such a joy :')

rewatching all of Sebs episodes of OUAT.

I shouldn’t have cuz him in those leather pants is driving me crazy.

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Seventeen are my pride and joy. Honestly. Hardworking boys with nothing but dreams to accomplish and, even though they already achieved so much, they’re still aiming for more, and I admire that so so much. They work hard not only for themselves and their success, but also having us in their mind all of the time. Humble human beings with a huge talent and passion. They’re amazing, and we’re lucky to have them, as well as they’re lucky to have us. It’s honestly amazing how far they’ve come in so little time. I wish nothing but the best for them, and I’m glad that such a group is able to connect so many people all around the world. We’re one with Seventeen; they’re one with Carats. May they always shine, like the diamonds they are. That’s my one, selfless wish.

The highlight of my summer: eating homemade pasta in a homemade bread bowl. 

*carbs make u fat* no they don’t

*but they’re made out of white flour and not whole wheat* and????

*that’s like eating 2 meals in 1* i know isn’t it the most glorious thing u’ve ever seen

*did u workout a lot to earn that meal* if by workout u mean lift my money to the counter then yes i did earn it 

It is not your job to manage how other people can handle you. It is not your job to make sure that people can digest your greatness and that you your light isn’t shining so brightly that it is blinding others. That’s not your job. Your job is to let your light shine brightly. Your job is to be obedient to your calling. Your job is to be so committed to the luminary light in you that when you allow your light to shine bright it illuminates the next person’s darkness.
—  Lisa Nichols

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

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