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Hi there, sorry for the random out of the blue message, I saw the advice you gave someone about RP for the first time. I recently started RP myself and used Fenrir Greyback to inspire my character. I agree with what you said, you do get nervous but it's a lot of fun.

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1d lyrics thatll always fuck me up 

  • Make a little conversation
  • So long I’ve been waiting
  • To let go of myself and feel alive
  • So many nights I thought it over
  • Told myself I kind of liked her
  • But there was something missing in her eyes
  • I was stumbling, looking in the dark
  • With an empty heart
  • But you say you feel the same
  • Could we ever be enough?
  • Baby we could be enough
  • And it’s alright
  • Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
  • When you’re lost, you’ll find a way
  • I’ll be your light
  • You’ll never feel like you’re alone
  • I’ll make this feel like home
  • So hard that I couldn’t take it
  • Want to wake up and see your face
  • And remember how good it was being here last night
  • Still high with a little feeling
  • I see the smile as it starts to creep in
  • It was there, I saw it in your eyes
  • I was stumbling, looking in the dark
  • With an empty heart
  • But you say you feel the same
  • Could we ever be enough?
  • Baby we could be enough
  • And it’s alright
  • Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
  • When you’re lost, you’ll find a way
  • I’ll be your light
  • You’ll never feel like you’re alone
  • I’ll make this feel like home
  • I’ll make this feel like home
  • Baby we could be enough
  • It’s alright
  • Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
  • When you’re lost, you’ll find a way
  • I’ll be your light
  • You’ll never feel like you’re alone
  • I’ll make this feel like home
Some reflections on Penelope Alvarez

I love One Day at a Time. I love the Alvarez family. I love Elena Alvarez and her story. I think it’s an important one. But just as important is Penelope’s (whom I also love btw) story.

It’s necessary for parents of kids who have or will come out. It is necessary for those kids.

She’s not Victor Alvarez, who we’ve seen so often in media with “this is not okay. This will never be okay. This needs to be fixed.” mentality.

She’s not Eliza Danvers of Supergirl who will immediately give her daughter a hug and an “I love you however you are” after she deduces it before she’s even told.

She’s not Abulita Lydia who needed 30 seconds to recognize and overcome her biases despite decades of feeling one way about the issue.

She’s Penelope Alvarez, who knows this is okay. Who knows that this is important. Who knows her daughter needs her to be nothing less than supportive. But she’s just not there yet. And she hates herself for it, but that doesn’t suddenly make it not weird for her.

Thomas Merton, a Catholic monk, once wrote in a prayer “But I believe the desire to please you does in fact please you” which I’ve always thought to be the foundation for every loving relationship.

Parents know this. Penelope knows this. Every time Elena or Alex made her some macaroni covered monstrosity, it went in the Alvarez Museum. Every time they somehow managed to simultaneously burn and undercook her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, she ate it with a smile. Because the desire to please her does in fact please her, more than her kids know, until maybe they have kids of their own.

Kids need to learn this. That their parents aren’t perfect. That the best they can hope for is parents that have the desire to please them, the impulse to love them no matter what, the determination to find the support under the weird feeling.

And kids need to see that these victories are worth so much more because they are so hard-won. It’s easy for a parent who is okay with something to be okay with it. It’s much harder for a parent who isn’t to do everything she possibly can to get there because it’s what her daughter deserves. 

It’s such an integral part of some coming out stories, and almost all growing up stories. Kids will do things their parents don’t get or don’t like or don’t appreciate but the parents will try. From the first time they learn all of the Avengers, or Disney Princesses, or Pokemon, or vehicles in the Star Wars universe. Through friends they can’t stand, sports they think are boring, gender expressions or sexual orientations they just don’t get, significant others they don’t think are good enough. But they’ll smile and learn the characters, and give the friend juice and cookies, and argue with the referee, and talk to strangers at a gay bar to let their kid know that everything they are is okay. That everything they are is loved.

And someday when Penelope is more than okay with Elena’s sexuality, she’ll embarrassedly confess how it took her awhile to get there, and what she did during the journey, and Elena will look at her and realize her mom is even more remarkable than she thought. She’ll see a woman who is nothing but the desire to see her children happy, and what could be more pleasing to Elena than that. 

…torture is a really inefficient means of getting information, particularly when magic is available that can twist a person’s loyalties inside-out. Logically, before he was given to Ripley at all, Percy must have been dragged before Sylas and Delilah - the both of them, most likely (as if they would ever be apart.) Maybe there was still blood on their hands, their clothes, the corner of Sylas’s lips; maybe they had cleaned up. Maybe there was blood on Percy, his own or a guard’s or one of his sibling’s.

Delilah waves a hand, fingertips sparkling with purle-black arcane energy, or Sylas steps forward and terrified blue eyes are locked by blood-red, and it’s, “My dear boy, I’m so sorry for the mess. We just need your help with one little thing…”

And maybe Percy hesitates for a second? Uncertainty creeps in, and a lulling chill…

Then our Percy - still brown-haired, nineteen or twenty years old at best, lost his entire family in one night - rolls his nat 20 and stands up straight, glares right back, spits in their faces and snarls with all the carefully enunciated aristocratic pride he has ever learned, “Fuck. You.”

(Delilah slaps him hard across the face, and accepts Dr. Ripley’s offer to try more “conventional” means of getting answers.)

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across these pages

rating: e | words: 6,419 | chapters: 1

a sequel to between each beat are words unsaid


“Here,” John says almost as soon as Sherlock’s settled next to him. “I wanted to give you something special today. Something important. And I, uh, I think it is.” He says it with a little shrug, a tiny bit of doubt creeping in.

“It is,” Sherlock reassures him, and John huffs out a laugh.

“You don’t even know what it is yet.”


After the reception ends, John and Sherlock exchange wedding gifts. 

If you were to look up in the sky and see this huge black mass contorting into different shapes, you might get a little creeped out. Although it looks alien, it’s actually just a European Starling Murmuration. The birds will group together in their thousands and perform various stunts before roosting for the night. Scientists believe that they do this to intimidate predators such as falcons. And if you think the gif looks cool, watch this.

Abe: “And on the island”,

*holds up picture of Enoch*

Abe, me, Jesus, some other people: “ Was this salty ass bitch named Enoch, never really liked Enoch, fuck Enoch. Him and his ugly ass dolls he never got any damn sleep, the little fucker. Liked pickin’ on the little kids, too. Ugly ass creep he was. Fuck him.”


Marwari horse pacing. According to wikipedia the gait is sometimes called the revaal, aphcal, or rehwal. No idea if those are variations on the pace, the same gait, words used in different areas, literal meaning, etc. I also don’t know anything about gaited horses. Thought I would share tho while I’m hyping marwari horses.


Carol Seleme scolding our camera guy for stealing a little creep footage lol #thickfit #curvy #curvygirl #bodypositive #curvemodel #curvywomen #curvywoman #curves #plusisequal #allgoodthingstv#curvedculture

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Comic Book Starters
  • "They treat me like I'm a stupid girl."
  • "You are forgiven."
  • "I'm a bad daughter. I-"
  • "It is permitted for a warrior to be sad."
  • "Any chance that black liquid is coffee?"
  • "I'm a little creeped out about kidnapping."
  • "We have to make this right."
  • "It's gonna be loud-"
  • "Art thou a wizard?"
  • "Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit. What did I do?"
  • "I have endured worse lies from better men my entire life."
  • "I. Am. Coming."
  • "It's been a long night."
  • "... You're here and you're not alone."
  • "... Do what you must."
  • "Welcome home, beloved."
  • "Do I know you? You look familiar."
  • "I'm a bad guy now."
  • "Forgive the intrusion at this ungodly hour."
  • "The monster has come for us."
  • "I SAID it was going to hurt."
  • "You will discontinue your slaughter, and your maiming, immediately!"
  • "Spank my fanny and call me a rump roast."
  • "Life's not easy. Especially not when you're trying to do good."
  • "What did you DO?!"
  • "We've dallied long enough. Kill them all!"