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Gideon & Bubba

This is a story I’ve made with one of my original characters and SC Walker’s character, Bubba Johnson. I’ll link at the end for SC’s tumblr and maybe you’ll find Bubba as enticing as I did!

SC Walker’s Tumblr:

In Palimande, Louisiana, it was a blazing fall Friday. Everyone at St. Jude’s Academy for Boys was ecstatic to get out of the stuffy school and finally strip out of those hot wool uniforms. Gideon Lambeaux sat at his desk in English letting out sighs of frustration, trying to understand the basics of Hamlet’s reason for acting the way he was. As a senior, it was finally time to start slacking off, but Gideon’s parents wouldn’t hear of it. He needed completely straight A’s or else his parents wouldn’t let him out of the house this summer before he went away to college. The very thought of being forced to stay in the Lambeaux house all summer made his mind want to go numb. Sure, it wasn’t like the house was anything to sneeze at, but Gideon had friends he liked to visit and, even more importantly, guys he wanted to flirt with!

“Mister Lambeax perhaps you can tell us why?” Mrs. Peterson said, snapping Gideon out of his thoughts of cute boys and hot men he could flirt and tease.

“W-What?” he asked, dropping his pencil.

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