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Okay but Viktor would totally send Yuuri the Eros costume as a gift on Valentines Day while are still in a long distance relationship as a little nugde to that one performance and Yuuri would pose in it on his bed with a rose in his mouth while Phichit makes great photos of him to send them to Viktor cause when you assist your bestie on sexting you gotta do it well

He 100% would!!!

And I cave...

… a little proud of how long I managed to resist, knowing it was inevitable. I managed to put it off for quite a while.

Let’s see if sleep makes any difference, or if it’ll get worse overnight.

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...what are deep pressure tasks? sorry i don't know much about this kinda stuff

I’m just gonna pull directly from IAADP’s list of PSD tasks, ‘cause it’s a great summary:

Those who suffer from panic attacks have reported that the pressure of the weight of a medium size dog or a large dog against their abdomen and chest has a significant calming effect.  It can shorten the duration of the attack; often prevent the symptoms from escalating.  This same task performed by service dogs for its calming benefit for children and adults who are autistic and prone to panic attacks has become known as “deep pressure therapy” in the assistance dog field.  One way it is performed is to have a medium size dog lie atop someone who is lying on their back on a floor, bed or sofa, forepaws over the shoulders of the partner.  A large dog could be too heavy in that position; also some dogs dislike it.  A second way is have the partner sit up in a recliner chair, with the large dog approaching from the side so when he does a “Lap Up” on command, standing on his hind legs, he will be draping most of his body weight across the partner’s abdomen, lying partly on his side, leaning his shoulder into the partner’s torso, his forelegs on the other side of the partner’s lap.  Once trained to quietly hold that position for up to five minutes, this same task can be adapted to just about any chair, couch or bench seat his partner sits on.  A dog should be given a rest break for at least a minute, back on all four paws, before repeating this task on his hind legs.  Similarly, the weight and warmth of a medium to large size dog lying across the partner’s lap, applying pressure to that person’s stomach and chest, may be utilized in a vehicle’s front seat, on the ground or in another location that supports the dog’s entire body in the Down position, for as long as needed during a panic attack.  

  • Dog is trained to provide deep pressure therapy during a panic attack. Precise behavior at such a time may be dictated by dog’s size, preference and partner’s location. Dog must be trained to promptly get Off the person on command. 

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also i hate how they hav already given him HUGE standards to live up to like everyone is saying how his music WILL SURELY sound like the queens,david bowie,70s folk music etc. n now everyone is gonna judge n criticize his music based on THESE standards which is very hard to live up to especially when he is still discovering his music style ugh

yeah, the wrongest thing they can do is saying things like ‘he’s like david bowie but also queen but also the biggest artists you could ever think of’ cause first, he’s not there yet, he’s great potential, great talent, great writing skills but nobody can be compared to big artists like those. they can be models, inspirations, but saying that harry is like david bowie is weird imo especially because he’s not established as solo singer and nobody knows what kind of music/ persona he’ll go for. Again, all this could be controlled, especially the narrative about his band members which bothers me way more than comparisons with justin timberlake or queen. We’ll see if once the music is out, they’ll change the narrative or at least leave the rest of the boys out of it. 


Holy fuck, that’s a lot of people that actively choose to hear me bitch 90% of the time. It came at a great time, cause on the 31st is my one year HRT anniversary! I’ll be posting a transition timeline, and all the progress I’ve made so far! Stay tuned!


Request: Can you do an imagine where Captain America and you get drug into this Avenger team and neither of you are really happy about it cause the reader is from the same time era as Captain America. They connect quickly cause the last time they were out was during WW2 and the Great Depression. (She was used during the war cause she can control things. She’s super powerful) Her and the Cap both kinda have ptsd and they get super close? 

A/N: Full disclosure, I’m not exactly an expert on PTSD so anyone with more expertise on the subject pls feel free to correct me if any of this is inaccurate or offensive

Warnings: Nightmares, blood ment., PTSD, generally dark content, war ment. 

Summary: Angst with a happy ending ?  

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When it comes to trying to bottom it will be my first time, whenever that time comes. The shit look painful. What are your suggestions on how to go about it?

Honestly just relax. Let them now it’s your first time so you will be comfortable and don’t do anything drastic otherwise you could be in a lot of pain. Slow sex is great sex, better with a latex cause the entry will be a lot smoother.

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I found this video called "Punch the Cliche Ep 1: The Stereotypical Bully" and you should watch it cause its great

Oh yeah, that’s the one with Danny, right? I have seen that, Bulba always makes sure I see videos that include my OCs (whether they’re his own or not). He’s a pretty cool dude, also just super nice in general.

[Hey go look at his videos].

keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 


~ G I N N Y  W E A S L E Y ~

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.”