such a incredible smile on each photo

Alone (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Description: Short One-Shot where Bruce mourns the loss of his s/o

Based around the song of “Alone” By Justin Bieber (Give it a chance)

“We were inseparable, everything I had to do I did it next to you..& the memories we made were so incredible.”

Bruce’s hands gently grazed over the photo, his willpower running thin as he fought back the hot tears that welled in his eyes. “You were beautiful..” His voice trailing off as he paused, “If only you knew it , or I had done my job of showing it..” 

His focused shifted to your attire, a slight smile gracing his lips at the sight of you in your wedding dress. The day you made him an honest man was a day he wouldn’t dream of forgetting, the day you both promised each other your hearts. 

“Then our love was interrupted by my schedule.There was nothing that I could do, cause you fell into the deepest depression baby. I’d hate to know I’m responsible, your heart filled up with so much aggression baby..”

The thought of him being responsible for your death felt like venom being injected into his veins. His fingers slowly snaked around the photo, his mind unwillingly trailing off to that night…

“Why is this a steady normal for you?” (Y/N) spoke softly, her feet knowingly taking her to Bruces side. Worry etched deeply in her features , her hand gently cupping his paling face.

There he lay , an enlarging pool of blood staining the aged medical table. His face was emotionless , his features hard as he pushed her hand away welcoming Alfred who had gone to fetch the first-aid & stitches.

“You shouldn’t be down here (y/n).” He spoke nonchalant , his voice echoing through the bat-cave. “What have I said-”

“You’ve said a lot of things Bruce..” She cut in, her voice failing her as she fought back tears. “You said..” She paused, her angry finally breaking free with the heat of the moment. “No you promised , that once we got married you would put aside the cowl and focus on us.”

“That’s where the problem is (y/n).” Bruce spat , disregarding the needle that wove through his skin. “Not everything can be about you. I have other things that require my focus instead of taking care of a little girl.” He threw his hand in your direction, anger dripping from his demeanor.

“Little girl?” (Y/n)’s mouth gaped in disbelief , her shoulder’s falling in realization.

“You have no backbone.” Bruce continued , practically vomiting by the mouth with his words. “I can’t be with someone like that,-like you.” 

“Sir..” Alfred began, disapproval in his tone as he finished the final stitch. 

“No Alfred..” (Y/n)’s eyes stuck to the floor as her feet led her towards the stairs. “It’s clear now..”

“(Y/n)..” Bruce rose from the medical table, his feet padding against the floor in your direction.

Don’t”(Y/N) exclaimed, taking several steps backwards. “You’ve said & done enough..” She lifted her head her eyes meeting his. “This..” She gestured between them with her fingers.”Was never meant to be.” 

She turned on her heels , her head buried in her hands as she walked out of Wayne Manor…

“You got used to being alone, you adapted now you’re used to being all on your own…”

The sound of a head on collision rung through Bruce’s mind, knocking him out of the past and into his own harsh reality.

His fingers twitched around the crushed photo, his hands forming into fists as he lay his head against them and let the tears flow silently.

You were gone.

& it was his fault.

A/N: I don’t know what to say to this, but this is my first post on tumblr & my first y/n one-shot. I really hope whoever found this , enjoyed it. :)

Inktober 6: Pumpkin Heads

when i saw this prompt, i wondered what mood i wanted to go for and finally decided on 19th century portraiture. what i didn’t expect was that when i looked up inspiration for a pose/composition that i’d find so many delightfully silly portraits. upon further research, tricks of editing–such as headless portraits, or ‘impossible figures’–were a popular thing, but took lots of forethought and effort to achieve at times. so a simpler, but equally fun option was to swap clothes.

here’s the photo i used as reference, and while i am sad that i couldn’t find its origin, it is one of several ‘crossdressing’ portraits that exists from the victorian era. i highly recommend checking them out, everyone looks INCREDIBLY dapper, and i adore that in each of them you can see the humor in their suppressed smiles.