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Another update from Stefán! Warning, I cried so much while reading this!
  • Dear friends.
  • I have no words to describe how thankful I am to all of you, my friends. Your support and continuous thoughts, prayers and positive letters and encouragement have more to do with my success in the fight with cancer then you can imagine.
  • Let me tell you a little story.
  • During my travels around the US and North America with the Musical How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I got to meet children with cancer in almost every city we visited, more the 40 cities. I would dress up as the Grinch and visit the Children’s Hospital in each city and meet with very sick child that was strong enough to take a visit from the Grinch for a little story reading or just a short hello. Sometimes I could only wave to them through a glass window because they were too ill to make any contact to the outer world. 
  • In my carrier I have also worked with “Make a Wish Foundation” and in Lazy Town we would have children visit the studio from all over the world and it felt so good to be able to make a difference. 
  • But one girl will never leave my mind. We were playing “The Grinch” in Orlando, Florida 2015 and I had been asked by “Make a Wish Foundation” to meet with this girl, 12 years old, who had the dream of taking her family to Orlando and having a blast. She had gone to all the parks and seen a lot of shows during her stay but she really needed to meet The Grinch. 
  • I asked her if she had had a good time with her family and friends in Florida and she said yes, it’s been great. And since I was in Character as The Grinch I asked her why she wanted to meet with me before the show, The Grinch of all people. Then she looked me in the eyes, smiled, stroked my hair and said: “I just wanted to see if I could make your heart grow three sizes”. 
  • My eyes filled up with tears and I really had nothing to say and I remember thinking to myself “Stop, Stop it, you can’t be The Grinch and cry in front of this child”. I looked at her and said; “You have made my heart grow, yes”. Then the girl said ; “Well, you too Mr. Grinch” and then she gave me the warmest hug I have ever felt. 
  • This story is about all of us, all of us who are ready to give till the last moment in our lives, help others with as little as a word or two or just a hug.
  • You are giving and you are healing and just remember, it doesn’t matter how long I live because it about how I live. Life is not tomorrow, life is now.
  • Big hug and love to you all
  • Stefan Karl
Summer Anime 2016

This summer we have so many anime with an all-male cast, I was so happy I decided to to a rec/ranking/review/summary. Note: I only watch anime with mostly males I’m sorry it’s just what I like lol so this list may not match yours. (I cannot stand female leads - except maybe Gintama? - because they will escalate into romantic relationships and they annoy me to no end. It’s like the only purpose of females is romance and I hate that.) And a warning is that I’m kind of shallow so I normally look at the guys’ looks and then their character. But good character and relationship developments are definitely essential to me too.

1. Fukigen na Mononokean

I’ve rec it so many times I feel like I’m part of the official publicity comm but it’s really good :) My favourite character is Abeno cause he’s really adorable and tsundere (?) haha. If you like youkai, friendship and touching moments, do try this out!! It’s a little similar to Natsume Yuujinchou too.

2. Servamp

It looks really interesting so I watched it and when I saw the OP I screamed cause all-male cast! Compared to Spring 2016 this season does look more appealing to me. And I’ve ran out of anime with all bromance (other than sports anime) and no romance. So anyway for Servamp, Kuro was a really cute cat, and the setting seems interesting enough for me to chase. I feel like I might not like the main character as much though but we’ll see. 

3. Fudanshi Kokou Seikatsu

Ahh this is really cute I can relate so much to the main character as a Fujoshi myself :D and I can hardly find friends who can fangirl with me. It’s really sad to be embarrassed for liking gay ships ;n; The only bad thing about the series is that it’s too short each episode haha.

4. D.Gray-man Hallow

I’ve read the manga but didn’t understand most of it. Still, it’s likeable and I like Allen and Kanda. I felt like this season they beautified all the characters and Kanda definitely looks better with his new hairstyle/fringe :DD I hope they can animate most of the manga and I hope we can finally understand what is going on with the 14th.

5. Handa-kun

I just watched the 1st episode today and all I can is that it’s really good and hilarious omg. Only it’s too short with the first 9min trying to break the fourth wall and I couldn’t understand the humor at all. Still, the rest of the episode was worth it! Can’t wait for the rest!

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not to be that person but…. hating a movie before it comes out because you THINK your favorite character might be getting a storyline you didn’t “want” is really immature and creates uncessary drama over nothing. if it happens AFTER you see the movie? make a fucking scene! but before? just….chiLL

Aaand here’s what I’ve been working on! Sorry it’s a day late, I’m a bit slow at drawing. It’s not really that good. That background is waaaay too plain. Well, it was fun either way. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! c:


Aegon’s bastards had been the bane of the Seven Kingdoms ever since the old king died. He had legitimized the lot upon his deathbed; not only the Great Bastards like Bloodraven, Bittersteel, and Daemon Blackfyre, whose mothers had been ladies, but even the lesser ones he’d fathered on whores and tavern wenches, merchant’s daughters, mummer’s maidens, and every pretty peasant girl who chanced to catch his eye. Fire and Blood were the words of House Targaryen, but Dunk once heard Ser Arlan say that Aegon’s should have been Wash Her and Bring Her to My Bed. (The Sworn Sword)

asoiaf meme (minor characters): the great bastards (2/6 families)

Someone: Are you okay?

What I say: I’m fine!

What I mean: I am honestly so worried for the huge amount of people that actually relate to Langst and Lance in general bc that means like Lance they have so many insecurities and all they want to do is protect their friends and they feel like they don’t belong and why isn’t anyone else talking about this this is so troubling to me like are all of you guys okay? Like do they, like Lance, also act obnoxiously loud just to pretend that they’re alright when they aren’t? I’m so concerned bc while yes Lance is a really great character the overwhelming amount of people that so deeply relate to him is extremely worrying and why isn’t anyone else tALKING ABOUT THIS???


Sorry to pester you with this again but it just hit me: what if various aliens, mostly the Galra, also get the Voltron crew’s stream sessions? Like legit paladin discourse among the Galra:

  • “Alright men, we need to destroy the paladins but keep the yellow one alive because he’s the reason the food in the mess hall is getting better.”
  • “The blue one just chugged an entire bottle of capsaicin and claims that his family eats it all the time. We must approach him with caution.”
  • “The small green one is a genius with robotics. Maybe we could recruit her?” “We literally tortured her brother and have lost track of her father.”
  • “What about the red one? He’s part Galra already! He should be living with us and not the humans.” “Yes, let’s kidnap someone the Champion views as family what a swell idea.”
  • “I have not seen my family for half a decathebe I am starting to relate to the paladins and their need for parents.”
  • Zarkon getting tired of anonymous petitions coming from various soldiers to “adopt the paladins” instead of destroying them. He is starting to hate media as a whole.
  • Sal having a framed picture of Hunk at his food stand with a plaque under it saying “Creator of the Vrepit Special”.
  • Everyone stopping whatever they are doing because the stream is starting.
  • The Voltron Force have official codenames that they are referred to in mission reports: Champion, Galra Red, Yellow Chef, Blue Sharpshooter, Green Child, Princess, and Various Titles Man.
  • Soldiers asking to be interviewed in the middle of combat so they can give a shout out to their families.
  • “We’re going to attack cruiser PX-157.” “Haha I feel sorry for those losers.” “…Hey everyone that’s our ship!”
  • “That short video that was posted cannot be seven ticks long. How does someone fit so much into a video that short?”
  • “Do I want to know that happened this time?” “The latest stream had the Champion state that if he were to perish, Galra Red would take over as the black paladin. Everyone is either in agreement or trying to argue that someone else should lead Voltron. My money is on the Princess.”