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Insecurities (Christian Yu AMBW Smut)

YOU GUYS SHE FINALLY GAVE IN- LIKE ITS SUCH A REVELATION and I just needed to get this out here for her ass. @silhouetted-beauty here you go. 

I can’t believe this. I knew it, I knew it all along.

You walked through the club looking around as you headed towards the exit. Your hips twisting with each step, your hands crossed over your chest and balled up from how angry you were. You were a scowling beauty tonight. You had on a skirt set, black long sleeve crop top shirt that was off the shoulders. A black skirt that was long on your right side, but on the left side it was cut into a slit that reached up to your left thigh where it had two lines and were tied together revealing your smooth milky chocolate skin. Your makeup was done lightly, red lipstick on your plump lips and your hair was in its natural state curls tumbling down your shoulders and framing your face. You had on no bra nor panties, another surprise you wanted to give your man for all his hard work, the outfit had fitted tightly on your body so much so that even if you were to get hard your nipples would be showing through the shirt. But it seems as he danced with the girl on the club floor he had other plans.

You were dating Christian Yu, and despite what everyone else though dating him was not easy. In fact, in your eyes it was harder than most jobs because he was a video director meaning he had to film a lot of things and though it was great, what wasn’t great was the females that came on to him. You had always fought him, not wanting to date him because you knew what would happen if you said yes. You were scared to get attached to someone, especially someone famous because a sense of responsibility and assurance came with that. You were a jealous lover, and a bit possessive but it wasn’t no worse than any average person. However, after spending some time with him you couldn’t help but fall for him. He was charming, sweet, loving, he made you feel like a woman. You were head over heels for everything he did and maybe his dog Lori had contributed to the feelings that you had for him.

While you were both loving each other, things were going great for the first few months. Sure, every couple had their problems but you two were a different case. You worked for stores managing them and helping count items for stoking purposes. You had a few coworkers that liked to flirt with you and yeah sure the moment Christian saw it he was more than livid, dragging you away.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Christian asked the male who had his arm around your waist keeping your feet from touching the floor as he caught you.

“She was about to fall so I was going to catch her.” The male said shrugging his shoulders trying to play it off.

“So, she almost fell because you knocked the ladder over. Don’t touch her man. You can’t just hold her like that because she isn’t yours. She’s mine.” And like that Christian was taking you out of the male’s arms as he carried your protesting body towards the storage room to fuck you to the point that everyone else heard who you belonged to.

The thought alone rushed through your mind and made your lips twitch, you wanted to smile you did. You wanted to laugh and be happy but that little miss Savannah had to fuck it up for the both of you.

“Christian I don’t like her.” You mumbled at the set of the video. Christian had been laughing in the direction of the female that was mixed with both Korean and white. She was cute sure, long brown hair and little freckles on her face. She had green eyes and though she had some work done she was curvy. Here she stood, laughing and joking with everyone she could get her hands on even trying to flirt with DPR Live and you knew if your friend had saw her man in such a position she would’ve been livid.

“Why don’t you like her baby?” Christian asked softly finally turning his attention to you, his dark brown eyes looked down at you with love but at the moment, you couldn’t even feel it because your unsettled feeling overtook you more than his looks.

“I just.. Don’t trust her Christian.” You didn’t know how to explain it, maybe it was a woman intuition but the way she threw her hair back over her shoulder, the way she bit her lip and made eyes at Christian. Artist or not you knew she was trying to push up on him, and he was too busy running around your ass to notice but you did. You saw it all.

“Are you jealous?” Christian teased and you rolled your eyes trying to walk off. Christian moved to grip at your waist howling with laughter as he pulled you closer to his body wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. “Come on baby it’s a joke. I don’t want her okay? I want you. I mean she said she just wanted to work with me because she was a fan and inspired by my music videos.” He shrugged swaying with you from side to side as you frowned and crossed your arms over your chest feeling so small in his arms because you were shorter than him by a few inches.

“But still Christian, look at her and how she is acting around all of you.” You whined softly trying to not complain but you couldn’t help it.

“Y/n.” Christian called out your name as he shook his head sighing. “I love you okay?” He asked cupping your chin making you look up at him into his eyes. “I love you okay? Nobody but you, I want you in my world and I want you to be by my side always. Besides you work with a few people that always seem to try to touch you or be close to you while you’re working and I trust you to only focus on me, right?” He asked and when you didn’t say anything he frowned. “Right?” He asked you again leaning down to start pressing his lips against yours in multiple kisses causing your lips to curl into a smile.

“Right Christian.”

“Okay then, so trust me and we will be fine okay? She isn’t you, just a talented artist that could help my career.” He reminded you nuzzling your nose before he tilted his head. “You know though, if you did ever let me use your pretty voice I wouldn’t need any other person outside of the Dream Perfect Regime to work with. So, think about it.” He let your chin go to grab your hand instead as both of you walked towards the rest of the crew and Savannah. During the whole segment of them talking, you watched her. She didn’t say too much but the look on her face when she saw him was pure love, and when she saw you? Pure disgust and you knew you had been right about your feelings all along, but you weren’t going down without a fight and she was mistaking if she thought you were.

You shook your head once again, angry tears starting to brim your eyes as your body started to shake with each step you took. The club was packed with people who wanted to see Savannah’s new music and her video. It was a lot of important people here who could help her career and you weren’t one to knock down someone’s success you were all for it, but when she came for your man and tried to take everything you fought so hard to have, that’s when the problem became personal. Your head spun lightly from your anger mixing with the few drinks you had, and the music now seemed to drown out in the background as your heart pounding with the beat that was vibrating under your feet. Blue led rave lights shot through the dark space, the lights were dim and you could barely see where you were going. The night had started off great, Christian couldn’t even keep his hands off you as you got yourself ready. You had planned a lot for him and you once you got back home, but as soon as you walked through the club she was jumping on Christian calling his name.

“CHRISTIAN! I’m so fucking glad you came.. It means so. So much to me.” She said it in a sultry tone trying to mask it with a look of innocence.

“Me and my boyfriend wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You informed her as she finally stepped away from the hug she had given the male as she damn near jumped on him.

“Oh, Y/n you’re here.” She said as she gave you one look before she went back to Christian starting to talk.

The thought alone was enough to finally break you, tears streaming down your face from anger and hatred. You felt you had been cheated on, or at least it was coming. She had drug your man from you to dance with him. She pushed against him, swaying her hips and dropping it to the floor while Christian just seemed to stand there at first mesmerized by her before he started to dance back against her. It was embarrassing, what were you here for? You didn’t even want to come! But because she told Christian to bring you and he seemed to listen to her every command you had come for her. And she got what she wanted, to make you look like a fucking fool in front of everyone here. You reached a hand up to dab against your face not wanting to mess up your makeup. You were getting closer to the door and you felt a hand grab on your wrist. You didn’t even need to look at him to know that it was Christian’s larger hand holding onto your wrist as he drug you through the crowd to a room.

“Let me go! Let me go you fucking jerk!” You shouted at him over the blare of the music wanting him to give up. Christian just sighed as he led you to one of the VIP rooms that had a view of the club below. The walk up the stairs made your feet hurt, the black pumps made your feet look sexy but walking in them only did you justice when you went so far. Christian shut the door behind you both, locking it before he went to the window to look out at the club below.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked you as he hunched over the window. He looked out a minute waiting for you to answer him but once you didn’t he turned around to look you in your face. He was a fucking masterpiece. Black suit and dress shirt with a black tie. He had his hair curly and free falling over his face. His pierced nose and strong facial features, diamond earrings in his ears. He watched you with dark eyes and you could see that his teeth were clenched.

“What is wrong with you? Dancing with her like that! Why are you even here?” You asked him shouting at him as you stood your ground.

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Christian shouted back at you losing his cool that quickly.

“How dare you Christian! I saw you! I SAW YOU!” You screamed at him as you took a step closer to him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong! You are seriously over reacting y/n!” Christian tried to reason with you but he didn’t know what he did wrong. One minute he was on the floor dancing with a girl that he didn’t even feel but for her publicity and the sake of his image he stayed close to her and in a few seconds, he is getting a tap on his shoulder from one of your friends telling him that you’re walking out of the club. “Please tell me what the fuck I did wrong. I deserve to know that much.” Christian said calmly taking a step closer to you.

“I told you I didn’t trust her! I told you she was bad news and you didn’t listen. I never thought it would be because you actually liked her or wanted to be with her. Like what if I went and danced with a man the way you danced with her? What if I would’ve flirted with someone the way you teased and joked with her? What if I would’ve let someone be all against my ass like you let her do to your dick? You’re supposed to be mine and you got me out here thinking that I’m so special but it’s her on you!” You could feel the tears sliding down your face from how hurt and angry you were. It was the way you looked that caused Christian to snap and charge towards you.

“How could you say that to me! I told you that I didn’t want her! That you were overreacting! The fact that you even think I’m that kind of guy blows me! I don’t bring anyone around Lori unless they mean something to me. Look at all these people here! These important people at that, If I wanted to cheat do you honestly think I would’ve brought you here? Do you think we would have let your friend come when she could’ve let shit get back to you? I told you nothing was happening because I didn’t want her!”

“I saw how you watched her dance Christian! You were giving her the eyes!”
“I was trying to see what she was doing! And what I would do! She dropped it down on me and I was shocked as hell that she did it in front of you! I’m tipsy so are you and I knew I had to play my cards right for the both of our sakes. But if I had just left her there by herself then she would’ve looked like an idiot.” Christian sighed softly raking his hands through his hair seeing the hurt on your face. “Look, I know it’s not what you want to hear. And I know that I hurt you by protecting her but I don’t want her y/n. I want you. I’ve told you that over and over again. You’re the only one I see. When I do anything, or go anywhere. You’re everywhere. I do not care about Savannah. I shouldn’t have protected her and it was my fault for not thinking. But, I love you y/n. I only want you. Why can’t you trust me and see that? You think that I like when you go to work knowing that any guy can touch you like that or try to be with you? You’re my heart. And I don’t want to be without you. And no girl can change that.” Christian reached out for you as he pressed you back against the wall. You stumbled lightly but let him guide your body backwards. “You are overreacting. I love you. I love you so fucking much. I love you.” He kept repeating as he kissed your lips sweetly.

You were unsure at first, not knowing if you wanted to believe him or not, but after receiving more than five kisses you started to kiss him back, his warm hands placing on your hips as your arms moved to wrap around his neck.

“Regardless, I know that the reason you had those ideas was because of something I did. I should have worked harder to know that you were happy and you felt safe and secure. It won’t happen again okay?” He asked softly as he started to kiss you again. You could feel your heart skipping a beat and beating faster as you kissed him back. Your head tilted to the side. Letting him kiss you more as he pushed you against the wall harder, his lips molding against yours as he held your body close to his, the world around you seemed to fade away as your body burned with the kiss. He flicked his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened your mouth to let his tongue in letting him explore your mouth. His tongue flicked across yours and over the insides of your cheeks. He tasted your wet cavern, the kiss turning into a French kiss as his hands slid up your body to grip at your braless chest. You whimpered slightly against his lips feeling your breast hardened as you arched your back off the wall to feel more of his touch. He groaned liking how you were reacting to him, pressing his hips against your side, you could feel a little poke of his growing bulge. Your hands moved to grip at his jacket suit and he got the hint letting you push the material over his shoulders and onto the floor. He was trying to slide his tongue down your throat as his hand moved towards your slit to open the skirt, his hand moving to rub against your pussy, you mewled into the kiss as his finger skimmed your wet heat. He broke the kiss to lean down and kiss against your jaw slowly. He kissed towards your ear, his middle finger rubbing against your clit as he chuckled lightly against your ear.

“You’re so fucking wet. Is this why you didn’t wear any panties?” He teased.

“Shut up.” You groaned but the thought alone made your pussy become wetter.

“You don’t tell daddy to shut up.” He licked the shell of your ear, letting his fingers spread your lips as his middle finger continued to rub at your pussy. Your hips bucked against his hand, your lips meeting each other’s once again as he let his fingers play with your clit. You could feel the juices drip down your thighs, your legs were trembling as you felt yourself become closer. He broke the kiss to get on his knees, letting one of your legs go over his shoulder he pressed his lips against your pussy.

“Christian-what if they come look for us?” You asked softly as a sharp breath left your lip from him dragging his tongue up your slit humming.

“Well, let them come and search for us, they won’t find us until I make you cum.” Christian breathed hotly against your core before his tongue coming to swipe against your clit. He flicked his tongue up and down against your dampened pussy but because he was too impatient he was quick to shove his tongue inside of you gripping at your hips to pull you towards his face. He started to eat you out, thrusting his tongue in and out of your pussy letting it drip onto his chin as he ate you out. Letting his tongue swirl around in your inside, he curved the pink muscle inside of you finding your spot immediately fucking against it. Your hips jerked lightly, hands moving to tangle into his hair as you rolled your head back. Your fears were still there, insecurities rising but, he was here eating you out, his face buried into your pussy and his mind on you not her. You knew deep inside that he was right, you needed to trust him more and it was something you would have to work on in the future if you wanted to keep him. You were enjoying his tongue too much, fucking his face with your hips and calling out his name, pushing his hair back from his forehead so that you could see him more, you groaned as your lower stomach started to tighten up signaling your release was close.

Christian pulled back to lick his lips, wiping his face clean he kissed up towards your hips before he gripped at the end of the crop top shirt to push it over your breast, he leaned down to cup your nipples, swiping his tongue against your already hardened puckered buds, he enclosed his mouth around your left one first, sucking and nipping on your plump mounds holding them in his hands. He opened your legs wide, grinding his bulge against your soaking core, and you pressed your hips back, shifting them to make your clit land against the roughness of his pants, you were grinding against him, dry humping him as he teased your breast and groped at them. He could feel how wet you were getting, you wanted to stop him after a while so that you wouldn’t cum but he didn’t let up rolling his hips harder against you until you were cumming against the fabric of his pants, staining them with your juices. He chuckled against your flesh pulling back to crash his lips against yours.

“You got my pants all ruined. It seems I’ll have to punish you when we get home.” Christian warned, he unzipped his pants slowly, not caring to unbutton them just untucking his shirt so that nothing gets caught. He let his dick spring free, it stood high in the air, dripping with precum. He gripped at the base of his cock with one hand the other gripping at your left leg to raise it up, his hand trailing higher towards your plump ass cheeks. He slid inside of you slowly pressing his forehead against yours, he bit on his bottom lip as he entered your tight wet heat keeping you close. Once he was buried to the hilt, he lifted your other leg up to cup both of your ass cheeks, your skirt bunched around your hips and hanging towards the floor as he entered inside of you repeatedly. He started slow thrusting in and out of you, grinding inside of your heat trying to stretch you out and get a feel of you wrapping around his dick. He kissed at your lips, the make-out was heavy, lot of tongues grinding against each other as you rolled your hips against his.

“Fuck baby.” He grunted shuddering as you did it again. He loved it when you fucked yourself on his dick. “Go ahead y/n. Show me that you want it.” He moved to press the palms of his hand against the wall on either side of your head. You agreed as he steadied himself, starting to push your hips against him, your hands resting on his shoulders around his neck as you fucked yourself, looking down at where your sexes joined together. It was always so hot to you to see how he pushed inside of you, how your heat wrapped tightly around his heat. How he pushed deep inside of you. It was all too erotic for your mind to comprehend and the sheer pleasure that jolted inside of you, every time you pulled back and slide yourself down on him.

You started to set a rhythm, getting more into it, concentrating on the tricks you learned for him, squeezing around on his dick, rolling your hips against his hips. A knock at the door jolted you both, Christian growled out, he had been silently moaning and watching you get off. It was a beautiful sight to see and he loved it. But now he was annoyed with whoever was trying to ruin his moment.

“Who is it?” He asked in a low thick tone a growl erupting from his lips as his messy curly hair got into his face, looking up at him you felt you could’ve came again just by how he looked. A fucking gorgeous man.

“Christian. Savannah is looking for you, she says her new producer wants to thank you.” You knew the voice well, it was Mino one of Christian close friends.

“Can you tell her to wait?” Christian asked, he gripped at your hips when you tried to move whispering with a rough deep voice against your ear. “I never told you to stop. Don’t get in more trouble y/n.” He slapped at your ass cheeks causing you to moan and nod your head. You agreed starting to fuck yourself on his shaft once again, the sound of your hips bouncing against his was resonating against the walls as the rest stood outside.

“I did, I’ll handle it.” DPR voice was next to ring out in the hallway and part of you wondered where your friend was since he was never without her. But hearing the annoyance in his voice you knew that something was going on.

“Go faster y/n.” Christian commanded and you obeyed letting your hips pick up the speed, slamming yourself onto him whimpering as you tried to keep your body up, your legs locking around his waist gather, the heels of your foot pressing down into his lower back. “That’s it, just like that baby girl. Fuck you feel so good taking my dick into that pretty pussy.” He whispered huskily against your ear, catching your lobe between his teeth to grind his teeth against it.

“Christian!” Savannah shouted, and Christian could feel you stop your hips causing him to growl.

“WHAT!” He barked at the door as he pushed your hips against the wall. He was agitated at this point, all he wanted was time with you that he had been deprived of lately.

“Christian I knew you were in there! Come out here! There are people I need you to see!” Savannah chirped and he shook his head holding onto you as he started to fuck into you harder against the wall. The somewhat intimate pace becoming rougher as his frustrations grew every second. His head pressed against your shoulder and he released a low groan his hands staring to become sweaty against the wall and he tried to keep you hoisted up. Once he didn’t answer she shouted again.

“CHRISTIAN!” She shouted once more and he shook his head snapping his hips against you. He switched angles to pound against your spot, causing you to cry out his name.

“Christian!” You choked out a loud cry.

“Louder!” He said as he yanked at your hair pulling your head back, you gasped out loud as he let his hips go faster, until he couldn’t get any faster nor harder. Driving into you, with his knees bending a bit and legs spread apart. One of your hands moved to grip at his hair and the other gripped at his shoulder blades through his shirt.

“Christian! Daddy! Fuck right there-I’m cumming!” It felt so good to say those words to a girl that has tried her hardest to keep you away from Christian and not only tonight but always. You could hear and feel the silence as her heels clicked against the ground and she walked off, but your mind was swirling only the faint part of your mind could register what was happening. Most part of your mind was preoccupied with the fact that your stomach was clenching from the release that was creeping up. Your eyes shut as you dropped your mouth open. Christian grinded his hips against you changing his strokes to long and deep causing him to brush against your clit. You gave into him, listening to his deep commands to cum again and you did it, coating his shaft with your essence.

“Fuck y/n! Shit you feel so fucking good, just like that baby, fuck yeah just like that.” He moaned against your ear as he continued to slam into you, a few thrusts later and he was filling you to the brim, his hips grinding against yours to make you bury his load inside of your sensitive pussy. He held you close to his body. Both of your breaths were heavy, your eyes hooded and he pressed a soft kiss against your cheek before he kissed your lips. Though you couldn’t hear the music that well, the familiar beat of a song filled the room and Christian chuckled as you hit his shoulder.

“Shut up..” You muttered with a soft pout.

“I spy with my little eyes, a girly I can get cause she don’t get too many likes. A curly headed cutie I can turn into my wife.” He was about to sing the rest but your covered his lips looking in his eyes.

“Forever is a long time but as much as I fought to avoid you, you better be giving it to me. Deal?” You asked and let your hand drop down slowly.

“Deal.” He grinned kissing your lips. He pulled out of after some time and helped you fix your outfit, grabbing at his hands he pulled you into the bathroom and you tried to help him clean his pants. Once you were done, he pulled you back onto the club floor, his arm wrapping around your waist, to hold you close. Savannah walked towards you both and as soon as she opened her mouth Christian cut her off.

“I’m your video producer nothing else. I helped put you on, we helped you with this party. And now me and you are done, you don’t need me for anything else. And if in the future you ever need me to do a video, it’ll be up to my baby to decide if I should do it or not. You’ve caused more than enough scenes for one night and yeah as a friend you’re cool but that’s all you’ll ever be. So please excuse us both and enjoy the rest of your night, with your friends.” He bowed his head smiling at her before he led you off walking towards the door, and much to your surprise every person that was rolling with Christian and saw you leave left themselves as you all went to another hangout spot for the rest of the night.

Here’s an illustration of Ichimatsu in his outfit from the 5th Short Film since I choose this as my Halloween coutume this year. You can find his shirt here!


Wonder Woman is such a good movie. I think people in general have come to the consensus that it is currently the saving grace of the DCEU. But one question that’s still getting kicked around is “Is Wonder Woman (2017)  feminist?” It’s kind of an important question, given Wonder Woman’s role as a feminist icon over the years. But…it’s…kind of a hard question to answer? Let’s talk about it.

Closed Captions available.

Full Transcript below the cut:

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Wales’ Euro 2016 campaign is being made into a documentary that will be released in the UK on 3 March

On Writing Busy Parents

Anonymous asked: “So, I’m working on a story with neglectful parents - not abusive - they love their child. It’s more like, they are always busy. Do you have any tips for me?”

The first thing that comes to mind are working parents. I’m not going to be one to generalize here so know, I’m talking about how we can think through some situations and think about writing these kinds of characters. 

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Now before any of you accuse me of being a sexist pig I want to motherfucking tell you I fucking I go to a arts university, I’m one of 12 women of 50 men in my film production course, I wrote a motherfucking 2000 word essay on feminism in the film industry and have interviewed a previous DW writer+director about feminism and the need to for change and female power. So genuinely if you message me saying I’m sexist or “behind the times” genuinely fuck you. OKAY Let’s start with the facts.

A female doctor has been on the cards since the show started. A female doctor has been considered for decades. Doctor who, has gone downhill since 2009. Losing 2mil views almost every year on and off. Matt smith on average had 8 mil views a series and Peter Capaldi falling short with 5.45mil.

Casting a female doctor isn’t at all about feminism. It’s about shocks. It’s about views. With Netflix and illegal streaming becoming the norm for tv shows and movies, and the BBCs ONLY income(except merchandise) being the National TV license, people are stopping the license and simply choosing Netflix over it and illegally watching instead. Losing MILLIONS of views. The new doctor being female isn’t about “finally giving the audience what it wants” it’s getting the audience back that thinks it’s evolving to a new feminist show to watch the show, talk about it, post it on social media, write reviews on how excited they are to watch the new FEMALE series. Something they’ve been “waiting for, for years”.

The thing that has made the previous doctors so successful is the writing. Personally I believe if Moffat was gone, Capaldi would be a lot more popular because he seems to think that the only characters to write are “Sassy Women who have a need for love” or “Sherlock Holmes in disguise”. That’s a whole different story though. Not only was the writing better but the actors worked AROUND THE WRITING. The writing didn’t work around the actor. I feel like the last few years Moffats just been writing sassier smarter versions of the actors to make it more believable. Not what good writing is.

There are so many different men that haven’t been represented through the doctor yet and 9’s Northern accent was the closest we really got to anyone slightly relatable. As everyone always says, there’s a lot of WHITE MEN being the doctor. What about the trans men? Black, Asian, gay? Men with disabilities, men with mental health issues? I mean why not? The personality changes as well as the actor. Why did we have to go straight for the woman. A white woman. With the same accent as all the others. Now this is where you’re like “WOW MORE MEN!!!!” But yes. The Doctor is about a male alien…………….(don’t) I know there was a female Master but the Master isn’t the main character? It’s almost like going “actually you know what Harry Potter should be played by a man now. It’s trendy. Feminism is trendy x” no. “James bond!!! Let’s get him to be a woman!!!” Yes they’re fictional characters but decades of storytelling has promoted them as men. (Gross I know, cisgender white males am I right)

I just feel like they’re selling out because of peer pressure of other successful female films(which is great though), from the dropping audiences, and social media promoting that the only way forward is to make every famous male character a woman and make sure EVERYONE is represented. How the fuck is any tv show going to represent hundreds of different backgrounds, races and ages in a 12 episode series?

Basically what the aim of this rant is that yes it’s very exciting and very feminist girl power moving forward in social norms, however it’s not about that. It’s so clearly not about that. It’s about the shock of change. Men will watch it to spite it and women will watch it to support other women. It’s not about feminism. It’s about views and giving a shock to the public.

When you’re watching Xander Cage and Kris hits you with the ‘that’s not mah style’ line and you get OT12 war flashbacks

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).


Happy Birthday George Sanders 3rd July 1906 - 25th April 1972

“Oh George,” I would say to him in a jocular manner, “you really are a dreadful man!” And he would always take it with a chuckle. - Brian Aherne

George has been the kindest and most gentle man who brought me out of the depths of despair, made me laugh and helped me to start living again.  - Benita Hume

But whether the picture business is worth getting into or not is another matter. The amount of intrigue involved in the social life out here is often so tiresome, and the amount of restraint, diplomacy and bum-sucking that has to be done so nauseating that there are times when one asks oneself the question “Is success worth the price you pay for it?” - George Sanders, writing to his dad in 1937

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Coraline the movie, Wybie comes to help Coraline after the Other Mother's hand escapes to find the key. Coraline tries to lure the hand to the well with the key, but the hand attacks her. All of this is happening late at night, after Coraline awakes from her dream with the ghost children. But Wybie comes in the nick of time and saves Coraline from the hand. What was he doing up so late? How did he know Coraline was in trouble? How was he able to find her so quickly?
Everyone stop what you’re doing and go watch Nowhere Boy

-Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking hella fine (like damn)
-Thomas Brodie-Sangster looking hella cute, acting hella gay
-The Beatles
-Basically about how all of the adults in John Lennon’s life screwed him over
-Have I mentioned how attractive Aaron was?
-The writers were basically like, “what if John and Paul were fucking the whole time?”
-Beautiful film
-John Lennon being a sassy asshole
-A bro hug full of tears
-Seriously watch this movie. 10/10

papabay  asked:

your comments about the storyboarding remind me of the time the anime team stretched out that Nejiten catch during the Kisame fight, as well as slowed down the music~ HUEHUE


OMG N E V E R FORGET. now you got my mind reeling so here we go, get ready for the lamest thing ever. 

amazes me that the tiny little panel: 

got turned into this whole scene: 

(FRACTION EYE WIDEN THAT DIDNT NEED TO GET ANIMATED WHICH COSTS EXTRA MONEY BTW even tho it’s probably not that much lmao but still)

the music gets all slowed down and everything, neji practically exhaling “are you alright, tenten?” tenten slowly getting up and saying, “thank you…neji.” 

^ Like lmfao they could’ve done all the action in that last shot right there and finished with that, b/c it’s. two lines.  

but naw, let’s get in like HELLLAAA CLOSE, like not even some med-shot shit but like FRAME DAT SHIT AT THE FOREHEAD AND DRIFT PAN 2 THE LEFT AS TENTEN SLOWLY GETS UP also they’re both drippin’ wet and white clothes??? :3c 

so. y’know, they could’ve easily saved like 20 seconds or something of animation, but naw, bet they were like ‘let’s have some fun with this’ ‘also these characters are cool’ also sometimes shows are like hm we’re short on content let’s add in some stuff but it’s not like….this episode was short on content lmfao we got Gai vs. Kisame and some dope fighting scenes and all. 

TLDR; urs truly ghostbananas kind of loves this meta shit and the OTPs so when the opportunity arises to text dump with both then i’ll rise from my ghost-ass grave for this 


Norton Character Polaroids - Derek Vinyard in American History X (1998) (5/?)

“And I kept asking myself all the time, how did I buy into this shit? It was because I was pissed off, and nothing I ever did ever took that feeling away. I killed two guys, Danny, I killed them. And it didn’t make me feel any different. It just got me more lost and I’m tired of being pissed off, Danny. I’m just tired of it.”

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one time I was up late looking on ebay at a yashica t4, a very collectible point and shoot film camera with a great lens. though they go for around 300-400 online, there are many stories of people finding them in thrift shops for a few dollars since they look so plain. I decided to do the local rounds the next day in a vague search for this kind of stuff. the first place I went was goodwill and it was sitting right there on the camera shelf for 6 dollars.

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Hey I was wondering if you could maybe do a part two of this fic "Trevor x reader // reader is gavins friend or sister whatever and is visiting him in the US for a holiday and comes to the office with him". I love your writing so much! <3

Gavin’s Sister (Part 1)

Pairing: Trevor x Reader



“Wow, y/n, you look amazing” Trevor said in complete awe looking you up and down. You looked down at your outfit, it was very simple, a little more dressed up than your regular day wardrobe but nothing excessive.

“Thanks, Trevor. You’re looking very handsome” You replied, blushing as his smile widened and eyes met yours.

“You ready to go?”

You nodded, grabbing your purse of the table by the door and walked towards Trevor’s car. The early afternoon sun warmed your skin and the light breeze whistled through your air, a cardigan in your hand in case the night got cooler. As a gentleman, Trevor opened the door for you to enter the car causing you to giggle but play along and bow as a thank you.

Soon you were on your way. The car ride to the Cinema was quiet, a random radio station played old 90’s hits, the windows all down for the air to move around, Trevor’s knee bouncing slightly as he drove to try and calm his nerves.

“So, does Gavin know what you’re doing tonight?” Trevor quizzed as he pulled into a space,

“He knows I’m out, just thinks it’s with friends” you respond, shrugging off your seatbelt. “I didn’t want him freaking out like he normally does whenever he knows I’m around a boy”

“Yeah, he’s quite the protective type. I’d be the same if you were my sister” Trevor smiled, but you laughed lightly,

“I don’t think we’d be doing this if I were your sister”

After a moment of small laughter was shared you both walked towards the Cinema, close enough together that your hands kept brushing together.

As the film played, you didn’t take much notice of it. Your mind was focused on how close you and Trevor were, the fact he smelt amazing, he little chuckles he let out and other adorable sounds he made throughout the film. Both your arms rested on the arm rest, his pinky finger teasing you by ‘accidently’ brushing yours.

As cheesy as it was, Trevor did a dramatic stretch, his arm laying down and resting on your shoulder. Automatically you smiled and blushed, your head leaning down to rest between his chest and shoulder.

The film itself was great, though you were happy it ended. As you headed out the cinema Trevor’s hand brushed the back of yours, your fingers interlocked with his and the smile returned on your face, looking down to the ground as you blushed.

“Where next?” you asked, looking up and meeting his hazel eyes, warming you.

“How about pizza? I’m starving!”

“Sounds perfect”

You got back into his car, driving for a few minutes before you pulled into the nearest pizza place. As soon as you were out of the car your hands were once again together, loving the feeling of being able to touch each other so softly but meaningfully.

After a while of discussing, you both agreed to share a pizza, laughing about the fact neither of you had finished a whole one by yourself anyway. The conversations flowed so smoothly, Trevor cracking jokes every so often causing you to giggle and use your free hand to cover your mouth as you laughed, a habit formed from insecurities.

“Stop covering your smile” He stated, reaching out to pull your hand away.

“Would you prefer to see half eaten pizza in my mouth as I cackle?” You responded, turning your hand to hold his over the table.

“Cackle? Makes you sound like a witch” He chuckled, grabbing another slice of pizza,

“Maybe I am? You don’t know where I was brought up” You teased, wiggling your brows,

“Well you were born in the UK.. anywhere near Hogwarts, perhaps?”

“Please, like I’d tell you. It would be against the rules of the Wizarding World”

Trevor looked almost in awe, a large grin on his face as you discussed Harry Potter, not really minding what house you were in. Though the conversations still flowed, you could tell the night was coming to an end. After arguing about who was going to pay the bill,

“But you payed for everything at the cinema, please let me Trevor”

“No, It’s our first date. It would be un-gentlemanly”

You eventually agreed on splitting the bill, Trevor slightly annoyed but slightly grateful. The drive back to Gavin’s house was quiet. You singing quietly to random songs playing on the radio, Trevor’s hand intertwined with yours and smiling at hearing your soft voice.

He pulled slowly up to Gavin’s drive, your heart sinking slightly. How could you feel so strongly about someone you’ve known for just a few days. You knew this was a bad idea, having to go back home next week after having some of the best days of your life here.

“Look, y/n I..” Trevor started, making you face him after staring out of the window, “I really like you..”

“I like you too.. but”

“You leave next week.” He finished sadly.

Another few minutes of silence, neither of you knowing what to say. You sighed, looking at him. His head leant down, staring at the wheel.

“Trevor” you whispered. He looked up, slowly.

You leant forward, hand coming up and cupping his cheek, lips pressed lightly against his. Eyes closing as electricity shook through you. The kiss lasted no more than a few seconds, but you were breathless non-the less.

“What are you doing tomorrow evening?”

His cheek lifted as he smiled, eyes flickering between yours and your lips.
“I’ve got a date with this, amazing, girl” He brought his lip between his teeth, leaning forward to press his lips against yours once more.

You slowly entered the house, the door closing quietly behind you before you leant on it with a large smile and flushed cheeks, sighing. Slowly you walked towards your room, passing the front room.

“Where have you been?!” Gavin squealed, startling you and making you drop your purse. You rolled your eyes, grin still poking at your cheeks and heart still beating a mile a minute.

“Told you, I was out with friends” You replied as you stood, trying to hide your smile. Sadly meg, who was now stood beside Gavin, knew the look you held too well.

“I know exactly what that smile says” She stated smiling before pointing a finger towards you, “Be careful, don’t get too attached. You’re not here for long remember”

You nodded, smiling at her before rushing off to your room. Behind you, you could hear Gavin and Meg talking.

“What are you on about?” He quizzed, annoyed.

“Let her have some fun, I’m sure he knows what he’s getting himself into” Was all meg replied, making Gav produce some weird bird-like noises as per usual. There was a small pause before-

“WAIT, HE?!”