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Ok so here's my theory on the whole 'patsy not knowing what to do with her arm' during the kiss

So I feel like the script was pretty set on the scene. Patsy would pull Delia in, Delia would kiss her, and then the pair would hold each other. However when it actually happened there was a split second when the actors stopped. I honestly think it was a case of Kate kissed Emerald and in that second, instead of remembering the script emerald was like ‘omg there’s this amazing person kissing my face, wow she kisses good’…hence those few seconds where emerald completely forgets what to do with her arms, throws the script out the window, all because she was taken back by the way Kate kissed her. Idk, just a thought

MBTI Types Making a Play


- wants to be director but ends up playing the weird annoying nerd in the cast

- tries to make everything fun, but is not taken very seriously

- goes around helping everyone instead of practicing lines, somehow has it all memorized by the time they have to speak


- prop controller/builder

- literally can design the coolest props that like actually do stuff and things

- doesn’t get credit for half the stuff they do 


- the director

- plans everything out to the dot

- creeps up on people practicing their lines and offering criticism 


- assistant director

- helps with prop making

- finds a use for all the weird gadgets INTP makes


- main character’s love interest 

- really good actor; can make people cry and then laugh about it afterwards

- pranks and jokes on set


- helps INTP with props

- can repair anything, and will

- has a minor role in the play but doesn’t really care


- has a pretty major role as the villain’s evil BFF

- actually goes around and makes sure people are doing their thing

- gets angry when people aren’t doing their thing


- practices their part perfectly

- flawless execution of dialogues

- gets on no one’s nerves ever


- main character’s goofy bff 

- makes jokes on set 

- pairs up with ENTP to make everything fun, but gets disregarded


- quiet and shy character

- everyone thinks that INFP will struggle while delivering line, but they do it awesomely and surprise everyone

- goes around helping other people with their lines and the prop section


- omg brought cookies for everyone on set

- main character 

- can deliver long speeches with emotion and rawness


- brought cupcakes but no one noticed :/

- ended up eating all of them with ENTP and ISFJ

- a pretty major character, quiet off set but loud on set


- the singing character

- actually makes everything fun 

- way too much energy 


- costume designer

- actually drew everyone’s character

- very independent person


- wanted to bring cookies but nah

- also really good with their lines

- gossip ;)


- pretty shy, but then surprises everyone by being awesome while delivering their lines

- helps with ISFP in drawing and making costumes

- accidentally never got the cookie but got a cupcake from INFJ

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Hi!! New-ish Outlander fan here. I found your fic blog not too long ago and fell in love with your modern AUs, esp the Vietnam AU! Will there be more to come, pretty please? Thanking you X โ˜บ

anonymous asked:   Any chance of your continuing the Vietnam AU? It’s such a lovely series. All the best! ❤❤❤

anonymous asked: Do Jamie and Claire get a cabin goodbye in the Vietnam AU? omg /death            

It was understandably a bit musty inside the cabin – and Jamie immediately set to work airing it out.

“Here – help me roll up the shades? Let’s get some light in here.”

Jenny hadn’t exaggerated – there were only four rooms. A large living area with an open hearth, what appeared to be two bedrooms, and a study/library. All the furniture and decorations were dated, but clean – well-kept. Taken care of.

“Do you come up here often?” She stepped to one side of the living area, eyes lighting on a large survey map mounted on the wall.

“Not since the fall. But I came here a lot right after I got back from Chu Lai. I needed – well. I needed time. And space. I did a lot of thinking.”

And then he was there, right behind her, arms wrapped around her waist, head resting on her shoulder.

She melted against him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here with you,” she whispered into the wall. “I’m sorry – ”

“Sshh.” His breath tickled her neck. “It doesn’t matter. You’re here now.”

Then she turned around. And locked eyes with him. And bit her lip.

Tension crackled.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I want you.”

His eyes closed – almost as if he couldn’t believe her words.

“I want you in my life, Claire. Now. In every way. For always.”

Then his eyes opened – brave. Unafraid.

“And God knows I want you – more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. Do you feel the same?”

“You know I do,” she breathed.

“Then will you do something for me?”

Her brows furrowed. “Anything.”

He nodded, thinking.

“I want to handfast with you. It’s – it’s a Scottish tradition. We pledge ourselves to each other – and it’s valid for a year and a day. After that time we can part – or we can formally marry.”

“I don’t understand – do we need a priest or something? Why didn’t we do it at church?”

He smiled, shaking his head. “We do it just the two of us. It’s valid because we say it is. And in the eyes of God, it – it blesses us. Blesses our union. Because I want God to bless us, and protect us. And provide for us. Because He knows I prayed every single day for you to come back to me. And He delivered.”

Claire blinked back tears.

“Yes. Yes, of course. What do I do?”

He took her hands. “I’m going to make my vow to you – and then you can make yours to me. And then – one more thing. And then – then, we go to bed.”

She nodded. Quickly. Heart somewhere in her throat.

“I, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, take thee, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp…”

It all happened in slow motion.

Jamie’s vow to her.

Her vow to him.

They sealed their vows with a kiss. And then – then he asked for her wrist. Pulled out his pocketknife – scored a shallow cut across her wrist. Held out his own wrist for her to do the same. Then pressed his cut to hers.

“Say the words after me,” he whispered.

Then he spoke in Gaelic – it was yet another vow. She didn’t understand it – but she *felt* it so much deeper than what they had just exchanged in English.

And Jamie’s eyes were so soft and dark and intense on hers.

And then another kiss.

And then they stumbled to one of the bedrooms, and Jamie struggled out of his jacket, and Claire lay a calming hand on his chest.

“Sshh. It’s just me. We don’t have to do this if it’s too much.”

And then Jamie straightened up, focused, and took proper care of his bride.

The orange sunlight of late afternoon sliced through the lace curtains that must have been made before the War.

Claire sighed, so content, legs still tangled with Jamie’s under the old plaid blanket, hands gently caressing the scars on his back. He made a small sound and tightened his grip – burying himself even deeper inside of her. Her lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Are you *sure* you’ve never done that before? Because Jamie – ”

“Well I seemed to learn a *lot* after the first time, hmm?” he laughed, sucking on her neck, delighting in her shiver. “I have a most excellent teacher.”

“It’s so, so good with you.” Her voice rose higher in pitch as he slowly, slowly began rocking back and forth. Teasing. “I – I had no idea it could be this good.”

“And just think – we can have this every day for the rest of our lives, Claire.” He kissed her swollen lips – the tip of her nose – her eyes, brimming with tears.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. “Jamie. I – ”

“Hush, *mo graidh.* Hush. Let me love you again.”

Slowly he eased her onto her back, and helped her lose all sense of space and time.

“You can’t go out there with no clothes on!”

Jamie briefly glanced over his shoulder to give Claire a withering look. “Who’s around to care? Just a few deer. Maybe a mountain lion or two. And you, but last time I checked you rather liked seeing me naked.”

Claire theatrically rolled her eyes and followed him, naked, across the living room as he opened the front door.

“I know it’s nice out – but don’t you feel the slightest bit cold?”

He darted back inside, grabbed her hand, and dragged her over the threshold. “Not when I have you to warm me!”

Her laugh echoed from the fir trees circling the clearing right outside the front of the cabin.

“And where is this cave, anyway? Some of us haven’t been hiking bare-assed through the woods since we were in diapers.”

“It’s right – oh! Perfect!”

Jamie abruptly halted and Claire crashed into his side. “What is it?”

He bent, plucked a small plant from the ground, and held it out to her. “I remember these from when I was small – wild strawberries.”

Sure enough, a small red fruit hid under the sparse green leaves.

“How lovely.” Claire plucked the berry from the stem and tasted it.

“Look – there are so many of them here.” His voice was suddenly choked – and she looked up at him in concern.

“Jamie? Are you all right?”

“It’s a sign, Claire,” he said softly, voice breaking. “The strawberries – they’re our symbol. The Frasers. Well, it’s what my Da always told me – that our surname comes from the French, when a Monsieur Freseliere came across from France with King William, and was granted land in the Scottish highlands for his trouble.”

“You mean William the Conqueror?” Claire’s voice was incredulous. “I had heard that Scots have long memories, but still – ”

“But Claire – it’s March. Strawberries here in the mountains normally don’t start until April. It’s a sign, Claire. It’s a blessing from God. It proves that you’re meant to be here.”

Gently Claire gripped his forearms – the hairs glowing in the afternoon sun – and turned him to face her. Then gently she lay him down on the grass, amid the strawberries, and sat atop him.

“I love you, Monsiuer Freseliere,” she said softly, and then took him inside her.

“Je t’aime, Madame Freseliere,” he groaned.

“Where have you been? Murtagh was just going to go out looking for you – you forgot the walkie-talkie, you idiot!”

But neither Jamie nor Claire took heed of Jenny’s haranguing. For Jamie simply bent to kiss his sister on the cheek as Claire pulled a bottle of whisky from the backpack and set it on the table.

“The ten-year! You’ve gone for the good stuff,” Ian observed, eyeing Murtagh’s faded scrawl on the label. “May I ask why?”

“We’ve handfast,” Claire replied. “We’ll marry as soon as I finish school.”

Murtagh let out a whoop so loud that wee Maggie, snoring in her playpen in the parlor, burst awake in tears.

But amid the cheers and kisses and hugs exchanged by the Fraser-Murray adults, nobody seemed to mind.


throwback to 2008:
mbc gayo daejejun ☆ wonderbang special stage


Woah woah woah…OMG what if Queen Rhea sets Mon el up with Lena that way he won’t be with Kara. Hence “Villainous prearranged marriage.” That would explain then tensions between Kara, Lena, and Mon el AND the fact that Queen Rhea and Lilian/Lena have a scene together (*I’m pretty sure they do*)

Theories anyone??

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Omg your python is gorgeous!! Question: what goes into owning a snake?? I've been in love with snakes since I was a little girl and I've always wanted one but I don't want to neglect it or not be able to care for it :)

Depends on the exact species on snake you get, of course, but the basics are: 

- The initial set up is pretty important. Make sure the tank they are in is big enough/has everything they need. Terrestrial species, like ball pythons, need more horizontal space and at least 2 hides. Arboreal species, like a tree boa, need vertical spaces, etc. 

- Keeping the environment stable. Temperature and humidity need to be kept in a good range. Heat lamps/spray bottles/etc. 

-Feeding. Know how big the food should be, how often they should eat, making sure your snake eats safely, being willing to deal with the food (either live food, which requires more precaution during the feeding itself , or frozen food which requires more prep work) 

Snakes are pretty easy if you invest well in a good set up and aren’t squeamish about the feeding.

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Every time you answer a question that needs to be elaborated on like the makeup thing, you never mention Chuuya. *sobs* At all.

omg anon we’re so sorry about that! 

here’s a couple headcanons about chuuya and beauty products 

-he actually has naturally long eyelashes and a very pretty eye shape so the crew don’t really have much to work it in the first place

-his skin is basically flawless as well, and all the girls on set always crowd around him, asking what kinds of products he uses. all the lingo goes over his head and he’s always confused 

-he doesn’t really pay much attention to such stuff and doesn’t understand why the crew always wants to put make up on him in the first place. it’s secretly to see just how pretty they can make Chuuya just to watch Dazai’s jaw drop to the floor. but the cover up story is because he’s acting. 

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OH MY GOD HIEU. hfdlgkjdhsd. okay. this is gonna take a while! hahaha.

under the cut iโ€™m literally about to recommend 54 blogsโ€ฆwooow.

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Polish team after the team competition in Vikersund, RawAir Tournament, World Cup 2016/2017

Piotr Żyła (x)

J: Congratulations for the record of Poland! You’re a giant! Tell us, the regular mortals, how is it like to beat Poland’s record twice?
Piotr: I don’t know! (laugh) […] Well, actually, the longest jump wasn’t the best one, the best was the first one - it was really, really good. The second one was also okay, just the startgate was a bit higher. […] I’m really satisfied after today because I didn’t expect that… after yesterday - that one can jump 100 m further. (laugh) […] Well, yeah, I guess you can say it was a crazy, very crazy day but very succesful for us. Each one of us did his good job, everyone was jumping very far and… it was a beautiful day! 
J: Yesterday the coach interrupted us because you had to consult an important thing immidiately [coach Horngacher was angry with Piotrek after the qualification], Adam Małysz said you were looking for tricks on the inrun… Tell us, what was wrong.
Piotrek: It’s a special hill and I know how to jump on it. […] Well, I knew that you can’t just jump like this in here but I did it anyway in quali. I was over-active. […]
J: Okay, so what’s the receipe for the Poland’s record? Because all the factors were on the right place today: pepper on your plate, 509 came by [that’s a long referrence…], Zenon Martyniuk [Polish singer] playing in the air. What do you think, where did those good jumps come from?
Piotr: From what you just said! (laugh) […] What was most important was that the ones who were a “threat” for us in the National Cup were behind us and we’ll keep fighting for our good jump.

Kamil Stoch (x)

J: Big congrats for today’s jumps! I guess we can say it was a crazy day, a crazy competition!
Yeah, I think today was a very good competition and the quality was very high - not only for the ones around the hill but also for the ones in front of their TV screens. Far jumps, also a bit of drama but everything ended up good for us.
I really think the first jump was the better one - from this gate, with this conditions - it was a very good jump. The second one - not so much but, uh… a flight for 243 meters is a completely different world.
J: When you looked at the standing after the 1st round - 3rd in the RawAir, were you surprised?
Kamil: Uh… That was strange, I didn’t know what it was but thank you for telling me this, now I know. (laugh)
J: Piotr took the record from you. Any anger?
Kamil: Nooo, it’s a joy! Today wasn’t about about rivalry or winning, today was only about the will of far flights and I think each one of us thought the same way and it’s a great thing that Piotrek jumped the record. 

Maciej Kot (x)

Maciek: Crazy is one of a few words you can use to describe this competition. It was sort of historical, amazing and I haven’t seen so many long jumps in one competition in my entire life - two world records, two records of Poland.
J: Some people say that you could land a bit further in your second jump.
Maciek: Yes, definitely! It’s hard to say how far would that be but I think that the 250 meters border would crack but… 250 meters long jump is a flight into unknown. […] I, uh… I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t have that experience. I had a lot of speed and I saw there was no red lines anymore and… the automatism worked. And it works when you’re in danger. So it was a spontaneous decision about shorting this jump, so it wouldn’t end up with an awful fall. But I know that if I had this opportunity in the second jump, I would know what to do, how to act and that was missing today. […] Yeah, the “Flying Cat” nickname was confirmed today.
[Piotrek and Maciek were watching movies and listening music together before the competition].
[…] I think what worked for Piotrek was the well-known technique. He admitted himself that he’s done “something he shouldn’t have done but did it anyway” and asked me to remind him before the competition what should and what shouldn’t he do, and I kept on reminding him that. I was joking that I, again, have a partial input in this record. (laugh) So, uh… I’m very happy for the result. 

Dawid Kubacki (x)

Dawid: I wasn’t really that into setting personal bests today. I needed to get back to good jumping and that I achieved. Maybe these wasn’t shocking jumps but they were okay. […] My back still hurts a bit but it’s nothing really bothering. I wouldn’t blame my health for anything anymore. 
J: Many people say it was a crazy competition. Do you remember any crazier one?
Dawid: Shoot, I don’t know! (laugh) I have a pretty bad memory in general but the competition was great - exciting, with long jumps, good jumping, so - for me it was super. Super that I could be a part of this. […]
J: Many so called “experts” said that you aren’t “flighters”, that Austrians and Germans were gonna catch you and you… made a bigger distance.
Dawid: Yes, we were fighting ‘till the end, didn’t give up and that paid off. I think each one of us is brave enough, so even though we get that kind of comments, we don’t give up and keep fighting. We just proved it today. 

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yo just imagine Anakin and Cody's first interactions because honestly they're probably there to ask various shit about Obi-Wan and Rex. "Excuse me, General Skywalker, you were General Kenobi's Padawan. Permission to speak freely, sir?" "Of course, Cody." "Tell me how to tell my General to get the fuck to sleep."

“Commander, do you have a minute?” “Of course, General.” “I’m going to be frank Cody, how do you get Rex to talk about anything? He’s pretty alright on the battlefield but when he gets off of it he seems like he’s turned himself off” (set before season 1)

I’m screaming omg

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omg anti probably ends up setting water on fire and dark just comes into the kitchen like “….how????” and that’s why anti orders pizza pretty much every day of his life. until dark decides to make them both dinner.

but dark is very particular about his cooking, so if one thing gets wrong, he has a fit. he accidentally added just a pinch of salt? the whole dinner is ruined. but dark always goes all out when he cooks and makes sure to set up the table all nice for them to eat at. probably with nice plates and candles along with it.

dark probably smacks anti upside the head when anti starts wolfing the food down tbh