such a pretty movie ush so gorgeous i had to do it

Sam Winchester-Daydreamin'


Pairing:Sam x reader

Word count:1100

Theme song:Daydreamin’ by Ariana Grande

Reader see’s Sam ‘Agent Smith’ and immediately develops a crush


He walked in,caught my attention.

You was working your shift as you scanned through all the files before you heard the door ring.You looked up your heart stopping and your stomach clenching as you saw the most gorgeous man you had ever seen before.

I’ve never seen a man with so much dimension 

He began talking to Liz your boss as she nodded as he flashed her a badge.A cop.Your heart started to work but pounded against your ribcage as Liz turned around pointing to you making the handsome stranger look at you before nodding and walking your way.You started to feel yourself getting flushed as you tried to act like you didn’t see him coming.

It’s the way you walk the way you talk

His broad shoulders and muscles flexed with every step he made his long legs striding easily over to you before he put his hands into his pockets and gave you a smile.

“(y/n) (y/l/n)?’'He asked and all you could do was nod your mouth to dry to speak as your cheeks lit up red.You fumbled with your lip hoping he didn’t notice.

’'Your boss says your were here last night’'He stated and once again all you could do was nod.His brow raised slightly as you shook your head 

’'sorry!Yes,I mean erh yes I was here,Sir’'You stuttered.He nodded smiling 

’'Did you happen to notice anything odd happen?’'And once again you answered telling him everything you heard which was a crash before you were locked in the room leaving out the part where you thought you saw a dead patient,but that was crazy right?

’'Anything else?’'He asked interested.Your hands shook slightly as his eyes glanced down at them before flickering back to you.

’'Nope,sorry’'You smiled before swallowing nervously.He nodded at you wearily before walking off to his partner.

So I’m daydreamin’ with my chin in the palm of my hand


”(Y/N)!“Liz called clicking her fingers in front of your face as you suddenly snapped out of it.

’'Woah Woah,what?’'You coughed realizing you had been staring into space with your chin in the palm of your hand as you though about him.Geez how teeange girly.

You looked past Liz to see him and his partner were behind her.You blushed realizing he saw you all zoned out.’'These boys want to talk to you again’'Liz whispered before walking away.

’'I told you everything I knew’'You muttered even though you adored his presence you wanted him to leave now,he was acting strange.

’'You obviously didn’t cause my partner here says your hiding something’'The shorter one commented.You turned to Agent Smith but he only waited for you to say something.

’'It’s stupid and I was just tired’'You rolled your eyes.They both stood up straighter as they looked at you.

’'Then just tell us if it was only your mind playing tricks’'Agent Smiths silky voice suggested making your heart flutter.

’'I thought-I thought I saw a dead patient’'You whispered watching as they both looked at each other.They thanked you before walking off quickly.

’'Well the hot ones are always mad’'You sighed watching Agent Smith talk to his partner.


’'See yah tomorrow Liz.’'You called as she threw you the keys for you to lock up.With one final wave you began to tidy up your desk stopping as you heard a clink.You lifted your head up as you followed the sound.You saw someone move in the room.Your heart started pumping widely as you braced yourself behind the wall.

’'Ok,Don’t call out Hello,that’s how they die in Horror movies’'You whispered to yourself not knowing what to do.Ok just don’t think just go! You jumped on the person tackling who ever to the floor your cheeks blushing a light pink as you saw Agent Smith under you.

’'A-agent Smith’'You whispered jumping off him and pulling him up.He grabbed your hand making you feel uneasy as he stood up.

’'I’m so sorry’'You whimpered feeling guilty.

’'It’s ok you’ve got a strong grip’'He chuckled before looking around.’'Look you need to go it isn’t safe’'He whispered before a huge bang was sounded.He grabbed your hand immediately and the both of you squeezed inside an empty closet.Your head was squashed up against his chest as this didn’t help your blushing problem.

’'Sam’'He whispered

’'What?’'You asked puzzled.

’'My names Sam.I kill monsters like this ghost that’s been haunting the hospital’'He stated.You titled your head giving him a 'really’ look knowing he was just playing with you but you soon figured he wasn’t when the dead patient popped up right infront of your face scaring you shitless as Sam rammed a Iron bar at him.You breathed heavily eyes wide as Sam looked at you 

’'What the hell’'You whispered your breathing harsh as you exited the closet.

’'Just make sure you stay back’'Sam ushed you behind him as he scanned around the room.Suddenly something had jumped on you pinning you to the ground,you yelped out screaming for Sam as the Dead patient glared at you.Sam was flung into the wall as soon as he turned around.Your eyes landed on the Iron poker behind the ghost.

’'Ok I can see that your not happy with me’'you laughed nervously as your foot hitched onto the poker and slowly dragged it forward.The ghost growled at you before lifting it’s hand and before it could do anything you shoved the poker right into it’s chest.

You shot up rushing over to Sam as he slid down the wall.

’'Nice’'he breathed out nodding in approval 

’'Thanks’'You whispered out of breath.


’'You know you did pretty good in there’'Sam said as you both stood outside of the hospital his brother waiting in the car.

’'All I did was take down a ghost….ok I did pretty good’'You laughed as he joined in.He shuffled as he glanced back at Dean.

’'I thought it was you behind all the killings’'He stated truthfully.

’'Me why?’'You asked confused.

’'Pretty girls always seem to be hiding something’'He chuckled making you blush making him laugh.

’'Well cute guys always seem to be hiding something too and….turns out they kill monsters for a living’'You chuckled.He grinned leaning down and pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek.

’'I mean this in the nicest way possible but I hope I don’t see you around’'Sam laughed making you shake your head as you waved you saviour off.