such a perfect arse she has


Equestrienne Margaret “Molly” Hooper is struggling to keep up the ‘Miss Perfect’ appearance. She’s mostly faking enthusiasm for her upcoming wedding (among other things) and has taken to hiding from the planner. To make matters worse her beloved dressage horse Toby is behaving out of character, leading to one dismal competition performance after another.

Enter the new stable help. He has an unusual name, calls her ‘sweetheart’, and pretends that he couldn’t be arsed about what a posh girl with a public school education thinks of him. He drives a motorcycle (and her around the bend, at first). But he’s better with horses than he is with people, and he seems to be the only one who truly sees how unhappy Molly is.

She wants to hate him because she’s absolutelycompletelydefinitely in love with Tom. It’s not like she could have any genuine feelings for the irreverent, unpredictable Sherlock Holmes or he for her, right?


The Barman

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Stiles got a new job as a barman to work his way through college. (Y/N) has just turned 21; as soon as her eyes landed on Stiles, she became fascinated by him.

A/N: Little makeout scene, arse squeezing; nothing that people don’t know about. Requests are open!

Originally posted by hothothotgg

There were two dresses to choose from; where you going to go with the sexy black dress or the red dress that made you look ten years older? “(Y/N), I think the black one.” Your best friend, Isadora, muttered before going back to curling her hair. You had your hair curled, and make up done to perfection – you loved doing make up and now that you were twenty-one, you were excited to go out to the bar on the college campus.

“The black one it is,” You mused, slipping out of your nightie and squeezing into the dress. “Damn, girl. I’m going to have to beat the lads off you tonight.” You giggled slightly, blushing as she complimented you; you couldn’t deny it but you did look great – the dress made all your assets stick out perfectly.

Isadora was a natural beauty, she had the perfect blonde hair that always had volume, straight pearl white teeth and a tan. She still did her make-up and she looked more stunning than ever. “Says the one,” You replied, teasing her as she shimmied into a gold jumpsuit pairing it with a pair of black heels. You had red heels on that matched your lipstick, “Let’s get going,” You cheered making your way to the taxi; not before double checking your appearance.

“I’ll go and get drinks,” You shouted over the loud music inside the bar, which was more of a night club. Izzie nodded, before you separated – her going to get a booth. You leaned over the bar, trying to get the barman’s attention who was an extremely handsome looking man. Tall; check. Brown eyes; check. Brown hair; check. You looked at him with admiration and you knew if he was on the other side of the bar, you’d start chatting him up. “How can I help you?” A massive grin covered your face as his eyes met yours, “Two vodkas, one red bull and one sprite.” The order fell off your tongue with ease; you and Izzie have been best friends since high school and it was always the same alcohol that you drank together. “Coming right up,” He winked, causing your heart to melt.

As he walked away, you tried to fixed your dress and made sure that your twins were the perfect shape. You looked down the long bar to see that all the females were doing the same, their eyes following ever move that this man made – some even had, what you assumed, were their boyfriends with them. “Here you go, love.” He smiled, placing the drinks in front of you. You shoved the twenty dollars note in his direction but he declined, “On the house.” You blushed and muttered a thank you before grabbing the drinks and finding Isadora who was in the company of two men.

“(Y/N),” She squealed grabbing her vodka and sprite, “This is Cameron and Jason – they’re both studying medicine.” You raised your eyebrow impressed by their studies but not by their looks. Cameron was bleached blonde, obviously dyed with a horrific tan line. Jason was on the prettier side reaching about 6’4, muscular and bright blue eyes. “Nice to meet you,” You shouted over the music, taking a sip of the drink through the straw.

Jason was chatting in your ear about the college and the party life but you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the stranger behind the bar. “Do you know him?” You suddenly cut Jason off before nodding over to the barman. He laughed and nodded, “Stiles Stilinski, he’s been working here for a few months now.” Stiles… You couldn’t help but fascinate over the name, it was odd but it suited him. “Do you want a drink?” You asked Izzie who had a full glass sitting in front of her, she shot you a weird look before turning her attention back to Cameron. Your shoulders shrunk as you downed the rest of your drink – it was your fourth one. This will be your fifth time going back up to the bar, you were too tipsy to even be embarrassed. “I’ll be back,” You muttered to no one in particular.

You took a seat on a vacant stool, waiting to get Stiles attention. There were two other barmaids working but you chose the seat closer to where he was cleaning down the counter. It was getting late, probably around one am. The bar was slowly emptying so there wasn’t much of a line. “What can I get you?” He asked, before looking up and pausing. “Vodka and red bull?” He asked chuckling slightly, your cheeks reddened as you nodded, “Please.” You shouted after him, as he went to the fridge to get a can of red bull. He placed the drink in front of you, taking the note you handed him and putting it in the till. You didn’t want to move from your spot, you looked back at your friend to see her enjoying the company of Cameron - Jason nowhere to be seen.

“Stiles,” The brown eyed beauty yelled over the music, his hand coming towards you and you shook it without hesitation, “(Y/N).” He nodded, a smile on his face. “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I just turned twenty-one.” You grinned with excitement, your leg bouncing on the foot rest. You didn’t want to say anything stupid, so you were beyond nervous. “Can I get a beer?” A deep voice yelled from beside you, Stiles nodded before smiling at you apologetically and getting back to work. You sighed as you stood up from the stool and began your way back to Izzie.

A song by Drake came on causing you to squeal and pull your best friend to the dance floor – Cameron and Jason following. Jason placed his hands on your hip as you grinded against him, not caring that you barely knew him. You sang the lyrics at the top of your vocals, raising your hands in the air. Peeking at the bar, you spotted Stiles looking in your direction – his elbows resting on the counter top. You smiled at him before tearing yourself away from Jason’s hold, walking towards the bar.

“Fancy seeing you here,” You teased, sitting on the stool in front of Stiles. “You’ve had about eight vodkas (Y/N), how are you not vomiting?” He laughed, wiping down the counter one last time before peeling off his apron. You blushed and looked away embarrassed, not wanting to admit that you’ve only drank three of the vodkas that you purchased from him – the rest laying untouched on the table.

“I’m a heavy weight,” You laughed, “Are you finished?” He nodded and waved goodbye to the girls who were continuing their shift. “Do you want a lift home?” You looked at him with wide eyes, “I’m not a serial killer,” He found it ironic since he was doing criminal justice. You glanced back at Izzie, who was making out with Cameron on the dance floor before nodding. “Please.”

You texted Isadora quickly, knowing that she would be safe and she hasn’t drunk as much tonight before following Stiles out the backdoor. “Have a good night?” He asked, you shrugged, “The best part was meeting you.” You flirted, cringing as soon as the words left your mouth. “I did notice that you were awfully fond of me.” He chuckled, you liked how he had a sense of confidence about himself but it wasn’t too overloaded like Jason. “Well, you are gorgeous.” You mused, leaning against his car door.

His eyebrows raised as he stood in front of you, one hand resting beside your head. He was taller than you but not too tall and he had blatantly obvious muscles that girls must fawn over. “Tell me, (Y/N), how many drinks did you actually have tonight?” He bit his lip, looking down at your red stained ones before meeting your eyes. “Three,” You replied honestly and he laughed, the sound was like music to your ears. “Cute,” He mumbled, leaning closer to you.

Your heart rate picked up and your eyes fluttered closed just as his lips met yours. The kiss was soft at first, him pulling away after one second but you pulled him closer by wrapping your arms around his neck. He licked your bottom lip, begging for an entrance which you granted. You’ve been waiting all night to feel this sensation, and you never wanted it to stop. You pulled him down closer, causing him to let out a moan of pleasure.

He moved his hand down the fabric of your dress, before reaching the hem of the skirt just below your arse. He squeezed the cheeks before resting them on the back of your thigh, lifting you up with ease. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he walked over to the bonnet of the car, resting out on top of it. He kissed down your neck, you let your head fall back giving him more access.

The back door of the bar opened, a young man coming out with garbage bags which causing Stiles to pull away from you. “Should we take this somewhere?” You asked, sitting up on the bonnet, still close to his body. He nodded and helped you down, opening the passenger side door for you. “Thank you.”

You gave him directions to your shared apartment which was only a five-minute drive away. The drive was quiet with a slightly awkward aura floating around in the car. He pulled up outside the building before turning to face you, “I don’t think I should come in.” He muttered, not looking you in the eye. Your shoulders faltered and a frown covered your face. “I’m not that type of guy,” He continued, you nodded understanding where he was coming from. “How about I give you my number? I’d love to meet up for a coffee or a drink.” You said to him, grabbing a pen from the glove box and asking for his hand, where you wrote digits down. “Definitely.” He mumbled, trying to keep calm. Y

ou leaned in and pecked him on the lips, “Goodnight Stiles,” You left his car and began walking up to the front of the building.Turning to face him, you let out a laugh as you saw he fist bumped the air. His eyes widened when he seen that you saw that and he gave an embarrassed wave in which you replied with blowing a kiss in his direction.

i would say ‘someone stop me’ but i don’t think i want to stop? ao3 link

Summary: Liam has a confession to make.

Three Words

Sara’s setting a ground rule. They’re not going to have sex in the sand. It’s unpleasant enough when the sand is a known quantity, but up until recently, this world was irradiated and Sara has not come this far to get radioactive sand in places where it definitely should not be.

Still. The feeling of Liam’s body beneath her almost wants her to throw caution to the wind. But only almost.  When Liam smiles up at her, it takes her one step closer to changing her mind. “I’ve noticed something,” he starts, a hand on her hip as though it belongs there. (It does.)

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Old Wounds - Chapter Five


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he knocked on the door of his parents’ suite. Dad was going to be pissed that he had left early without saying goodbye, and Mum would be disappointed in him, which was worse. His entire body ached from sleeping on the sofa. At some point while cuddling Gigi he’d fallen asleep. When he’d woken up she was gone and he’d barely had time to take a quick shower and throw on clean clothes before this brunch appointment with the family. He pushed his worries about Gigi out of his head, took an instant to check buttons and zippers, and then knocked.

A few moments later, Juniper opened the door.

“You’re early,” he said, not hiding the surprise in his voice. He still wasn’t used to Juniper coming to family events, though she’d been around more in the last year than she had for the several previous ones. And he couldn’t remember the last time she had been early to anything.

“You’re late,” she replied, turning away from the door, “but Gemma’s not here yet, so you should escape unscathed.”

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bellamyblake  asked:

Thank you for existing. 💗 send this to 10 people that you think that deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox 💕 (it's aarondingel)

I love you Sweetie! I might have been inspired by the ask ;)

Count it Down

Robert came into the backroom to find Liv sitting at the kitchen table. He watched as she threw her pen down and folded her arms across her chest.

“What are you doing?” Robert asked sitting down opposite from her.

“We have to make a list of our ten favourite people, the ones we couldn’t or rather wouldn’t want to live without, but so far I’ve only got seven people on my list and most of those I’d miss but I could totally live without if I had to. There are probably only two I wouldn’t want to live without,” Liv said ducking her head.

“Your mum and Aaron, right?” Robert asked wondering why she seemed embarrassed about it.

Liv actually blushed and tried to change the subject, “Do you have ten favourite people?”

Robert let his question go unanswered. “I don’t think I actually even know ten people who like me, let alone ten I couldn’t live without. I do have probably three that I wouldn’t want to be without, maybe four,” he replied realising that this probably wasn’t the best exercise for people like them. People with shit pasts, who came from broken homes and were more likely to bite you than be kind.  It was a wonder anyone loved them, but then they both had Aaron. Even though Aaron had been through the same things as them, worse still, he was the kind of person who would struggle to have only ten people on his list.

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Inquisition modern business AU:

The company has been in the Pentaghast family for years. It used to be run by Anthony, but he died in a car crash and his uncle wrested control of the company. Unfortunately the uncle does almost nothing, so Cassandra does all the work of the CEO for him because she refuses to let her brother’s company go under.

Leiliana is the company attorney and is very sweet and approachable. Until you hit the courtroom floor and she turns into a legal beast. Everyone but Josephine is a little afraid of her.

Josie is always sweet and approachable, which works out well for her, considering how she’s the PR director. She is excellent at her job and it alarms people how very manipulative she can be. Yet she’s easily the most loved person on the head staff. She has impeccable taste in footwear.

Varric is always late and always has a ridiculous reason why. That said, he’s the best secretary the company has, taking incredibly detailed (if snarkily annotated) minutes of meetings, memorizing everyone’s coffee order, and keeping perfect timetables for meeting planning. He also books all business trips and somehow finds them ridiculous deals for super fancy places. He writes erotic fanfiction in his spare time.

Sera is the latest intern and she is also always late. Her reasons range from “I dunno,” to “yer mum’s arse, that’s why.” She’s super good at handling social media and viral marketing, though, so they just let her do her thing.

Bull has been Employee of the Year five years in a row. In his spare time, he runs a shelter for trans kids and is a huge figure in the local queer community (both literally and metaphorically.) He is always showing people pictures of the kids he’s sponsoring and holds the coolest Christmas party every year.

Blackwall is an ex-con who is really grateful to be working at such a good company. He’s really uncertain about his recent promotion to management, but is determined to do a good job.

Dorian is the IT guy whose every other sentence is a reminder that the company should really update its systems but he’ll do the best he can with what they’ve got. Massive tech junkie who always wants to talk about the latest gadgets. Ironically enough, his office is a huge mess of books because he “can’t stand” e-Books.

No one is sure how long Solas has worked with the company. He’s been there as long as anyone can remember, but he doesn’t look old. Rumors spread that he was the first employee hired to the company and that he’s immortal, but almost no one believes them. He’s very pleasant and he knows a shocking amount about business dealings.

Everyone knows that Vivienne is only there to get a read on her competition before she sets up her start-up company. But she works her ass off and the job gets done cleanly and efficiently every time, so the company takes advantage while they can.

Cullen is the head manger for the main branch and is a fairly simple guy who gets overwhelmed by all the politics of business. He’s the textbook definition of “firm but fair” and he’s known as the office heartthrob. He always wears office clothing that’s a bit too formal. Privately, he has too many bulky hoodies, blue jeans, and an embarrassingly large collection of cowboy boots.

Cole is a small white kitten that Varric and Solas found and are secretly keeping in the office. Varric figured that the best way to conceal him was to hide the cat in plain sight, so while no one ever seems to see the cat, it’s no secret that Varric has some sort of pet. Current theory is that there actually is no cat and Varric is just trying to pull a fast one on Cassandra.

When the mega-corporation Corypheus stages a hostile takeover of the company, they bring in lady!Trevelyan as a financial expert and business liaison to handle negotiations with the company in the hopes of saving it.

music to watch girls by

jily university + music festival + “I accidentally broke into your house because I was drunk” au

it got really long and sappy and crappy but i kind of like it, so here you go. word count: 5,105 (this is unedited).

available on ao3 

He’s not sure exactly when he lost the others, but James figures it was somewhere between pissing on the side of someone’s tent and falling over in fright at someone’s mickey mouse costume. Now he’s surrounded by a sea of tents and he can’t remember where theirs is. Sirius chose the spot because he claimed it was the right distance away from everything. Except every other bloody person at the festival seems to have had the same idea, and James can’t remember if his tent is the red one by the stunted sapling or the red one half knocked over. 

Figuring their tent had a lot structural stability thanks to his fantastic tent erecting - he giggles as he thinks it - skills and not remembering a tree being anywhere near their set up area, James continues through the medley of tents. 

The music from the stages is audible everywhere and James nods his head to it while he walks, squinting through the darkness as he looks for a splash of red. Litter is everywhere and at one point he trips over a tent string and lands face first in someone’s left over fish and chips. The grass is wet and muddy and he pushes himself up, wiping dirt from his bare chest. It’s fucking freezing and he’s pretty sure his wellies are at least ankle deep in mucky water. 

Occasionally he bumps into people but none of them seem able to answer his question of the whereabouts of his tent and a few seem very put out that he is neither a) their missing friend or b) with alcohol. James plows on though and after ten minutes he finds himself standing outside a red tent that looks like it could definitely, almost certainly, possibly be his. 

In his drunken haze it takes his shaking hands longer than it should too unzip the tent and he kicks off his wellies before crawling inside. The temperature is just a little bit warmer inside the tent but James is grateful nonetheless and he wastes no time in burying himself inside what must be his sleeping bag and pulling a bright orange duvet over himself too. Before long he’s fast asleep.

What feels like ten minutes later, James is being shaken awake and forced to roll over. His head hurts and he can smell stale vinegar as he pushes the sleeping bag down from his eyes and peers out. Kneeling above him is a goddess. She looks like Venus in that painting but about a hundred times hotter, more clothed and with redder hair. James wants to kiss her.

“Woah…” she whispers, “you’re definitely not Mary.” She seems surprised by this information and James wonders why she would think that Mary would be in his tent anyway.

“Haven’t given birth to Jesus recently so I guess not.” The goddess seems to find this really funny because she laughs for about five minutes. It should hurt his head except James likes the noise. “Am I dreaming?”

“You seem pretty awake to me.” James winces as she pokes him on the nose. Goddesses aren’t meant to do that. Maybe she’s not a goddess. After all, he’s never encountered a goddess with paint on her face before. Though maybe goddesses like wearing war paint, besides she looks very pretty with the paint on her cheeks - James decides not to say anything about it.

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what it feels like for a girl - an mmfd fic

This is the product of me talking shit with Erin one day. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if… Thing was, after the initial idea, I had no clue how I could make it work and it quickly became anything but hilarious. At a loss for a better way to describe it, I called it weird. It’s had a lot of different lives since it first came into being and I’m not sure just how much of the weird survived. It does lean towards the very pervy though, so mind how you go. I’m aware that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

My usual self-doubt and second guessing are at an all-time high because this is predominately about Chop, someone whose characterization I’ve not really taken on before, and after this, may never do again! 

I know I say this every time and it’s true every time, but THIS time especially, I could not have finished this without @how-ardently getting herself wrist-deep in my soup - her analogy, not mine. I honestly couldn’t figure out what story I was trying to tell but dearest Erin talked me down from every ledge and brought some kind of order to the madness. She would never say, but I’m sure I’ve been a proper pain in the arse with this one and I am forever grateful for her patience and her talent. She is welcome to wade in my soup anytime. I even threatened to give her a co-writing credit, so instrumental was she to me finishing. Everyone should have an Erin - you just can’t have mine!

To the wonderful @slitherouter who read this, in spite of the subject matter, just because she loves me. The feeling is entirely mutual. xo

Also, a little while ago, I put out a request for some vital football information. My thanks to @bitchy-broken @mirandasmadeofstone and @fangirlwithoutshame for their thoughtful responses. Yes, it may have only resulted in one throw-away line, but it was pertinent information, so ta very much ladies.

I’m editing this because I rather shamefully neglected to say that the idea of Chop that this was built on was pinched (with her permission) from the marvelous @endemictoearth‘s insightful Fizzy prompt fic. Thank you for the loan, Shawna. xo

These lovely people asked to be tagged. Bless them:

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Please do let me know if this is no longer the case.

The title is stolen directly from Her Madge-esty, Our Lady Madonna.

Hold me, I’m frightened…

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Make You Mine: An Epilogue (The Morning After)

Previous summary: Canon divergence from 4x21/22 with a sprinkle of AU. In which they have an extra day to return to the Enchanted Forest, allowing them to stop overnight. Emma knows this isn’t the same Killian she’s used to, but tonight she just needs to be in his arms. (In this story, we’re assuming they’ve already made love as much as possible back in Storybrooke.)

Part 1 [Here] Part 3 [Here]

A/N: I had no intention of continuing this story, but apparently my muse had other plans. So, enjoy some “morning after” sexy times as AU Killian and Emma prepare to take their lives into their own hands. I just love them together!

Thanks again to my amazing beta, brooke-to-broch, and hand-holder kat2609!

Rated: M

Awakening slowly, the first thing Killian notices is that he is hard. Very hard. Now, he’s had his fair share of morning wood before, but this is something else entirely. More like morning steel. He then feels a solid warmth brush up against him where he’s aching (Ah! there’s the culprit), and something else tickles his nose. Mmm…what is that delicious smell? he thinks to himself before opening his eyes to the early morning light, which is gently warming the cabin with a golden glow.


She’s curled up beside him, still as naked as the day she was born, and her arse is cradling his cock as if it were formed specifically for that purpose. Stars above. He has to suppress the urge to growl in appreciation. Even though he finds himself awake, she is still sleeping peacefully, and he’s not sure she would appreciate being woken up that way, no matter how flattering the sentiment. It’s her hair that is providing the lovely fragrance filling his nostrils, though it may also be the scent of her skin. The two are mingling together in a perfect blend of feminine perfume, heady and sweet.

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beating the captain at his own game

So I saw this amazing headcanon (by transfigurationprogidy) a while ago and it’s kind of been in the back of my head for ages and then, well, suddenly there was this on the page.

“Tease him.” Remus says simply, looking at Lily as if this is the most obvious thing in the world.

“I already tease him every day. Sirius teases him every day. Peter teases him every day. You tease him every day. McGonagall teases him every day. I want to snog him, not become his third year crush.” The redhead laments and then glares at Remus when his sympathetic smile becomes a fully-fledged grin. “It’s not funny.” She mutters, trying to ignore the fact that she sounds like a sulking Sirius Black.

Her companion raises his eyebrow as if to say “Oh, it is.” and Lily is grateful for the arrival of the other three Marauders at that moment. They flop down into the spare seats at the table and Lily refuses to meet James’ eye, instead staring resolutely at her Potions book.

It’s hard to continue the conversation she had started in the library with Remus because where one Marauder is, there’s always another. Two days later though, Monday, and the opportunity arises.

James is at Quidditch practice, Peter is serving detention for a forgotten piece of homework and Sirius is trying to get rid of the ink pot someone had charmed to chase him around, knocking him over the head. Last Lily saw, he was diving out of the portrait hole. The fourth Marauder is, however, sitting in the corner of the common room with a list perching on his knee and when Lily sees this, she doesn’t waste any time in pulling up a chair opposite him and snatching the list away.

Remus looks up at her and frowns. “I’d advise you against reading that. It might spoil the surprise for Friday.” Lily doesn’t spare the parchment a glance, just drops it into her lap.

“I need to talk to you." 

"Because that’s not obvious at all.”

“Oh, shut up.” She’s about to start talking properly when he puts his quill behind his ear and crosses his arms.

“Was it you who charmed the pot to follow Sirius?” Remus asks. Lily looks at her feet and back up at him, holding back a grin. The boy laughs and rolls his eyes. “Really that desperate to snog James, are you?”

“I’m not desperate,” Lily says, indignant, “I just need to get him to ask me out." 

"But you wouldn’t mind a snog would you." 

"Don’t be an arse.” She shoots back and Remus grins again. In only the past week the werewolf has been cornered by James at least twenty times to discuss Lily and the redhead herself has managed to catch him alone a good half a dozen times. He’s had to listen to hundreds of variations of “It’s unfair. How can a girl be so pretty and clever and funny and kind. I mean Sirius is an arse so that makes sense, but with Lily… she’s bloody perfect.” and “I don’t get how I messed up so bad… he fancied me before and now all I can think about his how bloody perfect his hair is and how the stupid tosser’s so witty and funny and wonderful.”

Yet neither of them have thought to just simply ask the other about their feelings. He finds it both funny and kind of sad that one minute he’s being sworn to secrecy by Lily to not tell anyone a single word and the next minute he’s being held to Marauder’s honor by James to not tell anyone a single word.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: James and Lily have been getting a lot of racial slurs because they are an 'interblooded' couple. It's starts to get to them, and so they decide to deal with it in someway.

This is what I’ve managed to come up with. Sorry it took so long.

“Mudblood! Blood traitor!”

James scowls, spinning on his heel to face the harasser, but Lily grabs his wrist. “Don’t,” she hisses. “Just leave it.” Her expression is neutral, but her eyes are green fire.

“Lily,” he starts. She shakes her head. Her short red hair bobs around her face.

“Don’t,” the woman insists. “You’ll make it worse.”

With anyone else, he might have argued, but James isn’t a fool, and he knows that Lily tends to be right. He also knows that she’s worried, because it’s their last year, and she doesn’t want to be expelled. He bites his lip, thoughtful, and asks, “Should we tell someone?”

“Tell who?” Lily snorts. “Dumbledore?”

“Well, yeah.”

“James, honestly.” Lily gives him a sharp tug, pulling him round the corner and into the unused girls lavatory on the second floor. In the refuge of the bathroom, she rounds on him angrily. “We’re not going to tell anyone!” the girl snaps. Her lips curl down, the way they always do when she’s angry, and James wants to kiss away the bad feelings, but he doesn’t.

“Why not?” he demands instead. His heart races like he’s holding the Quaffle. “Surely there’s something we can—“

“There isn’t,” Lily insists. “Not with the faculty, anyway.”

In a terrible moment, James realizes that she’s dealt with this before. He starts up again, but before he can spit out two words, Lily’s wand is drawn and she hexes his mouth shut. “Listen!” she cries. “I said we’re not going to tell anyone, James. I didn’t say we were going to sit on our arses and do nothing.”

The moment the hex is lifted, James speaks. “What, then?”

Lily has a wild glint in her eyes as she describes her plan. It’s clear that she’s been sitting on it for a while, and James figures he’s not the first person she’s run it by, considering that it’s got a bit of Remus’s personal flair to it. When she’s done, she stands back and crosses her arms. James grins at her.

“Perfect,” he agrees. She laughs and kisses him.

James can’t wait for breakfast. He sits at the table, bouncing eagerly in his seat until Peter hisses at him to relax, and waits for Lily to give the signal. It’s a simple one, one that he likes very much. A kiss. She waits forever, though, so long that he thinks she’s gone back on the agreement, and then she leans over the table as plates are being cleared and presses her mouth against his. Together, they whisper the spell.

They walk down the corridor arm in arm, pausing at every stair, every split in the halls, and kissing like there’s no tomorrow, inviting anyone to comment. And someone does. A Slytherin girl sneaking back from the Astronomy tower takes one look at them and opens her mouth. She probably means to say mudblood, but what comes out is,

“I pissed myself in first year potions.” She freezes, horrified, and then bolts, leaving Lily and James in peals of laughter.

“That was brilliant!” James crows. “How on earth did you come up with that?”

Lily grins. “I told you,” she giggles. “I’m a genius.”

Arm in arm, they saunter off to their first class. It’s going to be a fantastic day.

burning in the fire of a thousand smiles

Modern British Royalty au, because reasons. And also because I have wanted to write this for a while and felt as if I should actually do something for CS AU week. So… yes.

The cameras at the foot of the grand staircase go off all at once, in a bombard like an exploding star, as HRH The Princess of Wales appears at the top of it, gowned in a stunning floor-length custom Dior, blonde hair swept into an intricate braided updo and her great-great grandmother’s priceless Cartier tiara nestled atop it. She wears a matching diamond necklace and earrings, white evening gloves, Louboutin pumps (every detail of her outfit will of course be tweeted, criticized, praised, and pored over within the next fifteen minutes, and dominate all coverage of the benefit gala) and just an elegant hint  of makeup. This is Emma Charlotte Victoria Elizabeth Windsor’s first appearance since becoming the first royal daughter in history to hold the title of Princess of Wales, heiress to the throne, in her own right, and not merely as consort to the heir in waiting, ever since the required assent from the Commonwealth countries made gender-neutral primogeniture the law of the land. Great Britain had watched its princess grow up for sixteen years, in gossip magazines and official publications and carefully released photos, when (surprising themselves as much as anyone) the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had another child – a son. Ordinarily, that meant he would have leapfrogged his older sister in the line of succession, but there was a massive public outcry against the idea of England’s sweetheart having to give up her position due to silly old medieval requirements, and the process to change the law started accordingly.

Now, six years later, it has finally ground its way through the Government gauntlet and actually been enacted. Emma will succeed to the crown, as has always been planned and prepared for, and her baby brother, Prince Neal, will function merely in the career of supporting royal. (He calls himself that because none of his actual names – Nicholas Edward Arthur Louis – are to a six-year-old boy’s taste, hence N.E.A.L. Emma hopes it doesn’t stick. By a nasty little coincidence, that is the name of the boy who broke her heart, freshman year at St. Andrews. Left her gun-shy about ever dating another commoner, after the scandal splashed out across the red-top tabloids, recording in gleeful detail how Neal Cassidy had taken advantage of his connection to the Princess to rake in cash, favors, exclusive access to luxe Mayfair nightclubs, field-level Premier League tickets, and more. Then when she cut off the gravy train, he dumped her.)

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infra-red-revolution  asked:

Oh my, a thought just came to me. What about an AU where Maka is a tattoo artist, and Soul meets her because he looses a bet (with who I'm not sure, either Wes or BlackStar) and has to get a tattoo on his bum. And Maka is so flustered by this man's flawless arse that she nearly messes up, and when he comes back a week later asking for another tat on his hip... Lord help her.

Okay, so I kinda took this and fucking ran with it. 

sorry, didn’t stick exactly to the prompt but i really wanted to do this for my own reasons. i know Scar has a great tattoo artist au as well, just really wanted to try the thing as well. 

He has a perfect ass not that that has anything to do with anything else, but fuck. Nope, gotta be professional about it. Because he wants a tattoo. On his ass…

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MMFD Fic - Debrief: The Morning After

It was nearly seven o'clock in the morning when Rae stirred from the most peaceful sleep she had ever experienced. In the first few seconds after opening her eyes, she couldn’t quite remember why she was grinning like an idiot.

And then she turned her head and saw him lying there beside her. Finn.

They’d actually done it. She had spent what felt like an age (but was actually only about five months) fantasising about what it would be like to have sex with Finn Nelson, and now here she was, waking up beside him hours later.

She couldn’t believe she had conquered her fear. She had actually been naked in front of another person. She suspected, though, that this development had less to do with strength on her part, and more to do with the fact that the one she’d been naked with was Finn. The way he had looked at her as, together, they had shed her dressing gown from her body - she had felt every ounce of fear ebbing away underneath his loving gaze.

It was funny, Rae’s thoughts on sex up until last night had mostly stemmed from her teenage hormones. 

“I want him to go down on me for so long that he has to evolve gills”

“Just let him whack it in ya”

But all those raunchy thoughts had barely crossed her mind when she’d been standing in front of him, ready to reveal all of herself to him. She had still wanted him, of course; where he was concerned Rae doubted that was a feeling that would ever change. The difference was that the ‘want’ now went far beyond Finn’s perfect arse. When he’d kissed her before leading her over to the bed, she had felt connected to him. Emotionally and physically.

She shook her head, almost laughing at herself. She was starting to think like a therapist. If someone had spouted all this stuff about emotional connections to her a few months back, she’d have called it total bollocks. 

“Something funny, girl?”

Rae was jolted by the sound of his husky, just-awake voice. The return of his name for her did not go unnoticed, and her amused expression switched back to a beam of delight.

Finn propped himself up on the bed by his elbow. “What’re you smiling at?”

“You.” Her smile lessened somewhat when she thought about how close she came to never having a moment like this with him. “I missed you.”

“I missed you more,” he replied with quiet conviction, finding her hand under the covers and giving it a gentle squeeze. Her initial happiness returned in an instant.

“Now don’t start that argument,” she teased of his comment. “We’ll be here all day and you’d never win.”

“Here all day, hmm?” he said, using his other hand to brush the stray hairs from her eyes. “I’d be up for that.”

Giggling at his suggestion, Rae leaned across the bed to kiss him. It was usually Finn that went to kiss her first, but she was no longer self-conscious around him and she wanted to show him that. Even though she was confident that last night had already more than done the job.


“Rae,” he replied, causing her to roll her eyes at his playful manner. 

She took a deep breath and clung onto her new-found courage. She wished she could bask forever in this bubble they’d created, but that wasn’t real life and she knew it. “I just…what I said last night at the pub. I know it was bollocks. We do need to talk. There’s a lot I need to say. A lot I need you to know.”


“Just 'okay’?” she asked, eyebrows raised. “You should be really pissed off with me. I mean, even I’m pissed off with myself!”

“Oh Rae, I am,” he chuckled. “If anyone else had come into my life and broken my heart the way you did, I’d never want to talk to them again. But I couldn’t give up on you - even if I did move to Leeds. I was hoping you’d call when I sent that letter.”

“I broke your heart?” she whispered, still disbelieving despite all the evidence she’d seen of how he felt about her. She had always resigned herself to the belief that she could never effect any guy enough for them to feel that way.

The look in Finn’s eye gave her her answer. 

“I’m sorry,” she said, forcing herself to look him in the eye. It was the least he deserved. “I can explain why I did it, but it’ll sound pathetic.”

He held her face in his hands and there was that look again, the one he’d given her right before that first luxurious kiss the night before.

“You’re not pathetic. You’re a bit daft, because you obviously thought you were doing me some kind of ridiculous favour by breaking up with me. But just so you know it for certain, I was bloody miserable without you.”

“Me too,” Rae breathed out, surprised at the depth of this heart to heart when she hadn’t even explained herself yet. “How did you know that’s what I thought?”

“Well, I didn’t at first. I think it finally hit me when we were at the hospital. You were totally giving up on yourself and I just couldn’t have that.”

She marvelled at the way he seemed to understand her. Letting the feeling wash over her, she thought back on his words from that day. “What you said, you know, about why you liked me…you have no idea what that did for me, Finn.”

His face seemed to imply that he did know, but instead of telling her so, he pressed a lingering kiss to her lips. “What time is it?” He asked then. She reached over to her bedside table, where his discarded watch was sitting, and told him what it said.

“That early, really?” He rubbed absently at his face. “I thought we’d slept in!”

“We still can, if you want,” she grinned. “Mum and Karim are at the hospital with the baby until later.”

Finn sighed, flopping back onto the pillows. Rae went to make herself comfortable beside his warm body but straightened suddenly when she felt her stomach rumble. She was going to have to get some breakfast. Which meant taking her morning medication at the same time, since some of the pills had to be taken with food.

“Fancy a brew and some toast?” she offered, sitting up on the bed. “I’m wide awake now anyway.”

“Me too,” he agreed. “Look, I’ll make it, you stay here.”

She was nearly tempted to take him up on the offer. “Thanks, but it’s alright. I er…I left my tablets downstairs, so.”

He nodded, looking as though he would be just as happy to go and get them for her, but staying put all the same. He appeared to understand that she still needed to keep some personal aspects of her life separate, and she loved him even more for it.

“I’ll be back in a bit and we can talk properly, yeah?”

“There’s no rush, Rae. Take your time.”

“With the breakfast, or my explanation?”

“Both,” he twinkled. “I feel like I know you better than I did before I ran way to Leeds. You don’t need to worry about what I’m going to think of you any more, okay? I should have picked my words better back then, got rid of all your doubts straight away.”

“And I should have let you in a bit more instead of taking the easy way out. Doesn’t matter any more though, does it?”

“No,” Finn answered, kissing her once more before she could rise from the bed. “It doesn’t.”

As Rae floated down the stairs, she felt lighter than her own body. She wasn’t deluded; she knew she couldn’t consider herself 'fixed’ yet, and maybe she never would be. Not fully, anyway. But she had a man’s unconditional love on her side, and that sounded like a pretty good start to her.

Do you wanna play games, Finn Nelson?

A BIG THANK YOU for all the messages, comments and likes I’ve been receiving for my last stories. Especially, Christmas Thoughts and the 12th part of Little By Little. Those stories have been thought during the summer and because some God had given the power to write again…. Well, you got it! It makes me really happy people keep liking my stories (because I know they’re not as good as some writers in here). Thank you so much for the support x

Remember when I said I was gonna write the fourth chapter of Vloggers and then I had another idea for a one shot that couldn’t wait? Here you have it. It’s… different from what I’ve read before. I haven’t revised anything so I expect some errors and stuff. 




“Finn, lunch break!”

He stops painting when he hears the voice of his boss telling him it’s lunch time and he goes to clean the brush full of orange paint. He cleans his hands with the soup and goes outside the house where he has his small lunch box with his food. He follows his mates around the house and he finishes eating on a corner of the back garden.

“I’ll give you the payment when we finish tonight, alright lad?” Noel, the owner of the paint shop where he’s now working, tells him.

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A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 22

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 22

I push the door open to my house, my cheery mum instantly greets me, “How’s Hayley?” she asks happily,
“don’t go there” I state shaking my head, “Harry what’s-?”
“I don’t want to talk” I snap, annoyed that Hayley has done this, annoyed that I pushed her to do it. If I wasn’t such an arse maybe she wouldn’t have kissed another guy. Or maybe if I was the perfect boyfriend she wouldn’t have. But she did, and it is partially my fault. I go to my room and slam my door, before tugging at my hair. She drives me wild without reasoning. I’m mad at her, and everyone else, I want explanations I want to know why I’m so mad. Usually I wouldn’t care, because the girls didn’t mean much to me. But now, now it’s different. I can’t understand my own thoughts, feelings and emotions, emotions feelings and thoughts I shouldn’t be having. I grab a duffle bag, and start throwing clothes into it, not caring too much. I throw some shoes before grabbing my passport. I want to get away, it is the only thing I know how to do right. I can’t hold a relationship clearly, because the girl I’m falling for made out with another guy, so my best option is to run. Get away from everything, get away from Hayley and my thoughts. I walk out of my room, and bump into my sister. “Sorry” she apologizes before I nod and walk into the living room. “Where are you going?” my mum asks me, “LA” I coldly comment, picking up my phone charger off the kitchen table. “Oh, I thought you were spending your time off here.”
“sorry, I need to go”
“Harry you are barely home.” she sighs,
“look I can’t control it, I need to go to LA. I’ll be back eventually”
“Is Hayley going with you?” my mum asks me, just the sound of her name makes me tense up, and want to lose control.
“no” I shake my head before calling for a cab.
Once the cab arrives I get in and await the ride to the airport. My phone goes off with Hayleys number but I don’t answer. I just keep ignoring it, like she ignored me.

Hayleys p.o.v

As the tears stream down my face, I keep trying To call Harry, I force myself up off the bed, I throw down a pain killer before I decide to call his mum, where she informs me he is in his way to LA. I groan before making my way to my wardrobe, I try lean up and get a bag but I can’t, pain hitting me. “Shit… Mum?” I call, leaning on the wall. “What’s wrong Hayley?” she asks me, “I need the bag”
“why? Get in bed”
“no I need it” I shake my head, she nods before getting the bag down for me. “Now get in bed” she instructs but I refuse. I need to go to LA, I want to talk to Harry, and sort things out. “No I need to go out.”
“you went out already you need to rest”
“no mum”
“you’re going out of town tomorrow, I need to go out as well. Let me go”
“Hayley you had surgery, I wasn’t going to go” she says,
“no go with dad”
“where are you going?”
“no you’re not, you don’t have the money” she shakes her head, placing her hands on her hips. “I need to go mum”
“no, oh no we aren’t paying for you, we just paid for your surgery and hospital bills.”
“please I’ll pay you back, and I never asked to go to the hospital” I defend
“you aren’t working, and you had no choice you collapsed, you needed the surgery too.”
“mum Please” I beg trying to work the puppy dog eyes.
“we spoil you too much”
“Thank you” I smile happily,
“Yeah yeah what ever. Your dad will put enough money on your card for a ticket and expenses.” my mum rolls her eyes before watching me as I pack a few things. “I change my mind, you need to talk to your father about this” my mum says before walking out. I groan annoyed that she changed her mind. I finish packing before slowly making my way out. Using the walls to keep me up. “Dad?” I call, walking into the kitchen. “Oh hi there’s my daughter” he smiles taking a bite from a piece of cake. “Can I have money to go to LA?” I instantly ask,
“no” he laughs at me,
“no you need to be an adult and take charge of your things.”
“but I don’t work, because I study.”
“Hayley you don’t need to go to LA.”
“yeah I do. I’m worried about Harry okay”
“he was just here earlier I’m sure he’s fine” he comments but I shake my head.
“No said well did something stupid and I need to go to LA”
“you need to be a responsible adult Hayley”
“dad I need to fix things, if it wasn’t something I needed to do I wouldn’t ask.”
“is this really rational?”
“yes. You and mum are going out of town anyway tomorrow. So I might as well go to LA”
“I don’t know, you just had surgery and can’t walk well on your own. Going to LA isn’t a good idea.”
“Dad I need to go to Harry” I plead, my dad thinks for a moment, “Okay if you really need to go, I won’t stand in the way of young love, but be careful and take it easy. Call us any time, and call when you land.” he insecure taking out his phone. “I’ll make arrangements for a flight, and I’ll put money on your card for accommodation, and all. But you will have to make up for it.” he adds and I nod. There’s always a catch when it comes to using their money. I sit down awaiting my dads information on flights and what not. “Your flight is at 10pm, so you have a few hours.” he informs me.

***After flight***

I hurry off the plane wanting to get out of this airport. I have never been here before so I have no idea where to go. I am forced to rely on the signs above. I follow the signs only to end up completely lost. I manage to weave in and out of people, thankful for the fact my meds kicked in before we landed. I get out of the crowded area with my bag, before I call Harry.

Harrys p.o.v

My phone keeps going off, I groan stepping out of the bathroom in just a towel. I look at the ID and see it’s Hayley. I roll my eyes before deciding to finally answer.
“Where are you?”
“none of your business.”
“Harry I’m lost” Hayley sighs, seeming frustrated, but I don’t care. Well I do, but I don’t want to care. “oh well” I coldly comment, “Harry tell me the address of where you are.”
“hey I’m busy I need to go”
“Harry Edward tell me now” Hayley firmly comments getting annoyed. She sounds pretty cute when she’s annoyed, I like this. Maybe next time she won’t go making out with some other guy. I eventually give in and tell her the address of the hotel, before she forces me to tell her the hotel room, and all. “If you’re here don’t bother trying to meet me. I won’t be at the hotel”
“Harry I need to talk to you”
“I don’t” I answer before hanging up. I get myself dressed in black jeans and a button down red stylish top. I slip my boots on before shaking up my hair. I grab my wallet, and phone before I walk out of my hotel room, I get in a cab before I arrive at a club. My friends are meeting me here soon, I need a night to just forget, and to have fun. This whole Hayley ideal has gotten me pissed off. Sleeping here alone when I got here, was hard. I rested my head down on my pillow and all I could think about was her. I missed her, I actually missed her. It’s like she has been my girlfriend for ages, but in reality it hasn’t been very long. It feels like I want to be with her a lot, and that being around her makes me feel something I’ve never felt before. A sense of calmness, comes over me. I’m not usually tense when with her, I’m loose, and somewhat happy. Sure I’m happy with my friends but it is a different type of feeling with Hayley. I step into the club, and find my friends. We gather around in a group before we start off slow, with light drinks. I’m underage so I can’t buy drinks, my friends buy them for me, and I have to stay low key.
I sit down watching as my friends check out all the girls. “Oi Harry, how about that girl over there?” my friend smirks, eyeing a girl with her dress very, very short, high heels, her hair down and lightly curled at the ends. “Pass” I shake my head, “What about her?” he gestures towards a blonde, wearing something classy and not revealing, but I still shake my head. “Why?” my friend whines placing his drink to his lips. “I’m not interested” I shake, that’s the truth. I’m not, plus I’m still technically with Hayley and I don’t want any other girl right now. None of these girls compare to Hayley, Hayley is just everything I seem to want right now. These girls are nothing to me, they’re nothing but another face in the crowd. I don’t even wish to give them a second glance. I throw down the rest of my drink before getting another, and another, and another, and another.

Hayley p.o.v

I sit in Harry’s hotel room, awaiting for him to get in. I carefully lay down on the bed, the meds wearing off of me. I look at the clock, 12:32am, I am struggling to stay awake but I want to wait for Harry. God only knows when he will be in. My eyes start to slowly close and I start to drift off to sleep. I suddenly awake to stumbling and a loud noise. I jump up and see Harry stumbling in. “Harry” I whisper, getting off the bed. I go over to him and help him sit on the bed. He looks at me with glossy eyes, the alcohol taking over him. He lays on the bed and I take his shoes off for him. “Did you need to get drunk?” I sigh, and he mumbles something into the pillow. I tug at his pants knowing he doesn’t like sleeping in jeans. Just a small thing he mentioned once, randomly. “I have a girlfriend back off” he mutters angrily in a drunk tone. I go to say something but he cuts me off. “But she basically cheated on me. Ha, who thought she would do that to me? Funny funny.”
“I’m your girlfriend Harry. I’m sorry” I whisper but he doesn’t hear.
“I was really f-fall-ing forheritwasn'teven f-funny” he dryly mumbles, a little fast, jointing his words as one. “She makes me feel worth it But she…won’t… Ever know.. How..I -f-f-e-el” Harry softly says, as I look at him. “She ..doesn'tfeelthe same a-about m-me. I’m not en-o-ugh.. G-ood enou-g-h” he mumbles out,
“I’m sure she does” I softly say, but he shakes his head into the pillow.
“sh-e’s too good, f-or m-m-ee.” Harry stutters his voice slurred and soft. “She’s perfect for you, I’m sure”
“n-o-o go away. Leave my p-a-nts alone.” she wiggles a bit.
“Harry it’s Hayley” I sigh,
“Hay, my g-irl. G..girlfriend. She’s…p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I miss her. I really her miss.” Harry mumbles, jumbling his words.
“You mean you really miss her?” I ask.
“yes” Harry lastly mumbles before he falls asleep. I crawl in beside him, not caring too much.

“Hayley? Hayley?” Harry groans waking me before I feel him nudge right where I has my surgery. I yelp instantly scooting away. “What are you doing here?” he asks, trying to lift his head from the pillow be failing. “I want to sort things out” I answer, and he just closes his eyes. I lay awake thinking, unsure if he will forgive me or not. Harry wakes up, groaning, “what’s wrong?”
“shhh. I have a headache” he comments, I look down before I get out Of bed and look through my purse. I find my Advil, and get a glass of water. “here” I insist handing it to him. He looks at me annoyed before he takes it.

Harry’s p.o.v

I might be hung over, but I’m mad at Hayley, I don’t care how harsh I sound. “How do you feel?” she asks me, I feel like my girlfriend who I have fallen fall has betrayed me, but I can’t say that. She will end up in tears most likely. “Doesn’t matter” I coldly say, resting back down on the pillow. The pillow I cuddled with the first night because u missed Hayley. But I refuse to admit it. “can we talk?”
“I have a thumping headache do you think I want to talk.”
“Hey I got on a 10 hour flight in pain, your problems are self inflicted, we need to talk.”
“shh” I sound not wanting to hear her voice echo through my ears. Her voice is like music to my ears sometimes but right now, I want quietness. Hayley looks at me before I close my eyes. After a few moments I feel a wet face wash on my forehead. I open my eyes, looking at Hayley confused. “What are you doing?”
“making you feel better.”
“Go away I can do things myself” I try push her away but she doesn’t move. She just starts to dab my forehead with the cool towel. My eyes look back at her, and that’s when it starts to hit me. Even if I try push her away, she stays, she’s there, I have fallen for a girl who is perfect, I’m not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. She gives me more to live for, she gives me something I can’t describe within me. She makes me feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She makes me feel full, complete, most of all she makes me feel. Something I haven’t been able to do lately. I want to be my old self again in a way, but I’m still trying to find it- she’s slowly finding it for me, and bringing it out in me. As my eyes stay locked with hers, I get sucked into her gaze. That’s when it hits me. I’m falling for this girl. I’m falling hard, I’m falling in love I think. No I can’t possibly be in love, it’s impossible. I shake my head lightly before I come back to reality. “I’m mad” I mumble, wanting her help, but wanting her to feel guilty at the same time.

I spend the day in bed trying to get rid I
Of my hang over, “Harry?”
“can we talk?”
“Why not?”
“I’m Mad”
“I’m sorry.” Hayley softly says getting up, she opens up her bag before going into the bathroom. She walks out in a dress, I look at her weirdly. “Can we go for a walk?”
“Please? I need air” she sighs. I groan finally giving in. I push myself up off the bed and stumble to my feet. My head pounding a little. I change my clothes before Hayley walks out. I sigh ruffling to my hair, before grabbing my key, wallet and phone. I step out of the hotel room, Hayley is leaning against the wall, looking down at her phone. She looks up giving me a small smile but I don’t smile back, instead I just walk down the hall. Hayley follows but she’s slow, part of me forgot about her little operation. We get downstairs and we start to walk. “Harry, walk slower” Hayley groans, “no” I reply, keeping my pace. “Why are you being a bit of an arse?”
“Well let me see, Uhm you made out with some other guy, meanwhile I’m the dumbass that has been looking after you, and stupidly showing some kind of sorrow and feelings for you. Am I meant to be all happy?” I snap,
“for gods sake, it was when I thought you were cheating on me.” Hayley mumbles crossing her arms,
“oh so what, we play tit for tat in this relationship we have?”
“no, but I was upset you were cheating on me.” Hayley defends,
“Well now I’m upset that you cheated on me.” I reply, wanting her to feel bad. “Harry” she sighs but I keep walking while she goes silent. She’s probably feeling guilty, and so she should. She cheated, that’s not fair. “Can we sit?” Hayley questions, “no”
“come on, you’re walking too fast for me” she whines, causing me to roll my eyes. Why should I care about her? She doesn’t care about me? She kissed another guy. “Harry please” she whines, latching onto my arm. I roll my eyes and stop. “What’s your problem?”
“can we sit and talk?”
“because I can’t keep up with you”
“Fine” I give in, before we sit down on one of the benches.
“I’m sorry for kissing another guy, regret it, I really do. But I really thought you cheated on me, and I was upset so I got a bit drunk.”
“I’m still mad”
“I know, you have every right to be. But I flew all the way over here for you.” She smiles taking my hand.
“you’ll have to make it up to me” I smirk,
“I’ll find a way” I smile before she chuckles.
“okay, let me know. So are we kinda okay?”
“well that depends. Will you f*cking cheat again?” I ask,
“no, but I wish you would stop swearing like a sailor”
“That’s bloody impossible”
“Are they your favourite words?” Hayley asks me,
“what? Bloody and f*cking?… No They just fit in my sentences 99% of the time” I shrug,
“Okay, well.. What now?” Hayley asks me as I rub my temples. “I don’t know, but this hang over is not treating me well” I sigh, my head pounding like a brick.
“Do you want to go back to the hotel, and just sleep?”
“Don’t you want to keep walking?” I question,
“not particularly no.”
“why not this was your idea?”
“Uhm I had surgery like 3 days ago and it actually hurts when you don’t have any pain killers.”
“How did you make it through the flight and the airport Hm?”
“I had to double up sadly, but at least I was pain free. Now come on, it’s getting cold.” Hayley responds standing to her feet. “Hayley it’s LA it isn’t that cold” I roll my eyes standing up. I take her hand before we walk back to the hotel. We enter the room and I crash on the bed. Hayley lays on her back next to me, before I prop up on my side. “Hayley, what did your parents say about you coming here alone?”
“they weren’t happy, but they were going out of town anyway. I said I needed to talk to you, and that I would be with you. They knew I would be safe with you” she replies, her voice, soft and a bit tired. “Do you want to come on a trip with me?” I ask,
“Uhm, I can’t”
“I can’t afford a trip, I mean I had to beg just to come here.”
“I’ll pay”
“that not fair”
“come with me?”
“I can’t Harry” Hayley sighs,
“don’t you want too?” I question curious to why she can’t come.
“No, I mean yes, I mean. I want to come, but I have to go home, I don’t want you paying.”
“I don’t want you home alone then.”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Please? It will be worth it?” I smile,
“why do you want me to come so badly?”
“Why Harry?”
“I just do, now say yes before I change my mind.” I snap,
“don’t get snappy. Gosh. I can’t come, I have no painkillers.”
“we will get you some, you owe me.”
“fine don’t worry about it.” I give up, hating the fact she’s coming up with excuses. “I’ll come.. If the offer is still there.” she whispers placing her hand on my shoulder.
“don’t be all mad now.” she sighs,
“night” I mutter closing my eyes. “Where’s dinner?” Hayley chuckles,
“Go order it, I’m going to sleep” I mumble tiredly. “Harry don’t be like this”
“leave me alone” I mumble annoyed at her. I hear her sigh before I close my eyes and fall asleep.

Hayley p.o.v

Harry falls asleep. The way he mumbles a few things in his sleep is adorable, how his hair falls around his face, how his nose twitches and how his lips do small random movements. Harry wakes up, and stretches out. “What time is it?” he asks, his tires voice sounding hot. “8:00”
“mm I’m hungry.”
“so am I”
“why didn’t you just eat?” he groans sitting up and checking his phone.
“I didn’t want too” I shrug, truth is I wanted to stay here and watch him sleep.
“What do you want to eat?”
“something light, I haven’t really eaten in a few days and I don’t know how I’ll take it” I answer,
“hmm I think maybe crackers? Or fries?”
“I guess so” I nod
“I’ll order myself food, with fries and crackers, and maybe some fruit?”
“sounds good… So on this trip. Where are we going?” I curiously ask Harry, but He shakes his head not wanting to answer. “I don’t like questions you know that”
“tell me” I whine, a groan escaping Harry. “no now sh so I can call room service” he states, picking up the hotel phone. He places the order before turning to me. “15 minutes, now give me a Kiss”
“Yes, I looked after you, and was sweet, now kiss me” Harry instructs, before I lean over and kiss him sweetly. Our lips moving perfectly together, like a puzzle in place.