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THIS BOOK.  #nerdmoment

We believe the juxtaposition of the black and white races has resulted in a massive psycho-existential complex.  By analyzing it we aim to destroy it.  Many Blacks will not recognize themselves in the following pages.  Likewise many Whites.  But the fact that I feel alien to the world of the schizophrenic or of the sexually impotent in no way diminished their reality.”

Rajigaze Nov 11

(Unexpected mail)

Kai: “I first discovered the GazettE when I was in middle school. When I first saw Uruha, I thought, ‘they’re totally tryna sell this guy as a narcissistic fuckboy kinda character!’”

(both laugh)

Kai: “But then, when I saw the Nippon Budokan documentary DVD, his character was completely different than what I had expected. Later on, when I was searching online, I found his blog and saw that he was writing such serious stuff, and watching him live, it was just one surprise after another. Now I love Uruha, I think he’s so cute. If Uruha has ever surprised you two with something unexpected, I’d love for you to tell us!”

Aoi: Hmmm, something unexpected…?

Kai: Pretty much all he ever does is unexpected stuff tho

Aoi: Oh really?

Kai: Well, I think so. 

Aoi: Ahhh….

Kai: Like his opinions on stuff, like……sometimes I’m like “oh, I see,” but some of them are like, “oh you went there?” …Like he’ll say something really cool, or like…“oh, you actually pay attention to that?” 

Aoi: Ahhh….well, yeah, I guess so.

Kai: Yeah, so I think he’s a pretty unpredictable person, but…

Aoi: Ah, I see. But I don’t really get how he would come off as a narcissist. 

Kai: Yeah, right? 

Aoi: When you read stuff too, it’s like, “damn, he’s so cool~”

Kai: (laughs) About Uruha? Like interviews and stuff?

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Kai: Yeah for sure….a fuckboy tho, eh? For real? I’ll have to let Uruha know. (laughs) Like, “people think this about you.” 

Aoi: Mhmmm……

Kai: But for real, he’s a really reliable person. I’m always relying on him. 

Aoi: Yeah…

Kai: And he’s really cool. 

Kuroo - Romance Hcs
  • he’s a big texter with whoever he’s dating – this reminded me of you, I thought you might find this funny, I’m bored what’s up with you, you’ll never believe what just happened to me, etc
  • it’s important that whoever he’s interested in gets along well with Kenma
  • if Bokuto is also dating someone they will get into arguments over who has the best s/o “well, Y/n has the best (insert any characteristic here), so there…”
  • positively showers you in compliments – he’s very affectionate and has no problem sharing his feeelings
  • loves kissing you in random, unexpected spots
  • loves taking you by surprise in general
mbti types when someone confesses their undying love to them
  • ESFP: Smiles very sincerely, feels all fluttery inside, and replies," Really?" Probably is very obvious about their feelings being requited.
  • ISFP: Says," Okay, if you love me then I will love you back." Goes home and paints a mural full of floaty hearts and vibrant colors.
  • ESFJ: Lets it be known that they think you are very important and would love to love you.
  • INTP: Blushing and stammering for a solid minute. Tries to form coherent sentence, but massive linguistic IQ suddenly fails them.
  • ENTJ: Is very cool and distant about the whole confessing your love scenario, but afterwards can surprise you with unexpected warmth.
  • ENFJ: Eagerly listens to you, and thinks it is the most heartwarmingly adorable thing ever.
  • ESTJ: Doesn't seem shocked or embarrassed. Steadily replies that if they're going to date, they want to do it for the long term, and if you respect that then they will date you.
  • ISTP: Responds guardedly at first, will only let true emotions shine through once they grow to know you more.
  • ENFP: Inwardly screaming "YES! YES! YES!"
  • ISTJ: Once mentally weighing compatibility, confesses feelings. If they don't like you back, will directly (but not thoughtlessly) let you know.
  • ISFJ: Requites feelings immediately and warmly. Summons a horse, and rides off into the distance with you. (Well, all of that except the horse part.)
  • ESTP: Responds enthusiastically. Grins a lot and probably initiates hug afterwards.
  • INFP: Tries to respond in a way that will not damage the person's feelings in any way whilst somehow insinuating that their feelings are returned.
  • INTJ: Probably stares at you for a long time and calculates whether you meet their standards. If so, they will want to engage in a precise and planned-out relationship with you.
  • ENTP: Responds very energetically. Seems confident and not at all surprised after the initial shock wears off.
  • INFJ: Offers a small, warm smile. If they like you, will tell you in a meaningful and eloquent way. Probably sees it coming way ahead of time and has speech planned out.

Fan: “If Uruha has ever surprised you two with something unexpected, I’d love for you to tell us!”

Aoi: Hmmm, something unexpected…?

Kai: Pretty much all he ever does is unexpected stuff tho

Aoi: Oh really?

Kai: Well, I think so.

Aoi: Ahhh….

Kai: Like his opinions on stuff, like……sometimes I’m like “oh, I see,” but some of them are like, “oh you went there?” …Like he’ll say something really cool, or like…“oh, you actually pay attention to that?”

*earlier that week*

Uruha: I Respect Women


Dean Winchester-Unexpected surprises Part 2

Title: Unexpected Surprises Part 2

Pairings: Daddy Dean x daughter reader, Sam x reader, Crowley x reader

Word count:1634

Request:Unexpected surprises Was adorable! :D could there please be a part two?

Request:Unexpected Surprises was soooooo cute!! I demand a part two!!!! Thanks love❤️ x

Request:Part two of unexpected surprises please? I loved it!
This is so cute I love it. More cuteness please :D

Request:Unexpected surprises is way too cute. Please write more!

Request:Would you do you one where the reader is Dean’s daughter and she really wants to hunt but Dean won’t let her so she sneaks off,steals the Impala and hunts by her self, she is able to kill it but she ends up seriously injured and The boys (including Cas.) have to save her.

Request:Hi I kinda have a weird thought last night. Crowley takes an interest with the reader (platonic kind of way) Anyways while they’re on a hunt with something canine (wendigo or werewolf) Crowley send a hellhound to protect the reader. Sorry if it specific. Thanks

Links:Unexpected Surprises

‘’But Dad!’’

‘’I said no! And that’s final!’’Dean barked, zipping up his bag quickly. ‘’You’re are too young for hunting!’’Dean added. You scoffed, popping your hip as you crossed your arms. 

‘’Dad, I’m a teenager now!’’You defended, rushing after your dad as he paced around the room, picking up random things he needed. ‘’Anyway, you and Uncle Sammy hunted since you were younger!’’

‘’Exactly. Look how that turned out.’’Dean snapped. He sighed, features softening as he pressed his palm into the crease of your elbow. ‘’I promised when I found you that I would keep you safe. I wouldn’t let my daughter end up in the hunting world’’

‘’But Dad-’’You cried, arms flailing about to show just how annoyed you are. 

‘’I said no! (y/n). No means no. End of’’Dean grunted, eyes narrowing in annoyance because you weren’t listening to him. Sam came out of the bathroom, wiping his large hands on top the thick fluffy towel. 

Your overgrown uncle stopped halfway through his actions as he creased his brow at the scene unfolding before him. ‘’Hey, what’s going on?’’He asked cautiously, eyes flickering between the pair of you. 

‘’(Y/n) thinks it’s okay to hunt, because we did when we were younger’’Dean explained, sarcasm clear in his voice. You huffed rolling your eyes knowing Uncle Sammy was going to side with your dad. 

Sam’s eyes popped out of his skull as he slid on his shirt, buttoning it up as he looked at you like you were mad. ‘’Why would you want to go hunting!’’Sam gaped, brows raised so high up you almost lost them in his hairline. 

‘’Because.’’You shrugged, not knowing why just that you HAD too. It was in your blood. 

‘’Because?’’Sam repeated, laughing slightly. ‘’Great reason, Kid’’.

‘’Yeah, well Dad uses that whenever I ask him for anything and he say’s no. If it works for him..’’You trailed off cockily. Dean scoffed shaking his head. 

‘’I’m the adult’’He smirked, pointing to himself. 

‘’Okay. (Y/n) you are not going hunting. Because it not a good reason. You don’t want to get mixed up in this. Once you’re in you’re not getting out. It’s not a cool game people have died, we’ve lost so many people. You would have to dispose of bodies, know you might die, and kill things, even innocents sometimes.’’Sam explained softly. 

‘’And Dean’’Sam huffed amused. ‘’You’re not a adult’’. 

‘’Wh- what!’’Dean mouthed, shock marking his features as he slung his bag over his shoulder, Sam copying his actions. ‘’I am too!’’He defended. You watched as Dean began to argue and Sam began to laugh. 

Both men hugged you and placed kisses on your forehead as your dad ruffled your hair. ‘’Keep safe. Remember-’’

‘’Lock the doors, salt the windows and door..blah blah. I got it’’You grumbled, rolling your orbs in annoyance. Dean chuckled kissing your head one last time before going out to the Impala with your uncle. 

You heard the familiar sound of the engine purring to life before the sound of gravel crunching under tires and a familiar squeak then nothing. You sighed, huffing loudly as you fell back onto the bed. 

‘’I can hunt.’’You nodded to yourself, proud expression plastering your face along with a determined one. You got up, yanking on your dirty shoes before salting the windows and making your way outside. 

You trod down the dirty path, careful not to make to much noise as you shoved your hands into your pockets of your hoddie. You could feel your gun in your pocket, you didn’t keep it in the back of your waist line like your dad and uncle Sammy. 

Knowing you, you’d probably shoot yourself in the ass, then you’d have to go to hospital looking like a right mong. Try explaining that too your Dad. You breathed out, eyes searching the dark windy forest that stood in silence, wind nipping at your rosy flushed cheeks. 

Your feet crunched under all the leaves and twigs making you wince every time. You tried to keep hidden by the tree’s staying away from the centre but you grew scared every time you heard something whiz past you. 


‘’My King’’A demon muttered, bowing low as he looked back up at Crowley with manic black eyes, filled to the rim. Crowley rolled his eyes, sarcasm and bordem welling up inside of him. 

‘’Yes. What do you want?’’He grumbled under his breath, elbow resting on the arm of his throne as his head lulled against his palm. The demon stood up taller, straightening his shirt as he stared back with a stoneless expression. 

‘’The Winchester’s girl.’’The demon snarled making Crowley sit up straighter, his full attention now on the demon. Crowley would never admit it to anyone but he secretly adored you. In a platonic way of course.

He thought you was funny and also like the boys; grew protective over you. Dean had never questioned why demon’s hadn’t been coming after you. 

‘’What about her?’’Crowley said, brow raised as he sat up. 

‘’She’s gone out a hunt’’The demon grinned, licking his lip viscously . ‘’Alone’’. 

‘’What?’’Crowley gaped, shock marking his features as he ushered the confused demon out. ‘’Don’t send anyone to get her. If I find out a single hair on her head has been touched, I’ll kill the lot. I don’t want to waste out time on her’’Crowley lied to cover up his shock as he slammed the doors shut. 

He waved his hand as a picture appeared as he watched with narrowed eyes. ‘’Bloody hell’’Crowley whispered to himself, scratching his stubble in thought. ‘’She’s gonna get herself bloody killed’’.

Crowley thought for a moment before he got an idea.


‘’I’m so dead, I’m so dead’’You whispered repeatedly. Fear lacing your voice matching the horror in your eyes. You were hopelessly lost, with not tracks what so ever of the werewolf. 

It was dark and to be honest, you just wanting your dad more than anything, but stupid you left your phone back at the bunker. 

You jumped, heart pounding against your rib cage as something rushed past you. You screamed when you were thrown onto the floor a horrid crackling sound splitting through the forest. You sobbed, grasping your broken arm as you turned on your back. 

You screamed trying to shuffle back when you spotted the large black werewolf hovering over you, jaw pried open with gnawly teeth baring at you, saliva dripping off in thick splodges. 

You closed your eyes, shrinking back when the werewolf struck it’s claw back. You whimpered, waiting for the strike only to here a howl and then running. You pried your eyes open, shocked when you saw a large hell hound, breathing heavily in front of you, baring it’s teeth in a growl at where the werewolf had run off from. 

You breathed out, eyes wide as the hell hound turned to you and nudged you with it’s head so you could see a small paper hanging on a collar. You wearily ripped the letter off with a shaky hand. 

Baby Winchester,

Saw you stupidly thought it was brave to hunt alone. Thought I’d send my best hell hound for safely, he won’t bite…well sometimes.. He’ll lead you back to the front of the forest.

Keep with the hell hound!

P.S; You can see him because I allowed you too. Also your minions are waiting for you.. and they’re very pissed. 

Be careful!


You frowned in confusion. Why would Crowley send a hell hound to protect you? You stood up, walking back with the hell hound until your legs began to ache. You sat down shaking your head muttering about how you couldn’t go any further until the hell hound padded up to you, nudging you with it’s nose. 

You got the message and climbed on it’s back, tiredly resting your head on it’s back. 

You finally got to the front of the forest, spotting your family as you hopped off the hell hound and gripped his collar to keep him with you. Dean was pacing madly, Sam chewing his nails and Cas playing with his coat sleeve. 

‘’We need to go in there and get her!’’Dean yelped, hands slamming on his thighs 

‘’We need to wait here, Dean. If we go in while she’s coming back, she won’t find us’’Sam stated reasonably. Dean growled shaking his head. 

‘’No need’’Cas mumbled sternly as he nodded towards you. You smiled sheepishly as they all turned to you sighing in relief. Your dad rushed towards you before stopping. 

‘’(Y/n), don’t panic…’’He mumbled staring at the hell hound. 

‘’Don’t worry, Dad. Crowley sent me a hell hound to protect me. He scared off the werewolf’’You smiled, patting his head. 

‘’Why can we see him?’’Sam asked, tilting his head. 

‘’Crowley must have allowed us too’’Cas added as you nodded. 

‘’You’re in so much trouble’’Dean scolded but hugged you anyway. You whimpered in pain making him pull away fastly as the hell hound growled. 

‘’My arm. I think it’s broken’’You whispered in pain. Dean shook his head sighing.

‘’Cas can fix that. The main thing is that you’re safe’’Sam smiled gently. 

‘’And that you’re grounded for you the next two years’’Dean grinned. 

‘’What!’’You yelped as Dean gave you a look. 

‘’hey, I’m going easy on you. My old man would have grounded me for the rest of my life’’Dean added. You sighed, head hanging low as you gave up arguing knowing you’d only get a worse punishment. 



‘’Can we keep the hell hound?’’

‘’no we can not keep the hell hound!’’

‘’Oh please! I’ll take him for walks! and feed him!’’

‘’Oh go on, Dean. Let her keep the hell hound’’

‘’We are NOT having a hell hound!’’

The Signs As Pizza
  • Aries: Chicago deep dish. They either love you or they hate you (but they mostly love u). Dont let the haters get to you.
  • Taurus: White pizza. A lil plain but you're still loved by a special white pizza squad. It's ok to be simple.
  • Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza. Sweet and spicy and totally unexpected. Keep surprising everyone.
  • Cancer: Classic Pizza. Because everyone loves u exactly the way you are, seriously, stop worrying.
  • Leo: Pizza with Sriracha. Everyone is addicted to your fiery energy, keep burning.
  • Virgo: Sicilian Pizza (Square Pizza). You're a little bit different from everyone else, but your insecurities are what they love most about you.
  • Libra: New York Style. Because you're willing to fold for the people you love. Stay open.
  • Scorpio: Pizza with Pepperoni. You've got your spicy spots but they just make you even better. Don't apologize for who you are.
  • Sagittarius: Frozen Pizza. You will always be there in a flash when someone needs you. And you can always thaw out from the coldest situations.
  • Capricorn: Margherita Pizza. Because you're classy as hell. People feel special when you're with them.
  • Aquarius: Veggie Pizza. Because you've kinda got your shit together. Keep doin you boo.
  • Pisces: Pizza with bacon. Because you're literally magical. Praise u.

I love unexpected lesbianism (or, y’know, bisexuality). It’s like a surprise party for me. I went into this only knowing that it’s goofy play about cavemen.

Anyways, this was really funny. And it took me at least half the play to realize that the main character was Draco in A Very Potter Musical… she looks different as a woman

Thanks, @wittyusername3 for posting about it. My nosy ass saw your posts, investigated, and discovered this because of you

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Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. Means a lot. Blessed and hoping we can continue to change the world together. Thanks

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icecubeoftheuniverse  asked:

😂 and 😲 for the fictionkin ask meme??

😂: Funny/Happy Canon Memory 😂
i’ve remembered recently, that since the count was a father figure to me, he’d read me bedtime stories !!!! well… when i first started living in the castle, he stopped doing it as time went on, but!! his voice was smooth and calming and perfect for reading! i’m pretty sure that the stories were on the darker side but??? that doesn’t really matter to a lil girl like me now does it? i loved them.

😲: Surprising/Unexpected Canon Memory 😲
i was actually a really really really anxious and jumpy girl. i hid it pretty well but sometimes the count would shout suddenly or dimmy would appear outta nowhere and i’d jump and squeak and head would fall sideways like a limp tomato cause golly my neck snapped easy.. embarrassing really ;;

ATLA: When someone confesses their love to them

Ty lee: Smiles very sincerely, feels all fluttery inside, and replies,“Really?” Probably is very obvious about her feelings being requited.

Katara: Lets it be known that she thinks them are very important and would love to love them.

Zuko: Tries to respond in a way that will not damage the person’s feelings in any way whilst somehow insinuating that their feelings are returned.

Azula: Is very cool and distant about the whole confessing their love scenario, but afterwards can surprise them with unexpected warmth.

Iroh: Eagerly listens to them, and thinks it is the most heartwarmingly adorable thing ever.

Mai: Responds guardedly at first, will only let true emotions shine through once she grow to know them more.

Aang: Inwardly screaming “YES! YES! YES!”

Toph: Responds enthusiastically. Grins a lot and probably initiates hug afterwards.

Sokka: Responds very energetically. Seems confident and not at all surprised after the initial shock wears off.

Suki: Requites the feelings immediately and warmly.