such a graceful enterance

We’ve fostered a LOT of cats over the years, so here’s an incomplete list of weird cats we’ve had:

1. An Abyssinian that would jump from the second story banister to land perfectly, and with utter grace, onto your shoulder when you enter our house on the first story (ok, but imagine a cat leaping onto you, it’s terrifying)

2. Satan (her real name is Cassandra) who will only sleep if she is completely under the covers and tucked in

3. Elena, a Kurilian Bobtail, that was so affectionate it bordered on harassment. She would climb your leg for you to pet her and follows people around the house

4. Osiris, a Chausie, that actually plays fetch. No joke. He also responds if you say his name, and has been on the news 6 times so far, in various different cities

5. Dolly, who we actually taught to roll over and sit on command for chicken tenders

6. The kitten that decided to travel down one of the heat vents in our home and my father had to take 3 feet of drywall out to retrieve him

7. One of the cats (still not sure which) managed to eat the insides of a full package of sausage rolls left on the counter but left the bread part totally intact

8. two years after re-homing Lemon the cat, we found her stash of tape dispensers under our living room couch. There were 26 tape dispensers

9. one of the cat’s we re-homed likes to go kayaking with his new human. He has a cat life vest and everything 

Bus Stop

[V/Jihyun Kim X Reader]

Every day he saw her waiting there at the bench. Sometimes she would be standing. Her sun dress flowing in the wind, as if the lace or fabric had been lighter than air, catching even the smallest breeze. Her hair dancing about her face. His eye sight was poor, but he could see her tangled hair dancing. He could smell the perfume of her shampoo carried in the wind as he approached her. Other times she would be huddled together on the bench as she sat. Her knees clenched closely as she held her heavy coat to her frame in the cold wind.

It was the same as when he first met her. The droplets of rain fell hard, each splash on the pavement demanded your hearing. V could hardly believe someone had been caught so off guard by the storm. Her hands went from wiping her ever-dampening hair to her arms, to her soaked cloth clinging to her frame. He remembered thinking how beautiful and natural she looked. How helpless. How, in that moment, he saw someone in need of his help, even if his sight was less than superb. Her bangs and hair clung to her face and she smiled to him. The smile that he had grown to look forward to for weeks to come.

“Please, share my umbrella?” he asked of her as he held it above her shivering frame.

It was the first thing he ever said to her. The first words ever spoken between them as they stood there at the bus stop. Her careful nod and slight smile pierced through him in that instant. Her gratitude. Had he ever been so thankful for his eyesight before?

In his mind he could remember every detail of her. Her face. Her makeup and the way the strands of hair clung messily to her face from the rain like thin vines on a beautiful sculpture. The sound of the droplets on the umbrella and the feel of wetness as the bottoms of his jeans began to soak water and creep up his shins. It didn’t matter, as long as she was dry and comfortable.

“Thank you,” she spoke in soft syllables through the heavy rain.

Her voice had been like a symphony to the backdrop of the rain pattering. Her smile the beams of sunlight in the clouds of rain. It was a gift to see her before him.

When the bus approached and she nodded in gratitude before entering, he felt a heaviness in his chest. Such grace and beauty lost to him now because he hadn’t the courage, nor the strength, to ask her for any more than she had already bestowed upon him. Only a  warm smile and a slight giggle from her as he sheltered her from the rain.

The next day it was drizzling lightly as he approached the bench. His sight limited to the bus. And…as if a sign from above, he saw her looking back to him with that same sweet smile. It would insight the tightness in his chest once more. She recognized him? Even with his blurry vision he could never mistake her for another.

“Hello, V!” she would smile and exclaim every time.

Always the same cheerful greeting. It always elicited his heart to work overtime in his chest. He wanted to know more about her. Wanted her to know more about him.

“Call me Jihyun, remember,” he laughed and smiled.

“Oh! Of course, I’m so sorry,” she would laugh and cover her face in embarrassment.

He loved that about her. And without another thought his umbrella would be covering her and sheltering her from the spring rain.

“You don’t take the same route as I do, yet you’re always here at the same time,” she says casually, “why do you take the bus? Your clothes….ah! I’m sorry, is that rude?”

The way she gets flustered turns his cheeks red. He didn’t think he was dressed so richly? Maybe only compared to Jumin…

“It’s not rude,” he chuckled, “my eye sight…” he let his voice trail off.

“I know,” she replied.

Delicate fingertips pressed against his cheeks and shocked him more than he had anticipated. The feeling of her warm fingertips on his skin made his heart leap and his body feel warmth in the growing cold.

“Is that why you…ride public transport?” she had asked.

“Mostly, yes,” he found himself admitting.

It is true. He can still see alright, enough to get around daily life. But he can not drive. Public transport is his means of traveling. He doesn’t wish to be like his friend Jumin, spending money on personal drivers and cars. Figures from afar appear as blurs, but not her.

Perhaps it was the way she smelled. Or sounded.

He could hear her rustling and know it was her. Her delicate hands moving through her bag to find her chapstick. Or her sunglasses. Or phone. He could tell her apart from anyone else in the world. it would start off as if she had forgotten the thing completely. Frantic and manic were her hands in the pockets and crevices of her bag. Eventually, the all-too-familiar sigh would escape her when she found what she was looking for. Maybe others could not pick it up, but he could. He heard and watched her pop the cap from her chapstick in the summer and rub it against her full lips. She wasn’t aware of how bad his sight had been. But she was more aware than most.

Most good days, when he met her at the bench, they would talk about themselves. If she was carrying bags, she would explain what she purchased for him. Even if it was trivial, he found himself enthralled in her explanations.

“Shoes for the beach. You know my old ones always gave me trouble,” she laughed and he agreed since he had known as well, “and this new dress. I don’t know how well it will look. Maybe for a lunch with friends…”

She held the dress up to herself and he felt almost bad for imagining her in it. Perhaps on a moonlit night. She would be waiting as he approached from a street corner. She would be smiling, only for him, in that dress. He’d buy her dinner and wine. They would share her favorite dessert and she would tell him all about her day. He would listen intently. He cared. For a moment he had to remind himself of where he was.

“It’s a beautiful dress for you,” he remarked.

“Why, thank you,” she replied and stuffed the items back in her bag with red cheeks.

One day she was showing him what she had purchased, when she noticed how aloof he seemed, though he was trying his hardest not to show it.

“Your eyesight,” she spoke softly, “it’s getting worse…isn’t it…”

Why was he choking back his words? Was it the slight drizzling rain clouding his eyes, or his own tears as he held his umbrella over what he hoped was her frame. If he could do anything in this world, it was to keep her from being cold…and wet. Somehow, she knew. Just by the way he had acted, for he hadn’t said a word about how he was doing.

He felt a soft hand on his own free one. It was hers. Without thinking twice he smiled and let her lead him. He could even hear her smile in her voice.

“Sunglasses…not that I’ll be needing them anytime soon, don’t you agree? I feel like a fool for believing the weatherman,” she laughed and held her forehead against his own as she did so, while still guiding his hand around her bag.

Was she not put off by his ailment? It was one of the first times he could say he hadn’t felt like an outsider. Someone who needed to be asked to be accepted. She had grabbed his hand…

She had grabbed his hand…and from then on, she continued to do so.

Some days, he didn’t need it. Some days, the sun shone bright and still would be out-shined by her radiance. Her smile and aura as he approached the bench would radiate his core. Whether she was heading to work, meeting friends or shopping, she looked beautiful and full of hope to him. She filled him with her warmth even on the coldest of days.

It wasn’t since Rika that he had felt this way about another human being. And even thinking about her inner beauty, could he say he even felt this way about Rika? No. This person who had accepted him as who he was, even with his sight as it happened to be. This person who asked nothing from him other than conversation as they waited for the bus to take them to their destinations.

When he had fallen in love with her, who could say? But he was sure she felt the same way. Her subtle touches to his hands and arm when they met. The way she leaned in close to explain things to him.

“It is cold…but I do appreciate the rain,” she said one day to him after he had placed his jacket over her. “It gives life to the flowers around us, the plants…Life would cease to exist without the rain. I think we should appreciate it. Don’t you agree?” she asked him.

Of course he did. His hands held her shoulders tightly as he explained so. How badly he wanted to ask her to dinner in that moment. Maybe just to a cup of coffee. To ask her everything about herself. Did she garden? What was her favorite film? Did she enjoy music?

He could sense a lot about her just in the time they spent together. She was selfless. She only went shopping when it meant it was needed. If it was for meeting friends, or perhaps something she didn’t have before. He liked that about her. She was observant.

“The bus has been a little late…fourth time this week…I hope the driver isn’t feeling ill,” she had mentioned one day.

He laughed.

“What’s so funny?” she smiled and put her hand on his forearm playfully, “ I really am worried!”

“Only you would be worried about the driver when your ride is late…I just…find it charming,” he admitted to her.

When he was late, or struggling to make it to the bench, he found her at his side, helping carry his things and hold him steady.

One particularly rainy day, her bus arrived on schedule. It was the familiar slosh of the flowing gutters as it pulled close to the curb for her. The all-too-familar squeak of the door hinges as it swung opened for her. But she did not move. She did not enter. Her hand lay wrapped on his forearm, which held his umbrella sturdy to protect her the best he could from the elements.

“I’m not going in today,” she spoke coyly as the door shut and the sound of the bus driving down the road faded once again in the distance.

He couldn’t hold back his smile much longer. Her touch soothed him. Her delicate hands he had grown to fall in love with. And the sweetness in her voice like warm honey coating his soul.

“We can’t waste the day,” he found himself replying, “how about I take you to lunch…and then maybe dinner?”

“Nothing could make me happier, Jihyun,” she pulled her body in close to his as she spoke.

He could feel her steps in sync with his own. This wasn’t the first time he had taken her out. Not even the twentieth time…her feet and hands, her voice, her steps and the pitter patter they made next to his own feet…the way she walked was all too familiar.

Yes…this day was like many others he had come to share with her. And yet…he felt in his pocket, that hardness in the shape of a box. The velvet case with a ring inside.

It may have come to be a familiar day for them. But today, he would ask her to be his wife.

As The Years Go By (Lin x Reader)

Prompt: “At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmate’s body.”

Words: 2707, I think.

Summary: The reader is Lin’s soulmate. They take their sweet time finding one another.

A/N: Soooo many line breaks!!!! (thanks to @diggs4life for the help)

You couldn’t wait.  Today was the day.  Well, tomorrow was. You were about to find out if you had a soulmate.  Maybe it was just a myth, but Grace had said she felt it last year. Only for a minute, but it had been enough to know that someone was out there. You wondered what it would be like to walk around in another person’s body.  Did they speak English? You had heard stories of people learning new languages to be able to locate their soulmates.  Grace entered her room and shut the door.  Should you find somewhere quiet to sit?  Were you building yourself up for nothing?

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Aches and Pains

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: mention of sleeplessness, fluff, ALL OF THE SMUT.

A/N: Titles are not one of my strengths. Anyway, and this was an Anon request that I got a few days ago. I hope it’s okay… Enjoy?

Anon Request – “hello love! i absolutely adore your writing and i wish i had the kind of motivation you do. but i don’t, so i have a request! do you think you could do one about human!cas being tense and sore and having issues sleeping so the reader (who’s like secretly in love with him) offers to give him a massage and some tips on how to get to sleep better??? maybe throw in some smut (teaching him to jerk it??? idk whatever you like) you don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable. thanks doll

The moans and groans coming from the other side of the wall made your stomach sink. For the last three weeks, you knew Cas had been having trouble sleeping, but tonight was the worst so far. You had just ended a big hunt, Cas’s first as a human. He as having a hard time accepting the fact that he wasn’t some tough, invincible Angel of the Lord anymore. And worse, he needed to sleep, which meant nightmares.

You turned over in bed as you tried to drown out the former angel’s cries. But it was no use, he was miserable, and you needed to help him. You loved him, and you couldn’t leave him like this.

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SJ Maas Characters as Fine Art


Madame X, Sargent


Starry Nights, Van Gogh


Venus of Urbino, Titian

The Archeron Sisters:

Three Graces from Primavera, Botticelli

Ansel of Briarcliffe:

Lady Lilith, Rossetti


Psyche entering Cupid’s Garden, Waterhouse


Lancelot and Guinevere, Waterhouse

**to be continued**

also feel free to add to this or put other options:)

The Best Dressed Man in Town – Shaykh Ibrahim Osi-efa:

The companion of the Prophet ﷺ Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) had immense love for the Prophet ﷺ. Of the many great things Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) had as a symbol of his love for the Prophet ﷺ and something that has become symbolic for the love of the Prophet ﷺ in our day and age, was the Na’al Shareef, the Blessed Sandals. The Blessed Sandals would be found with Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA), not just in his hands but right beneath his armpit. Nobody had control of the sandals, save Abdullah ibn Masood (RA). Not only did he have the sandals, but he had the miswak of the Messenger ﷺ. The two places you would find the miswak of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, either behind his ear, or in the hands of Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA). Not only did he have the Na’al and the siwak, but he also had the tahoor, which is the utensil containing water that the Prophet ﷺ always carried in order to make wudu at any given time. Not only did he have the Sandals, and the Siwak and the Tahoor, he had the Prophetic Staff, the Supreme Staff of Prophecy. To take it further, and to understand the connection between the Sandals and beautiful clothes, there was no one in Madinah tul Munawwarah that was better dressed than Abdullah ibn Masood (RA). He was the best dressed man in town! And not only was he the best dressed man in town, he was the most fragrant man in town, of course with exception of the Rasool ﷺ himself. Even during the first moments he set eyes upon his beloved, he was searching for fragrance, and then he saw a different type of fragrant reality ﷺ. In order to see the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, you had to see the best dressed, most fragrant man in town, Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA). Wherever the Prophet ﷺ went, Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) would be striding in front of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. SubhanAllah, what would it be like to see that mandhar. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) striding in front of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ carrying the Blessed Na’al under his armpit, the Siwak, the Tahoor and the Prophetic Staff in his hands. May Allah ﷻ bless our eyes by allowing us to see such a mandhar. When Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) would get to the house of the Prophet ﷺ, unlike us who would open the door and say, grace us Ya RasoolAllah ﷺ, please enter, he would open the door and walk right into the very house of the Prophet ﷺ. Once he was in the midst he would turn around and beckon the Prophet ﷺ in. This shows us the beauty of Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) and also shows us the humility of the Prophet ﷺ. The secret behind this story which allows us to understand the nature of those who have profound love is, the reason Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Masood (RA) had the best clothes and the best fragrance was because he was carrying the blessed sandals of the Prophet ﷺ. The only reason he dressed and applied perfume in the way he did was to show respect, exaltation and reverence to all of the great realities the Prophet ﷺ had. May Allah ﷻ allow us to be amongst those who truly profess profound love for the Prophet ﷺ and embody the way of his Sahabah (RA), especially in their love and reverence for him ﷺ.

Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

A/N: Yes, got this finished before I head out for the day. Thank God the time zones mess with my sleep schedule, right? 😂 This is a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I hope you like it, love. I did, it’s honestly so cute. ❤️ And I love Mckenna, she’s really a doll. I can’t wait to watch ‘Gifted’, I’m going to sob like a baby.

Chris’ head titled as he watched you with a smile on his lips; he still couldn’t believe that he finally got to meet you in person. You’d both been in attendance of the same award shows and parties before, but he’d never gotten to chance to cross paths with you. It wasn’t until the 89th annual Oscars, at the Vanity Fair after party, that he finally caught you. You were talking to Octavia Spencer, who was a dear enough friend to Chris for him to butt into the conversation and introduce himself to you. The second your hands touch, Octavia excused herself. The look of adoration in Chris’ eyes did not go unnoticed, by you or Octavia. You were a fan of Chris’ so you’d heard him talk about how much he liked you on his interviews which was incredibly flattering, and as for Octavia- Chris had told her numerous time that he’d kill for a chance to speak with you; she wanted to get out of there before he killed her.

“You’re staring again,” you said and chuckled when Chris darted his gaze away. “I’m teasing,” you laughed and placed a hand on Chris’. “You’re fine. I like it when you stare, it’s very flattering.” He smiled and turned his hand palm up, entwining his fingers with yours. “So this is Chris Evans flirting, huh?”

“Actually,” he chuckled. “This is Chris Evans trying very hard not to freak out.” You smiled, brushing your thumb over his hand. “I’m so honored to be in your company, like you have no idea how happy I am right now.” You felt yourself blush. “You’re just such an amazing person, Y/N. This is the first time I’ve officially met you and I can say without a doubt that I’m in-love with you already.”

“Okay,” you chuckled, “I’m not that amazing.”

“I’d beg to differ,” he smiled. “You are that amazing.”

“You just met me, Chris. Are you seriously that sure about me already?” You quizzed and he nodded, smiling. “Oh please,” you giggled. “You think you know me, but you just know the person I portray when I’m in public. When you take me out on that date, you’re going to realize that I’m not all that and you’re going to get over this little crush you have on me.”

“That’s not going to happen,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Because sweetheart,” he pulled your hand to his lips and mumbled into your skin, “I’m going to marry you one day.” You laughed and nodded mockingly. “Just you wait and see,” he winked.
• • • • • • • •
You sat backstage with Lisa and Mckenna’s mom at the Ellen show where Chris and McKenna were being interviewed for their upcoming movie, ‘Gifted’. You smiled as you watched your husband through the TV, enjoying his interaction with Mckenna as you subconsciously smoothed your hand over your small baby bump. He was just going to be the greatest father when your child came along and you couldn’t wait until your little one arrived.

“Was it fun working with this guy here?”

“Yes,” Mckenna looked over at Chris, smiling. “We were always singing and dancing and he’s so nice. He has such a kind heart. He’s always doing charity and…” She trailed off, giving Chris time to respond to her sweetness.

“I pay her,” Chris chuckled, waving it off though he thought it was a huge deal that Mckenna liked him so much. It gave him a glimpse of the life he was about to have with you, hoping his own child would adore him as much as his on screen one did. “It’s not a big deal.”

“You know what’s a big deal though,” Ellen began, smiling because she too was incredibly happy for you and Chris. “You’re going to be a dad soon,” she said. Immediately Chris smiled and Mckenna clapped, bouncing excitedly in her seat. “Your lovely wife, Y/N, who is someone I absolutely adore.” Chris nodded, his smile growing wider with each second. “She’s how many weeks now?”

“She’s about fourteen weeks, so um- we’ve still got a while to go before the baby comes,” Chris answered. “We’re very excited, yeah. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.”

“Yeah,” Ellen chuckled. “I think she said the last time she was on the show- I believe it was your second wedding anniversary?” She quizzed and Chris nodded. “She said that you actually told her you were going to marry her the night you met her.”

“Uh…” Chris chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did.” He nodded and the audience clapped. “Um- She’s just one of those amazing people that you have a small window of opportunity with, y'know? I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak with her for so long that when I finally got it, I knew I wasn’t going to let it get away. She’s the one,” he shrugged, smiling. “Um-” He glanced over his shoulder when the audience clapped; Ellen had put photos of the two of you up on the screen. “Yeah, she’s beautiful and perfect and- I’m just the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Awwww,” Mckenna cooed, making Chris laugh. “That’s so sweet! You see what I mean? He has such a kind heart! He’s such a nice person, Ellen,” she told Ellen who nodded in agreement. “I just think he’s going to be the best dad and Y/N is going to be the best mom. They’re so lovely and I really like them together.”

“Aw,” Chris laughed, wrapping an arm around Mckenna, “you’re such a sweetheart. Y/N and I love her, we’ve told her parents numerous times that we’d gladly take her in if ever something happened to them.” Everyone laughed; you looked over at Mckenna’s mom, smiling, and she chuckled. “I just hope that my child loves me as much as this one.”

“Oh, of course!” Mckenna looked shocked that Chris would even say that. “Chris, you’re going to be so amazing as a dad and your baby is going to love you so much.” Chris smiled. “Trust me, you’re so much fun. There’s no way that your baby is going to love you any less than I do.”

“I agree,” Ellen nodded. “Both you and Y/N are going to be amazing parents. I wish you all the best and I urge everyone to watch ‘Gifted’ which comes out on 12th of April! The movie is absolutely amazing, the two leads are just so incredibly talented.” Chris and Mckenna smiled at each other before turning to the audience. “Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, everyone!”
• • • • • • • •
“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris when he entered the green room with Mckenna by his side; she ran over to her mom to talk about how well she did. Chris, on the other hand, smiled and walked over to you, pulling you to your feet to hug you. “You did so good, baby. The tap dancing was top-notch,” you teased and he chuckled.

“Thank you for marrying me,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a kiss to your head. “I don’t know where my life would be if you didn’t say yes. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, and-” he pulled away to place his hand on your bump. “I wouldn’t be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father,” you smiled and placed your hand over his. “And I believe I’m the one who should say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, Chris. So thank you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands landed on your waist. “Thank you for fulfilling your promise to marry me one day.”

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“Y/N, come down for some pizza!” You glanced towards the bedroom door upon hearing Niall calling for you before you looked back at your screen. You were in the middle of an insightful conversation about whether pigeons have feelings or not over Facetime with Harry, and as much as you loved Harry, you would totally hang up on him if it meant digging your teeth into a piping hot slice of pizza. Harry was all the way in Paris promoting Sign of The Times, and you really hated being alone. You had just gotten so used to him being around so when he told you he was going to be traveling a lot again, you didn’t know what to do! Niall, being the sweetheart that he was, offered for you to stay over at his place until Harry came back home. 

What happened to the Chinese takeout?” Harry asked, eyes flickering to the corner of the screen to look at himself for a moment. 

“I changed my mind halfway and asked Niall to get pizza instead.” You smiled sheepishly, taking a pillow and shoving it underneath you so you had something holding you up a little. 

Y/N, you’re already staying at Niall’s house for free! Don’t get all difficult, love.” 

“I know, but I-” 

“Oi, no need to scold Y/N. I was in t’e mood for some pizza myself.” You turned slightly when Niall entered the room, a cheesy smile gracing his features. “How are ya, Harry? How’s Paris?” 

I’m freezing my ass off, that’s how Paris is.” Harry snorted, reaching down to wrap the blanket tighter around himself. 

“Cuddle up to the pillows?” You suggested, sitting up so that Niall could see the screen as well. 

I would much rather cuddle with you.” Harry pushed his bottom lip out in a pout, your heart melting at the sight. You missed Harry terribly and he had only been gone for about a week and a bit. 

“T’anks, Harry! I’m in dire need for a snuggle.” Niall laughed, Harry rolling his eyes playfully before flipping him off. “C’mon, Y/N. I put on t’at cooking show you like so much downstairs and the pizza’s all set up.” 

“Aw, but I wanna keep talking to my boyfriend, Niall.” You whined, scrambling up to your feet when Niall lunged forward in an attempt to grab your phone. 

I’m getting dizzy here, people!” 

“Wha- Y/N, if I let you two keep talkin’ we’ll never eat pizza! I drove 45 minutes to that Chinese place, and then I had to drive another 20 for the pizza place, and-” 

“Touché.” You cleared your throat, plopping back down onto your knees as the mattress bounced underneath your weight. You wanted to talk to Harry all night long if it was even possible. 

I have t’ start getting ready for the next interview, so this is actually perfect timing.” Harry joked lightly, the screen freezing for a second before it started working again. “I’ll call yeh in the morning, I promise.” 

“Okay… You hang up first, though. I can’t do it.” You sighed dramatically, pouting at Harry. 

What makes you think I can do it? You hang up!” 

“You hang up!” You lips tugged up in a grin before you perked up. You thoroughly enjoyed these banter-y moments with Harry, and you took advantage of when he got super duper playful. 

No, you hang up!” 

“At t’is rate we’re all going t’ die before you two hang up!” Niall interrupted, letting out a groan of frustration. He loved you both, but the two of you made a very irritating overly-affectionate couple sometimes. “I’ll do us all a favour,” He paused, and before you knew it your phone had disappeared from your hands. “And I’ll hang up. See ya later, H!” 

I-” Niall tossed your phone onto the bed before pointing towards the door. 

“You’ve already missed half of the cooking show cos of t’is.”

“I was about to hang up, for your information.” 

“Nice try.” 


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Mine Would be You

Written for @jpadjackles‘s Double Birthday Challenge. My song was “Mine Would be You” by Blake Shelton. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1600-ish

Warnings: Angsty, language, drinking, Jensen singing (yeah, I consider that a warning)

A/N: Lyrics are in bold, I made up the last verse in bold italics. Italics are flashbacks. Thanks to my girls, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @paintrider13-blog for their support of this story! Love you both, you are my sun to ward off the darkness! 

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Gabriel’s One and Only

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Pairing: Gabriel x wife!Reader
Word count: 1,308
Warnings: Fingering, smut, swearing, NSFW gifs

Chuck & Gabriel Appreciation Week

Ten years.


It still amazed you. Ten years ago to the day, you said ‘I do’ to your best friend, your lover, and the father of your two kids. And you’d been together three years before that. He knew everything about you, inside and out. Even when you looked like hell after the birth of each of yours kids, even though your body was nowhere near what it used to be, he still thought you were the most beautiful creature on the planet.

He’d never kept anything from you, either. No matter how painful it was. There was nothing he wanted to remain a secret. From who he really was, to who God was, to the fighting between his brothers, his time as Loki, and more. The two of you shared a connection that you just couldn’t explain.

Your mother had the kids for the week, as it was summer vacation, and you worked hard. Your day started before the sun, and it didn’t end until the children were deep in dreamland. Gabriel helped around the house, but some days, you told him not to touch anything. You wanted to feel like you were doing more at home, despite him insisting that you did a lot.

Thankfully, your mother knew about Gabriel, as well, but less than you. Having children with him, that forced your hand. Chuck had even come along for that talk.

That gave you the rare chance to sleep in. Snuggling against your husband’s side, you smiled softly. “Morning, sweet cheeks.” He chuckled lightly, enjoying your slight bedhead and sleepy smile.

“Morning.” You mumbled, letting out a yawn. “What time is it?” Having the chance to sleep in, you didn’t want to open your eyes just yet.

He glanced at his alarm clock. “Just after 9. When’s the last time that happened?” Gabriel asked, tapping his chin and making a face as if thinking.

You thought for a moment. “Before we became parents?” You chuckled, rolling to your back and stretching. “Before I had any grey hairs.”

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oceans apart.

pairing: taeyong x reader
genre: fluff, long distance relationship
word count: 1.410
about: your love travelled across oceans and flew amidst the clouds – a million miles away; but never once touching – for you were yet to meet.

“when two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long, and no other love can break them apart.”

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hipster-betasaid:Oh you got it up so heres my request😊 can you do a Paul Lahote imagine where he imprints on the reader(is a vampire) and he doesnt tel her and he sees her flirting with a guy at a party and he gets pissed/jealous and marks her.

A/N: Yeah, I did. And oh sure! I’ve never written anything like this, but I shall do my best just for you. I’ll have it up soon, for sure.

I hope that this is what you were meaning. Like I said, I haven’t done an imagine like this, but I hope that you enjoy it, nevertheless.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Being Paul Lahote’s vampire imprint, and he get’s jealous and marks you.

Title: [Heavy Storm.]

Word Count: 1,274.

Unexpectedly you had always had a strong bond with the hotheaded and flared fiery tempered werewolf, Paul Lahote. You were aware of what he was, the legends of his people and the simple factor that werewolves had imprints. Yet the imprintee made the important decision of what their protector would be to them: A) A protector, B) A friend, or C) A lover/partner.

It always dwindled on within your mind: ’Could I ever possibly be his imprint?’ but you never got that answered, always too ashamed to ask, and if you were, Paul never spoke aloud about it. Maybe it was just incredibly and utterly impossible for mortal enemies to be chums or more.

The night was cool, a delicate breeze shuffling softly across your bare arms, uplifting your hair and pulling it tenderly over the back of your shoulders. There was something electrifying about tonight, and you made the probable conclusion that it was merely due to your sister Alice’s party twirling in motion behind you. Paul still dwindled upon your restless mind and you entered your gorgeous mansion with grace and elegance.

Paul had been invited out of kindness, - with the remainder of the wolf pack-, from Alice, - seeing as you weren’t the talkative type and it took the right sorts of people to get you going out of your titanium shell. Yet there was no word back from the pack. ’They probably spat on the invitation.’ you consider thoughtfully, and probably correctly. That didn’t matter any more.

“Hurry up, (Y/N)!” Alice squeaked in your ear as her and Rosalie began towing you with ease in an unordered direction, causing you to lose your vampiric grace and elegance and stumble substantially. “We have someone that we would like you to meet.” Alice continues.
“Guys, I’m not interested.” you mutter flatly, easily resisting them with your newborn strength, but they clutched onto you with clenched determination.
“Leave the mutt be, he’s obviously not interested, and we won’t allow it. We believe that you deserve someone more probable and suitable. Someone more… appropriate.” Rosalie smirks in your ear, harshly at first.
“Shut up!” you retort sharply as you come to a full stop.

You turn your head absent mindedly, your jaw almost collapsing onto the gorgeous wooden floors. “It’s rude to gawk, (Y/N).” Rosalie laughs, pushing up your jaw and shutting it with ease. You hopelessly swore to yourself that if you were human again your heart would be battering against your ribs until they exploded.
“Now have fun mingling.” Alice winks at you.

“Hello,” the man extends his hand to you, greeting you formally.
“H-hi.” you grin giddily at him, feeling your head toss and turn.
“My name is, Roberto.” he flaunts his flawless Italian accent, sneaking a polite and flattering kiss upon the back of your hand, causing the breath in your throat to hitch. He chuckles, releasing your hand. “You’re a beautiful woman,” he begins, “So I expect a beautiful name to go with you?” he winks.
“(Y/N)!” you squeak out eagerly, your mouth watering from this man’s delicious physique.
The vampire chuckles, his eyes astonishingly scarlet. “Would you care to dance?” he offers you as the tempo slows and the song changes to a much more suitable one.

Your reply is cut off as a trembling hand lays itself upon your lower back and the warmth radiating from it causes you to shudder expectationally. “She’s with me. Back off!” the familiar voice trickles into your ears, causing your expression to flush over with embarrassment.
“I’m sorry, sir.” Ruberto looks at Paul in disgust. “Mutt’s stay outside in the dog house.” he growls.
“You want to say that again?” Paul roars, quaking heavily in his heavy boots as he forces you behind him. “Because you won’t get two seconds to reply once I’ve phased.” he hisses.
“In front of all of these people?” he smirks, cocking an eyebrow. “Don’t be so daft, mutt. Don’t waste my time, I’ve arranged to come here for, her.” and he points at you.
Her has a name, and (Y/N) is my imprint.” Paul growls out before thinking over the contents of his words and what they could mean.
“What?” you blink oblivious, but you’re completely invisible.
“Please! Such a shame that a beautiful girl wastes her time with wolf.” he literally spits into Paul’s face.

Paul had never been thrown out of the premises much more hastily than this time. He caught himself, vibrating like an avalanche ready to crush a village as you chased after him towards the forest, easily beating him. “Paul!” your hands are icy and attentive upon his chest, trying to get him to sooth his anger. He pushes you off harshly, it doesn’t hurt.
“Get away! Go back to the party.” he snarls at you, incapable of controlling the beast within him.
“No!” you furrow your brows, shouting at him. “You have some questions to answer, young man!” you lecture him in a motherly type way now.
He had never cackled so hard before. “I need to answer some questions?” his astonishment is laced with both enrage and amusement. “First of all, answer my questions,” he starts, still trembling up a storm as he steps closer to you. “What the hell were you doing talking to Mr. Chef Boyardee? And who the hell was he anyway? Thinking he’s better than me because he’s sophisticated and has money!” he roars. “Who does he think he is, coming here and trying to take my imprint away from me?” Paul barks loudly, causing you to jump.
“Imprint?” you raise both of your perfect eyebrows. “I’m your imprint?” you choke out.

Paul quietens himself, his expression’s still harsh as he averts his gaze from yours and shamefully looks at the ground. “It isn’t unheard of for my kind to imprint on an immortal. We can’t control it.” he sighs.
“And you kept that from me?!” you snap loudly, your hand striking his cheek so hard you thought his neck may have snapped.

Your choice to hurt the shape shifter was not the appropriate or wise decision to make.

Paul’s face grows serene and enraged, his chest heaving as a growl paralyses you, his body encasing you, dominating you immediately. “Get away from her!” you hear Rosalie scream.

But it’s too late. The pack and vampires are too late…

His lips crush to your icy ones, squashing you so hard into the tree that it cracks at the force. Your hands instinctively cup his hot cheeks, drawing him all the more closer. His abnormally large hands squeeze your hips, causing a breath of air to travel into his mouth. His trembling soon quits as he pinches, nips at your lower lip, tugging upon it hotly and passionately.

It was embarrassing to lock lips with Paul Lahote in front of every person that you knew. Though when his lips flutter to your neck, searching for your tender spot, everything else surrounding you evaporated and all that was your main concern and priority was Paul. His lips latched to your granite fare skin, sucking, incapable of leaving a single mark. You let out a sound of contentment, clutching to him as though he was your safety float.

It was like a heavy storm was enveloping the two of you, - the passion and lust at a high-. “You’re. Mine.” he murmured between kisses, still in a jealous frenzy as his tongue slithered down your shoulder before he bit down, causing you to yelp as it surprisingly proved painful with his sharp wolfish teeth. “And now you’re marked.” he smirks hotly against your skin.

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Chanyeol - 170405 L'Officiel Hommes Instagram update “엑소 ‘찬열’ 과 함께 한 <로피시엘 옴므 YK 에디션>의 촬영 현장을 감상해보세요! <로피시엘 옴므>가 일년에 두 번! 초대형 판형의 패션 매거진 <로피시엘 옴므 YK 에디션> 을 발행합니다. EXO 찬열이 표지를 장식한 17 봄/여름 호는 4월 3일부터 전국 온/오프라인 서점에서 만나볼 수 있습니다.”

Translation: “Please check out the filming site for the collaboration between EXO’s Chanyeol and ‘L'Officiel hommes YK edition’! ‘L'Officiel Hommes’, twice a year! A large-format fashion magazine 'L'Officiel Hommes YK edition’ is entering circulation. EXO’s Chanyeol will grace the cover of the 2017 Spring/Summer issue, available nationwide in on/offline stores from 3rd April.”

Credit: L'Officiel Hommes.

Let Dean Know

Originally posted by castielimaginesboi

This is for @impalaimagining​​​ Smut-entines Day Challenge. I chose the kinks-Cum Play and Unusual Insertions with the pairing Cas x Reader.

Characters: Y/n, Castiel 

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: SMUT!! Pure 100% filthy ass smut. Bondage, blowjob, grace kink, angel blade kink, cum play, like…filthy cum play. It gets really weird. Like…really really weird at the end. 

Word Count: 2610

Summary: Cas is sick of Dean and Y/n’s flirting, even if they both assure that it’s completely innocent. So Cas takes it into his own hands to make sure Dean and everyone else knows, Y/n belongs to him and no one else.

A/N: Ok, so this is literally all smut. Just…pure smut. And it’s kinda weird smut. Like…really weird. But, I hope u like it!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage@riversong-sam @nerdflash @miss-miep @impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481 @chelsea072498 @deals-with-demons@plaidstiel-wormstache @impalaimagining @deathtonormalcy56@scorpiongirl1@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn @squirels-angels-and-moose@meganwinchester1999


Cas snapped his finger, making you fall onto the library table as shackles appeared, holding you down.

“Castiel. What the hell!”

He shrugged, eyes dark as he walked around you, his obviously hard cock covered by his slacks, right beside you.

“I’ve seen you. And Dean…”

You scoffed.

Sure, you and Dean flirted. It wasn’t anything serious.

He’d been your best friend for decades. You always had a weird little flirting thing going on with him.

But it wasn’t anything real.

Yea, Dean was top three in terms of physical attractiveness. And his personality, minus the self-hate and sluttiness was great too.

But there would never be anything between the two of you. Just thinking about fucking Dean was weird, let alone going through with it.

Unfortunately, Castiel just didn’t seem to understand this.

Which is why he had you strapped down to the desk.

He was going to make sure you knew who you belonged to.

He was going to make sure Dean knew you belonged to him. No one else. You belonged to the angel and no one else would have you after he was done.

He poofed away and left you there, clothed but held down.

“Dean! Sam! DEAN!”

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The Heart Wants what the Heart Wants. Chapter 5

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1.940

A/N: I am finalyy done with another part!! Thank you all for loving these series and for supporting me eventho it has been a shitty long time since I updated. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this and that you will continue to love it :). 

Introduction || Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 

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Lucifer x Prophet!Reader Chapter Four

Warnings: SMUT SMUT

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Fandom: Supernatural 

Notes: Final chapter ): Also the end is so fluffy you might cringe. Just a warning. 

You reached your hand out, timidly petting the lion in front of you. It just made a soft, deep noise and rubbed it’s head roughly against your hand and arm, then it padded around you to rub against your side. You smiled widely and scratched it’s long main as it laid down, rolling on it’s stomach.

“I knew you’d enjoy this.” Lucifer said as he watched, stroking a black panther that was laying its head in his lap. You were out in some kind of island, large wild cats roaming around. Tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, panthers, everything you could think of. And they were all friendly. They sensed Lucifer’s grace, and they took very kindly to him and you.

Nearby a tiger splashed around in a small pond with its cubs, making cute chuffing noises to each other. A family of black panthers basked in the sun, sleeping while a pair of cheetahs chased eachother around a tree.

“This is so relaxing. Such a beautiful experience.” You said and laid down on the lion, your head resting in its main and your hands rubbing and scratching its ears. “Thank you for taking me here.”

“Of course.” He said and rubbed soothing circles in the panthers head. “That lion loves you. I can feel its emotions radiating off of him.” He said and you smiled, scratching it’s ears again. This was the best therapy you could ask for. A few cubs came and played with the large lion who sat up to give them attention, you assumed he was their father.

You stood up, wiping some of the hair off of you and walked over to sit next to Lucifer. The panther gave you a look before settling back down onto his lap. You smiled at it. “He’s beautiful. Thank you again.” You said and rubbed the panthers side, it was so very soft.

“It’s getting late, we should go back to your cabin.” Lucifer said and you frowned.

“Okay.” You said in a sad tone and leant down to kiss the panther. “I’ll come visit you guys again.” You said and stood up, saying a loud goodbye to the other large felines.

As you appeared in your cabin you scared your dog, who barked loudly in surprise. Once he saw it was you he started jumping around your feet. Lucifer wasn’t there with you and that made you sad. But you supposed he had things to do. So you ate supper, fed your animals, locked your doors and climbed into your large king sized bed.

You laid in bed for a moment before you started thinking about Lucifer again. He was so sweet to you. So kind. So beautiful. You laid in bed and thought of his eyes, his skin. It was so soft too, especially his hands.

His hands.

Your cheeks warmed up as you thought about his fingers. They were long, and thick. And cold. He was a cold man. His chest was probably cold and it would probably be cold pressed up against yours. Your eyes closed at the thought, your hand slipping under your sheet between your legs. No shame entered your mind as a smile graced your lips. His fingers were yours for the night, thinking of his eyes locked on yours and his facial hair grazing against your thighs. His forked tongue between your legs. His hands roaming around every part of you, his cold hands making goosebumps rise all across your skin. His tongue on your neck, licking you, your cheek, his cool tongue entering your mouth. Kissing you as he removed his cold fingers from between your legs, placing something else down there. You finished your session then, sweating and breathing heavily with a lazy, satisfied smile on your face. Then you fell asleep with his name on your lips.

The next morning he took you out to town to buy some books. He said he could get you any book you wanted, but you wanted to go out and see other people for a change. He took it as an insult at first, but then remembered humans were social things.

“I read this book in highschool.” You commented lazily, looking at the title of the book in front of you. “I hated it because of my teacher. He was quite the asshole.” You said and Lucifer remained quiet, watching the people in the bookstore. You turned to look at him with furrowed brows. “Lucifer?” You asked and he looked at you.

“Yes?” His voice was so calm and soothing you almost forgot what you were going to say.

“I was talking to you. Is something up?” You asked and smiled, trying to brighten the obvious awkward mood.

He shook his head and turned back around with arms crossed, watching everyone move around. You just sighed and turned back to the bookshelves.

When you checked the books out and left you could tell Lucifer was in a hurry to get you back to the cabin. But you liked walking, it felt good outside and it was nice to see other human beings. He watched everyone who walked past you, glaring them straight in the eyes and looking over his shoulder as they past to make sure they weren’t looking back.

“What is the matter with you?” You laughed as you stopped at a crosswalk, looking both ways.

“All these people. Too many humans. You should hear what they’re thinking.” He muttered and you sighed. A car stopped to let you pass and you walked across the road. Halfway across you heard a loud honk and instinctively you dropped the books, shielding your face. When nothing happened you opened your eyes to see a huge dent on the hood of a silver car. The man got out, cursing at you to watch where you were going. But you had the right away. The light was red.

Lucifer was on him in seconds. He pinned him against his car, punching him in the face a few times, knocking out a few teeth and you were pretty sure he broke his jaw. You ran over to him, pulling Lucifer off with all your might. “Lucifer, stop!” You cried out and he finally backed away, the man slumping against his car with a tooth falling out of his mouth.

A crowd of silent people looked at you, wide eyes and mouths. You felt tears build up in your eyes as you picked up your books. “Lucifer, please, take me home.” You begged and then you were in your kitchen.

“Why did you do that?” You asked as you set the books down on the table, your hands shaky.

“He almost killed you.” Lucifer said in a low tone, blood still on his fists and face. “Then he had the audacity to yell at you. He deserved it.”

You wiped away the tears from your eyes and leaned against the counter. “Give me some alone time.” You said quietly and he disappeared.

A few days later he visited with a small aquarium full of starfish as an apology. You smiled widely as he set it on the table in the living room next to the t.v. “How does it look?” he asked, watching the small pink creatures slowly climb around on the rocks and other colorful decorations.

“It looks very cute. They’re so tiny and adorable.” You smiled and leaned over, watching them closely. You didn’t notice it but Lucifer was watching you closely. You also didn’t know that when you were repeating Lucifer’s name a few nights before, he heard it. He appeared to see if anything was wrong, but nothing was. Normally he would have left, but knowing that what you were doing, and knowing it was for him, he stayed. It was creepy, yes, but he didn’t have the strength to leave. If it was any other human he wouldn’t even have been affected. But the two of you were bonded, paired. So the pleasure you felt, he felt as well that night. He tried to act normal around you after that, but it was so difficult.

How would he bring it up? How would he let you know that he wanted to please you with that ‘cold, forked tongue’ of his? He smiled to himself as he watched you gaze at the small creatures. The things he could do to you. The ways he could please you. He would love to watch you squirm and moan under his body.

“Want to go for a walk?” You asked and he looked up from his daze, nodding. You smiled at that. “I’ll bring my dog, he likes walking with you.” You said and picked up the blue harness, strapping it around your dog. You attached the leash and he jumped around happily, ready to go outside.

Lucifer lead the way, choosing the path through the woods that led to a large lake. It was pretty out there, that was a given. Everything around here was pretty. Lucifer made sure it was perfect for you.

You sat on a log, watching Cujo run around in the sand and the water. He would need a bath when you got home. You looked over at Lucifer who was watching a plane fly overhead, a white trail in it’s wake.

“Did you read the books?” He asked and you nodded slowly, explaining you had finished one and were halfway through the other. When you finished talking it was silent again and you chewed on your lip.

“So…” You started. He looked over, his blue eyes sending chills down your body. “You said you’d tell me the story of why you…” You trailed off as he looked back to the lake. He knew what you meant.

It took him a few minutes, but then he spoke. “Heaven. It was perfect. Beautiful. Gardens of every type of plant you could imagine. But mostly roses. God knew I liked white roses, so they were the popular pick. Gabriel liked the yellow ones, Michael liked the dark blue ones, and Raphael liked the pink ones. I suppose rose colors are irrelevant. But they weren’t to me. Everything was perfect, peaceful, love was everywhere. Harmony and justice. But then.” He stopped and clenched his fists. “He created humans. Adam, and Eve. They weren’t perfect. They were at first, but it didn’t take long for them to start sinning. I tried to convince father to kill them off, they were murderous beings. But he didn’t listen. So I took matters into my own hands.” You listened carefully, making sure to keep your eyes locked on him the entire time. “I didn’t think anyone would find out. I had Eve eat the apple. I just wanted peace again, I just wanted father to see how truly evil and naive they were. But Uriel. He saw and told. I tried to convince father it was for the best but he had none of it. He had Michael cast me down. He was going to take my wings.” He was tearing up. Lucifer was tearing up. “I loved them more than anything. I loved my brothers and sisters more than I loved myself. But they didn’t care. All they saw was my one flaw, and they turned against me. My own family.” He stopped talking. That was all he needed to say. You wrapped an arm around him and rested your head on his shoulder, rubbing his back. You didn’t say anything, you just rubbed soothing circles in his back and arm.

The sun was setting when you finally left. Lucifer stood up without saying a word, snapping his fingers. You, your dog and Lucifer were back home. Cujo ran off into the pets room to eat and drink, so you closed the door behind him. It was their bedtime anyways. You hung his harness and leash on the door, and before you could fully turn around Lucifer was on you. You almost screamed in surprise, it was so sudden and jarring. 

He pinned you against the wall, kissing your lips so hard and rough, so needy. Like he was thirsting to death. His forked tongue was cold, just as you had imagined. You wrapped your arms around his neck, allowing him to get closer to you. You parted for air and he snapped his fingers again, and you were in your room. It was so random, so sudden and unplanned, but it made it all the better. You had no idea Lucifer liked you back this way.

He had you against the wall again, this time with his mouth on your neck. He bit down hard, causing you to cry out and dig your nails into his shoulders. He had no idea what he was doing to you. Your thighs already ached and a slow pain built up between your legs. “Lucifer.” You winced, but the pain felt good. His cold tongue licked your neck and down to your collarbones, chills rising all over your body. In an instant your shirt was gone and his lips were on your chest. He teased you, his cold tongue tracing circles around your nipples before taking them into his mouth and gently nipping them. You moaned, throwing your head back as your knees felt weak. You could barely stand.

Then, your pants were gone, and your panties. He dropped to his knees in front of you, his head immediately between your thighs. You cried out in pleasure as his facial hair rubbed against your skin, rubbing it raw. It burned but his cold tongue soothed the hot pain. Then, his fingers trailed up your thighs. You grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling roughly and bucking your hips against his face. His tongue slithered between your already dripping folds. It flicked against your clit and you groaned loudly, rubbing yourself roughly against his mouth. “Lucifer.” You cried out, your eyes closed tightly. “Oh my, oh my, yes, yes!” You cried with a wide open mouth, a smile on it as well. He knew you were cumming, he shoved two thick fingers inside you and curled them hard and fast. You came hard, your cum slowly leaking out from inside you. You slumped down against the wall, breathing hard, eyes closed. Lucifer smiled, looking at the mess he made of you.

“You are one of God’s only humans I enjoy.” He said and picked you up, gently setting you on the bed.

“I think I love you.” You whispered, still tired from your orgasm.

“Funny, because I know I love you.” He smirked, taking his green long sleeved shirt off. Next came his light brown tee-shirt, then his pants. He was a glory to behold. You sat up, propping yourself up on your elbows to watch him undress. He was about to climb on top of you but you stopped him.

“Let me please you.” You whispered, a hand on his cold chest pushing him down flat on his back. He looked up at you, that wicked smirk still on his face. “You deserve it, you deserve everything I can give you.” You said and leant down to bite at his side. He tensed up, closing his eyes. You bit down sharply on his hip and he jerked a bit, a sharp intake of breath coming into his mouth. You smiled and looked at him, he had long curly blonde pubes. You assumed he didn’t really need to shave, that was probably something he never considered in his life. You tugged at them and he jerked upwards, his erection pressing up against his stomach. You took one long lick up his shaft and he let out the first sound of the night. It was a soft exhale, a shudder. The air in the room dropped a few degrees and you shivered a bit. You took your time licking and teasing before taking his head into your mouth. He groaned deep inside his throat with his eyes still closed. His salty precum tasted better than any other you had tasted. You closed your eyes and took him into your throat, hollowing your cheeks out and bobbing your head up and down. His hands went into your hair to grab a fistful, pulling roughly. You cried out and he jerked you up.

His blue eyes told you everything, he wanted to be inside you. You smiled at him and allowed him to flip you over on your back. As soon as your back hit the mattress he wasted no time in pushing himself inside you. A loud, sharp cry escaped you as he filled you up, pleasure shocking you. “Lucifer!” You moaned, clawing at his back. He started thrusting immediately, rough and fast. Hard and ruthless. He whispered out your name many times, biting deep into your neck and your chest.

Words came out of his mouth that you didn’t understand, it was another language. “Enochian.” He whispered, answering your internal question. You moaned at that. He was praising you in angel tongue. He continued pounding into you, each thrust hurting and feeling so good at the same time. “(Y/N).” He groaned and thrusted hard, causing you to shout out in pain. That thrust was a bit too rough. But, it made you orgasm again. Your eyes rolled back into your head and you arched your back, your mouth open in a silent cry. You rode out your orgasm, shaking slightly, then slumped limp against the bed. Lucifer came after that, cumming inside you. It was cold, so cold you shivered fiercely. But you didn’t care.

After that Lucifer snapped his fingers and you were both clean, as if straight out of a shower. The bedsheets were changed, and the room was a nice warm temperature. You both laid on the bed, naked and tangled between each other.

“Thank you.” He said, kissing your neck. “Thank you for not hating me for who I am, thank you for loving me.”

You smiled into his neck, your eyes closed. You hadn’t been happier in your entire life. “Thank you for protecting me and making me the happiest human on earth.” You said and he pulled you closer to him, kissing your forehead.

He was glad you were his prophet. He was glad he was your archangel. He was glad you loved him, and he was glad he loved you.