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(Unwilling) Sub!Namjoon Smut

A/N: This is basically my first time writing smut so this is probably HORRIBLE. Enjoy!

Y/N x Namjoon
You had finally had enough. You wanted to be in charge just once. Just one damn time. But when you had brought this up to Namjoon, he of course had laughed and said you were cute. But it was time to show him who was really in charge.

Namjoon laid on his stomach, scrolling through Twitter, “I can feel you glaring at me babe.” You could hear the humor in his voice, “What’s on your mind?”

He turned around, propping himself up on his elbows. The thin sheet slipping down his chest and pooling around his waist. You had to shake your head a bit and step away from the doorway before you gave into him. He knew exactly what you wanted and knew exactly how to break you. But not this time.

You climbed up the bed, up his long legs. He laid back against the pillow, hands coming to rest around your waist as you straddled his. He arched an eyebrow, obviously waiting for you to make the first move.

You leaned down, making sure to grind down on him, and nipped at his throat, “It my turn to be in charge. You’re gonna be a good boy and do exactly what Eomma says.”

He scoffed, “Oh please baby girl, we both know who’s getting fucked and who will be doing the fucking tonight.”

You grinned and ran your hands up his arms, raising them above his head, “Yeah, you.” You punctuated this with another roll of your hips.

He groaned and linked your fingers together with his, nipping at your bottom lip, “I like it when you fight me.” His voice had become husky.

You sighed against his lips, gently tying the cloth now around his wrists and the bed post, “So do I.”

He looked at you in confusion before looking up at his hands, “Baby, what is this?”

Licking a stripe up the hollow of his throat and gently scraping your teeth against his Adam’s apple, you hummed, “I told you, I’ll be the one in charge tonight.”

He growled, “Untie me. Now.”

You bit a little harder than before into the junction between his neck and shoulder, “Oh no. My turn.”

You took your time, marking every inch of him. When you reached his thighs, he tried to wrap them around your waist.

You pried them off and looked up at him, “Now I told you to be good. Don’t make me punish you.”

Something flashed in his eye, “Untie me now and I promise I’ll go easy on you.”

You chuckled and slapped your hand down on the meaty part of his thigh, “No. Eomma is in charge tonight.”

He hissed and arched into your hand, grinding into the air, “Fuck. I’m gonna make you regret this.”

You dragged your nails along his thighs, relishing in the way he quivered, “We’ll see.”

Without warning, you leaned down and took him all the way into your mouth. He arched his back, trying to thrust into your mouth but you held him down.

Soon, he was panting but refusing to beg, “Fuck you.”

You let him go with a wet sound and grinned, “You wish.”

He thrusted up into the air again, “J-just touch me or something damn it.”

You snickered, finally starting to break him, “Not until you beg.”

He glared at you and for a moment you questioned whether this was worth the consequences you would later face, “No.”

You shrugged and went back down on him, bobbing your head up and down at a torturously slow pace, gently scraping your teeth against the tip each time and pressing your tongue hard against the underside.

It wasn’t long until he broke beneath you, “Please. Please Eomma. Please…”

You pulled off and leaned up to press a kiss to his lips, “Since you asked so nicely.”

You had prepared yourself earlier so you weren’t worried about that. Grabbing the lube, you poured a generous amount on his cock, pumping him a few times to cover all of him. He mewled and thruster up into your hand.

You took pity on him and stripped out of your clothes, positioning yourself above him. He ground his teeth and arched his back, “Plea-” he was cut off when you slowly let yourself down on him, taking him inch by inch. Once he was fully in up to the hilt, you paused, letting you both get used to it.

He growled, “Fucking move.”

You slowly lifted yourself up and just as painstakingly slowly, went back down, feeling the head of his cock drag along your walls.

He swore and snapped his hips up into yours, hard, knocking the air out of you and making you yelp. He grinned and did it again, and again, and again. Until you finally broke and let him take control, bouncing up and down on his lap until he slowed.

He growled lowly, “Now be a good girl and untie Daddy so I can fuck you into the mattress.”

You swore and sat up a bit, letting him slide all the way out. Leaning up, you untied the binds and before you had even leaned back, he had flipped you both. You on your back, him holding you down.

He nipped at your throat, “You’ve been a very bad girl. I’m gonna have to punish you.”

You nodded, half delirious with pleasure, “Please please please…”

He slowly eased himself back inside you, thrusting a few times shallowly before slamming all the way in. He kept that up, just pounding you into the mattress as he had promised. Each thrust knocking little noises from deep in your chest.

You felt that familiar coiling in your stomach and clenched around him, his thrusts becoming sloppy. Then, you were both coming, you clenching hard around him and him deep inside you.

He rolled over to your side, gently pulling out and pulling you close to him, “That was…really good.” He chuckled and you just hummed, nodding. He clicked his tongue and said in a deep voice, “But, if you ever do that again, I’ll make sure you don’t come for a week.”

Perks of a Purchase

The Talking (Chapter 4)

Phil twirled the pen in his hand, watching as the clock slowly ticked around to 2pm. He’d been sat down since breakfast thinking of boundaries, rules, information and anything else he could think of about the sex side of this agreement.
There was still a firm rope of discomfort tugging at his insides- at the thought of taking Dan’s virginity, and having him live at his home, and paying for it. Despite all the previous reassurance, he still pondered the thought that Dan didn’t want this, and that he felt obliged, but at the noise of footsteps approaching the kitchen he pushed that thought back.

 Clutching the fine piece of paper in his hand, Phil took a deep breath and walked to meet Dan.
“Hello, wanna head to the living room? It’s more comfortable there.” Phil suggested.
“Yeah sure, your couch is so comfy.” Dan commented, making Phil chuckle under his breath.

Once both men had gotten comfortable on the burgundy velvet seat, Phil decided it was time to talk.

“So, on this paper I’ve written a guideline of sorts. Next to each thing I suggest, there’s a yes or no box, and a questions area. I won’t make you talk to me directly because that may be embarrassing for you. So, I’m just going to watch some TV while you work through it, is that okay?” Reassured the elder.

“What’s the point in paying for me, if I decide I don’t want to do some of the stuff you’re into?” Dan queried, not sure why he was getting such free choice.
Phil’s heart sunk a little.

“Because I’m paying for company primarily. Sex is just a bonus, and if you decide that’s not something you’re up to that’s perfectly okay. Company is more than good enough for me. I’m not great at socializing.” Phil admitted, and airy laugh concluding the statement.

“You’re a CEO though, right? How can you not be good at socializing?” Dan laughed, sounding genuinely puzzled. 

“I can be polite and professional, but I’m awful at small talk and friends! I’m just too awkward.” Phil giggled.

“You seem very nice and not-awkward to me!” Dan exclaimed, a wide smile still decorating his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable around you isn’t it!” Phil said in a sarcastic tone, quickly catching himself- this was business not friendship.
After a few seconds of awkward silence, Dan spoke.

“Right I’ll get on with this sheet thingy then.” Dan announced, taking a pen in his left hand.



If at any point you don’t want sex, or change your mind- tell me. I won’t be offended or disappointed.

▪️Are you okay being a bottom? (Yes/No/Unsure)

▪️What is your previous sexual experience?   Answer:_____________________________

▪️Have you ever been tested? (Yes/No)

▪️Any physical issues or injuries I should know about?Answer:_______________________________

▪️Is there anything that you know you won’t enjoy?Answer:________________________________

▪️Are you okay with kissing? (Yes/No)

▪️Are you okay with hickeys? (Yes/No)

▪️Have you had any bad past experiences to do with sex? (Yes/No)

Write any of your worries below, be honest please, nothing will be considered silly.

Going further:

This section is ALL hypothetical, depending on how your first time goes. If it makes you uncomfortable, ignore it. This part is very BDSM related. 

▪️The safe-word is MUSE. 

This word means, that if at any point during sex you want to stop, whether it’s for emotional or physical reasons, you say it and everything stops. Always remember this word. It is respected and the foundation of trust.

▪️Do you know what a ‘scene’ is? (Yes/No)

▪️Do you know what aftercare is? (Yes/No)

▪️Have you ever heard of the 'Traffic Light System’? (Yes/No)

▪️Do you know about subspace and sub-drop? (Yes/No)

▪️Do you understand what a headspace is? (Yes/No)

▪️Do you consider yourself more Dominant or Submissive?                           Answer: _____________

IF your first time went well, and you’re answering these, I’ll make sure you know everything about the BDSM world, and then we’ll make a checklist of kinks for you to explore, okay? And also discuss your limits.

Thank you!- Phil :) 

It’d been a long ten minutes of fidgeting and worrying for Phil. He’d been listening to every breath Dan had took and praying he didn’t freak out over the contents of the page. Luckily, he appeared to be humming away to himself and filling it in.

“I’m finished, here you go.” Dan chirped, handing the sheet over.

“Thank you! Do you want me to read through it here with you? So I can answer questions?” The elder offered, wanting to calm any concerns.

“Yeah you can do.” Dan nonchalantly responded, lightly shrugging.

“So you’ve been tested, that’s good! And kissing and hickies are fine, you’ve had experience with oral sex and no physical issues. No bad experiences either. All good!” Phil rambled as he read through the answers.

“I didn’t answer anything on the BDSM section because like you mentioned, it’d be best to see how the first time goes.” Dan said rather shyly, almost awaiting to be told that he said the right thing.

“Yes that’s a sensible thing to do. Don’t freak about any of it, because you aren’t obliged to do anything.” Phil repeated.

“I mean I read fanfiction, so I know a lot about the actual terms, but I know it’s not the same in real life. So what I’m getting at is if all goes well, I’m willing to try stuff.” The brunette rushed out, a blush flooding his face.

“I think we’ve all read fanfiction, so don’t be embarrassed. All seems good here. It feels weird to set a date and time to lose your virginity, so I guess just come to me when you’re ready?” Phil spoke, his voice sounded unsure, even to himself. 

“I’m good with that, you’ll have to take the lead though. I know how it works but physically I’m really awkward.” Dan stuttered out.

“Absolutely, and don’t be self conscious around me because you’re stunning, yeah?” Phil admitted, noticing how Dan’s body language had changed. His forearms crossed over his tummy and his back had curled.This seemed to make Dan blush even more, so Phil put him out of his misery. 

“Wanna go out for a Pizza? I’m starving.” Phil asked. He wanted a chance to chat with Dan about his life and just get comfortable around one another.

“Yes please, I can always manage a pizza.” Dan agreed, a grin on his face. 

It wasn’t long before the both of them were hunched over a table for two, with a large, juicy Margarita pizza to share between them. Phil was the first to grab a slice, then quickly beckoned at Dan to eat too.

“So how long have you worked at the club for?” Phil asked, keeping his voice neutral as to not make Dan think this was some sort of test. It wasn’t after all.

“Well I tried to do the whole Uni thing when I was 19, but it just didn’t work, messed up my mental health. So I joined the club, worked really well for me.” Dan explained in between taking bites.

“Well I’m pleased you found something that works for you! Do you ever get any weirdos though?” Phil thought out loud, scrunching his face up which made Dan laugh and shake his head.

“You do, but I just decline them. You’re the first relatively normal person in a while actually. So how did you wind up being a CEO then? I’m intrigued.” Dan appealed.

“Relatively normal? Thanks I think. So basically my Dad owned ‘Lester’s Law and Legislation’ and I worked for him, then he died 3 years ago and here I am.” Phil explained, a light tone in his voice.

“Sorry about your Dad, that’s pretty cool though, I attempted Law at Uni.. So you became a CEO at 26?” Dan gaped.

“Yeah, a lot of pressure at first. At this point though I basically just accept and decline offers, and meet up with potential business partners.” Phil giggled, Dan shrugged and chuckled along too, not being able to pick fault.

A natural silence enveloped them as the munched away at the pizza, until the plate was clean and they were leaning back in their seats, stuffed.

“Guess I’ll go pay and we can head home. I’ve got to quickly fill a couple of forms in when we get back, but then we could have a Mario Kart competition?” Phil offered, it was time to show his top notch skills anyway.

“Hell yeah, been waiting to beat you at it.” The younger smirked, confidence flaring up in his eyes.

“You’re going to be disappointed.” Phil retorted, heading off to pay.

The day ended with Dan winning Mario Kart, and Phil pouting like a toddler as Dan cheered and celebrated his ‘brilliance’.

“You’re the worst winner Dan I swear.” Phil grumbled, while yawning under the pity fort he’d made himself.

“And you’re the worst player so suck it!” The brunette shouted, Phil shouldn’t of let him eat an entire family bag of Haribo’s. 

Despite the pure shame of losing, Phil knew himself and Dan were going to get along just fine.

Uhm so how does one end a chapter?!

For y’all that are here for it, le sex will be the next chapter! I’m having so much fun writing this.

Currently finishing up the Sybian request and will upload it in a few hours.

Enjoy your day :)


( Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 )

Why The Fall is one of the bravest shows I’ve ever watched

The Fall is a show about a murderer and a policewoman but more than that it is a dirty, distorted mirror that reflects our opinions and expectations back on us, asking us if that first response is really the right one.

To say that Season 3 of BBCs The Fall has been divisive would be an understatement. Even within its own fanbase there have been those who felt that the pace (always achingly slow) had become preposterous, that the excitement had dwindled and that what they’d loved about Season 1 was gone by midway through Season 2. Those people are entitled to their view but twelve hours after watching the S3 finale and still rocked by what I witnessed, I just have to say how very impressed I am by the series in its’ entirety.

Under the cut (with some spoilers) are my thoughts on why The Fall is such important viewing and why I will go down shouting that it is one of the bravest, ballsiest things I have ever had the privilege to watch.

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“Bareface” Xiumin/You Anon Request

this took me forever and i’m extremely sorry but here it is. 

scenario: being staff to exo is nothing like the fangirls’ probably expect. except yeah, kim minseok defies expectations. 

BOOM. rated for the bath scene (cuddly AND a lil’ smutty, I amaze myself) 

Usually it’s not too hard to see the boys simply as coworkers. Nice, fun coworkers, but coworkers all the same. So it’s usually not that big of a deal to detach those kinds of feelings if they happen to crop up. And if the specific ‘no fraternization’ clause in your contract doesn’t work, then eventually the boys themselves tend to do something to douse any kind of more-than-friendly affection. You’ve seen Chanyeol with his finger up his nose one too many times. You’re pretty sure both Jongin and Yixing have watched porn on your phone due to the suspiciously clear search histories after borrowing it.

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anonymous asked:

Hello my lovelies, honored are thee who bringeth us fic! I'm looking for anything new where Stiles has sub zero self esteem, or where he's just always alone, never the first choice or preferred omega. Anything where he's used to rejection and demeaning one night stands and has just given up on the hope anyone ever loving him. Maybe there's pining for Derek who rejected him before college and a lot of shame and self-loathing. Massive angst and heartrending feels with a happy ending, please.

Hello Anon! This request was pretty specific, so we tried to find some that fit your ask! Hope you like them!

Blood Moon Run by atlaspeaks

2,292  I  Outdoor Sex
Stiles wasn’t really sure why everyone insisted that he participate in the Blood Moon Run.
Or the one where Stiles doesn’t want to run but has to, and it ends up being a very good thing.

Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar (ofalexandra)

18,472  I  Werewolves are known, mentioned Mpreg
It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.
Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident. (Also - everyone’s a werewolf, and everyone’s alive.)

Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds. by LucifersHitman

21,096  I  16/16  I  AU-High School
Stiles always knew finding a mate would be hard for him. He’s not bright and beautiful like Lydia, or stong like Danny or adorable like Scott.
He was just Stiles, ADHD riddled fox kid who loved to draw.
Derek Hale was everything, popular, strong, smart and gorgeous.
They get put together on an English assignment and it doesn’t go at all like Stiles expects.

Consort to the King by Ember

26,257  I  8/8  I  AU-Regency
King Derek, alphas of alphas, ruler of the realms, lord of the city of Beacon Hills, has just asked newly discovered omega Stiles to be his consort and mate. And Stiles, being the lowly commoner that he is, has no choice but to say yes. Will the King’s past allow him to love again? Will Stiles ever escape the confines of his new mate’s possessive will? Can there be love once more in the castle? Or perhaps, yet again, another betrayal?

To Live by AvgPopo

43,733  I  9/? (WIP)  I  Mpreg, Good!Peter
WARNING: Tagged for Rape/Non-Con and Abuse
“Snow fell hard on Beacon Hills today. It fell and fell, covering Stiles’ body like a blanket that gave no warmth. Left for dead, he laughed, a useless omega left for dead. He wondered how things could have gone from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.
His body bled, he could feel it, flowing out of his body from the wounds he inflicted. He had to fight, he had move, he had to live.”

How Long Will I Love You (series) by sarcastic_fi

60,880  I  3 works  I  Slow Build, Mpreg
Teen and Up and Mature
WARNING: Tagged for Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con
Stiles didn’t believe in love. Which made all the sense in the world after he was bonded to Derek Hale at such a young age. Pity that it takes Laura’s death to bring Derek back into town to see how much damage his absence has caused.
Warning this story features heavy angst, omega!Stiles, alpha!Derek and Alpha!Peter.

Alpha Spikes by starbeast

70,140  I  7/7  I  Mildy Dubious Consent
AU. Alphas are like royalty and are offered their choice of any age eighteen-and-up virgin Omega for each year’s heat season, as a ‘thank-you’ to all they’ve done for their compounds throughout the year. Derek is an Alpha and…yeah, Stiles. Stiles is an Omega. And still a virgin. In every way. And he’s just turned eighteen. This…is not his day.

Someday Came Today by Fatebegins

81,636  I  13/13  I  AU-Historical, Mpreg
“March 2, 1810…
Today, I met the man I’m going to marry.”
At the age of eight, Genim “Stiles” Stilinski showed no signs of Great Beauty. And even at eight, Stiles learned to accept the expectations society held for him—until the evening when Derek Hale, the handsome and dashing Alpha of the Hale pack, solemnly kissed his hand and promised him that one day he would grow into himself, that one day he would be as beautiful as he already was smart. And even at eight, Stiles knew he would love him forever.
But the years that followed were as cruel to Derek as they were kind to Stiles. Stiles is as intriguing as the Duke boldly predicted on that memorable day—while Derek is a lonely, bitter man, crushed by a devastating loss. But Stiles has never forgotten the truth he set down on paper all those years earlier—and he will not allow the love that is his destiny to slip through his fingers . .

Hung The Moon by BurnItAllClean

83,109  I  8/9  (WIP)  I  Depression, Bullying
Slowly Stiles got control of himself again. His heart calmed. His breathing evened out. The anger was gone. In it’s place a bone deep weariness settled. He couldn’t do this. He wouldn’t survive this.

Okay, enjoy the Omega!verse feels! If anyone has fics to add to this list, please let us know! 

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

Night In

word count: 1,538
pairing: Michael & Reader
warning: smut smut smut y'all this is smut
summary: Michael has to cancel yet another date, this time you decide you needed a little something in return. sub!michael
a/n I am crying this is hurt me so much it is so late, Beth I hope you’re happy omg I’m dead

Michael was late for your date. Again. He had texted you earlier saying that the meeting he was stuck in was running longer than expected, but he was trying his damnedest to make it home on time. But it was now and hour and a half past the time he was supposed to be home, and you had accepted the fact that the two of you would be spending the night in. You knew Michael was going to be stressed and pissed off when he came home, so you headed to the bedroom, prepping for a night of helping him relax. As you changed into Michael’s favourite black lace set, your eye caught the familiar glinting of metal. If you were being honest, you were kind of fucking pissed that yet another date with Michael had been cancelled. You deserved a little pick-me-up too. Fingering the cool metal of the handcuffs, you smirked to yourself. Things were going to be switched up tonight.

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anonymous asked:

Idea for ur New Year's Day thing? Ty, Dan pranks Phil so Phil forces him to wear a buttplug on its highest setting for a week lmao Thanks :----D

-Dan waking up early one day and quietly hiding under Phil’s bed. When Phil gets up, Dan reaches out and grabs his ankles, resulting in a lot of screaming and hitting his head on his bureau as he falls. After making sure Phil’s okay, Dan starts hysterically laughing, leaving Phil to struggle back to his feet. Phil grabs Dan’s chin and presses his moth against the younger’s ear, whispering, “You’re going to regret that Howell.”

-For the next week Dan has to wear a remote controlled vibrating plug that Phil could turn on at any second any time he’s awake and at home. 

-Dan sitting in the lounge watching a film, the vibrator just barely touching his prostate, when he’s suddenly overcome with blinding pleasure. His vision going blurry as the toy is quickly worked up to its highest setting. Unable to hold back, he moans loudly enough for the whole building to hear, throwing his head back and gripping the cushions, eyes screwed shut, bursts of white breaking into the darkness as his body trembles with pleasure. When the toy slows to stop, he pries his eyes open, turning his head to find Phil standing in the doorway, a smug look on his face.

-Phil turning it on to a low setting while Dan is doing a live show. After days of this punishment, it feels like nothing. However, Phil starts to turn it up, setting by setting, until Dan has to end his live show early, making some excuse about a business call. Phil enters Dan’s room to find him bouncing on the chair, desperately trying to fuck himself on the toy. Dan’s bottom lip is between his teeth, muffling his whimpers and whines. Phil takes pity on Dan, taking him to bed and fucking him to the most intense orgasm he’s had in weeks.

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funghoulies  asked:

there's probably at least one biography about Steve that gets famous bc it's like POSSIBLE HOMOSEXUAL FEELINGS FOR SGT BARNES??? OR JUST BATTLEFIELD CAMARADERIE?

The relationship between Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes was one that began far from the battlefield and instead in the slums of Brooklyn where they met in their youth. While it’s left to speculation entirely, it’s been questioned in historical circles as to the extent of their relationship which has been sourced as being “extremely close” and “affectionate”. Betty Dinges, a neighboring resident who knew the boys personally, spoke in an interview in 1955 in a government-wide documentation as to commemorate our fallen soldiers. In her recollections she recalls overhearing several things through the thin apartment walls, thing in her words that were “particularly obscene and sometimes downright ridiculous” at times depending on the evening. Barnes was known for being cavalier in his relationships with the other sex but wouldn’t put it past him to be interested in things beyond such, even insighting the possibility of a large-scale cover up. Rogers, meanwhile, she says “would do most anything for Barnes”, hinting at the possibility of a deeper relationship than simply soldiers on the battlefield. “They’d go to dances together all dressed up in whatever they could put on and not come back until late in the night. Always laughing, always close.”

Rogers was known in his years before the Super Soldier Serum to have been highly involved in the fine arts, often using Barnes as a subject of art as found in sketchbooks recovered from his home and put on public memorial display. [Photographs on the right are from the National Archive located in Washington D.C circa 1936] While pages have been extracted and unrecoverable, the evidence is suggestive to at the very least an infatuation that has roots long before the beckon of war.  

Corporal Timothy Aloysius Cadwallander Dugan, fellow Howling Commando and close friend to both Rogers and Barnes, provided little comment when the question of romance was proposed first-hand. “Nothing unusual to see them doing a little shoulder leaning or hand touching, it was a way of coping and we all did it time-to-time. I’m not denying the possibility but not imposing it. It was war and we did whatever we had to in order to survive. Two men sharing a smoke and hell, even holding hands? Nothing out of the normal. Closer to each other than the rest of us? Sure. But when you’re laying in the sub-zero cold with nothing but your bare comrade next to you, you do what you gotta do. We mourned Sergeant Barnes together and to this day the Captain as well.” Dugan refused any further comment after numerous efforts of requesting a personal interview.

they had told him numerous times over that the modern world was more open than it had ever been before but steve was beginning to think that was a bunch of bullshit. the book on its own was acclaimed by television shows and cited in countless different places, spurring multiple film documentaries and websites dedicated to understanding an inkling of whatever it was they believed to have a darker and even problematic subtext.

of course it made no difference if they were right or not — hell he didn’t even remember speaking to betty dinges on his floor but maybe a few times in his whole life and knew she smiled more than she spoke. should have been more quiet though dammit,  they had been rather careless and bucky just didn’t care. of course it didn’t matter now, a book was dead weight in his hands, and steve simply sat with his shoulders back reading the words on the cover over and over again.

Roger That: The Untold Love Story.

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anonymous asked:

would you write more in the writer/illustrator au? tell me about their first kiss!! or their first time ;)

hahahahaha, ok! (~1300 words; the first part of this au is here.)

so, under Takatsuki Sen’s recommendation, Touka and Kaneki attempt a romance for their next project, with Touka watching carefully to make sure Kaneki doesn’t estrange the characters for years or make them sacrifice themselves for each other or some other kind of depressing shit. Kaneki protests, though: “They’ll never know the happiness of being together if they don’t know what it’s like to be apart!”

eventually Touka gives up and just decides to focus on the art, except that she hasn’t ever really drawn people kissing. she’s having trouble illustrating a particular scene in the novel, which is frustrating, so she asks Kaneki to change the scene, and he’s like, “Why?”

she explains, “It’s too complicated to picture on my own, and I can’t find any good references.” she shows him her image search of sub-par photos, and he looks at them and then says, “Well, maybe we could ask people to pose it for us,”

and Touka is like, “Who could we ask?”

she doesn’t know anyone who could come over immediately, and Touka really needs to spend time drawing rather than scheduling meetings. Kaneki shifts around uncomfortably and it’s clear he probably knows someone that could pose it, so Touka pokes him — “Come on, just say it, who?”

and Kaneki says, “Um, I don’t know anyone…but…um…we…? Could do it? Maybe?”

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