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Elowah Falls is one of many photogenic waterfalls found in the Columbia River Gorge that separates Washington and Oregon State. It’s only a short hike from the trailhead to see for yourself. Upper McCord Creek Falls is just beyond the Elowah waterfall and is gorgeous from numerous aerial angles.
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natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Elowah Falls is one of many photogenic waterfalls found in the Columbia River Gorge that separates Washington and Oregon State. It’s only a short hike from the trailhead to see for yourself. Upper McCord Creek Falls is just beyond the Elowah waterfall and is gorgeous from numerous aerial angles.

[It’s 1 in the morning and Max, Nikki and Neil are trying to escape again. After crossing a gorge via convenient dead tree, Nikki and Max are waiting for Neil to join them. It’s taking a while]

Max: For the love of fuck, would you hurry up?! This is taking too long, David’s going to notice we’re gone soon! Let’s GO!

Neil: (Inching his way across the tree bridge)  Give me a minute, okay? I’m not so good with heights!

Max: (Rolling his eyes) So go faster and it’ll be over with quicker. Nikki and I both did it and we’re fine. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Stop being a baby!

[There’s a sudden crunch, and the tree breaks, sending Neil to the bottom of the gorge with a short yell]

Nikki: (Scrambling to the edge of the gorge) NEIL!

Max: (Staring into the gorge in horror) NEIL?!

[There’s a moment of silence before Neil’s head appears from the bushes covering the gorge floor, covered in dirt and twigs but otherwise fine]

Neil: (Voice strained) Max?

Max: (Breathing a sigh of relief) Neil, thank God. Are you okay?

Neil: (Gingerly climbing out of the bushes) Yes. Max?

Max: Yeah?


The Great Brownie Heist

Thanks to talking with @cefmua56 about a real, actual story from my childhood, I present this tale of Tiny Roman for you all.

Tiny Roman adored sweets in general, but brownies were a thing held in the highest regard. Patton’s homemade triple chocolate brownies were even MORE highly prized. So when Momma LoLo had firmly set him down and told him no brownies until after dinner, well…he was incensed! Outraged!!! How dare anyone make such outrageous demands of royalty?!

Roman waited and watched, patiently biding his time until his guardian was distracted and the kitchen was deserted. Aha! The brownies were cooling on the counter. Now…how to get to them?

A quick glance around told him he was too small to easily climb up there, but…maybe…he reached for the bottom rungs of one of the chairs…and pulled! It slowly moved. Success! Little by little, inch by inch, Tiny Roman scooted the chair across the room. Once it was in place, he carefully climbed up.

Victory!!! The brownies were within reach. He understood about hot pans so he gingerly touched a finger to it, ready to immediately draw back if it was too hot. Thankfully, they’d been cooling for awhile so the pan was only slightly warm. Perfect!!! Sliding the pan over, he giggled to himself as he grabbed his prize and climbed back to the floor with it.

Logan slowly became aware of two very troubling things at the same time: 1. He hadn’t seen Roman in awhile and 2. It was entirely too quiet. When he walked into the kitchen, he stopped short, staring. There was Tiny Roman, happily gorging himself on fistfuls of brownie, covered in chocolate from head to toe! How had he…? A quick look around the kitchen told the story. The stubborn little prince had found a solution.

Logan wanted to be angry but… frankly…he was just rather proud of Roman’s problem solving skills. It couldn’t have been easy for the tyke to pull that chair that far, and he was impressed he had managed it. Still, brownies were no kind of dinner for a child to have.


“…Yes, Momma?” He looked up sheepishly, fully aware he’d been caught. Logan sighed, shaking his head, and took what was left of the pan away from him.

“You could have had them after dinner. Climbing up like that is dangerous, never do that again. Now come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Roman was scooped up before he could protest, and he stared up at Momma’s face. He’d been expecting to get yelled at, maybe punished. He’d been bad, hadn’t he?

“You’re not mad?”

“No. The tummyache you’re going to have is going to be punishment enough. Additionally, you will be explaining this to Patton at dinner tonight.” Roman sighed, tucking his head into Momma’s shoulder.

“Worth it.”

“Well, it was certainly a creative solution, I’ll give you that.”

Tiny Roman’s happy giggles echoed down the hallway.

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français | fashion

covering fashion terms, clothing and fabric vocab! click here x for beauty and makeup vocab.


  • la bague (f) | ring
  • les baskets (f) | sneakers
  • lex bijoux (m) | jewellery
  • les boucles d'oreilles (f) | earrings
  • les bottes (f) | boots
  • le caleçon (m) | boxers
  • la casquette (f) | cap
  • la ceinture (f) | belt
  • le chapeau (m) | hat
  • les chaussettes (f) | socks
  • les chaussures à hauts talons (f) | high heels
  • la chemise (f) | shirt (for men)
  • le chemisier (m) | blouse (for women)
  • le collant (m) | stockings
  • le collier (m) | necklace
  • le costume (m) | suit
  • la cravate (f) | tie
  • la culotte (f) | panties
  • les escarpins (m) | pumps
  • le foulard (m) | scarf
  • les gants (m) | gloves
  • le haut (m) | top
  • l'imperméable (m) | raincoat
  • le jean (m) | jeans
  • la jupe (f) | skirt
  • le maillot de bain (m) | swimsuit
  • le manteau (m) | coat
  • le nœud papillon (m) | bow
  • la paréo (f) | sarong
  • la parka (f) | parka
  • le peignoir (m) | dressing gown
  • le portefeuille (m) | wallet
  • la porte-monnaie (f) | purse
  • le pull (m) | jumper
  • la robe (f) | dress
  • le sac à dos (m) | backpack
  • le sac à main (m) | handbag
  • la salopette (f) | overalls
  • les sandales (f) | sandals
  • le short (m) | shorts
  • le smoking (m) | tuxedo
  • le soutien-gorge (m) | bra
  • le survêtement (m) tracksuit
  • les talons aiguilles (m) | stilettos
  • le tee-shirt (m) | t-shirt
  • la tenue (f) | outfit
  • la tunique (f) | tunic
  • la veste (f) | jacket
  • les vêtements (m) | clothing


  • l'acrylique (m) | acrylic
  • le cachemire (m) | cashmere
  • la chenille (f) | chenille
  • le coton (m) | cotton
  • le cuir (m) | leather
  • le daim (m) | suede
  • la dentelle (f) | lace
  • le feutre (m) | felt
  • la fourrure (f) | fur
  • la gaze (f) | gauze
  • la laine (f) | wool
  • le lin (m) | linen
  • le mohair (m) | mohair
  • la moire (f) | shot silk
  • la mousseline (f) | chiffon
  • les poils de chameau (m) | camel hair
  • la polaire (f) | polar fleece
  • le polyester (m) | polyester
  • la rayonne (f) | rayon
  • la soie (f) | silk
  • le taffetas (m) | taffeta
  • le tissu (m) | fabric
  • la toile (f) | canvas
  • le tulle (m) | tulle
  • le velours (m) | velvet
  • la viscose (f) | viscose


  • le couturier (m) | dressmaker/designer
  • le défilé de mode (m) | fashion show
  • la mannequin (m) | model (person)
  • la marque de mode (f) | fashion brands
  • la mode (f) | fashion/trend
  • le portant (m) | clothes rack
  • le prêt-à-porter (m) | clothes in retail stores
  • le style (m) | style
The Story of  A Chunky Monkey

It started as a simple few extra pounds. Winston never truly intended to end up so large. But the moment Grodd laid eyes on Winston’s belly and how much more attractive it made him look in his eyes, there was no going back. Truth is, neither one knew who influenced who in this scenario, but once the ball started rolling, it refused to stop. At least, not until one of them became the ball…

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No Stone Unturned

You’re sneaking through a ruin, up a tower, in a cave, or around a jarl’s quarters when you spot it for the first time.

It’s not labeled as anything other than “Unusual Gem,” but you pick it up anyway, thinking, “It looks expensive; maybe I can sell it.” Except you get a notification to show it to Vex in the Thieves Guild. Either you know who she is or you’re going to find out, because your next destination is Riften, home of the Thieves Guild. You show it to Vex and she says it’s a Stone of Barenziah, one of 24.

Thus begins one of the longest quests you’ll ever do. It’s not particularly hard to get the stones—it’s just hard to find them. There are no quest markers and Vex is only slightly useful, so really, it’s a matter of stumbling across them in your travels.

Lucky for you, I made a list of their locations for the sole purpose of making your life easier: 

Proudspire Manor—master bedroom
The Blue Palace—Jarl Elisif the Fair’s bedroom
Reeking Cave—on your way out of the Thalmor Embassy, next to a dead dark elf in the frost troll’s cave
The Dainty Sload—on a table in the captain’s quarters with the first mate sitting in front of it
College of Winterhold—archmage’s quarters, near the alchemy table
Yngvild—in the final room, just past the door and to the left, on a dresser
Hob’s Fall Cave—down a side tunnel and down a spiral ramp to an area with a sorcerer and an alchemy table
Markarth Treasury House—way in the back of Thonar Silver-Blood’s bedroom, on a side table
The Dwemer Museum—on a table in the room on the far left side of the main room
Dead Crone Rock—on the table in front of the word wall where the hagraven is lurking
Jorrvaskr—in the bookshelf on the far side of Kodlak Whitemane’s bedroom in the basement
Whiterun Hall of the Dead—go through the door, walk to the left, then down the stairs, and it’s in the far left corner of the bottom “skeleton cubby” right at the bottom of the stairs
Dragonsreach—on the side table on the right side of the jarl’s bed
Rannveig’s Fast—on the table in the room where Sild the Warlock does his thing (when you get to the room with the word wall, you can either take the left passageway and follow it down or fall through the trap door and land in a cage right in front of the guy)
Fellglow Keep—on a table in the room to the right at the top of the stairs in the main/front room (the room I’m referring to as the “main/front room” is the one with two long tables, a large staircase, a big set of doors, and a flame atronach just chilling)
House of Clan Shatter-Shield—on a shelf in the room to the left of the stairs that are to the right of the front door
Palace of the Kings—on the table to the right of the doorway in Wuunferth the Unliving’s room/study
Stony Creek Cave—on the table next to the alchemy table in the room at the end of the side hallway that branches off from the main, watery path
Ansilvund—on a table in the final chamber of the ruin, near the ghosts
Sunderstone Gorge—on the table in front of the word wall (short cut—when you get to the long hallway with the crack in the ceiling make the first right possible, kill the skeever, jump up the pile of rocks on the right and up onto the platform. To get through the bars, activate the alchemy table, and to get through the other set of bars, pull the chain within reach on the far right side. The two mages shouldn’t be too hard to kill and no one come to help them. The other mages in this cave are weirdly powerful)
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath—you need to join the Dark Brotherhood to get in, but the stone is on the dresser just left of the door to the master bedroom to the left of the table with the map on it
Pinewatch—on the table in the final room, surrounded by treasure
Mistveil Keep—on the table to the side of the bed in the jarl’s quarters
Black-Briar Lodge—on the table to the side of the bed in the master bedroom on the second floor

Once you find all 24, go talk to Vex again and she’ll give you the location of the Crown of Barenziah, which is Tovald’s Crossing.

You might be thinking, “Wait. Couldn’t I get all 24 and then show Vex the stones?”

Yes! You can!

But then you might think, “Can’t I then just go get the crown and bring it to her with the stones?”

No! You can’t! I’ve tried it and the tunnel to the chamber with the crown in it is sealed until you talk to Vex. Which is really annoying. If you want to go through Tovald’s Crossing and clear it so that you don’t have to fight anything when you go to get the crown, you can. It doesn’t save you anything though. I tried that too.

When you do get the crown, though, Vex gives you this nifty perk called “Prowler’s Profit” that make you find more gold and jewels in urns and chests and on draugr.

My good weekend

I’d like to share with you My Good Weekend.

I’ve been feeling out of shape and bloaty lately (although I always get bloaty at this point in my cycle, so that’s a Thing) so yesterday I drove out to Yellow Springs, Ohio to hike at John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. They look like this:

In short, they are lovely. It was a 5-ish mile hike. I definitely felt it more in my hips and back than I usually do, but I can work on that.

After the hike, I met a new friend at Yellow Springs brewery and sampled some of their house beers and they were delicious.

Then I drove back to Columbus, showered, and got ready to meet my friends Brian and Dayna. The first Saturday of every month is Gallery Hop in Columbus, when the shops and galleries in our Cool Kids’ neighborhood are open late, and Brian had two drawings in one of the galleries. We Ubered down so we could drink. We looked at art, hit up one nightspot for pizza and cocktails, and then went up to a cocktails-only lounge and had more cocktails. We Ubered back to Brian’s house and I hung out with his cats for awhile, then drove home.

I slept in today, spent my afternoon reading fic. When the hockey game started (5 pm) I went to my sewing room, put the game on the radio, and sewed two bags. The Pens were down 3-0 to Buffalo after the first period, but they came roaring back to win 4-3. Woooooo!

Then I came upstairs, cooked a Blue Apron and had some wine.

Ahhhhhh. I may watch a movie, or I may do some more sewing.


“Mr. Poirot achieved fame as a private investigator after he retired as a member of the Belgian police force in 1904. His career, as chronicled in the novels by Dame Agatha Christie, was one of the most illustrious in fiction.”
- From Hercule Poirot’s obituary on the front page of The New York Times, Aug 6 1975

The truth is, I’ve never cared for the National
Anthem. If you think about it, it’s not a good
song. Too high for most of us with “the rockets
red glare” and then there are the bombs.
(Always, always, there is war and bombs.)
Once, I sang it at homecoming and threw
even the tenacious high school band off key.
But the song didn’t mean anything, just a call
to the field, something to get through before
the pummeling of youth. And what of the stanzas
we never sing, the third that mentions “no refuge
could save the hireling and the slave”? Perhaps,
the truth is, every song of this country
has an unsung third stanza, something brutal
snaking underneath us as we blindly sing
the high notes with a beer sloshing in the stands
hoping our team wins. Don’t get me wrong, I do
like the flag, how it undulates in the wind
like water, elemental, and best when it’s humbled,
brought to its knees, clung to by someone who
has lost everything, when it’s not a weapon,
when it flickers, when it folds up so perfectly
you can keep it until it’s needed, until you can
love it again, until the song in your mouth feels
like sustenance, a song where the notes are sung
by even the ageless woods, the short-grass plains,
the Red River Gorge, the fistful of land left
unpoisoned, that song that’s our birthright,
that’s sung in silence when it’s too hard to go on,
that sounds like someone’s rough fingers weaving
into another’s, that sounds like a match being lit
in an endless cave, the song that says my bones
are your bones, and your bones are my bones,
and isn’t that enough?
—  Ada Limón, “A New National Anthem”

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Lottie is literally killing the game rn, she's gorg! But check out those purple shorts on her Insta with all them bees, a great insect choice tbh (can you lend them to Louis though, I'd pay $$$ to see him wear those)

Ummmm yes, Louis should def wear these. 🐝


Halloween one night a year

When demons have their fun

The children come ‘round knocking

We devour evey one

“Trick or treat,”

They tell us

“Give us all the tasty sweets!”

But it is us

Who’s eating well

I serve them at my feast

For all the demons

Young and old

Come visit Horror Hall

The residence where I reside

Till children come to call

That one short night

We gorge ourselves

Upon the ones who came to me

I like your costume, by the way

I’d love to dine-

Er, feast with thee?

Oh, you’d be delighted?

Come on in then

And we’ll see

If a Halloween spent my way

Is gonna be your cup of tea


A comiXologist recommends:
From Sweet Tea to BD: An Angoulême Excursion

by: Jen Keith

Once upon a time, I was a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). During my senior year I had the distinct pleasure of spending two months in France, gorging myself on French comics (bandes dessinées or “BD” for short) and falling head over heels for the beautiful books I brought back with me. I even attended the comics festival in Angoulême which this anthology focuses on, and I still consider it one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

This study abroad opportunity continues on, providing students an experience unique to their class yet achingly familiar for a graduate looking fondly back on their own trip. As I read this book, I was reminded of so many places and sights: the statue of Herge’s head, Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese standing watch over the water, murals by comic artists turning the entire city into a work of art, and how it seems inevitable that there will always be at least one day that it pours.

From Sweet Tea to BD: an Angoulême Excursion is a delightful collection of (mostly) one page travelogue comics by the 25 students and one professor that went on the Lacoste, France trip this year. Each comic highlights moments that stood out in each student’s adventure, be it a shared moment with friends or their overall feelings about seeing the city and meeting the artists whose work they treasure. There’s a sense of getting to know these up-and-coming comic artists through what is important and worthy of sharing. From the adorable title to bonus photos from the trip in the back, it’s a solid collection capturing the humorous and heartfelt experiences many find upon entering the event.

If you’ve attended the festival, as a student or not, and seen the beautiful city of Angoulême, then brace yourself for some intense nostalgia. At worst, you’ll laugh at the antics of these rambunctious SCADlings; at best, you’ll see yourself in these pages and be reminded of how comics, no matter the language, affect every fan, student or casual reader alike.

[Read From Sweet Tea to BD: An Angoulême Excursionon comiXology]

Jen Keith is a Digital Editor at comiXology, comic artist, music addict, and misses France, French comic shops, and French food on a daily basis.