such a minor thing but it matters ok


i’ve been formulating this……..concept

that may or may not get written

it doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is this minor concept that has become a spin-off of the main one and i HAVE to share:

in this au, soulmates can feel each other’s emotions constantly - it’s like an automatic connection, one that’s on all the time, no matter how far away you are from your soulmate

so jake and amy are soulmates (obviously) and have found each other (obviously) and it’s all peachy

and then he gets sent to florida

(they’re not married - she’s not allowed to go, for all WITSEC knows they’re lying about being soulmates and the risk is too great)

so for six months, amy can feel the full depth of jake’s depression

and for six months, jake can feel every ounce of amy’s heartache

and when the moment comes that they’re reunited, the awkwardness stems from the fact that they’re both so jittery with nerves that they can’t quite seem to function around it all

the moment that amy finds figgis with a gun pressed to jake’s temple and she’s looking into jake’s eyes, all she can feel is this overwhelming, open sense of trust (with just the tiniest hint of dread - he knows it’s gonna hurt)

she finds him in the back of his ambulance and once she’s told him that the police chief is okay, she kind of trails off

they’re both grinning at each other - there’s still a ghost of an ache, the wound of six months spent apart slow-healing - but when amy tentatively steps into his space, he feels like his whole body is opening up to her

and he can feel hers doing the same for him

and the kiss is - well, it would be enough to knock him off his feet if he were standing; he feels the sparks of electricity running through his body and the sudden heedy relief that originates in amy and it’s no surprise to anyone that they both start crying in the middle of the kiss

(and later when he’s on painkillers, it’s all kind of diluted in the haze, but he can feel her affection settling over him like a warm blanket and he loves her all the more for it. all she can feel is this dopey, dizzy kind of adoration that makes her head spin, and it’s all she can do not to squeeze him to death in relief)

anyways i’m


Random YGO Thought

All right, the following scenario: One of your duelist dorks (Yugi, Atem, Seto, Joey, etc.) marries, the ship doesn’t matter just….marriage, ok.

You can’t tell me that the decision on who of the couple keeps his last name WON’T be decided by the means of a duel. They literaly save the world with dueling, major and minor fights are solved by dueling, you can’t tell me that they wouldn’t settle the last name thing with a duel.

Ok, so here’s the thing with representation. Yes, we would all like to see diversity in all roles. For example, we want to see well-rounded female villains just as much as we want to see well-rounded female heroes. We want to be able to see a variety of characters from all ethnicities, races, genders, and sexual orientations. That would be great.

But RIGHT NOW there aren’t enough roles featuring many of these minorities. We can have a variety of *women* because there are lots of female characters. We do not have lots of queer characters or characters from vastly underrepresented ethnicities/races. Until there are LOTS of those characters and we can see variety, we need to make the effort to NOT stereotype and NOT use harmful tropes on the very few characters available to represent those real life people. 

Until PoC and queer characters are common enough that they are no longer subject of ridicule, backlash, and boycott every time they star in a movie or tv show, we need to continue putting them in the lead and putting them into positions of positive representation. 

The arguments that minorities should want to be able to be villains and killed as often as straight white characters hold no weight. Until “anyone can die” includes those white male faves, the statement is hollow. 

For every minority character you villainize or kill, you must have at least two of that same minority in heroic and live roles or your “representation” is shit.

you know what i want

i want an x company fandom

like yeah i don’t post much abt it but don’t let that deceive you it’s the most glorious thing ever but the fandom consists of like eleven people and a shoelace

but i want it

i want deep analytic posts

i want gifsets

i want edits

i want fanmixes

i want crackposts

and i want fanfiction

so much fanfiction

i’d actually read them for a change

i want headcanons

i want inside jokes

and posts that admire the characters


and comparative posts

i want ppl to notice the tiniest things and make posts abt minor filming details that make scenes even more interesting and bomb af

i want EXCITEMENT for the new season

i want countdowns and ships and crackships and i want us to ironically but still lovingly mock the things like YEAH HARRY SURE THAT’S FOR C4 U LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL DOESN’T MATTER THAT C4 ONLY GOT INVENTED AFTER WWII OFC U KNOW ABT THIS FUTURE GEM OFC U DO OK HARRY OK THANK

i want people to freak out with over the cast being ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ADORABLE

i want masterlists and tons of xco themed blogs

i want “i wanna come home” to be a fucking RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE for everyone in the fandom

i want 

i want it all

but unfortunately it’s not happening bc it’s a tiny production and WWII as it is is “not interesting” unless ofc it has peggy carter bc marvel always sells

meanwhile this fucking amazing A++++ show doesn’t get 99% of the recognition that it deserves because let me tell you it’s amazing

the team is amazing

the portrayal of the WWII environment is amazing

the stories are amazing

the germans are amazing like you’d think they’ll make them out to be the bad guys but nah it’s so complex and everyone has secrets and motives and it’s not black and white and there’s so many moral issues addressed and an outstanding performance on evelyne’s part playing a beautifully written powerful female character by writers who could school 99% of the current popular show’s collective writer team

i’m so sad

this show deserves so much

Ereri Rant Part 3

Ok. I’m going to be getting into A LOT about their relationshiop and all that shit here, so be prepared.

  • Now first, Eren is a minor in OUR WORLD. And I may sound like a broken record when I say this, but A BUNCH of you still can’t seem to get it through your bullheaded heads, so I’ll say it again:
  • AGE DIDN’T MATTER. I mean, it seriously didn’t. We see it wrong because we are in a different time and society has evolved, but looking at all the things people did and didn’t give a shit about back then, I’m pretty sure this was like an ant under a boot for them. They could really care less about it. 
  • Also, Eren is almost an adult btw. Manga :)
  • Alright. For those of you who say that shipping these two is only in the fantasy of them having sex, and it looking hot, and I will admit, that’s true, but there are many of us here who ship it for an ENTIRELY different reason (like me) and actually think more into it. Yah, I will say, sex between those two would be fucking hot, but that’s not what I’m into it for. They are both similar in the sense that they want to protect those they love, and that the Corps means A LOT to them. And they both carry a lot of responsibility. So let me show you now how they “complete” each other. Yes. I said complete.
  • Eren and Levi both have big responsibilities. Levi is humanity’s strongest, and Eren is humanity’s last hope. They are both being counted on by countless lives. And sometimes, Eren needs a little reminder that BECAUSE he’s humanity’s last hope, he can’t give up when he feels like he’s letting everyone down because innocents were killed. and he needs to be reminded that he has to keep fighting or else things will just get worse than they already seem. And he needs someone with the same kind of pressure feeling to remind him this and actually mean it and feel it by heart. And the only one who can ACTUALLY do this is Levi. Levi, and Levi alone. Not Mikasa. Not Armin. Not anyone. He needs someone who is going through the same kind of situation as him to support him, and would ya look at that?! Levi provides it. That’s a damn big connection in itself, and I still have more shit to tell you all
  • Eren is strong, yes, but still a bit inexperienced, and he has much to learn, and much to experience before he truly becomes strong. And that’s where Levi comes in. There is a certain saying I like, and it goes like this: The difference between a master and a beginner is that the master has failed more times than the beginner. Levi has been through so much pain, mistakes, and learning experiences, and that has made him strong and skilled beyond belief. And Eren, who sees this strength, just can’t help but admire him for it (hence, his deep respect and admiration for Levi) and as it would be explained in an anime as: “I just fall more and more in love with him.” Don’t get pissy at me for saying that you Ereri haters! It’s true. No, you can’t see Eren saying or thinking that, but that’s what the feeling would be explained as if it were to be put into an anime. Eren would see Levi’s skill, and just learn so much from him. Levi could (and fucking does) bring out potential and strength in Eren, and brings Eren the experience. Their bond tightens in this way, in the way that they each have something to learn from each other, expanding their respect and admiration for each other.
  • And for GODS SAKE PEOPLE just fucking THINK about what would happen if one of these two died. If Levi died while Eren was around, Eren would be distraught. He lost one he so deeply respected and admired. Yah, he’s gonna be pissed, horrified, depressed, and just fucking all over the place. He’d be pissed because the world just killed off someone he so much admired and (yes I’m saying it) loved. They just took his beloved mentor away from him. He’d be horrified and depressed because he’d blame himself for not being able to save him, for not being able to be there and put a stop to his death. I mean, seriously. Everyone, let’s get over our fucking stubborness and think. You could see this happening, you really could, whether you ship them or not. And that right there should just prove their close and tight relationship. 
  • And if Eren died while Levi was around? Well of course Levi wouldn’t show a damn thing on the surface, but it’d be like losing Farlan and Isabel, but worse. This “kid,” this person was put under his wing, was put under his watch, and he failed to protect him. This boy that he’s been teaching was killed. Levi would be horrified inside as well, shocked, and I’m pretty fucking sure that he will soon find that he does, in fact, regret losing him, and will realize that he is sad, and his disappearance does affect him. He’ll be horrified and shocked that he let Eren get killed, and that wasn’t even able to do anything. He’d realize that this boy who waltzed into his life did matter to him, and did have an impact on him. Levi had taken him under his wing, he was under his watch, and Levi would be pretty distraught at the fact that he let Eren become killed. His student, the one he took under his wing, killed, gone. That’d definitely be a blow on Levi, no doubt. 

I don’t think I’m OK with taking a pick axe to Trümp’s Hollywood star. While certainly that’s a satisfying symbolic act, and ultimately fairly harmless, I’m not comfortable with what it represents. We need to be the side that doesn’t resort to violence and destruction, even if it’s low-level and kind of cartoonish.

Would it be OK to take a pick axe to his hotel lobbies? To his forehead?

Look, I fucking hate him. He’s a monster unprecedented in American history and could very well result in all of our deaths if he wins. I’ve fantasized about him having a massive, fatal heart attack or stroke right here on these pages. And this is a minor thing, really; who gives a shit about a sidewalk. I don’t think you’re a bad person for enjoying it, if you did. But optics and symbols matter, and I want to be on the side that’s better than them, always. It’s hard to reclaim the high ground once you give it away.

Just a minor afterthought seeing what some people have been posting.

I’ve been on the FR side for 3 years or so, and I’ve got my share of dry spells: hell, there was a time people were mass-unfollowing because ‘I wasn’t producing enough content for them’. My lore isn’t exactly family friendly, and sometimes my memes don’t get the traction they want, but that’s ok. 

What matters is that I have fun posting things I like people to see, and to me, notes are just a bonus.