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Best Friends (Part 5)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 498

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: Super short part but it’s get exciting!!

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Thrumming with excitement, Bucky smiled widely as he looked up at the large screens that listed all the arriving flights. You had texted him the previous night, giving him details of your arrival, and he had promised to pick you up and take you out to eat before dropping you off your house. You had texted back a smiley face and Bucky didn’t sleep for the whole night, trying to figure out a way to tell you his feelings without making things too awkward if you didn’t reciprocate them.

Just then, the overhead speakers announced the arrival of your flight and Bucky stood right next to the conveyor belt that would be carrying your luggage, ready to take it out for you. He knew your suitcases by now, being that there were plenty of times that you took vacations together. The thought of this made Bucky smile fondly. Vacations together, eating lunch, calling each other often… How could he have been so blind? You acted the married couple all the time. It was only right that this friendship evolved into something deeper over the years.

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Alright, so I’ll keep this photo op story short and sweet. I absolutely loved the episode “Regarding Dean” this past season (on that note: dear show, please give Jensen more opportunity to challenge himself, he talked with so much joy about that episode today) and especially the bunny moment, so when I stumbled upon this pillow a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist to buy it thinking of using it for my Jensen op. And needless to say, I did use it and I do really love the outcome, though I am not entirely happy with my mouth, but shhhh, just ignore that! ;)

Anyway, so I walk up to Jensen and probably speak wayyyy too fast due to nervousness and he looks at me intently while I try and tell him in ultra speed that “I absolutely loved the episode and the bunny scene and that I wondered if we can take a picture together all cuddly” and he just goes: “DONE!”, smiles at me and pulls me into a hug. The picture is taken and while I go back he smiles once more and I say thank you so much and he says “thank you”. And I’m just thinking what on earth would you need to thank me for? :’) But it was very sweet and probably made me blush quite a bit.

Tyrone Power, 1936

“Ty was everybody’s favorite person, and all agreed that he was that great rarity – a man who was just as nice as he seemed to be. With his flashing good looks, graceful carriage, and easy laughter, it was no surprise that he was a Pied Piper to women – they followed him in droves wherever he went – but Ty was a simple person, with a great down-to-earthness and modesty about himself.”   - David Niven

Why I hate Betty from Riverdale since y’all won’t just let it go. 

Disclaimer: most of the time I don’t hold a fandom against a character and/or ship but here it’s somewhat the character’s fault that the fandom is doing this shit so I don’t feel bad about it.

  • She’s really boring. Her characterization is sweet uwu not like other girls (LITERALLY watch that cover girl promo) with a side of ‘crazy alter ego’ that doesn’t even get addressed in the show or is chalked up to anxiety and stress??? That’s literally it. She’s a Mary Sue. There I said it. Her faults are ‘;o; fragile pushover hnnnn’, ‘nosy’, ect and that’s the extent of it (and the show doesnt even treat them as faults). She’s smart, strong, nice, better than other girls, down to earth, sweet, and nurturing. 
  • She drugged, handcuffed, tortured, and almost drowned a man she has systematic power over in episode 3 and the actress and fandom were like lol girllll fuckingggg poweerrrr!!! And Betty faced no consequences for doing this at all! It’s clear they were meant to show this as mentally ill but there was no follow up on that at all and there were no repercussions for what she did. 
  • She’s literally shoehorned into every fucking plot line. It’s annoying. She has more screen time than any other character. I’d be significantly less bothered by her if her plot line consisted of just the Polly stuff. 
  • Coming off that point, she tends to make everything about her. Not her character personally, but the writers. Last week was Josie’s spotlight episode but who was ¾ths of it fucking about??? It’s even worse that she’s supposed to be a main character and never gets anything and when she finally does she has to share it with boring bettys mayo ass???? And next week is Jughead’s spotlight episode and I’m guessing it’ll follow a similar pattern. Hell, if you want to say episode 4 with the Grundy shit even that was half about fucking Betty for some reason???
  • Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, aka the head of the entire show as the top writer executive producer and show runner, has said before that his favorite character is Betty. She’s definitely a writers pet. This isn’t against Betty but it explains my previous points and hints that this will continue throughout the show. Also, the Betty slant is something that’s in pretty much all Archie canons. Ronnie is constantly vilified to make Betty look good. Even in RAS’ other Archie canon, Afterlife with Archie.
  • Let us not forget the thing that made half the fandom hate archie and call him a “fuck boy”. Betty went all Nice Guy on Archie when he didn’t return her feelings. She acted so entitled to him! And she made HIM apologize to HER?? Also she was all up starting shit with Veronica bc she and Archie kissed. Like she had those two on their knees begging for forgiveness and like..they didn’t even DO anything.
Anime/Manga Shoutouts

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Mob Psycho 100 - Very nice animation, likable and somewhat down to Earth protagonist, interesting characters all around. The protagonist reminds me a bit of Haruka from Free! and Kuroko. Fun fact: This is made by the creator of One Punch Man. Shoutout to the animation in the opening. Definitely should have won an award. 12 episodes. Hoping for a sequel anime. It has an ongoing manga but..the art for that…isn’t the best…Yeah. I personally find it hard to read because of the art alone. Everything else is fine. But those shaky lines….I wish the fanbase was bigger :/

Pandora Hearts - Great story telling, all of the plot twists will blow your mind, very nice artwork, an emotion experience that made me cry many times, especially during the finale (and not just because it was ending). Will forever recommend to anyone and everyone. Similar to Black Butler. It has 104 chapters and finished in March 2015. Has an anime adaptation, but it ends in filler, doesn’t cover a lot of the bigger twists later on and is quite old at this point. 

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AKB0048- Think Love Live but more dramatic, in space, battle lolis and with more plot. It’s quite similar to Pretty Rhythm in how there is an plot, the main characters have emotional distress for good reasons plus switches to 3D animation aren’t that jarring. 

The Monogatari Series- My current craze. Definitely not for anime newcomers. Follows and deconstructs the harem anime elements at the same time. The harem is very subtle. Excellent character development (Shoutout to Senjougahara), great visuals (SPECIAL shoutout to Kizumonogatari. Holy hell, the quality is almost too HD for my eyes), interesting story arcs and great characters (10/10 lolis). Has quite a bit of talking, so if you enjoy action 24/7 like shounen, this is not the series for you. The timeline can get quite confusing, but its best just to watch the seasons in airing order. This is SHAFT’s passion project, so prepare for some mind screwy visuals at points. Has some very Japanese puns and wordplay. Quite a bit of gore occasionally. The main character has had his asskicked by almost every girl in that image above and more. 

From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori)- This anime is…an experience. This is that one hidden gem. It has various psychological elements that are very well done and leave a sense of eeriness and mystery throughout. Oh, and prepare to question your own morality and humanity afterwards. Basically, humans have evolved to the point of having mind powers like being able to move things with their minds and lighting them on fire with a thought. The main character has just come of age for her powers and in placed in a class to learn more about them/how to control them/learning in general. However, she experiences things that make her question the present and past of her people and humanity that her village has kept secret. But the truth is much darker and morbid than expected. This anime follows the characters from 12 years old to about 26 years old. A very good 25 episodes. Do not take this series lightly. 

Kyokai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)- One of my top anime of all time and one of the only ones I will always be okay with rewatching. Great story telling, beautiful art and animation (bless kyoani), interesting characters (mostly) and a good balance of light hearted stuff and emotional backstory/plot. There’s a romantic subplot-ish, but its kinda like plot with romantic overtones? idk how to describe it exactly. Has 12 episodes and one movie sequel that everyone should absolutely see and watch the scene after the credits.

Durarara- I could watch it again. VERY big and diverse cast of characters. It’s very easy to lose track of who’s who in the first few episodes. All of them are interesting and have some depth, though. There’s not really a definite main character for this, honestly. The perspective switches quite a bit. Very good story arcs and characters (and development). The animation can get a big dodgy at times, but for the most part, it’s alright. Definitely gets an upgrade in the sequels. This might just be the example of Supernatural Things in Daily Life genre. Plus gangs. Has a second season that’s broken into cours: Duarara!!X2 Sho/Ten/Ketsu. Has a sequel as a light novel series only (Durarara!! SH). Shoutout to Mikado for having the most badass protagonist character development I’ve seen in a long while. 

Room for Two

Summary: When Dean helps his girlfriend Y/N move from her apartment to the bunker they spend the night together. The next morning, a spider leads to a steamy session in the shower. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Shower sex, NSFW, dirty talk, language, self doubt??

Word Count: ,2,388

A/N: This is is not beta read, and I’m exhausted forgive me. Thanks to an anon, @seenashwrite and  @emohermione for the ideas for the story! need to get to bed soon but I needed to finish another Dean fic! I hope you enjoy!

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“I never have visitors.” You said, a confused look on your face as you ogled the weird man with the cape before you. “Are you lost?”. You couldn’t believe he was real, that a real human being stood before you.

“I am not.” Stephen answered, an eyebrow raised. “It’s empty. This universe is empty. Why is it so?” This alternate universe had nothing but nature. The sea, a nice beach and the forest. It looked like earth might have looked like, before humans settled down. 

“Well, I am here since… I don’t even know for how long.” You shrugged and smiled awkwardly. “Time goes by slower, I believe. I think this is a cage, or was at least.” 


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ohhh, what would the RFA+Saeran's reactions be to MC's overprotective father being a mobster or a mafia leader?? kinda lame but mehh, it just kinda popped into my head ^^"

I only know about the Mafia from Bungou Stray Dogs, so that’s what it will be based off. Hope you don’t mind.


  • he laughs when you tell him
  • “That’s funny MC, but I     doubt he’ll be that scary”    
  • No, no you were serious
  • He was the leader of the mafia
  • Yoosung stares at you for a     second, before smiling and nodded    
  • And passing out
  • When he came too he began to     freak out
  • He couldn’t handle this! He’s a     university student! Want if they try to kill him?
  • What if they want him to do…     illegal things?
  • Yoosung, trust me, my     father will take one look at you and know you aren’t up for that
  • Wait what does that mean?
  • He tries really hard to be     tough around your father… but he fails miserably 
  • He just kind of looks like an     awkward puppy dog     
  • Puppy dog vs Lion
  • Your father wasn’t acting very     threateningly, you were glad and thought maybe he finally warmed up
  • But when you left him and     Yoosung alone…
  • “I’m sure you have good     intentions with my kid, but should you hurt them I’ll make sure you and     your family disappear off the face of the earth without a trace,     okay?“     
  • "Okay, Sir”
  • He leaves the place terrified 
  • You have to reassure him he     won’t do anything, because you won’t let him. 
  • Also that he shouldn’t worry     what your father thinks because you love him very much and that’s what     matters.     


  • fuck.
  • She’s a little overwhelmed by     your father’s status in the world 
  • For a while she lets her fears     get the best of her and she avoids meeting your father for a while
  • But then, she looks at it     objectively
  • One of her closest friends is a     secret agent that probably does illegal things a lot 
  • And if she’s not scared of an     elite hacker that could ruin her life with a few clicks of a button
  • She should be afraid of the person     she loves father.     
  • It wasn’t the best comparison     but if it kept Jaehee confident enough to meet your father then it didn’t     really matter
  • She’s very polite when talking     to him, and although she’s scared she does well in not showing it
  • Your father is pretty impressed     so he backs off with the threats for now
  • When he’s alone with Jaehee he     gives her a gentle reminder of your wellbeing
  • “Woman or not, should you     hurt my MC I can assure you your existence will be wiped from this earth     in the blink of an eye”     
  • Jaehee nods and agrees, saying     she understands and promises she would never do something like that to you
  • She’s a mix of shaken and     relieved after meeting him    
  • You assure her you wouldn’t let     your father hurt her     
  • She’s grateful but still     terrified     


  • Zen should definitely be the     most worried     
  • Because your father has seen     his type before, his "I can handle this baby, don’t worry” kind     of confidence before    
  • He’s seen his type right before     putting a bullet in their brain    
  • Zen’s confidence is still up     and running
  • But it’s covering up his utter     fear
  • Your father’s glares pierce     Zen’s eyes
  • Zen’s polite and confident,     showing he can be tough and handle looking after you
  • While his father admires     that… he still worries Zen will hurt you.
  • You’re afraid of leaving them     alone but it becomes unavoidable, so you try to make it as quick as     possible
  • “You have a pretty face, I     bet it does well for your career. It would be a shame if something     horrible, like acid burn, were to happen to it, right?" 
  • "U-uh, yes” 
  • Terrible threatened 
  • While Zen is terrified, he does     promise your father he loves you very much, and he would give his life to     protect you.     
  • Your father’s impressed by his     sacrifice, and he escapade unscathed 
  • However, you do have to calm     him down when you get home    
  • Zen is strong but holy shit     your father is scary    


  • these two were two sides of the     same coin
  • Both of them had the power to     destroy the other     
  • Neither of them here shaken nor     intimidated by the other    
  • It was a very interesting     exchange
  • Your father threatened him,     offhandedly warning that should you be hurt his company might take the     fall
  • But Jumin also insisted that     should you somehow pay for his crimes, he might find himself in the same     position
  • It was like watching cats and     dogs fight
  • At the end of the day, they     almost had… respect for each other 
  • A respect that didn’t go past a     handshake, but a respect non the less 
  • You began to wonder if you’d     disrupted the balance of the earth by bringing the two of them together 
  • Admittedly, Jumin was a little     worried. But he wasn’t worried for himself, but rather for you
  • He knew having two people you     cared about deeply dislike each other was never a nice experience 
  • But he was glad that it went     well
  • And you were happy


  • please do not let this man     child near the mafia boss     
  • Please
  • Saeyoung is smart, so he’s     confident in his ability to take down the Mafia
  • But this boy has a mouth on him
  • And having a mouth is like     asking for death in the mafia
  • You’re the one frightened for     Saeyoungs life when he and your father meet 
  • It was very nerve wracking to     see your boyfriend mouth off to your father, who had a gun three inches     away
  • Your father made his threats     serious and unforgiving    
  • “You’re a fool, and should     you break MC’s heart both you and your brothers spines will be     broken”
  • “But Sir~ MC chose me! So     if you kill me and Saeran you’ll be the one breaking their heart~”
  • Your father opened his mouth     but you interrupted him.    
  • “Please don’t say     anything, Father, I’ll kill him myself" 
  • If you leave the two alone,     however, Saeyoungs personality breaks.
  • "I understand your     concerns, but please understand when I say I would do anything for MC.     That includes dying"     
  • Your father’s a little     surprised at Saeyoungs turn around. 
  • Once you leave you hit Saeyoung     for being so rude
  • Because you were afraid your     father might actually do something, and that scared you 
  • He assured you he’d never leave     your side     
  • Even if he dies
  • Ghost Saeyoung


  • Had Saerans mentality still     been messed up, he probably wouldn’t be threatened or intimidated by your     father at all
  • But it was different now
  • And even though he didn’t show     a single indication
  • He was scared out of his mind
  • He didn’t know much about the     mafia, but he knew it wasn’t a very safe organisation 
  • He was a little afraid your     father would be like Rika     
  • Even though he knew that was     stupid
  • He was still afraid
  • He was very quiet when he met     your father, and you held his hand the entire time
  • When you left them alone, your     father showed him understanding 
  • Although,  he     still threatened him    
  • "I understand what you’ve     been through is hard, but from what I hear you’re making a very remarkable     recovery”
  • “Yes sir" 
  • "I hope you understand if     you do hurt MC, I will make sure your death is quick and you are easily     forgotten"     
  • This hurts Saeran a lot but he     nods and dryly swallows     
  • When you guys get home, he has     a panic attack
  • You calm him down by     getting him to breathe and rubbing his back 
  • Once he calms down, you hold     him and promise you will not let anything happen to him
  • Saeyoung won’t either
About a Girl [2]

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Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue

Meet your new employer.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my home?”

You stared at the man like a deer in headlights. Was this Mr. Kim? “My name is Y/LN/FN.” You took a moment to bow. “I’m Jangmi’s nanny.”

“Hm,” the man seemed to relax a little, placing his hand on his hip. “I didn’t realize Jungkook had found someone.”

“That wasn’t you that I spoke to on the phone?”

He chuckled, “No. That was my assistant. He’s in charge of these kinds of things.” He turned to fill up a glass of water. “I don’t have time for these things. Incase you haven’t heard I tend to go through a lot of nannies.”

You felt a twinge of anger at his nonchalant tone. Being as that you were new, you pushed it aside to give him the benefit of the doubt. He might seem uncaring, but maybe that was only because it had been a long day. “Ah, I see. I thought your voice sounded different.”

“Did Mrs. Choi give you Jangmi’s schedule?”


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request:  2. “You should be with me” pleeease

ask and ye shall receive! this ones a little shorter! keep sending in the requests! list of blurbs here! hope you enjoy!


Fuck that word.

You had been friends with the one person you believe you had ever actually loved for two years. You had met through mutual friends, not really becoming friends for a couple of months. Harry Styles was exactly the kind of man that you had fallen for before. Kind, goofy, textbook gorgeous, and just down-to-earth. Being friends first was nice; the fact that you got to know him without any ill intentions was truly amazing. But now…

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Beauty and the Beast thoughts in gushing dot point form

• They changed the Disney castle with a knight holding a sword at the top somewhere?

• Nice film making technique, making the transformation be visible as a silhouette and lining up the main servants, so we see their darkly lit silhouettes react in horror. It’s horrifying as an audience because we know it’s their turn next.

• It may have sounded auto-tuned when I listened to it online, but with such nice speakers the auto-tuning for Emma Watson didn’t bother me at all. Oh and the village singing number is so much grander on the big screen. I particularly loved the ‘triplets’ getting splashed with mud and Lefou breaking their Gaston marriage hopes with “Never gonna happen.”

• Also my “expensive education.” can’t even help me find the words, but the camera moving from the colourful fields in the Belle reprise and continuously travelling fast to where Maurice was ‘Google Earth style’ was beautiful.

• Lefou’s bitemark on his belly from wrestling in ‘Gaston.’

• “One path closes and another one opens.” You’re so brave Maurice.
• My heart sunk when Maurice slid down in the snow to what I thought would be the wolves. My emotions really matched what was happening on the screen.

• “Shut up, you idiot.” Cogsworth’s first lines spoken. Nice. “I’ve lost my hands, I haven’t lost my eyes!”
“That man has very good taste.” “He was talking about me.”

•Maurice warming his hands on the fire and then another part of his body (read: rear end.)

• “Mama told me not to move so I don’t scare anyone.” (paraphrased) Maurice listens to the talking tea cup for a moment and then quickly rises from his chair and runs away.

• Also, poor Maurice coughing and getting dragged away from the cell by Beast and getting punched by Gaston. Tied to a tree in winter, sent to an asylum etc. At least the ‘hurt’ was balanced with the ‘comfort’ of Agathe giving his shivering hand a cup of tea. She also has a barn owl. Bonus points.

This is where I abandon chronology. It’s easier that way.

• “You can’t talk to us like that!” Cogsworth adorably says with his teeny sword. “Cogsworth the master has returned!” “Where?!” and then his accessories fall apart.

“I’m not alarmed/startled (can’t remember which word) I’m holding a talking candle.”
“Candelabra! There is a difference!”

• Mrs Potts offering tea to Belle before her escape. How considerate! And her “just because someone said things to you when they’re angry, doesn’t mean you have to listen.” speech.

• Lumiere and Cogsworth play chess together. Lumiere cheated apparently.

• Be Our Guest took 12 months to shoot. Let that sink in. And rightly so! That scene felt like an entire Hollywood musical. It just put a big smile on my face! My God, can Mcgregor dance! (motion capture, by the way) With his arms behind his back, sliding on his knees and those twirls! Also, nice guillotine joke and him saying “Over here.” When Plumette’s spotlight doesn’t reach him.

• I’m also happy to note that there was Cogsworth slapstick, just like the original movie! With a fish head slamming in his face and him falling off the table when they literally pull the rug (tablecloth) from under his feet. He also puts his hand on Lumiere’s back after he lands down from the chandelier to see if he’s OK ><

• The hand behind the back thing happens again when they see Belle and Beast dancing. They’re happy for their love, but also for the prospect of being Human Again. Also, Lumiere does whatever he wants! He treats Cogs like a footstool by landing on his head. (Kitchen scene I think.) Also, any clockwork puns are funny.

• What Beast really meant to say when discussing Shakespeare was “Romeo and Juliet? That’s so girly! I only like stuff with swords like Macbeth or Hamlet where everyone dies.” Also his tongue is so long when he expresses his dislike of pining and heartbreak in Romeo & Juliet! :XD:

•  Lumiere’s makeup mishap with the powder. “I can fix this.”

• I was a bit disappointed that the camera angles weren’t really sweeping around like the original Tale as old as time number, but I like that Belle leads the dance and that there’s new dance moves, like Beast lifting her up to his hips and making her dip (lean backwards.)

• (When Belle leaves) “So much for true love.” Awww! Cogsworth, you’re so cynical. I’m also torn on Evermore. I like the deep, growly version because it’s from the original actor, but Josh Groban has got such more range. That might be my favourite. Also, Beast moving up the staircase in a spiraling motion to get a glimpse of Belle? So dynamic! And was the missing element I couldn’t have imagined when I first listened to Evermore.

• Maurice holding the padlock after using that delightful deus ex machina of a hairpin.
“I believe this belongs to you?” And then casually asking the head of the asylum. “Do you have children?”

• 3 bullet shots Gaston? REALLY?! So much more shocking than a stab wound! And Gaston’s screams continuing until he hits the ground? 0-0 I’m also glad the curse reverting wasn’t too spinny. It was nice and slow.

• Lastly, I thought Plumiere would be my favourite ship. But Garderenza is the best! The way he looks at her sing, and his mad grins when he plays ^^ He also played a crucial role, holding back the doors. I’m so proud of him.

• “The fat lady is singing!” Garderobe yells out before joining the fight. I’m so glad she didn’t land on anyone, it wouldn’t have translated in live action. I also liked the Lefou/Potts piping hot tea teamwork.

• “Cadenza, you were so brave!” “Mi amore! (Can’t remember the rest. It might be wrong.)” Though Lumiere on his knees, saying “No, Plumette… No.” with her in his arms is emotionally tied.

•I also laughed when the first thing Fru Fru does is pee on Chapeau’s leg. That’s how the unsung hero who saved Chip’s life gets rewarded.

• Beast’s question of how he’ll know he’s in love. Cogsworth’s answer is that he’ll feel nauseous XD

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How about College AU with the RFA and Minor Trio? Like what their major would be, roommate, stuff like that

I don’t know much about collage majors, so I’m sorry if you were looking for specifics. Also I wasn’t sure if you wanted a MC to be included or not, but I included them anyway. The RFA isn’t running by the way. 

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Note: I don’t actually know that much about Star Trek as I only recently started watching it, and have been watching more of TNG than TOS, so I apologize for anything I might of gotten wrong.


Soda Pop Bubbly

Besides Shiro Keith had never really had friends. Had never really tried. His early years had been spent living in the middle of nowhere West Texas being homeschooled by his father. There had been no other kids around. There hadn’t been a lot of other people around period. There had been the waitress at the dinner they went to so his father could watch the news, and the grown sons of the owner of the ranch his father had worked on. The waitress had been nice. She had given him free slices of pie regularly. The rancher’s sons had been dumb, mean, or both. His father had been a conspiracy theorist and an incredibly paranoid one at that, so they hadn’t had Wi-Fi,  smart phones, computers, or a television because his father hadn’t wanted to make it easy for the government to spy on them.

After his father…went away when he was nine Keith had been shipped off to a foster home already filled with six other kids and located in the city of Lubbock. The city had been like another world, and the other kids just as alien. He hadn’t known about Transformers, Batman, or any of the other things they talked about, and they hadn’t known about the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, the Roswell crash, or anything else of importance.

His father had once told him that the majority of humanity were blind men who believed they saw all. He had learned in that first foster home just how true those words were. He also learned just how cruel kids could be. After that first home he didn’t bother with the other kids. With anyone really. They all had their heads in the dirt while he was gazing at the stars.

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A prompt for you: Sam finds out just how huge of a nerd Bucky really is. Cue some good ole mutual pining. :)

“I’m just saying, if hyper lightspeed technology exists out there, we need to be prepared.”

“We hear you, Barnes. But we have other matters to discuss, so we need to table this for another time.”

Bucky looked at Director Hill like he could have flipped the table, and both Sam and Steve got tense in their seats. When he shrugged and nodded, the meeting moved on.

Sam caught up with Bucky when they filed out of the SHIELD conference hall and touched him on the arm. “What’s with you, man?”


“The hell it’s nothing.”

Bucky yanked his arm out of Sam’s grip and stared at him. “They’re not thinking ahead. But there are worlds out there with technology we’ve never dreamed of. And some of those places aren’t so nice toward earth. Hill’s too short sighted to–she just doesn’t like that I’m not Fury.”

Sam scrunched up his face as Bucky stalked down the hallway. Bucky? Thinking ahead? That’s news to me.

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Return Of Toe

Jack knew of the original YouTube group, the Brits and Americans that had mingled together, forming a close knit relationship with each other.

He knew that there was a group before the Buttercreams.

And he knew Joe was close with all of them, which was why he was excited for the other man when it was revealed that Tyler Oakley would be coming over to the UK for a brief visit.

Joe couldn’t stop talking about it, because the YouTube group was going to reunite for a dinner. It was going to be a great time.

Then Jack went onto social media, where word had spread of the one and only Tyler Oakley coming over to the UK, and the fans were going crazy.

Everyone kept talking about how Tyler and Joe were being reunited, Toe was being reunited.

At first, Jack had laughed, because the silly little ship name the fans had created for Tyler and Joe was ridiculous, but then it kept circulating, along with images and videos of the two together, and Jack started to change his view on it from ridiculous to worry.

Were the two that close?

Should he be worried that Joe would ignore him?

But it was ridiculous, because Joe had no idea of Jack’s feelings. There was no reason to be worried, or jealous, or anything really. Joe was a single guy, and could be with anyone he wanted to be with, even Tyler.

Besides, Tyler seemed like a nice guy. Jack had never met the well known man, but from the videos he had watched and the interviews he’d read, he knew that Tyler was a down to earth guy, incredibly sweet, and one of Joe’s close friends.

There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Yet Jack began to worry again when the two groups came together, and he got to experience first hand just how much of a flirt Tyler was as well.

Because the giggly blonde was very much so openly flirting with Joe. Consistently.

For a while, Jack tried to ignore it, focus on the conversation he was having with some of the others at the gathering turn party, but he could hear Joe laughing followed closely by Tyler’s infamous giggle. And he just knew the two were conversing with each other.

Looking from the corner of his eye, Jack could see Tyler brushing his fingers through Joe’s hair, a little smirk on his lips, saying something that caused Joe’s cheeks to flush red.

No matter how hard he tried, Jack could not tear his eyes away from the sight before him, feeling his jealousy churn in his stomach. So when Joe’s eyes jumped over to meet his, he was sure his feelings were evident for the older man to see.

But all Joe did was offer him a small and intimate smile, one that caused Jack’s heart to do a little flip, and despite the jealousy inside of him, he couldn’t help but return the smile.

Until the moment was ruined by Tyler pulling Joe’s attention back onto him.

Some time later during the party, Jack found himself slipping outside, needing a break from the crowd and heat, letting out a breath as the coolness of the night air brushed against his skin.

Leaning against the wall, he stared across at the lights of the city, twinkling brightly back at him.

“Hey,” Joe said softly, leaning against the spot beside Jack, their arms pressed against each other.


“Having fun?”



“What?” He turned his head to stare over at Joe, only to find him already staring back at him, his blue eyes bright even in the darkness of outside.

“You’ve barely talked to me all night.”

“You’ve been busy catching up with your friends.”

“You’ve barley looked at me too.”

“Didn’t think you’d noticed,” Jack shrugged, turning his attention back to the skyline, trying to ignore his burning cheeks.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” He snapped, pushing himself off of the wall, “Can we go back to the party? I’m sure there’s someone missing you in there.”

“What does that mean?” Joe stepped back from the wall as well, looking over at Jack with confusion.

“Nothing, just drop it.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on!”

“There’s nothing going on!”

“Then why the hell have you been ignoring me?!”

“Because I like you!” Jack blurted out, his mouth snapping shut as Joe rocked back on his heels, his eyes widening.

“You…you’ve been ignoring me because you like me?”

“No.” Sighing, Jack ran his fingers through his hair roughly, “Because I’m a jealous idiot.”

“Still not making sense…”

“I got sick of watching Tyler flirt with you, alright?! I couldn’t handle it. So I came out here. And now I’m going to leave because I’ve only made things worse.” He answered, spinning around to head back into the party so he could leave.

“And if I admit to liking you too, will you stay?”

The question stopped him, and Jack felt his heart race at Joe’s words.

Slowly, he turned back around to face the other man, who was fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, looking over at Jack nervously.

“Are you just saying that so I don’t leave…”

“No!” Joe shook his head quickly, stepping forward, “I’m saying it because I mean it!”

“But Tyler…”

“Is just a friend, a friend who flirts probably too much, but that’s all he is. Gods, Jack. I’ve liked you since practically the moment I met you!”

“You have?”

“Yes.” Joe blushed deeply, “But I didn’t think you liked me.”

“And here I was worried I was being too obvious,” Jack laughed, closing the distance between the two, his arms moving around Joe, “You know how worried I was that you had caught on before and then I was terrified you’d want to stop being friends!”

“Never.” Joe smiled at him, “Unless we can become more than friends…”

“I sure hope so.” Jack replied, leaning in to kiss Joe.

When the two re entered the party, exchanging a secret smile, their fingers brushing against each other, Tyler bounced over to them, studying them both for a moment.

“About freaking time!” He announced, wrapping his arms around the two, “I was wondering when Jack would finally get jealous enough.”

“What?!” Jack gaped over at the American.

“Please, I knew you liked Joe the moment I saw you watching him. I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did.”

“You flirted on purpose?” Joe asked, starting to laugh.

“Had to get you two to admit your feelings to each other somehow,” Tyler winked, “Now who wants a drink?!”

©sedasarp Saving people, hunting things, the family business ✡ Hope things won’t go down in this city because a Winchester always means trouble 😶
Was lovely meeting such a nice, down to earth person though @jaredpadalecki 😊💕 #Supernatural #InnerGeekIsHappilyDancing #SamWinchester

©chosstravel Another day, another celebrity. Jared Padalecki strolling the streets of Brisbane!!!!

©morganjane_96 Was lucky enough to run into this lovely and talented man in Brisbane CBD today! Thanks for taking the time to take a photo with me even though I had word vomit. 💕💕💕 @jaredpadalecki  #jaredpadalecki #samwinchester #supernatural #love #fangirl #brisbane

©@be_amiused  Amazing meeting you @jarpad! I wanted to ask if you were lost, but my brain went to mush and all I could manage was “Hi!”  Love your work!

Scorpio Pt 9

Scorpio  Scorpio Pt.2 Scorpio Pt.3 Scorpio Pt.4 Scorpio Pt.5 Scorpio Pt.6 Scorpio Pt.7 Scorpio Pt.8

Warnings: SMUT SMUT Swearing.

Enjoy :) leave a note if you like :) 

I walked slowly over to his masculine presence pulled at the towel around his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss; he grabbed me and dug his fingers into my waist. I felt myself burning up everything in the room felt like it just melted away. I was thrown out of my bliss by him pulling his mouth away from mine and growled as he grabbed my ass and lifted me up; I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, we smiled at each other for a second before he turned round and stepped back and sat on the chair. With me now straddling him and him tracing my outline so delicately “feeling better yet” I asked cheekily holding the back of his head with both my hands. “Not quite yet doll” he smiled as he grabbed my blouse and ripped it open sending the buttons flying over the floor “this is better” he remarked as he undone the clasp on my bra with one hand and pulled the back of my hair hard with the other; after I gasped I felt myself get wet; the lust this man brought out in me was overwhelming. I started to grind my hips into his area when his cock twitched beneath the towel he frowned and lifted me up and launched me on the bed.

He moved himself up to my level with a devilish grin before sitting back up and slowly pulling of my underwear before chucking it behind him. My turn now; with all my strength I pushed him onto his back; I quickly got on top of him and pinned his arms above his head. I could tell he was surprised at my strength but also aroused as I felt him get hard beneath me; before he could say anything  I went to kiss him but bit his lip instead he growled as he twisted his hands free and yanked my hair to which I let out a gasp. “My you are a strong kitten” he snarled but he just smiled and rested both of his hands on my hips; I was definitely going to take advantage of this. As much as I’m currently in control it’s an illusion as I know full well if he wanted it different it would be. I lifted myself up slightly and undone the towel at his waist and freed his erection before guiding it inside me, he let out a low growl as I leaned back to feel his full length. I rested one hand behind on the bed and the other I rested on his now heaving chest. He was clearly enjoying the view, he moved his hands to my breasts and squeezed them tightly before moving his hands back down to my hips and controlled the speed of my movement as I started to move my hips in a circular motion. Each movement hit my spot exactly; I started to moan and let out breaths as I tried to move faster but was not allowed, he sat up as much as he could and stopped me moving and ran his pale hands down into the small of my back. Before I knew it he’d lifted me and I was laying on my back breathing heavy and felt just how wet I was as he pulled out of me and got of the bed and went to a the bedside draw on his side. He pulled out the familiar satin blindfold and sat beside me. I was filled with excitement; what would happen this time? “Do you trust me” he asked seriously.

“Not in the slightest” I laughed back in reply as I sat up willing him to continue “Good” he smirked as once again he removed one of my senses.

“Lie on your back arms out” He demanded, I smiled and did as I was told. The sensation of something soft was being tied around my wrists; I tried to pull at them, there was not a lot of give. I was excited at the thought of these under the bed restraints. I felt him walk away and a door opened and closed, the air in the room was still, I was alone and once again left feeling exposed and fragile for what seemed like an age. The door opened and closed again and something was placed on the table beside me; I really hoped it was J or this could be embarrassing. “The best thing about having power over people is that you’ll always win, even if they resist it just makes it more fun more fun to me to watch them break” as he spoke these words I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit worried about what was coming “But you doll you’re too irresistible for me to break and I have much more fun building you up” he continued as he ran both his hands slowly up my legs before pulling them apart and climbing on top of me. A blast of a cold sensation on my lips shot through my heightened senses to make me shiver as an ice cube slowly made its way from my lips to my neck; I could feel his hair slip onto the side of my face. I gently pulled on the satin restraints as the trail of ice ventured round the front of my body, I could feel the ice cube melting and cold water was trickling down my sides made my muscles twitch. “Having fun kitten” he asked, I could picture his smirking face and this implored me to not want to give him the satisfaction “A little” I lied. In response he quickly put his lips to my ear “How about now” he whispered as a shock bolted through me; my clit was completed overwhelmed by the ice cube which was being held directly on it. I gasped and yanked at my restraints as I arched my back. I breathed out deeply as the ice was moved. My body still in shock I felt him sit up dragging his cold hands down my body before my legs either side of him.

My whole area was sensitive as the ice cold water was running down from my clit; this was soon soothed by the warm press of his tongue, when it reached my clit he gently sucked it into his mouth before letting go and pressing the tip of his tongue and running it down and pressing  the it into me; I let out a low moan and pressed into him as much as I could be he pulled away and softly ran the tip of his nose up my stomach and lightly kissed my breast before thrusting two fingers inside me “Fuck” I gasped “ That’s what I like to hear kitten” he purred. Everything with him is just so much more intense that anything I’ve experienced before. I bit my lip as his fingers started to move in and out of my wetness; with each movement he bit down my body leaving a trail of red marks until he was massaging my throbbing clit with his tongue again in small circles. Everything was in perfect rhythm. My breathing was increasing and so was his I was trying to push into him with my hips but his free hand was pressing down into my hip. He’d taken control back.

As the pleasure was building I pulled harder on the satin binding me leading to him to quicken his rhythm; my moaning was getting louder with each thrust of his fingers and with each passing second he was bringing me closer. As I was on the verge I curled my toes into the bed and tensed my muscles he completely stopped and all the tension was gone. I called my breathing feeling slightly annoyed. “You’ve been a bad girl for daddy and I don’t think you deserve to cum”

“What? I haven’t done anything” I said exasperated.

“Oh but you have babydoll you’ve had pleasure that wasn’t mine and daddy doesn’t like to share” He growled. How on earth did he know about that; stupid question I told myself as he removed the blindfold. “I’d normally just go and dispose of her but I’m feeling nice and I thought I’d have way more fun making you beg for daddy to satisfy you” his smile was mischievous but his eyes were deadly serious. I was relieved yet anxious at how long this man was going to torment me and bring me to the brink; this was going to be a battle of wills.

He leaned down nuzzled my head to the side and breathed lightly on my neck and he made damn sure that his hard cock was pressed against  my clit; I tilted my hips to glide against him as I dug my head into the bed and let out a sigh “How badly do you need me inside you kitten?” As he grabbed his cock and teased my entrance; this was agonising I needed him inside me but I wasn’t going to let him win “A bit” I lied again. He smiled completely seeing through me “Well I’ll have to work a bit harder for you then won’t I” He started to trace his fingers down in between my breasts and down the centre of my body and just brushed over my clit and slowly eased his fingers into me; I moaned and pushed into him. I could tell he was enjoying every little reaction and movement I made. His fingers glided in and out of me with ease and I could feel myself get wetter and wetter “You’re so ready for me” He breathed heavily as his fingers left me.

He sat back and pulled my legs up slightly and grabbed a pillow and placed it under my lower back so my hips were slightly tilted. As if he couldn’t resist anymore he pulled my legs slightly apart and aligned himself and slowly pressed his length into me; we both exhaled deeply. He began thrusting which quickly had us both panting; his thumb started caressing my clit in circle, I pulled hard on my restraints as the pleasure surged through my body. He completely knew my body in such a short space of time; just before my muscles built to completely release he stopped all movement. I threw my head back in frustration as he smiled cruelly and looked down at me with those ocean blue eyes of his. “Has kitten learned her lesson that she’s mine?”

“Yes daddy” I cried

“Tell me what you want” he demanded. He wants me to beg and right now I don’t care I give in, I’ve been edged enough.

“Please make me cum daddy I’m yours” I begged.

“That’s better” He smiled wickedly as he started flexing his hips vigorously and applying pressure to my clit; his low growl was drowned out completely by my cries of pleasure. My arms began to ache from all the straining; the muscles in the lower half of my body also began to ache and tense. Again he stopped. “Fuck” I cried. He smiled as I frowned; I tried to calm myself by slowly breathing out through my nose. He leaned down and kissed me with such passion I couldn’t help but moan into him as his tongue explored my mine. “I didn’t quite believe you princess” he said sternly; he leaned into me again and I bit his lip and made him bleed and screamed a look rage and desperation at him. “Hmm that’ll do” he slowly sucked the blood away from his bottom lip. He leaned back up and started slamming himself into me full pace; the muscles in his core dancing, his chest heaving, he threw his head back and grunted. As soon as he started rubbing my clit I completely exploded around him, my muscles convulsed violently making me scream his name. The pleasure ripped through me as there was still pressure applied to my clit which was adding power to each contraction. He carried on thrusting into me overwhelming me until he quickly found his release with a deep growl.

I was spent, I didn’t even care I was still bound, my body felt so heavy I felt like I had no strength. He pulled away and leaned and kissed me softly while releasing me. My wrists were sore and red; I managed to roll on my side speechless. He laid behind me and gently ran his fingertips down my side. “Babydoll as much as you blow me away we must actually do some work tomorrow” he tucked my hair behind my ear as I turned my head slightly to him “I guess so” I mustered tired and exhausted. I’m not sure how much we are ever going to get done seeing as we are so magnetic to one another.

anidala week 2017 - day three: modern au
fic title: stars in the sky (bring the summer right back to me)
word count: 3962
also available: ao3

It is a truth universally acknowledged that over the summer Jewish children go to sleepaway camp and Padmé Amidala, at age fourteen, finally joined the ranks of her fellow teenagers to attend one such camp. She had argued that there were better ways to spend her summer, such as the Legislative Youth Program that she had wanted to attend, an intense six week program in Washington D.C. where she and other like minded teenagers would learn the nuances of American politics. Her parents chided her, insisting she spent at least one summer away from home as a kid, like her sister Sola always had, and not as the budding politician she one day hoped to be. Her protests shut down, Padmé reluctantly found herself nearly melting and sticking to the seats of an almost-too-old-to-drive school bus on her way to the Jacob and Edith Diamondstein Institute, more commonly referred to as Camp JEDI.

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Arranged Marriage [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: ok ok i have a request : prince!barry and princess!reader in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time


Barry doesn’t really get this whole ‘arranged marriage’ thing. Yes, he understands it’s the eighteenth century and it will, somehow, unite the two kingdoms, but, shouldn’t you marry for love? Sighing, he smooths down his white flowy shirt, deciding not to get too dressed up for a simple meeting.

His knee high black boots scuff down the marble stairs, creating small tapping noises. He stops, hearing his father talk to someone, and presses to the wall. “Now dear, I hope everything is to your liking, if not, we can change whatever you need. As for my son, he should be here soon. Until then, Joe, our royal adviser, can keep you company.” Barry fixes his leather pants, fitting them perfectly on his hips before continuing down the steps.

“Oh, no, everything is lovely, your highness. You have a beautiful kingdom, I must say. I am looking forward to living here.” you reassure, patting King Allen’s hand. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a tall young man peeking around the stone wall. Thinking he’s a peasant, you smile at him, “You do not have to hide from me, I am quite nice, I think.” you bite your lip, tangling your hands in your ruby red gown.

King Allen turns, waving his hand in the air, “Bartholomew! What on earth are you dressed in?!” he scolds, grabbing the young man’s upper arm and dragging him down the steps. The young man, Bartholomew, rolls his hazel eyes, looking away. “Honestly, you would think the prince would dress nicer when meeting his soon-to-be wife!” the King grumbles, dusting of the white baggy shirt. Your eyes widen an inch; that’s the prince?!

Barry scoffs, playing with the string dangling from his shirt, revealing some of the pale skin of his neck. “Father, I do not even know the princess. How am I to love someone who I only just met?” he pleads, following the King. When his eyes meet yours, his jaw goes slack. Oh dear, you heard that. He coughs awkwardly, kneeling on the ground, “Milady…” he kisses the back of your hand, “I apologize for being so rude, I did not know of your presence. My name is Prince Bartholomew.” he almost throws up saying his full name, “You can address me as Barry if you wish.”

Blushing, you nod, brushing your hair out of your eyes, standing him up. A smile cracks your face and you subconsciously count his moles on his exposed, sharp collarbone. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Barry. My name is Y/N.” you introduce, curtsying, “Tell me, do you always dress so casual? Is my clothing not appropriate?” you ask, self consciously, glancing down at your gown.

Swallowing, he runs his hands down his leather pants, grinning nervously. He brings one hand to his neck while the other sits on his thigh. “I, um, it would appear that I enjoy dressing like a commoner, according to Joe.” he jokes, eyeing the Royal Adviser. You giggle, catching his attention. Barry breathes a happy sigh, “You look absolutely stunning, Y/N. I am a very lucky man to have you as my soon-to-be wife.”

“And I am lucky to have a charming fellow as my soon-to-be husband.”

A rosy blush blossoms on his face, disappearing in his baggy shirt. He holds out a hand, “Would you like a tour of the castle, my princess?” You nod, placing your hand in his. Maybe this arranged marriage will work out after all.

Back At You

Thomas Jefferson x Reader

You stared at the sight in front of you.

There was your husband Thomas laying in bed with another woman. In your bed, in your home.

They were both asleep so they didn’t know that they had been caught. You quickly grabbed your stuff and dashed to your car.

You drove around the city for a while before stopping at the park that you and your friends used to hang out with.

You started crying, wondering where it all went wrong. Where you not enough for him?

You got up from your spot and made your way to the bar that was across the street. You walked inside the building, going up the counter and asking for a shot.

You swallowed it down and then looked around the bar.

Over in the corner you saw a handsome man with his friends. He noticed you looking at him and made his way over.

“Hello darling, what’s your name?” He asked, smiling at you.

“Y/n. And you?”

“Alexander Hamilton. Nice to meet you, would you like to have some fun?”


You did have some fun that night.

As you walked into your house the next morning you were greeted with a furious Thomas.

“Where have you been!” He growled at you. You glared at him.

“I was out.”

“What on earth do you mean my that?” he asked as he followed you into the bedroom.


Thomas stopped in the doorway, freezing at your words.


“Save it. I saw you with her yesterday. So I got back at you with Alexander. Alexander Hamilton.”

You saw the shock on his face as you packed up your stuff.

“You did what?”

“You heard me. You blew it and now I’m leaving.”

You stalked out of your home, leaving him behind.


“Have a nice life Thomas.”