such a loving advice

your worth as a human being isn’t defined by what you’re worth to another person.

just because someone didn’t appreciate you for who you are that doesn’t mean you’re not worth appreciating.

just because someone didn’t want you in their life doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a life of your own.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I read that you want to try for the role of Mare (actually maybe you have already auditioned? I have no idea when is it gonna take place) and I just wanted to wish you luck ^^ I would also love to try for that part, but unfortunately I am too freaking pale and also live in a shitty country and there is no way my parents would let me travel just for one audition. Also I wanted to ask you when did you start acting? Sorry if you've already answered this. Once again good luck!

Hi there! I haven’t auditioned yet (I wish) and on IMDb Red Queen is still in the very beginning of pre-production. However thank you so much for the good luck wishes! That is tough, but sometimes casting calls start with video auditions and then they can fly you out! So there is hope! I started acting last February, so fairly recently but I have been lucky enough to already be working a lot. I’m very grateful. No need to apologize, I am flattered you asked! I wish you all the best of luck as well. If you want to be an actress then you are worth it and can do it! xxx

could you imagine being jean grey… arguably the most powerful woman in the universe… sought after by men and women and a mythical fuckin alien bird… she was an original x-man. she can do whatever the fuck she wants with just sheer brain power… but the b*tch cannot dress herself