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A couple people on my dash have finished the game and the Liam romance and I’m just seeing them freak out and gush over it mostly in their tags since MEA spoilers is blacklisted and I am fighting so hard to resist opening EVERY SINGLE POST.

Pretty Little Liars: Paleyfest Spoilers.

* All the original ships (Spoby, Ezria, Haleb & Emison) are endgame, but the couples getting back together won’t be an easy ride.

* The last 10 episodes are truly a love letter to fans. 

* The last scene of the show is a scene of the 5 girls together (x). Ali has the last line of the show. 

* The last 10 episodes include Ali exploring her sexuality, with Emily playing a major role in that storyline. Alison’s sexuality will be verbalised in 7x15. Paige and Alison will also have scenes together. 

* Marlene had a lot of pressure deciding who the final A would be. 

* Andrea thinks Mary Drake’s final scenes on the show are interesting, she likes how her story wraps itself up. 

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I'm really sorry but could you please tag *all* your Sabezra stuff? I love your art but I really don't like that ship.

I do! 

I mean I’m pretty sure I do.

Ones that I don’t aren’t technically Sabezra. 

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Nohmmy - “You love me, right?”

They’re in a tight spot.

They’re always in a tight spot, really. Ever since they decided to fuck off into space, play out some weird child-fantasy of Tommy’s, a lot of references to a Robin Hood with some added star pirate nonsense. And first, sure it was fun, but Noh Varr finds himself missing the quiet moments, he can’t remember the last time he wasn’t healing from some bump or bruise or more serious injury, and maybe this is just him getting old but he’s tired. He wants some good food and some music to dance to. Preferably with his partner-in-crime who is also sometimes his partner-in-life, and isn’t that weird and kinda circular, because they started bonding talking about Kate and now look at them.

Or rather, don’t look. Noh Varr wants to advert his eyes, as the alien who took offence to them boarding his ship gives Tommy a pretty solid backhand across the face.

And Tommy’s smiling still, split lip and all, and not for the first time Noh Varr wonders if this whole thing isn’t some sick attempt at suicide, except Tommy never looks more alive than in the middle of a fight (and it’s something he falls for, all over again, every time).

He’d asked once, after a particularly close call, and Tommy had gone all silent for a moment, long enough that Noh Varr worried he might have been right.

“Nah,” he says, finally. “Wrong twin for that. I’m not looking to die, okay? I’m just looking for ways to feel alive.”

It’s the most straight forward Tommy’s ever been, at least in regards to his own emotions. It threw Noh, left him speechless, not sure what words would be good for this situation, wanting to spit out ‘I love you’ but worrying it was the wrong time.

He should have said it when he had the chance. Why did he wait?
Tommy’s looking at him, and Noh Varr doesn’t like that grin.

“You love me, right?”

The captain is still shouting, but Noh Varr is no longer paying attention, he’s staring in shock at the human in front of him.

“Of course,” he gets out. He was never so easily made speechless before. It’s still not a feeling he’s used to. “Of course I love you.”

“Cool,” says Tommy, a casual answer that feels heavier in that mouth. Then he turns, hands pulling free of their bindings, and one starts to vibrate before it even touches the floor.

“No!” Noh Varr shouts, but it’s lost in the explosion.

He’s still wearing his helmet, which makes him one of the lucky ones. And their suits do have rocket boosters, which helps. It means he gets to Tommy fast enough to activate the boy’s own helmet, although not fast enough to do it while he’s conscious. His suit seems to have withstood the concussive blast, but Noh Varr is still on the edge of panic, because he can’t remember how long humans can live without oxygen, and he doesn’t know how long it took him to reach Tommy, and Tommy goes through air faster than most, and there’s no way he’s totally okay under the thin layer of his suit, and holy shit, did he really say ‘I love you’ for the first time just to blow himself up? What kind of nonsensical move is that?

“Idiot,” Noh Varr mutters, as he aims them at their ship. “Stupid, dramatic, heroic…” An Earth lyric enters his mind, as he floats towards his ship, carrying the body of his maybe-dead lover in his arms.

Ground control to Major Tom…

Made the grade indeed.

“I love you,” he says to Tommy, over and over again, as the hatch opens for them. “I love you, so you better wake up. I love you.”

It takes Tommy hours to wake up, weeks to fully recover. But that crack of one eye, crooked smile made even more twisted with the pain, and the choked out 'I know’ slows Noh Varr’s panic.

He knows that reference, after all. And that means maybe they can be okay.

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revalink fan here thanking you for being respectful. youre a pretty cool dude B)

Thanks my friend, you’re pretty cool yourself!

Revalink is such a cute ship om g, go get that tsundere birb Link, live your dreams.

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Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug?

woooo someone i kno hella leggo

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine i guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: cute n flirt but also dork
worst quality: he knows he’s pretty he’s 2 dangerous 
ship them with: marinette obvss
brotp them with: nino
needs to stay away from: evil mothman
misc. thoughts: i lov him what a precious chat

thank uu

send me someone!

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What songs would you suggest for Poker Pair and Laven? =3=

First, sorry this took so long, Anon. I had to put a lot of thought into this, because I take my shipping playlists pretty seriously.

And second, I’m so, so sorry for my eclectic tastes in music. XD Part of me wants to make these into 8tracks so you can listen to the madness easily, but I also don’t want to subject people to my musical tastes either. (If anyone IS interested in me making 8tracks for any pairing, just let me know. It will take me more time to put together, but I can do it.)

That being said, I’ve made you two playlists—one for Poker Pair and one for Laven.

Poker Pair

  • Darren Hayes – Strange Relationship
  • Darren Hayes – Dirty
  • Chuck Prophet – Pin a Rose on Me
  • Chuck Prophet – Homemade Blood
  • Chuck Prophet – Let’s Do Something Wrong
  • HIM – Love in Cold Blood
  • HIM – Venus Doom
  • HIM – Gone with the Sin
  • HIM – Wicked Game
  • Robbie Williams – Karma Killer
  • Seether – FMLYHM
  • Simon Curtis – Flesh
  • Tantric – Hate Me
  • Three Days Grace – Over & Over
  • Tom Petty – Breakdown
  • Apocolyptica – Bittersweet
  • Eve 6 – Inside Out
  • Garbage – Nobody Loves You
  • Nine Inch Nails – Closer
  • Rasmus – The One I Love
  • Muse – Time is Running Out


  • Chuck Prophet – They Don’t Know About Me and You
  • Chuck Prophet – Would You Love Me?
  • Darren Hayes – Sense of Humor
  • Darren Hayes – Who Would Have Thought
  • Darren Hayes – The Only One
  • Darren Hayes – Feel
  • Goo Goo Dolls – Name
  • HIM – Under the Rose
  • HIM – You Are the One
  • Lifehouse – Trying
  • Placebo – Blind
  • Poets of the Fall – Roses
  • Poets of the Fall – Crystalline
  • Poets of the Fall – Brighter than the Sun
  • Poets of the Fall – Running Out of Time
  • Stone Sour – Through Glass

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hey!!!! im here for talking. okay so i know you love baby cows and i was just thinking the other day, imagine taehyung just having a bunch of cows 😭😭😭 like say he inherited his grandma's farm and all the cows LOVE him, he's like a cow whisperer or something. they lick his face and lay down near him. and when taehyung sings, they come to him... OH OH and one day he brings someone over for a date (idk what taehyung ships you like) and they think it's pretty enchanting and not weird at all

I always consider writing a thing in which Tae is a farmer because come on man it’s perfect. This is such a cute thought oh my gosh. You know who would be completely okay with Tae the cow whisperer? Nams. He would ask Tae to tell him about all the babies and listen with that fond little smile he gets and it would just be the sweetest thing.

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k dude so i've been following you for a while but somehow didn't find out about caliza until like today and i just wanted to say y'all are cute af


thank you she’s pretty fucking great :))