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Huntress- Part 18: Legacy

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E18 so warning: SPOILERS

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You watched as Uncle Dean walked into the room, he’d called Cas about fifteen times this week and still nothing. Dad walked in from the other entrance, holding a load of papers and articles. You all sat at the table, “Still no word from Cas?” Dad stated the obvious,
“Nothing.” Uncle Dean huffed. He picked up his guns and began to clean them. You noticed he did this when he was worried.
“He’s Cas. This isn’t the first time he’s just dropped off the map. He’ll be fine.” Dad tried to reassure his brother, who hummed a “Yeah…” in response. 

“Well, I’ve been researching demons. Turns out we have a lot of books on demons.” 
You chuckled.
“But nothing useful for Daegon.”

“Helpful.” You stated sarcastically. You glanced up when a notification appeared on your Dad’s laptop screen. “Huh,” He grabbed Uncle Dean’s attention “I just got an email from Mick…It’s a case.”
“Good.” Uncle Dean replied before wiping the barrel of his pistol.

“Why didn’t he call?” You wondered aloud.

“Some guy called Jarrod Hayes went missing last week in Tomahawk, Wisconsin….Mick say’s this place has a history.


“Well someone went missing every year for some time until it stopped twenty years ago…well, until now.” Dad paraphrased.

“What so it’s like a cycle or something?” You suggested.

“Something like that.”

As everyone was throwing some bags into the back of Baby your Dad stopped you. “You sure you’re okay to come?”
“Yeah. I’m fine.” You nodded. You were far too determined to quit.
His eyebrows furrowed sympathetically. “If you want to stop at any point just say.” He paused before adding “Promise?”
“Promise.” You smiled.

The three of you raised an eyebrow at the Sheriff. He was adding the finishing touches to some sort of taxidermy project. It was a little creepy to say the least. You’d taken on Claire’s advice and after managing to convince your Dad to let you tag along as they posed as FBI agents. It was amazing what a little makeup and smart-wear could do.

“You know what I don’t get…” the Sheriff began “Why the fed’s are so interested?” He didn’t look away from his work.
“Just following orders.” Uncle Dean answered in a way that said it wasn’t up for question.
“What can you tell us about the case?” Dad asked after clearing his throat.
“Not much to tell,” the Sheriff picked up some sort of tweezers and began fixing any hair that looked out of place to him “Some kids were hanging out, Jarrod went home and never made it.”
“You don’t seem very worried.” You noticed his casual demeanor.
“If you ask me he bailed. He had it tough you know…real tough.” The Sheriff started to sew something up on the creature.
“Tough?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow.
“His Mom left years ago and his Dad…well…lets just say Jarrod fell down the stairs a lot.”

“You knew he was being abused?” You tried not to sound angry.

“We tried to help him, but taking a child away from his parents, even if they’re the evilest people in the world, its hard.” 
You couldn’t argue with him, but you didn’t fully agree either.

Uncle Dean went back to the issue at hand “You said Jarrod was with friends the night he went missing, did any of them say anything?”
“Nothin’ worth repeating….there, ain’t he precious?” The Sheriff sat back from his completed work and did a sort of ‘voila’ pose. You smiled awkwardly, trying to look impressed. 
“Any idea where we can find any of these friends?” Dad wondered.

“Darren Boston? Agents Stark, Martel and Pond.” You held up your badges briefly.
“Ah no…” Darren whispered to himself, tossing his joint to the floor. You picked it back up and handed to his confused face “That stuff’s expensive.” 
Thanks?” He mumbled.
“We uh, we wanted to ask you a few quick questions about the night your friend Jarrod Hayes went missing?” Dad explained.
“What about it?” He huffed.
“The Sheriff said you were with him.” Dad continued.
“Yeah well the Sheriff can suck it. He thinks Jarrod just upped and left this town.”
“And you don’t?” You said curiously.
“I know he didn’t. But the cops aren’t gonna believe me, not if the Sheriff doesn’t. He’s got it in for me.” Darren complained.
He held up his fag in an obvious manor “Why do you think?”

“So what did happen?” You encouraged him, if he hadn’t told anyone else, which by the sounds of it he hadn’t, he’d be more likely to tell you.
“I tried to save him…” Darren took a deep breath “But the monster got him: Black Bill.”

“Black Bill is a local urban legend…” Your Dad began to explain, but paused when neither you nor Dean were paying much attention. One, you already had the wiki page up on your phone and two, you were starving so food was the priority. The waitress finally cam over with your orders, spending extra long giving your Uncle his so she made sure he saw “the look”. You hid behind your milkshake in embarrassment for him as he winked.
“Focus.” Dad managed through gritted teeth, nudging his brother.
“I am focused! Black Bill, urban legends blah blah what’ve you got?” Uncle Dean clearly wasn’t “focused” but you were too busy reading your own phone to bother saying anything.
Dad coninued “Apparently he has the head of a goat-”
“A goat?” Uncle Dean stopped him “Like mehh a goat?”
“No. The black and white type that goes Moo.” You remarked, earning a bitchface from your Uncle and a smile from your Dad.

“So where are we going with this?” Uncle Dean tried his best to stay on board as he followed the waitress round with his eyes.
“You’re an actual creep.” You looked at him with a disgusted face and he swatted you on the back of the head “What would you know, you’re what, twelve?”
“Old man.” You hissed.
“Baby.” He snapped back.
You stuck your tongue out at him “Fight me.”
“I’d beat your ass.”
“Guys!” Dad drew your attentions back to the case “Focus.”

“Why don’t you two uh, focus on the case.” Uncle Dean didn’t take his eyes off the waitress, who was glancing at him whenever she had the chance.
“Don’t wait up.” He mumbled, slowly getting up from the table “We can just use the colt. Dusts anything.”
“Still, if it fails it’s nice to have a plan B.” You shrugged.
“I’m done with you two and your..logic.” With that he got up and made a beeline for the lady. 
“Oh don’t do the hot coffee thing.” Dad winced in preparation for whatever awful pickup line he was about to attempt.

Uncle Dean whistled a little before smirking “This coffee is hot, almost as hot as-” He then gestured towards her.
You sunk into your chair “Oh please no that was so painful to watch.” 
Cringing you faced away from the pair of them, making Dad chuckle. “Wanna go?” He said, clearly feeling the same.

After an all-nighter of researching and endless energy drinks, or coffee for your Dad, you were back in the same cafe. Hopefully, Uncle Dean would arrive soon so you could carry on with the case.
You glanced up when the little bell went at the door where he whispered something to her before grinning and heading in your direction. 
He sat down, looking way too proud with himself. “Good night?” Dad asked.
“Why would you even ask that?” You mumbled.
“Awesome. So awesome.” Uncle Dean smiled widely as he looked back over to her taking her jacket off.

“So uh, any idea what we’re dealing with?”
“A satyr.” You said- keen to change the topic.
“A what?” Uncle Dean raised his eyebrows, stuffing his face full of your Dad’s order. 
“Half man-half goat thing, like Mr Tumnus from Narnia.”
“You are such a nerd.” He commented.
“Nerd life is best life.”You shrugged, taking your phone back from him.

“They lead people to the woods for massive orgys and then the Satyr would, quote, “feast on the flesh of his victims until his belly was full to bursting with their moist slippery meat””. 
Uncle Dean slowed his chewing and pushed his plate away “Oh, so now what?”
“We were gonna question Darren…”
“Were going to?” Uncle Dean didn’t like where this was going. 
“Yeah,” Dad nodded “His Mom called to say he never made it home from work last night.”

“Excuse me, Sir. Hi, Agents Stark, Martell and Pond. We’re looking for Darren Boston?”
“Darren?” The man looked puzzled “Is he in trouble?”
“No we uh, spoke to him last night. We just wanted to ask a few follow up questions.”
“No he didn’t actually show up for work today. Sorry I can’t help you any more than that…The last time I saw him was yesterday. Big day today, though. It’s a shame he couldn’t have pulled his load.”
“How come it’s a big day?” You asked.
“See that man over there, he’s the health inspector. They’re trying to shut us down. We can’t afford to upgrade to better equipment.”
“And the owner?” Dad pressed.
“He’d rather play Sheriff.”
“Wait,” Uncle Dean stopped him from saying anything else “You’re telling me Sheriff Bishop owns this plant?”
“Yeah-“ He paused, noticing a man waving for his attention “Excuse me.”

“So…” You sighed, watching him walk away “We talk to the Sheriff.”
Uncle Dean continued “Find our witness who later goes missing.”
Dad finished “Last seen somewhere owned by the Sheriff. Coincidence?”

The three of you walked behind a curtain to reveal racks of meat. It stank and it took any drop of hunger you had out of you. Ew.
“Sheriff.” Uncle Dean cleared his throat. The Sheriff turned round on his heels with his hands half in his pockets “What are you doing here? Still trying to track down Jarrod?”
“And Darren Boston. He went missing yesterday.” You added.
“Geez, first I’ve heard.”
“Sheriff, what do you know about Black Bill?” Uncle Dean went straight to the local legend.
The Sheriff sighed “Parents tell it to their kids so they don’t stay out so late or play somewhere they shouldn’t. He’s like the boogeyman, you know? Ain’t real.”
“You sure about that, a lot of people in this town go missing.” You questioned him furhter.
“Yeah, they work at the plant, get bored and move on.”
“And what about Darren?” Dad tilted his head.
“The kid was drunk, high or both. He’s not exactly a trustworthy witness.”

“Okay, thank you for your time.” Dad thanked him before turning and leaving with you both. Once you’d made it out of the main area you began to discuss the case. “He’s not acting suspicious at all.” Uncle Dean scoffed.
“But how’s he connected to the satyr?” Dad couldn’t get his head round it and neither could.

You stole a few of Uncle Dean’s chips as he grabbed ketchup from the other table, throwing you a suspicious glare as you munched on them. “Did you take some of my fries?” He raised an eyebrow. You shrugged, swallowing. You were about to act all innocent when Dad came into the diner. “Seriously? You can eat after what we just saw?” He looked disgusted at his brother.
He shrugged, taking a bite of his burger. “This is heaven, Sammy.”
You took another chip when he closed his eyes, having a moment with his burger. He then opened one and glanced at you, swallowing before saying “Will you stop.”
“I’ll stop when you run out of chips.” You smiled sweetly.
Anyway,” Dad ignored you both “Did we find anything out?”
“Yeah, all the past victims worked at the factory.” You said after taking a sip of your hot chocolate.
“All of them?”
“Yep. So they must be connected.”

“Must be. What I found is that in the past if you lived here you worked at the plant. The Bishops owned everything. From the factory to the housing. Only, recently they’ve been having to sell things off. Everything except for the factory and their housing estate.” Dad placed a photo in front of you both.
“Damn.” You looked at how posh and defined it was “Now that’s a house.”
Dad’s phone buzzed and he checked the screen “It’s from Mick, he’s wondering how the case is going.”
You didn’t mention anything, but Mick had been acting a little out of character recently. “Tell him it’s going just fine.” Uncle Dean managed between bites.

You flicked your torch on and stayed close to your Dad and Uncle, treading carefully through the estate. As they turned to go different ways, exploring the place, you did so too, walking into the huge kitchen-diner with a door at the other side.
“Dean, Y/N!” Your Dad called, turning your attention away from the backdoor “I’d say we just got lucky.”

You and Uncle Dean came face to face with a huge wooden door- at leas 8 different locks bolting it shut. “I’d say he’s hiding something.” You said, watching as your Dad began to pick the locks.
After a few minutes of fiddling about with them the door swung open to reveal a gloomy looking staircase leading into the dark basement. You descended down in silence, one hand with a torch and the other with a gun.

It was a large-ish room littered with torture devices and blades. You noticed the definite smell of blood and cringed as you shined your torch over the bloody table. The door from upstairs sounded and you froze. The three of you shared a worried look as the footsteps grew loud from the floor above. It must have been the Sheriff.
He crept down the steps, straight towards the three of you. Immediately, you stepped off to the side as not to be the ones at gunpoint. Dean cocked the colt and held it against the Sheriff’s head. “Hey.” He grumbled.

You took the gun from the Sheriff’s grip and held it away from his reaching distance, Uncle Dean hit him against the wall and demanded “Talk.”

“You won’t believe me…” He looked down. You could tell he wasn’t exactly a keen killer. “We’ve got a pretty open mind.” Dad countered.

The Sheriff sighed “My family…we’ve got a secret..Black Bill is us. When we were kids Dad told us about how a monster came to our house and made us rich in return for food.”
“Food?” You narrowed your eyebrows in question.
“Human blood. We made Black Bill up…”
“So who’s the monster?” Uncle Dean questioned.

You nodded slowly before saying “The God of sacrifice.”
“That’s right.” The Sheriff nodded sadly. “We starve him until he’ll give us anything we want. In return for some poor son of a bitch’s blood we get rich. But after my Dad died I put a stop to it. I didn’t want to kill anyone, I just wanted to put right what we’d done wrong.”
“So uh, where’s Moluch now?” You asked, peering into the hatch you presumed he’d been in.
“He’s still there. Locked up, hoped he’d starved to death.”
You looked between him and the hatch in confusion “He’s definitely not in here.” You knelt down next to it and shined your torch “Empty.”
“What?” The Sheriff stood up straight and snatched the torch from you, making you sigh. He took a look for himself in fright “No no no…no-” He was cut short by a booming sound from upstairs. 

“Stay down here, I’m going up.” Uncle Dean spoke quietly, holding his gun up more than before. “Dean, there could be a God up there.” Dad scoffed at his brother. “I’m cool.” Uncle Dean held the colt up. You couldn’t help but worry about how much he relied on it.

After a few minutes of silence you left the room and crept up to the top of the stairs, perring round the corners- nothing. “Y/N?” Dad called from the bottom “What are you doing? You don’t have the cult! You don’t even have your gun!”
“I don’t need it.” You said, catching a glimpse of the man following Uncle Dean. You left the steps heading up to the first floor so you were following someone following Uncle Dean. 
Your Dad watched as you turned the corner, glancing back and forth between the Sheriff and following you. “Y/N!” He hissed, well aware you probably couldn’t hear him.

You ducked behind a wall when the man lunged at Uncle Dean, not sure whether to announce to them you were there or stay hidden. The fought until Uncle Dean parried the wrong way, allowing the man room to flip him over the edge of the stairs. He quickly locked the basement door before your Dad could run out. You stayed hidden, watching as he dragged Uncle Dean out of the building, now wishing you had your gun. When you were certain the coast was clear you headed down and unlocked the door. A very disappointed Dad awaited the other side.
You didn’t know what to do. “Next time, bring a gun.” He scolded, heading out of the building before pausing “Where’s Dean?”
“Taken.” You said, taking your gun back from him and holding your mobile up “Or being taken.”
Dad watched your screen, a small blip appearing as it tracked his phone. He sighed “Okay let’s go.”

“Dean?!” Dad called out. You all crept through the factory, weapons at the ready. “I’ve lost the signal but he’s somewhere around here.” You said, looking about for any niches. 
A loud growl echoed throughout the hallways and crates. You all turned, aiming your guns towards the sound, which was a iron door that looked like it could only be opened from this side. You crept towards it, but your eyes averted to the side for a second, noticing a shadowy figure in the corner of your vision. “Right.” You whispered, stepping to the left.
Your Dad glanced at you in confusion before looking past you and noticing what you meant. It was a man with a mask of a satyr- reflecting the fake legend of Black Bill. He lunged at the pair of you, both stepping away from his attack. He then attacked the Sheriff, both of which fell to the floor, wrestling and fighting. The Sheriff tore his mask off and shouted at him “Pete! You’ve got to stop!”
“Don’t act like you care! My whole life I’ve got shit all! The crap!” He kicked the Sheriff away from him and rose, aiming his gun at him “Not anymore. I’m going to be a hero, saving this town,” You watched as your Dad held his gun up “And you’re dea-”
He pulled the trigger, sending Pete to the floor with blood oozing from his wound. You grabbed the colt from him, tossing it at Dad who’d shot the lock. He caught it and swung the door open. You watched as Moluch stared, as if aware of his fate. The gunshot boomed through the metallic structures, ringing off the walls as Moluch’s whole body lit up like lightening coursing through him before he fell away to nothing.

“Colt…” Dad breathed “Dusts anything.”

“You guys should head off.” The Sheriff looked away from his half-brother. 
“Sheriff,” Dad sighed “We can hep clean up and-”
“No this I can do…It’s my legacy.”

“Hey, I’ve been thinking,” Uncle Dean said, putting beers down on the table. He glanced at you before handing you one, making you smile “What’s our legacy? Do you think people are gonna remember us in years to come?”
“No.” Dad stated bluntly, making you chuckle. “Well I mean we’re not exactly the type of people to be written about in the History books. But the people we’ve saved. They’ll remember us and then they’ll eventually fade away too. But that’s okay. Because we left the world better than we found it.”
“Wonder what’s gonna happen to this place,” Uncle Dean asked another “After we’re gone.”
“That’s up to this one.” Dad ruffled your hair “There’s gonna be a next generation of Hunters. We’ve already seen glimpses of it: Y/N and Claire.”

Nodding slowly, as if taking in Dad’s words, Uncle Dean flicked his blade out an began carving something into the table. You leaned to the side slightly in order to read it. “What are you doing?”
“Making our mark.” 
When he’d finished scratching away at the wood you could read it: ‘DW’. You smiled, watching your Dad take his own blade out and do the same. Then, to your surprise Uncle Dean held the blade out to you and smirked. You looked at it, not sure what to say. He took your hand and placed the blade in it for you “Those initial’s aren’t gonna write themselves.”

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i still love how yuya turned out to be just like both of his parents despite being adopted like he’s as much a hardcore entertainer as his father and lives to make others smile, and then he’s also just as much the problematic, reckless child as his mother was when she was his age basically jumping into things headfirst in order to save his friends not even caring if he gets arrested in the process

he may not be theirs by blood but he is very much yusho & yoko’s love child *thanks the writers for once*

Woobification In Fandom Culture

I spend a lot of my time on Tumblr. Possibly too much time, however I don’t go outside. On Tumblr it isn’t uncommon to be immersed in something called a fandom. I have so far been in 3 Tumblr fandoms. My first one was Homestuck, however I joined really late. The comic ended about 2 years after I officially joined the fandom. It was a strange experience to be my first online fandom. Many people shipped sort of incestuous ships. However, a lot of the ships weren’t directly incestuous so it was more forgivable. You may be wondering how Homestuck and it’s weird fandom has anything to do with woobification.

The Homestuck fandom was mainly teenagers or young adults. The characters were all teenagers, it was a coming of age story. A lot of the characters were very violent. You could go anywhere in the fandom sphere and see someone say “I love Gamzee, he’s so precious. He doesn’t deserve to be treated badly.” However this wasn’t exactly the case. In the beginning, yes Gamzee did deserve to be treated better. However he had a mental breakdown and went on a murderous rampage. People in the fandom sort of ignored that until he started killing their favorite characters. Some still ignored it, shipping him with multiple of his victims.

I was able to escape the Homestuck fandom by entering another one. This one was even more hellish. This fandom used to rule Tumblr, some argue that it still does. This show has gone on too long and has a gif for everything, even if you don’t ask for it. This fandom is notorious for queerbaiting and shipping wars. I’m talking about the Supernatural fandom. Another one I entered late. I got into it between seasons 10 and 11. People are still arguing whether it’s okay to ship Sam and Dean, or if it’s better to ship Destiel.

The Supernatural fandom has woobified every character at least once. Prior to season 11 it was very common for fans to demand the writers bring back the antagonist Lucifer. They say he was misunderstood, that he wasn’t bad, that they love him, even though he literally wanted to kill every human on existence because his dad was mean to him.

The Supernatural fandom acts like Castiel, an angel, a literal warrior of God, is a precious child who doesn’t understand social interaction. In the canon of the show, at one point he could kill someone with the snap of his fingers. The fandom acts like Sam and Dean would not be able to harm them, when Dean would happily slit their throat if they stepped too out of line.

The third fandom I entered was the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fandom. You may be wondering “why is that a fandom?” well the answer to that is: I don’t know. It’s a good show. People like to bond over shows they like. This fandom is the calmest one I have ever been involved in. I entered the fandom during season 12, which is actually about when an actual Tumblr fandom rose. Prior to this, most people would have reaction gifs or images from the show. Even though I hadn’t seen the show yet, I saw captioned screenshots from the show on my dashboard from time to time. It was a well known show, it had been on for over a decade. I had seen promos for the show while having FX on as background noise, I remember the black and white promos from season 9 saying they were switching to FXX.

This show, at it’s core, is about terrible people doing terrible things. It’s a satire of ignorant white Americans. Some people call the characters sociopaths. All of them are damaged, there I no arguing. They all have trauma. Mac is gay and came out at 40 years old, due to his Catholic upbringing. Charlie is illiterate and stalks a woman, who he doesn’t even know her name. Dennis was raped at 14 and uses sex as a form of manipulation and a way to assert himself in society. Dee was abused by her parents and her peers, and she lashes out on other women to make herself feel better. Frank was also abused as a child, he grew to be greedy and neglectful. All of these characters are alcoholics and substance abusers.

These characters are also extremely racist and bigoted. They’re just plain awful people. The first episode of the series is titled “The Gang Gets Racist”. In the fourth episode of the first season, titled “Charlie Has Cancer”, in which Charlie pretends to have cancer so he can gain sympathy from the woman he stalks, Mac and Dennis try to set Charlie up with a woman, they fail miserably and Mac begins a relationship with a trans woman named Carmen. Mac and the rest of the gang refers to her as “the tranny”, which is a transphobic slur.

At the end of the day, none of these characters ever get what they want. Fans woobify these characters by treating Charlie like a five year old child who couldn’t hurt a fly, when in canon he regular kills rats by bashing them with baseball bats, one of which has a chain and nails sticking out of it. In the episode A Very Sunny Christmas, Charlie bites a mall Santa’s neck, causing terror and tremendous blood loss, possibly death. There is no arguing whether Dennis is a serial rapist or not. He is, it is literally canon, however many people don’t necessarily talk about it. No one talks about Dee also being a serial rapist. Both Reynolds twins manipulate people for sex, usually nonconsensual.

Mac and Dee are guilty of blackface and other racist costume types. People point out that it was a bad choice to include these things, as casual viewers, and people who aren’t aware of the satire, would normalize it. Plus it was just in bad taste.

Some people lower Mac to this husk of The Gay Man, and ignore his other extremely interesting character flaws. People lower Dennis to The Emotional One, when he is a very sinister person. People make Dee to be The Tragic Female, when she brings it on herself sometimes, she is an awful person. People think of Charlie as The Dumb One when he sometimes can be the most intelligent one, and the most manipulative. People don’t even talk about Frank. If you take one member of the gang away from the others and make 100% sure that they can not go near the others, they won’t magically become better people. They would wreak havoc alone.

Woobification takes dimension away from characters. It is important to take a step away from the fandom versions of characters and reevaluate characters. You can enjoy a character who is an awful person. You don’t have to apologize for liking them. Your favorite character can be the “villain”. Every character has their own motivations and reasons for acting the way they do. Usually it is due to their upbringing. You can like The Bad Guy as long as you don’t ignore all of the interesting facets of their personalities. Every character deserves to have multiple dimensions.
the scars make the man - vickydd - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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The first time Lance had ever picked up a razor and put it to his own skin with mal-intentions, he’d been thirteen.

(or, Lance struggles with cutting as a coping mechanism, and he wonders if he’ll ever be strong enough to go without it)
A Lance character study

EXO as Dads

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hope you enjoy!

He would be the type to spoil the baby rotten. He would buy any toy that his precious child even looked at. And when the tantrum comes along, He’ll just spoil them even more to stop the huge commotion in the middle of public. 

“Suho…You can’t give C/n everything they want..”

“But…Y/n… He/She is too cute…”

He is the Spoil-My-Baby-Rotten Dad

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Kai would be a shy dad. When he held the baby and it started to cry he would immediately hand him/her back to you. Not wanting to make his precious fluff ball cry. Even though tell him “Its not that he/she doesn’t like you. They’re not used to you since you never hold them.” He would sulk and say “I don’t hold them because they don’t like me”. But when you leave him with her/him for a day he tries his hardest to get comfortable with C/n and he does even if they are still a bit awkward.

Kai is the Shy-Yet-Sweet Dad

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Baekhyun :
Baekhyun is the type of dad that was practically like a second mother. He would smile and tease the baby ever second he got. He would be the one to get up and check on the baby when he/she is crying in the middle of the night. He would be the one to sit and watch the kiddie TV show with them and not feel awkward at all. 


“Yes, What is it Baekhyun?”

“C/N said their first word! It was APPA!” “Don’t be jealous he/she likes me better”

He is the Sweet-Caring Dad

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Chan would be a bit awkward like Kai at first. When the baby started to cry he would hand him/her back to you. But after a while of getting used to having a baby around he started to get used to him/her and he would play with them everyday. The awkward days would no longer be existent. He would  bring snacks and sometimes toys home as a surprise for C/n.

“Chanyeol…You can’t bring something home every time you get off work..” 

“I promise I won’t next time… But look how happy he/she looks!”

He is the Awkward-Yet-Best-Dad

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Lay would be a great dad, maybe a bit clueless on somethings like is the formula suppose to be with warm water or cold. He was the Dad that went to classes to make sure he didn’t do anything wrong and he tried really hard to make sure that his child was safe and happy growing up.

“C/n…Mommy is sleeping… we have to be quiet”


“Lets watch some Poporo!”

Lay is the Hardworking-Dad

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Chen would be a good Dad. He wouldn’t be to awkward with the child because he would smile and tease him/her from the very beginning, but when his baby starts walking and getting into stuff he finds himself frustrated having to child proof locks on everything which even he himself has trouble opening.

“ugh why are these things so hard to open?!!?”

“Chen they are too keep C/n out of things”

“…I know…but they are so hard to open”

He is just the Natural-Good Dad

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D.O would be a quiet Dad. He wouldn’t complain to his friends about the baby crying. When he held the baby while it was sleeping he wouldn’t fall asleep he would just quietly watch him/her sleep. He never yells just gets angry and lectures his two year old on about how he/she shouldn’t be getting into his kitchen tools. 

“C/n you cant come into the kitchen when Daddy is cooking you can get hurt and you don’t want that do you?”


“Good. Now go clean your toys up.”

He would be the Quiet-Yet-Strict Dad

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Sehun… He would treat the baby like a precious angel from above when he/she is first born. Giving the cuddles, kisses, even changing the diapers. But when his little precious angel starts turning in a devious toddler he starts going back into his old sass ways. He would always wonder if personality traits were passed down due to the things his child says.

“C/n pick up your toys.”

“I don’t have to do things I don’t want to”

“Uh… I didn’t ask if you wanted to.”

He would be the Sass-Dad

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Xiumin would…probably be the best dad. He would share responsibilities with you evenly with you when the baby was first born. Maybe even a little bit more than you so you could have a break. But he always play with his baby and feed her/him when they were hungry. But when the baby got to he a toddler he never would really experience the bad toddler behavior .

 “Hey, C/n would you like to be a big brother/sister?”


“Perfect! Do you want a baby brother or sister? We can probably have both!” 

He would be the Loving-Dad

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Luhan would be a little scared when the baby first came cause it would the moment he realized he really was unprepared. He would always be asking you questions if he was doing things right. He would even wake you up in you little nap times to ask you for the billionth time if the baby’s feeding time was usually at 1 or 2.

“was C/n suppose to have formula or those nasty cookies…?” *calls you*

 He would be the Unprepared-Dad

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Tao would so excited when the baby was born. HE would love to show off his adorable child to everyone. He wouldn’t be so keen on taking on responsibilities though, He would try to slither out of changing diapers any chance he got.

“Tao, could you change C/n real quick? I have to go check on the food real quick!”

“You can change him when youre done cant you?”

“Tao just do it!”

“Okay jeez”

he is The-Show-Off Dad

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Kris would be a bit worried when the kid came along. He would be a bit uneasy when you asked if he wanted to hold C/n. He would do it none the less but he would always be scared of dropping C/n. 

“Kris, take C/n for a while. I gotta go get my mom from the airport.”

“uh… okay…but what if C/-”

“Don’t worry, If you have any questions I have his usual schedule on the fridge. Call me if you need something”

“Alright I got this”

He would be the Clumsy-Yet-ConfidentDad

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In Enemy Territory - analysis of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship in Episode 8

So, there’s already been a lot of meta on the topic. I wanted to focus a bit on how Viktor and Yuuri address the bias against Yuuri in this episode; specifically the bias caused by the fact that people are upset at Yuuri for “stealing Viktor” away. Let’s jump right into it. Text below the cut.

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Shindou Family Circumstances, chapter 7 summary

Chapter 7 is here! Rather, the final chapter is here. Yes, as sad as it is, this appears to be the last chapter of this adorable spinoff series. I hope Murakami comes back to this story again sometime, because it can’t just stop here, dammit! It feels like it was just getting started, and now it’s over :( Anyway, for the last time (for now, but hopefully not forever), scans and summary below…

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Ok im a sucker for parent/child relationships (maybe thats why im a slut for batfam) and was wondering if u have any headcanons for the batkids having their own children? I know you made one post about it but i need more dad!jason if im honest

Oh man get ready.

Dick has already solidified himself as the best big brother so being a dad is the natural next step and he will rock at it. He and babs will have precious little babies, two times the bat! Dick is so loving and cuddly that his kids just eat him up. Dami is jealous at first until Dick sits him down that he will never stop loving his cute lil brother. Dami hugs him and thinks Dick was sometimes a better father than Bruce was.

Jason, try though he might, ended up a lot like Bruce. He still ends up being a vigilante until he comes across sad, down-on-their-luck orphans and he just has to take them in. Before he knows it, he’s got 4 or 5 kids or varying ages, races, backgrounds living with him. He’ll buckle down and get a day job because, dammit, his kids aren’t going hungry. Pretty soon the kids are training with all the Bats and soon a second generation of child/teen vigilantes is out on the street with their adoptive Dad Hood. Jay isn’t as loving as Dick but he makes sure his sons and daughters know he loves them and is proud of them and that he will never, EVER let anything happen to them. So far he has kept his promise.

I have a hard time seeing Tim being a straight up Dad seeing as he’s had so many issues with his parents and Bruce. But I can see him being a strong mentor or uncle to his brothers’ kids or just helping out young people in need. Like Bruce, I’m sure he’ll become very active in the Gotham charity scene giving a lot of time and attention to outreach programs and children’s homes. Maybe later in life when he’s got things a little more under control (yeah right) I can see him taking in a young kid or even having one of his own. But for now he’s the go-to babysitter for Dick and Jay. They often fight over who gets Uncle Timmy to watch their kids.

I am not ready for Damian to grow up. He’s still my chubby lil baby. But I’m sure he’ll be great, he’s been getting plenty of practicing watching all the new Bats crawling around the mansion plus his bazillion animals.

Meanwhile Bruce is at the top of the pile, gazing down at the children he has loved, lost, fought with, cried over and adored. He watches them grow into fine young men who now have their own children to love and attend to. Grandpa Bruce is always there to offer training advice, to let a few young, curious little ones scamper around his cave with maybe one or two in his lap. He really makes an effort to be more open and affectionate with his grandkids the way he couldn’t be with his kids. And at the end of the day, he’ll look above the fireplace where the picture of Thomas and Martha Wayne hangs. Beneath it, on the mantle are dozens of pictures of the boys and their growing families. All alone, Bruce would smile quietly to himself and know that finally, finally, he has achieved what his parents wanted for him. He’ll turn down the lights and go tuck the kids staying at the Manor into their beds and wish them sweet dreams.

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What if the Yandere 2ps find out that their virgin crush was accidentally inseminated and impregnated by the 2p's sperm

2p America: “Oh my god, this is great but am I ready to be a father???”

2p England: “This is so exciting! I’m going to be a father! Of course, we’ll have to get married before the baby arrives, but that’s no problem~”

2p France: “You wat.”

2p Russia; “Oh, I see. I suppose this isn’t a problem, though I wish I’d had more time to prepare for fatherhood…”

2p China: “Oh my god, our baby’s gonna be so cute! But we’re still going to make more the old fashioned way, right?” ;)

2p Canada: “Oh…Shit-I mean, this isn’t a bad thing! I just-I can’t believe you’re really going to have my baby…I’m gonna take care of you guys, I promise. I’ll be the best dad I can be.”

2p Italy: “This is amazing! Is it a boy or a girl? Do you know? We’ve got to get started on the nursery. My little bambino, or bambina, is only going to have the best.”

2p Germany: ”…Wow…This is awesome! We’re gonna have a baby! Boy or girl, I’m gonna teach them how to play football! I can’t wait!”

2p Japan: “I see…I will do my best to be a respectable father for our child. That is a promise.”

2p Romano: “Ah! A little bambina! Or, bambino? It doesn’t matter! they’re going to be adorable! Let’s go shop for onesies!”

2p Austria: “A child? Don’t move, I have some amulets you can wear that will ensure safe child birth and good health! This is wonderful, darling! I can’t wait till they arrive!”

2p Gilen: “R-Really? This-This is great! I-I just…I don’t know if I’ll be a good father, like I need to be…

The Saddest Thing In Avatar? This.

Is anyone else still really angry that Zuko’s father never apologized for what he did to his children because I’ve been furious since 2005 about it and I’m still so mad because Zuko is a wonderful kind boy who deserved SO MUCH BETTER and Azula might have turned out decent if Ozai had TRIED to be a good DAD , she has good qualities but no moral code and I just wanted Zuko and Azula to have good sibling moments because they DESERVE that…..Azula is such a cool person and I feel bad that she never got the kind of affection she needed as a child ……AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON ZUKO OH MY GOD THIS PRECIOUS PRINCE
He’s kind compassionate and angry and sad and hurting and he loves his mommy and he tries to do the right thing and he fights so much so hard and oh my God when he risked his life for Katara I was crying because I couldn’t bear to see him hurt again

I have been a huge Fire Princess and Fire Prince fan for a long time.

Both Zuko and Azula taught me a lot.

Zuko taught me strength and loyalty and that your past does not determine your future.

Azula taught me confidence and self sufficiency and leadership . She taught me that even the worst people can have goodness inside.
Because she did. For awhile she did. I think she cared about Zuko for a time but grew to care more for herself .She locked away any emotion that could lead to her heart breaking.

Its a survival mechanism for abuse.
Zuko chose the better path. He ended the cycle.
Azula continued it because in her mind that was all there was.

I just…..Ozai did so much damage to them….and they need an apology.
I really wanna hug these kids and tell them it’s okay….

For Her

Soryu watching his daughter grow up without MC 

A bit of angst. 

Listen to:


The gunshot rang in his ears, a seemingly endless, haunting echo that hurt. It hurt. Through his ears to his mind and heart and spreading through his body like poison that filled his veins in place of blood.
All the red seemed to be before his eyes now, spreading out from the chest of the woman he loved, filling his vision, leaving him blind to everything but an endless sea of pure agony.
“Sor… yu.”

He clapped his hands together awkwardly and sang along with Inui and Samejima. She was perched on her chair, barely peeping over the edge of the table, happily giggling as her father and friends sang her happy birthday.
“Blow it out.” Soryu gestured to the candle.
She stood up on her chair and planted her little hands firmly on the table with a boyish wildness, a steadiness uncommon in girls her age. With a big huff, she blew out the five candles all together. Katsumi grinned at her father.
“Thank you, daddy!”
Soryu knelt at your side, clutching you in his arms, feeling the hot stickiness run through his fingers, slipping through his grasp like your life itself.
“No…” He shook his head again and again, his eyes watering, his world blurring and splashing upon your cheek. His tears met the spots of blood on your cheeks, and slipped down your face in a trail of red. “NO!”
He roared and reared his head, eyes training on the man that was fleeing down the street. A pathetic coward. A hired man.
He could catch him.
He could make him pay.
Your cold hands gripped his with the little strength left in them.
“Stay… Soryu.”

He had never felt this kind of loss before.
He remembered the everlasting sting in his heart from losing you.
But this was sweeter.
A soft longing, a fond loss, a slight disappointment as his daughter’s hand slipped away his and
she ran, messy braids flying haywire, towards the elementary school.
If only you were here to see it.
Your eyes were narrowed, crying in pain, terrified out of your mind. He could see the helplessness in your eyes, mirroring his own weakness in the moment.
Your hands squeezed his, a faint tightening of the dying fingers.
“I’m going to kill him.” Soryu growled, a low snarl through gritted teeth. “I will kill him for you.  I will find him. I will. I promise.” Another wrangled sob escaped through his clenched jaw, and he embraced you closer.
“Promise me… Soryu.” You shook your head, a tiny back and forth shift. “Don’t… Jail…”
“I don’t care.” Soryu muffled his voice into your shoulder, breathing you in, hoping for a trace of that familiar scent. You smelled like death. He buried another cry into your shirt. “I don’t care. I DON’T CARE!” 
“Promise me… No…. No…. For her…”

His daughter’s voice snapped him from his memories, jolting him from the suffocating images of that day. Katsumi waved to him from the top of the staircase, standing with her big red backpack, pleated skirt, her crumpled uniform blouse bright white under the sunlight. She was so beautiful.
Soryu waved back and smiled.
“Katsumi…. She needs you….”
“I’m so sorry.”
His lips whispered apology after apology, begging for forgiveness, as if it could save you, as if he could have done anything to prevent the inevitable.
“Not your…. fault…” You try to smile, and the sheer effort made you let out a long breath, sighing as you tried to inflate your lungs once more, for more time, another minute in your husband’s arms.
He cradled your bloody form in his arms, unable to move, staring at the tears spilling along your cheeks.
“I’m…. I’m not ready…” You plead up at him. “Katsumi…. I don’t want…. I don’t want to go…”
“You won’t.” Soryu lied. “You won’t.”

He sighed as he picked up his daughter from school. She sheepishly handed him the first aid kit from the living room, and he glanced at her face.
Another fight with the bullies at the secondary.
He approved of her righteousness and helping her friends.
Soryu sighed again as his dark gaze settled over his daughter’s face, black eyed and bloody lipped.
She looked so much like him.
The black hair, the smoke tinged eyes that gave little away, the same steely composure.
But you existed in her.
Soryu could see it, in the soft arch of her eyebrows, the way her eyes narrowed as she smiled, the gentleness embedded in her features.
A lethal elegance.
He touched an alcohol swab to her scratches, and Katsumi jumped a little, her shoulders jerking and her lips pursing in the tiniest hint of a pout.
Just like you.
“Thanks, dad.”
“She’s waiting for you at home.”
Soryu watched your eyes close.
“I…. I’m scared… Soryu.”
“Our daughter’s waiting. You’re going to be alright.” He was rambling now, trying to say more and more in less and less time, knowing you were fading, knowing you were growing colder in his arms. “She’s waiting for you, she needs you.”
Your mouth twitched a little, and Soryu leaned in, touching his ear to your lips just to hear.
You were so cold.
“Don’t kill… be… good…”
Another wave of tears crushed him, drowning his heart under their weight.
“For… her…”
“She’s waiting for both of us. Katsumi needs you too. She needs you!” Soryu gripped your hands tighter, feeling your grip go slack. “I NEED YOU!”
Your voice was so quiet, so faint, yet held the utmost urgency. The only promise you had ever begged from him. Pleaded.
To not kill the one man Soryu hated the most in the world, the one he felt most deserving of death, for the sake of not going to jail.
For his daughter.
You strained to open your eyes and look up at him.
Soryu met your gaze, and surrendered.
“Yes. Anything. For you. For her.”
“Thank… you…. Soryu.” The long lashes fluttered down as the irises vanished forever from his sight. “I…. love…. you. “

The white was pristine, perfect, angelic almost.
He never thought he could come to see the traditional colour of mourning to be beautiful, until he saw you in your wedding dress.
And now, it was her in hers.
Katsumi was making her way over to him now, eyes watery with bliss, throwing herself into his arms as she clung to him like a child again.
“You’re a wonderful father.”
He held her close, his precious daughter that he had never wanted to let go, the only thing left of you that he was giving away to the brown haired man that stood a little way off, smiling at him with a surprisingly polite look instead of the usual arrogant demeanour.
“I love you, dad.”
Soryu closed his eyes to hide his tears.
“Thank you for being my father and my mother.”
“I do it for her.”
Soryu kissed her forehead.
“If Hideo treats me half as well as you do mom, I would be eternally contented.”
Soryu let her go, and Katsumi smiled, wrapped in a perfect cocoon of happiness.
Her husband came up and took up her hand, and Soryu watched her turn to face him with that adoring wonder he used to see in your eyes.
It was fulfilling to witness her happiness.
It was fulfilling to be part of her life, to not sit away from her behind bars.
His precious, beloved daughter with you.
As he watched her leave with her husband, he understood.
Soryu never discovered what happened to that hated man.
But whatever he could have done, was not worth sacrificing his daughter for.
He understood now, the way you braced the pain to tell him to forget revenge.
He understood now, the joy of raising his daughter.
He understood now, the honour in his promise to you.
Eisuke sat down beside him, and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Congratulations on becoming a father-in-law.”
Soryu glared at his old friend.
“Congratulations on becoming a father-in-law.” He echoed, scoffing.
Eisuke’s face softened.
“I’m sure ___________ would have been proud of everything you did for her.” 
Soryu nodded slowly, mind drifting away from the conversation to his own thoughts. 

I did it for her. 

Her, means both of them. 


Thanks for the read!
Hope you could understand hahhaahahaa
Hope you enjoyed!  

Title: The Perks of Being a Preschool Parent

Drabbler: me (bonitobucky) -edited

Doodler: what-the-heck-juliet- I love this precious art so much!!! Go check out this wonderful person’s other artwork!

Beta: chunkytree- This beta was so lovely. Such an immense help! The support was amazing too!

Warnings: Mention of missing parent

Summary: It’s Milo Lester’s first day of preschool and he can’t tell who’s more nervous, him or his dad. Phil wants what’s best for his child and if that means going through the stress of before school tantrums and snooty moms then it’s all worth it. It’s worth it, even more, when he meets the teacher, Mr. Howell.

Author’s Note: I had been writing this piece of fluff for a while and when I heard about the Phandom Little Pop, I decided to publish it. I hope it’s a good one. 

It was Friday, the end of the school week. There was to be an open house at 5 in the evening to showcase the children’s work. Milo seemed better as the week went on, but something was off kilter. After school, Phil took Milo to the park to fill up the allotted time before the open house. They were done around 4 and got ice cream. They arrived at the school around 4:30, unfortunately by then, Milo’s ice cream had melted in his hand creating a big mess. Phil grabbed some wipes from the back of the car and cleaned up Milo’s face and hands. It took about a good 10 minutes before they were done. They walked in the classroom and Milo led Phil to a table with two chairs.

“I sit there, Dad.” stated Milo as he pointed to the chair on the right.

“Hmm.” mumbled Phil

In Milo’s place was a bunch of artworks made by him. They were the most adorable things Phil had seen (okay, maybe he was being a little biased). It was already 5 and most of the parents had arrived. Phil read some books to Milo that sat in the back of the classroom when in walked an older looking woman. She announced herself as the classroom aide and that the teacher would be in momentarily and the children were to play outside on the playground. Phil told Milo he would see him later and kissed him on the top of his head. The teacher’s aide led all the children outside as she told the parents to take a seat wherever they liked. The chairs were a bit small for Phil as he was super tall. He sat down in Milo’s seat and a business looking woman was sat in the seat next to him.

“Mrs. Fine.” she said as she stuck out her hand. “But you can call me Joyce.”

Phil shook her hand vigorously as he said, “Lester. Phil Lester.”

She drew back her hand after the shake and placed it on her lap.

“My son is Jared.” she continued.

“My son is Milo.” said Phil.

“Oh, you’re Milo’s dad. Jared can’t stop talking about his new friend Milo. I think the two are soon to be partners in crime.” she winked.

Phil didn’t quite know what that meant, but he took it as a compliment and laughed, “I guess we’ll have to schedule a play date sometime.”

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Each time I see Makoto and Haru with Ren & Ran, I think what wonderful parents they would be together (=w=) 

Makoto, the kind and cuddling dad but who could panick easily when their child gets in trouble. He would be the one to teach him/her to swim.

Haru, the protective dad that would spoil their child a little bit sometimes. He would teach him/her to cook (and sometimes they would do Makotot’s lunch together).