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what was going through writers heads while writing jacqueline/jane scene in 1x06 (probably)
  • writer #1: so let's make her invite jane to her house, introduce her to her children, dog and a husband, then let's make them have heart to heart on the couch while Jacqueline stares deeply into Jane's eyes and holds her hand and understands her and makes her feel better
  • writer #2: but.... won't the audience think that's a bit... gay?
  • writer #1: ....
  • writer #2: ....
  • writer #1: pft nah it's fine

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“There’s no version of your story where you aren’t a hero.” (x)


the boys + first lines

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They're going after civil war museums now because they don't want the flag to offend anybody. What the actual hell? History happened. Get over it. Right? You don't see this happening to nazi flags at the holocaust museums, yo. History is under attack now! What the living fuck? ((facebook)) /NashFarmBattlefield/posts/1608056289213768

Aren’t museums meant to show all of history?? 

Museums don’t exist to make you feel comfortable, they’re here to show you history: the good and bad parts of it. Jfc what’s wrong with people. 

Okay, I’m sorry, but this “God Throws Shade At Dean Winchester” thing is such fucking bullshit

Yeah, Sam has kept faith, that’s great and good for him and amazing in his circumstances, but that doesn’t make Dean weak or worse or give Chuck any fucking right to talk to him that way.

Dean Winchester has every fucking right to have no faith in god, he has every fucking right to think that god is the biggest grade-A asshole because he fucking is, he has every fucking right to not feel guilty for not believing in god because god has never, not once in Dean’s life, given him a good reason to do so, he has every fucking right because he has prayed to god before and has seen every single fucking prayer go unanswered.  He prayed multiple times to god so god could save the people he loved and god never fucking answered and left it to Dean to try to pick up the pieces afterwards.  God could have come stopped Lucifer but he fucking put that on the Winchesters and Sam died and got tortured in the pits of hell and Dean lost fucking everything.  

What’s worse is that, now that we know Chuck is god, we know he was there the entire fucking time.  He knew the apocalypse was happening, he knew Sam would die, he knew Dean would suffer the greatest pain he’d ever endured, and he didn’t do a damn thing to stop it.  God is a piece of shit on this fucking show and you can praise him all you want because ‘oh rob is playing him and rob’s so cute’ but that doesn’t change a damn thing.    

I could go on if I were thinking more coherently but I’m so angry my head can’t put thoughts together.  Dean Winchester is justified in not believing in Chuck, in god, and god’s a fucking piece of shit for ‘throwing shade’ at him for not doing so.  


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