such a lovely dance

So anyways I have more stored away but this one is the only one I bothered finishing.

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its been literal weeks and i still cant get over matt saying "is looking into my eyes making you fall in love with me all over again?" to steph send help

Honestly what a mood, Matt’s unending need to flirt with Stephanie during competition livestreams is one of my favourite flavours of stephew (right up there with casual touching stephew, fond looks stephew, and Stephanie doing something while Matt like plays with her hair or massages her hand stephew).


BTS - Spring Day (봄날) Dance Practice Video


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So when I first saw Genji’s new dancing emote, a lot of the moves reminded me of the Kinjaz, so I went to go investigate.

The original Kinjaz video


Ice Dance Elements presented by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir | Dance Lifts

insp. by @eggplantgifs​ and feat. special guest appearance by Marie France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon

Lifts are essential elements in any Ice Dance program. They are used to enhance the character, music and choreography of the dance. They are graded on a level scale and awarded Grades of Execution (GOEs). Levels are awarded based on difficultly in the form of difficult positions, change of positions, entry and exit features, and number of rotations. Unlike pairs lifts, in Ice Dance the lifted partner cannot be supported over the head of the lifter so the lifts are identified by the position of the lifter and are split into two categories:

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