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cs "just stay with me"

Sure, friend! ♥ I didn’t expect to get Captain Swan, but, hey, no complaints! ;)
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Somewhere in the distance, a warning bell rings, announcing her absence from one end of the castle to the other in a noise that should startle her into action. But she stays still, a roaring in her ears as the tide rises to her slipper covered feet. Mud cakes the ends of her dress and the bottom of her shoes, but she ignores it, eyes on the wreckage of a ship in the harbor. It floats feebly, its tattered crimson flag flopping uselessly on the deck, and she can see flames licking up the sides, eager to claim it’s next victim. 

She’s never seen a sight before. Pirates, she knew. But pirates had never been so close to Misthaven before and she can’t help digging in the sight; in its prime, the ship would be a beauty, but today it’s little more than a ruin. She lets out a sigh. Pirates sound like an adventure, close to the ones her parents were on, but Emma has little interest in it. She mourns more for the beauty of the ship and the wasted lives than anything. 

Therefore, she nearly misses the dark-haired figure floating in the water, just barely supporting by the piece of wood that supports his torso. For a half second, she stares, mouth agape, before she springs into action, ripping the sides of her dress as she makes her way deeper into the water. To a stranger, the tide could sweep them away, but Emma had swam in this water her entire life and she uses the current to her advantage, reaching the floating figure just as they begin to tip off the wood. 

She grasps them, dragging them back onto their float by the lapels of their jacket, narrowly avoiding the pointed edge of a hook. It grazes her cheek, bringing a sting that she ignores as she begins kicking, bringing them back to shore in a slow and tedious process that leaves her legs aching when they finally reach solid ground. 

The person is still and save for the rise and fall of their breath, they could be asleep. She pulls him off the wood, dragging him onto the shore with a grunt, her water sodden dress sticking to her legs and her hair falling from its carefully prepped bun. She ignores it; she ignores the slight sting on her cheek, the ache in her legs, the ringing bells in the distance – she focuses on him. His dark hair is wet, sticking to his forehead and there’s a small scar on his cheek, so old she can barely see it above his trimmed beard. 

He’s nothing like what she expects a pirate to be and it’s a little unfair how someone could be so handsome after narrowly escaping with his life. She thinks about this – and then she realizes that there are little to no breathes coming from his lips. 

“No, crap,” she hisses, pressing against his chest, ignoring the fine hair that tickles her fingers, remembering her mothers’ instructions as she counts. When nothing happens, she grunts. "If you’re faking this, I will give you back to the ocean. If you’re not, just stay with me, okay?” She leans down, pressing her lips to his, breathing air into his lungs.

Or at least that’s what she tries.

The moment her lips press his, magic sparks so bright that she can see it through her closed eyes; the strands of fallen hair lift as a sudden, sharp breeze springs from between them. The man lets out a sharp breath, as though there were no water in them to begin with, and blinks rapidly; if she wasn’t frozen in place, she would notice how blue his eyes were. 

“Did you just…?” He asks, fingers grazing his lips as though hardly daring to believe. “Did you just break my curse?”

“Umm…” is her eloquent response. She hears thudding footsteps in the distance.“Yes?”

A joyous laugh escapes him and he’s sitting up, then standing up, grasping her elbows and bringing her to her feet, swinging her around enthusiastically. She’s rather grateful he doesn’t accidentally hit her with the hook and waits for him to calm, her mind numb with the sudden knowledge that this man was her… was her… 

“It’s true love,” he says, dropping her onto her feet and stepping away. “I’ve spent 300 years trying to find you.”

“Yes, well, that’s all– Hang on, what? Wait, who are you?”

“I’m Killian Jones.” 

He smiles. It’s transfixing. 

She stares. His drops at the sudden awareness of people around them. 

Her parent’s guards watch them both. 

“Wait, are you…?” His blue eyes are wide, flickering between her and the guards, taking in the fine silks of her dress and the jewels around her neck and hanging from her ears. There’s little doubt that the sight of her is worthy of a princess, even a water soaked one, but before he can voice them, a small, grumpy looking man speaks. 

“Princess Emma, your parents require your attention. Shall we bring the… pirate with us?”

When magic came out of the shadows, there had been many worries about the future but magicals and non-magicals came together. Now, with the wonder of magic and the ingenuity of technology, the world is safe - never before had the world been in such a state of absolute peace.

That’s what they tell us and it’s even true.

At least it is for humans.

Dad: It’s been sunny and hot all week and it looks a lovely day, I’ll go and buy a gazebo I think and sit outside.

*walks into shop from the nice sunshine*

*Five mins later leaves shop to find dark sky, torrential rain, and thunder bellowing around him*

*Carries a cardboard box with gazebo in it into the house*

*Stares at rain and storm outside*

Dad: Typical.