such a phenomenal performance


If you’re a musician, the SNL stage and its acoustics can be a hell of a challenge. A lot of artists that I’ve seen end up showcasing more of the weaknesses in vocals than wowing with their strengths. 

And look, I have mixed opinions on the Lorde’s newest singles but you cannot deny the raw talent and musical ability that she showcases in this performance. Her voice is etheral and her emotional connection to the song and audience feels visceral.

It is truly a phenomenal performance

So, I understand that everyone is shook and would probably continue being shook until next week but listen: Yuuri and Viktor will be fine. If anything, I think Yuuri is about to do the most beautiful, the most phenomenal performance in his career. Why?

Remember what happened to Michele and Sara in episode 9?

His decision to let go of Sara enabled him to skate his heart out. Michele had nothing to lose now that Sara’s gone, so he just poured all his feelings and skated flawlessly, with no burden, all the way to the bronze medal.

So now that Yuuri has decided to let go of Viktor, I think we should prepare ourselves for an extremely emotional ‘Yuri on Ice’ performance instead of angsty breakup scenario and don’t worry; they love each other to death, regardless of how Viktor would react to Yuuri’s decision.

I’ve seen many posts saying that the episode shows us Yuuri’s unconditional love toward Viktor—Yuuri’s agape—and I really couldn’t agree more. Yuuri is not pushing Viktor away. He’s pushing both of them higher.

Because in the end,

the bond between them stays.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Taraji P. Henson getting snubbed for the Oscars 2017 is just disgraceful. A white man accused of sexual assault was nominated, a movie about a creepy obsessed man in space was nominated, a movie about white-washed superheros and cultural appropriation was nominated, but the phenomenal, heart-wrenching, incredible performance by Taraji was snubbed. I am livid. Taraji P. Henson should have been a shoe-in for that nomination and inevitable win. While I am thrilled that Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Loving, Fences, and Moana were all acknowledged, I will never understand how they justified snubbing Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monae, and everyone else from the aforementioned movies who damn well deserve the nominations. Oscars STILL so white.

Jake Gyllenhaal is underappreciated.

This man is such an important human being. Watch interviews and observe how he interacts with the interviewer, he looks right into their eyes and actually ponders the questions he is asked. Jake chooses very diverse roles in films and gives a phenomenal performance each time, because he embraces that character and dedicates so much time to create an accurate portrayal. From being a bubble boy, to a troubled teen, to a sociopath, to a gay cowboy, to a widowed father. Jake Gyllenhaal never gives a disappointing performance. Watch how charming, respectful, witty, and polite he is. Watch how accepting he is, and how supportive he is. Look at the way his blue eyes light up when he talks about his family and how highly he speaks of each member, never once saying anything negative. Look at how he respectfully shuts interviewers down when they bring up sex scenes, and how he always comments on a woman’s personality before her body. Especially look at how he doesn’t act like he can get any girl he wants. Listen to his beautiful, genuine laugh. Think about how he always tries to be the best at everything he does. This is a man that would rather work alongside Robert Downey Jr. than win an award because gaining knowledge means he is successful, not recieving awards. This actor is slipping under everybody’s radar and I’m finding it quite beautiful because I get to embrace his excellence while everyone else is gawking over Channing Tatum’s body.

In all seriousness and all jokes and my dislike of Ragnar aside, Vikings would not have ever been what it was without Travis Fimmel’s absolutely phenomenal performance. He was a such a powerhouse lead, and I’m sure it was his performance that got the show picked up on the History Channel in the first place. For four seasons we’ve followed his exploits and it’s going to be absolutely bizarre next week to see the show without him in it.

Watching him develop Ragnar’s character over the years was honestly a treat, and he never, ever failed to deliver a spectacular and masterfully nuanced performance.

Was it time for him to go? Absolutely. Any longer would have been stretching it out. But my god, am I going to miss him.

🎭 Good Luck to Sam, Caitriona and Outlander at the BAFTAS 🎭

Hope all the accolades are yours tonight for phenomenal performances as Jamie and Claire Fraser on Outlander. Best of luck.  🎭🏆🎭

Emily has been looking to direct for a long time, but family and other obligations have gotten in the way. We really wanted to make sure that it happened here. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, but her father is Caleb Deschanel so she knows all the camera angles — where to put it and everything else — just really to get the best performance. She was phenomenal, especially because it’s a very different episode in terms of tone. It’s a little bit more claustrophobic, but she never made it feel claustrophobic. She kept it feeling very, very big and the actors loved working with her. At the end of it, they were like, “She can direct all the episodes.” There is a special talent that an actor brings to directing and [she] couldn’t have been more collaborative, more delightful, and she even came in under budget, so what more can you ask for?
—  MICHAEL PETERSON - Can you expand on how she did as a director? What does she bring to that premiere episode?

Kinktober #31: All of the above

No, this is not the last part yet ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 - FINAL

The name called isn’t Shouyou Hinata. But it isn’t Tobio Kageyama, either.

Neither of them wins Best Actor in a Leading Role. It goes to a veteran, a three time Academy Award winner who would have been the favorite any year but this one. Still a phenomenally strong performance, as always, and Tobio and Shouyou both stand up to applaud him.

As they take their seats again while he gives his acceptance speech, the director of Somewhere to Belong leans forward to whisper between them.

“They couldn’t pick,” he whispers.

They both turn to look at him out of the corner of their eye. He’s an older man, soft-spoken and well-respected, for good reason.

“Can’t have two winners for Best Actor,” he says, and pats them both on the shoulder, fondly. “They couldn’t pick between you.”

Shouyou trades glances with Tobio. He is met with an expression that he shouldn’t expect to see, but isn’t surprised by. Granted, when you know someone inside and out the way he knows Tobio, it’s more common not to be surprised, when you’re always feeling what they feel.

Tobio doesn’t look frustrated, or angry, or even shocked at the decision. Instead, he wears an almost smile.

“And now, the nominees for Best Picture…”

Shouyou should be, maybe, much more disappointed than he is but he’s… strangely not. What would have happened if he’d won the award? Nothing, he thinks. He’d have one extra thing to display in his home, that is already too full of things to display (most came with the property).

He’s always wanted to act, and so he does. People like watching him. He wanted to be good, because he enjoyed it. And he enjoys it now, more than ever, because he’s not alone. He has Tobio.

Ah, come to think of it—one thing might have happened if he’d won. But…

“And the Oscar goes to…” A hushed, building pause. “Somewhere to Belong.”

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what she says: im fine

what she means: why did waitress not win anything at the tonys, the cast performance was phenomenal, jessie mueller has a voice like no other, every song is beautiful and wonderfully written, the set is gorgeous, the costumes are great, sara bareilles is a gift to the world, she has created a beautiful musical about friendship and putting your happiness first and female empowerment and give her and this cast and crew a tony goddamn it 

Daveed Diggs Jets From ‘Hamilton’ Into the Future (NYT):

A few months ago, when Daveed Diggs was deciding whether to renew his contract and continue performing his roles as the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Broadway sensation“Hamilton,” he had a moment of doubt.

His years with “Hamilton,” beginning with the earliest workshops and peaking with his Tony Award win for best performance by an actor in a featured role, had been a phenomenal, unique adventure. But fame of that nature, for a performer who had been plugging away at the margins for years, felt disorienting, and a little ephemeral.

“Guys, is this crazy?” he asked his agents about the possibility of moving on. “What if nobody wants me, and I don’t make any money anymore?”

He remembered this conversation in a disheveled room at the Fontainebleau Hotel here, where he and his girlfriend, the actress Jalene Goodwin, were spending a few quiet, do-not-disturb days thanks to “a little money and a little free time,” he said, laughing about a couple of luxuries “Hamilton” afforded him that, a few years back, were hard to come by.

Even though he had spent years in the theater and music trenches before “Hamilton,” he worried that the show — which has transcended Broadway acclaim to become part of the pop culture vernacular — could end up defining him. “It all seems fleeting,” he said, somewhat sheepishly but with extreme geniality, of his current renown. “It feels that the reason people want me is not built on anything.”

Nevertheless, he chose to leave “Hamilton” in July, and immediately stepped into a whirlwind: a new album with his long-running noise-rap collective, Clipping; a role on the hit ABC sitcom “black-ish”; a workshop for actors and writers looking to bridge hip-hop and theater; and more.

All of these wide-ranging projects demonstrate the commitments that have powered Mr. Diggs’s career thus far, including the dismantling of aesthetic boundaries and a devotion to black cultural politics. For someone with those interests, “Hamilton” — a hip-hop-driven musical that told the story of America’s founding fathers using an almost wholly nonwhite cast — was a natural home. Now Mr. Diggs, 34, is collaborating with old partners and seeking out new ones to keep those priorities front and center.

okay i know I’m like emo and houston af tonight but one more thing–

like tay was so confident and happy at this tiny houston show. she danced with this carefree energy that was bigger than i had ever seen before. she goofed around with us as throughout the entire set.

this was my 12th taylor show and while of course i’ve seen her put on amazing performances, phenomenal performances, something about this one was different. 

@taylorswift dude i’m so proud of you. sending you hugs and always cheering you on.

ps- thanks for answering our all too well chant

             — Just returned from London and my god, was Hamlet phenomenal. 
          ESPECIALLY Andrew’s performance, not to mention the fact that I met and 
                         hugged him afterwards. Jim met Jim! I’m so starstruck. 


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Inspired by such beloved traditions as the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge and the candlelit Darkness to Light Advent procession at Salisbury Cathedral, I’ve taken it as a yearly project to spread some of this gorgeous sacred music around. Beginning on 1 December , each day leading up to Christmas, this blog will post an assortment of Christmas carols and anthems, Advent hymns and motets, and maybe a few pieces that, while not technically specific to the season or Christian in source, are nevertheless stunning examples of the power of poetry and the grace of the human voice.

We hope that you will follow along and continue to share this music throughout the month. In the meantime, have a beautiful Advent and a peaceful journey toward Christmas.