such a goofball i love him omg

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Hi again Sunny :3 I was wondering if you could share some of your favorite sheith headcannons?

i’ve never shared my headcanons for sheith before omg thanks for asking. im actually a bit nervous for some reason…… haha, probably bc i never talk about them much like this besides in private. not really sure where to start so i guess i’ll try to stick to general overall stuff. these are things i often think about and some of them are silly bc we’re gonna get so much Angst i know it - but also i just love the thought of them having a shot at being happy in the face of everything constantly pushing them apart:

  • neither of them can cook very well at all. just…….. don’t put them in the kitchen together honestly. like keith can survive and make things to live off but that doesn’t mean it’s amazing or tastes incredible but then sHIRO IM LAUGHING HO Y SHOUHD. just thinking of shiro’s face in the official art he looks SO TROUBLED lol. you think it’d be better to combine their skills here but it isn’t it’s a mistake and worse lmao. they are good team but this still needs work 
  • shiro makes terrible jokes and keith always acts like he can’t believe he has to put up with shiro but he is still endeared and he can’t really even hide it that well lol 
  • shiro bursting into cheesy songs flashmob shiro is literally the funniest thing omg he’ll just be sat there and keith will quirk and eyebrow and look over and then shiro will just start and keith should’ve known omg. let shiro act young keith makes him feel safe and comfortable and he can be a bit of a goofball when they’re alone. 
  • i…… love shiro being a bit of a rebel / idk work hmm… you know …. at the garrison sometimes - and you’d never expect it from the Golden Boy and he gets away with everything and never gets the wrap bc he’s Shiro and keith is the only one who knows the truth 
    • going out after curfew on the hoverbike is my aesthetic i swear
    • stargazing on the roof, shiro telling keith all about the constellations and their stories, keith listening attentively and wanting to hear about everything shiro enjoys and wants to talk about
  • keith never walking into shiro’s room by the door no matter what floor he always comes through the window and leaves by the window too. i dont know why listen im just literally can’t stop thinking about it keith climbing through windows is so good and keith + parkour too and this will forever be in my heart 
    • shiro coming back from somewhere and keith is just there reading and doesn’t even look up and shiro is like “???” bc he definitely locked the door and keith has come through the window lmao bc he prefers being in this space than his own room it’s comfortable 
  • not needing to speak sometimes, no forcing conversations. keith isn’t one for smalltalk nor particularly enjoys it - they can communicate in their own way they have the Radar to tap into each other. it’s perfectly fluid and natural for them. they can just be sat together doing their own thing but completely together too. 
  • working out together and sparring. pushing each other and motivating each other but also being able to tell when the other has hit their limit 
  • i wrote this the other day but shiro being the secret heathen not keith LMAO. shiro knows all the tricks to getting ready quick with minimal effort and his routine is even shorter than keith’s. 
  • keith resting his head on shiro’s shoulder and in the crook of his neck, just being close
  • subtle acts of affection :’)))) small nudges and being in each other’s space and you can see they’re really gravitated towards each other and want to stay close when they can

im gonna cut there for now! thanks 8)) 



•thinking he was joking when he asked you out
• but he was dead serious so
• losing it when he loses his ear
• laughing when he says he’s feeling holy
• “you’re my silly goofball”
• “the only goofball you will ever need in your life”
• being there for him when Fred….you know…ouch…that hurt typing…
• listening to all his stories about him and his twin brother
• his mom loving you
• Ron looking up to you like a sister
• taking care of Ron like a brother
• also being there for Ron with Fred…ahem…
• teasing Ron about hermione
• George finding it so adorable when you get excited over the smallest things
• cuddles.
• more cuddles.
• did I mention cuddles?
• making tea with him
• him slow dancing with you with no music
• “how about we put on some music, George?”
• “no need, let’s just dance this way”
• trying to help him with new pranks
• “I bet I can prank ____ before you can”
• calling him Fred and Fred George just to mess with the both of them
• getting close to Fred
• of course letting him have fun with his brother
• cheering him on during quidditch
• attending his practices when you are available
• sneaking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist
• him trying to scare you when you’re not paying attention.
• quite a lot
• it always works
• him kissing the top of your head every time you pout
• cheeky. Comments.
• him kissing the corner of your mouth teasingly and you getting mad
• “for heaven sakes, woman, I will!”
• [if you’re short] him letting you climb onto his shoulders
• randomly picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder
• both getting in trouble for getting distracted by each other in class
• “I thought I’d lost you like I’d lost Fred….he’s gone, [y/n]… hurts like bloody hell…” [brb crying]

[ feel free to request some more ]

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Ship? Im 5'1 and Dominican(born and raised) because of that I speak fluent Spanish. I have really dark brown shoulder length curly hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I like music and reading. I suck at sports but I really like basketball. I can cook a little. I'll show you my goofy side if I'm comfortable enough with you. I tend to be shy when I first meet you tho. I love wearing oversized hoodies with leggings for some reason.

I definitely ship you 100% with Jack! The king of goofballs. He may be a little over confident at times but I think that will help you open up with him. Once you two become comfortable enough with each other, you guys can e goofy together. Jack is very short yet tall so you being 5′1 would work perfectly with you two. Just imagine him resting his chin on top of your head while is hugging you and lays soft kisses on your forehead. OMG! I definitely ship you with Jack Avery. 

Snapchat multi imagine

Tyler P :

You were currently at the salon getting your hair done but sadly you forgot your phone at home , while you were there Tyler was having fun with your social networks and playing round . He took over your snapchat took dozen of pictures post them every social site you have. When you got home your notifications were blown up due to your crazy funny boyfriend

Dylan ‘OB :

You were so bored in the waiting room while your boy Dylan had a interview about the movie the second instalment to the maze runner , he left his phone with you . As you decided to make your boyfriend his first snapchat so you told everyone on Twitter that you can add Dylan cause why not his so loveable. When Dylan toon his phone back notifications on Twitter blow up like firer he had to chase you down the street up till the next one . He didn’t mind he found out he loves snapchat

Dylan S :

Why Dylan didn’t have much social network sites you decided to make him some and came to thought why not snapchat best way to interact with his teen wolf fans . As you decided to make one you posed his first snap of him eating , side note you allowed the his fans to add you and you promise that every YouTube video that you did with him he have to add some fans back as a thank you

Cody :

You thought that your boyfriend was definitely married to snapchat like his so obsessed with it 24/7, every time he snaps its either you or his face with his tongue sticking out . You find it hilarious but adorbs at the same time you couldn’t resist so you made one and OMG the adding was so cute and the fans couldn’t be more supportive of you and Cody

Tyler H :

Omg when you told Tyler what’s snapchat it literally took like half an hour to explain but he got it in the end . He even allowed the fans to add him you found it very sweet that your boyfriend fans adore him like Tyler is such a goofball but kind and amazing

Ryan :

You were the fame of his snapchat everyday you’ve got notifications about his snaps saying OMG o love your outfit or I find it cute . Everyday a fan sees you and you couldn’t deny they were totally awesome . You even added them on snapchat yourself even interact with them time from time replying to Dms when you can

Colton :

Seriously that boy couldn’t stop snapping everything from food to you it was ridiculous but crazy , at the same time you both decided to answer and talk to the fans through snapchat and it was amazing you decided to film this for your YouTube video and it got some many requests to do another one it was totally amazing

Daniel :

It took time when Tyler and Dylan showed him how to use it but he got there in the end . Some snaps were totally funny and others hold question marks about the snaps . You just laughed at the so many snaps that Daniel post it’s beyond hilarious even Tyler and Dylan leaked his snaps he didn’t mind he loves interacting with his fans . From time to time you see a few fans you give them Daniels snapchat you didn’t mind you love how close they are to all the celebs

Cody :

It’s amazing how Cody gets either snaps message to notifications on Twitter it was amazing . From time to time Cody reply so you decided why not do a big follow spree and a snap add back for the fans Cody agreed and thought it’s amazing . It was a fantastic way of showing that Cody lives his fans and another way of the fans getting to know Cody more

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Ashton or Lukey waking you up cause they're trying to wrap themselves in wrapping paper and a big bow to surprise you Christmas morning? Like you wake up all worried cause you hear something then see a giant goofball in the living room? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas love! xx

omg okay haha

I was currently in a deep sleep, the alcohol from last nights Christmas Eve party should be wearing off and hopefully leaving me with a not so bad hang over.

It was dark when I woke up due to a loud bang that echoed through the apartment. I sat up in shock blinking hard to get the sleep out of my eyes as I was starting to panic. I was about to wake Luke up to ask him to check out the noise with me but his sleeping figure wasn’t there making me worry even more.

“Crap” I cursed silently moving out of bed not wanting to make a sound. I switched the bedroom light on before picking up a hair dryer - a typical stupid horror movie thing to do.

Cautiously I padded across the hallway checking for any movement around me. I slowly walked down the stairs stopping when one of them creaked.

I heard a rustling sound and my heart sped up, my breathing was shaky and unsteady as I feared the worst. I took another step and this time it creaked louder and the rustling stopped.

I carried on walking slowly as the rustling started again.

Whoever it was, they were in the living room.

I stood outside the door preparing myself to go in the room. With a moment of confidence I switched the living room light on.

“Stop right now or I’ll call the police” I said my voice coming out unevenly.

“Y/n?” Luke questioned whole rubbing his eyes due to the light change.

“Oh bloody hell Luke you made me so scared- Jesus why did you do that- wait… What the hell are you doing?” I asked taking in his appearance. His legs and torso were covered in wrapping paper sealed together with tape so he couldn’t move. A red bow was stuck to the top of his hair standing out from the blonde. If I wasn’t trying so hard to calm down I would have found it more funny.

I chuckled slightly at him.

“You ruined it! You weren’t meant to wake up!” Luke huffed pouting.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked as of I was stupid and should know what he was doing. “I’m wrapping myself up for you, I’m your present- so go back to bed and let me finish and pretend you don’t know- oh and act surprised in the morning k?”

“Um right okay” I chuckled at my odd boyfriend before retreating back to the bedroom. But before I could get out of the living room Luke interrupted.

“Oh and y/n” he said a Mischievous grin on his face.


“A hair dryer? Really?”

Concert Report; Otra Milwaukee

Concert report;
I couldn’t see too much because there were a lot of tall people in front of me and I’m short haha. but from what I COULD see & hear & from what I remember is this

- lots & lots of Lilo. they’re both happy to be pouring water on each other and doing silly things to one another. it’s pretty cute
- Niall wore Liam’s shirt at one point. that was cute!
- Liam’s note changes were heavenly. no other word to describe it. He is a natural born performer. He also swore quite more than usual, & in MM he said “same old shit but a different day” idk if this usual but I loved it
- Harry was in his fucking element tonight. he was ecstatic about it being packer nation and we were just as glad to have him here. he was hilarious interacting with the crowd and congratulated a pregnant lady, of course. he also called out a sleeping seven year old child. lmao. He also said “if you’re wearing green and gold (packer colors) or any other colors we love you equally” which is amazing to hear from him.
- Louis was adorable! He was a goofball and I adored every minute of it. I didn’t see much of Louis unfortunately but from what I did hear he was super thankful to the fans.
- Niall loves Act My Age. omg I can’t get how much that kid loves that song. he was on the stage about two times by himself I would say and he did a good job making sure we didn’t wonder where the other members went. all the attention was focused on him. Milwaukee loves Niall, everytime he came on the screen screams would erupt super loud.

Now to my favorite, Larry!
- Louis made Harry have to stop singing because he was laughing during one song. it was cute cute cute!
- I heard Louis sing him in 18, but maybe I just wanted to hear it. you all can be the judge.
- They left the stage together once or twice, just the two of them
- Harry had Pom Poms & I thought of him “dressing up as a cheerleader” during the X factor days.

& that’s about it. I’m basically dead but holy shit best concert ever. I don’t have any words to describe how happy I am that I went. I’M GUNNA GO THROUGH SO MUCH PAIN TOMORROW. GOODNIGHT, I LOVE YOU ALL.