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The Definitive Ranking of Luke Skywalker’s Boyfriends

#6 Lando Calrissian

Pros: has a career and his shit together, can provide stability, helped destroy the second Death Star, shared love of fashion, mustache, maturity

Cons: uncertain if there’s chemistry between the two, complicated history with Han

Rating: 5/10 power converters

#5 Biggs Darklighter

Pros: childhood friends with Luke, they’re both pilots, there’s obviously chemistry there, mustache

Cons: broke Luke’s heart by leaving him behind on Tatooine, mustache, is dead

Rating: 6/10 power converters

#4 Ezra Bridger

Pros: Jedi, “bad boy”, amazing hair, orphan solidarity, sinnamon roll

Cons: fate unknown, doesn’t have his shit together yet, same age (luke likes older guys ok)

Rating: 7/10 power converters

#3 Han Solo

Pros: very good friends, been through a lot together, obvious chemistry, knows how to boil water

Cons: not looking to settle down, in love with leia

Rating: 8/10 power converters

#2 Bodhi Rook

Pros: both grew up on desert planets, shared love of ponchos, pilot, both wanted to escape homeworld as children, soft boys

Cons: dead

Rating: 9/10 power converters

#1 Wedge Antilles

Pros: one of Luke’s best friends, formed a new elite squadron together, took down the first Death Star together, took down the second Death Star, dependable, always have each other’s back, flyboys in love, looks at Luke like he’s made of stardust

Cons: ???

Rating: 10/10 power converters

anonymous asked:

weird question: i truly believe that there is no point to us all being here. we're all going to die off and will amount to nothing. But for right now is it still possible that i still care about doing things in the moment? like getting good grades and stuff, and making friends with people.

Nietzsche said himself (excuse the paraphrasing) that life’s meaning doesn’t come from the external, but from one’s meaning that they get from the arts, culture, and the human interaction that we see it. The “in-the-moment” that you so see it actually is the meaning of life that you so seek, and you should seek them out as much as possible. This is the will to power that makes Nietzsche’s huge bushy mustache tingle with passion when you explore your self worth by creating a meaning. 

So I say, go out and do the things you love, because who cares if the giant meteor that wipes out humanity comes hurdling down and wipe out our entire race? You made something of it.


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My Top 10 Strangest Anime

1. Unko-san
I think this should be an obvious choice for top spot. It’s a freaking piece of crap. A literal piece of crap, living on his crap-shaped island with his crap friends. Not really any place to go from there.

2. Welcome to Irabu’s Office
I know that most people would probably consider this a psychological anime and excuse its quirkiness under that title, but I just can’t do that. I couldn’t even give this the 3-episode test. I barely lasted through one. I could feel my brain rebelling against the fragmented plot and characters and overly-bright colors.

3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
The title alone almost earns it this spot on the list. But then there’s the premise. The characters command magic power through their hair. Not even kidding. There are people who steal hair for its magic power and absurdly long wiggly mustaches and all sorts of weirdness.

4. Samurai Pizza Cats
The title pretty much tells you what you need to know about this show, and why it’s on this list. They’re samurai cats who use a pizza place as a cover for their operations base.

5. Akikan!
So in Japan, there are vending machines for pretty much everything, and that’s kind of the focus of this series; juice machines. Specifically, the materials the cans are made of. The cans transform into magical girls when their owners drink from them. Their powers can only be replenished by refills or by eating the fruits that their juices come from. They use these powers to duke it out and prove which can material is the best. My favorite part was when before fights, the cans would trash talk about the other can’s materials.

6. Cat Soup
I can’t even describe how badly I was mind-fucked by this anime. Luckily, it was just a short movie. Again, falls into the category of psychological, but mostly to cover up its weirdness. The cat girl has her soul partially taken, and her brother embarks on a journey to recover it. Along the way, he eats parts of a pig alive, drinks an elephant made of water, and generally does fucked-up things.

7. Apocalypse Zero
This thankfully only had 2 episodes. It focuses on a father who trains his son and daughter to protect the rest of the human race in some post-apocalyptic future. The girl decides to use these abilities to kill off all humans instead, pitting her against her brother in a struggle for the earth’s future. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? WRONG. Everything is WAAAAAY over acted, and that’s probably the best thing I can say about it. The demons are what really puts this anime on the list. There’s one very large, fat female demon who is pretty much naked, gnarly pubic mane and all, who preys on young men and sucks their skins off. It was just so wrong.

8. Kyousougiga
This is one of those shows that makes more sense once you see the end, but it was still weird. The story starts with a monk whose drawings come to life, and one of those drawings, a rabbit named Koto, falls in love with him and uses a buddha’s body to approach him. They adopt a boy, and the monk draws two other siblings to complete the family, who then moves into a city that the monk drew. Again, colors way too bright, and a rushed, fragmented plot.

9. Kill la Kill
I know a lot of people like this, but just think about the plot for a minute: Clothes. Try. To take. Over. The. World. Fucking clothes! And then the plot just gets weirder from there, from motherly rape to ridiculous amounts of fan service. So weird.

10. Sleeping with Hinako
I think it’s a testament to the other animes on this list that an anime with 40 minutes of a sleeping girl is ranked last. But seriously, she talks for a bit, then sleeps. Obviously this is unashamedly for people who want fanservice. But it’s still ridiculously weird.

Okay so I’ve heard this character is pretty popular but tbh I don’t really understand why?? Like every aspect of this design is terrible. I mean first off I don’t even know what he’s even supposed to be?? He’s wearing overalls so I guess he’s some sort of farmer, but this design is so dull and unimaginative I honestly can’t believe it got approved. And what the fuck is the deal with the white gloves? Who is he, Mickey Mouse?? And the thing that pisses me off the most is the fucking mustache. Not only is it a symbol of male power fantasy (I can only assume the “M” on the hat stands for “Masculinity”), but it doesn’t even look like hair?? It just looks like gross lump of flesh underneath his nose. What a shitty fucking design.


Edit: I added more drawings  and infos about him <:

I started working on a sagesona weeks ago,and I don’t know when I’ll finish the rest of his reference, because it’s not my main priority righ now D8

// I need to lock myself in a room whitout internet to distract me, damn //

Some infos about him:

  • He’s born from English and French parents
  • He’s learned to use his power in France,and then came to Vigrid to perfect his techniques. Since,he never left the Holy City.
  • He’s like to hang out with Balder and Enrico time to time,and he likes  appearing and disappearing without warning anyone.
  • Enrico like to annoy him by calling him ”Lorenzo”
  • Few people know his real age and rumors says that he was born in the 11h or 12th century in a hidden forest. (but he never confirmed it)
  • Sometime you can see him under his real appearance (A old man with a long white beard and mustache ) ,but most of the time he use his power to stay young.
  • He like riding horses,and sometimes angels,with a large preference for Acceptance.
  • He often grumbles when there is too much noise around him
  • He’s way too serious
  • Collecting all kind of informations about people is one of his main hobby.And he’s pretty good at that.
  • He die executed by the Lumen Elder,after failling at his task of keeping track of Balder,and especially of the well being of The Right Eye. Rumor says that he turned into an Angel right after. All of this happened two days before the debut of the Great War.

Some of his catch-phrase:

“Nobody can escape me,i have eyes everywhere!”

“You better mind your own business or else…I’ll kill you!”

“I hate kids,especially when one of them refuse to listen to his elders.”

“You can kill me if you want ,Master.I’ll continue to serve our Lord in the After-Life.” (Before his execution).