such a great video. recommend you guys watch!

Baking with Mark!

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A/n: I’ve gotten so many request for my Getting Caught, that I’ve decided to make it into a series :) I’m so excited!!


  • Hey y'all
  • just wanted to tell you that
  • This whole scenario is based of this gif lol
  • so enjoy baking with boyfriend Mark!!!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, so I want to improve my drawing (HB pencil and paper, no fancy stuff) and I am not a complete novice, but pretty close to that. Do you have any recommendations for tutorials/courses that could help? Something like The Joy of Painting where I could draw along would be really useful, but I'm not overly fussy.

Hmmm must of the tutorials I find are in youtube so I´ll just link four youtube channels I find useful:

SchaeferArt: This guy is great. He has a lot of painting time lapses and if you want to watch tips on how to become better at arting he´s got some videos on how to draw basically. He also talks about color theory and stuff like that which can be very useful.

DGPaints: God, this guy´s paintings are masterpieces. Most of his videos are speedpaints, but by looking at them you can get an idea of what he does and how he does that. 

Art of Wei: Okay this one is kind of a step-by-step guy. In every video he draws with pencil and you can clearly see what he is doing while he explains. His drawings range from portraits from bananas so you can find a lot of variety in his channel.

PaintBasket: I love this guy. He has also several videos where he draws while explaining what he is doing, kinda Bob Ross-ish. He paints with charcoal, oil, watercolor, pastels, and pretty much everything. I really recommend this channel.

I hope you find them useful!

The Castlevania Netflix series was so good! Like it had some of the best animation of any western animator I’ve ever seen! The art is phenomenal, the voice acting was great, and the plot is really cool and leaves wanting to know what happens next! All the characters are great!

If your a fan of the games or of well done top tier anime quality of art and animation then I highly recommend this series immensely! @samueldeats @dannyaraya @spencerwan @adamdeats All you guys did an amazing job! This is literally one of the best shows (animated or otherwise) I’ve ever watched in a long time! You guys deserve a round of applause!

Happy Masterpost

Life’s fucking hard and we’re all tired and sometimes we just need something happy. I know watching complex tv shows/movies is cool but sometimes we just need something that is just plain simple without murder and sadness and crying so i decided to make a masterpost with movies and tv shows that are just that. Maybe i’ll add some songs and books too i don’t know yet but i’ll be updating this every now and then. So here we go i hope you enjoy at least one of these. (i’ll be writting the titles and linking to the summaries if it’s a movie/tv show/ book and linking to the song/artist if it’s music)


 Tv Shows

Other Stuff

Okay maybe this wasn’t such a great idea given my limited knowledge of movies and tv shows but i’ll be adding more when i watch more and you guys can suggest more as well 


Here’s a fantastic look into how Taijiquan can be used in a street fight. Some of the applications might look a little flowery but, take a closer look, and you’ll see just how efficient they are.
He uses a fantastic array of close quarter blocks to hold off his opponent and then, with speed, he goes for the limbs, twisting them and dragging them. If you look at the second gif, he blends a simple block into a hell of a (painful) takedown.
In the third gif, he uses a simple-yet-effective throat strike to push the dude in black away. Try it. If you push your fingers into someone’s throat or the fleshy part under the chin and then just walk foward, they’re going to feel super uncomfortable, super quickly. Do it with actual force and they’ve got no other options than to back away. They’re fucked.
It’s hard to see what he does to the guy in black in the fourth gif. It seems like a face strike and a swift kick to the groin. Enough to hold someone off for a few minutes. Then he stands his ground and uses the most Taijiquan-like of techniques to push his other opponent away. Taijiquan believes in internal, core strength so planting yourself and shoving, is enough to push someone far enough back so that you can run away if needed.
In the last gif, he does what many people say if the best thing to do in a group fight: he puts one attacker between him and the other attacker. If you can use an opponent as an obstacle, do so. He grabs the guy in white by the base of his neck and swivels him around. It’s not a drastic strike. It won’t necessarily cause him a lot of pan, even. But it does move him to where he causes the most hassle for the other opponent. Great stuff.

I recommend watching the whole video (here) because, at the end, there’s a nice free-for-all where he uses all his techniques against both opponents coming at him at once. It’s really nice to watch.

Idk if anyone likes The Sims as much as I do, but if you like watching lets play videos and such I definitely recommend AndrewArcade! He’s my favorite youtuber and he makes really nice Sims videos, his voice his really nice to listen too, and he’s so creative and funny! He also does live streams on Twitch and the vibe is really great and yeah, you should go check him out. 

brightongirl7  asked:

HI, can you suggest a you tube channel where I could watch WilSon?

I don’t think there are any?? I I haven’t found one and most of the old videos are deleted now. Pinky Swears on FB is great tho I really recommend it, I don’t think you have to sign up for anything or have a FB to watch the videos, and they have all of the videos from Chandler to Guy to Chandler again (also Paulson stuff for context about Sonny). if anyone knows of someone uploading wilson on YT tho, please let me know, I’d love to add it to the resource post I have up for those who like that option :)


Heey guys, this awesome video was made by this amazing fan, affiniti! It’s a great video of All of the stars lyrics that made me cry a lot (…again…). It’s such a great video and I totally recommend for you to watch it :)