such a hard scene to color sorry


isak and even + being done with the straightsTM  (requested by anonymous)


Color Meme

 @yukination requested: kuroken + autumn colors


Ichiruki requested by @50shadesofichigo

Some anons asked for Xros Wars! Lapidot and I couldn’t say no :3c so here a redraw from a scene from ep 50~

I don’t have a scanner and the paper kept curling and I took 65 photos before I got this, which is barely passable

This is fanart from Coffee Stains and Cigarettes, by cellard00rs (I don’t feel comfortable tagging em in this horrible quality post, it’s embarrassing) 
This is my favorite scene or at least one of them… I had to draw it! 
I’m hard to convince with fanfics, especially AU fanfics so you know it’s good if *I* like it!  
 Plan to shade/semi color this and then somehow get a better scan.. it’s really big paper too..  is there a place that will scan stuff for you?  Like Office Max or something… Idk 


I think this is what happened behind the scene. I love how they became get along at the end. they’re perfect as brothers imo.

The first cover has gold colored title and the second is silver. Then the third might be bronze.

So looks like it will be kind like dance partner. I wish they make Yuuri dance with other characters too. That would be rad and maybe awkward but it would be awesome and looks fair because they also need appreciation right
lowkey wants to see Otabek in the CD’s cover