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I was tagged by my friend @lysergic-saturnine-desert to talk about myself….

Samantha Marie

Nickname: Sammie, only special people get away with getting to call me Sam...

Age: 25 going on 26

Where do you live: Pittsburgh, PA

Gender: Female

Star sign: Sag

Height: 5′8″ :(

Sexual orientation: Pan… I love people

Favorite color: Green, Purple, Black

Favorite animal: Foxes, Cats, Wolves

Cat or dog person: I love me some cats. But puppers are nice to look at and pet.

Lucky number:  6

Favorite fictional character: Fuck there are so many. Eleven?

Favorite bands/music artists and favorite music genre:  I can listen to pretty much anything. It just has to strike a nerve. I love Ghost, Bauhaus, The Clash, The Damned, Avatar, Alesana, Ramones, The Sisters of Mercy, Creeper, Marianas Trench, Marmozets, fuuuuuuuuuck.

When did you create your blog: This blog I think January 2017

What do you post about: Music, Ghost, random bull

Why did you choose your URL: I couldn’t find something that I liked that wasn’t taken *shrugs*

I’m gonna tag some people that I’d like to get to know better: @caligurl32 @stranger-ghoul @the-human-stain-k @ukuleleghoul @metalhat @schmerzen-an-die-macht @ukuleleghoul @thepastelghoul @tothepit @crashloves @transpolarized @g0etia but only if you want to… I know that some of you have already done this as I have, but its nice for followers to get a sense of you!<3

i was tagged by @king-of-the-outpost im doin this instead of finishing a drawing

Rules: Using only the song titles of one Artist/Band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

Artist/Band: van halen

What is your gender: (oh) pretty woman

How do you feel: on fire

If you could go anywhere: ‘’dirty movies’’

Favorite mode of transportation: sinner’s swing!

Your best friend: girl gone bad

Favorite time of day: dreams

If your life was a TV show: atomic punk

Relationship status: beautiful girls…

Your fear: eruption

im tagging anus tart @sparky-pines and @borzoicon