such a perfect arse she has

i would say ‘someone stop me’ but i don’t think i want to stop? ao3 link

Summary: Liam has a confession to make.

Three Words

Sara’s setting a ground rule. They’re not going to have sex in the sand. It’s unpleasant enough when the sand is a known quantity, but up until recently, this world was irradiated and Sara has not come this far to get radioactive sand in places where it definitely should not be.

Still. The feeling of Liam’s body beneath her almost wants her to throw caution to the wind. But only almost.  When Liam smiles up at her, it takes her one step closer to changing her mind. “I’ve noticed something,” he starts, a hand on her hip as though it belongs there. (It does.)

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Old Wounds - Chapter Five


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he knocked on the door of his parents’ suite. Dad was going to be pissed that he had left early without saying goodbye, and Mum would be disappointed in him, which was worse. His entire body ached from sleeping on the sofa. At some point while cuddling Gigi he’d fallen asleep. When he’d woken up she was gone and he’d barely had time to take a quick shower and throw on clean clothes before this brunch appointment with the family. He pushed his worries about Gigi out of his head, took an instant to check buttons and zippers, and then knocked.

A few moments later, Juniper opened the door.

“You’re early,” he said, not hiding the surprise in his voice. He still wasn’t used to Juniper coming to family events, though she’d been around more in the last year than she had for the several previous ones. And he couldn’t remember the last time she had been early to anything.

“You’re late,” she replied, turning away from the door, “but Gemma’s not here yet, so you should escape unscathed.”

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Thank you for existing. 💗 send this to 10 people that you think that deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox 💕 (it's aarondingel)

I love you Sweetie! I might have been inspired by the ask ;)

Count it Down

Robert came into the backroom to find Liv sitting at the kitchen table. He watched as she threw her pen down and folded her arms across her chest.

“What are you doing?” Robert asked sitting down opposite from her.

“We have to make a list of our ten favourite people, the ones we couldn’t or rather wouldn’t want to live without, but so far I’ve only got seven people on my list and most of those I’d miss but I could totally live without if I had to. There are probably only two I wouldn’t want to live without,” Liv said ducking her head.

“Your mum and Aaron, right?” Robert asked wondering why she seemed embarrassed about it.

Liv actually blushed and tried to change the subject, “Do you have ten favourite people?”

Robert let his question go unanswered. “I don’t think I actually even know ten people who like me, let alone ten I couldn’t live without. I do have probably three that I wouldn’t want to be without, maybe four,” he replied realising that this probably wasn’t the best exercise for people like them. People with shit pasts, who came from broken homes and were more likely to bite you than be kind.  It was a wonder anyone loved them, but then they both had Aaron. Even though Aaron had been through the same things as them, worse still, he was the kind of person who would struggle to have only ten people on his list.

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Make You Mine: An Epilogue (The Morning After)

Previous summary: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.)

Part 1 [Here] Part 3 [Here]

A/N: I had no intention of continuing this story, but apparently my muse had other plans. So, enjoy some “morning after” sexy times as AU Killian and Emma prepare to take their lives into their own hands. I just love them together!

Thanks again to my amazing beta, brooke-to-broch, and hand-holder kat2609!

Rated: M

Awakening slowly, the first thing Killian notices is that he is hard. Very hard. Now, he’s had his fair share of morning wood before, but this is something else entirely. More like morning steel. He then feels a solid warmth brush up against him where he’s aching (Ah! there’s the culprit), and something else tickles his nose. Mmm…what is that delicious smell? he thinks to himself before opening his eyes to the early morning light, which is gently warming the cabin with a golden glow.


She’s curled up beside him, still as naked as the day she was born, and her arse is cradling his cock as if it were formed specifically for that purpose. Stars above. He has to suppress the urge to growl in appreciation. Even though he finds himself awake, she is still sleeping peacefully, and he’s not sure she would appreciate being woken up that way, no matter how flattering the sentiment. It’s her hair that is providing the lovely fragrance filling his nostrils, though it may also be the scent of her skin. The two are mingling together in a perfect blend of feminine perfume, heady and sweet.

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burning in the fire of a thousand smiles

Modern British Royalty au, because reasons. And also because I have wanted to write this for a while and felt as if I should actually do something for CS AU week. So… yes.

The cameras at the foot of the grand staircase go off all at once, in a bombard like an exploding star, as HRH The Princess of Wales appears at the top of it, gowned in a stunning floor-length custom Dior, blonde hair swept into an intricate braided updo and her great-great grandmother’s priceless Cartier tiara nestled atop it. She wears a matching diamond necklace and earrings, white evening gloves, Louboutin pumps (every detail of her outfit will of course be tweeted, criticized, praised, and pored over within the next fifteen minutes, and dominate all coverage of the benefit gala) and just an elegant hint  of makeup. This is Emma Charlotte Victoria Elizabeth Windsor’s first appearance since becoming the first royal daughter in history to hold the title of Princess of Wales, heiress to the throne, in her own right, and not merely as consort to the heir in waiting, ever since the required assent from the Commonwealth countries made gender-neutral primogeniture the law of the land. Great Britain had watched its princess grow up for sixteen years, in gossip magazines and official publications and carefully released photos, when (surprising themselves as much as anyone) the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had another child – a son. Ordinarily, that meant he would have leapfrogged his older sister in the line of succession, but there was a massive public outcry against the idea of England’s sweetheart having to give up her position due to silly old medieval requirements, and the process to change the law started accordingly.

Now, six years later, it has finally ground its way through the Government gauntlet and actually been enacted. Emma will succeed to the crown, as has always been planned and prepared for, and her baby brother, Prince Neal, will function merely in the career of supporting royal. (He calls himself that because none of his actual names – Nicholas Edward Arthur Louis – are to a six-year-old boy’s taste, hence N.E.A.L. Emma hopes it doesn’t stick. By a nasty little coincidence, that is the name of the boy who broke her heart, freshman year at St. Andrews. Left her gun-shy about ever dating another commoner, after the scandal splashed out across the red-top tabloids, recording in gleeful detail how Neal Cassidy had taken advantage of his connection to the Princess to rake in cash, favors, exclusive access to luxe Mayfair nightclubs, field-level Premier League tickets, and more. Then when she cut off the gravy train, he dumped her.)

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Do you wanna play games, Finn Nelson?

A BIG THANK YOU for all the messages, comments and likes I’ve been receiving for my last stories. Especially, Christmas Thoughts and the 12th part of Little By Little. Those stories have been thought during the summer and because some God had given the power to write again…. Well, you got it! It makes me really happy people keep liking my stories (because I know they’re not as good as some writers in here). Thank you so much for the support x

Remember when I said I was gonna write the fourth chapter of Vloggers and then I had another idea for a one shot that couldn’t wait? Here you have it. It’s… different from what I’ve read before. I haven’t revised anything so I expect some errors and stuff. 




“Finn, lunch break!”

He stops painting when he hears the voice of his boss telling him it’s lunch time and he goes to clean the brush full of orange paint. He cleans his hands with the soup and goes outside the house where he has his small lunch box with his food. He follows his mates around the house and he finishes eating on a corner of the back garden.

“I’ll give you the payment when we finish tonight, alright lad?” Noel, the owner of the paint shop where he’s now working, tells him.

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Prompt: James and Lily have been getting a lot of racial slurs because they are an 'interblooded' couple. It's starts to get to them, and so they decide to deal with it in someway.

This is what I’ve managed to come up with. Sorry it took so long.

“Mudblood! Blood traitor!”

James scowls, spinning on his heel to face the harasser, but Lily grabs his wrist. “Don’t,” she hisses. “Just leave it.” Her expression is neutral, but her eyes are green fire.

“Lily,” he starts. She shakes her head. Her short red hair bobs around her face.

“Don’t,” the woman insists. “You’ll make it worse.”

With anyone else, he might have argued, but James isn’t a fool, and he knows that Lily tends to be right. He also knows that she’s worried, because it’s their last year, and she doesn’t want to be expelled. He bites his lip, thoughtful, and asks, “Should we tell someone?”

“Tell who?” Lily snorts. “Dumbledore?”

“Well, yeah.”

“James, honestly.” Lily gives him a sharp tug, pulling him round the corner and into the unused girls lavatory on the second floor. In the refuge of the bathroom, she rounds on him angrily. “We’re not going to tell anyone!” the girl snaps. Her lips curl down, the way they always do when she’s angry, and James wants to kiss away the bad feelings, but he doesn’t.

“Why not?” he demands instead. His heart races like he’s holding the Quaffle. “Surely there’s something we can—“

“There isn’t,” Lily insists. “Not with the faculty, anyway.”

In a terrible moment, James realizes that she’s dealt with this before. He starts up again, but before he can spit out two words, Lily’s wand is drawn and she hexes his mouth shut. “Listen!” she cries. “I said we’re not going to tell anyone, James. I didn’t say we were going to sit on our arses and do nothing.”

The moment the hex is lifted, James speaks. “What, then?”

Lily has a wild glint in her eyes as she describes her plan. It’s clear that she’s been sitting on it for a while, and James figures he’s not the first person she’s run it by, considering that it’s got a bit of Remus’s personal flair to it. When she’s done, she stands back and crosses her arms. James grins at her.

“Perfect,” he agrees. She laughs and kisses him.

James can’t wait for breakfast. He sits at the table, bouncing eagerly in his seat until Peter hisses at him to relax, and waits for Lily to give the signal. It’s a simple one, one that he likes very much. A kiss. She waits forever, though, so long that he thinks she’s gone back on the agreement, and then she leans over the table as plates are being cleared and presses her mouth against his. Together, they whisper the spell.

They walk down the corridor arm in arm, pausing at every stair, every split in the halls, and kissing like there’s no tomorrow, inviting anyone to comment. And someone does. A Slytherin girl sneaking back from the Astronomy tower takes one look at them and opens her mouth. She probably means to say mudblood, but what comes out is,

“I pissed myself in first year potions.” She freezes, horrified, and then bolts, leaving Lily and James in peals of laughter.

“That was brilliant!” James crows. “How on earth did you come up with that?”

Lily grins. “I told you,” she giggles. “I’m a genius.”

Arm in arm, they saunter off to their first class. It’s going to be a fantastic day.