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BTS’ Future Soulmates (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

Juno is an asteroid that represents marriage and committed relationships. It dictates what you value and look for in a partner. While the planet Venus influences something similar (who we find attractive), Juno is more long term. It delves into the realm of soulmates.

Jimin - Sagittarius Juno

  • sagittarius is the wanderer of the zodiac; they’re on a constant quest for the unknown
  • they strive to live every day to fullest and learn something new along the way
  • jimin, having his juno in this sign, means he wants someone who stimulates him on not only a physically or emotionally, but also intellectually
  • this doesn’t mean someone with a master or doctorates, just someone with a bright mind and a story to tell
  • someone who broadens his horizons by introducing him to perspectives
  • those with this placement are very likely to marry someone from a different cultural, religious, or economic background 
  • and may meet their soulmate in a foreign country
  • often their relationships are unique/non-traditional in some way
  • they are extremely open minded and accepting of others
  • in a relationship, he’s optimistic, sociable, and a real sunshine
  • he would travel frequently and embark on many adventures with his partner
  • because sagittarius is such they a free spirit, they put a lot of importance on independence
  • they need their “space” and freedom in a relationship
  • in extreme cases, they have trouble settling down with one person and avoid commitment
  • i’ll look into some aspects juno forms in his chart to give a more detailed view
  • juno sextile uranus: increases the likelihood of his future relationship being unorthodox and him being attracted to someone “different" 
  • this is a good aspect for long distance relationships
  • attracted to intelligent aquarius types
  • juno sextile pluto: indicates power struggles in relationships, often sexually; he’s drawn in by intense empowered partners and has an urge to "dominate” them
  • attraction to intense scorpio types
  • (this is heightened by scorpio mars/venus)

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I've been wondering about this for awhile but what would the bros do when they accidentally see their 4'11 smol s/o wearing their clothes, high and mighty, while impersonating them, but really flustered when they got caught, ex. Iggy heard his s/o say something like "I am the coolheaded Ignis, and all of you are grounded for, uhh, something" or Noct's s/o "bow down before your prince, ohh, and as the future king, I hereby declare that carrots are banned" thank you :3


  • Gladdy had come home early from a job and wanted to surprise you
    • it was late, probs a little past midnight
  • he did his best to unlock the door to the apartment as quietly as he could so as to not alert you and ruin the surprise
  • as he came further into the house, making his way to your shared bedroom, however, he heard you talking
    • it didn’t sound like there was anyone else in there with you and there was no weird pauses that indicated a phone call
  • so our dear gladio gently pushes the ajar door open some more so he can see wtf is goin on
  • there you are standing on the bed in nothing but an oversized shirt doin your best impersonation of gladio
    • you did your best to lower your voice to match gladio’s which damn was that a feat in and of itself
    • “I am the manliest man to ever man”
    • “I eat nails for breakfast”
    • “do you even lift bro?”
    • “I can bench press a behemoth”
  • there’s this stupid smile on gladio’s face as he watches you and finally he gives himself away when he begins to laugh
    • you nearly fall of the bed

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I’m sitting on my front porch when it happens: The ground starts shaking.
I’m a small Good Omens meme farmer, enjoying life in my small Good Omens community, but I have seen life in the big fandoms. “They’re coming…”
My youngest son, a stringy chap who only knows this peaceful way of life, stops sweeping the porch and looks at me. “Who’s coming, Ma?”
I stand up and stare at the horizon, waiting for Them. “The Tennant fans, lad. The Tennant fans.”


Ben and Leslie + the box
Was the box [Ben] gave Leslie the ring in the same box he used to give her the Knope 2012 pin? Yes. And it was the box in which Leslie gave him the Washington Monument figurine. Additionally, we might see it again – in the series finale. “At the end of the show we’re all going to jump into the box and fly away,” jokes Poehler. [x]


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