such a random thing to find on pinterest

I just spent several hours running down a Pinterest spiral of random fuckery ranging from memes to educational natural phenomena to inspirational art and wondering why it took me so long to find this magical world of visual pleasure. I found humour, education and an artistic skill that made me both ashamed of my own and inspired at the same time. I guess I always known it to be dumb pics about about boring recipes, but scraping the unconventional underbelly turned up things I enjoy. The art I found has me inspired. I’m kind of giddy right now and aspire to do more with mine. Anyway fuck you goodnight

Mac stares at Remy, boy had she been wrong about him!  She’d been so sure that he was too focused on computers to notice girls.  Evidently, he noticed them (and screwed them) alright but just wasn’t interested in anything more with them.  Then he had the nerve to tell her…no forbid her!….from doing the same thing!

Remy stares at Mac, the thought of her having sex with some random guy really made his blood boil.  He would beat the crap out of any guy who dared to touch her.  She deserved better than some meaningless lay.  She was special, one of his closest friends, she deserved some guy who cherished her and treated her like the nerdy little princess that she was.

He would not allow her to make such a mistake!

If you’d like to read the Chaisson Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Pinterest - My CC Finds - CC/Mods/Poses that I use in my game.


@deathmeowtal  🎩: draw a character in fancy wear

I did both because I honestly couldn’t decide. Abby looks A+++ in a suit so that was an easy decision, but demon Pickles was kinda hard and, in the end, I decided he was sewn into the damn thing. Just given a shirt and jacket with an open back and someone honestly sewed him into it. Because wings aren’t fun for anyone.

Used reference for both, just random Pinterest searches. Honestly, if you search “women in suits” and “men’s fashion” you’ll find em.  

anonymous asked:

hi what are the 2p's favorite hobbies?

2P Italy: throwing knives, stalking people, playing the violin, painting

2P Germany: watching TV, doing stupid stunts, looking at/making memes, flirting with random people on the street

2P Japan: reading (not just manga, okay okay), studying, giving restaurants bad Yelp reviews, judging people

2P Romano: singing, designing clothes, posting pictures of his designs on Pinterest/Instagram, watching America’s Next Top Model

2P Prussia: playing video games, reading/writing plays, learning about social issues, watching films

2P France: smoking, breathing, sleeping, having sex

2P America: playing sport game things, dancing aggressively alone in his bedroom, doing stupid stunts, watching TV

2P Canada: watching nature documentaries, camping, hunting, fishing

2P England: baking, watching kids shows, reading short stories he finds online, scrapbooking

2P China: following Kuro around, following stray cats around watching TV, doing drugs tbh

2P Russia: reading, keeping up with world politics, studying, learning about different cultures

doodlerbee  asked:

I know practicing is the best way to improve art, but is there anything you have/do to improve besides just general practicing? Any routines or exercises that have helped?

oh yes!! how funny i was talking to people about this last night. these things are invaluable to me as a self taught artist. these are things i do when i feel “stuck”

  • every drawing is a good drawing! a small mantra, something i remind myself every day to get me through low periods. i say/use this a lot.
  • going back to basics. that means anatomy, shapes, musculature… i never had an art class in my life that taught me how to do these things, i learned from books and emulation. is a pretty nice place to go for some free life-drawing poses to get you started, i’ve even tried the timed class style ones and you’d be amazed at how long a minute feels after doing 30 second life drawings!!
    but you could find poses anywhere, timed and not, clothed or nude- pinterest, deviantart, tumblr. i will also draw random hands and feet and legs and butts and whatever else if i feel too tired to draw a whole body. learning anatomy will save you from a lot of heartache later on, and it’s never too late to learn it. it sounds boring, but i find human anatomy so interesting and fun… either way, it must be done! even if you’ve already been through that sort of thing in your classes, brushing up and going over the same material is always beneficial.
  • here’s a whoooole guide that breaks down anatomy over on DA! you don’t have to copy or master this to a tee at all. it’s a learning too, so practice in small doses until you’re comfortable enough to move on. (Again… I draw random body parts sometimes… just cause it’s fun.)
  • body shapes and simplification. knowing musculature and anatomy is very important, but starting from something simple to acquaint yourself with bodytypes that don’t come naturally to you is a lot easier to swallow. it is also the fastest way to learn how to do more diverse bodytypes.
    here’s a quick rundown for some starter shapes! (ignore the gendering and so on…)
  • gestures, line of motion. anatomy is one thing, but making it look alive and dynamic and not stiff is another. sweeping motions, lines of action, and gesture are SO important into creating more vibrant work. one way to practice this is to draw a line or a squiggle- that is your line of motion, your gesture- and make a pose based on it.
    here and here are a few good visual examples of this
  • drawing with pen. this sounds scary, but the point is to mess up. yes. you WANT to scribble poses and bodies. those two points above are best done, at least for me, in pen- especially for someone like me, who was very scared of blank paper and messing up. drawing in pen makes you more confident in your lines. it’s not meant to be remotely pretty- it’s teaching your brain to apply the gestures and block out the major shapes of the body! draw in different color pens for added enjoyment!!!
  • draw small when practicing. actually, tiny doodles in pen of messy likenesses of a person’s body or a little landscape are much less daunting to me. i can blow it up bigger gradually if i want to, but for practice sake i like smaller scale areas. i can cram it with so many drawings that way 8)

I mean… these are all things i do a lot to help me better my understanding of characters, but this could also apply to learning how to draw objects (furniture, rooms, buildings) or landscapes (trees, bodies of water, etc)

idk if this exactly what you’re looking for, but i just… i really find these tips useful when i feel like… super art blocked, stiff/rusty, or emotionally low because i don’t have energy to draw something bigger. it’s a great way to loosen up and i really should do it more!

actually, gimme a minute, i’m gonna post some pictures of this stuff.

edit: heeeree it is!


LILY /&. SOCIAL MEDIA  ;: —–—–    (   TWITTER   )

lily’s most active on twitter out of all her social media pages, if you count out good ol’ pinterest. it’s not like she really likes it, but she sees it as a place to store all the random things that pop into her head and that she doesn’t want to say to the people around her. needless to say, she makes sure none of the people she knows in real life find it.

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hi chey, i love the pics you you have on your walls + in your bujo a lot!! do u mind me asking where (specifically) you tend to find them? thank u!

the stuff on my walls, most of them are postcards i find in thrift stores/antique shops, some are prints i’ve ordered online from various artists/seller, some are random things i’ve found on walls and literally just taken home with me, and some i have printed out and taped up!! my bujo is almost all stuff i’ve printed out myself that i’ve found on pinterest or tumblr, though sometimes i put polaroids or other little found artifacts in there !! 

tenterflex  asked:

any tips/resources for someone wanting to get into pixel art that has no clue?

I’m about to run out the door (so I might expand on the answer later), but the one-liner is this:

Alright, I’m back, so here’s more info:

On the above link you will find a prototype version of my tutorial for complete beginners in pixel art. It goes on for 7 days and takes about 15 minutes a day. You can complete it at your convenience.

It’s got a few rough edges, especially the jump from day 6->7 is too much for most people. So a lot will need to be adjusted, but that’s the best you can get from me at this point.

However, there are other great places to get started as well. I love the more action-oriented approach where I give you concrete things to do, but you have plenty of tutorials that explain pixel art in general (it’s up to you to put them into practice).

My favorites are:

Pixel Art Tutorial by Cure, good intro article that explains what pixel art is and isn’t including all the pixel art-specific terminology.

So You Want to be a Pixel Artist by Tsugumo, a lot of good reading and then on chapter 8 and 9 you get into actually making a sprite.

On that same topic, Pixel Art Tutorial by Derek Yu is also one of the best for sprite drawing process, but assumes you already know how to draw a character.

For more specific topics, I have these three slides in the even rougher prototype of a daily drawing plan.

This last slide is where you will find links to important things to study.

Other than that …

Definitely follow @pixelartus for lots of pixel art features (more than I can put out :)), but you definitely need to check out his List of Pixel Art Tutorials.

I recently started saving tutorials I come by on Pinterest so you can take a peek at this board for completely unordered random topics: Pixel Art Tutorials 

Finally, I am making a video game called Pixel Art Academy that will put all these tutorials to good use in point-and-click adventure storylines and there will be an in-game virtual library with all the knowledge.

If you want to support the development, consider pre-ordering the game. It is what keeps Retronator going. Thank you!

Weird Things Seventeen Would Do with You

S.Coups Putting on a blindfold and guessing the gross food you combined (like mixing mustard and coffee) and drinking it to see if you can identify what it is

Jeonghan Doing cool DIY food/drink things on pinterest like those cute little rainbow cakes but it’d turn out like mud brown and taste okay

Joshua Making the coolest cosplay costumes like you’d take a trip to a fabric store and sew it and use beads, rhinestones, gems, glitter the full shebang

Jun Finding random scripts online and acting them out. Whenever its his turn to choose a script he’d find the one with a kiss scene

Hoshi Learning girl group dances like Something by Girls Day or No No No by Apink. Its either the cutest dance ever or something super sexy there is no in between with him

Woozi Auto-tuning your voices in the recording booth to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks or Wonwoo

Wonwoo You know those cool ice cream makers that you put all the ingredients in and shake it around to make ice cream? He’d get the soccer ball form of it (I swear they’re real look it up) and you two would play with it, accidentally break it open and the ice cream would be all over the floor

DK Having a water balloon fight but like in the middle of the night bc then you could sneak up on each other

Mingyu Playing a shots game (with apple juice or something) and the first to pee loses

Minghao Challenging each other to see who can say I love you (or something else) in the most languages

Seungkwan Creating a tinder account just so you two can judge other people’s profiles

Vernon Snapchatting the ugliest selfies possible to each other 

Dino Tie-dyeing anything you can get your hands on. Bed sheets, shirts, table cloths, Vernon’s underwear. All of it.

ragro115  asked:

Any tips for when you have writer's block?

This is a difficult question to answer simply because what helps break writers block for me, might not work for others. But here’s a list of things I do to start writing…

Music—I cannot write without music. Usually I find music that works with what I’m writing. If it’s a fast paced scene, I find some upbeat music that gets me going. If I’m in the flow of some random scenes, I choose music that doesn’t distract me, but still creates a mood. Music really influences mood— so this is great when writing. Listening to the lyrics can also inspire me to write. Just one strong line can help me create a story. Anyways, check this awesome post out » Music To Influence Your Writing

Pinterest—if I can’t find anything on Tumblr, I’m on Pinterest, searching for Writing Inspiration and Character Inspiration boards. It is actually quite helpful. You don’t even have to pin things if you don’t want, just follow the boards that inspire you.

Read—if I can’t write, I read. You might think, we’ll reading is just putting writing off to the side, not helping in the least… But reading improves your writing. You learn other writers writing styles, you learn new vocabulary, structure, character development, how to write good dialogue, etc, etc. You can learn so much from just picking up a book!

Seventh Sanctum—I love this site! It has so many great generators that have inspired me to write. Check it out!

Do something else—if I can’t write and I don’t want to read, that’s a sign to me that it is just not going to work at the moment, I’m not focused enough. If I force myself, yea I’ll write something, but usually I come back to it and hate it. So when you just absolutely can’t write, do something else for a while. Get your mind off of it and come back later. Actually, if you know a time when you write the best, 7:00am, 1:00pm, 11:30pm, whatever time works for you, then stick to that schedule. Get your brain on a writing agenda, it helps!

Sit outside, Open your window, Let your surroundings inspire you.

Close your eyes, listen to everything. Hear the rain, the bugs, birds, cars, the breeze, people (listen to people talk, their “dialogue” and the way they speak can inspire you to write something).

Use your eyes, cover your ears, create something while watching a silent world.

Take a deep breath— smell freshly mowed grass? Car exhaust? Smoke? Rain? Now write with it.

I won’t go through the other senses, I’m sure you get the idea. If you’ve exhausted your ideas for writing, try something new. New is good. Fresh surroundings can be an inspiration.

So many things inspire me to write and I don’t know what to do with it all. So, now that I’ve gone way overboard with this, I do hope it has helped in some way, happy writing!

— Awritersinspirations