfield. He didn’t speak of Jane at all. John Husee said it was the Countess of Worcester who was the informant. As far as we can see the only person who ever spoke of Jane was Chapuys and that was in regards to the story of Anne telling Jane that the King suffered from occasional erection problems and was bad in bed. Other women who were suggested were a Nan Cobham and an unnamed maid, who could hardly have been Jane due to her being a married woman (who had been married for more than a decade).  Cromwell himself only seemed to make vague references to things the women had said, he never specifically named anyone, even Jane. 

Jane had everything to lose if George died a traitor. Laws stated that all a traitor’s property went to the king, that included all his income, land, possessions and the possessions of his wife (which were legally his). At the height of Boleyn power, Jane was one of the most powerful women in the realm, a fact that would have not been lost on her. If she and George were truly miserable with each other, and there is nothing to say they were, then they had the comfort of not seeing a good deal of each other. Jane’s true grievance would more likely have been with Anne whom she would have to serve as lady-in-waiting, constantly. But here we have more evidence to say Jane and Anne got along quite well with one another than to say they hated each other. If nothing else Anne trusted Jane with a rather damning secret, and Jane featured as one of her foremost ladies. It’s true their relationship may have soured after Anne accidentally got Jane banished, but again there is nothing to say for sure. 

At the time of Anne and George’s arrest it is unknown where Jane was. Some think (and it’s plausible) Jane was still in exile at the time of their downfall, and was probably living in one of her and George’s many luxurious residences (more likely than not she was in Rochford hall). However it’s also possible she was summoned back and was present at Anne’s arrest. There is simply no knowing. What is known though is that a measly three days after his arrest, Jane got a message through to her husband. The wording is lost to us, but it’s clear it was meant to be message of comfort. She seems to have asked after his well-being and promised she would seek an audience with Henry to assure that George would get a fair trial. George asked the bearers (or Kingston, he’s not clear who) to send her a message of thanks. One singular biographer of George’s seems to think that Jane then made a public display of sympathy for George, asserting her belief in his innocence, which if true was a risk for her. However he does not state what this display entailed and while he was using records now lost to us, he doesn’t cite anything for this assumption other than Kingston’s letter. So either he is speaking of one of Kingston’s burned letters or he’s making this story up. 

Jane was a pragmatic woman and I honestly think if she saw legitimate gain by turning on the Boleyns she would have done it (not because she hated them, but because it would assure her own survival and social standing). However if Jane was promised security in return for her testimony she was lied too. As soon as George’s head was removed from his body Jane became the disgraced widow of a traitor, significantly poorer than she had been as a wife, and without any  influence and power. If she had returned to court she was then turned out again and forced to live on the charity of her father-in-law Thomas Boleyn. Jane would seemingly struggle financially after George’s death and in anger and outrage of her treatment by Thomas she would pen a letter to Cromwell (the only letter we have in her own hand today) begging for some of George’s possessions to be returned to her and for Cromwell to get Henry (who donated to her dowry) involved in her financial woes. Basically she was asking for what she viewed as hers by right. No more and no less. No where in her letter does she ask to return to court, which casts some doubt on the notion that she wanted to return. However in her position returning to court to serve Jane Seymour and try to start her life over was the best option she had so she snatched it. 

was Jane innocent? By all means no. She had many faults, and we can’t wipe the idea that gave what she knew to be damming testimony to Cromwell, simply because it was reported by Chapuys. However we can doubt that she was really deserving of all the stereotype and stories later attached to her name. It’s as likely to say Jane was frightened and confused as it is to say she did it willingly and with ill intent. 

I hope I answered your question nonnie, I literally tore through my notes like three times while writing this and I actually made like two new ones while reading Bapst so thanks for that. 

Bookaddict24-7′s Favourite Books of 2015!

I’ve read some phenomenal books in 2015 and though all of my five-stars aren’t on here, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy most of the books I read this year. This was a hard list to narrow down, but unlike past years, I found this one to be a little easier, since the books I knew would be my top ten popped out from my list. The books appear in no particular order!

What were some of your favourite books of 2015? Let me know!

1. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Illuminae was probably one of the biggest surprises of the year. I’ve encountered a lot of books with tons of hype and have either been okay, or disappointing, but this young adult sci-fi/horror did not let me down. Massive in size, the book holds so much awesomeness told in such a unique way that I was immediately hooked. Go read it, seriously. 

2. What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

Following the trend of surprises of the year, What We Saw was definitely something I didn’t see coming. I have a habit of not reading the synopsis of books before jumping into the story and I am so glad I remained aloof with this one. The story is heart-wrenching and watching the protagonist struggle in a sure and biased society, I felt helpless. Hartzler’s novel explores victim blaming and slut shaming, offering the reader a truly important and relevant story of what really happens when communities are thrust into difficult and disturbing situations. Also, human nature is a real bitch. 

3. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is one of my auto-buy authors and for the last few years, I haven’t been too happy with her books, but this year. Wow. Dessen kills it with Saint Anything, a young adult book that I devoured in just a couple of days. It was so good. The premise was unique and a little darker than some of her other books, but it explores teen life in a way only Dessen could. There was a lot of love going around for this book the moment it was announced and it is well-deserved. Definitely one of Dessen’s best. 

4. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I can’t believe I only just got into this series this year. Throne of Glass is probably one of the series that really got me into fantasy this year–opening up my reading world in ways I never anticipated for the year. I’m only putting the first installment in the series here because I’m just going to say that the whole series was one of my favourite reads of the year. Cheating, I know, but eh. The intrigue, the dark themes, the magic, mystery, and games made me instantly love this and I ended up reading the book in a very short time.

5. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is so cool! I love books that make me excited to enter the fictional world and Aveyard’s debut most definitely does just that. I couldn’t put this one down. There’s this crazy scene near the end that completely had me cheering and completely losing my shit. Like I said, so freaking cool. If you like The Hunger Games, if you’ve imagined a harsher form of The Selection, and ever found X-Men exciting, then you might want to check this one out.

6. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This was a year of sci-fi and fantasy books for me. I couldn’t get enough for either genres and it was even harder to stay away once I read Cline’s debut novel. The only question I had for myself when I finished was, “Why didn’t I read this sooner?” While his latest, Armada, wasn’t bad, it just couldn’t live up to the hype of its predecessor. Ready Player One is definitely a sci-fi classic. If you’re into video games, 80′s references (who isn’t?), and addicting intrigue, then make sure you pick this one up in 2016!

7. Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

The first installment in the Michael Vey series is probably my most “on the fence” book on this list because while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t sure if it was a favourite of the year. Looking back, however, I noticed that it was because of this book that I started reading a lot of other books, so I think it’s right to have the series starter on the list. Richard Paul Evans’s novel did something that very few young adult books do: it got me binge reading a YA series. Seriously, I couldn’t stop. I read all five books available (dammit, next Fall for book 6!!!!) in about a week and I came out forever changed. Now I have a weird craving for adventure and mystery. Such an underrated and lesser known series.

8. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Jennifer Niven’s debut was one of the first novels I read in 2015 and man, what a start to my year. Heartbreaking, honest, and unapologetic, All the Bright Places will give you hope, then tear you to pieces. Niven’s writing is both beautiful and unique. She manages to show the reader the fragility of relationships and that just because there are good moments and happy endings in some stories, it doesn’t mean that every story gets that kind of conclusion. Definitely a beautiful read that will remain important for many more years to come. Every book on this list has captured me in a different way and Niven’s novel stole me with its sad beauty. 

9. The Martian by Andy Weir

Let me tell you something about Andy Weir’s The Martian: I don’t know how many times I’ve told customers at the bookstore that this book is hilarious and they’ve acted shocked every single time. Survivalist novels don’t need to always be super serious and Weir proves that with his witty protagonist. For those who’ve yet to read this, think of it as a wittier, smarter, and more fascinating Castaway–if it were set on mars (Tom Hanks film for those who don’t know–think Wilson, the volleyball with the bloody handprint face). Also, everything is scientifically accurate. And there’s an equally awesome movie!

10. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn was another surprise for me. With it, I learned how much I could enjoy fantasy if I tried to read books that are written by authors like Brandon Sanderson. Though the world is complex, Sanderson’s writing is so inclusive that I barely struggled to get my bearings. I really enjoyed this book and I still find myself in awe when explaining the cool synopsis to other potential readers. 

Honourable Mentions: 

1. Zack by Sawyer Bennett (It was a year of New Adult and this was definitely one of the best new adult books I read this year.) 

2. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley (Super weird, but beautifully written.)

3. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (Crazy cute!!)

4. Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott (So sassy and fun! The sequel scarred me. Think The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, and Pokemon, all in one.)

5. Famous Last Words by Katie Alender (Definitely one of the best YA authors right now for creepy mysteries full of hauntings and murder.)

I hope you guys had an awesome 2015 and that you will have an even better 2016! There’s so many more days, weeks, months of reading ahead of you, I can only imagine all of the adventures you will all be experiencing with your future reads. 

What were some of your favourite books of 2015? 

Happy reading! 

P.S. If you’ve read any of these books, please feel free to let me know what you thought! 


So horrible to see my people fat-shaming Alexa Moreno (Mexican gymnast, 31 in Rio last time i checked). Like it was so bad that she dared to fight for her dreams and not look like the rest of the contestans. God, just because she dared to look like mexican and tried to stand out in what she loves!

Truth is, as a famous mexican soccer player once said-”in this country everything is forgivable except the succes”. Quite true! I have often see people shame the ones that are brave enough to try themselves on international competitions, like they are being ridiculous for believing in themselves and for believe that there is more in life that just being “ok”. Should we condemn ourselves to be avarege?

This is not the first time. Eugenio Derbez is a well known comedian in México, even though im not fond of his latest works, i respect his breavery for pursuing his dream of being a director (inside and outside of comedy). He even sumbitted his first movie (it was a comedy) to the Oscars last year. Was he good enough? who fucking cares?! He was doing what just a few are brave enough to do, despite all the mocking he was receiving. 

Do you think Iñarritu was acepted and recognized since his first movies? Or del Toro? Diego Luna? Gael García Bernal? Salma Hayek? i was too young then, but i will bet that they too faced this same attitude from their fellow mexicans at the beginning of their now famous career.

Another one i remember happened this year. One photographer from my town (a very down-to-earth and kind man) won an award on the world press photo, 3rd place on the category of nature, whit this awesome photo of the local volcano

And days before his award was announced, i read and heard comments like: “well, anyone can do this kind of photography” “there are a lot of pics of the volcano, almost all the photographers in this city have a spectacular photos of the volcano”…

like, seriously? I doubt it was an easy work as they try to make it sound, but if that is the case, guess what? anyone but him dared to submit his work to the contest, no one dared to believe in themselves as he did, and just for that my friends, he deserves the award and our respect.

Dreaming, believing and daring are the most dangerous things in a country with a long tradition of self-hatred and envy, a country in which the worst enemy of the mexican, is the mexican itself.

Dear mexican out there: dare and conquer!

Yovanna Ventura hasn't done anything wrong unlike Selena Gomez.

It’s necessary for me to defend one of Justin’s latest female friends from Selena Gomez and her fans. I don’t have anything against Selena Gomez and I actually enjoy her music. I’m not a fan and I’m not a hater. I’ve defended her before here so you can’t tell me I have anything against her or I’m biased towards her. 

Selena has put me down in the past. I sorta watched her on Disney Channel and found her very pretty when I was younger. Friends of mine met her and said she isn’t the sweetest, but you know she was probably having a bad day or something. The point is, Selena has let me down in the past. She’s one of the biggest hypocrites and liars out there and it pains me to say this since I actually did like her a lot when I was younger. But her actions absolutely disgust me. Ever since her and Justin Bieber broke up in late 2012, she showed her true colors to the world. Maybe it’s because she’s become a bigger star by dating him which led to more people knowing about her aka more people watching her or maybe it’s because we never noticed it or because she changed. I don’t know. But she constantly hated on Justin right after the breakup. One of her first actions was this

If you don’t know what’s going on, let me quickly tell you. Selena broke up with Justin shortly before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show that was filmed in Novemeber. There, Justin met a model who has been his fan for years, Barbara Palvin. The guy in the red is Lil Twist, aka the person who orginally posted the photo and quickly deleted it. Selena then tweeted it and her little “…..” basically screamed “What the hell, I just caught you in the act cheating?” She seems like some mad girlfriend. Except she’s his ex. Many of her fans defended her on this one and I was just appalled. She just framed her EX-boyfriend for cheating on her and sent an innocent girl hate. Barbara Palvin then received thousands of threats and hate messages because of that. She apologized continuously on Twitter and said nothing went on with her and Justin. She said several times that they were just friends. She’s a model, she’s not always in the public eye and isn’t used to all this hate. And she did nothing wrong! Justin was single (lingse, remember?)

Her fans defended her by saying she was “hurt”. So if you’re hurt, it makes it okay for you to be a crazed, immature 12 year old EX? Just because you’re hurt, it’s okay to hurt someone else to feel better about yourself? However, it didn’t stop there. 

She got a bunch of her friends and co-workers to shade and humiliate Justin. One of them even went as far as insulting Barbara. 

That caused Justin and Barbara to get EVEN more hate. And this isn’t even all of it or close to being all of it. Most of the times Selena humiliated Justin is listed here by another blogger. 

So for her fans to say something like this

is absolutely disgusting. 

That reply is for this by the way

Yovanna posted that message and Justin screenshot it and posted it. Yovanna posted that because she was getting endless hate as well thanks to Selena (and Justin’s other immature friends were hating on her on Twitter as well).

Selena recently liked this on Instagram 

For someone as immature as Selena, I don’t think Instagram is healthy for her. She’s comparing herself to those girls and then she starts talking about not comparing yourself to women. Again, being a hypocrite. And her liking that hate post about Yovanna and another bitter one of Justin’s friends, isn’t mature now is it?

Back to the post that one of Selena’s fans posted. 

“What about your ex girlfriend of 4 years?”

Exactly, his ex-girlfriend. He’s not gonna live in the past. And Justin and Selena DID NOT date for four years. They dated for approximately a year. That’s right, a year. In my last post about Ariana Grande and her fakelationship, I listed Jelena as another fakelationship. Justin dated Jasmine Villegas in 2010

and his fakelationship with Selena, broke them apart just like Ariana's fakelationship with Nathan Sykes broke her and Jai apart. In 2011, Bieber and Gomez were strictly work. Publicity. Fake. Somewhere along those lines, maybe in late 2011 or beginning of 2012 (maybe even later!), they both made it official that they’re together. Justin caught feelings for her way before than, but Selena saw him as strictly promo just as she sees him now. In November 2012, they broke up. They tried to work it out their problems, and failed. Therefore, Justin and Selena only dated for a year, maybe even less. For those who thought they were together for 4 years, no offense, but you’re very very stupid. Justin and Selena were clearly separated in 2013 and 2014. Don’t confuse Selena’s silly attempts to gain promotion of Justin’s attachment, as them being together. Don’t be ridiculous. Anyone with eyes can see that Selena only used Bieber after the breakup. 

Then the Selena post continues saying that Justin never posted something like that on Instagram and call her sweet, and how he deleted photos of them within 30 seconds and that he never stood up for her. 

Very very wrong. Justin posted and flaunted Selena off several times on Instagram. In 2011, he did more than flaunt her on Instagram (guaranteed they were fake, but it still counts). Maybe you forgot, but let me remind you how Justin flaunted her on Instagram

And the captions for those photos were more than Justin posting a screenshot of an inspirational thing Yovanna said. (Maybe he didn’t wanna post anything of his EX Selena because she’s a hypocrite who hates on him and other girls?)

And those photos were only in 2011… when she wasn’t even his girlfriend! She was actually getting close with her ex Nick Jonas when Justin was on tour and was off flirting with one of the boys of Allstar Weekend. 

Here are also a couple photos from 2012 with very loving captions, I assure you

And those were up for about well over two years or so, they’re probably still up now. Justin putting up those photos were him standing up for her since he knows how much his fans HATE her. He also stood up for her by saying his fans were jealous that “it’s not them”. Remember that? No right. Because everyone wants to blame Justin for everything and obsess over Selena. He also stood up for her in front of the paparazzi by yelling “Don’t touch her!”. Does that not count?

All of that caused Selena to get hate (hate which she enjoyed because it means that her fakelationship with Bieber is surely successful). If Justin posted a direct message like “Don’t hate on my girlfriend, she’s the sweetest and the best”, something which he did indirectly, Beliebers would hate on him and her. And I’m no hater, but they have a reason to hate her. Gomez is always forcing Justin to ignore or be rude to his fans.

So don’t ignore Justin’s actions when Selena was his girlfriend. 

He posted that photo above and left it up for a good couple of months in 2013… when she was his ex-girlfriend who used him and left. I’m a defense blog, and I can’t defend someone when they’re in the wrong. Selena Gomez did go back to Bieber during album/single/movie/etc releases, and left. Is that coincidence? No offense to Selena, but she’s called a fame-whore for a reason. I think she’s a decent actress and a decent person, but I can’t excuse her actions. That would be hypocritical on my behalf. 

Back to the Selena fan post.

“You treated Yovanna better in public and on social media than you did to Selena, your girlfriend of many years.”

Excuse me? Justin and Selena dated for only about a year as I already said. And he treated Selena like a GODDESS in public and on social media. All those Instagram posts and there are also tweets about Justin talking about how he misses her and etc. What was that called? Him shaming her as a woman the way she shames others? How about…

  • him going to her concerts in 2011 to support her
  • him buying her a 30,000 dollar designer watch when she was sick in the hospital
  • him taking her to Disneyland for Valentines day
  • him planning out her 20th birthday
  • him renting out the Staples Center to watch a movie

How come all of those things are forgotten? There’s a bunch more, but you can research that up yourself. 

“No one gave Selena credit or respect for saying the same thing as Yovanna even though she said it many times.”

Selena has gained a lot of credit and respect for the lies she’s fed everyone for the past couple of years. There’s no surprise that Selena gained fans from Bieber. I didn’t say he made her famous, but he did make her a someone in this business. Before him, she didn’t have much of a fanbase. 

And I honestly don’t think Selena deserves any respect or credit for anything she’s said. She’s shamed almost every girl Justin was ever close with. Shall we see?

Cailin Russo

Chantel Jeffries 

Yovanna Ventura (and Chantel)

There’s so much more but I don’t really pay attention to Gomez, I just read this blog on her and the blogger’s information is very accurate indeed. 

Selena isn’t very “slick” about what she does either. She also started talking about class when everyone shamed Miley Cyrus for being trashy and praised her for being classy, so she took advantage of that. About 3 days after those comments surfaced, Gomez was seen preaching about class and didn’t stop since then. 

In my opinion, I don’t think Gomez is classy at all. It’s been reported that she’s really mean to young fans of Justin by telling them he’ll never date them. Someone “classy”, shouldn’t put down other artists by taking advantage of the hate they’re getting and feed on it (Miley), frame girls as cheaters (Barbara), put down other artists for not liking the message of her song (Lorde), put down the modeling profession, take pride in the fact that her fans are putting other girls down by praising her (the photo above), and someone classy, will sure as hell not put down their ex for two years straight. Someone classy will not make fun of their ex crying on national television. Someone classy will not learn two dances and put it on the Internet for everyone to laugh at the subject, especially when the subject was hospitalized during one of those videos. Someone classy will not star in a music video in which the douchebag is dressed and acts like your ex. Someone classy wouldn’t change lyrics to a song by put the blame on her ex. If you couldn’t tell, those recent sentences were about Justin. 

If you want to excuse Gomez’s behavior as her being hurt, then I’m disgusted by you and her. If you have to put down other people to feel better about yourself, then you disgust me. Selena has no right to hate on people and excuse it as “she’s hurt”. Anyone with common sense, can see that she isn’t hurt and that she feeds on being a victim. 

Yovanna on the other hand, didn’t do any of the things Gomez did. 

She didn’t put down Bieber’s other acquaintances like Selena and Chantel Jeffries.

She didn’t put down other professions.

She didn’t put down other singer.s

And she sure as hell didn’t put down Bieber and make him the subject of her hate for two years straight.

Yovanna isn’t the reason people call Justin a cheater even though he did not cheat. She isn’t the reason people call Barbara a homewrecker. And she sure isn’t feeding on someone’s pain or hatred by taking pride in herself.  

Gomez thinks being a feminist is being nice to other girls, that’s obviously not what being a feminist is, but lets imagine that for a second, she’s not being a hypocrite, wouldn’t putting down the likes of Cailin, Yovanna, Chantel, Miley, Lorde, and etc. count and Gomez not even following her own defeintion of feminism? 

Disgusting. Selena didn’t do anything? What about everything I just listed. At least Justin is nice to fans when he’s with Yovanna unlike when he’s with Selena. And Beliebers respect her because she didn’t put down their idol for two years straight. 

What’s there not to like about Yovanna, honestly? People always wanted Justin to date someone who isn’t famous, and you got your wish. And now that you have it, you don’t want it? Too late. 

Love truly blinds everyone. 

People are blinded with their love for Gomez that they can’t see that she’s clearly in the wrong. And once that love is gone, you’ll realize that you were blind to the facts that were right in front of you. 

I may enjoy Selena’s music, but I don’t enjoy her prancing around acting like she’s the most innocent angel in the world. Maybe someday the truth will be recognized.

I hope that anyone reading this post, enjoyed it. I hope that people wake up and aren’t immature about their actions and see through the lies of people. 

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January, Day 6: TLD Missing Scene

It is an uncharacteristically clear day for early January, John thinks, picking at his slice of Sherlock’s birthday cake.

They ended up getting Black Forest gâteau.

Fresh and moist, a combination of whipped cream, dark chocolate and marachino cherries melting in his mouth, John watches Sherlock jump jauntily from a topic to a topic in the bizarre kaleidoscope of a conversation about German origins of the cake and a few unsubstantiated claims of its authorship made over time by various bakers, then about German classical music, then Italian classical music, and finally, violins and famous violinists. Molly would chirp in awkwardly from time to time, Sherlock would interrupt her with the wind of usual, nearly amicable arrogance.

‘Nigel Kennedy? Hugely over-rated. Thinks he can augment his mediocre talent by political gewgaw. Dull.' 

'I liked his Blue Note Sessions,’ Molly says in a desperate but failing attempt to stand up for her taste in music. Sherlock dismisses it with a waive of hand, then proceeds onto trashing Yehudi Menuhin.

There is some calmness inside John as he listens to their bickering, and yet a part of him still aches, and he can’t quite put a label on it. Not that he wants to, either. 

Shortly, Molly stands up, a nervous smile wandering about her face.

'I’ve got to run. Have a ladies night out tonight, with Ellie and Vikki from St. Barts toxicology lab.’

'Right. I think you should change up your routine tonight, though.’ Sherlock hands her his iPhone.

’“Top ten spots to meet single Londoners?”’ Molly reads aloud, squinting at the screen.

'As long as you and your friends keep meeting at that pathetic little bar off Upper Street, odds are you will remain single until you are forty,’ Sherlock winks at her.

'Sherlock-’ John is about to cut him off, to tell him to behave, as it is, as usual, a bit not good, and highly inappropriate what he has just said, but before he can say anything else, Molly nods, smiling a little less nervously.

'Thank you, Sherlock. I’ll think about it.' 

They say their good-byes, Molly smiles one more time, this time looking almost genuinely happy, and leaves. Sherlock reaches out for the second slice of Black Forest, adorned with a particularly red cherry in the nest of chocolate shaves. John follows suit.

Half an hour later, there is still too much cake left, and Sherlock suggests John takes it with him. One word after another, and John takes Sherlock with him as well. They find themselves sharing a cab to Harry’s where John picks up Rosie and Sherlock is delighted to see her. Well, might as well kill two birds with one shot, John tells himself, and invites Sherlock to his flat for supper. 

There is a precooked lasagna in the depths of his freezer, and, listening to the monotonous but for some reason, very reassuring humming of the microwave, John turns on the telly.

Sean Connery’s expressive eyes are shooting daggers at him from the screen, and Sherlock produces an unidentifiable sound from the sofa. It does not take a genius detective to deduce that there is a Bond marathon on. 

Bond night it is, then.

It does not last long, however. It’s not that late but fighting one yawn after another, Sherlock is so very exhausted, which he hides ineffectively, pretending to be entranced by the movie while slowly slipping in and out of consciousness. Few minutes later, Bond is about to make love to a gorgeous Russian spy, and Sherlock is leaning against the armrest, snoozing, eyes closed, mouth slightly open. It is probably the time to wake him up before he’s completely passed out. 

It’s also the time to put Rosie to bed. Perhaps even read to her. 

John has a fleeting, tempting thought.

'Sherlock, you awake?’

'Ah?- What?- Don’t be ridiculous, John, of course I’m awake, and getting ready to head out.’ Sherlock springs off the sofa as if a small bomb just exploded right underneath his arse. John speaks fast.

'You know what? You can stay a night.

Sherlock gives him an incredulous look.

'I am sure Mrs. Hudson deserves a break from watching you.’

(Better keep it on the side of pure pragmatism.)

After a moment that lasted way too long, Sherlock nods.

'Thank you, John.’

John brings him a couple of pillows and a blanket, wishes him good night, and goes up to the nursery. Thankfully, Rosie is calm, and it doesn’t take long before she’s asleep. John tucks her in, turns the lights off, and quietly walks down to the bathroom.

He brushes his teeth and washes his face. Soap and hot water make his knuckles sting. 

It is funny, it occurs to him, how today he felt, for the first time since after that day, that things are almost okay, again. 

Until now, that is. 

Carefully, he tip toes back to the front room, where Sherlock is curled up on the sofa, dead to the world.

The uncharacteristically clear January day has turned into a crisp, clear night, with the moon big and bright like a lighthouse in the dark sky, gleaming in through the window, and colouring the room cool, silvery blue shades. John is standing in the doorway, listening to Sherlock’s quiet, light snoring. The moonlight softens the sharp lines of his face, making him look young, innocent, vulnerable, and turning every cut and bruise on his face dark purple.

Something clenches inside John, and he knows what’s coming. He clenches his hand, as it hits him.

Lestrade’s words about Culverton Smith passing on his mind, something about how hard it is to stop, when one has started confessing. Does the same logic apply to crying? 

Swallowing back the tears, he stares and stares.

Stares at his lost chances, his missed opportunities. The man he loves. The man he has done unacceptable things to. The man who said John was entitled to do every one of them. 

He is not. He never was.

It’s all shit.

Guilt and shame are chocking John from the inside, and this time there is no Mary’s ghostly presence to reproach or reassure him. He is alone. 

Please, forgive me.

Moonlit and serene, the flat is quiet. Rosie will wake up in a few hours, breaking the silence with impatient cries, and he will have to lull her back to slumber. Probably, by feeding her. Or by singing a nursery rhyme. Or both.

Until then, he watches Sherlock sleep.

Pretty Birds Fly Together - Quill’s Scribbles

It’s hard for me not to be just a little bit smug about this. I stopped watching Arrow about halfway through Season 1, partly because I was seriously unimpressed with its quality but also because I could see the danger signs even back then. It was becoming abundantly clear that the writers weren’t trying to create something unique and entertaining with Arrow, but merely riding the coattails of what’s popular. With Arrow it’s the Dark Knight Trilogy. With The Flash it’s Marvel and so on.

So I stopped watching and from what I’ve been hearing it appears to be the best decision I ever made. Poorly written story arcs, cliched and nonsensical characters, fan pandering to an almost absurd degree and many, many more crimes. I suppose I could act all smug and say I told you so’, but the truth is I don’t want to. Because sadly a prominent and much beloved DC character has now become a casualty of Guggenheim and co’s fuckery.

Marc Guggenheim’s disrespect for the source material has been pretty apparent. John Constantine was brought in for no reason other than to boost viewership (and it worked). They were going to turn Felicity into Oracle, completely disregarding what an influential character Barbara Gordon is in the DC canon as though all you need to be Oracle is a woman that can’t walk, and when the fans (quite rightly) objected to this, Guggenheim effectively threw a temper tantrum, giving Felicity the idiotic codename Overwatch before giving her a miracle cure, throwing more salt into the wound. And then, of course, we get to the grave storyline.

The fact that Marc Guggenheim and Co had gotten so desperate for ideas that they were prepared to foreshadow the death of a prominent character without having the slightest fucking idea who that prominent character will be should speak volumes to their amateurish nature. Not that I’m saying writing with no clear end goal is necessarily a bad thing. Steve Pemberton and Reese Shearsmith wrote the spectacular dark comic thriller series Psychoville for the BBC with no idea where the story was actually going to go, essentially making it up as they went along. In the hands of competent writers, that approach can actually lead to some pretty imaginative scenarios. The problem is Guggenheim and Co are not competent writers. They’re not even semi-competent writers. They’re talentless hacks that basically write glorified fanfiction. (And frankly that’s an insult to fanfic writers). And because they’re such talentless hacks, I already had an inkling as to which character would bite the dust. And guess what. I was 100% right.

It’s basic logic. From what I’ve been hearing, Laurel Lance has pretty much become the dead weight. It’s clear that the writers have no interest in her character whatsoever. She’s been repeatedly sidelined and made redundant. Death can only be the final option. It’s the kindest and most logical thing you can do for the character at this stage. But what’s tragic about it is how it got to this stage in the first place.

As much as I dislike Arrow, its writing and its actors, I do have a certain respect for Katie Cassidy because in the few episodes I’ve seen she seems to be the only person to actually give a shit. She gives a decent performance, she clearly cares about the character and the fans, and I’m impressed with how she didn’t let all this shit and incompetence from the writers and production staff affect her own contribution. She was professional to the end and I respect her for that. In her shoes, I just wouldn’t have bothered. But it’s clear Cassidy wanted viewers to take at least one positive thing from this show and that’s good to see. It’s such a shame that the crew and even some of the fans treated her so appallingly. Frankly I’d put the Arrow fandom (or the Olicity side of it anyway) up there with the Sherlock fandom as being one of the worst fan bases ever. Some of the stuff I’ve read from them about Katie Cassidy and Laurel Lance are frankly quite disgusting (I’m sure my friends @captainivyb, @prettycanarynoir and @laurelismyblackcanary can provide countless example of this) and this seemed to be actively encouraged by the writers (as if I need another reason not to watch the show).

Now I must confess I don’t know that much about Black Canary, but judging by her frequent mentions in other DC comics I’ve read, she seems to be a pretty important character. Hell, the comic where Green Arrow and Black Canary tie the knot is one of the most famous comics ever written. Which makes it all the more baffling why Guggenheim and Co decided to go in a such a different direction. Granted every writer is entitled to their own interpretation, but choosing not to adapt Green Arrow and Black Canary’s romance seems incredibly odd. It’s like choosing not to pair Spider-Man up with Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson. Or doing a Batman trilogy that doesn’t feature the Joker. Why wouldn’t you do that? Surely that’s what the fans expect. Hell that’s probably one of the main reasons they wanted to watch in the first place. But as I said before, these writers don’t care about the fans or the source material. They only care about what’s popular. more people were interested in Felicity Smoak than Laurel Lance, so they gave Felicity Smoak more screen time, regardless of whether it suits the story or not. People love Constantine, so they pointlessly shove him into an episode for no real reason. It’s fan pandering at its most cynical.

It’s quite satisfying to see the outcry and backlash the decision to kill off Black Canary has caused. Not just from fans, but prominent DC writers too. The viewership of Arrow has been dropping steadily for a while now and this could very well be what finishes it off if we’re lucky. Several people have already decided to boycott Arrow, and about bloody time too I say. I’ve always described Arrow and anything associated with Arrow as being the televisual equivalent of cancer. They’re made not because someone thought it would be a legitimately good idea, but because a TV network wanted to cash in on a popular genre, and now this looks like it’s about to explode in their faces. Up until now, WB and DC have only kept this stuff around because it serves as an excellent vehicle to promote the DC Extended Universe (the only DC adaptations that actually count). If Arrow goes further down the toilet, WB and DC will hopefully withdraw their support.

But is that enough?

I’m slightly alarmed that people are still watching The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow despite the fact that they share the same universe as Arrow. Personally I think The Flash is just as bad as Arrow, if not worse, but regardless of what you think of The Flash (and bearing in mind this is just my opinion and I can’t force you to do anything) if you really want to hurt Guggenheim and Co, you should boycott everything. The entire Arrowverse. Anything that has anything to do with Arrow, you should stop watching. That would send a far more powerful message than just boycotting Arrow. See if you continue watching The Flash, you automatically support Arrow by association because they all contribute to the same franchise. Same goes for Legends Of Tomorrow and even Supergirl (The Flash appeared in that so technically she’s part of the same continuity now, despite the fact she’s on a different network. While I will admit that Supergirl seems to be the least awful of these shows, the show is still a tumour originating from the same source as Arrow and needs to be dealt with accordingly). Withdraw all that support and the networks will take notice.

Killing off Black Canary and the way they kill off Black Canary is an insult to DC fans, but the irony is this could actually be the best thing that could possibly happen to us. It gives us the perfect motivation to say enough is enough. Superhero adaptations are not a niche market anymore. We don’t have to settle for whatever crap the networks serve us. We deserve quality. It’s time for us to clamp down on this shit and focus all of our support on the shows and movies that actually deserve it. Let’s ensure shit like Arrow never happens again.

Unmask the weeping crocodile named T.A.O.

Unmask the weeping crocodile named T.A.O.

There is a phrase called crocodile tears. It means that crocodiles weep for the victims they are eating. Crocodiles shed tears while consuming their victims. It also means that some cruel people pretend to lament the moment they are conducting hurtful acts.

Today, Wu Yifan was mentioned in an article about Tao. The article mentioned Wu Yifan several times from title to abstract and even to the content, which have become one of the most attention-getting topics in this interview. However, the content of this article is to whitewash all the miserable things Tao has done, including betraying brothers, putting on airs and his booty calls. What is the purpose of this article mentioning Wu Yifan? Does Tao’s attitude towards Wu Yifan really take a sharp turn? Let’s wait and see the direction in which this article’s comments go.

First of all, what kind of benefits have this article brought to Tao?

1. Tao and his team have mentioned about Wu Yifan for several times in this article when Tao was having an interview to clarify his extremely negative news recently. That interview is ALL about Tao’s confession to scandals, including his booty call, putting on air and bad manners. But unexpectedly the article and the interview set titles related to Wu Yifan. It’s obvious that they want to guide public’s attention from those negative news to Tao’s asking Wu Yifan for forgiveness. This is not about personal relationship and apologies at all. Wu Yifan is NOT anyone’s tool to cover the facts. Unfortunately, people now are paying too much attention to Wu Yifan and Tao and no one really cares about Tao’s negative news any more.

TAO’s negative news

Pic Trans: 150804 @Sina Entertainment:【We are really popular】Staff of Tao’s team said, “we are very popular, everyone wants to have an interview with us!” After lots of twists and turns, including being late and makeup preparation, finally come to an agreement with the interview time. However, someone said he looked like Huang Bo (a very famous comedian in China and also a movie king). Tao was immediately unhappy and redo his hairstyle. When all the lights were in place, he just changed his idea and only can do the literal interview! In this rehearsal of a big channel, all the people just wait only one person. Let’s look at a weird interview. (The following link is the whole interview content.)

Wang Sicong(who is famous for the second-generation rich identity and dare to tell the truth in the world of entertainment) forward this Weibo and commented: so ugly as a horse. Doesn’t Huang Bo more handsome than you? I am not going to disclose your booty call affairs in the name of falling in love. Just a stupid.

2. Tao has been widely criticized for his misbehavior and bad manners for a long time, including posting improper gestures to fans and offending working staff at the airport. Recently, more negative news about him have been exposed. Tao is not a three-year-old child any more, old enough to carry all the responsibilities. So it’s not convincing at all to attribute his faults to being young and naive. What’s more, some of Tao’s words don’t match with his deeds. If Tao is truly sorry for his rude words and behaviors towards Wu Yifan, why does he publicly put Wu Yifan under the pressure of the press? Shouldn’t he leave personal problems to the private situation? If he really repents, why does he not contact Wu Yifan earlier but now at such sensitive time? The press are talking about Tao’s misbehavior while Tao and his team choose to avoid the major issues for the easy ones.

Crocodile tears cannot whitewash one’s wrong deeds. It’s coward to escape responsibility and drag someone else with you.

3. Tao’s betraying Wu Yifan was not an impulsive act. The fact is that as early as in 2013 when SM breached the contract and forced Wu Yifan out of the team, Tao’s friend began spreading unreal rumors against Wu Yifan. Since then, Tao has been conducting acts against Wu Yifan’s interests. On Instagram and Weibo he criticized Wu Yifan several times and made fun of even cursed Wu Yifan’s health condition (see pics attached), which lead his fans to make up stories and intentionally misinterpret news to throw false accusations at Wu Yifan, ruin Wu Yifan’s reputation and hurt Wu Yifan personally. These are definitely not acts on impulse and are neither have anything to do with his personally feelings towards Wu Yifan. Tao continuously criticized Wu Yifan for several months until his leaving EXO made him groundless to give more judgments. In the interview, he intended to excuse himself by claiming his backstab “an impulsive act” and overlooked all the enormous harms he has caused. It is an absolutely irresponsible and an insincere apology.

4. Tao left EXO so he has no stand to accuse Wu Yifan anymore. At the moment he tried to affect public opinion so to make ways for his future career. His account has nothing to do with apology, let alone its sincerity.

5. Tao was wearing an exquisite makeup in the Sina interview, even crossed his legs. For his crying picture posted by Sina, he was crying for his own grievances. It has nothing to do with his regret or apology.  

What does today’s incident mean to Wu Yifan?

It’s a second-time hurt and betrayal to him.

First of all, publicly talk and report about the termination of the contract without Wu Yifan’s awareness is against Wu Yifan and his team’s consistent low-key attitude of settling the contract issue. Tao did not think about the following influence nor consider about the possibility that Wu Yifan will face a second-time discussion and blame. He put Wu Yifan back into public discussion and argument again, which is a severe interruption and disrespect to Wu Yifan’s current work schedules.

Secondly, all the topic and content of the interview is related to Wu Yifan. All the things Tao did, trying to save his image and attract public attention by mentioning someone else is a shameful behavior of being selfish and consuming other’s popularity to benefit himself, which is very contemptible and despised.

The more important thing is, after Tao coming back to China, he has all the time starting his own studio, attending TV programs, preparing his album, holding fan meetings, and having shooting and training. If he really feels sorry, why he didn’t apologize in such a long period? Instead, he only mentioned this when he was blamed by public for arrogance and promiscuity. It seems that even though Tao said this was the most regretful and important thing to him, he hasn’t thought of it for months. Moreover, it’s hard for people to believe he is ‘regretful’ while he showed an extremely happy image after leaving SM.

As a result, it is very clear that he had this interview and gave the apology all of a sudden is just because he wanted to get away his bad image and pretend to be nice after being blamed by public.

In the last, his fake apology in his interview may bring more blames and pressure to Wu Yifan. The fake apology doesn’t deserve forgiveness. In fact, Tao is hurting Wu Yifan again because his interview brings Wu Yifan blames from misled fans and involving Wu Yifan in troubles which have already ended.

Someone who uses apologies and confessions as a tool to mislead public opinions, showing no respect or even care to Wu Yifan’s attitude, does not deserve Wu Yifan or the public’s forgiveness or any response.

A tearful crocodile does not deserve any compassion as it’s just playing some poor little tricks before it eats someone.

It’s not the key point if Wu Yifan will respond or forgive. It’s his freedom and please respect his freedom.

                                                Trans by: Kris Kingdom

What Happened?- Ashton Irwin

{This imagine is based off of Bryana Holly and Ashton because I don’t like her LOL I think shes changing him. So basically the plot of this story is; you’re famous and you’ve been dating Luke for a couple of years now, and were closest to Ashton. When Ashton finally meets Bryana he starts to become more of a jerk, and Bryana is being nothing but a bitch to you. And one day you’ve had enough, and you confront both of them. Hope you enjoy!}

Words: 1,951
Part 2

I was sitting on the love seat with Luke, our legs intertwined. We’ve been dating for two years. God knows how he’s put up with me this long. But i’m so thankful he has.

We first met at a One Direction concert. With the connections of my bands manager, we scored really good seats and back stage passes. The concert was mind blowing, the opening act being 5 Seconds of Summer.

After the concert my band went to get ready for meeting the biggest band in the world. I would probably faint. When my band went up to the security and showed him the passes, we were taken into a room fairly large enough to fit about 20 people, maybe less due to the large couches.

“The boys will be here soon, they’re just freshening up from the show, but 5sos is here, I think you’ll get along with them just fine; Said our manager, Joe, then in the blink of an eye he left. Since none of us would make the first move to go up to the guys from 5sos, they came up to us, making the situation very awkward, as if it wasn’t awkward enough. We each shook hands. And telling from the bands on their shirts, we would get along just fine. I clicked with each one immediately, taking extra comfort with Luke; obvious staring, blushing, flirting. It took him until the end of our time together to ask when I was free. Of course everything went fine from there.

Ashton was also one I clicked the best with. Something about his fun, caring, happy, and jumpy personality made me want to be around him more. Not even 5 minutes into our friendship and we were already laughing and wondering around the place together. We’ve been super close ever since. I was happy as ever. I didn’t want to change anything.

My flashback was interrupted by a knock at the door. Luke and I both groaned, starting the rock, paper, scissors game to see who would answer it. Of course, it would be me. “Aye it’s not me!” Luke chanted jumping on the couch. I rolled my eyes, laughing along with him, “shut the fuck up.”

I open the door to see Ashton with a beautiful, blonde, extremely thin girl by his side, their hands interlocked. Looking at her made me feel like trash.

“Ashton, hey!” I yell, giving him a monster hug. “It’s been like what? A day since you’ve been here. The house was missing you! Come in and I can get introduced to the girl by your side!” You go back into the living room, sitting by Luke once more. Ashton and and the girl come in together, hands never once separating since they entered.

“Hey Y/N, Luke. This is Bryana. Bryana, this is Luke and Y/N.” Ashton introduced us.

“You look so familiar. Were you in any movies or music videos or something?” I ask. “Well I dated Brody Jenner for a while, maybe that’ll ring a bell?” She answered, and my mind clicked to everything. I know about her; she was the one who made racist comments, and fat shamed others at the beach, an actual video as proof. And, although no actual receipts are shown, fucked and dated other celebrities for the fame and attention. I tried to push the thoughts aside, hoping she has changed since those times. But I was scared for Ashton, he won’t deserve what she might do to him.

“I’ve got to say, Y/N.” Bryana said, we all turned our attention to her. “You look so much more uglier in person than you do in photos.” She shrugs. I look at her, mouth slightly open, eyebrows raised, looking a lot more like a “are you fucking kidding me” face, than one in disbelief. “Ok, well that was rude. I’m going to ignore that, and we’ll go on with another conversation.” I said, trying o ignore what she just said for the sake of Ashton .

“Well, I’m only telling the truth. Luke must have low standards to be with you. Where did he get you anyways, a dump?” I just laugh, unaffected by what she said, “trust me, anywhere Luke could’ve found me would have been better than where you would be.” I walk out the room, not wanting to start a fight bigger than necessary.

*A few days later*

I’ve tried tolerating Bryana everything I could. I do not have the time and patients for people like her, and she’s changing Ashton also, and not for the better. He’s been more rude to me, never wanting to hang out, not walking to text, he’s not even willing to take a simple selfie with me anymore. But most importantly, he’s being rude to his fans, and ignoring his priorities. He has been ignoring fans wanting photos and just asking for 5 seconds of his attention. He would walk right past them as if they were ghosts, completely and rudely dissing them, as if he forgot that they were the ones who got him there. Sure he wanted space, but he didn’t need to be so cruel.

He’s ignoring band interviews for Bryana also. Music is his passion, something he told me he wanted to do since he was taught to play the drums. All that is slipping away because of her, she isn’t a good girl for him.

We were back in the same position we were in when we were first introduced to Bryana. Except this time ordering pizza. While waiting for the pizza. I was on my phone. When I found an Instagram photo that related to me an Ashton, I laughed and turned my phone towards his direction. He gave me a dirty look and shoved the phone away from his face, mumbling something about how he doesn’t have time for my bullshit. Luke butted in, and thank god he did. “Hey man, remember that’s my girl you’re talking to.” He says. I was so thankful for him being there for me, he’s been trying to defend me from Bryana every chance he could, which was often. Ashton scoffed, “whatever.” I don’t know what it was that ticked Luke off, and although it didn’t look like it, I could tell he was pissed. He opened his mouth to fight more, but I put my hand on his chest, kiss his cheek, then put my head on his shoulder, “It isn’t worth it baby, but thank you.” I mumble into his shoulder. He relaxes.

The pizza came a few minutes later. As soon as we laid it out I took my two slices and ate. When I finished both of them, I reached my hand for a third one, only of course to have Bryana add an unnecessary comment.

“Do you really want to eat that?”

Ah yes, finally I was able to use the comeback I saw on tumblr that one time…

“Trust me. I burn enough calories putting up with your shit.” I reply and Luke chokes on his pizza, struggling to breathe from laughter. I smiled myself, thankful that not only I got to use that comeback, but it actually shut her up. At least for a little while.

“You’re still fat”

That didn’t hurt me. What hurt me was the hard laugh that came from Ashton’s mouth. The one I became closest with, the one who would be there by my side when Luke and I fought. He had no reason to laugh, considering the insult was zero percent original or good.

I want to punch her.

I will punch her.

I would have succeeded in punching her but I was held back by Luke. Struggling to get out of his grip but to no avail, he takes me into our bedroom.

“Baby look at me. There is literally nothing else in this room to look at to distract yourself. Look at me baby, please.” I finally take the time to look at him. His eyes portrayed sadness as well as mine did. He was upset about it also. “Look, she’s being an asshole, she IS an asshole. It’s hurting me as much as it’s hurting you. But please, don’t punch anyone. You’ll only go lower than her level. Don’t be like that baby.” He looks me straight eye to eye contact. Damn his blue eyes and how head over heels in love with him I was.

“Ok Luke, I won’t.” I took a couple breaths and went back into the living room. Of course, to have a little “smart ass” comment from Satan herself.

“Aw did little Lukey need to teach y/n not to hurt people. Aw” she uttered.

That was it. I’m done putting up with her shit. I wasn’t going to punch her. I’ll just give her something worse; something that’ll make her shut up for sure. I got up, looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Look, you, are a rotten, fat shaming, racist homophobic who couldn’t care less about anyone but yourself. I tried putting up with your shit, for the sake of my friendship with Ashton. But it seems you’ve turned that over yourself. You are a nasty bitch and you do not deserve my attention. You don’t even deserve the attention i’m giving you right now. Just learn to shut the hell up, will you? And while you’re at it, learn some self respect.” I turn away from her, looking into Ashton’s eyes. They didn’t look like the warm friendly ones I first met. They were replaced with cold ones, filled with hatred and mean. This is not the Ashton I know.

“As for you. I have been nothing but supportive of you since the day we met. I was there for you during all those rumors, all that hate, all the fucking bullshit you get everyday. And you were there for me. We were fucking inseparable, remember? You would come here every single hour of every single day, and we would hang out, play video games, and do whatever the fuck we wanted to. What happened to that Ashton? What happened to the one who greeted his fans everyday, and when he wanted privacy, he would kindly ask for it. What happened to the Ashton who would teach me to play drums? What happened to the Ashton that would be there for me?” I look him in the eyes, he was breaking, his eyes were glossy, it was working.

“I’ll tell you what happened to him. He was replaced. Someone took him out of the picture, and replaced him with an Ashton so full of rudeness and hatred. I don’t know who that Ashton is. I want the old Ashton back.” I take out my phone, and show him a picture of one of our past texts, he reads it and smiles, then I show him the ones now. His smile quickly drops. I do that with various texts continuously. Then I show him our first selfie together. “The old Ashton wasn’t a dick. The old Ashton was nothing like you are. I hope you realized that.” And with that, I grab a jacket and keys.

“I’m leaving the house for a while. I’ll be back soon, I promise. I want you two out of the house by the time I come back.” Before I left the house, I turned around, ready to reveal one more snarky comment.

“Oh yeah and Bryana? When I first saw you I thought I was the piece of trash. I guess I was wrong.” her mouth falling completely agape was the last thing I saw when I closed the door, and thank god it was.


I want to get some things covered. I don’t have receipts for like half of the things i’ve said about Bryana. I got them from paranoidhemmo’s tumblr fight night. I’m thinking of doing a part two, but i’m not sure yet. Leave me an ask please! Hope you enjoyed my writing!

jesuistitania  asked:

What do you think of the PLL finale?

what an unexpected question! haha

I was prepared to hate it, and speak publicly about why, and use whatever platform I have to start a dialogue about the history of trans misrepresentation, etc. One of my closest friends is a twin, and we have talked a lot about the ways we — as a twin and a gay man, respectively — are used as plot-points and imbued with symbolic meaning that can come to define us more strongly than our actual personalities.

Those are two good examples because they are benign, for the most part. I am privileged to live mostly in a world/bubble where I feel safe as a gay man, so for me it plays out much like the twin thing: You think I’m like this but really I’m like that. You think I will provide this for you, but really I offer that. You think that you intimately understand my experience and can therefore speak for me, but really ally privilege is the cancer of our culture. And so on.

My mentor growing up was a trans woman, Rachel Pollack, who taught me a lot about magic and tarot and religion, etc., but also about gender and sexuality. I asked her every embarrassing awful confused question you can imagine, and she always made me feel safe and open when she explained it back to me, told me what she was hearing me say, etc. So there were times, as a young person, that I felt a little proprietary about trans issues:

Why doesn’t everybody “get it” like I do? Why was everybody so stuck in the stupid ideas (that I was stuck in just moments ago)? 

Although to be fair, this was back in the 90s and I still see people getting hung up on what became, to me, very uncomplicated shit, so:

While frustration about differing timelines “getting it” is absolutely understandable to me, the part where we make it about our cis selves is not. Every sentence has a subject and a verb: Are you speaking for yourself when you engage in social justice activities, or are you speaking on behalf of someone else?

Because if it’s the latter, what you’re really doing is pimping out someone with differing privileges than you have, in order to talk about yourself. Which is the greatest demonstration of privilege I can imagine.

…All of which is what I was thinking about, going into the Finale. I was tremendously worried that what happened would happen, my stomach hurt for weeks, I had private conversations with people like Heather Hogan about how best to deal with the fandom fallout, etc. Ever since the Christmas episode — all through this fantastic Prisoner, 1984, Matrix, Invisibles season — my one weekly thought has been, “I really hope Charles doesn’t identify as female,” and the more likely it seemed, the more anxious I got.

When you are constructing a mystery, there are things you don’t do. Or can only be done once: Christie’s Ten Little Indians, the first Scream movie, etc, have twists that break the mystery genre. I don’t know offhand the list of films that use the “trans twist” before DePalma’s Dressed to Kill, but that’s a very famous one that breaks down the mystery in a way that can’t be solved, because you don’t have all the information. It was also made in 1980.

Speaking here about suspense, not slasher, because the trans twist is in 90% of slasher movies from the 80s and 90s. Same principle, just not as important to the narrative. Suspense, like PLL, is always going to trade on the economy of bodies in a gender-binary culture, because it is about the central drives that construct our society and our personalities: sex, death, acquisition.

Women are in more danger than men. Always. We live in a society that is designed 100% to crush the feminine, the nonwhite, the non-default, out of all of us, all day long. And that is what suspense stories are usually about, which is why so many women end up in fridges: Because danger exists, but women are not (historically) the protagonist.

Where this finale got it right — which they did, IMO; they threaded an impossible needle frankly  — is by refusing to other a trans character, continuing to refuse to represent GLBT merely for the sake of representation, by spending an hour on her life story in a compassionate and respectful way, and bringing her home to the central truth about Pretty Little Liars:

Once there was a man who hated, feared, and loved his daughter’s body so much that he needed to lock it up, control it or destroy it.

That is every single episode of our show, in one way or another. I always knew A would be Rosewood, I just didn’t know how directly it would come to pass:

That it would be the patriarchal force that hates anything that’s not a straight white guy, pushing down on all of us — Liars, Mona, CeCe, yes; but also Lucas, Noel, Ezra, Mr. D — and forcing us into shapes that we wouldn’t have assumed otherwise. Taking things away from us and then complaining about it.

That shame and loneliness are a self-reinforcing feedback loop that only creates more shame and more loneliness, turning any attempt at a roman à clef into a picaresque. And that the system is designed for that purpose: To keep us separate, vulnerable, afraid and ashamed, because if we ever started talking to each other about it we would start a fucking riot.

The feeling that you were born wrong and therefore deserve to be punished. That being female or feminine is the original sin, and you need to spend your life apologizing for it, or risk being crushed.

And finally, that women hurting women is the greatest weapon men ever invented. 

And it’s that last one that bears the most thought, because… Well, it’s tricky on the left, if you say “don’t attack your allies” I guarantee that’s a red flag you need to shut your mouth and listen. But the vanguard of shows I tend to think of as new and fresh and in accordance with my ethos, with Generation Tumblr, is pretty small: Avatar/Korra, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, The Fosters, PLL. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting. 

But the sense of relief that I feel in those particular story-universes is hard to capture: It’s like you spend 23 hours of a day feeling like “either I’m crazy or the world is,” and then you watch one of these shows and think, “no, we’re just still being born.”

And I can understand your world, or perspective, being so small that those are the only things you feel equipped to fight. It’s the impulse to change the world and it’s a holy one; it’s just that the world you’re saving is not the one the rest of us live in. It’s every bit as important and real as the so-called “real world,” but the rest of us don’t get to live there. Except through the art that you make.

So I think if you’re really going to throw a tantrum about Cece Drake, that makes total sense. The hope is that you wouldn’t be doing it out of some trendy sense of post-marriage equality “now I care about trans issues” self-labeling, but because you are working through these issues for yourself and using this medium and this conversation to do it. These are not simple questions or easy answers. But I think the way to process it most quickly and authentically is to keep one foot on the floor: To always be asking yourself whether you’re really making it about you, or keeping your eyes on the real enemy. Because it’s a war that never really changes, but it’s a war that we’re winning nevertheless.

Dating in the Shadows

Castiel took a small sip from his coffee cup and winced slightly at the crisp burn on the tip of his tongue. The world bustled around him as he found his solace in the seat across from his brother. Since he got the job at the university teaching Religion he rarely had time to meet with his brother. Castiel missed his brother’s jokes and the conversations that came between them when they let themselves get into a vocal rhythm.

“So this new guy, what’s he like?” Gabriel asked around a mouthful of lava cake.

Castiel rolled his eyes at the immature habit of his brother before shrugging. “He’s a good person. He’s very intelligent but very humble about it. When I first met him I thought that he was a bit rude, but when you get to know him better you find that he has a heart three sizes larger than most people.”

“He’s the Grinch?”

“I do not know who that is but I am guessing not.” Castiel sent a confused scowl toward Gabriel because he knew he should probably be offended by that comment. “You may know him.”

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Dan Ronan.

Dan Ronan died on Friday, and I’ve been crying a lot since I found out. I’m crying right now. I loved Dan dearly. It’s really difficult to think of a friend’s life having an end point. I’m never going to hear his voice again even though it’s been playing in my mind for the last day. I’m never going to hear a new story or a joke from Dan. We’re never going to stay up late and talk about music, or people we hate or jokes we love or scary movies or anything. Someone’s death, especially at a young age, puts a really shitty period on what was supposed to be a really funny long run-on sentence. It also means no one new gets to meet Dan, which is a real shame. He probably would have liked you. Or maybe hated your guts, how would I know?

I just needed to write this because Dan was a comedian, and a really good one. The shitty thing about comedy is that it’s hard to do. I guess that’s what makes it special too. But it’s a hard long road that doesn’t really have an ultimate goal. Dan was really just getting started on this road, but no one really writes about people that weren’t famous or on TV or something except their friends. He deserves to have a full story told. So, here’s that.

I can hear my wife watching Frasier in the other room right now as I type this. That’s her way of coping. Which is actually really sweet. Dan briefly moved out to LA right around the time I did, as well as some other friends. The goal was to all work together on comedy out here. Shortly after moving Dan relapsed into drug use. He was very open about things like that on stage, and made fun of it. It was a part of him that unfortunately couldn’t be separated from his story. He wanted to hide it from his friends when he was here in California though. He didn’t tell me when he was using again. In fact he lied about it. It was pretty clear there was a problem though. Right before he moved back to Chicago, we spent a day walking around the city, he knew that I knew and we talked about his struggles. We just sat on bus benches and smoked a pack of cigarettes. Then we got another and smoked that one too. I brought him back to my place to be with my wife and me that night. I cooked some fried chicken and we watched Frasier for hours. He loved it. So do my wife and I. It’s oddly really nice comedy comfort food.

The next day, I drove Dan to meet with a friend who was going to put him up for a while and shortly after he moved back to Chicago to be closer to his family. I never saw him again. We talked here and there. We both are huge horror movie fans and we pitched ideas back and forth about writing one together. It was going to be pretty cool. We talked about music. He was getting into Roxy Music, he loved anything Eno did (we often talked about our love for this song and it’s ability to bring us serenity). I told him about this weird strip club in Vegas I went to where all the dancers were in their 50s and just wanted to chit chat and drink a Coors with you. I’d ask if he was staying healthy knowing full well I couldn’t be certain if he was telling the truth. I wanted to be there with him. I wanted to sit on a couch with him and watch Scream 2 or something stupid.

I’m really only saying this stuff because if you knew Dan, you loved him and I’m sure you’d want to hear anything about him, and if you didn’t know him, you deserve to have a full picture of who he was and what he meant to people. I hate when people die and then there’s just the one photograph of them in black and white looking really handsome with dates on it. It’s too nice. It’s not real and it doesn’t sufficiently express who the person is. Someone who didn’t know that person would take one look at it and go, “Cool dates, dipshit.” At least I’m saying that in my head in Dan’s voice right now and it’s making me smile.

Dan created some of my favorite comedy I’ve ever witnessed. He was truly inspired and I’m really lucky that I got to work with him. His mind worked in a really weird way, something I’m not sure I can relate to, but he was compulsive about comedy. He would be doing 24 hours a day if that were possible. When he wasn’t doing it, he didn’t know what to do with himself. So he clearly created a lot, and honed and perfected things. A discipline I was always jealous of. We talked about that too, he always wanted to know how certain sets went, what I was working on, what jokes worked. He needed comedy, even if it wasn’t his. He stressed more over my sets than I did.

Remembering moments with Dan is really making me laugh. It’s really hard to process something like that. I just don’t want Dan to be dead. Dan was sweet, he was funny, he was a friend. I still can’t imagine him not being there. I want to hear his voice again.


I encourage everyone to go look up anything Dan has made, find videos, read things he wrote. I don’t think comedy comes through on tape very often, but this is maybe my favorite piece of comedy I’ve witnessed happen live, and the fact that it still makes me laugh when it’s a tiny rectangle on a website says something about how amazing of a performer Dan was.

I know it’s silly to address Dan like this, but just in case my website is somehow a portal to the afterlife: I miss you and I love you, Dan Ronan.