such a great film though


Jackson Rathbone as Stephen Grace in Dread (2009)


Wales’ Euro 2016 campaign is being made into a documentary that will be released in the UK on 3 March

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I'm black an though I love Moana (It was a great film and I am a huge Dwayne The Rock Johnson fan, I can't help but feel slightly jealous. I mean, I just wish there was a film with a leading obviously black (because Kida is usually used to counter this) female lead that wasn't an animal for most of the film. The gifs with Moana's hair and just her being awesome are great and I would just love to have a black character to fangirl over too. Am I a bad person for feelint this way?

Aww omg no, you’re definitely not a bad person for wanting better black representation! Let’s be honest, Disney having the first and only black female lead in their canon be an animal for 80+% in her own movie was unfulfilling and disappointing to say the least especially for those of us who’ve waited so eagerly. 

They could have done the same story without turning Tiana into an animal especially since her transformation wasn’t ever needed in the first place (she’s not like Kenai in Brother Bear who was transformed to atone for the revenge killing of the bear or the vain, selfish Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove who is turned into a llama + eventually learns compassion + respect). Her only “fault” is working hard to achieve the dreams?? 

So from one black fangirl to another, I understand 100% where you’re coming from *hugs*

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).

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your comments about the storyboarding remind me of the time the anime team stretched out that Nejiten catch during the Kisame fight, as well as slowed down the music~ HUEHUE


OMG N E V E R FORGET. now you got my mind reeling so here we go, get ready for the lamest thing ever. 

amazes me that the tiny little panel: 

got turned into this whole scene: 

(FRACTION EYE WIDEN THAT DIDNT NEED TO GET ANIMATED WHICH COSTS EXTRA MONEY BTW even tho it’s probably not that much lmao but still)

the music gets all slowed down and everything, neji practically exhaling “are you alright, tenten?” tenten slowly getting up and saying, “thank you…neji.” 

^ Like lmfao they could’ve done all the action in that last shot right there and finished with that, b/c it’s. two lines.  

but naw, let’s get in like HELLLAAA CLOSE, like not even some med-shot shit but like FRAME DAT SHIT AT THE FOREHEAD AND DRIFT PAN 2 THE LEFT AS TENTEN SLOWLY GETS UP also they’re both drippin’ wet and white clothes??? :3c 

so. y’know, they could’ve easily saved like 20 seconds or something of animation, but naw, bet they were like ‘let’s have some fun with this’ ‘also these characters are cool’ also sometimes shows are like hm we’re short on content let’s add in some stuff but it’s not like….this episode was short on content lmfao we got Gai vs. Kisame and some dope fighting scenes and all. 

TLDR; urs truly ghostbananas kind of loves this meta shit and the OTPs so when the opportunity arises to text dump with both then i’ll rise from my ghost-ass grave for this 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Coraline the movie, Wybie comes to help Coraline after the Other Mother's hand escapes to find the key. Coraline tries to lure the hand to the well with the key, but the hand attacks her. All of this is happening late at night, after Coraline awakes from her dream with the ghost children. But Wybie comes in the nick of time and saves Coraline from the hand. What was he doing up so late? How did he know Coraline was in trouble? How was he able to find her so quickly?
Everyone stop what you’re doing and go watch Nowhere Boy

-Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking hella fine (like damn)
-Thomas Brodie-Sangster looking hella cute, acting hella gay
-The Beatles
-Basically about how all of the adults in John Lennon’s life screwed him over
-Have I mentioned how attractive Aaron was?
-The writers were basically like, “what if John and Paul were fucking the whole time?”
-Beautiful film
-John Lennon being a sassy asshole
-A bro hug full of tears
-Seriously watch this movie. 10/10

Watching the Huntsman
  • Colin Morgan: *appears for 30 seconds*
  • Me: *whispers* omg it's him... the radiant glory. The personification of sunshine and rainbows, the God of cheekbones, the saviour, the glorious Lord of hotness, the adorable ear-man, the cutest trash, the-
  • My dad: Do you have to do this with every movie?

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies


“Does this mean we have to start fighting?”

This is one of my favorite film moments of all time. 

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle realize that the one person they’ve reached out to is actually their enemy. They don’t act out, they don’t immediately lose their feelings for each other- instead she cries and he pulls her closer. And they don’t want to fight each other.

It’s tragic and epic and so human

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What are your favourite movies and why?

I love Brooklyn,it’s seriously such a great film to watch(I mean it’s so pretty) and I love the plot. I also love the imitation game and unbroken(I’m a sucker for WWII films). Prisoners is amazing,the acting is great and even though it’s a drama I love it!
(I’m not that great with descriptions oops)


Gale Harold as Morrison Wiley in Particles of Truth (2003).

“I drive around in my car and I watch people and I write down what I think they’re thinking about.”


As usual I forgot to take photos before and during but here is some dodgy photos from after. New wig and new dress. I felt pretty on point, I’m always nervous about going out in daylight but I don’t think anyone clocked me so feel pretty good about last night even though the film was really really not great :(.

Tonight I watched “Ask Me Anything” and was left feeling various different emotions. First of all, I love this film. I thought the plot was excellent until the very end when I was blown away by such a sharp development in the last 5 minutes that made the plot incredible. The movie made me think a lot about the different ways that I relate to Katie and some of it brought up intense emotions that I wasn’t really expecting/prepared for. That’s what makes a film great, though, is that it can evoke such strong feelings for the viewer beyond his or her reaction to the twists and turns of the plot.

imsebastianstan Hey, please go check out @anchorsfilm out on iTunes now. My friend David directed it. Here’s a picture, where per usual, he has exhausted me about this film and his love for #lasttangoinparis and #roblowe Seriously though , the film #ANCHORS is really great and I’m very proud of him. Please check it out. Link and trailer in film bio. Happy. Fridayyyy. Thanks @amediumformat for 📸 this.

imsebastianstan Hey, please go check out @anchorsfilm out on iTunes now. My friend David directed it. Here’s a picture, where per usual, he has exhausted me about this film and his love for #lasttangoinparis and #roblowe Seriously though , the film #ANCHORS is really great and I’m very proud of him. Please check it out. Link and trailer in film bio. Happy. Fridayyyy. Thanks @amediumformat for 📸 this.