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Voltron Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Sheith
Episode 2: Safe and Warm
Episode 4: We’re All Related
Episode 5: KLANCE
Episode 6: Extra Ships
Episode 7: Gordon “Hunk” Ramsey
Episode 9: Who is She?
Episode 10: Sharp Shooter
Episode 11: The Reunion
Episode 12: The Sacrifice
Episode 13: Bayards give you wiiiings


-Between them rolled the unmistakable sound of a cat’s purr.

Obsession, Chapter 6

And so I finished! My favorite scene of the first part of the Tendencies series by @kryallaorchid. The last line was so good and what a great way to make a cliffhanger. I was in the edge of my seat in this chapter and had to reread it several times to fully absorb the weight of this scene. Damn.

Sorry for the lack of consistent between characters, altho i think by the last pages i found a comfortable way to draw them. 

P.s.: Now I will finally read Quiver! I’m prepared myself and i havent even spoiled myself because i want to be really surprised! ( be honest with me guys, how many tissues im gonna need?)

six years of this
  • mofftiss, 2010: here, sherlock holmes. shiny benedict cumberbatch and layered actor martin freeman as holmes and watson!
  • audience: wowowow s1! what great setup. what great premise. such cleverness!
  • audience: omg a cliffhanger
  • mofftiss: yeah are they going to get out? who knows? tune in next year?
  • audience: haha okay!
  • mofftiss: ahhh psyche! they got bailed out by a random phone call!
  • audience: lolol cool bro nice setup of irene adler. cool that she's gay. cool setup of john and sherlock's burgeoning relationship.
  • mofftiss: relationship?
  • audience: yeah, relationship.
  • mofftiss: pfft. yeah. we lie all the time.
  • audience: haha, bro. yeah you do.
  • mofftiss: omg sherlock doesn't die! what's going to happen next?
  • audience: john will be so sad! the whole point of this was for john! how romantic.
  • mofftiss: yeah, right?
  • audience: i can't wait! i want to know how it happened!
  • mofftiss, after two years: it doesn't matter HOW it happened!
  • audience: oh! because it matters WHY he excluded John! it's about their relationship!
  • mofftiss: yep. and here's mary and redbeard to complicate things.
  • audience: ooooh. lots of drama! how are they going to get out of this???
  • mofftiss: bang!
  • audience: whoa! so bold. what a great and complex female character. damn. that's amazing. didn't see that coming.
  • mofftiss: you were told, but you didn't listen!
  • audience: haha damn yeah bro.
  • mofftiss: now we gotta sell the resolution of the shooting and make people buy that john forgave mary
  • audience: lmao how you gon do that? sherlock literally restarted his heart for john, the man he clearly loves.
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: shit! sherlock killed magnussen for mary! he must have a plan!
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: omg an aborted confession!!!
  • audience: omg a fever dream about his fears and desires!!! and conspiracy!!! you love us!
  • mofftiss: love your fandom!
  • audience: oh man. series 4 is going to be amazing.
  • mofftiss, after two years: here you go! thatcher and agra!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: oooooh. shiiiiiit. Sherlock is in his mind palace, right? the whole time?
  • mofftiss: ...
  • audience: mary ain't dead. lmao you're doing that moriarty thing again. moriarty is back, and mary's working for him.
  • mofftiss: ... challenge your audiences! here's tld.
  • audience: ooh man. td-12 is gross. culverton is gross. but that talk. that talk! and that shot! euros!!
  • audience: so mary's dead? what plan do you have?
  • audience: i bet my child's ass it's extended mind palace. so many questions unanswered; how are they going to pull it off! it'll be so clever!
  • mofftiss: shit! the third episode leaked!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: rofl this is soooooo fake
  • audience: you had more time to do this ep
  • audience: you have two eps for us. this is like clue!
  • audience: you're hella clever
  • audience: lmao i can't believe you made such cheesy things, but at least it's fake
  • mofftiss: ... please don't share leaked version
  • audience: haha look! they're making sure everyone is going to watch the leaked version so that the rug can be pulled and we're all going to be so surprised!
  • mofftiss: *airs s4e3*
  • audience: ...
  • audience: but that's the same...
  • audience: what the fuck?
  • audience: you mean you're just shitty writers all this time and we've been giving you the benefit of the doubt!?!?
  • audience: we wrote better analysis of your own show than you did!
  • mofftiss: lmao you entitled dickweed. we just write what we waaaaant. women just have sex to get over things. who you are doesn't matter. everything we've built up was for no reason. factory reset everything, muthafuckas. can't afford bennybatchman anymore! so let's make sure it's reset so new people can come in to ensure this show is either trash or cash cow.
  • mofftiss: TRASH OR CASH COW
  • mofftiss: *cancels all public meetings* byyyyye binches
Am I the only person who actually enjoyed that episode?

I mean yeah, I’m a little ticked that Philinda barely interacted, but it’s not the first time, and it probably won’t be the last, plus the scene we did get was perfect! Still, I loved the Reyes boys and Robbie’s backstory, and the ending was a great - albeit annoying - cliffhanger. And the Agent Carter tie-in was awesome. And just think, after this godforsaken hiatus, we’ll get to see May and Simmons save their guys! Look on the bright side, people.

It has been almost a year and I'm still fucking pissed Damien was cancelled

The show had brilliant acting, great cinematography, special effects (makeup and video), and really made you think about emotions and religions and everything really. It was great, and it had to end on a fucking cliffhanger. *cries into the night* Besides this, I recommend everyone watch it. Just think of it as a short miniseries, but be warned for the big cliffhanger at the end. You won’t get a resolution but if you love horror, Bradley James, or just want to watch a good show, please do so as you won’t regret it.

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Too bad series 4 of Sherlock never got made; series 1-3 and TAB were so good! Shame we’ll never get official closure to all the cliffhangers… but at least we have great fan artists that have written beautiful, plot-hole-less solutions for us to enjoy! 

  • Fall Out Boy: *produces an 11 song story to promote their new album over the course of a year with great editing and cliffhangers*
  • Fans: This is so weird...? Idgi what is going on
  • Fall Out Boy: *Makes a 4 minute long music video of them playing basketball for no discernible reason*
Cliffhanger tips

Cliffhangers are fun! You get to put your character in a precarious position and then not let the reader know what happens until later. The idea is that since some of the stuff has to happen later anyways, you might as well put readers in a position where they want to find out what it is.

Some people like to have a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. This is fine if you position your chapters so that each one ends where a tense point in your story already is. If you find yourself manufacturing cliffhangers just so you can place one at the end of each chapter, however, stop. You will end up with a bunch of awkward and anticlimactic points in your story because not every spot that looks like a good end for a chapter can effectively use a cliffhanger.

A short yet revealing sentence with its own paragraph for emphasis can make a great cliffhanger (“He was behind me.” “I fell out the window.” “They were werewolves.”). Do it all the time, however, and it will start to get annoying. If you use cliffhangers often, save these sentences for only the most important ones.

A hero hanging from a cliff by one hand keeps readers interested because they want to see how he gets out of the situation you set up (or if he dies instead). Changing the situation afterwards by making the cliff only ten feet high is anticlimactic and breaks a kind of promise you made to the reader by setting up the situation to be so interesting in the first place. 

If you discontinue a published or posted writing project on a cliffhanger, it’s nice to give your readers notes on how it would have gone.

If the protagonist has gotten out of a certain situation before, putting them in a similar situation doesn’t make a good cliffhanger. “Oh no, the protagonist is outnumbered! I bet he won’t use his super fire spell like he did the last time he was outnumbered!” This works for building tension in general, not just in cliffhangers.

im just FINE

It’s just an adrenalin response. Arousal. Cas knows that Dean is alive because he can taste him.

Cas drops Deans face and leans back, head thudding against the brick wall. Their panting echoes in the deserted alley, Dean’s breath coming stuttered. Before them the vampire’s eyes are glassy in the dark. Reaching out with one sensible black shoe Cas kicks the head away. It rolls over with a squelch and a new wave of putrid hits him in the face, stealing the lingering taste of Dean’s mouth. Not exactly an upgrade. Dean’s breath was pretty foul.

“Crap,” says Dean.

Crap, Cas thinks.

“We gotta get outta here.”

They don’t talk about it. Nothing happened. Cas grabbed Dean in a sudden fit and laid his mouth all over Deans and it’s fine. It’s just fine. Sam picks them up and Dean yells at him for getting blood on the steering wheel (like he hasn’t done that before) while Cas rolls his eyes and lies down in the back seat until they hit the Taco Bell drive-thru. Dean gives Cas one of his nacho chips and Cas gives him a bite of a beefy burrito.

Everyone tries a bite of Sam’s Mexican pizza. Sam seems baffled by his own choice, picking at it with hesitant fingers. He wasn’t thinking; none of them are.

They were just. Exhausted. Hungry. 

They’re fine.

They’re fine when Cas is brushing his teeth and Dean stumbles in to take a piss and their eyes meet in the bathroom mirror. This has never been awkward before. There’s only one small bathroom and Dean is three beers deep but he won’t unzip his pants. Not with Cas here.

Cas leans over the sink to rinse and spit.

Dean closes the door after Cas leaves.

Three bodies, two beds. This isn’t the first time Dean and Cas have shared a bed. A good eighteen inches between them, a couple mumbles about how far they have to drive tomorrow, and they’re fine.

When Sam starts snoring, Cas commits a sin. 

He apologizes.

“For what?" 

"I should’ve asked permission. I shouldn’t have done it at all.”

“Done what?”

So this is how they’re going to play it. In the dark, Cas fumbles for Deans hand, brings the knuckles to his lips. “For that.” 

"Oh. Yeah.” Dean sounds distant. Dean is falling asleep. Eventually, Cas follows him.

In the morning Dean kicks the door open with three coffees in hand. Up and at them, bouncing on his heels. Sam sits down with his running shoes untied and  watches Dean over the lip of his styrofoam cup. 

Dean brings Cas his coffee. It’s just how he likes it. When Cas groggily lifts his head to accept the cup Dean shoves it in his hand, leaning forward to press a quick kiss against Cas’s temple. Right where he’s got a cowlick of greasy hair smearing across his face. Dean tucks it aside with his fingers, smiling, and Cas is quick enough to turn his head and kiss Dean’s palm.

They don’t talk about it. 

It’s fine.

Sam looks smug behind his coffee.

Okay I said I was gonna do my rant tomorrow, but I lied. Tonight! Frickin, this fanfiction man! Yesterday I started it at 9:30 PM and couldn’t stop reading until 2:10AM omg! I’m a major fanfiction critic and so this gets a 10/10 would read again! (Which I’m currently doing)

This story literally gave me anxiety attacks (In a good way.) I felt like I was going through life experiences all over again, like wow! So that’s great and all right? WELL NO! Frickin cliffhanger of all cliffhangers and I’m dying because of it. @ladydarkina write with God speed, love from an obsessed fan :>

By the way, just a little speech about this fanart: I loved this part, smiled like a dork actually. The bottom is a reference to Bollywood movie called “Kal Ho Na Ho.” so if you get it ;) what a wonderful human being you are!
Fanfic: Savage Ch 1, Zootopia | FanFiction

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a link to this incredible Zootopia fanfic I’ve been reading because holy shit this is the most exciting, nail-bitingly intense story I’ve read yet from this fandom!

The author has a masterful grasp of pacing in both suspense and action scenes with bits of tasteful horror and gore thrown in to give the story weight. Not to mention the author is also great at leaving infuriatingly good cliffhangers at the end of some chapters. So far this fic has had me on the edge of my seat!

Also it’s just so cool to see this author take on the challenge of writing how a city like Zootopia would handle a huge disaster like a city-wide biochemical epidemic, what their emergency protocols might entail and what it means for the ZPD. It’s a terrifying scenario, but also one that feels all too plausible within the world of Zootopia.

Both Judy and Nick are written perfectly. Even though they are dealing with these extremely intense situations and ethical dilemmas, their core personalities and relationship are still intact and every reaction they have is believable in context. I also like how the author further elaborated on Nick’s backstory and how certain trauma has affected him throughout his life and now his job. It felt like a natural edition to the character.

Now this is a Wilde/Hopps fanfic, but the way their relationship evolves romantically is extremely well-handled. All their interactions come off as natural and they serve as much needed breathers among the really intense scenes of action, suspense, and gore.

Unfortunately the fic is incomplete as of now, but the author’s already posted 11 chapters so it’ll take up a good chunk of your time to read. And trust me, it’s worth it! I can’t wait to read what happens next!!!! XD