such a peppy song

“Can you stay?”

“Harry, we need to go now,” you scolded for what seemed like the tenth time that night, tugging on his shirt. He turned away from the conversation he was having with his friends, the whites of his eyes red, a smirk still lingering on his lips.

“What did you say?” He yelled over the pounding music that filled the club. It was so loud the walls were shaking, and you could feel your heart pounding in your ears.

“We need to go!” You pointed to the nearest exit.

“Go where?” He asked, and tripped over a bar stool. He caught himself just before he fell. As his best friend, you felt a sense of responsibility over him. You wanted to always protect him, and make sure he was safe.

“I promised I would get you out of here before you were totally pissed. You’re pretty close to it; we have to go, Harry!” You gave him a pleading look. You could tell he was about to give in, just a little more pushing-

“Just a bit mor-”

“No, Harry.” The firmness of your voice surprised you. You sounded like a mother figure.

He sighed in defeat, “alright lads, I’ll see you on the weekend.” He waved goodbye to his friends and stumbled away from the bar, gripping your hand as you pulled him through the crowd behind you. He was like a gentle, little puppy when he was drunk. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and that’s why you always felt comfortable around him because he almost never lost his temper, especially in this state. Except for the time you accidentally killed his pet goldfish, Fish. He went on a weekend trip with his sister, and when he got back, Fish was floating at the top of the tank. He went ballistic, but you laughed the whole time he lectured you.

Once you finally reached the car, you let go of him so he could get into the passenger seat, a sour look on his face. He looked like a five year old who asked for a toy and was told ‘no’.

“What’s that look for?”

He shook his head, flopped his mop back away from his face, and got into the car. You found yourself rolling your eyes at his childish behavior. He probably won’t even remember this in the morning, you thought.

The drive home was mostly silent. Harry fiddled with the radio the whole time, changing the station less than halfway through the songs. “Why don’t they play anything good anymore?!” Clearly frustrated, he threw his hands up and flopped back into his seat, a peppy pop song that you had heard a million times was ringing through the car.

By the time you made it up to his apartment, it was half past two AM and you could see the sleep that dragged at his eyes. “Thanks for taking me home,” he muttered, hugging you from behind, his head atop yours.

“Go brush your teeth, dork,” you laughed, shoving him off and gesturing for him to go to his bathroom. Rolling his eyes, he stumbled over to where you directed him. You sat on his bed once you heard the sink turn on. Harry’s room was very neat, neater any other guys room you had been in (and that wasn’t many). Everything had a place and a purpose.

You skimmed over the photos on his dresser, and found yourself admiring for what you seemed  to have done countless times, a picture of Harry and you from the first day of kindergarten. Your arms carelessly thrown around each other with innocent, childish grins splattered across your faces.

Harry and you had been friends for as long as you can remember. His friendship was so easy; you always had each other’s backs and got on really well almost all the time, except for the petty little arguments you would have over things like movies and books.

Next to that picture was your high school graduation. You were both clad in green graduation gowns and a green cap, proud grins lit your faces, head rested on his shoulder while holding the diplomas in your hands. That seemed like a century ago when you looked back. Now you were both nearing the end of your junior year in college; it was crazy for you to think about a time like that, things were so much easier then.

The bathroom door swung back open revealing a shirtless Harry. His legs were covered in a pair of old, plaid pajama pants, and his feet were bare. He ran his hand through his short curls and flopped down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling fan as it whirled and whirled in endless circles.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I think I’ve sobered up a bit.” You looked at him after he said this. His eyes were still bloodshot, but the color was returning to his face. You knew he was still drunk, but you didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to go-”

“Can you–” he paused, “can you stay?” He sat up and faced you.

You looked at the sincere expression on his face. He never asked you to stay. “Uhh-”

“Just for tonight–” he fiddled with fingers. “You don’t have to– I jus–”

“Yes, Harry.” You noticed how nervous he was, so you answered so he didn’t have to finish his sentence.

“I’ll stay,” the look on his face was priceless. He looked like a six year old who just walked into a candy store.

You got up and grabbed one of his t-shirts and a pair of boxers from his drawers, heading to the bathroom. Once you changed, you slipped under the covers with him.

“Thank you,” he croaked after a few minutes of silence.

“For what?”

“For everything,” you heard a small sniffle and turned to face him. “Thanks for always having my back.”

You smiled, at a loss for words and snuggled closer.

“You’re welcome.”

You fell asleep with a smile on your face, and butterflies erupting in your stomach.

By the time Justin Timberlake began receiving recognition as an actor, he was already a musical megastar, with millions of albums sold on his own and with NSYNC. Now, after memorable appearances in The Social Network and Inside Llewyn Davis, he’s landed his first Oscar nomination — for a song.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is the peppy disco-pop number that led the promotional campaign for Trolls, the 2016 animated feature in which Timberlake voices a paranoid, joyless troll named Branch. The tune’s nomination for Best Original Song came as a happy surprise to the singer/actor, who also executive produced the film’s soundtrack.

To Get His First Oscar Nod, Justin Timberlake Had To Act Like A Troll

Photo: Jason Bush/DreamWorks

Music Commissions OPEN (again)

You want music? I make music!

I Will make:

  • Character Themes
  • Songs for a game/video
  • Blog themes
  • Vocal songs with someone else singing
  • Custom ringtones

I Won’t make:

  • Vocal songs with me singing (Sorry, I’ve got a bad singing voice)
  • Arrangements/Covers

Other Details:

  • Provide me with as much detail as you can about the mood you want. (Is it fast and peppy? Slow and menacing?)
  • If the song is for a specific moment or character, give me details about that, too.
  • Feel free to check up on how your song is going, I’m always happy to share a bit of progress!


  • My basic rate is $5 per song.
  • Added time and complexity will cost more, but I’m willing to negotiate.
  • I mainly accept checks.

My SoundCloud:

My email address is, but feel free to send me a Tumblr PM! Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. I’m always willing to work something out!

Why Am I Like This | Part 2 | JUGHEAD JONES X READER

Description: After finding out his best friend is in love, Archie tricks Jughead into telling him who the girl is later that evening. He’s sworn to secrecy which makes lunch the next day difficult when Kevin, Veronica, Betty, and the reader keep asking questions about the mystery girl.

Word Count: 1856

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4| Part 5

When Archie found out that Jughead was in love, the first person who popped into his head was (Y/N) though he didn’t dare say that in front of the others. He wanted to make sure before he said anything.  She and Jughead were as close as could be and had a type of chemistry that just didn’t fizzle out.

He was also suspicious of the fact that the minute (Y/N) started talking about the possibility of going to the homecoming dance with Matthew Jackson, Jughead left without any rhyme or reason. Coincidence? He thought not.

The stairs leading up to Archie and Jughead’s shared bedroom creaked under the weight of Archie’s footsteps. His dad was still downstairs watching TV, creating a nice background noise.

“Hey man,” Jughead acknowledged when Archie stepped into the room. Archie watched as Jughead flipped through flashcards whilst laying down on his makeshift bed.

Archie kicked off his shoes and sat down on his bed facing Jughead. “What are you studying for?” he asked when his eyes fell upon the flashcards in Jughead’s hands.

“Biology prefixes and suffixes,” was his answer. “I don’t understand why we even have to learn these things. Biology is a class for science not latin roots.”

Archie unzipped his backpack and took out Jughead’s laptop and placed it on the floor next to him, a plan being conjured up in his mind. “Want me to help you study? I need to learn those too.”

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Dancing (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part four of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Warnings: Swearing, attempted assault, Peter being a little bitch… Yeah I know I didn’t add any warning to the previous chapters but the coming chapters are going to get really heavy on the content, so I feel I must. 

What is this rubbish?

You peered over the paper Abigail was reading, eyeing the bold Daily Prophet title wearily. She rolled the newspaper shut and thrust in in your hands, tapping her foot under the table rapidly. You flipped through pages until she gave another growl, signalling this page was the one. Scanning the article became harder and harder with each word that you read, every paragraph more unbearable than the last.

“Followers of the Dark Arts and believers in blood purification may have found their way into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” You read aloud, that sentence alone grabbing Erin and Keira’s attention. “‘The Ministry suspects that they are the children of Voldemort’s old followers, influenced by their wicked parents’ says Teah Craffmann, senior undersecretary to the Minister of Magic. ‘They were most likely chosen to be in the same house as their parents, further influencing them to become the next generation of renegade witches and wizards.’

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anonymous asked:

I read a scary post on tumblr (I wouldn't have read it if I knew it was scary but I realised it too late) and now I'm too scared to leave the bathroom.... It's the middle of the night and our house is all dark and all my friends are already asleep so they can't talk to me and distract me. Could you maybe recommend something calming and/or distracting? Maybe a short fic or something...

aw man I hate it when that happens….kdjfhdks I’ve been listening to a creepy podcast nonstop for the past few days and I had to get my mom to escort me to the basement yesterday to grab a popsicle from the freezer bc I was too afraid to go there myself LMAO…I also had to get my sister to open my closet for me this morning bc I thought there might be a monster in it but there was nothing…I’m a big scaredy cat

anyway have you seen the 360 video of the blue lion’s cockpit? the music in it is sooo calming and lovely, I feel like I’m floating through a haze of dreams…also here’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go which might help get you back to your room bc I feel like it’s harder to be scared when there’s such a peppy song playing. also here’s a klance fic that isn’t rly short but it’s in chat room format so it’s easy to read fast, I read it all last night and it was super funny and entertaining ^^ I hope you can forget about what you read and stop feeling scared soon!! There isn’t anything in your house that can hurt/scare you after all, you’re completely safe :)

Wanna One Modern Wizard AU


  • Magizoologist
  • Like literally has about a hundred different magical animal breeds under his care
  • He’s also secretly friends with a dragon that lives in the mountains near Pyeongchang
  • Familiar is a big, fluffy ass cat that likes to scratch his furniture and calls him names when he tries to snuggle with it
  • Cities like Seoul are perfect places for finding magical animals to study including magic rats, bats, birds, etc.
  • As a result, his apartment is more like a zoo.
  • He also has a three-headed puppy he stole from an illegal breeder who was mistreating him. Named the puppy’s heads Arthur, Cleopatra, and Bob.
  • The only magical (and non-magical) animals he can’t stand are bugs. He refuses to work with any type of insect, especially if it has more than two eyes because that’s just creepy
  • Keeps a journal filled with messy notes on how to feed and care for the animals properly. Often takes road trips to find better places for them to live because the city is too dangerous
  • He visits his dragon friend when he can, but he can never get too close because dragons have a natural distrust of humans. He hopes one day he can overcome that and touch the dragon’s silver scales.


  • Magical scribe. He works with old records of magic dating back to before normal written records exist. He has a special affinity for languages that allows him to translate anything related to magic regardless of the language it’s in
  • Lots of people (especially archaeologists) think he can translate anything period, but he always tries to explain that, no, it has to have some magical significance to it
  • Still the work he’s done is amazing because ancient spells have been recovered including spells against ancient demons that haven’t been seen on earth since the dark ages
  • He’s also found records of wizards and witches who created the first known spells so it’s pretty sweet
  • As a result, his room is filled to the brim with old, dusty books, manuscripts, etc. He usually has to bring Jinyoung with him to excavation sites so he can restore some of the manuscripts that have rotted despite being magical
  • He’s also met with a lot of really important wizards around the world as he’s the only known magician with translation powers
  • The magical section of the UN actually tried to get him bodyguards once when he was translating some pretty sensitive material from the Babylonian era but he was like “nah i’m pretty sure daniel brought home a six-headed snake i’ll be fine” and everyone was like “is that even legal”
  • Literally cried when he received documents that survived the burning of the library of Alexandria due to their magical properties
  • His familiar is an owl and he laughed for like 20 minutes at the cliche
  • But it turns out the owl is an asshole and sometimes poops on the manuscripts when he doesn’t get enough attention so Jisung is also pretty decent at cleaning spells now…


  • Specializes in street magic
  • He loves performing so he performs on the streets and stuff where there are a lot of people. Makes a surprising amount of money from it even though he never asks for any
  • His magic is a little flashy but he times his flashes and magical fireworks with his dancing it looks amazing, especially at night when it’s dark
  • He also does other stuff besides dancing with magic; he also does other tricks to make people laugh
  • He’s kinda like Gandalf when it comes to magical fireworks - he can make enormous ones that light of the whole night’s sky on New Year’s or small ones full of tiny, sparkling butterflies that don’t hurt when you catch them
  • He also does street art where whatever he paints, moves in order to tell a story
  • Most of the stuff he paints is fun and whimsical but he’s no stranger to social injustice, so some of his work is more on the serious side
  • His dancing magic is still his favorite though, and he specifically creates his choreography to go with it. Sometimes magic swirls around him when he does slower, more sensual dances
  • Other times it explodes around him as he shows off his intense popping to peppy, exciting songs that get people jumping
  • His familiar is a wolf puppy that never seems to grow old, so he’s always just as cheerful and bouncy as Seongwoo
  • Seongwoo once performed on a popular TV show that invited him, so people are actually asking for him to hold concerts, but honestly he prefers showing up at some random park at 10:34pm and just dancing his heart out to the enjoyment of whoever’s there
  • He always has a special fireworks show for the guys on Chinese New Year that’s thematic with the Zodiac of that year


  • Literally a professional demon summoner
  • You think he’s adorable and innocent? Think again dipshit. This boy has summoned the devil himself
  • But like he mostly does it for really mundane stuff like cleaning the toilet or organizing his summer clothes
  • He actually does have a service where someone can hire him to summon a demon to fix their problems or whatever
  • It’s how he makes his money mostly… People want petty revenge on someone who stole their girl or their haunted house hasn’t been getting enough business last Halloween
  • Once in awhile he actually makes friends with a demon and summons them more often than the rest so they can hang out
  • Once he summoned a mud demon and Minhyun actually started crying
  • His room is covered in pentagrams and sigils and protective spells that keep the rest of the inhabitants of the building safe
  • One time he noticed these boys bullying a little girl on the playground so he summoned a trickster demon who pantsed all of them it was hilarious
  • Then he summoned a gentler demon who gave them girl a flower
  • So like he acts all tough because yeah bitch he’s a professional demon summoner but he’s actually very soft and has tea parties with Beelzebub on Sunday afternoons
  • His familiar is a butterfly so he often can’t find her. She’s very nervous and has interrupted his summoning on more than one occasion by passing out in midair
  • He does his best to care for her but honestly how was he supposed to know ghouls ate butterflies?


  • Nature wizard with an affinity to plants.
  • His side of the room (and part of the kitchen) is covered with all different types of magical plants he’s growing.
  • Most of them he grows for their curative properties as he also has an interest in health magic but a few are his own personal little buddies
  • Somehow he can talk to them all and so it’s not uncommon for someone to walk in and finding him cooing at a vine that’s trying to throttle him
  • Several of his plants like to wave when people walk in the room while others are a little more antisocial
  • Every now and then Jaehwan tells him to care for a certain type of magical plant because he needs its leaves for his potions
  • Minhyun usually gets it for him as long as it isn’t too dangerous but he prefers not to ask what kind of potion Jaehwan is making. It’s better for his health not to know
  • Sells his medicine online to people who can’t make their own magical medicine (it’s usually older people or very busy parents who buy, but the reviews are always excellent)
  • His familiar is literally a giraffe so he has to go to the zoo in order to talk to his familiar who really doesn’t like being kept in a cage (but where else is a giraffe gonna live in Seoul?)


  • A potions master, which makes no sense because his cooking skills are dreadful
  • So maybe he once put soy sauce in the gingersnaps, but you will never catch him mixing dandelions with beetles no way
  • He knows every common potion by heart and often mixes draughts to help his friends with allergies or to give them the temporary ability to feel awake so they can study all night for a test and still do well
  • However, he also works with some of the darker potions in secret
  • In potions, a lot of patience is required which he’s very good at. Often sings to himself while mixing and tries to match songs with the mood of the potion because that helps it become stronger in his opinion
  • Whether or not his singing actually has any effect on the potion doesn’t matter because they always turn out perfect
  • Has also made up his own potions because he’s just that good (and bored apparently)
  • Created a potion that specifically works to stop Minhyun from nagging him to clean his side of the room. Like, it doesn’t work on anyone but Minhyun, who is still a little freaked out about it
  • Once he tested a sleeping potion on the neighbor’s parakeet that was so powerful the poor bird went into a coma and he had to buy them a new one
  • He also turned Daehwi into a squirrell and they all spent four hours trying to catch the kid so he could turn him back
  • His familiar, ironic enough, is a bird (a crow) that honestly doesn’t talk much and just watches with disdain as Jaehwan completely ignores a centuries old book of potions in favor of making up his own


  • Weather mage. Has to be really careful because he can literally control the weather
  • One time he got really angry and nearly caused a tornado to form over Seoul it was really bad
  • Anyway now he mostly uses his magic to help people - including himself - out.
  • For example he has some free time and wanted to go out to the park but it’s raining? Suddenly the sun is shining and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky
  • Or vice versa when he’s pissed at someone he can quite easily rain on their parade as the saying goes
  • Minhyun sometimes recruits him to send a little rain shower to help his outdoor plants because it’s been a really hot summer and some of them are droopy
  • Familiar is a goldfish that he keeps safely in his room in a cute lil bowl. Minhyun got him some pretty magical plants to put in it that filter the water so he doesn’t have to worry about it
  • The goldfish is actually really sweet and helps Daehwi calm down so he doesn’t flood half the planet with a hyper-monsoon
  • On a happier note, Daehwi sometimes makes little wind gusts to blow lost balloons back to the children that lost them
  • Or he keeps the rain from ruining that one cute couple’s date that he saw in his favorite cafe
  • He also helps warn the weather channel because he can feel when a natural storm is coming and can tell if it’s really bad or not
  • Makes amazing snowmen for the neighborhood kids when they’re out on a snow day (that may or may not be his fault)


  • Elemental mage who can work with earth, air, fire, and water.
  • He and Daehwi are very closely connected due to the natural inclinations of their magical specialties
  • Anyway this kid is really powerful but no one knows just how powerful because his control is amazing
  • They’ve only ever seen glimpses of his powers when his emotions flare up - which is a rare occurrence in itself
  • They’ve seen him make a bonfire twice as large because goodness these marshmallows aren’t going to roast themselves
  • Oh there’s a small drought happening and Jaehwan needs fresh water for his potions? No prob the air still has some moisture in it
  • Speaking of air suddenly all the smog over Seoul is gone and scientists are completely baffled because it shouldn’t be????
  • Oh wow look at that dangerous sinkhole in someone’s backyard wouldn’t it be funny if it suddenly closed up?
  • So yeah, they know he’s pretty powerful but only he knows exactly what he can do
  • Which is create and get rid of a forest fire that could wipe out millions
  • He can raise the ocean to cover skyscrapers
  • He can level rainforest with a single breath
  • And he can split a continent in two
  • But like all that is boring and there’s really no point to it so he sticks to accidentally blowing that monsoon a little off course so it misses any land and mysteriously dissipates over the ocean
  • His familiar is a turtle for some reason
  • But he loves his turtle friend and takes very good care of him by making sure the water in his tank is clean and at the perfect temperature
  • They actually have a good relationship because the turtle is very in tune with the earth and offers Jinyoung advice on controlling his powers


  • This kid’s a straight up traditional wizard
  • I’m talking keeps a grimoire and everything
  • He’s got a spell for anything and everything
  • Keeps careful notes on the phases of the moon and records his spells when they work
  • The only nontraditional thing about him is his familiar which is a Basset Hound who loves to sleep… all day… sometimes Woojin worries he might be dead finally….
  • Anyway Woojin especially loves using crystals to enhance his magic and prefers performing at night
  • He believes there’s a goddess who created all and constantly offers spells to her because yikes she would be scary when angry
  • Anyway like I said, he really loves to use crystals because their energy is the strongest to him
  • As a result, his room is very… colorful. He has cut crystals, uncut ones, geodes, and even a few that are probably slightly radioactive but he swears it isn’t harmful and he needs them for good energy for his driving test next week
  • The thing is, his crystals really do have good magica energy because he scared the shit out of Jihoon one night when they started glowing during the spell he was casting
  • Later Jihoon asked what he was casting a spell for and Woojin answered that it was because he had constipation
  • But the crystals are actually really helpful and powerful when combined with Woojin’s spells
  • One time one of Daniel’s favorite animals was really sick and nothing he did would heal him so Woojin got some powerful herbs and his best crystals and wrote his own spell
  • The animal was better the next day and Daniel cried and gave Woojin like 6 new crystals he found while hiking the mountains in search of new dragon civilizations


  • Fortune teller!
  • His preferred method is with tarot cards, but he is proficient with all types - crystal balls, palm reading, tea leaves, etc.
  • Literally has the stereotypical fortune teller shop covered in rugs and beads and stuff and wears heavy eyeliner and hooped earrings like he doesn’t need to but it’s his “aesthetic”
  • Has a crystal ball collection in his bedroom instead of like an action figure collection lmao dweeb
  • His favorite set of tarot cards is actually really minimalist which is surprising for his style, but they were a gift from his friends when he finally opened his shop so he’s really fond of them and only uses them on special occasions
  • His familiar is a bald eagle somehow and he’s still not sure how it got to Korea but he just goes with it because the eagle has some great jokes
  • Anyway, most of his fortune telling is just letting people know whether they’re gonna find love or wealth or whatever in the future
  • But every now and then someone comes in that just sets his magic off and he’s like woah okay this person is important I have to be careful
  • Sometimes world governments will secretly contact him to predict the outcome of a potential conflict with another country to see if it will be worth it or not because his predictions are always incredibly accurate
  • He doesn’t like doing that though and often lies saying nah war is a bad idea right now try talking it out instead
  • One time he predicted that Jinyoung was gonna sneeze 12 times in a row and he was right so now Guanlin has to clean his room for a month
  • Fun fact: the best tea for predicting is actually Earl Grey it’s just so clear like wow 1080p high def futures nice


  • Necromancer and spirit talker. Yeah he’s one powerful little shit
  • He doesn’t like raising people from the dead because he can’t actually raise them completely because that’s impossible, but he can bring their bodies back for a short period of time
  • He much prefers talking to spirits and ghosts because unlike reanimated bodies, they can actually speak and think like normal humans - they’re just a little more transparent. And also dead but ya know whatevs
  • Has definitely played pranks with the ghosts on his friends multiple times because his magic allows him to make spirits visible to anyone for a short period of time
  • His magic may seem a little less useful than others but he actually has a thriving business of people contacting him to see if they can talk to someone who’s died because they still have regrets they need to work out
  • For example, an elderly woman whose husband recently passed who didn’t get the chance to tell him she loved him one last time
  • Or another elderly lady who made a bet with her best friend in like 7th grade and she totally just won but her friend is dead but she still wants to brag
  • Anyway, Guanlin gets a lot of stress from this sometimes because it’s super sad but at the same time, he learns a lot
  • And the spirits have the coolest things to say really, especially ones from a different time
  • His familiar is a bat that he’s talked to like once because she’s always asleep during the day and doesn’t like being woken up
  • It’s chill though she always goes out at night anyway and he goes to sleep because some of the really scary spirits come out at night and nope not dealing with that nope nope

Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch13
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet. The same summer when everything becomes better, because of him.

P | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33A | 33B | 34 | 35 | 36 | E

In the end, both of you do end up plastered to the floor. Yet you manage to pick each other up and move between karaoke rooms and bars with open-mic events. The rest of the night is a blur of peppy pop songs, Jungkook dancing perfectly to girl group songs–and getting indignant over your mixed-up choreography–and your silver-tongued rapping, that has everyone clapping, hyped up by Jungkook.

A couple of hours past midnight, both of you are slouched on one side of a booth of a 24-hour McDonald’s, all four feet propped on the other side. A tray is on your table, greasy and scattered with the remains of four large fries. Your head rests on his shoulder and you can feel his fingers gently tugging at the ends of your bobbed hair.

“That was fun,” you giggle. As tired as you are, your chest feels full of bubbles–whether from all the drinks or all the laughter, you’re not sure.

“Good.” You can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Did… you have fun too?”

“Of course, I did. Do you even need to ask?”

“I’m glad too.” you manage to reply in between yawns. “That someone likes spending time with me.”

He snorts then. “You’re so weird, Y/N. Why wouldn’t I like spending time with you?”

You lift your head to peer at his face. He looks as if asleep, but as you draw closer, his eyes open and gaze into yours. “Jungkook, how are you real?”

“Hmm?” he mumbles.

“Everything’s better now that you’re here. Maybe you’re just a summer dream.” You bite your lip, glancing at his own slightly parted lips. “But even if I wake up, I’m sure I’ll still be smiling.”

“Y/N, what are you doing?” His breath hitches when yours brushes the tip of his nose. As your eyes flutter shut, his opens wide, and he swallows, suddenly very much awake.

But your head slumps forward, your lips merely grazing his chin, before your face smushes against his shoulder.

He laughs then, relieved. “Ah, what the hell, Y/N. For a minute there, I thought you were gonna kiss me.”

Leaning his head back, he closes his eyes again, succumbing to sleep. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if you had kissed me.”

Love at First Video Chapter 33: It’s Alright

Misha Collins x Reader

1500 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Misha’s night of relaxation was exactly what you needed. The two of you spent some much needed time together, without kids interrupting, or thinking about the wedding, or the judging of Gishwhes. It was just the two of you, time spent in each other’s arms, moving from the couch at one point during the night to your bed.

And it was there you woke, tangled in Misha’s arms, his skin warm against yours. You snuggled in closer, loving the smell of sunshine, and mint that radiated off of him. After your horrible day yesterday, this was an amazing way to start today, and you wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day wrapped around him.

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Live in Living Colour from Catch Me if You Can (the musical) is a Nureyev Song(tm), and Seven Wonders from the same musical us a Jupeter Song(tm), as is As Long As You're Mine from Wicked

Everything I hear about Catch Me If You Can makes me feel like it’s pretty much Peter Nureyev: The Musical. The only way it could be more suited to him is if there was an entire song dedicated to pockets.

I love how peppy Peter songs get.


As Long As You’re Mine is a favorite OTP song of mine. It applies so easily to so much.

Title: Blew It

Request:  Could you do Adrian Kempe one based on the song Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police?

Author’s Note: So despite it’s peppy tune, this song is actually super sad? How did I not know this before? WHY DID YOU REQUEST SUCH A SAD SONG? haha. Hope you liked it!

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Though I’ve tried before to tell her; Of the feelings I have for her in my heart; Every time that I come near her; I just lose my nerve; As I’ve done from the start

She stepped into the doorway, her eyes skimming the restaurant. I paused, taking a moment to soak in her beauty before I lifted my arm, signaling her attention. She smiled, hurrying over to the booth I was already sitting in; both of us eager to share big news with each other.

Today was the day. I was going to tell her how I felt. Today I was going to tell her that I had fallen in love with her months ago. My heart was racing as she slid into the booth across from me, catching the smell of her perfume as she tossed her hair over her shoulder.

“What’s your big news?” she asked excitedly, crossing her arms on the table in front of her, leaning towards me. I couldn’t help but smile, she had never been one to beat around the bush.

“No. You go ahead.” I offered; knowing my news was going to come as a surprise. “Ladies first.”

“It was your idea. You go first.” she prompted with a laugh.

We both hesitated, not breaking eye contact as neither of us said a word.

“Carter asked me out!” she cried enthusiastically.

“I think I fell—” my heart plummeting, the words falling apart on my tongue.

I bit my lip, watching her eyes flash happily. Carter? Fucking Carter? I had heard her mention him a few times, they worked together. I hadn’t realized that she had a thing for him, she had never mentioned that part.

“Adrian, I’m so sorry. I totally cut you off. What was your news?” she asked, her lips still pulled back in a grin as she looked at me expectantly.

She looked so happy; she wouldn’t care that I had feelings for her. I forced a smile on my face. “I’m in the starting lineup tonight.” I managed to get out. “Starting lineup for the home opener.” I mumbled. “You ready to order?”

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i never actually sat down to translate Heidenröslein till now and i cannot fucking BELIEVE i heard a peppy schubert song and thought “wow! this sassy little rose is gonna win out!!” and was actually shocked that it turned out to be a “peppy music + downer ending” situation. it’s schubert lieder. like, wtf was i expecting


gmw band au ♫ album information + dancing in the sunshine 

trivia // riley matthews’ first and only solo studio album, while it receives no number one hits, it does hit number one on the itunes chart within 24 hours of digital release. contains six original songs, five covers and one bonus track. released about 18 months following the release of legacy and released partially due to the success of faith in me. 

tracklisting // 

“sweet sixteen” ♫  lyrics by riley matthews. a happy feel good track to start of the album, backed with piano, percussion and acoustic guitar with riley’s soft voice flooding the track. lyrics focus on important life milestones and the happiness that comes from celebrating them with the people you love most. trivia: penned following riley’s first birthday after starting her relationship with lucas, where she spent the whole day floating around cloud nine, which is evident in the lyrics of the track. 

“life knows what’s best” ♫ lyrics by riley matthews. a softer, quieter song on the album, with only guitar backing her. riley’s voice is quieter and less overwhelming on the track. song focuses on how it feels to know that life has brought you to the right place, and the right person and finally feeling like you are exactly where you belong. trivia: originally written for maya’s third album, but ultimately riley decided that it was too personal and close to her heart, so she saved it away, not knowing at the time that it would eventually be on an album of her own. 

“smile anytime” ♫  lyrics by riley matthews. the most pop sounding song on the album, with a peppy piano beat and an upbeat guitar backing. while it’s the most pop sounding song on the album, and the lyrics focus on being happy and always having a smile on your face, there’s an underlying dark tone to the song that’s evident in some of the lyrics about putting on a facade, even when you aren’t actually happy. trivia: the first song that riley penned and kept for herself, originally written directly after her relationship with charlie, before recording it, lucas was the only one who had read the lyrics. 

“gravity” ♫  lyrics by riley matthews. with only a piano accompanying her, riley’s voice is soft and contemplative as she sings about the friends that she has and that gravity that keeps them together. in a lot of ways, this song is a love letter to mad dogs, maya and smackle, all of whom have kept her in place and helped her stay who she is. trivia: the last song written for the album, penned one night when riley unable to sleep and began looking at pictures of herself and her friends. 

“i’m home” ♫  lyrics by riley matthews and lucas friar. an acoustic track with a ukulele and guitar backing her, riley happily sings about how sometimes a person can be home instead of a place, and how sometimes the best and safest place that you can be is in someone’s arms. the lyrics are happy and overwhelmed with love and it’s clear that whatever riley and lucas have is one of the realest things that there is. trivia: at first riley was hesitant about asking lucas to write a song with her for her album, but she felt like the album wouldn’t have been complete without his lyrical genius on at least one of the tracks. once she asked him, they wrote the song in one day. 

“jexica” ♫  lyrics by riley matthews. the most indie, rock track on the album, with more instrumental backing then the previous tracks, with a strong guitar and drum presence. lyrics focus on insecurity and hiding behind a persona, until the right person inspires you to finally break out of your shell and be who you really are, and live your life unashamed. by far the most popular song on the album with critics and credited with having a very mad dogs sort of feeling to it, mainly because both lucas & dave provide instrumental for the track. trivia: this song is riley’s first acknowledgment towards her penname of jexica and gives fans a truly introspective look at riley’s emotions and what being with lucas has truly meant to her.  

“pluto (maya hart cover)” ♫ lyrics by riley matthews. written originally for maya’s second album, and originally a poppy, upbeat track, riley mixes the track here to be more ballad like, with a stronger piano presence then the original maya recording. the lyrics discuss believing in someone so much and always having faith that someone is going to achieve their dreams and reach the stars. the song is a positive song that is heavily inspired by riley and maya’s friendship and was written after maya felt that she was in a slump following her debut album. trivia: when riley originally wrote the song for maya, maya wanted the song to be a duet. at the time, riley never wanted her voice on any track, so she declined, however following the release of riley’s album, if riley is ever at maya’s shows, maya will bring her on stage so they can sing it how maya always wanted them to. together. 

“hands (mad dogs cover)” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. originally written and recorded for mad dog’s second album game night, riley’s cover is very similar to the original recording of the song, with mainly a piano and percussion present on the track. riley decided to not put too much of her own spin on it, because she loved the original far too much to change anything. riley performs piano on the cover with lucas taking the part of the drums, providing for a very intimate track. this is the only track on the album to use studio content, with the final moments of the song being lucas softly saying “you did so good.” as riley finishes out the final note. trivia: when asked about her decision to cover hands, as opposed to hands pt ii, riley claims that hearing hands for the first time was one of the most magical moments of her entire life and she wanted to try and capture just a little bit of that magic on her own album. 

“my horizon (maya hart cover)” ♫ lyrics by riley matthews and maya hart. written for maya’s fourth album, riley turns what was a sultry, jazzy ballad on artist in residence into an acoustic, indie rock song. with a strong guitar and percussion presence, the song also calls for farkle’s bass talents, and he provides a cello line on the track. penned by riley and maya together, the lyrics talk about how there is always new heights that you can reach and that there is never an end to the horizon that you’re trying to reach. it’s an inspirational track and in the end, it’s the track that challenges riley’s voice the most, but it was also one of the songs she felt most passionate about including. trivia: this song was penned in one night after a particularly rousing conversation between riley and maya when maya had believed that she had peaked with her third album. maya was ultimately the one who named the song, inspired by riley telling her that there was no end to her horizon and she should never believe that there’s no higher for her to go. maya credits this song with being the major push for her to write most of her fourth album and constantly credits riley with being her biggest inspiration for album number four. 

“forget about her (i will never)” ♫ lyrics by lucas friar. unlike every other song on riley’s album, this song has absolutely no musical backing, just riley and her voice. a small twist on the original track which is a piano ballad. originally written and recorded for flaws, riley claims that this was the first cover that she decided on singing. she was nervous about having an entire track just be her voice, but ultimately powered through. the entire mad dogs band + maya were in attendance at the recording, which was the push that riley needed to power through. if you listen carefully, you can hear her voice wobbling as she sings out the last lyric. trivia: riley purposefully put this song last on the album, in order to increase the impact that it would have on the listeners. she wanted listeners to understand that every feeling that lucas poured into the songs that he wrote about her, were exactly the same way that she felt about him and hoped that her cover of this song would highlight that. 

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Gonna test your playlists. Anxiety themed party mix, analogical mix, princey love songs


So, I’m not really sure what ‘party music’ is (bc i have no life and i’ve never been to one) so here’s some music I can imagine Anx just bopping around and having a Good Time to!!!

Anx’s Party:

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Forever Stuck In Our Youth - Set It Off

Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects

Holiday - Green Day, the cast of the original musical

House Of Wolves - My Chemical Romance

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) - My Chemical Romance

Party Poison - My Chemical Romance

Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance

Rise And Fall - My Chemical Romance

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance

Analogical (sorry it got kinda angsty hahaaaa):

Bleak December - Set It Off

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -  Green Day, the cast of the original musical

Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance

Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

Everything Goes Black - Skillet

Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

Limelight - Boyinaband (feat. Cryaotic)

Madness In Me - Skillet

My Religion - Skillet

S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance

Save Yourself - My Darkest Days

Sing - My Chemical Romance

Teenagers - My Chemical Romace

What I Believe - Skillet

You - Breaking Benjamin

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring

This Is How I Disappear - My Chemical Romance

Roman’s Romance (haha get it it’s a pun):

American Noise - Skillet

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Battle Cry - Skillet

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

Good To Be Alive - Skillet

With Me - Sum 41

((sorry I don’t have that many peppy happy love songs aaaaaaaa))

Hope ya enjoy!!!!

okay honestly i can totally imagine magnus and alec’s wedding reception being so fucking lit
like i can 100% imagine magnus and alec starting their first dance to a cute slow song and then everything changes dramatically and some lit hip hop song or a really peppy danceable pop song starts playing and they start doing this incredible dance routine and all the guests are like “where the fuck did the alec we all know went like he’s not here anymore”
and afterwards they kiss and alec dips magnus and everyone screams
and afterwards literally everyone is on the dance floor and they all have a great time
i cant