such a pink nose

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Trying a bunch of different kinds of lube with softy chris 😍

His head popped up from between your thighs and you groaned. “That tastes terrible” he scrunched his nose adorably. You couldn’t help but giggle at the bright pink lube on his nose. 

“So, that’s a no to kiwi and strawberry” you joked, reaching for another bottle labeled Blueberry Blast. 

“Babe, I can’t go to work with a blue tongue” he pouted moving to lay next to you. 

“How about a blue dick?” you grinned, crawling ontop of him. 

Sinful Sunday™

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What's your favourite season?

Winter! I love snow and bundling up and pink noses and mittens and hats and scarves and lasjdhsjak!! Hot cocoa and cuddles to get warm and everything about it. ❤️❤️ Fall is second though!


Then one foggy earth-day eve, Pink Diamond came to say, “Jasper with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my palanquin tonight?” Then how the quartzes loved her, as they shouted out with glee: “Jasper the perfect beta, you’ll go down in history!”

AIRY ITS ONLY SEPTEMBER OMFG LOL also like, damn other quartzes shoulda been nice to her in the first place B^T im just sayin