such a great show though

Just a slight spoiler from Osomatsu-san season 2 episode 4.

It’s just a frame really but this part:

First off it’s the most adorable thing ever, but also I was a bit confused because a lot of people were like “look at the suiriku!”, except for me this picture was like…

So um???

So of course it isn’t really that important but my main reasons for thinking that way were:

First Oso:

  • That toothy grin is one of Oso’s signature trait, alongside with just grinning in general,

grinning is his default expression really

  • Kind of a nitpick with this one, but I see playing boisterously (with choro to whom he was closer to in -kun but I guess this is irrelevant) as kind of more of an oso thing to do,
  • Counter-argument, that I think people saw as kara-like, frowning. As illustrated previously, he does that too, but kara doesn’t really tend to be that toothy grinned.

As for Kara:

  • He’s being really extra, in the middle of the picture, trying to pose, finger guns,
  • Counter-argument: no frowns, Oso could also usually be seen in the center (either that or the far right or far left).
  • Has the open mouth smile Oso tends to have, but there is also the toothy grin one, stated previously.

So yeah, that’s why I was a bit confused lol. Again this is just my point of view of this picture.

Blessed picture please give us more stuff like this

When you are such Steven trash your reason for watching Voltron is his voice, you know you are in too deep and need therapy asap.

All Moana Songs: a Summary (Spoilers?)

Where You Are: The “You are a Disney Protagonist with RESPONSIBILITIES Song™”

How Far I’ll Go: Part of Your World but the opposite

We Know The Way: In case you hadn’t already sold your soul to this movie, Lin is here

How Far I’ll Go (Reprise): I’m not 100% certain how to sail but what could go wrong

You’re Welcome: Pure narcissism also the Rock sang and it was actually pretty good

Shiny: DEATH AWAITS YOU ~but look how hot I am~

I Am Moana: Grandma jedi ghost and Hamilton vibes

Know Who You Are: Very short, very dramatic

We Know The Way (Finale): Same song as before but Moana’s dad is no longer afraid of the ocean


Poem by merlinwnchstr

Careful With My New Pet (Kol Mikaelson x Reader) / Part 1

Summary: Having the Mikaelson brothers fighting over you is a pain. Especially when you only like the youngest brother, Kol. He already knows that you like him but he’s having fun “battling” his brothers for your affection. Jealousy becomes a factor later on, of course, when dealing with Kol’s temper and multiple lovesick brothers. Thus, he decides to teach his brothers a lesson when it comes to you.

Word Count: 1091

A/N: Welcome! Until I finish Neighbors of the Night, this will be the only part. After that’s over, I’ll continue writing this. I don’t know how long I plan on making this yet. Also, Finn is great and all but he was not developed enough as a character for me to know where to even begin writing him. It honestly sucks. I’d love to include Finn. I settled for Kol, Klaus, and Elijah, though. As always, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.

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[TRANS] NYLON Magzine April Issue with NCT 127 — Ment

“When I was a high school student, I somewhat wanted to become a zookeeper. Since I really like animals, I wanted to take care of the animals in my neighbourhood. But after a bit of research, I gave up. The competition rate is high. Somehow, I became an idol where the competition is even more intense, haha. There are two happiest moments in my life, when I passed the SM Audition and when it was confirmed that I will debut with NCT. When I passed the audition, I was so happy I screamed, and when it was confirmed that I will debut, I bursted into tears. Especially when they confirmed my debut, really… I cried and cried until my eyes were puffy. Do you understand this feeling? It’s like there is a clear, bright flamelight somewhere over there, I know there is a bright world, but I feel like I’m just as in the dark as before. I have lived as a trainee for about three years and a half, every day I had this feeling, the moment it was announced that I am going to debut, it was like crawling out of a lonely tunnel. A world filled with bright and golden light, as if El Dorado unfolded in my life. That was a year ago, but even to this day, I still feel good and bewildered. Sometimes when I go on holidays, it really amazes me how on the streets and in shops I go to, there are people who recognise me. I am still inexperienced and I will work hard. Until I am like ‘Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Hyung… I envy his calm personality as well as his sweet voice and abilities. I also want to have his sense of security (stability). It would be a sense of security to be able to have both experience and skill. “

“I am Johnny from Chicago. Compared to New York, Chicago is quieter and more relaxed. It’s a city where nothing is too hasty but not overly relaxed, this is why I like Chicago. The fact that I come from Chicago is very important, doesn’t the environment shape a person? I want to be someone who will never forgot where they come from, and I try to keep my wish. I’ve been living in Korea for four to five years now. It feels like I have matured a bit after living in Korea for a while. During this time, I have learned to not only think about myself and to respect the grown-ups. It also made me reflect on the importance of ‘myself’. Idols live in the eyes of others and are obligated to live up to their standards. Under such environments, to avoid losing focus, I have to remember who I am. I constantly think about the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘what kind of person am I?’. I, Johnny, like DJing and playing the piano. I also wish to become a warm (kind) person, and someone who gives other people strength. My ultimate goal is to become a person who, even though is standing still, can still show their great personality. I am still very much flawed, but please believe that I will become that person. “

“It’s NCT’s leader, Taeyong. NCT127 gave me a lot. I got a job called (being an) idol, I came into the company and met a lot of nice adults, most of all, I made a lot of friends. To me, the members are my best friends. Although I am the leader, rather than me leading the members, there are more times when they helped me. When I was young, I could paint and play the piano, I had a good reputation for expressing myself, and I often received praises, but it wasn’t easy for me to get close to people quickly. Do you like films by Studio Ghibli? I really like them, but the main characters in these films, why are they slightly different from others, they live alone and are lonely, but if you get to know, they are all good people. I’m talking about characters like Howl in ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’. I think I’m that kind of character, after we became NCT I have eight friends. I am grateful. Still, the times that I spend alone are also very important to me. Therefore, no matter how busy I am, when schedules finish I go to the training room alone and dance or practice singing and tidy my thoughts. I think that having time alone has the power of helping me grow and endure the pressure of busy schedules and life as an entertainer. It is my goal to continue to express the days I have lived, the days a youth lived, through rap and music, and after gaining a lot of experience and knowledge, I have a dream of becoming an adult. I want to be a real grown-up who can help and guide the way for the juniors.”

“I have this phrase I always say whenever I introduce myself “I’m manly mountain man Yuta”. I really like mountains. In Japanese, the pronunciation of ‘mountain’ and 'top’ is the same. That’s why I’m manly mountain man Yuta. Ah, I really like mountains. Before debut, whenever there was time to spare, I used to go to Bukhansan, Namsan-dong and every mountain in Seoul City alone, whether big or small. Whenever I’m at the mountains, my mind feels like it has been cleaned and I feel at ease. I thought of becoming a singer because of TVXQ sunbaenim. I wanted to become a soccer player when I was young. But after watching TVXQ, everything changed. They were really cool and they felt like gods to me… But after debuting, it’s harder than I thought it would be. Above all,  there’s no free time, I don’t have time to go to my favorite mountains anymore… One day when I was in a lot of stress I asked our EXO sunbaenim “Until when will this be hard?” they answered it will take three years to give up everything and I firstly will need work to my fullest. That advice gave me strength, I thought 'Ah, our Hyungs also went through a lot of hardship’  and this made my heart feel more at ease.
But whenever I’m tired, I’d like to watch sports documentaries. Soccer players in the A-League have to repeat the same strategy for years to improve their own skill. When I look at it, I think of their 'professional spirit’ and I want to become a person like that too. After all, everything is a fight against yourself. Whenever I don’t feel like practicing or just want to laze around. I think it’s important to keep pushing myself. Like this, I want to keep moving forward one step at a time. It’s just like climbing a mountain.”

I have an episode (story) that shows well what kind of person I am. When I was in elementary school I wanted to eat an ice cream so I went and bought it but
a car had rolled over my legs. But, I never let go of my ice cream for even one moment. Even when going to the hospital and arriving in the emergency room, I still held on to my ice cream tightly. In the end, I couldn’t eat my ice cream because it all melted. But this shows that when there’s a thing I really like, I tend to only think about that thing. Right now, I’m struck by our team’s music. The music I can do alone and the music and voices I can do when the 9 of us are together are definitely different. Nowadays, I think a lot about what kind of music our team would fit best. I don’t want to do just common things. Music is a 'proof of existence’ to me. Since I was young, I really liked singing but my parents never really told me 'good job’. To prove my ability, I started to participate in singing competitions. And when I was in high school, I went to the singing contest hosted by the province and got the first prize. That’s when my family started to acknowledge my singing ability. Since then, music has always seemed to give me a feeling of “this is it.” I don’t really have a role model, but I want to be a vocalist who can be recognized after singing just a single line. Like Adam Levine or Lyn sunbaenim. By the way, do you know Lyn’s song 'Love U. . Love U’? You should have a listen. It’s a song accompanied by a piano with delicate vocals

“ When I was young, at home I would frivolously laugh well and would have a talkative personality but strangely at school words wouldn’t come out. I’m also shy and somehow felt like I should stay quiet too… That’s why I spent a lot of time alone and my 4th grade elementary school teacher recommended extracurricular activities. I then realized the joy of standing in front of people for the first time doing variety of activities. I think the joy I felt at that time made me do it today. In fact, it’s still nice and fun to be standing in front others and not being burdened. However, it’s hard when I’m not as strong as I expect. Even if you practice but your skills don’t change, do something else. If you can’t dance, sing, when singing falls into a slump, you can watch a movie… Then a moment to be okay will come. I realized as I went many time through that process that I was interested in dancing, singing, movies and so on. That’s what I’m all about. Eventually, it’s obvious but it’s true that you have to be a good person to be a great artist. Being known is nice and receiving love is nice too but I want to be a better person. Someone who doesn’t deceive, someone who is confident of himself. And after a decade, he continues to endlessly finding out what he likes diligently, I want to be someone who continues to enjoy. A person who doesn’t lose his enthusiasm for what he does, that’s the kind of person I find cool. “ \

“ I’m Winwin from China. I have a deep fear of strangers. I’m also more of the shy type. However, if we’re close then I’m a completely different person. I play around a lot… NCT members all tease me for being a “heodang” (T/N: someone who looks perfect but acts stupid) Ah, furthermore! I am a smart person. When me or any of my friends have problems, I can solve them all! Don’t believe me? It’s for real. When my friends encounter problems they always find me first. Because of school, starting from middle school I had to leave my family in Wenzhou to go to Beijing alone. Compared to other people my age, I think I’ve developed a better ability to control and cope with situations. Therefore I was able to adjust to life in Korea without difficulty. I’ve been in Korea for a year and a half and met a lot of cool people. EXO’s Lay hyung is one of them. Dancing and singing, he is good at them both but besides that Lay hyung has a charisma that’s unexplainable in words. I want to also have my own kind of charm someday. My story, what else? Someday I want to act. I’m confident I can cooly play a the lead character in a film about everyday life. Also, I like R&B… my favorite song? I’ll let you know next time. If I tell you too much about me, the charm will be gone! “

I have a lot of laughter. I laugh about things that don’t make sense and when I was young, I was a kid with a lot of high spirits. Nonetheless, isn’t it more pleasant to be positive rather than depressed? I started <High School Rapper> with a cheerful mind. I did not come with the thought of wanting to compete and win the first place. The thought of wanting to learn was bigger. But when I went out, it was more stimulating than I thought. It’s also a place where I can see the talents of kids of my age around the country, and there are a lot of great friends. Above all, I have already debuted and come from a huge company. I have a lot of people who can help me and guide me. However, these kids who came out there in the competition are alone and they practice alone, I really respect that courage and will. At first, when it started, it was good to have fun, but I have to work hard too, as far as I can. I rap a lot for the team (NCT) but now it seems a bit funny to separate myself from being a rapper or a singer. From now on, without being bound to one restricted area, I want to be an artist who makes good songs and expresses them. Like Michael Jackson’s 'Man in the Mirror’, I want to create a song that is bright and is hopeful for people. The kind of music that can have a good influence on the world. That is my dream.

“I’m NCT 127’s youngest Haechan. I’m in charge of being the 'cutie boy’, haha, these are not my words but the hyungs. The Hyungs really adore me a lot. Instead of giving you a common introduction, I will tell you the songs of my life. The first one is 'Hello’ by Huh Gak sunbaenim. Since I was young, I liked this song a lot. My parents both play music so naturally, I thought I would also definitely play music too. And one day, my mom came and said: “there’s an audition, let’s give it a go”. I went with a light heart and thought of having fun but unexpectantly, I passed the audition in one try. The song I sang at that time was 'Hello’ from Huh Gak sunbaenim. That’s how I got through the auditions and started my trainee life. I didn’t really know at the time but I seemed to hit puberty when I was fifteen. My mood swings were pretty severe. Whenever I cried, I would go to a dark room and listen to 'She’s Out of My Life’ or `You Are Not Alone’. It was Michael Jackson who seemed to have protected me during my puberty. Also, more important than any other song of my life is NCT’s debut song 'Fire Truck’. I was dazed and confused when I recorded the song, but listening to it now I realize it’s a great song. I think 'Fire Truck’ will be my song of life until I die. When I look back, I think about all the other debuted teams when we debuted and watched the sunbaenims who had already debuted. The teams, who made their debut together with us, were also very good and talented. I thought that 'I cannot hold too much hope, if we don’t work hard enough we will be buried (underneath the other teams)’ and worked even harder after our debut. I’m practicing these days to improve singing and dancing. Although I still lack a lot, I will do well. I’ll have more confidence in myself.”

Translation: Teddy, Selin, Rini, Esmee @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: NYLON April Issue

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Here’s all of the progress from this morning’s experimental stream.  I’m very, very excited about this one!

So after seeing these posts by @owldart for @doodledrawsthings‘ Hell’s Studio Au, I realized I needed to write something for it! Because I am a HUGE sucker for body swap stories. This was a lot of fun to write, but it came out… Quite a lot larger than I had anticipated! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count:  8,489

The feeling of ink-covered hair on his own head was a surreal one. To the point where Bendy had a hard time grasping what exactly he was touching. On top of that, his hand felt weird. Why was that? Having gallons of ink dumped on him was something that he didn’t want to admit he was used to, but this time seemed to have messed with his senses something fierce. If Sammy hadn’t turned back into an ink monster, had Bendy gone off model again? Gracious, he hoped not.

“Aw man, what a trip…” he moaned. Was there ink in his ears, or did he sound a little different? He rubbed his hand along his head, shuddering slightly as the stringy texture passed between his fingers, “Hey Sammy, am I meltin’ or just–” he stopped when he reached the top of his head. Where he would have normally found the dip between his horns, he didn’t feel… Well, anything. Just more head.

“Drippin’?” he croaked. At that point he realized that the voice he was using was certainly not his. He couldn’t pin whose it was, but it did sound familiar… His eyes popped open, and he was met with a pale, five-fingered hand.

Sammy was quickly catching on himself. He had kept his eyes closed for a while now, a surge of dread washing over him like a devastating tidal wave. He didn’t feel like himself; he felt cold and unnatural. Defined in shape, but able to melt and sink into the surrounding ink at any moment–and he knew that only meant one thing: he was an ink monster yet again. He grit his teeth and dared himself to open his eyes as Bendy spoke, though… Wait a moment. That was his voice that he was hearing. Why was he hearing his own voice, and with Bendy’s accent of all things?

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strjker-deactivated20171110  asked:

andrew would literally die for aaron n hes kept every single promise he’s ever made to him which aaron cant fucking relate n yet the only time aaron even bothers to acknowledge andrews existence is when he gets something out of it aka katelyn. hes a selfish cunt he doesnt deserve andrew not when hes made him out to be this monster that he isnt not when hes been so ungrateful for all that hes done not when hes been homophobic nd definitely not when he made those remarks abt andrews abuse

The only time Aaron bothers to acknowledge Andrew’s existence?

From the start, Aaron was the one who sent the letter to Andrew and Andrew was the one who shut him out. And I get that Andrew had his reasons, but like they did not switch roles. Andrew wasn’t trying to talk to Aaron.

It’s canon that when Andrew and Aaron were seeing Bee together, Andrew didn’t even talk to Aaron outside of the appointments and Aaron was bitter about it. That fact was a weapon that Neil used against him because Aaron was bothered by the fact that Andrew doesn’t acknowledge him.

And as for “when he gets something out of it aka katelyn,” Aaron puts his whole social life on hold for Andrew and the deals and Andrew can’t even be bothered to talk to him. How does it make him “a selfish cunt” to want to have one person?

Meanwhile, Andrew’s been socializing with the Foxes to a degree because of Neil. And he was hooking up with Roland. And he was sneaking around with Neil. But Aaron wasn’t allowed to be with Katelyn and had to sneak around with her and be careful so Andrew wouldn’t stab her.

And Aaron didn’t even want to fight Andrew for the right to see her. He was planning to keep on seeing her unofficially for years and settle for sneaking around and being right by Andrew’s side the rest of the time because of that deal. Aaron only fought Andrew about it because Katelyn gave him an ultimatum because Neil convinced her to give Aaron an ultimatum.

And it’s not like Aaron ignores Andrew. He goes along with so much shit and centres his life around where Andrew tells him to be. And he goes along with all of Andrew’s ‘test Neil’ plans just because Andrew asked him to.

And Andrew isn’t the only one who is protective of his twin. Aaron killed Drake for Andrew. Aaron had horrible nightmares because of that and could have gone to jail, but he would have done the same thing again in a heartbeat and he says as much. The Twinyards would both kill or die for the other.

I cannot tell you guys what I would do to be able to watch a TV series with Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson as the main characters and the rest of the Batfam as the supporting characters. 

                                       (Opening Scene) 

The camera pans up from some fast walking dress shoes, showing the inside of a large building and the back of said man as he rushes toward                                                    the elevators. 

                                                (Male Extra) 
  Hurridly catches up to the other man, holding some files and a pen.
                          “Excuse me Mr. Wayne, but could you please sign–”

                  “Shh, Fredy,” Tim urges as he quickly signs the papers.

  The camera now follows the two men as they half jog to the elevators,                                          still not showing their faces.

“Don’t tell anyone you saw me,” Tim demands as he places the pen back                        on the stack of documents and enters the elevator.

         “You do know we have caffeine on the premises, don’t you sir?”  

         Finally turns around so we can see his face for the first time. 
        “That’s not coffee, Fredrick, we’ve had this discussion before.”

                                   The elevator doors close–

                                            (Cut Scene)

 –the camera zooms out of an old television playing Gotham News on                 mute, a song in Spanish plays softly in the background. 

As the camera moves, we are able to see disassembled guns left on the         coffee table, as well as some blood covered rags and first aid kit. 

A moment later, a phone rings, a man walks through, shirtless and wrapped neatly in white bandages before digging the cell out of the couch                                cushions and hitting ‘talk’.

            “Told ya, you’d regret it,” she speaks from the phone.

Huffs as he walks back to the kitchen, turning off the small radio that sits                 there before going back to the eggs he was cooking.

The camera circles him as he walks, before coming to show us the profile          of his face, phone smushed between his shoulder and ear. 

                              “Regret is for the living, Babs.”

                                            (Cut Scene) 

The camera pans away from an open window, quickly scanning over the        mess, clothes (including a police uniform) and dishes scattered among                                         the floor and coffee table. 

Before shifting upward to show us a man sprawled out on his couch, face                                smashed into the cushions. 

                    The static of a radio sounds an instant later.
                                 Startling the sleeping man.

             “Officer Grayson? … Officer Grayson are you there?”
        “Dick come in- damnit Dick you’re late for your shift again.”

Rolls off the couch, out of the frame, and falls to the floor, splashing milk from one of his many cereal bowls on himself, a spoon flies past the                                                                 camera. 

Groaning from the floor, his hand appears as he slaps around his coffee                                              table for his radio. 

                       Grabs the radio and pulls it off the table. 
                                    “Ten-four,” he rasps. 

The camera pans under the table so we can clearly see his disgruntled expression, Lucky Charms dripping from his black hair and to the carpet. 

                                 (Queue Theme Song)

You know what would be a great thing to happen in 2017? Season 2 of Class.

Reblog if you agree.

Why did Mikasa Ackerman never get her own arc?

Christa got an entire arc.

For a good reason, since she’s an important person/plot point. 


Eren’s the main character, of course, Armin’s gotten a huge focus in part cuz Eren is utterly fixated on him brings him into his own development by thinking about their dream and encouraging him whenever he feels worthless or like his life isn’t worth more than Erwin’s. 

Sasha, Ymir, even Annie got huge spotlights. 

But Mikasa, well, we saw her backstory, we sort of saw her draw away from Eren, we saw that she cares about Armin, and her little family, but…

as a person, we don’t see anything else from Mikasa? 

You know what’s a huge shame?

That Isayama never had Mikasa train with Levi.

Like, I forget when it was said, but it’s mentioned that Ackermans tend to latch onto certain people.

Kenny had Uri.

Levi had Erwin.

Mikasa has Eren. 

Ackermans have “owners” lol.

They’re a family of protectors.

How would that affect how the two Ackermans interact?

I mean, they’re both insanely powerful and protective of the people they were attached to. 

I just feel like Isayama missed out on something that could’ve been great, an Ackerman arc. 

Like I know Isayama’s story isn’t like Naruto, where you can branch off into endless training arcs, but we could’ve at least had a few pages of them interacting directly.

I would’ve liked to see Levi be like a grumpy uncle/tutor to the younger Ackerman legacy. 

Isayama has this bad habit of forgetting that the best aspect of snk is the characters.

The universe is great, the concepts are cool, but without the human element, no story is interesting. 

Mikasa could’ve been developed through an Ackerman arc.

But I fee like Isayama didn’t have an Ackerman arc because he couldn’t think of one or didn’t want to make an entire arc dedicated to just one character (or two, if it was a dual arc with Levi). 

And that’s fine, snk is a huge world. there’s a lot of ground to cover, and it’s never been about just a single character.

snk’s a series of character actions and political/war/military drama. 

i get that, it’s part of the aesthetic, fine. 

I just think that out of all the characters, Mikasa has been the most slighted. 

And if we couldn’t have had an awesome Asian clan arc, then we could’ve at least had them interact more.

Isayama didn’t capitalize on that family drama.

He focused on Kenny, but didn’t bother focusing on Mikasa.

Now we’ll never know if Kenny and Mikasa and Levi could’ve had a really interesting conversation, and the moment is lost. 

The juicy drama leaked out and we’re left with the stain of what could’ve been. 

Oh well. 

Mary Leakey (1913-1996) was a paleoanthropologist who made several important discoveries related to the evolution of humanity. In 1948 she discovered the first ever fossilised Proconsul skull, an extinct ape and an early ancestor of humans.

Even though she showed a great interest in archaeology from an early age and wanted to apply to Oxford, she was discouraged to do so, and was turned away from several excavation sites until finally being allowed to work. Throughout her career she discovered fossils and stone tools belonging to different species of early hominids, some of them more than 3.75 million years old. She discovered fifteen new species and one new genus of animal.

  • Me: here are my reasons why I don't think DEH was an exceptionally good show, especially compared to CFA and Comet
  • Them: have you considered: DEH is important to me?