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jimin, what are your thoughts/how do you feel during your performances? (really love this au!!! :0 is there a member you enjoy drawing the most?)

Jimin: I just focus my eyes and think about the prize babe.

BTS reaction: Getting Jealous Over A Stranger

Request:“Can you do one reaction about BTS getting Jealous for some ramdon guy” I hope you enjoy your reaction sweetie^^

Rap Monster: You and Namjoon would be walking together in the city, all was well until he noticed a guy checking you out, he would probably be very open about this and just yell at the guy for even looking at you, he would be on edge the rest of the day even though you’ve reassured him that he should never worry about another guy.

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Jin: I don’t see Jin as much of a jealous type but if the guy Cat Called you, that guy better run because momma Jin would be furious!(XD) he would probably say something like “What’s your problem?! Don’t you know how to respect a woman!?!?” And he would just rant until you finally pulled him away.

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Suga: Oh no, You don’t mess with Yoongi’s girl. You would be at a party(or club) with him and you went to go get a drink, he looks over to see this random guy trying to flirt with you, Yoongi’s blood would immediately begin to boil. He would stomp his way over to you two and push himself between the two of you, grabbing you by the waist and would pull you away.

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Jhope: You and Jhope would be hanging out at an underground dance competition , he starts to notice someone getting a little too close to you so he does the best of his efforts to try to split you two up without you knowing he is jealous. “Hey Jagi! Let’s go over there! Look how cool it looks OVER THERE!!!” *drags you away*.

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Jimin: You were shopping with Jimin. You were looking at something and Jimin was sitting down on his phone until he looks up to see a male clerk being awfully friendly towards you. Jimin decides not to intervene since he knows you would get mad until the clerks hand is on your hip. Jimin gets up and replaces the clerks hand with his as he begins to hold you closer than he has ever done before “Y/N Noona(or Jagi) let’s get out of here” *gives clerk a dirty look* after that he was never going to let you out of his sight again.

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Taehyung: Taehyung had finally gotten a day off so you two decided to go to the park. You two were sitting on a bench when he decided to go get ice cream. As he is walking back he sees some guy sitting where he once was. “Jagi…who is this?” “This is G/N he said that he wanted to draw me” Tae would say something like “Oh that’s nice but we actually have to go” *takes your hand, dropping the ice cream* and walks off. Taehyung would be more sad than mad, he would be like this for awhile but would end up forgetting about it after you two cuddled.

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Jungkook: He would be picking you up from school, as he was waiting he noticed you and a guy talking. He didn’t think anything of it until the guy hugged you. Sure it was a simple jester but Jungkook was still mad. As you got into his car he would ask “Hey Y/N, who was that guy?” “Oh he is a new student, he doesn’t have any friends yet so I decided to help him out and show him around” he would look back at the guy “Oh… well that’s nice” you noticed the anger in his voice but decided not to say anything. The next day he was waiting for you outside his car, as soon as he saw you he ran to you and kissed you passionately in front of the new student, making sure he knew you were taken.

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