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Sparks Chapter 4

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team

Word Count: 3.2K

Summary: y/n invites Bucky to join her, Wanda, and Dr. Cho for a movie night. Insecure Bucky asks why y/n is always so nice to him, their friendship begins to grow. y/n introduces Bucky to man buns.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the best Disney movies

I think there are a lot of reasons why people don’t like it.

  1. They were too young or not born when it came out.
  2. They don’t appreciate the symbolism.
  3. They don’t understand it.
  4. It was a movie out of its time. People weren’t prepared for Disney to get so serious.
  5. It confronts racism and classism and the faults of religious nuts, which people don’t want to acknowledge.
  6. The ‘nice guy’ didn’t get the ‘nice girl’ in the end, yet was happy anyway.
  7. It was more about acceptance and friendship, than fluffy romance that happened in a day.

The movies needs a bigger fan base. I need people to fan with!

Extra rehearsal- Sebastian Stan

Hey guys! I’m back! Hope you like this one!! Requests are open!


(I’m really sorry if this is bad, I hope it’s what you were imagining!)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word count: 1.6K

Warnings: Smut, dom!Seb, oral sex, dirty talk, cursing, a little bit of fluff by the end

“Okay guys, we are done for today! Tomorrow I want you here at 7am. We are going to film the sex scene first thing in the morning!” You smile at Nicki, the director of the new movie you are in.

Grabbing all your things, you head out to the car waiting for you. You started filming this movie three months ago, and it’s almost done, a couple of scenes and you are free. Your co-worker is none other than Sebastian Stan. He is really sweet and funny, you have a nice friendship with him. You are not gonna lie, though, you have thought many times about how would he look without his clothes, right above you. Shaking your head, you smirk while trying to stop these thoughts.

Tonight, the whole team is having dinner together on the hotel’s restaurant. You put on a red skirt and a black crop top with your black Louboutins. When you arrive, everyone’s already there. Your eyes are fixed on Sebastian, he’s wearing a white shirt with a black leather jacket. You bit your lip unconsciously, his black jeans hug his legs perfectly. He looks really good. Your mind drifts away and you can’t stop thinking about all the things you want to do to him. “(Y/N)! You look beautiful.” You snap out of your thoughts, Sebastian in front of you smiling.

“Oh, hey, Seb. Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself.” You smile at him, praying that he doesn’t notice the redness in your cheeks.

He place his hand in your waist and walks you to the table. You seat next to him smiling and trying to stop the dirty thoughts. During this months, Sebastian and you have developed a really beautiful friendship and you weren’t planning on messing it up just for a one night stand. Although you have thought many times what would the sex with him be like. You guess you’ll never find out.

The waiters put the desserts in front of everyone, the dinner’s almost over. You eat your chocolate ice cream when a hand lays discreetly on your thigh. You look down, your eyes wide, to see Sebastian’s hand running up and down, from your knee to the edge of your skirt. You cough and look at him, but he doesn’t even look at you, his eyes looking in front of him while he talks to one of your co-workers. You try to continue to eat your ice cream in peace until his hand slips down your skirt. Holding your breath for a moment, you look back at him. He is still talking, not looking at you, but a smug smirk is on his face. He knows what he is doing to you, and he knows how much you want him. When everyone is done, he gives your inner thigh a squeeze and his hand leaves your body.

You enter the elevator still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Sebastian and Nicki follow you into the elevator, he places himself right next to you. From the corner of your eye you look at him but he is just smiling. Suddenly, you feel his big hand grabbing your ass, squeezing it hardly. You try to not let out any weird sound at the surprise when Nicki turns to you. “Guys, I don’t want you to go out tonight, okay? Tomorrow we have a big scene to film.”

“Yeah, the sex scene.” Sebastian smiles at her sweetly while his hand rubs your ass. “Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere tonight, right (Y/N)?”

“Uh, yeah- Sure.” You smile at her and she gets out of the elevator, waving at you two.

When the doors close, you and Sebastian are alone. You turn to him angrily. “What the hell you think you’re doing?!” His hand doesn’t leave your ass. He just looks at you, his eyes darker than you have ever seen.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t wanna fuck me as much as I want to fuck you.” You blush and bit your lip, feeling the temperature raising. “That’s what I thought.”

He grabs your ass harder and crushes your bodies together. His lips met yours and they feel better than you imagined. He slaps your ass and you moan into his mouth, your hands traveling to his hair earning a groan from him. When the elevator doors open, Sebastian drags you to his room quickly.

“I think we should practice that little sex scene from tomorrow. An extra rehearsal won’t hurt us, right?” He closes the door and hugs you from behind, his mouth traveling to your neck.

You tilt your head, giving him more access to your skin. “Baby, as much as I would love to leave a mark on you for everyone to know that I’m the only one who gets to fuck you, you know we can’t.” You turn to him pouting and he laughs.

“Now… Be a good girl and strip.” Sebastian’s eyes are full of lust while he looks at your body.

You do as he tells you so and grab the hem of his shirt. He helps you removing it from him and you run your fingers down his abs. You tug at his jeans playfully. “Tell me what you want, baby girl. I want to hear it.”

“I want to suck your big dick and then I want you to fuck me hard.” You look at him innocently and he groans closing his eyes.

“Get on your knees.” You do it while he takes off his jeans and boxers.

His big member is already hard and throbbing. You lick the tip, the pre cum dripping from him. You open your mouth and take him as deep as you can. His hand travels to your hair, helping you take him. Sinful sounds escape his mouth making you moan into his dick, the vibrations making him throw his head back. Your hand travels to your center and you rub at your clit, moaning harder than before. Sebastian notices your movements and he pulls his dick out of your mouth. You whine at him, but he just grabs your arms and put you on your feet. “You can’t touch yourself until I say so, baby. But, since you are so eager… Lay on the bed.” You follow his instructions while he is watching you.

He approaches you, grabbing your hips hard and dragging you to the edge of the bed. He is on his knees, his face inches from your cunt. “Dripping wet…” He laughs, the air hitting your core making you shiver. “I’m going to make you cum so hard all the hotel is going to know my name.” You moan at his words, getting wetter as the time goes by. His arms hug your hips, pinning you to the bed. His tongue licks a strip from your entrance to your cunt and you moan out loud. He buries his face in you, his movements fast and sharp making you arch your back. One of your hands travel to his hair making sure his tongue doesn’t leave you. He sucks at your clit and you roll your eyes to the back of your head. This is the first time someone makes you feel that good and you swear his mouth was made to eat you out. You feel your orgasm coming and curl your toes at the sensation. “Fuck Sebastian!” You scream and close your eyes. He licks everything you have to offer and looks at you.

He kisses your lips and you can taste yourself on them. “You taste so fucking good, baby girl.”

Your hand finds his hard member and you give it a few strokes, gaining a few moans from him. “What do you want, baby? Tell me what do you want.”

“I want you to fuck me hard, please.” You smile innocently at him and bat your eyelashes.

“Beg for it.”

“Please, Sebastian. I want you to fuck me, I want to feel your big cock inside of my pussy, please.”

“As you wish, baby girl.”

He flips your body over, you are holding yourself on your knees and hands. He positions himself behind you, grabbing your hips. “You want me to fuck you hard and rough, baby? You want me to tug at your hair while I fuck your dripping cunt and cum inside of you?”

“Yes, please, Seb.”

Without any warning, he slams himself in you, making you grab the sheets beneath you and moan. He tugs hard at your hair while his other hand is on your hip. The room is filled with the sound of your hips snapping against each other. “You are so tight and wet, ready for me, baby.” You moan and he tugs at your hair harder, lifting up your torso, his chest meeting your back. His other hand leaves your hips and travels to your stomach and down to your pussy. He rubs fast circles in your clit, making you moan as loud as ever. “Cum for me, baby girl.” His words make you go over the edge, your second orgasm washing over your body. He thrusts into you a few more times until he releases himself in you groaning out your name.

You fall in the bed feeling sore and still trying to put yourself together after the best two orgasms you have ever had. Sebastian lays right next to you and he hugs your waist, crushing your bodies together. He snuggles his head in your hair and kisses the back of your neck. “That was a good extra rehearsal.” You laugh at his words and grab his hands in yours.

“Totally, after the movie is over we should repeat someday.”

“Yeah, we should.” He kisses your head goodnight and you feel yourself fall asleep in his arms.

New Chances•Neymar Imagine

“And how is your life in Barcelona?“The interviewer asks.
"It’s really great actually! Barcelona is a beautiful city full of life and I got to get in touch with my old friends and that’s the best thing.” I answer and smile.
I’m filming two movies in Barcelona and I was quite pessimistic about it at first but now I love it here.
“What about our football team? You seem to enjoy the company FC Barcelona players.”
“Yeah, when I got here I kinda renew my friendship with Shakira and I met players and we’ve became friends now. You know I’ve been here for last 7 months and I will stay here for at least 9 more so it’s really nice to have a bunch of friends to meet with and in this case come to their matches.”
“Any boyfriends in sight? I mean these boys are quite attractive and some are even single!” Not this again. Please. All they want to talk about are my relationships. Especially with Neymar. But guess what? There’s nothing to talk about. He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him but people still manage to think we’re together.
He’s attractive and sometimes funny but most of the time he’s an asshole. At towards me.
“Not really! I’m not looking for anyone right now.” I fake laugh and the interview ends.
Today I was invited to the Barcelona training by Shakira and players. I quickly check the time and I know I’m going to be late for this one.
I get stuck in traffic but when I arrive at Camp Nou I’m only 15 minutes late so there is a chance there haven’t even started yet. I quickly get to the elevator and when doors are about to close someone puts an arm between them and steps in. I sigh when I see Neymar and he grins when he sees me.
“Late as always?"I ask.
"I was quite busy last night you know.” I think his smile couldn’t be bigger but it disappears when elevator starts to shake and stops.
“What did just happen?"I ask with shaky voice.
"It stopped.”
“Oh no fucking way Sherlock.” I snap. I don’t have claustrophobia but I think no one would like a situation like this. I watch him as he presses a red button that says alarm but nothing happens.“ Maybe electricity is out?”
“Maybe.” He says and I sit on the floor. After few minutes of silence I finally speak up.
“Can we talk about something? Anything, please.”
“Do you have claustrophobia?” He asks in a calm voice.
“No. I just feel like I don’t have enough air to breathe and that scares me.” Does he have to ask so many questions? Can’t he just talk about some nonsense like he always does?
“And what do you want to talk about?” He finally looks at me and if I didn’t know him is say he looks quite worried.
“Anything. Just talk.”
“Okay. So why don’t you like me?”
“I said talk not asking questions.” I snap.“And I never actually said I don’t like you.”
“You act like you don’t.” His eyes are distracting.
“That’s because you called me a bitch, remember?”
“I just felt hurt and wanted to hurt you.”
The whole situation happened during the World Cup and right after it a moved to Barcelona. In a summary, I went to Brazil for World Cup and after one of the matches I was invited to the same club players did. Neymar tried to hook up with me but I said no and walked away. Later when we’ve met we got into an argument and he called me a bitch and I called him names. That’s all.
“Look I just got through a terrible break up back then. I was really hurt and the last thing I wanted was one night stand.” I explain.
“Usually all woman want after break up is another man, isn’t it?” He asks and he seems genuinely curious.
“I didn’t want to have anything in common with men.” The lights in the lift turn off. Can this be more intimate?
“And why is that?” He sits closer to me and I’m getting really nervous.
“I don’t have to explain myself to you because it’s none of your business."I snap. Can’t he just stop?” Can this damn elevator start moving?“
"Answer my question.” He says in a calm voice looking at me.
“That relationship was toxic, okay? You can stop asking about it now.”
“I know you don’t trust me but we’re really similar.” He laughs.
“We are complete opposites.”
“Not really. Look, we both don’t have anyone here and the only things that keep us in Barcelona are our jobs. You feel like you have friends but at the end of the day you feel lonely.”
“I do have friends here.” I snap.
“But you still feel lonely, don’t you?” He smiles. I think I’ve never just seen him smiling. He’s always smirking or something but his smile is much better.
“And what do you know about that?”
“Because I am lonely too.” When I finally look about, he’s looking straight into my eyes.
“It’s complicated and I simply don’t want to engage in anything.”
“You can tell yourself what you want but we both know the truth.”
“Just shut up"I mumble with fake annoyance.
"Make me.” He says and I can feel his hand on my thigh.
He is close. Way too close.
His hand is now touching my cheek and I can’t help but close my eyes. His touch is soothing.
“How long have it been since a man touched you properly?” He whispers and kisses my neck.
“Way too long.” I answer with trembling voice.
I should not say that but I want him to touch me. Everywhere.
“During summer?” He mumbles and I nod. He gestures me to sit on his hips and his hands travel under my shirt. He puts them on my back moving me closer. For God’s sake we are in an elevator and it can start moving anytime.
“Do you want to give it a try?"I open my eyes when he speaks up.
"What?” I am too distracted by his hands on my body to pay attention to what he says.
“Give it a try. Just not be enemies anymore. And maybe fuck from time to time. Or like right now.” His smile is sly and I can’t help but stare at his lips while he’s talking.
“We’re in an elevator and it can open anytime you idiot.”
“That makes it exciting yeah?” He says and kisses me.
It is so wrong but feels so good.
His lips are soft but he makes the kiss rough. I put my hands around his neck to hold him in place. I moan and part my lips when he squeezes my butt and at the same time I let his tongue in.
“Tell me when to stop.” He says and undoes my bra.
Don’t stop.

I fell his kisses on my neck and when he starts to take off my shirt I stop him.
“We can’t do that.”
“Why not?” He smiles.“I need you to get relaxed.”
“Because we are in an elevator! First of all I’m afraid of elevators and secondly it can start moving again anytime because they know we’re stuck here."I can’t even argue with him anymore because my body is craving his hands on me.
"Look we have time and we can use it for our pleasure.” He assures me.
“We are not supposed to have sex in the first place."I try to get off his lap but his hands hold me in place.
"We both want it. It was going to happen sooner or later.”
“I don’t even do one night stands.” He looks at me and tries not to laugh.“Well at least not anymore.” I shrug.
“Did you make the decision? Let’s just finish what’ve started.”
One time won’t hurt, right?
I kiss him and immediately let his tongue in. It takes him seconds to finally take of my bra but he leaves the shirt on.
“I’m going to leave it so you don’t feel so naked.” I move closer to his chest feeling the bulge in his jeans and put my hands under his shirt. I take it of and take a moment to stare at his abs. His body is to kill for.“You want it against the wall or sitting?”
“Wall.” I mumble and quickly get up. It takes him seconds to stand up and turn me around so I’m standing pressed against the wall. He unbuttons my jeans and slides them down my legs. He kneels in front of me and takes my panties off.
“Put one of your legs on my shoulder.” He mutters and seconds later I fell his tongue in my center. I moan and put my hands in his hair just to press his head closer. He puts two fingers in and combines them with tongue and I can barely catch my breath.
“I’m going to come.” I mutter undertake breath but him quickening his actions let me know he heard me.“oh fuck…Ney.” He holds me in place when I come and stands up when I’m done. Is this even possible to make someone come so fast?
He puts his hands on the sides of my head and leans to kiss me. I cup him trough his jeans and he moans into my mouth. I’m halfway through to kneel but he stops me. He takes out a condom and I take off his jeans with boxers.
He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his hips. He enters me and I gasp. He gives me a moment to adjust and slowly starts moving.
“I’ve been waiting for this since World Cup.” He whispers and clenches his jaw. I moan every time he thrust into me. My hands are all over his stomach and back. "Do you want me to he faster?” He looks at me and I nod. And then he hits the spot. I moan his name and dig my nails into his back.
“I’m close."He hits the spot over and over and I clench around him.
"Oh fuck.” He moans.“I’m coming.” He comes and releases into the condom and I come just after him.
I finally open my eyes at look at him.
“That was good one.” He smiles and kisses me.“And I made you come twice in fifteen minutes.” He is so smug and happy.
“Shut up.” I say and put my jeans on. I sit down down pressing my back against the wall.
“You called me Ney.” He says and sits down beside me.
“Is that okay? I can stop if you want.” I turn my head around to look at him.
“It’s just that you never called me that. And I like you moaning my name.” He laughs.“I could get used to that.”
“Let’s just stop here, okay?” I say and check my phone. It’s been muted after the interview and now I see all the messages and calls I got from Shakira.“Shak called me.”
“We’ve been here for over and hour so that’s not really surprising. And i think you should call her since the practice is probably over by now.”
I find out that the practice has been called off since there’s to electricity in the whole building. She asks if I want her to wait for me because they are just leaving.
When we get out of the elevator hour later we quickly thank all the people who opened us and head to our cars.
“Since you don’t do guys once anymore I think it means you have to go out with me.” He says when we’re in front of my car.
He’s been really nice for past hour instead of being a jerk.
“Does it?"I laugh.
"It wasn’t really a question. And I’m guessing you’re free tonight so I’m picking you up at seven.” Before I can protest he kisses me and quickly walks away. Wow. Today escalated quickly.
I guess he’s not that bad…

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He vowed he’d confess on graduation day.

Sasuke had the same crush on the same girl since he was a second year in high school, but he never planned to do anything about it. She kept to herself and her group of friends while people gravitated to him naturally.

Well, they gravitated towards him, but they stuck around for Naruto.

He wasn’t “off putting” or whatever was the winning trait.

No, Sasuke was content with having a simple crush because it was easier than actually doing something about it. Half the time, he didn’t know if he even wanted to. He had his days where he thought it’d be nice if he could have her over to relax or even go see the latest movie, but that required building up a friendship first.

He didn’t want to work that hard for a high school fling.

But between the realization that they’d be going separate ways and all the nostalgia his peers gushed about with the impending graduation, Sasuke figured it wouldn’t hurt to let her know. He wasn’t asking her out and he wouldn’t wait for an answer – he’d just tell her.

Sasuke nodded to himself, running a hand through his hair, and looked out the third floor window that faced the front of the school. Everyone below was hugging and saying their goodbyes and exchanging words of sorrow and joy. He should be out there.

He was going to confess, after all.

If he could just get his pounding heart to calm and his frozen legs to thaw, maybe he still could confess before he’d never see her again.




I mean, person he’s crushing on is implied.

Force Awakens Revisited

So, I sat down with my wife and daughter and watched Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens again this weekend.  And I had some thoughts.

I love every thing about Rey and Finn as characters even more than I did the first go round.  I know a lot of people are attached to these two as a couple, but honestly I like them more as non-romantic besties, ya know?  Like, I like how excited they make eachother and I like that, with a few exceptions, most of their interactions feel like friends instead of romantic interests.  For a movie that’s going to be seen by a lot of kids over time it would be nice to have a male/female friendship that didn’t have to be romantic.

Also, Rey is great in this movie.  Everything about her. 

And I don’t think Harrison Ford gets enough credit for being an all-star supporting actor here.  For a guy whose been the lead in so many things and was the presumptive lead for this movie going in, he does an amazing job of feeding the younger actors and letting them take the spotlight.  The same is true of Carrie Fisher when she’s on screen, which is sadly not as often.

The only thing that I come out of this movie bothered by, which I had a hint of the first time I saw it too, was Phasma.  There is this underpinning feeling that Phasma is a badass, but she never gets to DO anything badass.  If Gwendoline Christie does not get to take off her helmet and absolutely whip someone’s ass in episode VIII, I’m gonna be a little upset.  I would like to avoid her being the Boba Fett of this series, where we’re just given the impression that she’s awesome until she falls into a Sarlak without once actually getting to be awesome on screen.

And oh yeah, I have to assume that having a multi racial squad of bad ass X-wing pilots makes them better, because I think that’s the first time in the franchise that more than two x-wings make it out of a fight…


worldrop-0ut said:


Thank you for your email. Auntie MJ was very excited by it. There are so many things about the style of it she approves of. First, TWO EXCLAMATION POINTS!! As an OPENER. Followed by THREE. This is revolutionary and Auntie MJ is stealing it. Combined with the caps, I think that could make any sentence exciting. Let’s try it.




But you didn’t stop there. You not only provided visual style, you provided things I could get behind, like cicada and fire. You have absorbed the first and most important rule of writing: !!KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!! Auntie MJ salutes you.

You were so successful at getting my attention that I forgot that I was here to answer a question. I was dazzled. I was amazed. I was mesmerized. 

External image

I simply could not think, such was the immediate appeal of everything you had done.

However, I had to snap out of it. Auntie MJ has a job to do. She must provide advice. But that meant I had to break the spell you had placed on me, and I did that by employing a trick I learned from one of my grad school professors–when he finished a book and it was time for the final edit, he read the whole book BACKWARDS. He started at the last sentence and went on like that, back and back and back to see if the effect of one sentence was matched by the cause in the one preceding it. This also works when reading something you are having trouble understanding for whatever reason.

So I went to the end, and suddenly I knew what was going on:


Auntie MJ was back on the bus. I know there is more here, and we will get to it, but Auntie MJ will soon make her case that all of the other parts of what you define as your problem are actually all about THIS. Something is ENDING. What will I do when it ENDS.

But let’s continue backwards.


This is a powerful sentence, and a long one. It needs unpacking. We’ll do that too. But we need just one more sentence:


Okay. We now have the problem in three stages, which I will now summarize:

1. You like someone and have liked this someone for two years and holding in this truth is, in your words, agonizing.

2. This person certainly presents as someone who likes you as well. You engage in activities such as the eating of food and the watching of motion picture entertainment. He gives you gifts, such as NICE MERCH and food items. This person does not respond favorably when you speak of others who might be competition in a romantic way.

3. And then, the big one: high school is ending. The way you relate to this person, the time you may spend together, may change. Change is coming. 

In fact, let Auntie MJ reassure you on one thing: change is actually already here. Change is always with us. We surf a wave of change all the time. Change is nothing to fear. It moves everything along in the most natural manner. 

I think what you are asking in this is: is this my last chance? One or both of us may move and go to different places. (Or maybe you won’t, but it’s a possibility.) You face the problem faced by the narrator of the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, who cries, “Should I, after tea and cakes and ices/Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?” There’s been food! There’s been merch! And what, after all that–what if you ask and you hear, as the narrator in this poem FEARS he will hear, “That is not what I meant at all; That is not it, at all.”

So he does nothing and he just kind of wanders around and looks at the fog and worries about eating peaches and mermaids laughing at him.


You are approaching something you see as the CRISIS! The change! The end! And things will certainly go on after that–not to worry, the world does not crack open when you graduate from high school and reveal itself to be a hot, steaming egg full of baby dragons*. 

External image

Unlikely graduation scenario.

The fact is, you want to do this. Your exubarence suggests this. You say it’s causing you agony not to. The other fact is: there is a lot of evidence, based on what you’ve said, that your friend may be going through the same thing. We cannot know how things will go, but we can make our moves knowing what we know now and doing what we feel is good, and right, and loving, and true. And I think if it is actually causing you agony not to say how you feel–and your friend seems kind–maybe you should do it. Say it.

Absorb the possibility that he may say, “That is not what I meant.” And if he does, again, the world will not open and the baby dragons will not emerge and eat us all** People go through this ALL THE TIME. Someone has to ask the question. That how things start. 

Now, in a movie they’d do something BIG AND ROMANTIC, and you can certainly do that if you want–but I think something more effective would be to simply talk about it at a time when you’re both just relaxing and sitting together. Just say how you feel and ask how he feels about it–and make it clear that you value above all else his friendship. It could go wrong. It could go right. But truly, we only go forward when we act–and you seem READY TO ACT. No one starts a note with two exclamation points who is not READY TO ACT.

Or don’t. Do what feels right for you. But in Auntie MJ’s opinion, it’s worth a shot. Let me know how it goes. No matter what happens, it will be okay. Seriously. Do not worry about the dragons, etc.***


Auntie MJ



* usually

** probably

*** they are not worth worrying about because they eat you before you really get a chance to do anything

Sometimes I wish they would just make movies valuing friendships. There are so many movies about teenagers always needing this one true love or this one big intimidate relationship, and it’s basically telling young teens that the only way to be happy is to be in a romantic relationship, that’s not true. Sometimes you just need a nice group of buds to get you through the day.

Thinking a lot about some modern long-distance Shallura where they meet before Shiro enlists in the Garrison. Allura’s human and visiting from a foreign country, they hit it off, exchange contact information, and strike up an instant friendship. She lives across the globe so it’s difficult coordinating timezones and he sometimes runs himself into the ground just so he has a chance to talk with her. They use streaming websites to watch movies together and Shiro shows her his favourite childhood classics while she tells him about plays and musicals she loved when she was young. At one point, he falls asleep during a Skype call and Allura stays on the line because it’s nice listening to his breathing. They’re both sending good morning texts in the middle of the night and nagging one another to go to bed even when they both want to keep talking, and as their schedules get more and more hectic, they have less time to spend together. Shiro knows Allura’s busy a lot of the time but he never managed to ask what it is she actually does, and it comes as some surprise when she offhandedly mentions being related to royalty in some country or another. He starts calling her “princess” just to be cute, she’s texting him underneath the table during stuffy dinners, and both of them are wanting so desperately to see each other in person even if it isn’t realistic.


“Jamie Dorman is really protective over Dakota,” the source says. “She is very friendly and talks to everyone [crew, security, etc.] Jamie stays to himself and does not talk much. Jamie thinks Dakota gets really distracted, because she is so nice to people and so he will walk over to who she is talking to and try and end the conversation. He is nice about it, but he does ask them to leave her alone.”

I was reading this on a website and in the discussion someone commented “My money’s on Jamie and Dakota having an affair by the end of the third movie.” I laughed. But I mean, they’ll be sharing intimate moments together, a lot. There’s obviously going to be an attraction and feelings, friendship and love, that carries on into real life. I think it’s heart warming to know that Jamie and Dakota are so close already. I think their friendship will be as tight as Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. Like I mean, that would be perfect!

For me the best thing about the new Star Wars movie was how the new characters interacted.

None of that usual “friendship/romance = insulting, being snarky and lashing out all the time and mocking each other as much as possible!” bulshit. The new characters were actually nice to each other. They openly admited to being worried for each other. They joked together, listened to each other. When one did something good, the others praised them.

This is how you do actual chemistry.