such a great introduction tho like

Movies Bloodborne fans should watch: (if you ask me :P)
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf (French movie about the Beast of Gévaudan. Bloodborne’s fashion is most likely inspired by its beautiful costumes.)
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Cainhurst? Cainhurst. Cheesy at times.)
  • Crimson Peak (Gothic romance at its finest.)
  • Hellboy 1 / 2 - The Golden Army (Just watch the two movies, okay? SO GOOD.)
  • Van Helsing (yeah yeah, I know this one isn’t that great. WHO CARES! harmless fun with crazy weaponry and big monsters.)
  • Mary Reilly (the classic tale of Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde seen from the point of view of Jekyll’s housemaid who, obviously, has a crush on him. )
  • From Hell (Jack the Ripper. Johnny Depp, Alan Moore, lots of drugs.)
  • The Whisperer in the Darkness (The best adaptation of Lovecraft’s story of the same name.)
  • Red Riding Hood (this movie gets all the hate just because it has the same director as Twilight but is a pretty decent movie with great atmosphere and a nice twist near the end. It’s not that easy to figure out who’s the wolf! My only complaint about this flick is that the actors are waaaay too attractive in pure young-adult romance fashion. Still worth a watch.)
  • Tenshi no Tamago (aka Angel’s Egg. Weird, visually stunning, very esoteric and reminds me a ton of Fishing Hamlet for some reason. The plot is cryptic and mysterious, just like Bloodborne’s.)
  • The Company of Wolves (a weird classic based upon Angela Carter’s dark fairytales ~♡)
  • Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (It’s better than you think.)
  • Goya’s Ghosts (SPANISH INQUISITION! Heresy! Torture! Drama! Doesn’t “look” like Bloodborne, but the themes are there and is overall a good historical movie with great actors.)
  • Penny Dreadful (TV series. This one is a mixed bag for me, but the photography is stunning and Victorian to the core. Rushed ending tho. And a lot of gratuitous sex scenes that don’t go anywhere. I warned you.)
  • Taboo (TV series. PRETTY NICE)
  • Hellsing Ultimate (Anime OVA which needs no introduction.)

The great thing about reading research papers is that the introduction is sometimes so fucking confusing intellectually worded that you may have to go through four entire Wikipedia articles to understand a single sentence :)) for real tho, they should stop using thesaurus to write abstracts ffs, it’s supposed to be accessible

Fanaccount: TOHOSHINKI WITH TOUR 2015 - 1st day Fukuoka

To start off, i got decent seat yeay.

So the concert started with this VCR (in which im sure the video’s already out there cos them ninja fans) where yunho and changmin were the only 2 survivors in some deserted universe and they found each other and decided to approach each other and met halfway with some epic car drift scene and their eyes met and they did brow winks that got me laughing actually cos i’m pretty sure that idea came from some fanfic writer.

They entered the stage coming off the car that they had in the VCR which was a pretty nice entrance.

To be honest everything after that was a blur to me now cos the concert was too good.

No i mean really, it’s a 3,5 hours concert and they performed all the intense-dance songs AND CHANGMIN DIDNT WhINE about dying cos tiredness and all omg. His gym trainer did well with his abs and stamina.

What i remembered was “keep your head down” had different arrangement which was PERFECT and they perform songs that I never thought i’d live to see them sing those like:
- before u go
- love in the ice
- doushiteee kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou

A lot of fangirls cried during doushite out of feels and tho i didnt cry i raised like 10 thumbs up to their performance cos it was flawless. Also i was actually surprised during “love in the ice” that Yunho took Junsu’s “setsunai hodooooo” part instead of changmin and he nailed that part like a boss.

They explained the meaning of WITH as the title of their tour, saying that it means “tomo ni” in japanese (which apparently starts with a T) and said that with is like “tohoshinki with bigeast, yunho with shimu” and i was like yes shimu i get how you feel, i’d ship myself with yunho too but you’re a bit too obvious here.

They made a surprise for yunho’s birthday and yunho said that he was actually sad cos everyone said happy birthday to him super lightly like no one really cared and was too busy with the concert.

changmin put the cake’s cream on yunho’s face but his way of putting it tho, like he was cupping yunho’s jaw and slide it down. I know it’s to avoid dirtying yunho’s hair but let’s not kill a fangirl’s dream.

i can say this is their best setlist and performance so far, their choreography were super powerful the flow were great, even the band and dancers introduction VCR are very well made. Oh and the moving stage were awesome.

Anyway this is just the 1st day. Looking forward for their performance on 2nd and 3rd day!!